Viking Bushcraft Belt Kit Upgrade

By | October 8, 2022

Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Another One Foreign Thank you Foreign [Applause] An idios come Anilios Two cards From These times Foreign [Music] Today I’m in my black forest wonderful Weather no clouds in the sky and yeah The sun is shining And together with Cornelius and yeah I’m Going to make a video about my Viking Belt kits I made a couple of those before but some Years ago and I added some new stuff to this belt belt Kit so I hope you will find that Interesting I got a new pouch Of course a new sex and yeah this x the Head is the same but the handle is Different And then some other stuff

Mostly inside my pouch so yeah but I Also have some delicious food I will Prepare out here a viking stew again but With a little twist hope you like that And yeah I think I’ll make the stew First then show you my gear and later on Have my coffee I think that’s a good Plan Hope you like it Yeah and then this two I have some onion Yeah and I actually prefer Big pieces of Onion Like this Yeah And some garlic Yeah and I caught myself again Oh well it’s been a while since I did That but it is my six it is so sharp I Only Touched the hand And then it caught me Not deep so no worries but um That’s why I have a bandage on And the other one Like this Yeah This is fine Over here And then this I guess you can buy this all over the World but It is red cabbage

Um I’m gonna use it a lot especially During Christmas holidays We cook it and have it together with the Epic roast And again cabbage is very healthy So The Viking Ate a lot of that So they could stay healthy and yeah I don’t think I need it all So out for the animals If they like that And then the leftovers from when was I Was with Martin We had a Sandwich bacon sandwich A smoked bacon and some of you have Asked me what the oven is the smoke oven I Vick manai And go into Martin’s Instagram page and I’m sure you find the information there I’m not sure what it’s called What name it is but It’s a cool little thing Perhaps I have some thing like that For my Bushcraft chips Yeah so Now It is finished And the twist is you can see that later What extra I put in this stove but for Now Bacon cabbage and onions

Yeah I’ll light Night My Fire So I can begin cooking this Okay Foreign First I’ll put some butter in To fry the bacon Like this Then the bacon in [Music] Yeah and then I’ll put the Onions in Sorry you can’t smell it but it’s really Delicious Milk On top of this pot [Music] And then the cabbage I think this is enough And then the little twists Appear I’m going to cook it in beer Oh yeah I’m sure this will be a very delicious Too And then it was cook I think for a half an hour so Another attack Foreign Here’s a little trick It makes you have some butter And Then you mix it with some flour Yeah and after a while you have such one

A little bowl of butter and flour and Then you just comb it in the stew then The water will thicken and it will be a Gravy Yeah I think it’s finished So I’ll pour some Up here So this is my Food for today A viking stew You can see it’s very dark the red Cabbage Gives it a lot of color almost Red here and also the beer it was a Brown beer so we had a collar So we had color two so now I’m going to Eat this [Applause] Welcome English Hello everyone [Applause] Uncle news not eating this You put your food in your water I made him a sandwich from back home [Applause] With rye bread And something we call the website that Is almost the same as Liverpool And his it is his favorite Meal so And he ate it in a couple of seconds It was good Canadians wasn’t it In fact

Or perhaps a little bit of A little piece of um [Applause] We’ll wait A piece of bacon Hmm no onions [Applause] [Applause] After you eat it all because you have to Make coffee In this part too [Applause] That’s fine What do you want watch Yeah this was a delicious meal again And I hope you like it too Now I’m going to lay my Belt kit up on my reindeer fur and tell You about that the thoughts behind why I Have put it together like this so yeah Hope you enjoy that too so yeah this is My uh Viking Bushcraft belt kit First I have this belt A report from Grim Frost I put this on You can see here Some brass and it’s the same on my pouch Here So these two things are identical almost Then I have my My Little Life here It’s a yakut knife you can see how Special it is I talked about this kind of knife in the Previous video about this is something

That they made in Russia and used for Many many years and I guess they could Be using that method in the Viking age I put a little I made a little sheet for this so I have Had it around my neck but now I have it In my belts it’s more practical that way A sharp knife And I’ll put a link to the knife maker That makes these knives Then I have my CX And of course it has special meaning for Me because it’s a CX that I created Myself Six or six is a knife used in the Viking Age And you can see here And the sheet And look at this the plate is is turning Upside down the sharp end is pointing up And you wear it in your belts Like the Vikings did So I put a link to this knife maker who Makes this Bearded Pig Force Forge in in England And he sells them For a good price Then I have my little X And as I said In the beginning The head it’s this head I bought on the Viking Market some years ago and on my Previous built Viking build kit I had The same head by that different handle

So I made another handle a new hand line Thing this is my Viking Style And it has a good grip I can use it for Chopping small woods and so on as you Saw when I prepared My Fire And I made a little sheet for it as well Just a simple one I don’t know if the Viking would have Made this but I think it looks cool Then I have this in the middle and it’s Something I bought up in uh in Lapland The northern part of Northern Sweden and Finland and it’s actually a Soaring kit in here You can have all kind of stuff I have Some needles and some threads and even a Little Fair rods because I use this also On my Bushcraft trip So And with this in here Yeah you can wear it around your belts And then this one my little pouch I made Myself and yeah I made a video if you Look in my other YouTube channel DIY Kimber you’ll see a video where I make This And in here I have all kind of stuff I think I bring you a little bit closer In here there’s a lot of stuff Um Something I I’m sure the Vikings hats When they were trading with other people

I made some coins here that Looks like old coins In the Viking age I guess this was Silver And I also have something called cut Silver they could bring with them and Then they could cut a little bit off for The payment for a certain uh Thing they bought So this is not silver but uh aluminum But it looks like silver And then I have some Amber Lots of Amber that was very popular in The Viking age in other countries so They could trade Amber for other stuff And you could find Amber on the beaches Here in Denmark Sometimes you’re lucky you can see or Find a piece of Amber then I have some Pearls All kind of pearls glass pearls that the Vikings also made and for trading And these are some of these I bought at Grim Frost they have a lot of these Pearls you can use for necklace and so On And uh I think there’s a spoon it’s Yeah So this is my little trading pouch That I bring with me if I shoot uh Stop a place where they had something to Buy then I could use this for payments a Very simple little pouch easy to make And

As I said before I have live video That shows how you make this little Pouch And then for my big bag or pouch [Music] Um These are from Grim Frost I made this Pouch myself From leather And in the old fashioned way Old school These are silver I put on And in here I had a lot of stuff I would Again like to come a little bit closer You can see what it is Yeah you can see on the back I made two belt loops I like to have it like that some of the Viking pouches or bags are with one Pedal Loop but I prefer to Yeah and in here yeah and first of all I’m a little fire kids That I use when I make fire It’s not always I show it in my videos But Yeah You all seen that a lot of times I have Some flints And a piece of Steel that I can use To create Sparks that goes into the Amadou And this is Emma do I recently made a video I’ll show you

How you can make this Emma do for Yourself And yeah later on I have a little thing In this one I can show you I have a little piece of Char cloth very nice too and some resin From pine trees This is good fire starter And I have it in this little Brass container That I bought many years ago So my fire starting kids And in here I have my hygiene kit A little thing that a replicate of her Findings it’s actually for Cleaning your ears Up here I don’t know if you can see it It’s like a spoon so you can put it in Your ear and take out the earwax I think it’s very nice yeah and in here A little pie I can use for removing Ticks on the other side I made a A little place for a cone that I bought But since then I bought another comb from Grim first Yeah Along been waiting for getting this I think it’s so cool And yeah of course I only have a little Bit beer that I can use this comb for No head no hair in my heads but I can Also use it for Cornelius He got a lot of air

And it’s made of bone And also a replicate for the finding a Thing from bierke I’m not sure But I like this little comb And here I have a little sharpening stone And nature Stone Than I use for shopping my knife and Excess And made this little pouch for it Like this And then I have this and then we call This a fibula and it’s for pudding if You have your clock Cape on you can use this for putting it Together holding it and the other kind Of fabrics clothes you have you can use This for holding it together And this is made from uh brass I think And it’s the same guy that makes my CX Bearded Pig force that make these And what else A little knife They call it a women knife And I can use this for a small task also When I’m sewing and so on to cut the Thread And again something I got from Grim Frost And when we’re talking about sewing I Have my little sewing kits the thread Here is waxed linen and in here I have some needles I have a bone needle a large one here

I can use and a little one in the In iron So this is my little sewing kit and Together with my with this one And together with this one I have a little more fine sewing thread In this this is for more heavy duty Some birch bark for making fire And in this one I have a little fishing kit Like this Some little Threads a little cordage And a little hook I made myself From iron So this is my little primitive fishing Kit That I can use if I’m Feeling hungry and I near some streams And water where I can fish And the last two things I have is Actually my First aid kit or yeah I’ll tell you About it in this one I have some Bomb it is bee wax and resin and a Little bit of oil and And this is very good if you have uh dry Hands and so on you can use it And in here And then look at this I actually bought This many years ago over Norway and in Here there was some um powder from deer Antler and they said it was good for men For tents so yeah and this little figure

Is actually fry the gods for fertility Fertility so um Yeah but I’m not having any powder in Here from angler but I have some chaga Chaga powder And chaga is a wonderful thing it’s From a fungus Called chaga and there’s so many good Properties in chaga chaga is a Antioxidant anti-inflammatory properties And it’s good for Righteous and high blood pressure so And if you have something with your Stomach Some illness this is good too And they also say that it can kill Cancer cells But yeah and something I could add to my Belkit is this a little cup You can put on your belt kit because if You’re going out on a hike and you came To a stream you can use this for Drinking This is it This is my little Viking Bushcraft bell Kits I’ll show it all and yeah and I hope you Find this interesting my little bell Kids Yeah and I think it’s time for some Coffee I’ll clean my pot With some water I think it’s okay now

Good strong coffee A little bit of salt in To remove the bitterness From the cooking coffee And perhaps My little My little snake here A serpent I think I have some beer left Um Ah It’s almost cooking Yeah my iron Fireball Together with Cooney Join us on the kickstarter project so This can be a reality [Music] Foreign [Music] Yeah folks this is all for now I hope You enjoyed this little video from My black forest and I showed my Upgrade on my Viking Bushcraft belt kit Perhaps you’ve got an idea or two for Your own Bell kids Nevertheless I’m glad you joined me out here and yeah On this wonderful day Thank you for watching kimapushcraft Hope to see you again on the next one Bye bye and take care Oh Oh [Music]