Jeremiah 1 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | October 7, 2022

Jeremiah you’re me Yahoo Chapter one Little Some nuggets on Jeremiah a little brief Backstory Uh it’s believed Jeremiah also wrote uh The book of Kings which if you’re a Yakudim a Jew is one book if you’re a Christian and you’ve got a Bible It’s First Kings and second Kings Although let’s be honest what kind of Frequent Christian is actually reading That Old Testament stuff anyway am I Right put a check on the plate all right Cowboys play at 12. come on move this Thing Along by the way we’re out of Creamer at the coffee bar Uh he also is believed to have written The book of Lamentations In the Bible a book that like nobody Reads Uh let’s see born in 650 BC died in 570 BC so 80 years How long is a generation 70 years 80f by Strength he was mentored by the prophet Zephaniah Of The Tribe of Benjamin and he was the Father of at least according to Jewish Law The prophet Ezekiel Referred to as the weeping prophet Because he he’s you know he’s emotional We’ll see as we read through Jeremiah he Has um good reason to weep

On occasion And um in the non Canonical texts the Apocrypha Second Maccabees two verse 4. yumiyahu Jeremiah hides the Ark of the Covenant And the Tabernacle in the mountain of Moses Which is believed to be Mount Nebo but That’s a rabbit hole right there of Course in Deuteronomy 34 Verse 6. It makes it clear that nobody knows or At least at that time knew where Moses Was actually buried and interestingly Because he was buried in Moab outside of The promised land remember he didn’t go In says he was buried in a valley Is that a red herring should we start a History Channel show the Ark of Moshe Where is it buried Ancient alien theorists speculate that You know then you get that Mario Suka Local Oculus guy with the crazy hair Is it possible that aliens from The Pleiadians came in yeah it’s possible Except they’re demons all right let’s Read Jeremiah so a little bit of Backstory on Jeremiah here interestingly Starting in Jeremiah 1 This is uh Through Jeremiah 2 3 is the Hof tour Portion of the pinchas Torah portion Phineas The guy that Spears through the belly Zimmery and Cosby

Because they were doing things In the uh In the Assembly of yahuwah which is not Allowed so you should read the pinchas Torah portion P-i-n-c-h-a-s pinchas The word of yermiyahu Jeremiah the son Of hilki Yahoo of the priests who were In antidote in the land of Benjamin Benjamin to whom the word of yahuwah Came in the days of yoshiyahu the son of Ammon that’s who was the king king of Judah in the 13th year of his Reign Approximately 626 BC And it came in the days of yehuahim the Son of yoshiyahu the king of Judah until The end of the 11th year of sidakiaku The son of yoshiyahu King of Judah until The Exile of Jerusalem in the fifth new Moon so there were five different Kings The Jeremiah was a prophet he was a Prophet during the reign of five Different Kings it’s probably a better Way to English that phrase Now the word of yahuwah came to me Saying before I formed you in the belly I knew you and before you came out of The womb I did set you apart appointed You a prophet to the Nations now you see That like or at least I’ve seen that a Lot like people put that on like their Their uh Sonogram pictures of their little babies And stuff like that before I formed you

In the belly I knew you well this is Y’all talking to Jeremiah Now it doesn’t mean that your kid isn’t Set apart as a prophet to the Nations Maybe they are but yah was speaking Specifically to Jeremiah here I Appointed you a prophet to the Nations And I realized what we’re five minutes In five verses in But um the yakudim the Jews right here Tie this portion back to Deuteronomy 18. Time with me in your bibles if you will The Deuteronomy 18 verse 18. Because there’s a there’s a concept here We need to illustrate Deuteronomy 18 uh 15. we’ll start there Yahuwah your Elohim this is Moshe Speaking the Moses the guy yahuwah your Elohim shall raise up for you a prophet Like me from your midst from your Brothers listen to him According to all you asked of Yahoo your Elohim and hareb in the day of the Assembly saying let me not hear again The voice of yahuwah Elohim nor let me See this great fire anymore lest I die And yahuwah said to me what they have Spoken is good I shall raise up for them A prophet like you out of their midst of Their brothers and I shall put my words In his mouth and he shall speak to them All that I command him Okay I should make a note here Jeremiah 1 5.

Jeremiah one five I’m uh slowly turning my Bible into its Own Concordance Through the copious yeasts of ink pens So This verse here Jeremiah 1 5 right I Shall raise up a prophet like me yahuwah Shall raise up a prophet like me for Amongst your brothers listen to him the Jews go hey Jeremiah and they draw a lot Of parallels between the lifetime and The the story of Moshe and the story of Jeremiah Now that doesn’t that and the reason Here I bring this up is because This also applies to Yeshua Yeshua Hamashiach Yeshua of Nazareth Jesus the Messiah mashiach Uh this also applies to Messiah So does it have to be mutually exclusive That it it only applies to Messiah it Only applies to Jeremiah or more so is There a pattern here That yahuwah seems to establish With His prophets Now we know that yahuwah Made came to Earth as Yeshua yah made Flesh right so Yeshua says I and my Father am one Right one But did he not prophesy read Matthew 24 Mark 15 absolutely prophesied in the in The standard understanding of what Prophecy is saying I’m going to say some

Words that came from yah that will come To pass in the future right that’s one Form of Prophecy another form of Prophecy biblically speaking is speaking The word of yah Saying what you are told you to say okay Which is different than these things are Going to happen in the future and Oftentimes saying what yah told me to Say is Go teach the Torah Y’all already said it he said it to Moses then he said it to Isaiah then he Said it to Jeremiah then he said it to Yasko Ezekiel and then The list goes on and on and on right Joel and denial and so forth and so on But what about Yeshua right yeshua’s God Which is an interesting concept because If Yeshua is God how did Yeshua say Anything against what God Said when God Said in Malachi 3 Verse 6 I’m the Lord Yahuwah Sabbath I change not homeboy I let it added that last part it’s a new Living bear translation So if yeshu is God one and God can’t Contradict himself how did Jesus say Anything against what God Said in the Old Testament Riddle Me That Batman Luke 24 verse 19. One of my favorite parts of the Bible After Yeshua has been resurrected the uh He’s walking down the road actually a Couple of his guys are walking down the Road and um he comes up to him he’s like

Hey what are you guys all wrapped around The axes about what do you got going on Um In verse 15 24 15 and it came to be as They were talking and reasoning that Yeshua himself after his death burial And Resurrection Drew near and went to Them but their eyes were restrained so That they did not know him they couldn’t Tell it was him and he said to them what Are these words you’re exchanging with Each other as you were walking and You’re sad and the one whose name was Cleophus answered and said to him are You the lone visitor in Jerusalem are You the only dude here who does not know What took place in these days and he Said to them what And they said to him concerning Yeshua Of Nazareth who was a prophet a what a Prophet Mighty indeed and word before Elohim and all the people So yeshua’s own Bros His students understood him to be a Prophet as well so if Yeshua was a Prophet and I’m not saying he was only a Prophet but if Yeshua was a prophet and It goes I we just got a little bit more Luke 24. Who was a prophet Mighty indeed and word Before Elohim and all the people and how The chief priests and our rulers Delivered him to be condemned to death And impaled him we however were

Expecting that it was he who was going To redeem Israel redeem Israel that is The work of the mashiach the work of the Messiah and it’s really important to Understand here there is a Torah for Redemption Redemption is when a brother One brother pays the price for another Brother who can’t afford it right they Get their They get in a sling They get in the jam they can’t get out And so they have to be redeemed a Kinsmen Redeemer you may be familiar With that only a brother a Kinsman a Family member can redeem that person So that’s why it’s so important you want To be Israel right he was going to Redeem Israel his brethren Bring him back into the family pay the Price The wages of their sin that they Couldn’t pay so that they could be Redeemed to come back into the family Oh Because Dad said sin cannot exist inside Of this house So if you want to be redeemed come to The doorpost of the house confess your Love for the master read the Torah for Redemption do that It’ll give you so much context on Everything including Yeshua and the work That he did Dad said no sin in the house and so

Older brother Yeshua was like I got this Um let me gather up all my young bros We’re gonna bring them to the doorpost They’re going to confess their love for The master The dad Yahoo and Um They’re going to confess their love for The master and they are going to be Um they were going to come into the House again right as a brother as a bond Servant of the house forever So and Yeshua redeemed who is real see That word right there in 24 all right Now 21 Luke 24 verse 21 he was going to Redeem Israel Well what about Gentile Believers and Messiah yeah that’s what you’re grafted Into you’re grafted into Israel bro but Besides all this this took place uh Three days ago homie And Yeshua goes on but certain women or They’re talking Yeshua but certain women Of ours who arrived at the tomb early Also astonished us when they did not Find Yeshua his body they came saying That they also seen a vision of Messengers of angels who said that he Was alive and some of those with us went To the tomb and found it as also the Women had said but they did not see him And Yeshua said to them o thoughtless Ones and slow apart to believe in all That the prophets have spoken

Was it not necessary for mashiach to Suffer and for and to enter into his Esteem which are the Prophecies of Mashiach Ben Yosef Completely different Rabbit Hole there’s Two sets of Old Testament prophecies Mashiach Ben Yosef the suffering servant And mashiach Ben David And the Messiah of David the righteous King who redeems Kinsmen Redeemer Israel Israel And so they’re like we thought he was Gonna do mashiach Ben David’s stuff And Yeshua is like was it not necessary For messiah to suffer these and enter Into his esteem hey guys I was doing Mashiach Ben Joseph stuff when I come Back I’m gonna do the mashiach when David’s stuff and beginning at Moshe and The prophets beginning at Moses and the Prophets Yeshua was explaining to them All the scriptures the matters Concerning himself So you want to know about Yeshua Go back to Moses and the prophets Yes long winding Rabbit Trail going back To Deuteronomy 18 15. but you want to Know about Jesus you can’t throw away Moses and the prophets Because you don’t have a Biblical Messiah without Moses and the prophets So that whole nailed to the cross done Away with bullcrap it doesn’t it’s not Biblical it might be churchical

But it’s certainly not biblical So the point here is that yeshua’s own Bros Considered him a prophet and if we Believe that all of this book is Divinely inspired scripture including The Gospel of Luke I’m sure we can all Agree on that Yeshua was a prophet so we Go back over here to Jeremiah 1 5. Before I formed you in the belly I knew You we could probably make that argument For Yeshua right so much so to the point That there was Angelic intervention in The relationship between Joseph and Mary Before I knew you before I formed you in The belly I knew you and before you came Out of the womb I did set you apart Nazarite Val anybody I appointed you a Prophet to the Nations you see the same Pattern with uh yochanan the immerser John the Baptist so the point of all of This is that Deuteronomy 18 verses 15 Through 18 say that yahuwah shall raise Up a prophet from your brethren listen To him there’s a pattern here to these Prophets And yurmiyahu Jeremiah fits this pattern Just like Ezekiel does just like yasuko Does just like Moshe does just like Yeshua does just like John the Baptist Does Um right Joel Danielle there’s a pattern to how

Yahuwah selects and set aparts sets Apart His prophets and so This Jeremiah 1 5 does not need to be Mutually exclusive As the yahudim would say as the Jews Would say which is interesting because They believe in all the prophets But they would say hey look this right Here Jeremiah 1 5 is what Moses was Talking about Uh in Deuteronomy a team The thing is it is what Moses was Talking about but Moses Moshe was Talking about a whole bunch more dudes As well who were going to come because There’s a pattern that yahuwah uses Set apart Tracking sorry for the Deep Rabbit Hole I know we made it five verses in I guess We’re doing one chapter of Jeremiah Today And I said ah Master Yahweh see I do not Know how to speak for I’m a youth bro I Don’t got the words I’m just a dumb kid And yahuwah said to me do not say I am a Youth but go to all whom I send you and Speak whatever I command you Do you not see that pattern with Yeshua As well right go to all to whom I send You and speak whatever I command you I give you no new doctrine right Yeshua Said

Um my words are not mine but They are the fathers who sent me Do not fear their faces for I am with You to deliver you declares yahuwah Don’t be afraid of them punks I got you That’s a lesson that I think all of us Need to onboard regularly don’t be Afraid of those punks Y’all’s got you Oh but what if those punks over there Are also yes people hmm You shall know them bother Beliefs sermons YouTube channels Uh Social media presences Outfits you shall know them by their Fruits be a fruit inspector What do they do that’s how you shall Know them Dogs are on patrol All right do not fear their faces for I Am with you to deliver you declares Yahuwah then yahuwah put forth his hand And touched my mouth and yahuwah said to Me see I have put my words in your mouth His hand what did he put forth everybody Say it with me yod With his hand some of you all have asked Hey where did you get these from and the Answer is I got these from a brother at Uh arming the Saints 2021. Which is our annual Uh men’s Retreat and so I didn’t buy These they were given to me and I don’t

Know where you could get more of them But I’m pretty sure you could use your Babylonian rectangle of death and Google Hebrew flashcards and find these they Look like this okay Tada he put forth his hand his yod Yeshua right there’s the Y for Yeshua Boom right there See I have put my words in your mouth See I have this day set you over the Nations and over the Kings to root out And to pull down to destroy and to Overthrow to build and to plant It’s a lot of responsibility for a kid Who’s afraid he can’t talk sounds a lot Like Moses doesn’t it I can’t go talk to Pharaoh I’m not even good at talking And the word of yahuwah came to me Saying what do you see Jeremiah and I Said I see a branch of an almond tree And yahuwah said to me you have seen Well for I am watching over my word to Do it a branch of an almond tree Why does that sound Vaguely Familiar Uh turn with me everybody to numbers Chapter 17. Numbers chapter 17 verse 8. It might be some murdering going on over There And it came to be on the next day that Moshe went into the tent of witness and So that the rod of Aaron of the House of Levi had butted and brought forth Buds And blossomed and bore ripe almonds

Yes This is after the epic rap battle Between Moshe and Aaron at the door of The tent of appointment with uh Cora and Cora’s Rebellion And so the budding of Aaron’s Rod was a Testament to the fact that yahuwah had Chosen Aaron to be the uh The appointed of yah All right All right so What do you see Jeremiah and I said I See the branch of an almond tree Interesting Aaron Moshe’s brother and yahuwah said you’ve Seen well for I am watching over my word To to do it Yahuwah’s word shall not return to him Void okay like if y’all said he’s gonna Do it he’s gonna do it uh sounds a lot Like the promise of the Covenant with Abraham And everything else you all said as well On the Lord yahuwah I change not he’s Watching over his word If he said it he means it And the word of yahuwah came to me a Second time saying what do you see and I Said I see a Boiling Pot and it is Facing away from the north And yahuwah said to me out of the North Evil is set loose on all the inhabitants Of the land

Without the Benjamin was with Judah in The land right For look I am calling all the clans of The reigns of the north declares yahuwah And they shall come and each one set his Throne at the entrance of the Gates of Jerusalem against all its walls all Around and against all the cities of Judah And I shall pronounce my judgments Against them concerning all their evil Because they have forsaken me burned Incense to other Mighty ones to false Gods and bowed themselves to the work of Their own hands idolatry Now gird up your loins and arise and Speak to them all that I command you do Not break down before their faces lest I Break that break you before them Laughs Oh Dad Jeremiah you need to go tell the king of Jerusalem and all these men of renown And influence hey uh war is coming out Of the North and it’s coming because of Your whoring and idolatry because you Forsake yahuwah and if you Jeremiah Break down in front of them I will break you down in front of them Be strong and courageous Right Now gird up your loins and arise and Speak to them all that I command you do Not break down before their faces lest I

Break you down before them for look I Have made you this day a walled City and An iron column a bronze walls against All the land Against the kings of Judah against her Heads against her priests and against The people of the land You are Rock Solid I got you and they Shall fight against you they all these People of Judah right so Again there’s a pattern here right Moshe Had inner rebellion and turmoil and he Had to go speak to Pharaoh right Yeshua you know was given up by one of His own guys and the Pharisees Um scribes Sadducees High priests were Plotting to kill him even as many of the Pharisees were Believers in Yeshua you Read the gospels and read the book of Acts you’ll see that there are Pharisaical believers in Yeshua but they Didn’t speak up in their belief in Yeshua because they didn’t want to lose Their place in the congregation they Didn’t want to be put out Um the scribes openly mocking him the Sadducees openly mocking him the Romans Like yeah let’s whip his ass okay sounds Good right Um there’s a pattern here For look I have made you this day a Walled City and an iron column those are Images of strength and bronze walls Against all the land images of strength

Against the kings of Judah against her Heads the leaders against her priests Scribes Sadducees the high priests the Pharisees And against the people of the land And they shall fight against you but not Prevail against you for I Am with You Declares yahuwah to deliver you Jeremiah 1 we could maybe just entitle This patterns of behavior but this isn’t A sermon this is a Bible study with your Brother bear So Super cool let’s see uh 25 minutes 26 Minutes to read 19 verses seems par for The course I appreciate y’all Excited to be doing Jeremiah with y’all You know we’ve now done every word of The New Testament Every word of the New Testament we have Done From Matthew chapter 1. to Revelation Chapter 22 and we have read from Genesis Chapter 1 through Isaiah 66 together And so let’s see Can he do it yes he can See this right here This is what we have left to read Together We have read all of this together in the New in the Old Testament the first Writings from Genesis chapter 1 to Isaiah 66

We have read all of this from Matthew Chapter 1 to revelation 22 together and Now we shall continue to work through Yumiyahu Jeremiah All The Way To Second Chronicles Right here How bad badass is that right It’s awesome And this is to read together right this Is not I’m your brother I’m not your pastor Hell I’m honestly not even your friend Because we don’t know each other We don’t hang out We don’t have context with one another But if I can encourage you to put your Eyeballs on your Bible and raise your Voice to your creator and submit Yourself to his authority and read your Bible Mazel tov I found a sticker it’s awesome it’s a Picture of a It’s a line drawing of a Hasidic Jew With tassels and the tally and the Holman holding a Molotov cocktail about To throw it like this it says mazel tov Love it Anyway Bless y’all shalom