Solo Overnighter Woodland Shelter With Wood Stove

By | October 5, 2022

Hello guys welcome back just a quick Message before we get into the video I’ve now got these very limited edition Lever patches they’re made by Elliot Bushcraft with the logo on and they’re Just so on so mine’s going to go on to My Continental backpack which is just Going to really match nicely now they Come with the stickers just like the old Patches which are still available but Yes very limited edition pick them up Now At Now let’s get back to the video Foreign I was down here the other day looking at My wood stove thinking I need to sort it Out for the winter and uh as I was Looking at it I thought I want to spend The night in there so I’ve come back Today with all my kit and a stove first One of the year and um yeah I’m gonna Spend the night in there first I need to Get some of the stuff out there the Firewood the shave horse and stuff like That give it a little tidy I did see a Hornet in there the other day or buzzing Around it I have done in the past as Well so have a little check for Hornets Or hornets nests and yeah Have a cracking night in it As you can likely see it’s a bit of a Mess in here I’ve just been dumping like Posts and things like that in here

Tinder all sorts the bed is still mostly Together Um I just have to get some of this out And pre-process some of it for wood as Well Foreign The shave Force I need to do some Adjustments to it the size isn’t fitting Me right so I’ve just not been using it Lately Um well it’s got a little bit wobbly sat In there as well so Yeah I’ll move it out of the way for now We’ll move on to that another day These are the larves left over from Doing the smoker next door a lot of you Said I should make a bed in here using These which I might Um it’s a good idea actually and I’ve Not thought of another idea for using Them up yet uh they probably are Getting a little dry and less bendy but Uh it’s definitely an option But that’s certainly a lot better Got some dry Tinder Um I’ve got a couple of stones here as Well and we’ll bring the stove in I’ll Probably put them on that Um Yeah the bit seems kind of all right I Might need to shim it here and there but Uh I think we’re good Now if you did see the last video when I Stayed the night here it was got a good

Few months ago and maybe even a year This bed is largely made from off cuts From the roofing material from making The shakes So it’s kind of a bit higgledy-pickledy But you should do the job All right [Applause] Foreign Foreign Correctly one of these is loose Where the nail is in There we go Well I knew my shave also was ready to Disassemble but I just knocked it and it Felt a bit So yes That’s more firewood Notice that after two years one of the Pieces has fallen down at the back here Uh one of the nails That’s probably the plants tugging at it So just because someone will bring it up In the comments this is not a camping Shelter it is my wood store uh this um Woven timber in the sides and the gaps Is for airflow it’s to dry out the wood That’s in here Um the roof although at Angles you will See gaps is pretty good generally at Keeping rain out this side is pretty Much water tight that side isn’t quite As overlapped there’s one row Less on That side but it really doesn’t matter

The odd drip Foreign Mat down on the bed I will inflate my Inflatable mat a little bit later Um just to avoid it getting punctured Um there’ll be sparks flying and all of This that and the other so yeah I think I might have a fire outside Um cook dinner out there and then Retreat in here a little later so I Think the next job’s going to be Processing some firewood I’ve got quite a lot here that’s already Processed and uh I’ll get some others I’ll uh chop them down Maybe even small ones like that Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] Largely set up to be honest Um a little bit more firewood prep move It here and there and whatnot split in Between the fire and the stove I’ve got about an hour and a half of Daylight left to enjoy I’m gonna chill for a moment I think Just enjoy it I found quite a bit of paper birch in The shelter and I’ve got this dry Bracken as well so I’m going to use them To start the fire tonight Just had a bit of a wand around checking Out what’s what in the woods and there

Is mushrooms everywhere I don’t know What all of them are I know a few of Them but there are some field mushrooms Over there and I noticed some puff balls Around though I’ve not seen any but I Tend not to eat them because it’s just Not worth the risk all the woods set up Everything’s set up really other than my Bed I’ve just got the mat on there at The moment I’ve got a lantern up in There as well and um yeah just to wait Another half hour and get this fire lit Foreign Foreign But just about so I’m gonna Some more of this on And uh some small twigs Foreign Just went to the edge of the woods over There And just the whole Sky kind of orange Beautiful Starting to go now we’re going to move Into Twilight the fire’s going nice Feels so good to be having fires again There’s such a long hot summer And I was avoiding kind of ground fires But It feels good plus that trip in Norway With the fire ban I know we did haven’t been the end but That was where he was allowed But yeah starting to get cool Autumn has Definitely set in the mushrooms and

Leaves on the ground Love it my favorite season Just got a little bit of prep to do For dinner Not too much First up is just Trimming up this pepper Getting into slices Get this Grill over the fire First up is our beef So that I’m just going to add in peppers And some magic seasoning And some kidney beans I’m going to use a fork I’m just going To squash up The beans a bit I’m going to add to that little bit of Passata I’ve got some tortillas so I’m just Gonna Quickly warm them up on both sides All right I’m gonna put some of that in the Tortilla Add some cheese And that is dinner Hours have been going off I don’t know If the camera picked them up Hmm Quite a simple one today Just a tasty one [Music] Okay grab some of these coals Foreign

Get a bit of preheating done Foreign This is my second Camp since um coming Back from Norway The first one was with Mark it was an Off-camera one it was his birthday but Um Yeah it’s good to be back out it’s good To have Autumn here Halloween Guy Fawkes Night my birthday Temperatures coming down Love it Good to get the stove out Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign Assistant Good morning It’s the bit gray sun’s been up 45 Minutes to an hour and I’ve got the Lantern on in here I’ve just lit the Stove And we’ll get some breakfast done in a Bit I had a bit of drizzle this morning Not much I did want to get out um Was it last Friday it’s Monday now and It was really pouring down and yeah I Hadn’t checked the weather I would have Loved to been out there in the other Shelter would have been really cool But drizzle will have to do

Um yeah it’s a nice morning oven that is Actually not too cold just a little Chill I mean I’ve probably got the stove Out a bit early this year but You know and you’re just itching to do Something Um yeah so get this going properly Get myself sorted maybe my bed sorted And um Breakfast Let’s get nice and toasty now to get my Bits ready gonna have uh some french Toast with cinnamon and maple syrup for Breakfast I was trying to figure sink a Bit different not just bacon all the Time I very nearly put bacon with it but I thought no no let’s just keep it French toast nice sweet breakfast Okay so I’m going to make my egg mix Here Start to whisk them Add in Some milk And Some cinnamon Oh that smells good oh Let me get my pan on this got a touch of Oil and butter in there does that touch Quite a lot of butter And it’s time To dunk Leave that to soak for just a second Oh God it smells good Try and squeeze the kettle on here

You can at least get it warming up Here we go slice number one Give it a flip Get in there Foreign Powdered sugar And of course the maple syrup This is incredible Go to breakfast Um That sweetness should get me through the Day as well give me some energy We used to do this when I was a kid and Just call it eggy bread of course Wouldn’t have maple syrup and powdered Sugar that’s very American Could have handed to them though it’s Good Even if they do eat desserts for Breakfast Um See Tea hot It’s um still looking pretty overcast So I think I’m probably gonna have to Get all this wood back in here in case It um Starts to rain Need my dry wood for winter Thank you I’m going to take out the lantern So there’s more room to maneuver putting The wood back in here I’m gonna have to take the stove out hot

As well I’m going to take this chimney off while Everything’s still quite hot don’t do This And this has handles so I can pick it up Let’s take it out Foreign To get all this inside there shouldn’t Take too long Um yeah And the shape for the roof Foreign [Applause] Foreign That Is a hell of a lot neater And I’m leaving the shave Force out for Now [Music] Foreign Foreign