A Wet Walk In The Woods With The Dogs Looking For Squirrels

By | October 5, 2022

Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] The world’s small wow Wally here guys It’s a bit of a miserable one but Who cares Guys I’m out for a little walk it’s Autumn It’s definitely autumn Everything is very wet it’s still at the Early Autumn stage where where the Places everything is grown up Come on Bruno what do you smell Everything is growing up the grass how All the summer stuff is still here so It’s a good time to be testing gear and Pushing through long grass and stuff so Take the dogs with me and we’ll see what We can find Stay tuned [Music] Down [Music] Mentally In The Great Outdoors Forever free [Music] You and me [Music] Are meant to be Doors Forever [Music]

That is pain Martin’s cat [Music] Here That’s a good dog it’s a good dog [Music] [Music] La la la [Music] I love this part of the forest Trying to keep him a wee bit closer Because we’re coming up the place that’s Really good for squirrels And uh He knows She loves Jason squirts so this is this Is probably the oldest part of the Forest well of course it is because they Cut down everything out so Uh we’ve got a lot of Scotch pine on This side and we’ve got a lot of uh European Larch on this thing Look at the size of some of those Foreign Gate Uh you might have remembered on Some of you guys have come across from Wally’s World on uh I did a series about Trapping pain Martins right well that Was here that was going in there Coming up these feeders now See if we can see anything Here Then we go back up that way You see how wet everything is

Come on Come on come on [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Laughs [Music] Good dog stay close stay close [Music] Foreign [Music] Goats over there No Bruno Just Ice [Music] Behind me Guys check this out This is what happens when you clear fell An entire Mountain It fills up with wind washes I’d compete everything else They grow really fast very aggressive Aggressive how can a bush be aggressive But you know what I mean quite out guys There uh they’re just completely take Over the place Unfortunately

So I don’t know if any even the planted Species that the forestry have put in I Don’t even know if they’ll make it back Up you can see some of them sticking Through here enough Sorry guys it’s very wet This this would be our last opportunity To maybe catch a little bit of wildlife I’ve been sort of trying to do a little Bit of forging as well but it’s it’s Everything is so overgrown at the minute Because it’s September so It’s hard to spot anything I think we Need to wait for stuff to die back just A little bit more Hopefully down in here We can get some scorings Just a look If the goat would stop going on ahead of Me [Music] I know [Music] The dog I’ll show you something Guys from a very wet and Soggy sleeve Guardian I am going to leave that there Uh It is nice just to get out for a walk You know no matter what the weather’s Like Okay thanks for watching Stay for us