City Prepping News – Russia’s Next Move (Week of 10/2 – 10/8)

By | October 4, 2022

The new City shows that things are Getting a bit challenging at the moment So here are a few issues that you should Be aware of this week if this is the First time we met my name is Chris and On this channel we discuss emergency Preparedness AKA prepping in this weekly City prepping News segment what I’ll do Is I’ll brief you on current situations That you need to be aware of and we’ll Start this week with Russia the Worsening energy crisis a cautionary Tell from Florida and we’ll look at the Continued potential for a row worker Strike as always these videos are Designed to give you the basic Information to help inform and guide you As you prepare remember as Preppers we Don’t live in fear but instead we Utilize the information we have at our Disposal to prepare for the threats on The horizon also later in this video I’m Going to tell you about another giveaway And how you can enter so definitely Stick around as I’ll talk about it more Momentarily Russia’s next move Ukrainian forces had begun taking back Large swaths of its territory in the Northeast now they appear to be making Solid advances further along the danipro River recapturing several Villages along The way these areas are vital locations For Russian supply lines forcing a

Russian Retreat and this is happening on The hills of another victory for Ukraine By recapturing the city of Lehman the Central Russian location in the north of The zenesque region and the reclaiming Of Lehman has brought heavy criticism From Russian median military leaders Pushing Putin further into a corner now Typically I wouldn’t cover a Blow by Blow of this conflict so closely with Such granularity but we are entering a New chapter of this war when Putin Proclaimed the four provinces of Captured Ukrainian land now protected Russian territories he potentially Opened a new chapter in this war in the Last week or so we have seen the north Stream pipeline sabotage we have seen These Ukrainian advances and we’ve seen The most extensive troop build up by Russia since World War II and Putin and Several Russian officials have said that They could use nuclear weapons to Protect Russian territory including These newly annexed properties clearly Putin is being backed into a corner Becoming increasingly more desperate for Both a win and to demonstrate that he Still holds power he keeps repeating the Nuclear Threat by emphasizing this is Not a bluff and if Putin can’t hold Ukraine territory there’s a good chance That he will make it so that nobody can The use of low-yield tactical nuclear

Weapon or even a massive Russian attack On the zappophoria nuclear power plant Sorry if I mispronounce that one of the Largest nuclear power plants in the World appears to increase in proportion To Putin’s desperation should such an Attack occur the United States and NATO Have made it clear that they would have No other option but to engage and attack The conventional Russian forces in Ukraine in the previously annexed Crimea This is a cauldron that continues to Heat up into a raging boil and so long As Putin remains in power and he appears To retain an authoritarian grip over his Country the chance of some type of Nuclear event in Ukraine increases by The day and risking nuclear war after Conscripting hundreds of thousands of Men into the military a radiation blows Across Europe after a nuclear attack on Ukraine would likely be the breaking Point for Russian Society in a fair Number of its Elites and I previously Said that I don’t really see this Happening because it would render large Swaths of land uninhabitable and Worthless as a resource and draw a Massive counteroffensive against Russia With the current state of their military I don’t see this as something they would Risk Putin’s increasing desperation However reminds me of President JFK’s Warning from a long time ago that

Nuclear Powers must avert those Confrontations which bring an adversary To a choice of either a humiliating Retreat or nuclear war and it appears That the possibility today of a limited Nuclear incident is much higher by no Means am I implying that this is a Certainty but the inflammatory rhetoric Is not helping either this seems to have Moved almost overnight Beyond just mere Bluster and saber rattling what do you Think I know from a recent poll that I Did on the channel That 27 of you Believe that it’s only a matter of time Before a nuclear incident occurs but Only 49 percent of you seem to think That war will continue without nukes What’s your assessment of Putin’s next Move is he out of control or is this all Part of some elaborate plan to draw Western or Ukrainian forces into a trap Will these latest defeats push them into A corner and make him desperate let me Know in the comments section your Opinions and I really am always Interested to hear back from the Community Energy crisis I mentioned earlier the destruction of The Nordstrom Pipeline and that was Offline at the time of its destruction But its sabotage means it probably won’t Ever come back online again this will Present energy challenges to Europe for

Many years to come a trickle of Russian Gases still arriving in Europe and Pipelines through Ukraine and Slovakia And across the Black Sea through turkey To Bulgaria Europe faces a present need to conserve Resources and an ongoing need to cut Usage higher prices are already fueling Record consumer inflation in leading to Some protests across Europe will it Break the Western Alliance we have to Wait and see as if it wasn’t bad enough The OPEC plus group of oil producing Countries closely aligned with Moscow is Meeting to discuss cutting back output By another 1 million barrels per day This will keep prices artificially high And ensure their profits it is becoming Clear by the day that energy has been Weaponized and the prices will continue To go up further Cuts will only Exacerbate the existing Supply Shortfalls as winter sets in across the Northern Hemisphere prices will continue To rise and Supply will be held Artificially low unfortunately I fear That it will only get worse from here And you have to put energy up there Along with many other preps whether That’s trying to use less or creating Your own Supply fine energy Independence Start to develop and Implement a plan Before it’s too late I’m going to do a Few reviews in the next few months

Covering whole home battery backup and Solar options if you want to learn how To develop even your suburban home into More of an off-grid setup Florida’s cautionary tell In many ways Florida is a cautionary Tell for all of us I’m not saying that I Expect a category 4 hurricane to hit the Midwest anytime soon but we’re learning That very few Florida homes hit by Hurricane Ian were covered by flood Insurance only 18 percent of all Florida Homes of which there are more than 10 Million per census data have flood Insurance according to the insurance Information Institute some people think They’re covered but they’re really not Prepping means far more than just Setting food and water aside for the Aftermath of a disaster now as I pointed Out in one of our recent newsletters It’s essential for people to do a risk Assessment of their area I’ll put a link To such an online tool in the comments Section below and this is one of the Same tools that insurance companies use To determine premiums and whether They’ll even cover you after using the Tool I did reach out to my insurance Company and I found out that my area Where my house is currently sitted or Situated at is considered a potential Flood plain but yet I have no coverage For this and be sure to review your

Policy and talk with your insurance Company to sure you’re covered for Likely scenarios take what has just Happened in Florida as a universe trying To tell you to review your policy are You covered for rain damage but not Flood damage flood damage but not wind Damage earthquakes but not fires you Might also research your insurance Company’s responses and the impacted Ian Zones online forums can sometimes give Insight on whether your company is quick To respond after disaster or is more of An added headache for people already Impacted by natural disaster let Florida Be a cautionary tell even a 600 000 Homes and businesses remain without Power many will realize that their Insurance is going to cover the damages Approach your insurance just like Another prep and ensure that you’re Adequately covered against the full Spectrum of disasters that you could Face as I mentioned at the top of this Video I’m going to do a giveaway next Week on a couple of books I recently Picked up and I’m going to mail it to You and what they do is they discuss Different ways to survive a nuclear war I know this is a topic that’s on a lot Of people’s minds including my own so in Order to enter the giveaway all you have To do is go down to the comments section Of this video and post a comment you can

Post any comment you want it’s Irrelevant what you say and what I’ll do Is next week at the beginning of the Video we’ll use a tool to round randomly Pull a winner and just be sure to have An email address listed on your about Tab for your YouTube account if you’re Not sure how to do this just Google it How to show my email address on my YouTube about tab something like that And you’ll figure out how to build put That up because I’ll need that Information to reach out to you if you Win Train update the mainstream media Pointed out that a preliminary Railway Workers agreement was reached and a Strike was averted and left it at that But at City prepping we were quick to Point out that it wasn’t quite that Simple and shouldn’t be summarily Dismissed this is only a tentative deal The unions have yet to ratify the Proposed agreement union leaders have to Sell it to their members and votes will Still have to be tallied over the next Several weeks while the initial strike Was averted through this process the Threat of a possible strike that could Cost the United States economy 2 billion Dollars per day and bring about Overnight shortages is still a looming Possibility September’s tenant of Agreement just pushed the possibility of

A strike further down the tracks no pun Intended the potential disaster that Will stretch across neighboring borders Still exists and I’ll continue to Monitor it as a ratification votes come In and are reported by the unions we Should have a clear picture of whether We can drop the story unless a clearer Picture of it emerges we are going to Continue to prep as if something could Happen in November don’t make the Mistake of mainstream media not Mentioning something as meaning that the Issue is over so a lot of times these Issues continue on behind the scenes We’ll continue to monitor issues like These and others as it relates to the Prepping Community to inform you on your Prepping activities if you want to be Kept more in the loop make sure you’re Subscribed to this channel click the Bell icon and consider subscribing to Our newsletter for a weekly update and More content alright as always stay safe Out there