Bushcraft trip with Martin/Northern Woodsmen

By | October 1, 2022

Thank you A smoked bacon sandwich oyster Stout [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign I’m awake Stop stop Come here Okay Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Use my other knife is better than this Nope Right So far Yeah now we cut some bacon and Martin Has a little smoker oven That we will smoke the bacon in This bacon is only salted I think we can have three pieces Actually then I’ll cut some more yeah Nice Looks delicious yeah We’re going to make a sandwich with the Smokes bacon and Bread and About 14 minutes yeah yeah And because Cornelius Can’t

It’s not good for for him with Smoked Meats So I’ll fry this meat It’s bacon over the fire here Right Yeah now the bacon is finished So I take it over here And Put our Bread on Like this Yeah and this one is because it’s Blowing very Windy here so Make it a little bit better I use this lock for that Yeah hello and welcome to Kimber Bushcraft today I’m with Martin from Northern Woodsman I put a link to his uh YouTube channel and especially his Instagram It’s very big on Instagram so yeah we’re Out here in the forest uh Royal Forest Where he has found a really beautiful Place down to a lake I’ll show you in a Minute The View that we have here But the reason why I’m out here today is Because I have something important to Tell you it’s about my Fireball the iron Fireball from CUNY my collaboration with Them It takes a lot of time and though and Many of you have asked me when is it

Going to be launched and yeah now we Have a date for the kickstarter project I never tried these things before so I Was new in that but the two guys the Christian and Bastian knows about that Trade and well it takes the time to get The product the right way to make some Samples and test it out and we’ve done That I made some videos for the Kickstarter project so but now we are Finished and October the 20th we Launched the kickstarter project yeah And I hope you joined that in my video Description I’ll put a link to that and Of course the the link to the newsmail You can get from punian and me so yeah [Music] I made a video uh where I show how it Puts up and also with these I’ve showed That before but these ones are made the Real way and it fits perfectly down in My Fireball so I can put my kettle on Top here and cook my my coffee and Perhaps a little pot and make me some Stew Yeah and uh yeah and as I said before we Are having Martin is having a smoker out Here so we can smoke the bacon and in a While it’s finished and then we’ll make Our sandwiches It’s a beautiful weather today but There’s some clouds that could be Raining so perhaps we’re going to have a Little shower and that’s why we put up

The top so we’ll be protected out here The Autumn is near I can tell you it’s colder now and yeah Not many ticks so that’s one of the Benefits of the colder weather So in the wild We’ll have a dinner ready and after that Our coffee Foreign Foreign Yeah Some bacon for you Enjoy Is it good I think so Yeah my old sandwiches Uh can I have your dish So I’ll give you some red pepper [Applause] Yeah let’s go thank you they’re not red For you For me And then we have some Soft cheese I don’t know what it’s Called but with garlic in Something like this For Martin Oh And yeah We’re very healthy today we have having A salad Rocket salad I think it’s called Oh yeah It’s looking nice

Nice yeah really nice Smoked bacon sandwich Yeah so delicious Like that Yeah and together with our meal we Bought these Spears uh oyster Stout I like black beer So I’m looking forward to tasting this I never tried it before Yep Martin yes cheers Scroll everyone Hmm Starting to rain a bit Let’s see Now it’s time for our coffee yeah I’ll take first If there should be any Grains in Huh School school Nice to be be together with you again Yeah it has been a long time I know a Lot of your subscribers followers have Asked me when will I make a new trip With Martin but he’s a busy man too so Yeah sometimes it’s hard to find a Moment that we can spend together but Today yeah Oh yeah Ah Yeah have you seen Cornelius it’s really Dirty It’s so dirty yeah

I can’t have him in bath when you come Back home I have fun I mean Okay Navy mixer so I mean it’s a normal Gene and it’s So the domination for the next one Good man Foreign To you It’s nice to sit there With Martin Is Yeah I think it’s a bit cold It went out to the water a couple of Times and It’s completely Wet Yeah now it’s beginning to rain so we Are packing our gear and heading home Now yeah hope you enjoyed this little Video from a beautiful Forest together With Martin and Cornelius yeah Thank you for watching Kima Bushcraft I Hope to see you again on the next one Bye bye and take care Oh Oh [Music]