Winter Bushcraft Gear – Seeland Key Point Active Trousers – 6 Month review And Wee Rant

By | September 28, 2022

Go on Wow Wally here Guys i’m out Taking the dogs for a walk it’s uh Elbow high bracken Brambles wet grass Perfect To talk about Trousers The sea land Key point active trousers dogs pulled me On a bit nearly fell over Yes guys so today up on the table For review long term review guys i’m Looking at the sea land key point active I think i’m going to say the name of These these trousers are guys So These are a waterproof line trouser made By the company sealand guys who who make Uh who make hunting gear basically so The whole reason behind these was for me To get them as a winter trouser and see How they performed now It’s a snotty day but it’s it’s misty It’s rainy i’m moving through the end of Summer grass and stuff so hang on fix my Glasses Guys it’s a good test for them So stay tuned Okay Okay I’ll just stop for a little break

And let’s let’s have a look at these at These trousers okay good dog critter Look check them out guys They’re they’re not a bad looking Trouser okay i know that’s that’s a Negative start come here Come here Okay guys they are I tell you what it is guys they’re a Waterproof lined Trouser right You can only wear these in winter that’s That’s it they are too warm to be worn At any other time that’s that’s what i Have found guys they are The waterproofing does the business guys And you can see that they’re sort of Fitted Uh you know sort of articulated i think You call it round knees and stuff like That guys to make it to make it easier For movement and stuff okay But here is where the problems come in Okay They’re a funny size you know what i’m Like with my size and guys you know how Important it is for me to get a pair of Trousers to fit properly all right so I’m not sure of the size of these but I’ll flash it up on the screen below Guys they fit me In the hips and they fit me in the waist They’re tight in the crotch and they’re Skinny in the leg and too long in the

Leg as well okay so which means that i Roll them up on the inside now for a Pair of waterproof trousers you can’t Rule them up on the outside because when It’s pissed and rain that creates a Pocket that will just fill up with water You know Helicopter hang on Guys when i put them on me this morning To wear them out right i sort of Realized that i haven’t done A long-term review of them okay Uh And that’s because i don’t wear them Because i don’t find them that Comfortable okay Unless it’s bald like in the middle of Winter and it’s a sopping day like today Now For now Yeah No The pockets work a hundred percent guys The zip pockets on the side work dear Are i am not wet you know from wearing These today guys they’re just They’re just not great Okay they function a hundred percent That just there could be a wee bit more Talk put into them guys you know Tighter on the crotch Is a big thing Not that i’ve noticed it that much work When i’m when i’m actually moving but in

The house i noticed it okay so guys Overall They’re all right i think i paid 40 Something quid for them for that price They’re not bad okay but if i had Appeared full price for them i would not Have been happy with them i think full Price could have been 90 pounds So overall What do you think bruno I would love to know whose brilliant Idea it was To use steel rods to support Trees when they were planted these trees Behind me as you can see all these oaks Guys and these steel rods okay are Invisible Absolutely invisible and They’re just so dangerous the whole the Whole forest is full of them here Full of them absolutely ridiculous Forestry service What do these people be thinking guys Thanks for watching stay frosty