City Prepping News – How Likely Is Nuclear War w/Russia?

By | September 27, 2022

There’s quite a bit happening worldwide This week but we should take a closer Look at a few primary things if this is The first time we met my name is Chris And on this channel we discuss emergency Preparedness AKA prepping in this weekly City prepping News segment I’m going to Take a look at the top news which could Impact Our Lives not just the Doom and Gloom and I strive to show you how the News should inform your prepping Activities right now Download the Piper’s recession-proof Economic collapse guide today I’ll post A link in the description and comments Section below or visit Forward slash money prep for a free Guide to help you start Recession-proofing your life an emerging Even stronger when the economy recovers Nuclear war You’ve probably heard of the looming Threat of nuclear war with Russia and I Want to address that first things are Clearly deteriorating relations with Russia are at one of the lowest points Since the depths of the Cold War Putin Isn’t faring well with his invasion of Ukraine but is he desperate enough to Use nuclear weapons the answer is not Very likely several different YouTube Channels have been warning that will all Be dead by a nuclear war within the next 12 24 whatever certain time frame but

Please don’t get caught up in the click Bait and anxiety-inducing methods being Used to scare the community so what is Putin thinking right now well at least The headlines are that Russia will play The same card they played in 2014 with Crimea but then the whole world was Caught off guard at that time most Countries are already establishing that They’re not going to recognize an Annexation vote this time and Crimea Vote was held in their Parliament while Soldiers stood over the voting members Armed with collagenikiv rifles and even Grenade launchers the world is now much Wiser not as caught off guard with this Recent invasion of Ukraine however the Vote will go forward in approximately 15 Percent of occupied Ukraine once it Passes and of course we all know it will Russia will claim that it is under Attack from NATO and not an aggressor Putin needs to establish and justify the Remaining Seas land as a region of Russia and so doing he can move his Actions there from a special military Operation where he uses ethnic Minorities and fighting forces from Regions far outside the major cities to A conscript Army and that’s precisely What he has done recently initially Indicating the authorization of up to 300 000 men with previous military Experience to be called up to duty and

Sent to the occupied regions of Ukraine And these were supposed to be reservists Then the news stories and social media Posts reveal to the world that it was Far More Than This select group some Areas all men over 35 were being bussed Or flown away to fight in Putin’s War Protests though still small and not Likely to change or influence government They resulted in hundreds of arrests and Those are that were arrested were Immediately presented with draft notices Refusing the notice could result in up To 10 years imprisonment with this Mobilization was again the threat from Putin our country also has various Weapons of mass destruction and in some Categories more modern ones than those Possessed by NATO countries it’s his Warning to the rest of the world that he Has weapons and he’s going to use him But is he really we’ve heard this Rhetoric before the saber rattling has Gone on to a greater or lesser degree For decades and the US is counterwarned About catastrophic consequences but it’s Not very likely that the mobilization Will result in a well-trained Well-equipped and highly motivated Fighting force Russia will probably have More factors and soldiers and at the end Of the day as the fighting forces being Sent to Ukraine don’t appear to believe That their Homeland is really under

Western assault so we’re seeing this Conflict internally already thousands of Russian men are fleeing the country in The search on Google how to break your Arm is actually trending now the rest of The world is highly skeptical of Russian Men entering their countries in waves Latvia Lithuania Estonia the Czech Republic Slovakia Denmark Belgium Poland And the Netherlands are no longer Accepting Russian visas and tourist Applications now in my opinion and this Is my opinion Putin is more likely to Use the annexation as a opportunity to Broaden the war in Ukraine and to Justify the use of bombers the Russian Air Force possesses the world’s third Biggest bomber Fleet but the world Doesn’t like when bombs fall Indiscriminately on civilian Targets This has been the problem that Putin Faces having such a large flea feet that He can’t really deploy plus he can’t win Over the hearts and minds of a territory That he hopes to occupy by Indiscriminately bombing the people Still he can justify this by insinuating That Western forces are lined and set to Attack Russian territories and again I Say Russian territories the situation Obviously is complex but are we doomed To nuclear war If I were a betting man and I’m not I Would not bet on this possibility and

Honestly I’m not losing sleep over it at All this has always been a threat and This is just a remote possibility I Don’t completely rule it out but I don’t Think this is probably how things will Play out however even strategic small Nuclear weapons result in massive Potentially uncontrollable backlash First the area if you were to use nukes Even at a tactical level would render That area uninhabitable the possibility Of retaliation would result in losing More than I believe he could possibly Gain and a Leader’s enemies go from not Just foreign countries but Rise Up from Within their own ranks and the Possibility of his own loyalists Oligarchs generals and just everyday Average citizen rising up against him I Believe if he goes to this length would Become even greater and the prospect of Nuclear war it’s existed since the 50s And 60s but it remains as far as what we Can tell at the moment still low Probability I grew up with this as a kid In the 80s always you know the threat of Nuclear war hanging over us but at the Moment it seems like this is really one Of the last cards he has to play Now I believe before we get to this Point Putin will probably cause Accidents or malfunctions at Ukraine’s Nuclear power plants and around the Occupied areas we are currently at

Defcon level three and have been there For a while so that’s basically just an Indicator that we need to be ready What we’ll probably see is pockets of Civil Disobedience unrest and even a Possible assassination attempt in Russia You probably want to watch for Regions Far from Moscow start to boil over in Conflict and this is already happening Watch for an increase in Western ominous Ukraine short of NATO forces and Retaliation for the Sham referendums I’ll continue to monitor this and give You pertinent breaking news through my Subscription newsletter but for now Though I don’t believe that you need to Be panicking about nuclear war breaking Out anyone telling you that you should Be panicking might be willfully ignoring I believe the more pressing threats at The moment More hurricanes Even as August resulted in no hurricanes September has him back on track and if You live anywhere on the Eastern Seaboard of North America you should be Preparing even more the Tampa Bay area Is currently emptying store shelves Ahead of hurricane Ian’s landfall Ian’s Effects will begin to be experienced in The region as early as Tuesday night and Continue through Thursday now on its Current path we can’t expect damage from High winds and flooding across Northern

Florida Georgia south of North Carolina And Virginia and if you live in any of These areas you should get your water Your food and your energy preps in order And ready to use and prep as if your Infrastructure systems may go down for a Period of time now as we worn last week Even Canada is feeling the effects of This hurricane season Fiona just made Landfall up there as a post-tropical Cyclone and hundreds of thousands of People in Atlantic Canada are currently Without power much of Puerto Rico Still Remains without power from Fiona’s path Through that region in the previous this Week in this Arcane season is shaping up To be a little hotter than most in that We experienced none in August and we Typically don’t see post-tropical Cyclones making landfall as far north as Canada if you are anywhere in the Potential path of hurricanes it’s This Disaster that you should be preparing For far ahead of many other types of Particular or potential situations that Could occur when you see store shells Emptying and resonant scrambling for Supplies as we see in Tampa Bay right Now you know many of your neighbors will Continue not to prep even for the most Inevitable of events don’t wait for the Governor or the president to issue an Emergency Proclamation get your preps in Place to last you at least three weeks

At a minimum without any support or Assistance coming in The thing is these events are guaranteed They are not theoretical and we will Likely see more hurricanes this season Now if you’re not in the path of the Current hurricanes realize the wake of Destruction they left behind and let it Be a motivator for you to get ready Before it’s your turn Winner In a recent video we outlined the Concerns about this coming winter and The potential for another very cold time Ahead now to make matters worse an Energy crisis that hasn’t been seen in Decades is unfolding worldwide and the Impact of the sudden stoppage of cheap Russian natural gas is more far-reaching Than just a few European countries that Were dependent upon it at the beginning Of the Russian invasion of Ukraine the European Union’s 27 member nations Relied on Russia for 40 percent of their Natural gas and with the supply now cut Off and winter looming European Countries have tried to bolster their Reserves then they begin conservation Efforts like shutting off traffic lights Late at night and lights on historical Buildings when winter does set in you Can expect rationing measures to take Effect in some of those 27 countries Liquid natural gas it puts pressure on

Other fuels petroleum fuels and propane Also go up in price as well coal prices Are up 140 percent this year alone in Many previously shuttered electrical Plants that run on fossil fuels are Beginning to be unmountable to fill the Expected needs even the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in here where I live In California which was slave to go Offline is being extended in the service For another seven years the cost of Staying warm this winter will be sharply Higher than in previous years you’re Going to want to watch a recent and Coming videos on prepping for winter to Do every little thing that you can to Prepare for the brutal winner that will Soon be here The changes being plugged in for the Short term are on the demand side of the Equation but the supply side takes many Years to implement so before this is Over outages scarcity and higher prices They’re going to be the norm people have To do with less or do without altogether Here in the United States where we have All the natural gas that we could Possibly use exports are at an all-time High as we bolster our European allies And this is going to result in even Higher prices here as well and Everywhere in the northern hemisphere This winter we’re going to see higher Prices for gas and electricity the end

Result of all this is manufacturing Having to scale back operation this Drives up inflationary prices Inflation There isn’t a top to inflation without The conflict in Ukraine concluding while Some measure inflation solely by the Price at the pump or the grocery stores Others have complex formulas that Involve jobs and the unemployment rate Fuel price or even confidence in the Stock market however you calculate it There’s no denying that we are in the Beginning phases of a global recession When manufacturing skills back their Operations because of costs and Economies retract further you can expect That jobs will be lost as well once the News is full of smaller harvests this Year than previous years food costs will Go up even further at the same time we Warn you that many agricultural Operations were scaled back because of High costs We’re really what I would consider a Perfect storm that’s leading up to Massive increases in food prices that Will inevitably come as a prepper you Know that the best way to conserve money And be Thrifty is by practicing and Using your preps while planning for a Cold winter with higher prices plan your Spring as well please don’t make the Same mistake as millions are doing right

Now by borrowing your way to continue The status quo the rate hikes and Inflation they’re going to continue on An upper trajectory as a prepper your Better served learning to do more with Less than chase a period of abundance Swiftly fading Plan on winterizing conserving and Prepping through winter all while you Plan for spring and in Spring ensure you Are growing something to supplement your Food supply make sure you are lean Preserving and utilizing every morsel Food in your home make sure you are Stretching the value of your dollar and Consider downloading our free Recession-proof guide to begin or Enhance your journey which I’ll link to Below now I chose these four major Headlines of nuclear war hurricanes and Approaching winter and inflation because They really all connect we have less to Fear from the intangible threats than we Do from the threats that are at our door And the possibility of compounding Problems is exponentially higher when You have a combination of high prices Rationing outages decreased production And inclement weather when the power Grid goes out and the supply chain is Already shaky getting the parts to fix The infrastructure may not even be Possible at least for an extended period Of time and if you’re new to prepping

Now is a time to truly get busy billing Your preps if you prep for a while now Is the time to ensure any gaps in your Preps are filled if we can forecast Anything from the news it’s that the Next three months will be a challenging Time Spring might just bring a world that Looks very different from today I would Encourage you to prep accordingly as Always stay safe out there