Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – Testing Materials – Fireweed / Willow Herb

By | September 25, 2022

Guys This is fireweed also known as a great Willow herb or rose bear willow herb or Blitzweed Lots of different names for this stuff Guys and this plant has lots of Different medicinal properties okay now As you know if you watch this channel i Am on a quest to find a plant that i can Use without charring to instantly or With a little bit of processing to get It to take a light from flint and steel Guys and what i’m going to try next you Guessed it Fireweed [Laughter] Stitching So this is it This is it it’s a very beautiful plant Guys And it’s got a lot going on with it okay There’s a lot of stuff going on so This is This this plant They call it fireweed because it springs Up after a fire it’s called blitzweed Because it grew all over london after it Was bombed in world war ii Guys It’s quite easy just to pull it out by The roots And the stalks here themselves are quite Fibrous okay fibers in the same way as Nettles are so that’s what had me

Thinking that maybe this is something Else that might work with flint and Steel not that i’ve got anything to work So far guys also these seed pods pop Open into this downy fluff okay See that Right everything’s wet it’s been it’s Been raining for days guys so what i Want to do is i want to harvest some of This and i want to uh i want to break it Down and see if there is any way that we Can set this on fire with a little bit Of drying okay It might be a little bit tedious but hey We don’t mind Another cool thing about this guys that I didn’t realize until quite recently Is that the elephant hawk moth which is A really cool Moth nearly the same color as this like An aluminus pink right it loves this Plant right and it will actually its Caterpillars will live in the roots Of this and then they will come out guys And if you have ever seen one or if you Have never seen one they are about They’re about this big okay and they are Like the thickness of my thumb and they Look like an elephant’s trunk and they Look like a little bit like a snake as Well they are such a striking Caterpillar and such a striking moth as Well guys okay they are really cool so What i’m going to do is i’m going to

Harvest some of these i have plenty it Grows everywhere Yeah Guys if you are a subscriber to my other Channel you will have seen me struggle To remove this stuff from this this Pitch just this area just right behind Me okay so i’m gonna Just pop these out So I’ve gone in under some cover guys uh it It might be a little bit darker but at Least i have got the camera out of the Rain so what i’m going to do is i’m Going to process this down I might try and process it Progress the same way that i did the nat Let’s just use the knife and just scrape It off like this and see if i can get Most of the most of the fibers out of it That way there is a couple of other ways Of processing it all very similar to the Way you would process nails There’s a couple of different ways i can Do this right What i’m thinking But i’m hoping i can do it with a knife I have my mortar I think this is the mortar part i’m not Really sure okay Now I should just be able to strip the Fibers from this by removing the pith Just sort of snap it remove these bits

I do find that this type of way can be Very time consuming so i’m going to try And see But look there this is what i’m pulling Off guys this uh This bit here Go bruno it’s your birthday And what i’m gonna do with that is i’m Gonna dry it I’m going to flake it up and i’m going To dry it but before i do that I want to see how it works with a knife Much easier Check that out much easier so Guys this is just a halter for safety Knife i just happen to have it here I have a fair few of them but So you actually end up with quite a lot Of this stuff so this is This is what i’ve processed okay i’m Dropping it all over let’s stay out of It This is this is what i’ve processed so Far and what i’m going to do guys is i’m Going to leave this to dry you see that I’m going to leave this to dry for for Uh for a little while it’s very wet so i Might leave it for a couple of days and See how it gets on and then i’m going to Fluff it up and break it up and and and And see if we can get it to take a uh A light with flint and steel Guys what you can see is that i actually Have a fair few of this a fair bit of

This left okay so it doesn’t take a lot So i’ve let these dry This is the This is the the willow herb guys the Willow herb i’ve let it dry i have a Huge big lump of chart here as well Okay which is like For one of a better description it’s a Subspecies it’s a subspecies of rock That is that is Similar to uh Uh what do you call it Flint so I’m trying to get the biggest piece that I can the biggest piece of stone that i Can to do this with okay So This is it This is big This is the the fluffed up This is this is what falls out of it Okay so see the thing is that there’s Pine needles and everything mixed into This but there is quite a bit of the Fluffy head as well so So this is this is like Flash tinder mixed in and everything you Know so We’re going to give it a shot and see How i get on I haven’t used this yet so Any sparks anyway Smiles class What was a good burny one this has taken

Really good sparks or really good chips Off Wow It went it went I i i know i’m doing it the wrong way Around but it’s about 50 50 and where The sparks go and this is sort of more Comfortable for me to do Wow right in the nose I don’t really want to be using a ferro Rod guys I’ll definitely go The reason why i don’t want to be using The ferro rod is because then you’re Sort of charring it if that makes sense Also we take a little piece off Here And we’ll do this bit with a ferro rod So Uh That gives me hope that gives me hope Definitely feel like this is giving me Bigger sparks Guys That is another inconsistent one Uh I do i do keep coming back to the same Thing i do keep coming back to flint and Steel and consistency and my abilities Okay now if this is the thing All of these materials will go on fire Every single thing i have tested if you Have a flint and steel Or sorry if you have a ferro rod it will

Work So the the the journey of discovery is Not wasted you know all this will work As a tinder bundle every single thing You know so the the landi bark Everything i have tested guys Well born in some shape or form so I just got to find something that is Easier I just have to find something that has a Lower spot temperature a lower sparking Temperature okay That’s what i’m gonna have to do so guys Another Maybe Thanks guys one of these days i’m going To bloody got one i am promising you That Thanks for watching stay frosty