Viking Sea Chest

By | September 24, 2022

[Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Yeah hello and welcome to Kimber Bushcraft Viking Heritage and my serious Vikings from a to set and today is about The chest the Viking chest the Sea Chest And also a little bit about the caskets Yeah and as you saw I have made a chest For myself A little Viking chest and uh yeah I made A little video about that not the Complete tutorial but some hints on how You can make a taste like this So I hope you enjoy that and I have a Little story I will tell about uh the Chest and where it came from and how it Was used during the times I hope you Find that interesting too And then I have baked a little Flatbreads and make a little lunch out Here together with my coffee and just Enjoying uh staying out here and as you Saw I have my little Lantern in my Chests for now and I have my tools Um there’s a chest very famous just Called Mr mirchist that was found in Sweden I’ll tell you a little bit about That later but I thought it was a good

Idea to have my tools down there like in That chest and you can see this picture I have a lot of tools collected from Things I’ve boards some are Original old school and other things are Something new that is looking like an Old school thing the girls are made Recently so they are not made in the Viking age or like in the Viking needs But it’s a hand tool I can use when I’m Out in the forest and making some stuff Out there and some of the tools you have Seen me use before in the other projects And some of the other tools I will use In upcoming projects so yeah Continuously with me today Bought a little red for him he likes to Play with Yeah A good order His name is red again Yeah But now I think I’ll put some coffee Over and yeah prepare my fire set some Coffee or Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Yeah and while I’m sitting here waiting For my coffee to cook I’ll show you the Video about my Viking chests and the Chest and the casket in general so I

Hope you enjoy this The ancient Egyptians created the first Known chests for more than 5 000 years Ago using wood or woman Rush The oldest meaning of the word chest is From the old English chest box of casket The anatomical meaning comes from the Idea that the ribs form a box or a chest Around the Eternal organs the chest is a Box with a lid and often a lock for Storing shaping things It has access through the top usually Via a hinge lit The difference between a chest and a Casket is that a casket is smaller than A chest and often used for jewelry and Other things that are very variable Keast a word that dates back to the 14th Century Scotland derived from the old Norse keister And in Denmark a chest is also called a Keystone which also means a coffin to Bury people in And then made a bit of a confusion when I said to my wife I would like to make a Viking Keystone the chest was for a long Time or often the only piece of Furniture in many houses used for all Kind of household storage as well as the Primary place for sitting At the beginning it was a hollow trunk Also used by poor people because it was Easy to make But the most common way to construct a

Chest is a six sport chest consisted of A front a pack two ends a lid and a Bottom the early uses of chests include Storage of fine clothes weapons foods And wearable items the owner’s social Status and different styles have Characterized the design and decoration Of the gists if an invading Army was Closing in and a person had to leave a Very short notice all their belongings Would be loaded into the chest and they Would leak quickly in the knowledge that Everything they owned was safely with Them The bridal gist also called a hope chest Piece of furniture traditionally used by Unmarried women To collect items such as clothing and Household linen in anticipation of Getting married Just designed for linen or other soft Objects would have a very smooth and Sanded interior and chest made for heavy Equipment or weapons would have a Coarser interior The Sea Chest is known by the longer Sides that elevates the chest from the Ground so it is protected when the floor Gets wet from seawater and rain The c-bench test was stored in the Cruise quarter and were used as a seat As well as containers for sale as Personal effects items that restores in This chest includes clothing tools

Keepsakes and things for entertainment Such as books and cards Most Siemens tests were decorated only With the coat of pain and the owner’s Name Siemens tests are always equipped with The lock as well as a handle for either Sides known as pickets Famous Viking tests There’s been a lot of findings of Viking Chests all over the northern part of Europe and in particular here in Scandinavia where I live Findings from the old Danish trading Town hear the people now in the northern Part of Germany has inspired many people To make their own Viking gist but the Most important finding is from Sweden And Norway In Sweden the Mr mutist was found in 1936 and it is a viking age tool chest Found in Mister west of hems in the Island of gotland Sweden and is the Largest to refine from the Viking age Just contained Viking blacksmithing and Woodworking tools among them to source The chest and its contents provide a Variable insight into technology during The Viking age The Mastermind test was made of oak with Iron hinges and lock They’re all super burial Mount was Discovered in 1903 near turnsberg 100 kilometers Southwest of Oslo it

Consisted of a Viking ship numerous Wooden and metal artifacts textiles and Even sacrificed animal used that Offering for the two buried women there Among things that were found was three Chests and some pieces of several other Tests They were all made of oak and in three Different sizes and decorated with iron Mountains and nails with tin plated hits These Viking chest is the most copied Viking chest in the world and also the Inspiration for my own Viking Sea Chest And this is the Viking chest I made for Myself Made it of Oak and yeah the measurement Comes in a in a little wild First I’ll start making some templates It’s very important and I make it so it Will be in the full size I cut it out I made it Um Like this And it should be uh Put together In this way Then I cut out the templates because I Didn’t have access to a large piece of Oak so I bought some boards that I could Transfer the templates to You can see here And this way I use the boards 100 and There was no waste of wood in this Process

I mean I have marked all the templates I Just cut it out And um yeah Finally I got all my woods and then I Glued together and then I use these Nails Hand forced nails to put it together And here you can see the measurements How big my Viking chest is is a good Size it’s a medium size And I think it looks very cool It was exactly what I have wanted You can see the back here I got these Hinges that I bought they’re a little Bit small but I think it’s okay and you Can see on the sides I have made these So I can carry the chests And so I can put my fingers in And lift the chests Without any problems I could have used rope but I think this Looked better And here’s some details of my chests And my little Thor’s hammer That I try to carve out it’s very Difficult I’m not very good at this but Yeah It looks okay and here in the bottom you Can see I reinforced it with a little Piece of woods so that it will be more Sturdy And more details of the hinges And the Lids I can open

And of course you could all the way Around So have full access to my little chest And here you can see the insides It’s very rough in size I’ll tell you a little bit about that Later And the nails from the hinges are just Bend it And this is the way it’s closed now Perhaps I buy a lock sometime in the Future a real Viking block If I can find one Yeah But this is not a small project it took Me almost a week for me to make this Viking chest Yeah and this is what I’m going to eat For a little lunch some butter in here Some Jam Strawberry jam and a flatbread I picked Took with me so that is my little lunch For today and of course my coffee Foreign Foreign Foreign Um Yeah this was all for now I hope you Enjoyed this little video and yeah I Hope you find my little video about the Chests and caskets interesting and Thank you for watching Kima Bushcraft Hope to see you again in the next one Bye bye take care

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