Top 5 Reasons We Prepare: Prepper School Vol. 39

By | September 20, 2022

What’s going on guys accessible prepper Live welcome I hope you guys are doing Well we’re on volume 39 of prepper School Coming up on 40. we got to do something Really special on 40 we’re gonna have to Have a blowout We’re gonna have a blowout today we have Blood every day every every Monday or Tuesday Uh great to have you guys with us uh we Really appreciate Robbie Wheaton for Being here uh he has been a gunsmith for Over 20 years uh it’s part of our Prepper group he’s also he makes some Incredible Glock aftermarket parts and Does all the parts for the PSA dagger For their upgrade parts so Palmetto State armor uses Robbie and um also does Custom work this guy’s just into Everything Uh custom work uh and builds 1911’s 2011’s bolt action rifles AR-15 I Mean does the whole gamut but also the Glock aftermarket parts that he does his Flat face triggers the best on the Market yep and they’re going to be Available soon for a upgrade with the Dagger ah oh good good and guys I’ll Just warn you if you’re looking for one There’s two things number one they sell Out quick because they’re just that good But secondly if you put one if you have More than one Glock and you put one in One you’re gonna put one in your other I

Like Doritos you can’t buy just one That’s right that’s right so uh we Really appreciate him we appreciate Sarah Mack for being over monitoring the Questions uh if you have questions you Know you can go ahead at any time Whether it has to do with what we’re Talking about uh is you know prepper Related and so she’s going to be getting Those questions together so when we take A break uh we’re gonna we’re gonna go Into q a and I think that’s a very Important part of what we do because it Gives you guys a lot of information a Lot of feedback too and it gives us Ideas uh but also for sponsors for today Are battle box battle box is a great Subscription service and it is for Prepping I mean it they have some of the Most incredible things and you have Different tiers from around thirty Dollars and you can go on up to their Premium Pro Plus awesome box you know That that runs more but you get a 15 off Using the code down below I believe it’s Just prepper and use that code the link And it’ll take you directly to battlebox So check them out also exotak which they Give a 20 discount using search 20 and They make the best fire starters out on The market yes they do the hottest spark In the market yeah and and they’re the Way they and two they are actually the Owners of Lionheart which makes Firearms

So it’s just a really quality uh Firestarter it’s my favorites there’s a Lot of reasons and you know the big Thing is if you’ve ever used a fire Starter you know one that’s just not Ergonomic it just doesn’t fit your hand You realize how difficult it is to make A spark and you get one of theirs and The handle fits your hand everything is Super ergonomic it’s really easy to use And make a spark they’re just great Great tire stores yeah and they make a Lot of different types yeah we really Appreciate those guys again 20 off and That that’s a great deal in itself we Appreciate those guys for doing that uh Today we’re going to talk about Something a little different uh and you Know sometimes Being a prepper you know there are Moments for me uh where I just go What am I doing I mean why am I really Doing the right thing you know uh people Say hey this this date’s coming up and This is going to happen and that’s gonna End it doesn’t happen watch UK yeah Exactly exactly but you know things Things get ramped up uh and you know Whether it’s the left or the right Doesn’t matter these things get ramped Up and the problem is is it’s a lot of Disinformation to the point you just Don’t even know what to do so we’re Going to talk about some reasons why and

This channel is called sensible prepper Because we try to look at it with a very Sensible approach uh not always you know If you haven’t done this you’re going You’re going to be killed within 30 days And these are the preppers are going to Get whacked out and you know I mean a Lot of that is just to draw attention And it works because a lot of people Watch it but one thing I like to do is Number one is just to take it down a Notch but I don’t think that taking it down a Notch means that you just should relax And not think about it so let’s talk About some things we’re going to go Through five we’re going to go through We’re going to take a lot of questions And answers after we finish Uh but number one to me we’re gonna go From my number one reason and our number One reason and we’re going to go down to The bottom reason yes the top five Reasons why we pray right and it’s They’re each of these and your your top Five may be different than ours but These are the top five reasons why we Prep that are that are most important to Us right right and and why I I want to Encourage you to do so uh number one is Family and it should be family uh and You know who’s in your family I mean our Prepper group is family I mean it’s Become family right the family doesn’t

Necessarily mean blood relatives you Know it’s you have a a very close Network of friends that you consider Like family you know that falls under Your your family umbrella right and you Should who the people you love uh you Know so one of the things that uh for us Is you know I always think about okay I Have three kids have a wife my parents Live next door which they’re elderly so You know if there’s some concern there Uh but we I want to have of the items That we need to survive whatever Situation You know there’s a lot of things that Can happen out there there’s a lot of Things that are just fantasy that aren’t Going to happen uh at least we don’t Think any of the chances of those things Are not is high but you know there are Things that can happen and we have Become so dependent on a system that We’re finding is very fragile and it’s Becoming more and more fragile Unfortunately so just having your your Basics taken care of and I mean we Learned these in school at least we used To learn these high school right uh you Know food food is vital food is Something we have to have water water is Actually even more important uh you can Live three days without water so you Need to figure out some way to have Water and not having a bunch of cases of

Water stuck back in a closet which you Know that works for a short time but Then having a more long-term idea of Water because water is that vital I mean You’ve got to have water we use the Berkey filter systems we’ve used them For years and we use them every day we Just use that’s what we use for our tea Our cooking our coffee whatever we do we Use unless I’m lazy and I go straight to The tap for coffee sometimes but uh you Know I think it’s important to have a Water source we have rain barrel we have A rain barrel catchment system in some Places it’s actually illegal especially In more arid conditions isn’t that crazy It is imagine that you can’t capture the Rain water on your own property yeah Just a 50 gallon barrel I mean my gosh You’re going to jail yeah but uh and That’s part of the system you know we Need to have the ability to take care of Our families now you can’t do it all and In a long-term situation you know but We’re not we’re I’m mainly telling Asking you to do this is to at least get You know three or four weeks of food Boom back you don’t have to go Absolutely nuts but the more that you Have the ability to buy food and one of The things to me and we talked about This last week right water is great and Water is more important but water is Available water’s around you just have

To know to filter it you can boil it you Can boil it hey you know chemically Treat it lots of different ways that you Can purify it to make it drinkable right And and rain water typically is is Fresh to dry I mean it’s it’s potable Water you can drink it now it goes on Your roof and all that so that’s that’s An issue but one thing about food is That if the stores run out and you don’t Have a garden there is no food and some People say well I’ll go out and Hunt Back during the Great Depression Wildlife was almost completely Eradicated because people went out and That’s what they did they hunted and They shot everything now today we have a Bigger population so your food is very Very uh should be at the top of your List honestly because it’s the one thing That you just you know you can’t really Replace uh unless you’re very Self-reliant so that survival for my Family and knowing how to start fires How to keep them warm how to keep your Family warm do you have the backups you Need Winter’s coming I mean this is a Normal thing we deal with what if the Power goes out you know yeah we’re we’re In the middle of our uh first false fall Right now here in the South and uh Getting ready to be summer again for the Next few days then we’ll dip back off Into fall number two but uh you know

It’s winter is around the corner yeah And having the things that you need you Know it’s 90 degrees today it’s gonna be 90 degrees tomorrow Friday here is only Supposed to be in the low 50s all right You know you go from shorts and a T-shirt to now you you’re going to need More clothes to wear you know just from Day to day and with the swings in your Environment you need to always make sure That you have extra clothes in your Vehicle you need to have jackets in your Vehicle you need to have a good pair of Shoes in your vehicle even if you’re not Wearing them even if you’ve just got Flip-flops on you run into the store you Should at least have a pair of tennis Shoes in the back of your car just in Case something happens you don’t want to Have a flat tire your car brake sound EMP God forbid happens and wipes out Everything and you have to walk 15 miles Home you don’t want to be doing that Barefooter in flip-flops well that’s Like a buddy of mine was driving down The freeway and there wasn’t many it was It was not a busy time and this car in Front of him started kind of weaving and Ran off the road into a ravine If he hadn’t seen it nobody would even See the car and he stopped he went down And he helped him uh you could you know Something like that can happen so you Know just having some things to get your

Yourself through you can’t worry about All this stuff you just got to do what You can do but you need to do something So number one is family and I will Relate this story which I’ve done a Number of times my son came to me and he Said we were moving some long-term food That we had stored up and we were Redoing some things and making sure that It was you know safe and um and he was Probably about 12 or 13. and he looked At me and he goes dad why do we have all This food and I told him I said son I Said you know I have guns I have you Know I’ve taken martial arts almost all My life Uh you know I wrestled in school you Know I mean you know I’m I’m pretty Decent to have a backup and a fight I’m Not as big as Robbie but I can hold my Own to a point you know and but I said So for me I could go if we ran out of Food if things just went I said and I Looked at you and you were hungry I said I could go up the street and take Everybody’s food I could take it You know I could just do whatever I said But I’m a Christian I can’t do that I Said that is not right and so for me we Store up food so I’m not even tempted to Do that I said and two it takes care of Our family and we can help others and he Looked at me and he said okay that makes Good sense and so you know we need to be

Thinking about our families and getting Through those situations I think John Lovell put out a video a while back Where seven meals away from Total Collapse if we were seven that’s how Much the people have stored up in their In their pantries seven meals not seven Days so get yourself some food and and Think about the things about survival All right number two And guys this is just something that Happens all the time natural disasters I Mean you know most of us that live in Hurricane Alley or something we may have Some some preps look at Puerto Rico Right now the entire country is without Power there’s massive flooding and uh Yeah they have no idea how many people Have lost their lives right now because They can’t even get in there because of All the flooding to be able to start the Disaster Cleanup right uh they sent a FEMA team down there like a forward FEMA Team today to start uh evaluating the Area and see what they’re going to need As far as Personnel on the ground and Support and stuff to help with the Cleanup but you know that’s a huge huge Natural disaster in in Puerto Rico that You know a week ago they’re like yeah You know hurricanes coming maybe Probably going to miss us whether man’s Always wrong anyway say it’s going to Rain it’s sunny they say it’s going to

Be sunny it rains you know they they Never get it right but one time the one Time that they get it right well it Happened a couple of years ago in Puerto Rico that’s right I have a good friend Of mine he’s from Puerto Rico and he Sent a bunch of generators down there And tried to help out his family and it Was a disaster so you know being in Those areas you know maybe tornadoes it May be earthquakes a lot of people are Dealing with fires out in the west That’s right so uh there there are Natural disasters that just happen and You need to be prepared for them a lot Of us are prepared but sometimes we live On the outside for us we don’t really Live in a hurricane zone right but we Get the effects of the hurricane later In tornadoes and heavy winds and things Like that you know so just being Prepared one thing that we’re doing Right now this week we’re having some Trees cut down uh because they’re just You know they need to be cut down Because a good strong wind can come and So just being prepared again to do Everything so there’s there’s natural Disasters that’s a no-brainer you know You should really be kind of thinking About that anyway but number two is Man-made disasters and you know there Could be uh you know civil unrest things That are going on in the city maybe some

Protests you know avoiding those Situations getting yourself out of that Situation Uh then uh you know and of course we’ve Had to deal with that um and some of the Things that happened during that time uh And then you have your economic problems Uh and being prepared for that Um one thing that you know making sure Your gas tanks are full because gas Prices have been fluctuating all over The place Anywhere from you know I I got gas this Morning the cheapest that I’ve paid for It in a long time it was 292. wow yeah So under three dollars now everywhere Else I was still like three thirty three Forty but yeah I found it this morning For 292 and went ahead and filled up Right well we keep our cars we try to Keep our cars filled we try not to ever Go under half a tank if we can help it But try to do that try to make sure our Cars are maintained you know just the Natural things that we do every day and This is not any it doesn’t have to Really be any kind of uh shtf or going To you know Mad Max and you know we’re Going to we’re not having to do that We’re just dealing with regular things That happen to us on a regular basis So you know number two is just have Being prepared for the things that Happen in life that happen

Puerto Rico has just had it that I’ve Been about it was about three four years Five years ago five years ago had a Massive hurricane hopefully a lot of Those people prepared themselves for the Next one and that’s what you’re doing You’re getting yourself prepared for the Next one uh and because they will come Uh you know you were talking about Earthquakes here in South Carolina how Many earthquakes we have we’ve had over A thousand earthquakes in South Carolina In the last nine months now they’ve all Been small uh nothing over uh 2.5 or 2.6 But we’ve had over a thousand mini Earthquakes in South Carolina this year Alone and there is a we’ve known about The giant fault line that is here in South Carolina so you know it’s Something that we’ve never dealt with And honestly I’m not prepared for a Earthquake I mean I’m like what the heck We had one uh this past Friday uh in Between Clemson and Seneca wow 2.7 was One of the bigger ones that we’ve had This year wow and and two a lot of times That can be assigned for things because That’s right so that’s right looking Ahead using wisdom planning yourself you Don’t have to go absolutely nuts but you Need to do some things to prepare not Just for you I mean like Robbie and I You know oh yeah we can go You know you got family you’ve got

Sometimes you have small kids you’ve got To think about so having some plans put Together maybe there’s an earthquake or A fire or a natural disaster and your Kids are at school and you’ve got to get To them and so uh you know those kind of Things are things that we need to plan Ahead for and and a reason why we Prepare Number three is crime and we’re seeing a Massive increase in crime and you always Do anytime you see a a downturn a big Downturn in the economy crime always Goes up and then you also see all of This it was still defunding the police Police department’s getting smaller they Don’t have the resources they need to be Able to to do their job effectively for The support the support from their Bosses that’s right Personnel reductions In law enforcement you know they’re just Not there to be proactive they’re Reactive primarily now just because of Being so short staffed and we all know That George Soros is funding a lot of These DA’s when we can’t stop that I’m Not really sure but we should be able to It’s it’s just not right causing chaos And where there’s chaos there’s trouble And that’s you need to be prepared for Chaos during the times of order in the Times of justice and those times right Now are are very fragile and you know The one thing is is if you do something

You know they’re building up the IRS you Know to 87 000 new you know IRS agents But then local police departments are Going down it’s one thing that happened In Venezuela they were going around to Restaurants and finding them for little Infractions and yet people in the Streets are being killed and everything Else they weren’t doing their job there So it seems like a very mirrored image So crime is is up and there’s a lot of Reasons why uh but another thing that Happens you know we were in it went to a Wedding this weekend and it was a Beautiful absolutely beautiful place it Was way out in the middle of I mean the Countryside and the venue is incredible Beautiful view my son was in the wedding And it was one of our best friends that Was getting married and uh just a great Thing but you know when I was passing Through a lot of these little small Towns which these little sleepy towns You know you’re thinking you know They’re no crime there’s a lot of Agriculture it’s just good people but Unfortunately drugs have come in until a Lot of these places and have caused a Lot of problems with crime and so Nobody’s safe from crime nobody and so We need to consider that be aware have Your situational awareness intact have Your threat assessment if something does Happen have a plan to be able to defend

Yourself and uh you know there’s just Some things that we need to think about When it comes to crime Okay we’re going to go now to number Three and that is just self-reliance Yeah we’re going to number four we’re Going three or four number four is Self-reliance and you know just Being able to just depend on yourself Excuse me we are depending on a super Fragile system that’s getting more Fragile Uh you know this just in time Manufacturing and storage and shipping Uh any kind of little Bobble can cause a Major problem Oh yes absolutely Absolutely and you know it’s It’s freeing to be self-reliant to know That you have food put back to know that You have everything that you need to be Able to provide for yourself you’re if You’re raising animals you’re growing Your own crops you have some solar stuff Set up for your freezers you know all The little things that you need that That really Insulate you from things that are Happening in the outside world around You right right and you know we’re able To continue uh that’s one thing that I’ve always wanted to be is just Reliant I mean self-reliant because if we’re Dependent Do you want to be dependent

You know do you want to live in your Mom’s basement I mean that’s kind of What we’re doing we’re kind of living in Our government mom’s basement you know And uh you know you’re you’re depending On again a very fragile system and for Me I mean it’s a slow process it’s a lot Of hard work it is I mean gardening and Both of us and Robbie and I both know This year we’ve had issues with Gardening you know there have been Problems and uh but we have to know Those things so we can continue a lot of People they say well I got you know we Talked about this we got our seed bank Put back man when it happens I’m gonna Go out there and start planting seed uh The fact is is seeds only last for so Long and uh whether they’re in a Military ammo can or not and um you know You can freeze them and you can do those Things to prolong it but if you’re not Out gardening you’re going to find Yourself with a lot of issues that you Didn’t expect well and you know one of The big things that I’ve found through Gardening over the last few years is There’s always Things that pop up that you don’t Anticipate be it you know different Insects that can destroy your garden Cornworms we dealt with that first time This year yep soil issues the lack of Fertilize and not being able to get

Fertilized for your soil how are you Going to fertilize your soil if you Can’t go to the store and buy it right Yeah right so there there’s lots of Things that that have been a learning Experience from starting to do a bigger Garden over the last few years that you Know that has really made me aware of of The deficiencies with our garden and how To make it more successful in the in the Future well you know it’s one thing when You prep we prep so much we buy all this Stuff we just went to Home Depot in fact I got a video coming out we went to Home Depot looking for survival items could We survive you know and uh and actually I was surprised at all the things that We did get yeah we spent 650 by the way Uh and we didn’t get everything we could And we had to say okay that’s enough but Uh we’re gonna we’re gonna show you Because it it takes your mind from you Know that you know you find yourself out On the road somewhere you’re not at home You’re not where your preps are and Something catastrophic happens and You’ve got to get supplies this this Allows you to go in and think about Those things that you need and and not The things that you don’t need so uh you Know just but self-reliance you can’t Get it all you can’t buy it all you Can’t store up enough you need really to Be moving toward a more self-reliant

Nature and again you know planting your Own crops having your water sources uh Being able to repair things learn how to Woodwork learn how to if you want to Take a welding class I mean learn those Things metal work and you know and again Robbie and I are big are both big on Buying tools that are manual that’s Right uh you know and so that to me is Something it doesn’t mean we’re all Going crazy it just means we’re getting Back to more of a an independence Lifestyle right and I think that the the Movement and I’m not going to say the Government I’m just going to say the Societal movement is to make us more and More and more dependent uh you know our Financial you guys if we’re going into a Cashless Society your freedom is gone They can mandate what they want to what You can buy what you can’t buy and they Know everything that you are buying and To me that is not right you know these Credit card companies are starting to to Categorize gun purchases or gun parts And ammunition and that’s just a big No-No to me I mean I don’t want Everybody knowing it’s none of their Freaking business for one thing but you Know but then then we have eyes coming And go well then why are you doing that Well it’s none of your business again You know I just like doing it I enjoy That I enjoy being prepared and and

Having myself to be able to defend Myself against Crime and those kind of Things so self-reliance though is a Freedom it’s an independence and it’s Just individual rugged individualism Which to me is something we’re sorely Missing in today’s world and it was Something our country was founded on it Was absolutely and you know with our Disposable society that we live in today It’s really in the last 60 years or so Has steered us out of being self-reliant And more reliant on on the system you Know the your grocery stores where you Can go and pick up your your disposable Food and your your applied your Disposable appliances and your Disposable car and your disposable house And everything that you have is It’s all going to wear out eventually Right right you’re going to throw it Away and go buy something else right and You have to look at things that what if Something happens and I can’t go out and Buy this anymore because it’s not Available we don’t have electricity to Run any of this stuff now and it’s all Just you know put out in the yard and Rusting away because it’s worthless Right well you know it’s funny there are Things though like I don’t want to make My own shoes [Music] I don’t want to do that so I I enjoy

Having the convenience of being able to Go to a store buy my shoes buy my Clothes I don’t want to actually sew a Backpack together no you know I don’t Want to do those things but having the Ability to repair them to fix them and Doing those things puts you way ahead Even in your self-reliance it’s like I Have no desire to wear a pair of Deerskin britches [Laughter] That’s right I’m good okay number five and uh we’re Gonna go through this then we’re gonna Go to questions and answer we just want To go through a question and answer time So that’s one reason why we’re kind of Holding up number five is just animus Signs uh guys if you’re not watching What’s going on I mean we’re having a Total sciental uh civilization collapse In a sense our true values and the way That we’ve done things and that have Made America and actually Europe and the Parts of the world very successful are Being destroyed uh our morals are being Destroyed those things that uh you know Our way of life bringing up our kids in The way we want to bring up that’s right That’s right uh We’ve homeschooled all Three of our kids all the way through Grant just graduated this past year uh And we were very you know what it was a Lot of work yeah yeah it’s it’s a lot

It’s not convenient but it’s more than a Full-time job but yeah and you guys have Done that too but you know the thing is Is Um there’s a lot of signs of things that Are coming who knows what they are it Doesn’t mean that we’re going into you Know again Road Warrior or complete Collapse and going back into the Stone Age but it does mean that Honestly I’m more concerned about the Morals and the actual violent and hatred And anger that we’re seeing because that Can affect you regardless of where we Are we could have full power and have to Deal with a bunch of people that are Just out of their minds uh so you know There’s a lot of animus signs coming up There’s more you know just civil unrest There’s more economic downturns and so We need to be prepared for that and so And so I think one thing that to me Though and I where Robbie and I were Talking about about this before we got Started is regardless of all what I’m Seeing what I know as a Christian is That there’s Revelations and and two all The Christ teachings he said times are Going to get tough times are going to be Really bad and so it may not happen in My lifetime In Our Lifetime it may not Happen in our kids lifetime but it’s Coming it’s coming and it’s just natural To see it because all this stuff has

Been prophesied and it’s just happening Now you may not believe that but you can Still look at the sign times and go okay There’s some stuff that’s just not right Here So that is that is our five top reasons That we prep it’s not because we want The glory and the fantasy have a fantasy Of you know we’re all out there and our Kids we’re ready to fight we’re gonna Got our night vision and we’re gonna you Know uh you know that’s the thing I I like the way that I live yeah I like Being able to walk into my house and Turn the lights on to the refrigerator And get food out get the air on have the Air conditioning especially here in the South for sure and I’ll also like being Self-reliant I also like being observant Of things that are going on around me And self-aware of what’s happening and You know being able to to intermix all Of these five in with my daily life just Makes me a more well-rounded person and More prepared for what could happen Right unfortunately the more we’re Dependent on the system We get trapped in that system and we’re Not living you know we think oh y’all Are crazy for doing that no that’s What’s normally been done since the Beginning of man is to have some Preparation so Um so guys just we just highly recommend

That you you do what you can and get Yourself in good shape because all of These things actually will help you to Survive longer and uh and your family Which is of course the most important Okay we have some questions and so we’re Going to go ahead and go to those and Again while we’re just taking a quick Break in between we want to thank Battlebox for helping us today and also You get a 15 discount for your first Subscription order from battlebox and It’s a great resource a lot of prepping Items a lot of things and then also Exotic we do appreciate EXO attack you Get 20 off using the link Down Below in The description with search 20 and they Are affiliate links we do appreciate Those guys for you know being a part of What we’re doing Uh paintball god-esque question is Sarah Mack single I’d be willing to share my Preps Oh thank you man I love your name every Time you that she says your name your Channel name I get it I get it I get Tickets well you know yes she is simple DM’s inbound she’s single single you Know we’re very particular so just FYI You know and Uncle Robbie here ain’t Gonna put up nothing either so yeah We’re gonna have to uh we’re gonna have To evaluate your Preps You send us some list and a profile

Um How long is it More uh I think it is 15 is it with a Ball with a rolling ball it’s two Minutes after it reaches a rolling boil So it takes a while for it to get up Right and according to the volume of Water you have correct that’s one thing We were talking about the other day you Know if you have a little pan you’re Boiling water to drink well then you got To start another fire to boil more Watermelon but if you have a bigger pot You’ll have more water but you know it Takes longer to boil right and you know It takes a a gallon of water per person Per day you know as an average for you To be able to survive and to be able to You know family of four you know average American family 3.8 Q or 2.8 kids or Whatever it is you have to boil four Gallons of water every day to be able to Survive and if you’ve ever had to boil Water over a fire it is time consuming It takes a while and you know that’s That’s definitely something to be aware Of is you know a gallon of water you Bowl it I mean it is it would be hours Long job just to boil enough water for You and your family all day every day Yeah I mean there would be one fire Going constantly that that fire was Specifically for just boiling water but You got to make sure it is a rolling

Boil for two minutes and again like you Said we got to put you got to keep a lot Of fuel into there Uh Justin B asked is there a cheaper Brand of water filters with the same Quality as Berkey well you know I’ve Been hearing some Rumblings uh I haven’t Done a lot of Investigation somebody had Said something it was funny we found a Zero it was called zero Water system at Home Depot which was Really funny interesting I know because I thought I told Sarah Mack I said we’re Not going to find anything for water Sure enough there was water stuff there And tons of different filtration options Yeah but that was for spigots I thought We’d get that but they actually had a Couple of things that you could use but There are some there was even an osmosis Water yeah reverse osmosis so that was Pretty interesting I haven’t tested it I think that would Be something to check into one thing I Like about Berkey is they give you a lot Of their their specs and their data Sheets and things but uh the one Negative that I’ve seen with berkey’s is Uh filter availability yeah their their Filters sometimes are very difficult to Get they’ve their fluoride filters Because a lot of our uh tap water has Has heavy fluoride in it and they make Filters specifically for filtering out

The fluoride but they’ve been out of Stock for like a year and a half or two Years you haven’t been able to get the Fluoride filters so you know that’s That’s definitely uh a concern if you’re Going to go with a Berkey is being able To get the filters that you need for the Type of water that you have You know some of the more vital items I Would recommend that you probably put Those on the top of your list because Sometimes they become available and They’re they’re spotty so just as a side Note Uh Stephanie do ask if shtf happens and You’re in a prepper group does the group All come together in one household or do They stay in place it’s according to What’s going on uh that’s one thing we Discussed quite a bit uh is because we Do live we still live within 20 minutes Of each other but that’s 20 minutes by Car right and you could possibly get There we’ve got one of my one of my guys In the prepper group lives in Charlotte North Carolina and he said and it’s it’s A place that’s unsustainable if Everything goes crazy he’s got a motor Home he said I’ll be down there and I’m Going to park at you I’m like come on Bring It uh but but it’s according to The situation it is definitely situation Dependent situation specific it may be That you’re better off staying in

Different locations and supporting one Another or it may be that you know Because of a whatever type of collapse That you’re better as a group together So it’s really just situation dependent Well it’s like in our situation here uh We have three male adults that live in The house just right my son and two of Our friends that I’ve known we’ve known Those since they were babies so they’re They’re part of our group and they live Just on the other side of my parents my Parents are not going to really be a Viable help to a point I guess some and Then we have four people here so we have A pretty decent group right here plus Neighbors that we know uh so people that May be in a family by themselves at a Home may say you know what we need some Support we’re going to move here or We’re going to bring somebody in so one Thing about the coming the Modern Survival Guide for the coming economic Collapse which was about Argentina I Have to mention that book every time Because it’s just such a great book one Of the things that they they were able To survive because they formed groups Right when they were not in groups it’s When they were super vulnerable so that Was one way they got through a lot of The situations that they’re dealing with And that was by profile so all you have To do is put for foul fpr FAL in Google

And his book that book will come up and I highly recommend you having it on hand Uh Mika Runkle asked question with all The preparations you and the time it Takes to do so how do you find the time To do everything else in life that Already takes up so much time well you Know I do a little bit here and there I Just can I’ve got a we’ve got my wife And I both we’ve just got a plan to Where you know she’s at the grocery she Picks up a little extra you know we’re Maybe we oh we’re alone toilet paper so We do that uh I do different things Around here listen yeah I’m gonna tell You somebody that’s busy with two YouTube channels especially my gun Channel which is my main Channel it I am Very busy uh I mean I work 80 hours a Week minimum and so uh if I can find the Time to do it you can find the time to Do it it’s just that you’ve got to Decide you know I have my Responsibilities at work but maybe you Should think about time management with Other things that you really want to do Listen I’d much rather go out and play Golf than you know to to build a rain Catchment well I don’t know I like rain Catchments Building catchment Systems But you know that’s the one thing is You’ve got to manage your time listen we All have the same amount of time we all Have 24 hours in a day and so allotting

Some time for prepping is just like Going and playing golf or or going to Dinner and spending money at dinner Which has gotten super expensive but um You know it’s just finding the time to Maybe sacrifice in some areas to give Yourself and your family a chance if There is a problem Uh citizen Smith asked is there an Affordable satellite phone you would Recommend for long range 200 miles Communication in the early stages of Shtf Well I will say that satellite phones Have intrigued me uh greatly I do have Some friends that have them I have not Had a lot of experience with them so I Can’t give you a recommendation but it’s Something that I’ve really wanted to Check into because I think it is a very Um a great way a more depend you know Way to be able to communicate ham radio Is great but uh and your shortwave you Know those things are not they’re They’re just line of line of sight yep And I’m the exact same way yeah it’s Something that’s on my list to add but I Don’t I haven’t dug into it enough to be Able to give you a good recommendation Yet I’ve done some research and tried to Find some things but it’s yeah we just Well that’s something we need to look Into this yep Uh Iberian link survival says Hey guys

Greetings from Portugal oh question it Said in the prepper community that if You prepare for a zombie apocalypse You’ll be prepared for all scenarios do You agree with this I do agree with that Um you know the one thing about it is uh Is that even if you’re prepared for Hurricanes and you’ve really stocked up You’re you’re a head you’re ahead to be To prepare so it can go the other way Around but one thing about the zombie Apocalypse mentality which I’ve been There before is that you’re heavy on Self-defense And you’re weak on food and medical and Those kind of basic survival things So I think that as long as you’re Balanced I mean I’m I’m All About You Know self-defense but we’re all about it We’re a little bit overbalanced uh but On the other hand we are very uh don’t Let those things that aren’t sexy you Know like you know your trauma kits and And your Imodium and your Advil and your Things that you know that you need uh You let those go your water a lot of People you know they’re oh they’re all About their new gear and their camping They’re ready to bug out but they’re not They don’t have water put back or they Don’t have a way to harvest water so you Know I look at the zombie apocalypse a Little bit differently than most people Yeah most people are like oh zombie

Apocalypse you know probably never Happen and I tend to disagree with that I think worldwide we’re experiencing a Zombie apocalypse right now with people That are addicted to drugs you know if You see people that are addicted to Methamphetamines that people that are Addicted to heroin they’re they fit The the zombie model okay you know They’re Blank Stare don’t know where they’re at Just walking around Tripping over you know rocks and things That aren’t even there I would say that We are in the beginning stages of a Zombie apocalypse right now with drug Use and drug abuse and if something is Not done about it it’s going to continue To get infinitely worse well and two Just some of the ideology that’s coming From the far left uh that they’re They’re completely angry they’re enraged They don’t want to listen to anything Else I think that that is another form Of zombieism right and so you know and Even on the right if you’re not careful If you get too far over here you’re the Same thing and you’ve got to keep a Balance so Um yeah Uh Mr hooligan asks what is more Important prepping for common Emergencies car crash job loss national Natural disasters Etc or extreme

Emergencies like Invasion pandemics or Nuclear well I think there’s a balance Uh and I think the more you’re prepared For either one the better you’re Prepared for both I would have answered That with yes Yes If if you prepare for the natural Disasters which we should all prepare For it’s going to put you in a lot Better position if there’s some other Type of man-made type disaster you know What the things that you do are are Giving you they’re giving you time Before you hit the 18th or 17th you know The 19th 18th century Stone Age the Stone Age the more you prepare and kind Of get yourself in a good shape sooner Or later everything’s going to run out That’s right so you know in a in a Massive situation uh but honestly it’s Just you’re buying time is what you’re Doing to get yourself prepared for other Things that’s right and and still have Some sort of comfort of Life yeah yeah That’s that’s a big thing you know You’re not you’re not going back to Living in a you know underground cave or In a stick shelter that you’ve that you Know is built out in the middle of the Woods you know the the ideal goal here Is to be able to stay in your home have Things to provide for yourself provide For your family and still leave live a

Relatively normal life until things get Back to normal now the difference really Between preparing for natural things Like hurricanes or car crashes and Things like that is that you’re you’re We’re going a little heavy on food we’re Going heavy on water we’re going heavier On on maybe some ammunition and some Firearms kind of things like that so Um there is but if you’re prepared for This you’re typically prepared for the Other so it but it’s a balance Um major High outdoor hiker Outdoors ask What happens when your preps are Exhausted and sources to replenish them Are no longer available well that’s when It’s that’s when it’s just a disaster Altogether uh but that’s one reason why Self-reliance being a little more Self-reliant you have your Gardens And some of you guys live in cities some Of you live in an apartment you can’t Have a garden sometimes they’re Community Gardens that you can get Involved with uh you know canning going To the local Um Farmers market and buying food and Canning it or you know there there are Things that you can do but honestly you Need to think about those things what Are you going to do when things run out Uh and like I said the beginning of this Segment is to me even though you can

Live less time with no water I mean You’re gonna three days without water We can find water we can boil it we can Do those things too and food is going to Be like number one food’s gonna be Number one uh three weeks without food But you’re gonna be in a really bad Shape it’s and you can live longer than That but that’s when you’re physically Able to move around right so three weeks Without food but you’ve got to have food It’s something that if it goes It goes And uh and it’s going to be a very hard Thing because everybody’s going to want It everybody’s going to want it Um this is kind of more of a statement But David Frost wanted to say I had my Dental visit last week 550 for a filling I cannot reiterate self-preservation as A prep Uh meanwhile coven splint wrap at Coastal for horses 199 a pack a must for Ifec oh that’s great that’s good and and Dental is important if you’re having Dental issues you really should try to Get those fixed because Dental can Really cause you a lot of problems you Can poison your system that’s right give You heart problems believe it or not Uh SB drivers training Network asked Question about the Lifeboat food in a Get home bag can you open the brick and Divide it into individual Individual packets vacuum sealed and it

Lasts as long to save space and back uh I I don’t know that it’ll last as long Uh you know five years I think is the Shelf life on the Lifeboat food because Once you break the seal you know you Lose the vacuum you can reseal it it’ll Help though it’ll definitely help yeah Yeah and you would still get you know a Good a good service life out of it by Putting it in smaller smaller bricks and Re-vacuum sealing those as long as you Keep the oxygen away from it and keep it Dry it should still last pretty close to The five year mark it may and probably Beyond that yeah I mean it just will Lose a lot of its freshness and things Like that but it’ll still have Nutritional value it’ll still get you Through like you can still Rice Krispies Yeah but I’ll tell you it’s good that Stuff’s good if you had never tried it Hahaha uh Ralph Rojas asked question if You guys have a choice on what to hoard Nine millimeter 556 12 gauge or 22 long Rifle which one would it be and why well I would say that all four of those are Really important and they’re Um that they have different purposes But it’s according to what your firearm Is your self-defense firearm I would be More inclined to go heavy on my rifle Calibers because your handgun calibers Are limited and you know how much you’re Going to really need to shoot with a

Self-defense weapon compared to a rifle Or a shotgun and I look at it a little Bit differently you know I and I agree With you 100 you know the the rifle Ammunition the shotgun ammunition the The Handgun Ammunition all of that is Very important but for me looking at it From a long-term prepper standpoint the 22 long rifle 22 ammunition is the most Important to me and because I can I can Use it to hunt I can use it for Self-defense I can carry and store a lot More of it in a very small space without Adding a whole bunch of weight compared To nine millimeter or five five six or Or 12 gauge shotgun so for me the 22 Ammunition in a in a shtf world’s gone Bad situation the 22 long rifle would be The most important for me yeah and also Control too and also if you know if You’re yeah all that I use is subsonic Ammunition in mine and with a with a Suppressor on it it is extremely quiet So it’s got a lot of benefits but the One thing I highly recommend though is To definitely have a rifle in one of the Big a regular Centerfire rifle is Because if you get pinned down let’s say You’re at home you got a shotgun it’s Not like our prepper group when we first Started years ago every Everybody pretty Much had a rifle and I mean a pistol and Some most had shotguns uh and a lot of Us did have ARS or different rifle akas

Different things or even hunting rifles But I said you need to have that long Range capability because if I’m at my Home and somebody comes with a 308 They’ve got the ballistic Advantage from Distance they’ve got standoff capability That you don’t have with a 22 or even a 556. even if it’s a bold action just a Single or what a single shot you’ve at Least got something to kind of to stand Down with so uh but all to me that he’s Right 22 is typically the survival Caliber you see all your survival guns With 22. but uh for self-defense uh if You’re facing you know multiple Attackers things like that your rifle Ammunition to me is what I like to I don’t want I would take more 22 than I Would rifle ammunition actually but it’s Cheaper it’s easier to store like you Mentioned but having enough is to me Um in a real bad situation but that That’s it’s going to be pretty extreme Uh Robert Doyle asked do you have to Boil the water No No uh in fact uh you can put one of the Ways to test it is when we clean the Filters and we pour red dye into the the Filter the the reservoir and it comes Out clear and it’ll take all these Different things out of it so once you Go through your Berkey you don’t have to Boil it

Sorry Um one thing’s too about boiling water And putting water purification you want To pre-filter and you wouldn’t want to Pre-filter it in your Berkey if you’re Using raw water if you’re getting you’re Out of a creek or out of a pond or Something but Um one of the big things is is uh you Know the water filter it’ll filter Through but if you’re just using tabs You know water purification tabs or just Your boiling water it’s going to have a Taste to it and it’s going to typically Have debris in it so you want to make Sure you fill you pre-filter most of That stuff even with a cloth Uh Tim under Bay asked I have a question Aside from wood burning what are some Good heating Alternatives house is not Set up for wood burning and can’t afford The Home Improvements right I understand We were going to have a a new chimney Put in our house it was going to be Thirty thousand dollars Um so you know one thing Um Propane is great propane it lasts a long Time you can store it up it’s fairly Reasonable you can get a propane Generator you can get propane heaters uh You know you can you can do that but Sooner or later you can get a big tank Put in behind your house

Uh and you can get the ventless heaters They’re fairly recent that’s where I was Going to go with that next is you’ve got Ventless heaters and vented heaters uh Both of which you can use inside your Home even with the vented ones as long As you you have it vented outside to Where you’re you’re venting off the uh The carbon monoxide gas that it produces But you can you can heat your house with Propane you know lots lots of people use Propane and natural gas to heat their Homes kerosene heaters but all of these Things are dependent on the fuel and That will run out at a time for us we Have propane we store up propane we get The big tanks and we put them we put Them aside we can use them for our Grills we can do all that stuff but Having wood heat to me is the most Sustainable over a long period of time And it’s something that man’s been using From the beginning of time so there’s Not really a substitute for wood but Propane Amigos next gasoline is volatile It’s dangerous and storing it takes a Lot of work uh one thing though that I’m Doing hopefully we’re working on this Project where we’re we’re building a Cabin uh we’re going to have a cabin Down here and I’m going to make it Completely off grid it’s not going to be A big cab it’s going to be a nice cabin And we’re going to get a wood heating

Stove put in it uh you know solar panels I’m going to do a rain catchment system We’re just going to do a whole system And we’re going to put bunks in it and Honestly worse comes to worse and we Have part of our prepper group needs to Come down here they can live in it so You know um it’s just getting to that Point where you can be self-sustaining And that’s again self-reliant Accommodate Well there’s some pretty reasonable Systems out there not necessarily the Big ones that you put in your your house You know but sometimes you can even get Battery backups and have solar charging To it uh even some of the smaller ones There’s a ton of different options so Solar you can look around and you may be Able to find some things reasonably yeah And there’s there like you were saying There’s quite a bit out there that you Can use that that uses batteries to Store the power Um that would and get a system look at Something yeah solar is expensive but The thing is just like with all of your Preps you don’t have to go out and buy It all at once you can get a piece here And a piece here and a piece here until You get your solar system put together Like you want it you know it’s it is Expensive and buying it a little bit at A time will help to spread that cost out

And make it make it much easier to Purchase yeah that’s true we have a Humless solar generator and uh and the One thing about solar though is that It’s dependent on sunny days so solar Does have its but it’s one thing that’s Replenishable I mean you can get the sun Is there and so um you know but really As far as an alternative then you you Know uh as far as for power you’re Really limited unless you have some kind Of natural gas generator or something Like that yeah or the ability to be able To to build you know you’re near water Where you can build a you know Hydroelectric or water wheel or you know You’re in the Midwest and you can put up A small wind turbine uh to help generate Power but you know solar even even both Of those are expensive yeah I was going To say sellers cheaper than maybe solar But do some research on solar there are Some different options out there that Are cheaper uh that you know that it’s Not necessarily a home system but Something that could at least run the Necessities A Coy Hunter asks could you do a spouse Of prepper’s episode where both of you Of your wives talk about their Experiences and reactions to prepping Sure yeah we’ve um the hardest part for That would be nailing our wives down to Be able to get them on the show at the

Same time they’re they’re they’re Probably the only people that I know That are as busy or busier than both of Us oh my gosh my wife she’s a she was a Labor and delivery nurse for 20 years And she’s got a lot of knowledge and From that she started doing a lot of Homeopathic and natural medicines and Things and we do colloidal silver we do A lot of stuff uh take certain Um you know vitamins and things and you Got to be careful with those guys Because some of those things can have Adverse reactions if you’re doing too Much but Um that’s one thing she is really big And we have a mini Kroger upstairs or Costco and she keeps that supplied and You know she does a lot of work like That so um getting her on here would Probably be good to do and and get Beth On here as well uh and but yeah they do Have a unique perspective the one thing That’s different about my wife and me And I’m sure it’s the same is sooner or Later Shannon just goes I can’t I can’t Hear that anymore right now I can’t I Can’t think that I’m gonna do what I’m Gonna do but I just can’t hear any more Of that and I think one thing with guys Sometimes is we take it as a challenge It’s like uber they’re doing this we’re Like okay we’re gonna take action you Know women are different not all women

But a lot of women are different they Just go okay you know I’m getting Overwhelmed here oh they’re they’re all Different yeah thank goodness thank Goodness we like that so I just got in I’m pretty stocked on food and water Ring collection Berkey and Bottles would You think it’s better to start thinking About fortification of the house or keep Focusing on food and water well you know One thing about food is you can just you Can buy food you can buy it you put it Back you know what however you do it Fortification of your house it’s Something that takes time to set up your Plan so uh it’s one thing that we’ve Done we’ve been working on it we’ve got Some plans to continue but um you know You’ve got to go because A House Is Not Bulletproof you know you can bullets Will just hum right through them and so Making some different preps different Areas safe rooms outside places that you Can possibly defend from layered Security around your home cameras lights And of course that’s in a if you have Electricity but yes I think that it’s One of those things that’s a big project For the for the defense of your home Whereas food is doesn’t take as much Energy to put out it’s and it’s not Really more expensive because you know If you come in with a concrete wall that You want to put around a certain area of

Your house you know it can be expensive But uh that’s what we’re working on R1 mechanic asks Aviation if you’ll be better to store Aviation fuel is pretty volatile high Octane yeah one of the big things with Storing any kind of fuel Especially the fuels that we get now the Good thing about aviation fuel is it’s Non-ethanol based so the non-ethanol Type fuel is gonna It’s Gonna Last a lot Longer than your ethanol based fuels That you have at most of your most of Your gas stations Um even even with a Even with a Aviation style fuel you’re Still going to want to get some kind of Stabilizer for the fuel to make it last Longer keep it in a cool dry place Um climate controlled preferably away From your house right so you’re not Getting you know swelling and Contraction with your cans run running The risk of popping a can but yeah the Aviation fuel will be better than Anything that you can get at your local Gas station well you can you can get Non-ethanol gas at a lot of stations Which I recommend we run in our lawn Mowers and our different things we use But um yeah that does cause some Condensation some problems uh but yeah You’ve got to really if you’re going to Do anything with gas or fuel any kind of

Volatile fuel like that you’ve really Got to have a good system of how you Store it because it can go up and you Know I think for for long term if I was Looking at storing gasoline for a long Term I would seriously consider an Underground tank just because of the Underground tank it’s going to be Climate controlled it’s going to keep The temperature very stable summertime And winter time and you’re going to have Access to be able to get to that fuel I Think it would last a lot longer if you Were able to store underground versus in You know five gallon cans or even 55 Gallon drums Okay well I think we are we have run out Of time I hope that you guys have gotten A lot out of this I just really wanted To set the original part just to give You guys more of an attitude more of Something to kind of to lock onto the One big thing about the five reasons we Prep the number one reason overall is That it brings peace of mind and it Allows you to make wise and Decisions not based on being in a panic Situation because that’s where you can Make a lot of big mistakes so um you Know getting yourself in a good shape if Things happen you can go okay you know What things are happening this is crazy But you have that underlying okay we’re Good not oh crap we gotta run out here

So you know get yourself at least in a Good situation at least have Uh and I’m saying a month because some People are like that’s just too Overwhelming to have more than that have At least a month’s worth of food and Canned food is great but thanks for all The questions a lot of good questions And questions yeah great questions and We really appreciate that and then of Course uh this video is funny there’ll Be a number of people that’ll watch it Now there it will double triple Quadruple over the next few days so People are going to be watching this That aren’t watching it live and so There’s always a lot of good comments Down there and this will be part of our Prepper school playlist again this is Volume 39. uh we really appreciate Um X attack for giving us a 20 discount Using such 20 with the link Down Below In the description some of the best fire Starters made right here in the USA uh And then also battle box and Subscription service that just delivers To your door a lot of items that Honestly I find very useful for Different prepping applications and for Self-defense so it really gives you that Warrior mindset type box and yet it’s Not just about Firearms it’s about all These different things that you’re going To use in prepping and we definitely

Appreciate Robbie Wheaton for being here Which we didn’t mention his YouTube Channel Robbie Wheaton you can check That out you can put it in uh or Wheaton Arms and it does a very unique Perspective on gun reviews being a Gunsmith for over 20 years and check out great aftermarket Glock Parts and he does custom work so if you Need some armor Cuts slide Cuts with Porch in your Barrel whatever this is The guy to check out and also we really Appreciate Sarah Mack for going through The questions and keeping us on track She always helps out Be strong be of good courage God Bless America long live the republic