Wolf Ripped my Tent open at Night while I was Camping on the Shore of Lake Superior…

By | September 18, 2022

Well for another adventury bud Yeah On the road again So Mr Wolf and I headed up to Lake Superior tonight it’s about seven O’clock right now we’re gonna go camp Just wherever we can find tomorrow we’re Gonna hike uh a trail He’s got his own backpack now I just Bought it for him loaded up with just Super lightweight food for one day so It’ll be nice and easy on them just to Test it out Hey folks how you doing Joe here we’re About to jump right into the big video But first a shout out to the sponsors For this video raycon raycon The Great Pair of earbuds I’ve used before you Guys have seen them on the channel Before I love them for a few reasons They’ve got optimized gel tips for the Perfect in-ear fit they’re very Comfortable and they won’t budge believe Me with eight hours of play time and a 32 hour battery life it really helps you Know while I’m camping when I’m around The house doing yard work I like to use My raycon earbuds they drown out the Sound of my chainsaw or while I’m Splitting wood chopping it up bucking it Up the whole nine yards out there all The time instead of having music blaring I like to have my Recon earbuds in Raycon earbuds have touch features you

Can work right from the earbuds Themselves so volume up and down Controls you can play pause next song But other things like answering and Ending phone calls or even rejecting Phone calls which is pretty slick I Listen to all sorts of music from like Bluegrass to rock to hip hop and when I’m listening to Hip Hop the bass boost On the earbuds works amazingly so once Again you’re gonna go to buy raycon.com Tripper or click the link in the Description below to get 15 off you’re Going to be helping my channel out You’re gonna be getting a good product Everybody wins onto the video guys Containing my usual usual Ireland Foster Wasn’t Like come on buddy Good boy Foreign TransCanada Highway We’ll just leave the old truck right Here And walk down Good boy Keep going [Applause] What was that I heard some noises over Here hey bud what did we hear it [Applause] Good boy Oh yeah there you go there you go a Little steep side

This is a crownland spot Oh man it’s so slippery There’s Lake Superior right there Big Lake there we go Boy Clear water Without clear water bowl Pretty cool With the cleanest water you could drink Buddy Across this river flowing into The interior here I just got my dishes on you know You can get across hey bud [Applause] You know what I was gonna go over there There’s a cool spot over there but Camping on the beach next to this Next to this River sounds kind of fun Too it’s a pretty flat spot here Actually We’re gonna sit on this Log had a little fire maybe I’ll do that Oh there’s a little fire pit right here Somewhat Gotta get a step two shout out to Steve Has been going through some stuff and Unfortunately his wife passed uh Kim and Steve there He does all the stealth camping so Shout outs to him for this step two and Uh condolences big time we spoke a Little bit but Cheers

Thank you Well we’ve got the tent set up I Actually found a Pretty decent uh fire pit so let’s go Have a fire come on buddy buddy buddy oh There he comes good boy It’s just right down here I already Gathered some twigs That tent needed some rocks big old big Big rocks holding it down mistakes but Luckily This place is just chock full of them And the lake is super super calm Which is not all that common So we’ll have the fire in this fire pit And then go sleep over there next to the Stream there’s a fire panel so no need To make another one just use this one Got a seat there Drink there always right in the world Puppy dog You know I went and collected as much Forest Park As I could find wasn’t much And some driftwood Should be enough to go Running late it’s after 10 now so stay Up for another hour or so Get another beer And chill with the doggy he’s very Interested in exploring I don’t know Where he is right now but he’s a good Boy didn’t go too far There he is

And hear him rustling around the sand There You can hear the truck on Highway 17. It’s not that big a deal for me though I’m used to Coming from Windsor camping in that bush That I came from here in freaking 401 and Ratchet Road All sorts of semis and transports semis And transports both Lungs bro lungs We can call you oh it’s a feather yeah You can have a feather it’s all right It’s all right Yeah boy yeah boy [Applause] There’s my beer I have no light to light It with there’s my beer in the Stream Foreign ’s going strong Come back up to it here in no time There we go Back to the fire Got my Brew It’s about 11 o’clock All’s well Yeah put some more firewood I think He’s a good boy huh Just after midnight It’s time to go to bed well I’m in the Tent now All is well yeah this guy’s sleeping Beside me

I’m gonna hit the hay We’ll see you guys in the morning [Music] [Applause] And it’s midnight This is the view from my tent Not too shabby Okay reflection off the water and Everything [Applause] Well it’s four in the morning I woke up To go pee Once again I look around like where the Heck is Wolfie And I looked up and he’s outside of the Tent I’m like how the heck did that Happen what’s going on how did my dog Get outside of this hat [Applause] Then I noticed I don’t know what the Heck happened did he rip a hole through This look at this Look my freaking expensive ass Lightweight tent Is shredded the screen is shredded Why did he do this I slept in a uh that Pyramid tent with him that had no floor And he could have crawled out if he Wanted to and he never did I have no Idea why there’s he ripped a big hole in Here next to me and how I didn’t notice This is ridiculous I’m not happy with That at all it’s like a 500 tent I

Bought it this year I’m not too happy With that one Don’t worry about it just I don’t care In the world eh oh my goodness dude Oh big guy he ripped my tent Let me just woke up Yeah Too Foreign [Applause] At it I don’t know how I missed it man Stand on top of me doing it Oh man So many holes It’s ruined It’s rained bud [Applause] Yeah just go lay out there perfect So when I woke up was peeing he was just Laying right there Right there That’s a bonus to know that he wouldn’t Go wander off at least I assume he had to get out to go to the Bathroom [Applause] I’ve certainly had worse campsites you Know [Applause] It’s not too shabby here especially for A quick you know pull over Camp along the way take the thing Hold on Buddy Your band

S from the tent Put some food for you here somewhere Though [Applause] Forgot my Spoon when I Started driving yesterday but I remember I was able to get one At Pino’s grocery store in the Sioux Hey buddy You already had your breakfast it’s easy For you More Cheerios Which is not for you No it’s not for you Stop A big day of hiking today I’m gonna fuel up and drive there No you need to stop This is not for you Well this is not for you you you’re No everything has so much sand on it And now my water filter Has Fallen in this It’s a nice campsite it really is and uh I don’t camp on the sand too often but Every once in a while It’s a great night I really just wish he Didn’t rip my tent because it’s Irreparable now I’ll email zpac see what they say but It’s a good tent it’s a very good tent I Like it it’s lightweight

All right I got Cheerios and chocolate Milk [Music] I usually give them a couple Cheerios at Home when I’m eating breakfast but I’m Not going to do it because I got Chocolate in them Well I’m gonna eat this up break down Camp head back to the truck And go drive to the pudding [Applause] [Music] [Applause] At 8 45 after being in the tent nearly The entire day the image kept appearing And disappearing Foreign [Music] Like this Around Dad’ll get it don’t you worry Big Boy Hold on hold on Then we’ll we’ll even you out even Better and we got some food on the other Side Killing me man Kill me Smiles no oh come on come here Wolfie come Boy Come here Come here Come Here you gotta fix your pack your Backpack it’s not even

It’s not even come there [Applause] We go put that leash in there See if that even set up a little bit for You what do you think oh he’s taking a Big boy he’s such a big boy here That’s it Come here Wolf come On good dog come sit You can sit with that on sit Come Sit good Zippers up so you don’t get water in There This is a uh It’s called Bay dog the brand is called Bay dog and it’s got waterproof zips on It and stuff so [Applause] Hopefully it works out pretty good for Us I’m going to start our trip now got my My pack loaded up got some lunch in There and stuff for him and he’ll be out All day doing this so All right Off we go It’s a little noisier A little lopsided too I’m gonna have to Fix that Just trying to film us walking there You just kind of Just kind of stopped you just kind of

Stopped walking Hold on come here All right Can I try to go This guy This little guy We’re in a big Maple and Yellow Birch Forest I don’t see one Conifer oh no There’s some small Conifer trees on the Underbrush but this is a mature Maple Yellow Birch Forest Very common Along Lake Superior maple Fern False Solomon Seal Maple hey good boy I put on Instagram A picture of him I just put the caption Wolfgang V-o-l-f-g-a-n-k I know that’s not how You spell Wolfgang and his name is not Wolfgang but people corrected me don’t You worry Hille Birch but it’s fun to save Wolfgang He’s German he’s Foreign Unfortunately Someone goes by way too quick it’ll be Snow on the ground before you know it It’s a big old Cedar growing on top of Another root or a rock in there Pretty cool This isn’t even a birch tree is it

Ah it’s not even a bird some people Appealing the bark off thinking it’s a Birch I think there’s a cherry tree Yeah it is Nope You scared me I thought he was gonna chase that bird Down there Wouldn’t have been good Nope that would not have been good What a nice spot Beauty Lake About as calm as it gets out there So that’s an inland Lake that might even Be orphan Lake and Beyond his Lake Superior Lake Superior Inland Back no no no [ __ ] guy Scares the [ __ ] on me Okay This one come on you got it come on There you go Big jumper Come Wolfie come Please stay away from the edge That’s a very pretty Lake Surrounded by Hills Good boy What a good dog man That’s a good boy that’s a good boy Big erratic Boulder look at these roots Good boy oh look they got some fancy Bridges for us

Oh this is that Lake we were up above Oh Yeah we were right up there [Applause] Well that’s slippery Foreign On your backpack bro What this way What Oh yeah we got to go up up up up up yep Yep Come on [Applause] No rush no rush Oh yeah Let’s go look over here in the Sun Big boy [Applause] [Music] Big Shadows Slenderman shadow Pretty cool look out here This is a good trail It goes over here too I think Slow it down bud That’s right Wow What a view guys Largest lake in the world right here Boom Freaking Ocean Bad If we can Inland see this is a decent Trail man Just right off 17. in Lake Superior Park

I haven’t done it before done other ones Not this one orphan Lake Trail that’s What we’re on And just view after View Vistas for days Oh Go This way this way come on Good boy Foreign Hear that loon Descending the steps of Mordor here That was a better way you’re right Foreign Lake Superior now Coastal Both ways my ways that way Foreign Stop You can get you a snack here A second She’s warm She’s toasty bud you can’t see a swim Fancy a dip or what So this is obviously the same Lake you Camped on last night But about an hour and a half down the Road Oh man it’s clear Test it with that waterproof bag buddy In some lights he looks like a corgi Which is a long Corgi You peeing in the water are you peeing

In the water you feel like a girl Crappy glasses are fogging up Huh I wanted to check out that campsite but My water is mighty deep A little way to Get into it unless I cross over here maybe oh it looks Pretty deep everywhere They’re not opposed to it all right so I’ve taken everything out of my pockets And put uh into my backpack I’m gonna Hold my backpack above my head I’m gonna Walk across It’s hot enough but I’m not worried About it and hopefully he follows me and Learns a thing or two Foreign [Applause] I’m up into the crotch that’s when it Starts to get real cold you know when You hit the crotchal areas Come on Wolfie oh let’s get deeper I Thought I was gonna get shot Come on good boy come You can do it Come on Come on buddy Now I gotta do that to get back out but Oh that was invigorating Come on What are you gonna do now Come on A pretty decent little backpacking

Campsite a couple flat spots Good access to the water nice fire ring Pretty cool I thought he might come over Here but he’s just in order crying so uh And the sun has gone out so I’m pretty Cold now I gotta walk back through that Water and get back to him fun fun I’m Gonna come in Big Boy daddy’s coming Oh it’s so cool oh this is deeper took The wrong spot Oh man oh buddy oh buddy fully submerged Crotchal areas all right well why didn’t You just come why didn’t you just come To me then You can fly I’ll get it I’ll get it I’ll get it It’s freaking weirdo hi Did you miss me did you miss me my buddy Oh you fixed it yourself come here come Here my buddy your black Pack’s Waterproof are you worried about getting Your food wet or what okay you can swim You’re a doggo All red all the time red red yeah your Treats are in there Well On the trail again I guess everybody That’s where I crossed over there to a Campsite another Trails come up Following this River I believe this is The bald head River Could be wrong on that one but Pretty Good

Trail just skirts the side of it here I think this is where Uh there’s a waterfall over here If I’m right it’s the spot where Doug And I crossed on the coastal Trail and We I remember talking to him about how Cool of a spot it looked to come Yep I was right This is the trail Where the waterfall is Careful these stairs Oh not much of a waterfall in the summer But you can see how it would be So pretty Here’s another spot Different set around the corner Well we’re gonna break for lunch here For sure Maybe we’ll go see how high up on here We can get I’ve lost the trail Completely Thank you [Music] This isn’t a Scenic spot To have lunch I’ve not seen one yet Look at this Well that hit the spot uh this guy’s got His uh salmon no hide Rawhide esque Thing it’s not Rawhide I know not to Give dogs Rawhide obviously but it’s It’s it’s a alternative it’s a Sam wild Caught salmon and roll uh flavored Rawhide thing so he loves this

By the brand no hide they’re expensive It was like 15 bucks for that thing but It lasts a long time and he really likes It and it keeps up his energy or it Takes his energy and his time and his uh Whatever you know what I mean he likes It but anyways I digress we’re done we’re gonna get Hiking again Uh Yeah He’s shedding He’s shedding Like a sheep or a Shepherd Husky mix Somebody said to me the other day is it You know what is he just a Husky and I Was and I go no and I go ready to go no Shepherd husky she goes and she goes What what is he a husky Shepherd How did you know There’s a whole clean Lake River Waterfall system right there but yeah You can drink that puddle water I guess Revolution race pants bro for the win Getting chilly Zip up them Zipped I just threw those pouches in my Backpack for now We carried a He did a good job he carried enough Already plus his food’s gone Nothing really in those coaches anymore So

Have him give him a break You did good We got a bigger trip coming up Like a seven day trip or whatever so It’s good to know that he’ll be able to Carry at least half of that I can carry Half of this food for that trip I guess It’ll help space and wait [Applause] Foreign Gully in here Good boy Oh look at that we’re back to the Fancy boardwalks oh this one goes Holy smokes [Laughter] Good boy Freaking billy goat buddy billy goat Wolf Oh Wolfy goat Rock troll Garden Foreign [Applause] I think it’s this way though Although granted that looks like an old Trail I believe it’s this way I’m gonna try this one Boy bro Boy Toe welcome bro what a food man’s is Hungry What a fool

Man’s is hungry Man’s is hungry Well go on brov where are the food mans Is hungry all right Looks like we’re back to Orphan Lake now Almost completed our Loop pretty good Timing too I think We stopped and ate lunch All the side Trails yeah this is Orphan Lake The sun’s back out Certainly not cold anymore Oh quite a few more cars here than when I first started holy smokes it’s full Thank you That’s cool Damn it bam All right folks well that’s it man nice Little trip camping last night was a lot Of fun this hike was a lot of fun it’s Noon now And uh got a boat I don’t know roughly Three hour drive home so be home right Around the time the kids get home from School Autumn is in school now This guy’s pooched Um plum tuckered too I’ll uh We’ll see you guys in the next one good Trip