Unigear 3 x 3 Tarp – First Look and Set Up

By | September 11, 2022

Wow bully here Guys Check this out This is a tree by tree tarp from uni Gear right Uh they just sent me this to have a look At it already i’m a little bit Interested i just pulled it out of the Bag there a minute ago just to have a Look and you can see That look look the tie outs have eyelets Well you know It feels like a solid tarp right let’s Get it out of this bag and let’s have a Look at it stay tuned It has been so long since i’ve done a Tarp review but i’m not sure if this is My tarp area or not That’s it yes Let’s go with it That’ll do Might be a little bit higher on one end But we’ll figure that out as we go along Guys let’s get this out of the bag and See what is in it Okay A bag of pegs Some nice bright guy lines Not the hugest pegs in in that i’ve ever Seen in my life but uh they are better Than some other ones i’ve seen so One two three four five six guy lines One two three four five six sorry six And six so there’s six pegs and six

Guidelines once you know what bring up We’re not gonna be using them just yet Let us look at this part So this This this is what i found interesting Now i have seen tarps That are reflective on the inside but i Have never actually Used one or you know or have one in my Hand i i’ve seen them on the internet And stuff now I read a couple of reviews of this tarp Before before uh before i put it in my Hand guys and people are saying that They have used this this way around when They are um Sleeping in vehicles and stuff like that And they’ve put it over their campers And stuff because it reflects the sun And it stops the vehicle from heating up And that is That would be handy for you guys to use Rubber tramps right there okay so look I’m not going to think too much about This i’m going to pin this up i’m going To get this up on the gale and i’m going To have a look so Now this is a tree by tree tarp and There’s no We got our tabs here but there’s none Along the ridge Will it make a difference probably not It’s windy It is windy

It would be a good task on it guys to Deer in the wind That’s taking a lot of pressure straight Into it Okay it’s taking a lot of pressure guys Straight onto its back there All together camera around here okay so A quick look At all my different eyelets okay it is Quite heavy duty at the material itself Guys and it is heavier duty than your Your dd tarp okay it is reinforced on The inside look We got some serious stitching going on Here guys You see that Serious stitching not a lot of tread Missing or anything like that or not no No miss stitches or anything like that That i can see guys Eyelets are solid You know you know i’ve had issues with Eyelets before but i that seems really Solid guys Heavy duty webbing heavy duty stitching This Might be something might not okay let’s Peg it out I’ll go to the middle this time firstly If it makes it any easier That’s just all the lump of the pipe Guys It’s a it’s a solid lump You’re an egypt get out of me way guys

That is a solid lump of a tarp i’ll tell You what i’m going to do Is i’m going to change the configuration Of the case Uh to get some guy lines involved and Stuff like that but no it guys it seems Spot on as far as i’m aware they’re Retailing for around 31 pound on amazon This tarp 31.99 on amazon at the minute okay This is Three by three Uh silver coated And that’s uv resistant guys an spf of 40 plus that’s what it’s saying on the Specifications okay Uh and all the tie outs of eyelets and Stuff and but no center But listen doesn’t make that much of a Difference Well Do you know what guys i’ll put it Through its pieces this is a first Impressions video i’ll put it through Its paces on a different video in Relation to Setting it out with different things and Uh with different configurations to see Does the lack of tie-outs make a Difference because your other tarps Would have a tie out here Here and then another one there Two along the center okay which means That my own

My own homemade baker tent style would Be out you wouldn’t be able to do that You might i’d have to think about it and Figure it out guys so i wondered would It make any difference but right now i’m Not concerned about that what i want to Do is i want to get a couple of poles in And i want to set it up with an open Front now I’m going to open front it This way Okay because that’s the the wind is Coming this way now when you see it Again i’m probably going to have it Switched around because Uh there’s a bit there’s a rainstorm Coming on thursday but it’s going to be Coming from this way okay I think i probably should have got a Taller stick All right You know what there’s plenty of length On that There you have it guys At this moment in time it seems like a Solid tarp It really does Uh What i want to see I’m going to give it as usual it’s going To get a two week fashion Here it’s the end of summer at the Minute so it’s uh we’re nearly at the End of august so

I’m gonna leave it up for two weeks and We’re gonna see how it gets on Just give them a check on stuff Checked out the strength No bother Whack Parts holding up well A lot of wind and rain the last couple Of days Was doing good Here it is The uni gear The uni-gear tree by tree tarp and bruno Guys this has been up for two weeks now In the forest Uh we have had A lot of rain A lot of rain uh i took a wee video on The phone you probably have seen that Already guys uh basically i had i had to Collapse down the poles at the front They had to just sit in like that Because i can i have come down here a Couple of times and this thing has just Been completely full of water okay and There is no issues with this tarp at all Guys what you can see here Is that there’s actually quite a bit of Tension on this right here Okay No issues no issues at all wind and rain Summer summer a summer storm A summer storm guys No problem no problem

I do think it would at this stage i do Think it would be a more versatile tarp If we had some Tie outs along here Along the ridge lane But listen i’ll do a couple of setups With it in a different video and we’ll See how it performs but guys so far 100 Not an issue works really really well Thanks for watching guys stay frosty