What am I Doing Wrong ? Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – Testing Materials – Fresh Nettles

By | September 7, 2022

Wow Guys i’m on the natal patch again okay My quest my quest to find something that You can Use flint and steel to set on fire Without a charred material guys it Continues This time i’m going to use fresh now i’m Going to cut it i’m going to process it I’m going to dry it and i’m gonna try it Straight away okay instead of cutting it And leaving it for a couple of weeks Like i’ve done with the other stuff all Right so Any other naturals will do Okay Guys i want to show you how i process These and how i came across what Solution i found for processing these I’m unsure if that could be an issue but I want you to look at it and see okay so Look this is not part of it but if you Grab the nettle from the top okay and Pull it down against the grain watch out For these bad boys here okay the whole Thing just strips off like that And that’s it you’ve pretty much broken Off all those little needles that are Going to uh That are going to sting you okay so look Pinchy And if you do it the other way peter if You do it the other way grab it from the Thick end you pull it

Doesn’t work at all Good luck Oh it didn’t get me Okay Guys Let’s do this stay tuned All right guys So i have my fresh nails now i just want To show you this This is how i processed them so in the Beginning I was mashing them and breaking them up And and and and and doing it that way But what i discovered guys right and now This is and i want you to think about This before uh before you comment on it Right At the end of the day it’s the fibrous Material i’m looking for okay the fiber Stuff okay so if i get my knife and i go Like this That is only the fibrous material yes Let me know what you think of that okay I’m going to process the rest of these Guys i’m going to hang them out to dry Guys i’m going to let these dry Overnight i’m going to Well i’m going to let them dry for a day Bruno and then i’m gonna see how i get On okay Bruno You don’t like natalie so where would You away with you now guys As if by magic here are some that i

Prepared earlier bruno can you go away Please Basically guys look I used the same process and this this is What i made yesterday okay so all i’m Going to do is i’m just going to roll This I’m going to soften it up a bit more and We’re going to try that okay Look at this powdery fine stuff here So What i was thinking before was that it’s The powdery fine stuff that actually Takes the spark but now i’m i’m thinking That it is actually the It’s the fibrous material that takes a Spark okay so look let’s see So Let’s try that Burn to get something there aren’t they I don’t see it guys it’s the same again This I have nothing Nothing I don’t get it i’m frustrated this is Frustration okay Uh I don’t get it i just i just cannot find A way To To make the star the sparks big enough Or consistent enough or am i thinking About it wrong is it that the material Needs to be processed so much

That it takes a spark anywhere okay now This is this is Well this is very well processed I spent a long time doing this Sit Sit now come on i don’t need your stick Bruno doesn’t care if you’re frustrated Or not he just wants you to know that he Has a stick that is a fantastic stick Burnoff good dog thank you thank you Thank you thank you see he knows he Knows no way would you know i don’t want That stick bruno knows we have a Connection he knows I’m going to process the hell out of This and i’m going to try again I know guys i don’t know i’m obviously Missing a step somewhere i’m missing Something so uh i i You know i always try to keep my videos Around 10 minutes or something so this Is going to seem You know there’s obviously going to be Less footage than what i’ve actually Been doing but i have been trying this For a long time okay and it is not Working for me Uh so it is so the two week old level Didn’t work Basically no i tell you what guys i’ll I’ll i’ll i’ll do a A summary video at a later date I have something else i want to try as Well so i have a few things i want to

Try as well uh Who knows stop it guys look a frustrated Wooly here Thanks for watching remember comments Below stay frosty