Scandinavian Canoe Adventure – 5 days to Disaster

By | September 7, 2022

Whoa [Music] So [Applause] So So So So Ahoy there hello Saluting the flagship absolutely salute The enzyme I don’t think we’re going under that Bridge So [Applause] Hello welcome back Look at this beautiful place So it’s been a long time coming with me And simon have got back out into Scandinavia we uh yesterday flew into Norway And uh We traveled to sweden And uh we’re gonna be paddling Through lots of little lakes couple of Big ones like reagan And Yeah back into norway so about three Days Three or four days in sweden then three Or four days in Norway as well The beginning of our trip We’ve already done one portage

Yeah and just about to meet simon here For another one Um Um Hello [Laughter] Slightly bigger lake Yeah drop it in That’s our second portage done Simon Snacking secretly in the background And yeah slightly bigger like this Making our way over Another portage i think if it looks okay Is going to allow us To cut out three others So one instead of three as long as the Terrain is okay Um but yeah this is a beautiful lake Isn’t it gorgeous oh look there’s a tent Up there Did not spot that So yeah that’s the first person we’ve Seen out here I think we’re just after kind of the uh Well busy i don’t think it’s that busy Up here period It was something like 700 miles north of Gothenburg where we flew into last time For our last trip Quite a ways north aren’t we yeah Yeah and higher and higher yeah yeah Yeah the elevation is pretty high up Almost

Almost at the limit of vegetation or Tree growth aren’t we well yeah that Hill over there the trees just disappear Don’t they yeah They’re a bit sparser But beautiful [Applause] [Applause] I do have these two here Which show I don’t know [Applause] No i think they’re too far up We’re just checking out the shoreline Here Picking out Where to portage across To try and save on three others They’re not big it’s just getting Everything out of the canoes and putting It back in Getting out getting in But it’s looking quite rocky How’s it look there’s a but there’s a Path there is a route It’s a probably three or four hundred Meters Up Down to a boggy bit a little bit up and Then down It’s better than three probably It’s rocky just like this it’s bouldery Um but it’s definitely doable Let’s try it though yeah

[Applause] I do have to just do my Camera strip Damn Dry That’s our last Portage of the day Thankfully It was a long rocky one but uh I think it beats doing three short rocky Ones With all this kit But uh yeah it’s good to have that Behind us Now We’re just doing a bit of a loop round On this U-shaped lake And um There’s a camp spot There’s currently a um partial fire band Here So We can have a fire at the um the Shelters similar to what we stayed in um Down south in sweden And wind shelters and they’ve got Fireplaces we can’t have small fires Away from trees and stuff but uh yeah It’d be nice to have a base camp So we’re gonna get there check the site Out Have some lunch Maybe have a little paddle

And uh laugh at simon trying to catch Some fish He pretended he didn’t hear but he heard So A little bit of wind as we come around That corner there Quite shallow All these reeds and the odd rock Underneath the paddle But yeah around this corner along a bit And we Are at potential camp A beautiful first day here Or second day technically but first day Review guys This is a shelter up here by the looks Of it Quite up high There’s a little Little place there to stop maybe I’m spinning Always take the best parking spot What Nice That’s quite a nice little shelter just Like being at home And looks like there’s trees enough Around for us to both use our hammocks But yeah Beautiful view here Nice fire pit Some wood in there as well And a wok and a saw I want a little x on there as well

And even have a poo with a view It’s not very nice in there Moose poo spotted maybe i’ll get to see One this time I’m pretty sure that’s likely to be a Moose print too Well our plans haven’t quite worked out A couple of people just arrived shortly After we did and they’re planning on Staying here for the night and us doing Our filming it doesn’t really work being Around other people So we’re going to have to press on Maybe to next shelter but it’s quite far Um Easily what we did again and more Portaging So there’s that or we could wild camp And not have a fire or just use a little Stick stove or something So we’re gonna have a look at the map And have a little think about it and Have a spot lunch first Some jerky [Applause] Thank you very much Oh that’s nice Chilly Sweet hot beef Polar bread squeezy cheese and jerky Nice quick lunch So we can get moving on So Well back on the water

We was gonna have a paddle anyway but Now we’re gonna look for a uh camp spot And no campfire So i can’t get any More things wet because i can’t dry them Out The days are fine it’s like 15 degrees Or so Which is a bit of a change coming over From 30 something But um Yeah the nights are a bit chilly about Five degrees at the moment It’s just like the end of summer here And they’ll be getting snow next month What So We paddled for about two hours or so Looking for a a nice spot But uh Couldn’t really find one and we settled On this which has previously been used As a campsite there’s an old fire pit And stuff but it’s just a little Peninsula And uh yeah i’ve decided on this spot It’s very calm may regret it but I’m just going to put it here right down On the foreshore it’s a lovely little Spot lovely view nice to wake up to [Applause] As i said in a previous video when i was Trying this kid out i’m using the amok Hammock system for this whole trip

So that’s the mat which is the winter One The hammock itself and the tarp as well [Applause] Oh [Applause] Uh Well there it is all set up i was Worried for a minute it wasn’t gonna be Wide enough but um an america isn’t as Wide as a hammock so not too bad Pegging out points are a little soft so We’ll see as long as the weather stays Like this we’ll be fine Before seeing the weather had cooled Down a lot here i was just bringing this Down quilt But I decided to bring a very lightweight Sleeping bag as well So it should be good Right i’ve just copied simon he’s using These um Pedals just to hoist up his top so i Thought i’d do that in the middle just Because the feet were touching it a bit On this end Um i did want to keep it closed down in Case there was wind but Yeah that should be all right now The bugs are starting to come out we Knew that from last night there was a Load of them when we camped where we Started

So i’m using Mega I’ve got some nordic summer with me and Some jungle formula as well but This has been recommended so Just got out of my waterproof seal skin Socks and my Um water shoes Into some nice fancy croc style things And real socks But uh yeah i’m not too impressed with These so far look at that for a start Everyone’s disappeared in there they Keep coming off at the back but off of My heel Simon’s got his honey stove i’ve brought My bush box And because we can’t have a fire we’re Just going to use both of these for uh Trenchers There’s pan number one on got some kent Potatoes To go with a couple of steaks which i do On the brush box next to it When they’re starting to soften up a bit Browner So hungry Hungry I just should have popped them take a Picture and take a bit longer Yeah It’s all right we got our steaks because They’re fresh so we have to get them Eaten

Steaks are just getting warmed through a Bit before we cook them potatoes are Almost there the steaks won’t take long At all Steak time Get off And then some salt Steak seasoning to go on mine Through that one in yours andy [Applause] Carbon nuggets Yes please Some ketchup and lubricate them oh yeah Gotta be ketchup Some native ketchup Oh oh no That’s not ketchup well i could have Some mustard on the steak let’s find it I was tricked [Laughter] Okay i got tricked by simon There we go Over spot Oh it’s been a long time coming yeah Yeah sorry about that Oh We should have a Beverage That’s a good idea A little more medium than medium rare But Got a vel stand norwegian ipa I’m um too shaken up a little bit cheers Figures cheers

Very nice oh that is nice Ah right steak Oh it’s really hot Anymore It’s okay it feels a hole we needed it It’s not as good as last night we had um Reindeer Wild mushrooms And potatoes mashed potatoes and Lingonberry jam made by our host Peter who lent us the canoes and a few Other bits of kit and drove us from the Airport and will be picking us up on the Other end in norway as well Very kind of him thank you peter yeah Thank you But anyway that was a good meal That’s what we needed after that long Day absolutely And uh Assembling the canoes So Perfect reflection Like mine Who needs a campfire Well exactly when you have this So Um Right we’re off to bed now so i’m just Going to get in the ammo i’m not going To film that because i’m not the best at Doing it so i’ll see you guys in the Morning good night [Applause]

So serious Good morning good morning to you Did we sleep well Uh slept pretty well i um Got a bit cold in the early hours of the Morning Had to Wriggle down into my sleeping bag yeah a Little bit of a cold nose But no slept slept pretty well pretty Well woke up to this yeah Fine morning and fine view Beautiful No sizzle Ah a little sizzling good time It’ll sizzle when it’s ready Another two there Seven Seven rashes What crazy country gives you seven Rashes Oh it smells good [Applause] Yeah Well you were hungry last night still That might have been broken in the shell Oh that one definitely was We’ve made bacon and egg sarnies out of These polar breads that they have here That we’ve both missed quite a lot from The last trip they’re so Kind of light and sweet And this there’s ketchup in there Definitely need this

That’s greasy So Oh That’s us all packed up And on the move Took a little bit of time i actually had To get simon to give me a hand uh last Night in how to get in an amok i’d Completely forgotten i was doing Something wrong but i’ve got it down to A t now Right so i’m making it i’m gonna try and Make way to another shelter There’s a little ways away Um a couple of miles a few portages So we better get a move on You could not ask for fair weather for a Paddle It’s just so calm And sunny Got some new sunglasses Beautiful these small i say small They’re quite big for england Lakes Yeah lovely But i think we’ve got four portages Today From lake to lake [Applause] Which isn’t too bad i guess [Applause] It’s a chance we might Skip lunch i guess We had quite a big breakfast

Let’s see how we get on Perfect paddling conditions Dead end Up there near where the rocks are and we Missed it yeah Reverse Yeah that’s it up there mate we’ve gone Down I’ll show you that So we camped here last night We’ve come around here and i think we’ve Just come down here oh i see yeah That one and then there into that one And then we’ve got to go From that one we’ve got to go Up and then cross over into that one so We’re going to cut up the left really I guess it’s not open then Hey i guess it’s not open the way it’s No no no this is the first of the Portages yeah Yeah yeah so it looks it’s hard to tell On some isn’t it Yeah i think where they come together Like that they are like this So [Applause] Go tracker Go tracker It’s very warm today this is the longest Portage yet not quite as steep as the Other long one we did but It’s a fair ways but it skips out a Little lake which isn’t worth paddling

Almost a pond Around to the next big one Yeah Canoes bags Food barrel Done This is the small lake we’re Skipping And We’re carrying on up on this path To the next lake Lunch I’m starving actually yeah I’ve got some of that um mousse Mousse sausage here Some powder bread And some cheese An orange juice [Applause] We’ve got some Moose sausage here Um like a preserved sausage Which we had uh The other evening with with peter when He dropped us off at Uh our starting point Oh no we’ve got odd number here that’s a B Two and a half and as we discovered They’ve got quite a tough skin on them So i’m gonna give them a little slice Like this because it makes it Easier to peel them And they’re really really tasty

Got my orange from this morning that i Didn’t drink As i was drinking tea and we’ve got Basically the same lunch as yesterday Try and preserve some of our alcohol So we’ve got Unknown meat cheese And gnome mate which is moose Moose sausage sir Let’s have a big one Big mousse And then we’re going to get back on the Go A little bit of a paddle this time i Think we should be on water water for Yeah for a bit longer now which is which Is good because that was a big portage My feet are killing me i think it’s just Because these Shoes are so soft and you’ve your feet Flex all over the rocks most Surprisingly okay considering these Aren’t great I think they’re half a sausage But is this the last of it There’s a lot There’s a tiny bit left But we have chocolate spread jumper yet Oh yeah i don’t know if that goes with Sausage and stuff That’s lunch all done Now for for the longest paddle of the Day To be honest

Before hopefully a one more quick Portage To camp Some of these little lakes are just Beautiful Just so steel we got like no wind at the Moment the only thing affecting the boat Is me We’ve just come out onto one of the Bigger lakes we’ve been on So we just got to do the span of that And then we’ve got a Little bit of portage to the shelter Fingers crossed we can have it to Ourselves Not our greed just because of filming But yeah this Kind of surrounded by hills mountains A bit of both It’s beautiful I’m gonna keep saying that beautiful [Applause] Now we’re coming into a boat graveyard [Applause] Hold on My hero Very shallow with the rocks in here so Kind of going over them a little bit Trying to avoid them [Applause] We’re just trying to find the point We hit land To get to the shelter It’s in here somewhere

And then we’ve got Probably a horrible portage But there’s no rush Thank you to simon for lining both boats Down That was a bit tight A bit shallow As soon as you’ve done the first one i Remember said for you did a second one You knew the route it was better without The bags in it yeah it was a bit quicker We’re here gonna go and have a recce of The Trail yep As luck would have it there is someone At the shelter But uh this is such a nice little bay on This little lake and there is a fire pit Here already So we think we’re going to be okay just Using our twig stove And just setting up here and then making Our way over to norway in the morning After doing this Portage across So yeah i think we’re going to stay here For the night [Applause] [Applause] Uh Oh Wow So Oh

It’s the amaco set up surprisingly easy That hammock once you know what’s what Everything has its place everything Winds up nicely it’s it’s really easy to Put up i wasn’t sure if it reached that Span but Did it easily could have done a lot more I’ve just folded back my tarp for now Just because it’s so nice if i do sit in It as a hammock seat as well But yeah simon’s up over there somewhere He’s found a spot And uh i guess we have to find some Tweaks and stuff for our wood stoves There’s a bug on my lens It’s a nice looking spot but uh we have Accepted the fact it’s going to be Quite insecty this is quite shallow Water down here and the ground i’m on is Quite marshy my chair actually sunk into It but um It’s a nice spot we’ve got plenty of Varieties of bug repellent as well Nordic summer jungle that um norwegian One Don’t know the name of now migo or Whatever it was I think we’re gonna be okay Up here over the Rocks Up on higher ground is simon’s setup And his Waterproof socks Yeah

They needed drying As you can see he’s using his war bonnet Top with his ammock Just for a little extra coverage Yeah just got a view down there of the Lake I’m over there somewhere Just had the first disaster of the trip I realized my jacket is at the first Camp and that’s miles away Loads of portages Um that that rapids or whatever you want To call it the rocks There’s no way i’m going to get it and Completing this kind of Trip so Luckily i’ve got this which is like a Down jacket for the evenings But um i don’t have a waterproof So far so good We’ll see how that goes Um Yeah I don’t know what happened it’s Obviously olive green i probably put it On the floor and it blended in when i Was packing and completely missed it Kind of was rushing a little bit to get Going Well that’s the first thing hopefully The only thing Hopefully this does the job The floor here everywhere we’ve been has Been completely covered

In blueberries So we’re going to make use of them Tomorrow with our pancakes So nice I think simon’s gone to try his hand at Fishing around the corner there So i’m gonna potter around might collect Some wood for the uh stoves charge some Batteries I’m gonna go And try and catch a fishy It ain’t gonna happen But i’m gonna um gonna have a go Good luck [Applause] [Applause] Let me guess it was this big but it got Away i caught some twigs [Laughter] Should be enough for me release those Don’t you i reckon Pepper and onion for our pasta dish So Star of the show here Soon What is it see if this is one of the Nice skin that can Come off [Applause] Andy found a nice Dead standing birch over there and a Load of bark on it so we thought we’d Have a Birch bark off

[Applause] Might work Then Uh it might have been uh i think that Was a draw even steven’s there A big pan on there Right we’ve got the Oil on for Andy’s chorizo And Onion Delight And um got some water of the pasta and i Know there’s going to be people Complaining about putting the pasta in Cold water And die-hards amongst you but Different when you can be exactly and it Still works Don’t waste fuel So Yeah mix [Laughter] Sir oh Thank you big wave oh i love this beer You’ve had it for yeah who’s this boy Uh Kona brewing company are they i really Like this this is Are they swedish Glasses on No American oh of course they’re hawaii Kona yeah

Chin chin Hmm It’s good It’s nice fruity how does it go with This [Applause] It goes with anything well We’ve got double spice going on here Arabiata sauce and Chorizo And all them oils Hmm So hungry Uh This was a bit moist Moist Mild It’s warmer this time it was yesterday As well I was worried it was just gonna go Because the clear skies Yeah no it’s not it’s not too bad So Wow You