Prepper School Vol. 37 : Your Prepping Wish List and Q&A

By | September 6, 2022

It’s Labor Day Hey guys welcome to prepper School live And we are on volume 37. And so we just I mean it’s been a great Experience we’ve had a lot of things Going on we don’t know when we’re going To end it I mean it’s just a lot of fun I think as much as anything at least for Us but there’s still so much information There is just so much to talk about There’s a lot and we have some things That uh that I think are going to be Pretty big uh they’re bringing out but It takes a lot to get our minds around It and so we’re working on that yeah Well we got a little brains working on Big Brain projects But uh you know the thing is is you know Guys we want to equip you and get you Prepared for whatever nobody knows Nobody knows that’s right so but being Prepared is just basic survival stuff And we need to make sure that we’re Prepping and we’re protecting our Families and our future uh today we’ve Got Robbie Wheaton with us which we Always have and we’d love to have him uh He’s uh has a great YouTube channel Wheaton arm or Robbie Wheaton that’s Right or you can go to Wheaton arms uh And bring up Robbie’s channel uh been a Gunsmith for over 20 years and has a Vast knowledge of guns and he brings a Real unique perspective when he’s

Talking about when he’s going through These reviews so check out Robbie’s Channel it’s down below in the Description you just click on it and and Give them a subscription a subscribe Button hit that subscribe button and uh Check it out he also has Wheaton arms Which he does an incredible line of Glock aftermarket parts and his flat Face trigger is the bomb and I’ll just Tell you now if you run over there to Look for it sometimes it’s there Sometimes it’s not night those things Get sold very fast yes they do we’ve got A pretty big deal coming up pretty soon With uh Palmetto State Armory with our Triggers so kind of keep an eye out for That over on the PSA website and then With our stuff that we do on Wheaton Arms as well yeah all the dagger Upgrades they’re doing they’re using PS I mean they’re using a wheat and arms Products which is a big deal and um and You need to check out the dagger and We’ve got some stuff coming up about it As well it’s going to be pretty fun now On the suits channel uh but Robbie’s Also uh does custom gun work and RMR Cuts if you want slide work if you want Ported barrels if you want stuff like That cerakote finishes different things Robbie’s a man so we really appreciate Him being here he brings a really great Perspective uh to the channel now one of

The things that we really and we also Appreciate Sarah Mack for being here and She’s going to be taking questions uh We’re good what we’re going to do today We’re going to talk about upcoming Things and so what I want because a lot Of times you guys put in some really Good ideas yeah and sometimes you get Lost in the mix there’s a lot of stuff Going on when we finish here we get to Talk in and sometimes I forget so we Just wanted to get a list of things that You’re particularly concerned about your Wish list for things that you wish Somebody would go over or have a Different perspective of certain things And so we want to kind of do that Because we’ve got all these ideas but Sometimes it’s not in line necessarily What you want to hear and so we want to Make sure that we’re not talking about Water food you know and guns and Ammunition over and over and kind of get You going in good uh you know just Life-changing directions well you know One of the big things too is the things That that may affect us directly or that We see directly in the area where we Live where you live may be completely Different and there may be things that That we don’t even think about because We’re not it’s not in our wheelhouse Where we live so there could be a great Opportunity for us to explore some

Different different Avenues some Different things to talk about just Based on your area and the things that You see every day where you live I’m a Lot of times people pop up with stuff And I’ll go oh I haven’t thought about That so this is a great time to be able To voice that but also if you just have Questions we’re willing to I mean Willing we’re very open to just whatever Questions you have as well because the One thing that is our mission is to help You get prepared that’s right and to Help us continue to get prepared and It’s all about survival now we really Appreciate battle box uh they are Sponsoring today’s video they give a 15 Off of your first subscription box and Guys I’m gonna tell you I’ve been doing Battle Box reviews for a long time and They’ve sent me a lot of boxes just to Be sending them and it’s always a lot of Cool gear that applies to survival Self-defense the things that this Channel is all about and it’s just a Great resource you can get a low Subscription all the way up into a Premium subscription service and it they Really have some quality gear those and Those guys have Tens of thousands of subscribers so this Isn’t just a fly-by-night deal they are Really putting together some great stuff And then also exotag exotic to me makes

The best fire starters I’ve been using Them and preferring them for about 10 Years I love those fire starters But they give a 20 discount Down Below In the description use the code search20 And hit the link and they’ll give you 20 Off and that’s really an awesome deal All made in the USA really high quality Stuff and you know the handles on the Exotech for their fire starters they’re Just so ergonomic they fit they’re easy To use if you’ve ever tried to start a Fire with a flint and steel or or some Of these cheap Firestarter Ferro rods You realize how uncomfortable it is and How difficult it is to use right so you Know they put a lot of thought into Their product and it’s really well Designed yeah they’re very well designed They’re a little more expensive but now You get 20 off and so it always works Out so we really appreciate those guys All right let’s get into it one of the Things though I do want to mention Before we get started Um you know there’s been and it’s really You know Trump’s really uh put a lot of Rhetoric out there because of the Direction the country’s going and so you Know a lot there’s a lot of people that Follow that and it’s you know it’s Really been you know it’s really been Pretty powerful and then you’ve got Biden who’s really here lately coming in

With a lot of rhetoric that’s blasting The the Maga type Republicans or their Thought or the conservatives now Whatever side you’re on because prepping Is a survival thing it’s not a political Thing altogether So one thing about it is guys is Biden Has made Trump Enemy of the State Trump Has made Biden Enemy of the State listen Guys we are getting that divide is Becoming greater and greater and so Being prepared for what you can do Because you can’t help what’s really Going on in the on the grand scheme of Things but you can help in your Community in your state with your family And do that and that is our big thing And so we were actually going to talk About that today I just felt like it Would be a little bit more political Minded and I don’t want to go there we Want to kind of focus on Survival we can Talk about all the stuff that’s going on Until we’re blue in the face but if We’re not doing something about it That’s right it’s all in vain and that’s What I’m doing a call to action for you To get yourself prepared And so we’re gonna again when the Questions start and of course Sarah Max Over there and she’s ready we’re gonna Get started so uh here we go I’m finding it hard to find manual can Openers that last your recommendation uh

Now that’s a good point it’s a good Point but I think one of the things and Pull tops are fun it’s just they’re not Quite as the longevity is not quite There as it is with a completely sealed Top but that that doesn’t discount the Pull tops we just advise one over the Other now I would highly recommend uh P51s p38s p-38s are great you know They’re they’re hard on your thumbs but They work you know we’ve I don’t know we We bought Some kind of a manual can opener Probably 15 years ago And use that thing all the time and it Works you know I have no idea where it Even came from where my wife you know Just one of those she was like oh I got Us a new can opener and uh you know it’s Just but it always works I I don’t know I don’t know what But finding that but the problem is is Once it does break it’s broken it’s done And if you don’t have extras and so I Understand believe me we’ve had we’ve Gone through Canada openers for the past Few years but the one thing about p50 or P38 is always think about the fighter World War II fighter and two engines the The P-38 the P51 is the larger one but The P-38 is a small little military can Opener and it’s just a small little Piece of aluminum that pops out with a Blade and you’ve probably seen them and

You can buy them really cheap so the one Great thing about the the p51s or the P38s is that they they work yes they’re Tough on your thumbs but they you can Buy a lot and you can keep that going so That that would be this would be an Option but also you can take that can And you can grind it on concrete like This and sooner or later the seal will Break and you can pop them open so you Know you can get them open and I’ll tell You one of the big things to look at When you’re looking for a manual can Opener is look at the gears how the Gears are attached how the gears are fit Fixed on the on the can opener itself Because generally when a can opener Fails it’s the gear mechanism on it that That actually fails so look at the gears Look at how they’re attached Look and see if you can get them that Have replacement gears you can get Replacement gears that’s ideal for it Because then you can buy spares to be Able to replace them but the gears of The failure Point look at how those are Done look at one that’s got a more Robust set of gears and that’s going to Be the one that’s going to last you a Lot longer and look for reviews on Different that’s right Yeah An actual ask what are some recommended Glock parts to have on hand

I got this one yeah you got that one So I like to have an extra Striker Striker Springs uh spring cups Uh magazine release magazine release Spring Trigger return spring connector extra Trigger assembly uh locking block pin Takedown pin and Trigger pin Um those seem to be the parts that fail The most and an extra extractor of Course those seem to be the parts that Fail the most and those are the ones That I always recommend when we were Able to get OEM parts from Glocks those Were the parts that we put into our Survival kits that we sold we haven’t Been able to get individual parts from Glock for over a year now so those parts Kits have been out of stock but those Are the parts kits that I always Recommend for whether it’s one through Four or a gen 5. but you can still find Parts kits out there and I do want to Mention that survival kit we did a Glock Survival kit list and it’s all you got To do is go into The Hourglass or the Magnifying glass and click Glock parts Kits or Glock parts and you should be Able to get a list of those and the Video that we did and he talks about Certain failure points with the Glock The great thing about the Glock though Again above really almost any gun out There is that it’s so simple to repair

Robbie’s a gunsmith I’m an assembler and I can still fix those guns so uh that’s One reason why we really feel like that The Glock is the number one prepping Handgun because it’s so simple to repair And yet it’s robust Uh survival synthetic synthesis ask Question information is disappearing From the internet if you had to Recommend some field training manuals or Just training materials in general what Would be the most important Well there’s there’s a bunch of those Out there one thing I will say though And I want to say this uh I don’t know If any of you guys uh subscribe to Epic Times or Epoch times uh we have been for A number of years and it’s not a Survival type manual even though they Are starting to do some of that it is a Man it is a paper or you can go online Of course it’s digital and you can get Truthful information that expands what’s Going on sometimes you get these blurbs And I’ll click on somewhere and I’ll get A blurb of this one but this goes into In-depth analysis and I’m gonna tell you What even though we get the print I’ll pick it up two weeks later and it’s Still a viable source and so in fact We’re going to be doing some stuff with Epic Times They got in touch with me and I’m a huge fan already so I was pretty Excited and that’s one way to get the

Truth base now as far as reference Manuals like the SAS Survival Guide or The Thomas uh reference book that that’s A great book it’s got all kind of References it’s a little in fact my Expedition sells them but I think it’s It’s just a different book that they Sell around uh there’s a lot of Different uh now there’s a lot of Different information out there and Sometimes you know One thing I find though is like the Going home series or by uh uh Angry American that’s a great a resource not Only for a novel but it gives you a lot Of tidbits that are all in there uh but I would also recommend Um James Wesley Rawls any of his books Excellent for that kind of stuff uh but You know as far as survival manuals a Lot of times I depend on these uh then There’s like uh where there are no Doctors that’s a great book That’s a Classic that’s been used by missionaries Out in the middle of nowhere and then They’re like even more dentist armed you Know where they’re no dentist uh there’s Uh there’s just a ton of books do you Have something you know I I like I like Books on gardening that are specific to My area where I live don’t buy a generic Book on gardening that just covers a Broad range of topics find books that Are that are specific to your area and

Your Zone where you live that give you Good tips and techniques for growing Different types of fruits and vegetables In your area I like books on homeopathic Medicines I like books on natural herbs That are used in medicines those are the Kind of reference materials that I try And keep on the Shelf to to be able to Refer back to and when the same way when You’re looking at natural herbs and Stuff look for a book that has a lot of Stuff that’s based in your area your Zone where you live that way the the Plants and The Roots and things are very Specific to your to your area in your Zone and you can actually find things That you’re looking for you know one Thing too is like Glock manuals some They have some in-depth books on it and Of course obviously it’s a lot of you Guys aren’t Glock you know you don’t Have blocks I understand that but find The books that apply to that guy so you Can make sure you have a reference to Repair fix it maintenance but one book And I probably mentioned this on every Episode and I need to get in touch with Profile and tell them he needs to give Me a cut right I’m just kidding is the Modern Survival Guide for the coming Economic collapse it was about events That happened back in 2 2001 I believe It was in Argentina where the the Economy went to nothing it was a

Disaster and he goes it not only is it Talk about the events it goes through Things you need to do things you need to Watch out for things you don’t need to Do things that happen there and really Argentina especially at that time was a First world country and so there are uh Culture is a lot like ours they just Speak Spanish you know we speak English But you know it’s that is a great book I Would highly recommend having that book On hand uh and there are other books and I’ve done some videos on building up Your library and if you might want to go Back and see if you can find that with Just books or library in the search but Uh reference books are key Uh fine fine ass Amy fresh ask what are The first things that should happen when A group arrives at an off-site Bug out Location Well it’s going to be total chaos so you Know it’s probably a good point you know To get that together I think one of the Big things is to get all your gear Organized show up find out what you do Have make an inventory of like all the Food sources the medical supplies your Ammunition all these different things uh And then take a renewed analysis of the Defensive positions at your property That’s right security shelter food Sources delegation or responsibilities Those are those are some of the first

Things that are going to need to be Addressed once you get to your Bug out Location uh Communications Communications are a big deal uh and of Course it’s according to if we have Power if it’s an EMP you may not have Communications one thing that we’re Getting ready to do is talk about Primitive communication and I’m going to Specifically talk about something that They used a lot in the 1800s and so it’s Just one of those things it’s kind of Cool my wife was like what in the world So uh we’re going to be going through Some of that stuff and I’ll just tell You right now it’s the bail Bill the Bail is one thing and I think in a Retreat location like that having Something that where you could Communicate with others to have Different signals have a veil to be able To say Hey you know uh dinner’s ready or Have a different set of you know rings For hey somebody’s here or have a ring Of all hex breaking loose and you know Have these different signals and so um That’s just one thing and I’m kind of Looking back into the 19th century and Before to to use those things that we Might have to depend on if things Especially our electrical power system Whether it’s an EMP or not guys we are Putting a massive strain on our powers Grid right now and of course you know it

Is something that you need to think About regardless Uh Jeff Champlin asked do you have a Solar generator recommendation that can Run a deep freezer for an extended Period of time if the power goes out a Lot of my short-term or short and Long-term food is kept in my freezer I Understand that Um yeah we have a we use a humnus Homeless humless solar power generator And it has two large panels go to the Homeless website and I’m sure they have Extended uh You know solar panels that you can you Know increase that time but like for Hours it had a it’s a stand-up freezer And refrigerator and we ran it on just One day for six hours uh now we just Bought a new stand-up freezer this Dedicated freezer that actually has Technology to where if the power goes Out it seals and it will last for like Six days without any loss of of uh of Cool coolness inside and so there’s Technology that might be able to get you Even standing on that side of it but I Think that maybe adding extra solar Panels and maybe even extra batteries But um you know that’s the one we use We’ve used it for a long time we love it So the big thing with solar panels and With with powering your your deep Freezers and stuff you have to look at

How many amps the refrigerator is Pulling or the deep freezer is pulling On a daily basis and you can find that Information on the tag or on the manual That comes with it so look at how many Amps that it’s pulling I like to double The number of amps that it’s pulling With my charging system and with my Batteries that way I know that if I’ve Got a cloudy day or whatever that my Charging system will run and keep that Freezer going for 24 hours or or longer Until I get sunlight back again to be Able to recharge my batteries and it may Be that you let it it go for a while or Shut it down come back and turn it back On just don’t open it a lot so you know You can conserve it because it doesn’t Have to stay at that constant Temperature right but that’s that’s a Good point Robin Um Charles lesky asked MREs tend to have A five-year shelf life keeping them in Your bug out kit means rotating them out Now and then what is the best option for Short-term emergency food Okay Um there’s there’s a couple of things One of the short terms that I keep in my Bag are like folk food bars I mean you Can get these bars they’re only about This big they have like 3 600 calories Now you can get different types in Different sizes uh the one great thing

About it it’s it’s got enough moisture To where you can you eat it and it Doesn’t make you thirsty Chalk right and it’s tastes really good In fact on my initial review I ate 2400 Calories playing around during the video Uh just because I couldn’t quit eating It it was so good it’s like going to a Fast food restaurant and supersizing it Oh my gosh it was so stupid but it was So good but that’s one thing that we Keep in all of our bags uh and so that’s The one of my primary short term uh you Know using dehydrated foods like Mountain house and you know Backpackers Pantry those kind of things those are Great takes a little more time to to fix Up you know and you got to heat it up And put water with it and so but to me That’s a right option but really canned Food is one of the best for storage and Honestly canned food will last forever I Mean it it will last through your Lifetime as long as you keep well and MREs as well in a cool dry dark place Those are the best places to store it uh If you’re having it in your bug out bag Temperature fluctuations are going to Reduce that five-year shelf life down But you know MREs are great I mean They’re used by the US military a steady Diet of it will keep you in the latrine A lot but you know they are they are Sustainable uh so you know yeah I would

Switch them out but again Lifeboat food I mean just look up SOS light bow food I Mean that stuff is awesome and I would Have that as a as a contingency for my Food preps especially like my get home Bag or something and another thing to Remember is anytime you’re eating any Sort of survival food be it MREs or or Any of your freeze-dried dehydrated Stuff make sure you’re drinking plenty Of water all right it’s it’s very easy To get dehydrated eating those kinds of Foods because they they don’t have a Whole lot of moisture in them uh the MREs will cause a lot of especially if You’re eating them over an extended Period of time they’re going to cause Constipation uh the chiclet gum that Comes in there is there for a reason all Right so make sure that if you’re having To eat those over an extended period of Time that you’re drinking plenty of Water and that you’re also using the Chicklet gum so you don’t get backed up Yeah and you’re talking to a marine here So you know he knows all about it Uh David Cross asked question I live in Oregon and I’m looking for more training With shooting and medical emergencies Does us and er doc or someone else you Know do trainings and would you guys be Willing to come to Oregon I don’t know If uh usn ER doc I don’t know how much Training he does I know he’s been

Traveling a lot uh David’s a good friend Of mine I love David Um and he would be a really good Resource uh you know there’s a lot of Training that I know about here on the East Coast uh whether it’s uh tactical Response which we’re getting ready to go Back I know I just want to mention this You know James Yeager passed away last Week and he was a really good personal Friend of mine and uh what he did with His training was just phenomenal so I Love him and I just he’s going to be Missed greatly but we’re going back out To tactical response at the first of October but John Lovell I mean there are A lot of different uh guys out there That do some great training I think one That would be closer to you uh would be Costa and and um Chris Costa is one of the Inc he’s Probably one of the best trainers out There and I think he may be in Montana Or in Wyoming uh he actually was at Tactical response last time I was there But what a incredible and I know that a Lot of these guys travel uh so you know You can look and see if there are guys That through these schools that that Train I wish I’d give you a really Detailed list there were so many that Were started and of course you know Front sight does it and even tactical Response they travel around John Lovell

Travels all over the country and so Um I don’t have a list but and then also In that area out there you have field Craft Survival oh field crash survivals There’s another thing to look at yeah Mike Glover he’s doing a great job and Uh that would be one that I would really Check into uh field Craft Survival check Those guys out Uh Paul Summerall asked when buying Silver what’s the best way to go I.E Rounds bars jump silver both for Wells Protection and trade Etc well what I Personally do is for wealth protection I Buy the rounds typically uh one reason Why I do buy the the bars but the the Problem with bars is it’s a lot and then You know people have to you know they Have to have more confidence that that’s Real silver with a coin they can Actually cut it if they need to to test It uh but I think that that’s a great Way to welt protection now when it comes To bartering and using it as currency I Like junk silver and I would highly Recommend Um Um Scottsdale mint those guys I’ve known Them for over 10 years and Josh is a Great guy good Christian guy that really Is there they meant coins for over 20 Countries but they have some really Incredible silver and you get in touch With Scottsdale mint that is my

Recommended source for you know like Liberties walking Liberties in in rounds And of course even if you want the Bullion but uh but then forward Bartering I do buy a lot of junk silver A lot of junk silver I do buy gold as Well but I’m heavy on some junk silver Because I like to be able to trade if I Have a dime and I can use it and one Thing to think about and this is one Thing that in profile talked about down In Argentina was that silver became a Big deal for trading so while people Will say well you can’t eat silver we You know like I say you can’t eat brass And steel and Lead either so you need Stuff that you can trade and one of the Things that happened in Argentina was The government passed a law that you Couldn’t sell ammunition or trade it or Be in any Commerce with it without a License and so a lot of people had Ammunition stored back to trade and then All of a sudden they were held back from Doing it so Um you know I think that’s one of the Things about silver that makes it really Easy to be able to trade well and silver And gold are both recognized throughout The world right as as having an Intrinsic value and that value is is set Based off of the gold standard that gold Standard is recognized as the value of That currency that day throughout the

World so if it’s if it’s worth twenty Dollars here it’s worth twenty dollars Anywhere else in the world as well So I think a good mix a good mix of both Of those Uh Gene Stroman asked what Actually when you aren’t able to have a Firearm in a home Um you know that’s tough that’s tough uh Pepper spray is good to get things kind Of backed off at least to deter but some People are not quite as affected but That to me is one of the big ones for Non-lethal I will say that because this Question has come up and it’s something We are going to be doing uh I just uh The burner the burner pistol that has These shoes pepper balls that thing is Pretty impressive and whether the pepper What’s your pepper ball will but whether They get affected by it but just the Impact of that thing will put a welt on You that big on your leg or wherever you Hit them and so that could also be a Good deterrent one thing that I’ve just Purchased and I’m getting ready to do a Video on it is a 50 caliber ball Launcher and it has these hard pellets But it also has these sabots these sabos That have a plastic around this metal Piece in the middle and while they’re Still non-lethal they they will light You up and it’s a revolver it is cool And I wish I could remember the name of

It it was Defensive Innovations I think It was but we’re getting ready to do a Video on it and it’s just a and so Here’s the thing somebody comes busting In your house and you start shooting With that that you know they’re gonna Run at least they’re gonna get back you Know so there are some options it’s one Of the things that unfortunate I mean Fortunately for us we have full Capability to defend ourselves where we Are with the castle doctrines and things Like that and Firearms so a lot of times We don’t put a lot of thought into Non-lethal side but this would Definitely be one if you’re counting on A baseball bat or a golf club or Whatever you know you can be overcome Pretty easily but they still sometimes Can work so I think that having a Mixture if you don’t have a firearm Having a mixture of different defenses I Think are really critical well it’s a Big thing anything that you can use That’s going to create separation Between you and a threat is what you’re Looking for whether it’s whether it’s Archery with a longbow or a crossbow a Lot of the really high powered air guns That are out there now from single shots To fully automatic air guns you know all Of those are great lethal and less Lethal options to create separation to Give you time to either Escape or or get

To a more secure location right and the One thing is you have to check your laws Because certain States I mean and Certain areas of the country or the World because you know definitely people Watch from all over Uh Lindsey deals asked question if the Power goes out and stays out how quickly Does society descend into theft murder Marauding or worse you know it’s funny I’m reading this book right now And it was talking about I think it’s Equipping the modern Patriot which is really a prepper and an EMP hits and the guy’s going uh it’s Gonna you know he’s telling he first Happens and he knows what happens and he Tells his office because they’re all Sitting there in the dark and he goes You better get out of the Cities which That’s one big critical point Immediately but he said you need to get Out of the Cities within one or two days Because in four days it’s going to be Total chaos I disagree with that I think It’s going to be total if we had no Power and nobody knew what was going on You had no cell service and no cars you Could drive It’s going to be really quick it’s going To be a few hours and things are going To start getting crazy uh you know and Grocery stores are going to get looted And things like that so if an EMP hits

Which is just total I mean we’re just Detached right it’s one thing to be able To get on your phone and go hey what’s Going on hey power company why are you You know it’s another thing to be Completely in the dark and not be able To go anywhere and to not even have Phone access so I think it’s going to be Really fast but I think most people live In urban areas and I’m just going to Tell you guys in an EMP situation You’re not going to make it if you don’t Have a contingent contingency plan to Get out And you know possibly you can go back if Everything’s fine but uh I don’t see it You know one of the big things is within Within the almost immediately water is Going to be gone you’re still going to Have food you’re still going to have Canned food but water is going to be Completely unavailable when that if the EMP hits the tap is going to be dry the Wheels are not going to be working Unless you have a manual well your city Water is not going to be pumping you’re Not going to have water you can only Live three days without water so within That first 72 hours you’re going to Start seeing a lot of people start to Panic a lot of people start to die and You know it’s going to be really bad Really quickly as soon as the water runs Out so we’re hoping there’s no EMP

And you know I I would worry more about More about water than anything else in a In an EMP attack because like I said You’ve most of us have plenty of food Set aside you know you can scrounge Around and you can live for a month Without food give or take just a little Bit but water you have to have water and That’s going to be that’s going to be One of the critical things that you see In in a grid down power down situation Over a long period now one thing about It if you have like well I’ve got a pond Over here I’ve got a creek I’ve got this It you don’t know what’s upstream and You don’t know what’s contaminated that Water and Giardia and cryptosporidium And minerals heavy minerals and things Like that’ll make you sick so you need To make sure you have a good water Filtration system and one that we’ve Been using for 10 years plus is the Berkey water filtration system and it’s A stainless steel and it pumps through We’ve got four filters it’ll fit three Thousand gallons of water each we have a Pool which we can actually take that Water and run it through the Berkey or Actually drink it as is you know but the Fact is and two rain catchment systems Unless you’re out in the midwest where They don’t allow it out in the West Which is absolutely ridiculous rain Catch in fact I just did a video on rain

Catchment systems how easy it is to put One in so check that out but water is Very vital Uh River boy 420 ask question do you Reload Uh I do yeah I’ve been reloading for about 26 or 27 years now uh rifle pistol I Don’t reload shotgun shells I’ve got Some presses and stuff to do it but I Never really got into reloading shotgun Shells but all of my rifle ammunition I Reload all my pistol ammunition I reload Um you’ve actually been seeing primers Available recently the prices came down On them some powder has become more Available recently as well so if you if You do reload or something that you’re Looking at getting into I would look at Getting components especially your Powdering your primers even before you Start buying the presses and the dies And casings and everything like that go Ahead and get a supply of powder get a Supply of primers because everything Else you can find the powder and primers Are are still the the kind of tricky Thing to get yeah I reloaded for years Probably it’s been 20 years since I Reloaded but I used to do a lot of Competitive shooting and so we reloaded Just to be able to shoot but that what That is the link and a lot of people say Well I’ll just reload but if you can’t

Get primers especially primers are the Ones that seem to be the hardest deep to Find uh is you know you’re out so you Might as well buy the ammunition but Reloading is definitely a little bit Cheaper and it’s it’s a lot there’s a Lot to it I really enjoy it’s it’s a big Rabbit hole you can go down yeah you Know especially with the rifle loading You know it’s not just knocking a primer Out putting a new one in pouring some Powder in resizing the case and sticking A projectile on top there’s there’s a Whole lot that goes into it just Depending on how accurate you’re trying To make your ammunition you know you can You can turn your case next inside of The case next the outside of the case Next sort all of your cases by weight Sort all your primers by weight your Projectiles by weight you know there’s a Huge long rabbit hole that you can go Down to try and build the most accurate Ammunition possible for a specific rifle Speaking of rabbit holes [Laughter] [Laughter] Considering how many coolers that you Deal with all the time because she does A lot of stuff with us on on dealing With coolers I don’t think we’ve Actually tested them uh we have some we Have a couple of Yetis and we have one That’s the canyon cooler that’s a soft

Cooler that’s awesome those are Expensive uh but it’s funny Walmart puts Out a brand And uh they’ve just been exceptional and I don’t really know the name of it it’s One of their just their generic brands That they really promote and even with Their cups they have these cups that Actually rival the yeti Yeti the Ozark Trail Bros well I don’t think it’s I Don’t think it’s the Ozark Trail even Though that is but what what I would do Is get online this is what I like to do Personally this is my one of my things I Like to say top 10 budget tumblers top 10 budget coolers and man there’s videos Out there where guys will take 10 Coolers and they’ll test them all out so Uh I hate to take ceramax Thunder but uh She does she keeps up with all of our Coolers and puts things in it but we Don’t do a lot long term that way so um I know when you first said that she was Like so um I just thought I’d throw that In but yeah go and you can find a lot of Information doing that just make sure It’s not an ad for something specific uh And that is it’s a true review review And you know that’s that’s the best way To go As far as ham radio has No Um we’re now we’ve got our prepper group Has a lot of ham operators and um and

That they have a different setups uh in Fact one guy just set up his ham Shack And it’s it’s pretty impressive we got Another guy that has a really nice ham Shack I mean he’s got a lot of stuff got A buddy of mine that lives just down the Road that has antennas running in the Ceiling and he’s got a mass at the back And he’s got you know all this stuff Um and so you know we I’m personally a little deficient in Upping my ham Qualifications and Equipment but uh yeah But there’s a lot of great information Out there about ham and I highly Recommend you going out and checking it Out but yeah I I haven’t really upgraded Much lately and uh so I don’t really Have a good answer for that To get good self-defense ammo easy to Disassemble easy to reassemble any Thoughts no makarovs are great pistols And they serve this the Soviet Union for A long time and that ammunition is great It’s right in between at 380 and a nine Millimeter what are your thoughts on it All right yep the Makarov is a good Pistol it’s reliable uh the only the Only negative that I’ve ever had with The Makarov is the extremely heavy Trigger pull that they’ve got but it is A reliable functional pistol yeah and Sometimes I can go to Wolf Springs and Get an upgrade there are some companies

That make some aftermarket uh trigger Springs and stuff that lighten the Trigger pull on it and it does help out Quite a bit but yeah it’s it’s a good Reliable pistol it’s been around for Like 70 years now yeah yeah and I have One of the Polish p64 mackerels and that Thing has a trigger pull of about 20 Pounds it’s like yeah and I got a wolf Spring kit and made it beautiful and of Course I have the bulgarians those They’re they’re great guns they’re great Guns and they’re built like tanks Um shed LS curious why it’s so hard to Get people to prep the boring stuff Socks toothbrush toothpaste soap and Razor blade and so on It is because it’s not sexy It’s not you know your your uh Load-bearing vest and your ARs and your Magazines the ammunition which you know We saw with covid-19 what happened I Mean and that was just a weird kind of Shtf kind of thing with a great toilet Paper shortage of 2020. yeah I mean it Was weird and the things were short and Things kind of got a little squirrely But uh you know we still had internet we Still had power we still had all the Stuff we you know and so uh we don’t Know what kind of problem it is so Honestly those lighter things those Things like Imodium and Advil and Band-Aids and yeah I mean that kind of

Stuff is a necessity the things that you Use every day are the things you really Need to focus on hey focus on your Self-defense you need that anytime you Know it’s gotten bad when you get three Square meals a day but you only get two Squares in the bathroom But you’re right it is a problem it’s Something that we try to help people Because a lot of times I have friends of Mine I’ll go they’ll say something and Go man I don’t know it’s prepping’s Expensive oh check out this new 1911 That I just bought and I’m like are you Kidding me come on man well you know one Of the big things I’m glad that you Brought up um toothpaste that’s one of The big things that you know it’s it’s Consumable item and it really goes kind Of quickly it’s big it’s bulky you know But there’s alternatives to the Expensive tube toothpaste you know you Can use baking soda baking soda has been Used for for a hundred years or more as A toothpaste it works really good There’s two tastes actually made from Baking soda uh Arm and Hammer makes a a Baking soda based toothpaste okay but You can buy boxes of baking soda or even Bags of baking soda it’s like four Dollars or five dollars for a 50 pound Bag which would last you like three Lifetimes brushing your teeth but you Can get Alternatives there’s other

Alternatives to just buying the tubes of Colgate or Crest or whatever it is that You use to brush your teeth well and two It’s also things like salt so you’ve got To have salt and a lot of times our food Has a lot of salt in it but salt is an Essential to life and you know there are Different things like that that you need To be thinking about putting back that Are not fun medical Med people just drop Medical and uh that is I mean that was That keeps a lot of people just a lot of Those and so we need to have our medical Taken care of now we’re going to go back To some questions one thing I just want To mention because they they have Sponsored the video is Battle box great Subscription Service I think it starts Out about around 35 a month and then you Can go on up to the I think it’s four Different uh tiers tiers thank you four Different tiers and I mean it’s just a Something you get every month and it’s Funny because I get it I put it back I’m Like okay great I can use this I can use This uh I can’t use that I’m gonna give That to somebody that’s a friend of mine Yeah barter item Um but you know the thing is it’s just a Great resource and I find that the gear That they put in there is just excellent And you get 15 off your first order at Battlebox and also exotat again great Fire starters 20 off using suits 20 with

The link Down Below in the description Caught a spark in the industry Comes A Time Would there be an ideal area in an urban Environment to bug out to Well let me say this about like let’s go Back to uh Argentina 2001. One of the things that profound said was A lot of people went to these Retreats They took off they had these cabins up In the mountains he goes they were Followed by these Raiders and their Stuff was stripped and taken there Wasn’t anybody there to help you’ve got To have a group You’ve got to have a group if you’re Just thinking I’m in my house I’ve done All this work nobody I don’t care about Nobody else I’m gonna take care of my Family you know you’re very limited You’re very isolated and you can be Overrun very easily so forming some kind Of group is very important now in Argentina what they did was in Buenos Aires which is a very populated city They would take a block or an off Apartment building and they would all Join together with defense and Protecting it and they said that’s what Work is people getting together and Standing together right so again Standing together is one of your best Alternatives especially if you’re in an Urban situation the problem we have

Right now with Urban situations is that They’re becoming more and more left and So the problem is is you’ve got more and More potential people and threats you Got more threats so that’s probably one Of the biggest things back in the 1920s And during the Depression people banded Together they worked together they had a Common goal uh things have changed since The 1920s my grandmother when she went Through the depression and she told me This years ago before she died she said You know she goes when we had the Depression she said honestly when it Happened we were already poor so we just Continue to live life it was a little Bit less but we lived life she goes the What I worry about today is that people Are so spoiled and they’re not willing To work together they’re not willing to Help each other and she said that’s what Bothers me if we have another economic Collapse Okay uh Gene Stroman asked question I Can’t afford solar or generators and I Have a nebulizer for my breathing So what do you suggest for a power Supply for emergencies yeah well Solar is fairly reasonable I mean it is fairly you don’t have to Necessarily have a generator you know You can’t have battery backup a battery Backup with a generator now to run a Nebulizer you know again like Robbie was

Saying with the freezers you needed to Find out you know how many watts it’s Used that’s right how many watts how Many amps it uses now consider your Mother yep yep on oxygen right and That’s that’s one of the things that That is a big consideration for us is How you know how do we continue to keep Her oxygen running one option that you Have is to get a power inverter for your Car to where you can you could go out Your car you can plug your nebulizer up In your car uh to a power inverter which Converts uh 12 volt to 110 volt or 120 Volt you can plug your nebulizer up and Use it in your car and that’s gonna you Know that’s gonna carry you through as Long as you can get gas for your vehicle Um so there there are some options with Even with your Even with your car battery you know There’s small solar panels that you can Get that are they’re relatively Inexpensive you know you can get a small Panel for under a hundred dollars and if You’ve got a spare battery spare 12 volt Battery you can hook that panel up and Use it just to constantly charge that Battery and then get a power inverter Hook a power inverter up to the battery And then you’ve got you’ve got 120 volt Power to be able to run your nebulizer For that as well yeah and even a small Generator if you find a small generator

And there are propane generators out There that actually you can store up Your propane uh you know the one thing Is is it takes it’s going to take some Power it’s going to take some energy and It’s going to take some expense and so Um you know you gotta man sometimes We’re on limited budgets and it makes it Very difficult and you know that’s one Of the things that we’ve talked about in Previous videos that there’s there are Things out there that we want or things That we need that that are more Expensive that we can’t just go out and Buy and that’s where you need to create A budget and start saving a little bit Of money here a little bit of money There and putting that money back not For anything else but just for that Particular item until you get enough to Buy it and then you go buy that item and You put it back and then you have it but It’s just budgeting and saving a little Bit here and there until you can until You can save up enough to be able to buy That item Now’s the Time to be doing Things like that while we do still have Power everything’s still working like It’s supposed to everything’s Functioning properly you know we’re We’re in our comfort zone right now but Now is the time to start saving for Those things buying those items and Putting them back to where something

Does happen you do have it and you know Sometimes there are things around your House you could sail You know have a small yard sale or just Put it on Facebook Marketplace or you Know just word of mouth and sell a few Things to be able to buy those Especially the essentials that’s a Priority that’s a priority so it’s Really important to be able to secure That more than about anything else Because air three minutes without air And so you definitely have to take care Of that Uh leader be asked will there still be Gun stores or shows in a total shtm I would say the answer to that would be Yeah yeah I would say so and maybe not Necessarily uh gun shows but your your Flea markets your farmers markets any Place that you would go to barter you’re Going to be able to to buy sell and Trade firearms and ammunition there uh Your gun stores or gunsmiths are still Going to be around they’re still going To be probably overwhelmed with work uh Just because people have a tool now that They have to have that has to work and You have to have people to be able to Fix and repair those tools and they’ve Got to be able to repair them maybe Without power right right so uh you know Maybe going back to old school which Robbie and I are big about finding tools

And things that don’t require electrical Power and uh finding tools and having a Good supply of tools to be able to do Repairs if you need to a couple years Ago I bought this grinder it’s really Cool it fits on your bench and it’s got A big thing it’s got a hand crank and It’s actually time to where you’re not Turning it as it is I mean you turn it That thing spinning and you can grind Things with it I mean it’s just a great Tool but there are other things like That that you can get so um but yeah I Mean they’ll be trading and wheeling and Dealing uh but you know you’ve got to Get through that initial part first Probably uh people gotta asked question Can you do a show on Dollar Store Prepping people starting out uh or on a Budget can pretty much find everything They need cheap not always the best Quality but better than nothing yes uh And that is something that we’ve been Doing and something we’ve been talking About with Dollar Store I’ve been in Dollar store and kind of done a Reconnaissance and uh it was the one we Have here was a little bit slim pickings On prepping items but we are going to be Doing something because I think it’s Important we’ve done some on going to The Goodwill in fact we had a huge Success going to Goodwill Harbor Freight You know Walmart I’ve done a number of

Bug out bags going to Walmart we’ve got One coming up on Home Depot or Lowe’s And uh finding just survival items and Try to focus on what is the best you can Get and what can you get and what are The holes so uh yeah we’re working on Different ones but yeah the Dollar Tree Or Dollar General is or dollar store is Definitely one that uh because that’s Something that sometimes in primitive Areas they just pop up that’s the only Business well you know they’re they’re Like the hardware stores when we were Younger you know you’re a hardware store You could go in there and you could buy Everything you know from nails and Screws to baby chicks and you know some Chicken for dinner you get everything in Your hardware store and the Dollar Generals and and Dollar Trees and stuff Like that have really replaced the local Community hardware stores right Unfortunately back when the hardware Stores were around people were doing Their own things they were doing their Own Gardens they were building their own Fences they were you know irrigating and Doing that stuff today we just have lost That art and so uh which is unfortunate So that’s the reason why when we go in There it’s just commercial stuff but Consumable items right right okay well I’ve believe man well we got 10 minutes Uh Sarah Mack threw up a sign I thought

We’d run out of time so good good I’m Glad we have a few more minutes Hand warmer tossed in it is as good as Mylar bags for midterm food storage Um The blue barrels uh you know if they Seal correctly you know if you get them Sealed right I don’t see why not because That’s what a lot of companies do I’ll Grab this one yeah okay so we used to Have horses we had the blue barrels and That’s what we kept our oats and we kept Our sweet feed in those blue barrels With the sealed Lids Um one thing that we noticed in the Summertime with high humidity in the Area when you’re if you open the barrel To get some sweet feed out feed the Horses whatever if you leave the barrel Sealed up for a few days the top layer Of your feed would have mildew on it Because the moisture that got in there So if you’re going to use those barrels Know that they’re either you need to be Living in a really dry environment that Doesn’t have a lot of humidity and Moisture Um or when you seal that Barrel up you Don’t open that Barrel until you’re Planning on consuming everything that’s In that Barrel that’s interesting that’s A good first-hand view of it one thing That of course you know we use the white Buckets the five gallon buckets mylar

Bags I mean that’s a great way to do it Uh but yeah any moisture that can get in It and if you’re opening it up and out Yeah and anything for storage like that For long-term storage it’s it’s nice Having the big 55 gallon barrels to Store stuff in because you can put a lot Of a lot of food in there the downside Is when you open it you unseal it you Expose it to the elements and that’s all Of your food that’s being exposed to the Elements so I really prefer using Smaller storage containers for my Long-term food storage and that way when I open that container we’re going to be Able to eat that container in just a few Days versus end up losing a lot of our Food storage long-term food storage in a Big barrel yeah that’s one thing about Having big big portions is you know You’re going to end up needing to eat Them quicker yep Uh Penny prepper ask fellow Preppers Would you save her for long-term Um storage butane or propane propane Uh one of the things about propane and Go ahead yeah Robbie’s going to come in On some uh one thing about propane is That it is very stable super stable uh In fact Robbie told me the other day he Found an old propane can that he had Back in the back somewhere it was about 10 years old I was older than that it Was probably 25 or 30. yeah and just you

Know you can use it the the way the way They seal those up I mean they stay very Stable and and they have to because they Use them commercially all over the place You know you go to Walmart or Ingles or Wherever and or your grocery store and They have those exchange things Um so propane to me is my preferred Choice I do have butane though for Certain stoves that we have right and They’re in the aerosol cans but if you Have any kind of aerosol can you notice That after a while it starts to lose its Stuff you know and that’s one thing About propane is it really seals it in And it has that heavier container so it Doesn’t get damaged as easily and very Portable yeah and one of the big things I like about propane over butane as well As you can get it in larger bulk Containers you’re not limited to little Small tiny portable bottles you know With propane you can get a one pound Bottle and a one pound bottle will last You quite a while or you step up your 20 Pound bottle like you use with your Grill or if you have property you can Get a 200 300 400 gallon storage tank And fill it with propane which can last You for years so yeah a lot more storage Options with propane over butane as far As cleanliness I think they’re they’re Comparable with one another you get a Good clean burn a good clean flame with

Both but propane just because you’re Able to get such a large storage Container and they seal up extremely Well I always get propane over butane Yeah but we do have butane but again we We store our heavy storage is on on Propane Uh King Tut 574 asked how important is Gun cleaning and having the the needed Tools during an shtf situation So gun cleaning is it’s it is important You don’t want your Firearms to rust and Deteriorate you know a lot of firearms From the 1800s aren’t around anymore Because they weren’t properly cared for And maintained they rusted they became Unserviceable unusable so you want to Keep your firearm clean you want to keep It lightly old that way it doesn’t rust It doesn’t start to deteriorate Because in an shtf situation you’re Depending on that firearm for your food You’re depending on it for your Protection your survival that firearm is Going to be everything to you Maintaining that firearm and keeping it In good working order where it’s not Rusted it’s not deteriorating it’s not Degrading it is going to be extremely Important so You know there there’s Millions It’s probably a little exaggeration but Maybe not so much of gun products out There that are designed just for

Cleaning your guns okay I like to use anything that you use to Strip copper and Lead Out of the barrel Will work there’s lots of great Companies out there that make materials And and cleaners that are really good Just for cleaning copper and Lead Out Your brushes work your patches work as Far as oiling the outside of the gun to Keep it from deteriorating and getting Rust on it in a long-term shtf situation Go to your auto parts store and get a Few quarts of zero W10 or 0w 20 or 0w-30 Pure synthetic engine oil for your car A quart of oil for your car is going to Cost you five bucks you go to a gun shop And buy a little bitty bottle like this And it’s going to cost you ten dollars Okay it’s just it’s just simple Economics if you’re looking at this in a Long-term situation buy a quart or a Couple of Courts and set those aside Those are going to last you 40 gallons Oh yeah that’s right absolutely it’s Going to last you a long long time with Cleaning and maintenance on your firearm And two the one thing that I find is That sometimes I’ll have a gun I haven’t Shot it in a while and for some reason Because I do a lot of shooting guns Don’t always get cleaned and so I’ll Take it out and I’ve shot it maybe last Year and I’ll pick it up and I’ll work The slide and it’s like because they’ll

Get gummed up just from the the residue And the shooting and things like that so You need to keep it clean to keep it Moving keep those parts moving Flawlessly because you don’t want to Have malfunctions because you haven’t Cleaned your guns and that’s one of the Big reasons why I recommend synthetical Over over a Corn based or Petroleum-based oil the the natural oils Tend to harden over time if you’ve ever Picked a gun up and it’s got like a waxy Yellowish film on it that is a natural Oil that is dried and hardened on that Firearm and if you leave one setting up For a while with oil on the frame rails Like on a semi-automatic pistol that oil Can actually Harden in there and lock The slide up where you can’t even cycle The gun so I always go with synthetic Pure synthetic oils when you’re Lubricating your Firearms to prevent That oil from drying and hardening and Causing malfunctions with your firearm Uh River boy 420 ask question rock salt Rounds for home defense yes or no That’s really painful uh non-lit the Real thing or is that an urban legend no I think we’ve all heard about that but I I’ve always wondered if that was a real Thing or just an urban legend I think I’ve been shot at with rock salt a Couple of times in my younger days Um

I wouldn’t use it as a less lethal Option I mean I mean you’d like somebody Up for sure but uh you know here’s the Thing it’s If a solid chunk of if it the rock Didn’t disintegrate when it when it Fired the rock salt didn’t disintegrate When it fired you know it’s going to be It’s not going to be a less lethal round You know there’s a good chance that’s Going to be a lethal round so anytime You’re anytime you’re shooting something At someone that has the potential to to Stay in a hard form whether it’s rock Salt or a rock or whatever that you’re Throwing down the barrel of your firearm If there’s a potential that that could Be a lethal round and not a less lethal Round To do some research on that I hadn’t Even thought about rock salt That uh that may end up being a video That might be okay I think it’s it is uh Time and uh guys it goes by so quick Thanks for all the questions Um you guys seem to have a lot of Questions but we didn’t have any kind of Subjects that you guys are focused on But that’s okay if you do and you’re Watching this later which the majority Of this video will be watched after we End the live which is important to us Because it becomes a reference and we Want this to become a reference and

Hopefully a lot of these questions will Help others uh to get answers that they Were looking for and that is what it’s All about it takes a community and it Does if there’s a topic that you’d like To see us discuss in a future episode Make sure you leave that topic and a Brief description about it in the Comments below yeah we’ll check it out And see how it’s going again uh we do Appreciate uh Robbie for being here and Uh giving his input which is very Valuable to us and uh guys you know Check out weeping arms uh YouTube not Man always get that makes that the Robbie Wheaton YouTube channel which is Also wheat in arms gotta check that out Great Insight in guns in different Reviews uh also check out for great lock parts or If you need upgrades for your pistols or Whatever or custom work Robbie does that As well and we really appreciate him Being here we really thank Sarah Mack For being here as well and answering all Those questions it’s been a busy day for Her when we have q a and uh again battle Box guys if you’re looking for a good Subscription service or you just don’t Know what to do and you want to get some Good gear then check out battlebox it’s A subscription every month and there’s Four different tiers you can pick what a Level you want to go with and then you

Get 15 off your first box using the code Down Below in the description and also Exotech 20 off using suits 20 with the Link down below and we really think Those guys for for being a part of Helping you get prepared be strong be of Good courage God bless US America long Live the republic