Do You Have a Plan for What’s Next?

By | September 6, 2022

As part of this 30 days preparedness Collaboration that i’m doing with other Youtube channels in the national Preparedness month i want to talk to you About building a disaster plan checklist What i did is i put together a free Downloadable guide that details the core Foundations that we’re going to go over In just a minute now this document Starts off with defining the important Items that you want to have on standby Should you be forced to evacuate along With a detailed checklist that you can Follow if a disaster strikes also in the Middle of the video we’re going to Discuss a giveaway that we’ll be doing And so definitely stick around till then So let’s jump in Okay so now we’ve got the document Loaded in front of us when you go to Download this here’s what you need to do You’re going to go to file and go to i Believe make a copy you’ll need to be Logged into a gmail or youtube account Then you can make a copy and bring this Over to your own google drive If you try to get access to this you Won’t be able to access it unless you Make a copy of it first so what this is Is essentially just a guide that starts Off with talking about 72 hours of Preparedness building a what’s called a Bug out bag what we call this community And other miscellaneous gear now the

First column here talks about three Different types of bags we talk about a Bug out bag which is very important it’s Also referred to as a go bag a 72 hour Bag and the the premise is is allows you To sustain yourself for 72 hours if There’s a disaster and you’ll want to Create each one of these for every one Of your family members and you also have To factor in your pets now this is a Foundation that even other Government websites they recommend Having some type of bag that’s similar To this setup now i also if you’ll Notice here i mentioned other type of Bags if you choose to build out Something like an everyday carry if You’re out and about in a disaster Strikes having that type of bag it can Be practical for a lot of applications As well as for individuals that commute Having a get home bag it’s very similar To a bug out bag but the the coal excuse Me the goal here is to have a bag that Allows you to survive for 72 hours and It has and i won’t go through each one Of these but it has all the high level Items that you’re going to want to Consider between shelter Food water I’ll scroll down here different Medication you need First aid gear a tourniquet and it’s Often overlooked when people go to buy a

Tourniquet by the way i do provide a Link to It’s not a cheap tourniquet but i don’t Recommend you buying a tourniquet on Amazon i’ve had a lot of emt Physicians reach out when i’ve Recommended tourniquets off amazon They’ve all stated that this is a one That they would only feel comfortable The other ones can break very easily so Spend a little extra to get something That if your life is online you’ll have It also again consider your pets and we Talk about this making sure you have the Right gear and food for them now what we What i don’t do here is i don’t go Through a lot of the miscellaneous items I just talked about the high level Things here first between shelter food Water and medicine and again the goal in First aid kit the goal is to keep this Gear very light i do breakout videos I’ve done several in the past where i’ve Gone through and described building These types of bags i’ve got one here That describes how to build one for your Entire family each family member and i Go into a lot of detail and this one is A budget option if you Say hey well the one that you showed is A little on the expensive side this is One that i did recently for budgeting or If you’re on a budget a very tight Budget

Now the other items here we’ve got other Considerations and again i provide links To all these items if you want to go off And check them you don’t have to get Everything i recommend i try to find Affordable options uh here so having Said that this is the checklist and Again i would encourage you to watch my Other videos that go into this at a much Deeper level Now we also have to factor in the Possibility that if there’s a disaster We’re actually going to stay at home we Need to start out with the first Consideration of 72 hours in mobility Now if a disaster occurs and we don’t Have to leave that 72 hour bag is still Applicable because it would have the Critical elements that you would need Food water security or rather first aid And other items that would be useful Even if you were to stay at your house But the advantage is obviously if a Situation comes up and you have to leave A lot of times people say well i Wouldn’t leave but you may not have a Choice again there’s been places like in Colorado california and other places Where fire will sweep through a Community and people have literally Minutes to get out or they will perish If their house burns down so all that to Say think that through the second Approach and thing that we’ll look at

Here is if a disaster occurs or some Event that forces you to stay in your Home for a prolonged period of time These are the things that we want to Consider Typically what i do when i Someone that i first meet that gets into Preparedness i start them off with a 72 Hour bug bug out bag the go bag that Gets them through the first three days It’s there that i recommend once they Get that squared away they build up to Two weeks and we typically recommend Starting off with two weeks of food then If you want to be a little more Ambitious and go past that three months If you really want to get ambitious i Have a video explaining how to build a One-year food inventory Per individual we explain all the Details of calories where to store it How to store it And so on so forth so The next item here is cooking i go Through a lot of different Elements that you need to consider Between having the different types of Utensils the ways that you can cook the Considerations a lot of people just Assume they’ll start a fire in their Backyard Cook over a fire that’s for different Reasons that may not be something you Want to do especially once you go past

Three or four or five days because Cooking outside the smells that you’re As you’re cooking other people that are Not prepared will know what you have and It’s going to draw unwanted attention so All that to say think this through i Would encourage you to look at these Videos that go into a lot more detail Water now Water as we’ve seen in i believe jackson Mississippi water is not always a given These individuals unfortunately in the Community At the time of recording this video want To say four or five maybe six days out Of not having fresh water and there’s no End in sight at this moment as to when That will be restored so it’s important That you consider this as part of your Prep and what we do is we typically Typically recommend a minimum a minimum Of a gallon per person per day for two Weeks that roughly comes out to 14 Gallons you’ll see here that i say 15 Gallons preferably 30 gallons 2 gallons Per person per day that’s even going to Be difficult one’s going to be survival Mode only so if you want to watch the Breakout videos that i do talking about Different types of water storage options Different practices that you need to Observe when you store water away how to Get the containers prepared where to Store it different all the different

Things that you need to be aware of we Also talked about a video we do a Breakout on 55 gallon drums i’ve got i Believe about 10 or 12 of those in my Garage i’ve got i think nine and i’ve Got some outside so These are all considerations that you Need to think about when it comes to Water Prescription medication is often Overlooked especially in a disaster People need to If you’re on any type of prescription Medication you need to really think Through if you have to leave do you know Where the where your items are at and How to quickly get them again the point Of this document is to get us thinking If the disaster occurs that we can move Quickly where we don’t forget important Details so what i recommend is as you Notice here it says i recommend tying a List on the bags with notes explaining Where you can go to get those items if You store them away from your bags most People will portable documents this is Important to consider as well these Documents i had a subscriber that just Recently Unfortunately his house burned down and He had kept a lot of things in a fire Safe even that burned down and it was Not retrievable so i encourage people to Use backup services that you can scan

Documents or backup to the cloud i Personally use dropbox and for more Secure documents google drive is free Family photos same way you want to make Sure you have those backed up and if you Watch the video that i do explain how to Build bug out bags for the family i go Through in detail why it’s important to Print out photos of each of the family Members and have those in the bags so That if you get separate Separated from your family especially Children you will be able to show hey Here’s my family member this you know Gives more evidence right if you do Finally find your child and they’re in The care of someone else All right disaster binder This and we’re going to talk about this Here in just a moment we’re going to go Through items at the very end of this Video detailing what you should consider When it goes into documenting these Things out we’ll run through that in a Minute now at the beginning of the video I mentioned a giveaway that we’re doing We’re partnering with refuge medical I’ve done a video in the past on their Different types of kits i will tell you Up front i have no affiliation i get no Financial Kickback i don’t have any affiliate Account with them i even have a discount Code the only reason i recommend that

You check them out is they’re respected Within the preparedness community this Is what they focus on and what they do Is they buy in bulk they get things at Discount and they’re able to turn around And sell Quality items that you’d be hard pressed Even find that even near the price point So At the moment if you want to enroll in This giveaway what we’re going to do is If you sign up for this document that We’re reviewing i’ll post a link below When you sign up you’ll be added to our Email system you can opt out anytime There’s no uh you know we’re not going To hold you or hold you hostage but when What we’ll do is in a week we’ll pull Out all the emails and we’ll run just a Basic uh tool that allows us to randomly Pick one we’ll send an email and then We’ll send out a video to everyone Showing the winner so if you do want to Sign up they’re giving away the wound Care kit which is something again that i Reviewed a while back definitely Recommend if you are considering a Long-term potential disaster and being Able to take care of family members all Right So let’s move on to the section about Things to know these are some of the i Think important things that you would Want to consider after disaster that

Anybody needs to factor in how do you Find water after disaster especially if You’ve run out of water that you’ve Stored how do you shut off water power And gas line these are important three Things these you know your water knowing How to turn it off uh knowing how to Turn off electricity and gas especially Where i live in earthquake territory Knowing how to turn off gas is extremely Important In this video i go through and explain How to cook and prepare food after Disaster A lot of people just assume hey i’ll Turn on the stove well what if the gas Lines are cut or there’s no electricity You really need to think these things Through in advance First aid and medical skills Uh taking time off to learn these skills I know is something that a lot of people Don’t have time to do But if you and this is something i take And i’ll probably retake here soon Searching cert you can take this to your Local fire department they typically Offer it once or twice a year just go on This website and they’ll show different Training opportunities in your area Cannot recommend it enough it’s a Weekend you’ll learn a lot then the last Thing is navigation and map reading if You’re split up and you need to be able

To get around in your community or go to A location outside of your area and the Grid is down internet’s down gps is down These are all possibilities having a map And knowing how to read it would be very Important so i know we covered a lot but Again i’m not going to go through every Single one of these i would encourage You to watch the videos to get a little More information now let’s get to the Meat of this building a disaster plan Exercise exercise plus a binder What i’m going to show you here Is I would encourage you to start off with This video that goes into a risk Assessment guide it helps you understand What are the most likely threats in your Area so that you can prepare for them Where i live at the moment recording This video september 5th we are in this Free heat wave in california fires are Starting to sprout up so we know at this Time of the year fire is always an issue Earthquakes are given you just never Know when they’re going to come fire Seasonal here so it’s important that you Go through and i uh i would encourage You to print off two pages per disaster After you go through the risk assessment And determine again in my case if a Disaster like an earthquake happens and I would write in here disaster type Earthquake what i would do is i would go

Through and create a document Print this off and explain the actions That i would take if there was an Earthquake where everything’s located And i’ll get into this in a second in The length of an actual disaster for me Fortunately an earthquake would be well Not fortunately but a major earthquake Would be Likely a few minutes it could extend With aftershocks for an hour so give you Know off and on but it’s not going to be A prolonged days-long event right now The aftermath is a different story So Now with a fire a fire could last for Days for them to the fire department it Could take them days to be able to put It out in your area so that would be a Totally different situation and how Would prepare for it you will find that Different scenarios will overlap in how You prepare so i wouldn’t get too Worried about saying well i’ve got to Prepare for every scenario you’ll find a Lot of overlap now what you’ll need to Do is just simply print off the document Here and put this in a binder laminate It put it with your bags or an essential Place that if a disaster occurs you know Where this is at the first item is an Action turn off gas after an earthquake Is an example so if i were gone and a Disaster hit i could tell my wife okay

This is where the documents are if i’m Not around you’ll know what to do and She can go through a checklist without Any worries or concerns For example turn off the gas meter where It’s at outside the house on the side i Will write that in next to our garage Who’s assigned to this i would probably Take on that but i’ll also this is Something that she can handle now You see these designees why we put this Is because if a disaster occurs Especially i have a family and Everybody’s trying to handle the Different issues we want to build assign Different tasks to different individuals Help break that up now floor plan you Can define for example where these are These items are that you need to move on And again if i were to say turn off the Gas i would right want to draw a Diagram for our first floor and put Where the gas meter is and probably Indicate that where this is up here so That is how we go about filling this Page out anticipated aftermath length This is where We focus on after the disaster what do We need to consider where our preps are Stored the length of time that it will Last for example if i have freeze-dried Food in a closet well how long will that Last for the family location these are All the kind of things that really help

Us take inventory of where things are at So we can prepare This last one is rendezvous points Communication plan if you’re separated And again you’ll find this information Here you can put down location address Where do you go if you get split up Diamond spill evacuated it would appear So Oh okay autocorrect um you know and so What you want to do again is find out Um who should go there under what Circumstance should they go these kind Of things that you need to think through In advance having a person that’s out of State for contact that everybody can Call into in case you get split so i Again would recommend that you would Take the time to go over this print These out and i’ll provide a link to This below And these are all the things that are Important to help you think through Should there be a disaster and again I’ve been in a situation where we had a Fire sweep through our area and i’ll Tell you it was tough trying to think These things through Under stress but that’s really the Basics of your disaster plan and again i Would encourage you to print out the Last two pages and create several Duplicates to really plan for various Scenarios

If as i mentioned in the video if you do This you’ll find there’s a lot of Overlap so you’ll see What are the primary things that you Need to focus on if you do have a Disaster plan for both likely and Unlikely but probable disasters i Believe that you’re really going to have A solid basis and understanding of how To survive any disaster of course Different disasters have different Ramifications but if you know the core You’ll be able to use that material or Information across the different Types of disasters Now of course i acknowledge that this is A pretty basic plan but i link off to a Lot of other videos And deeper information what i really Wanted to do in this exercise is to give You the basic information to get you Started so you don’t get overwhelmed and You know feel like i’ve got to learn all This information up front if you Understand this and how to move with This information you’ll be far far ahead The reality is if a disaster strikes you Avoid the paralysis by preparing By having this actionable well thought Out plan of action And you’ll be calmer and i believe that You’ll make more precise decisions when I experienced that situation a few years Ago if i’ve had this documented out

Front um it would have taken a lot of Stress there’s moments where i felt like You know i was just only able to focus On one thing at a time And i i had to otherwise i would have Been going in circles but this type of Plan allows everybody to break up and Decide who does what so again i’ll post A link to this if you want to sign up To be enrolled for the giveaway it’s the Same process to sign up for this Document all right i hope it helps you In your preparedness plan And again take the time to fill this out As always stay safe out there