Condor Bushcraft Parang – Can it Bushcraft ?

By | September 4, 2022

Woolly with a big knife Be afraid gate be very afraid This Is the condor Bushcraft parang Check it out Check that out that Is a beast okay Stay tuned Very effective with that sort of work Guys very very effective But how good is it as at bushcraft now It is called the bushcraft parang right So Let’s do some bushcraft with it see how It gets on It is a little better Addictive Okay Let’s talk about it so it is Called the condor bushcraft parang They’re seeing it’s a cross between a Traditional parang and a gulag it’s 1095 Carbon steel it’s 4.5 millimeters thick And it has a 13 inch blade okay And it has a ballistic nylon sheath okay Now for me A nylon sheath Is going to make more sense because These are primarily designed to be used In the jungle okay Now the thing about it when any time i Have been in the jungle and i have been Using a machete or a parang

Generally machetes guys You know any jungle i’ve been in where There’s locals They’re using some sort of machete okay Uh and they’re generally thinner than This okay so So what i want to see is How does it handle Bushcraft stuff that i would use a blade For you know like Splitting wood battening wood striking a Ferro rod okay making feather sticks and Stuff like that Uh it it it does have a decent handle Decent handle probably could do with Being trimmed off a little bit there’s a Couple a couple of little raised ridges And stuff and guys this is not new this Is this is steve owns this and steve has Been using this quite a bit Uh It does it does have it’s a sort of a Child here so you can choke up on it Okay So you can see here guys just some Raised lines where the molding has been And you can see we have a child here Where you can’t choke up on it guys okay It’s a fairly beefy piece of steel but It feels okay to swing you know it’s Grand guys i’m going to get somewhere I’ll grab a piece of wood and we will Get the work on it I wonder what it’s like a chopping

Got a nice little piece of wood here Probably not the freshest Daphne bites deep guys definitely Oh broke my whole wall broke my whole Wall I think that is satisfactory Let’s get this up Let’s try it like that That’ll do That’s good enough So guys For me the whole point of having a big Blade like this is bruno you are not Getting this you go away now sit Is that it replaces the need for an axe Okay so if you are somebody who uses a Knife and an axe this is sort of The two tools in one Guys it is just starting to no no no It’s just starting to lash rain okay so Stop it Guys it’s just starting to lash let me Let me let me fly through this and then I’ll put the camera away okay guys look So The whole idea is that it is you can use This as an axe and you can use it as a Knife as well all right so and not you Know In that frame of thought i should be Able to split something like this with This stop going upstairs Now i have to take it off There you go

Nice split and that was quite easy Now guys Before you get into the comments and Give me loads of grief About not doing it properly i know i Didn’t do it properly let’s try it this Way No problem too This is naughty Guys look This is this is very naughty okay so as You can see So Let’s see if we can remove that knot and Get a wee bit more uh Fine work done with it but first of all I’m going to take you guys out durian I’m going to steal bruno stick Oh he heard me here he comes Now battening should be no problem for This the only issue i could see with it Is that It is quite sharp on the back that’s not Working Now This is not wood that i would normally Father stick so maybe i should find Something a wee bit more straight grain And more in line and what i would Normally be using do you see him right There can you see his nose do you want This you want this Give it a shot Let me let me see if i can figure this

Out You know the ship does lend itself to Maybe a bit of skinning maybe a bit of Draw knife work and stuff like that so You know this is the shape of a big Knife that i prefer Okay I’m just i’m Struggling for a work surface here i Know what i’ll do I bring in another stump Okay So by bringing in the other stump right Which has a bit of a lip on it what i Can do is that means that i have Somewhere to hold this while i’m using Two hands to feather this first i’ll try It with one hand Let’s try 200. [Applause] Not bad guys not bad at all I would say that with a little bit of Practice You can make all sorts of feathers with This Now let’s see if we choose a spark But Here you can have it go on Just your standard bushcraft store Uh Barrel rod Actuals really good sparks guys Really good sparks Guys

The condor bushcraft parang Machete Zombie headlopper offer whatever you Want to call it guys Does it bushcraft Yes it does guys it does uh it is it It’s a decent tool now i have not played With a lot this is basically me just Taking it into the woods for the first Time and getting some thoughts down on On camera I wanted to see if it is something that You can just pick up and and and you Know and just go at it And guys it definitely works it Definitely works it is a capable machine Uh only a little bit of chopping With it but i didn’t have any hot spots Or anything like that i did think that There would be an issue with that little Seam there where they have the They have um You know molded this handle onto the Steel guys in regards to To where this hat where this goes Underneath i don’t know but i’ll i’ll Research that and i’ll put it down below In the links or sorry in the description Guys this is a A cool tool this is one of these things That if you have it and you’re in a Situation where you need that type of Tool the condor guys condor make good Stuff and it’s as simple as that

Guys look Thanks for watching Steve frosty for me and bruno guys we Like condor they make some kick-ass Turtles Stay frosty