Leatherman Free T2 vs T4 : Practical EDC Multi-Tool

By | September 2, 2022

[Music] Thank you Guys this past weekend I was at a gun Show and we came across this one table That just had a variety of used tools And knives all over I mean it was one of Those that I really like to kind of Explore and I came across this Leatherman and it’s the free T2 I’ll Just to be honest I’d never even seen One of these multi-tools and it’s really A minimalist tool now the first Multi-tool that I ever owned was a Leatherman it was one of the first Pliers that they offered and I still Have that tool and it’s just a good Solid tool and Leatherman makes good Products but then I got interested Started doing some research so I went Ahead and purchased one of the k4s which Also I’d never heard of we’re gonna do a Little comparison between the two and if You’re looking for something that is Really small for EDC but you want some Multiple functions these little free t2s And t4s and the different models they Have you know are worth taking a look at I mean for me personally I don’t carry a Full-size multi-tool on me I always have It in some pack or some EDC pack I have One in my vehicle but I just don’t carry Them because they’re just for me too Large and so having an option like this Is just really great if I need those

Small little tools that just a pocket Knife won’t suffice now guys Leatherman Makes a ton of different multi-tools From large multi-tools with power pliers And different things with a lot of tools Attached and those can be kind of Cumbersome but these are really Designated for just basic EDC nothing Hard just if you need a small little Tool you’ve got it right at your Fingertips and so we have the free T2 Here and the free T4 here and of course Obviously they’re not free but these are Just excellent little small pocket type Multi-tools and so we’re going to kind Of take a look at both there’s some Great features of both and some Different possibilities and maybe it Might give you something just to think About as far as having a multi-tool Again I don’t care real full size Multi-tool in my pocket it’s just too Big but I like the capability that these Tools offer now a couple of things they Are stainless steel all the way through One of the big things is they’re One-handed opening so you have that Little Mark now what you want to do is Go straight out with it a lot of times If you have a flipper or you know one With the little stud you want to flip it Up but this just flips straight out and Then you have this locking bar and so it Is locked in I mean it locks it in solid

And one of the things that’s kind of Cool about this tool is that it’s Magnetic it has magnets inside to retain The tools and it’s something that it Just makes it easier to be able to open So you’re not pushing against you know a Detent so just a little simple now one Of the dangers with having magnets is That let’s say if you’re using a hacksaw In your sawing or your grinding or your Grinding metal it could attach itself to The magnetic body so that is one of the Kind of downsides but yet there’s the Upside is that you can get to these Tools pretty quickly we have a drop Point blade it is hollow ground and it’s About two inches they say it’s a little Just a Touch over two inches in length And so this has the same blade on the t2 As we do on the T3 it’s just the same Blade shape it’s the same length And this is made from 420 HC or high Carbon steel now before we get into it One of the things that it Compares with Is your Victorinox with the the Swiss Army knives with a multitude of tools One of the big benefits though because Of this Locking System is with the Victorinox if you pull out the main Blade and first off it’s not hands-free Or you know one-handed opening and also It’s just a detent in there that keeps It from pushing but if you put a lot of Pressure on it it can close on your hand

I’ve used these knives for years and I Have had a couple of instances but Overall this is a great knife one of the Other things it doesn’t allow for any Pocket carry it doesn’t have a pocket Clip and so you know but there are a ton Of different models and you can suit These to fit you especially if you’re a Wine Drinker because you know you have a Corkscrew but again there’s a ton of Different options but this kind of goes With a more utilitarian a little bit More strength the body is a little bit Wider which a lot of times with the Victorinox they can be wide as well but It gives you a good gripping surface With a small tool and I like that you Know it is a little blocky and the blade Is offset just a little bit but I find That it actually works really well Now one of the big things about this Tool too before we get into the other Tools and I’m going to show you we’re Going to go ahead you just push up and Then it closes the blade so it’s a Really easy system and this also locks All of your other tools But if you’ll notice on the T4 we have a Pocket clip and I really like that this Fits really nice in my pocket I like to Carry with pocket clips whether it’s my Knife or my flashlight and so that makes It really nice now one of the things About the t2 is it does not have a

Pocket clip but it has holes for a Pocket clip now you can order a pocket Clip for it which I did and I haven’t uh Because I thought this is just too Useful not to have a pocket clip and it Makes it really easy So you know and it’s about 10 bucks so It’s a 10 upgrade uh and then just to Give you an idea of the price while We’re at it these run about 40 bucks and You can find them for different prices And the T4 runs about sixty dollars and So once you put a pocket clip on here You got fifty dollars in this you’ve got 60 in this so it’s just one of those Things to consider and they do come in a Multitude of different colors but here We just went ahead and went with the Silver mainly because I had gotten this Stainless steel finish when I picked This up at the gun show so I wanted to Match it with the T4 now I’m going to Show the T3 the tools and then we’ll go Back and look at the T4 but again you Have these magnets that hold these tools Into place and so there’s a little Section here at the back where you can Pull whatever tool you want out now here We have a small pry bar in fact it’s the Mini pry bar and then we have a medium Sized flathead screwdriver but one thing I really like about this particular tool Is it has this sharp edge and this is For package or box opening and so

Instead of dulling my blade of my Primary knife I can use this and I can Open boxes and it has a really nice Cut To it and we’ll test that out in just a Minute but that’s one thing I do like And it again it does lock and then all I Have to do is just push down and then I Can close it now when I have the middle Tool and I bring it out and they’re a Little bit close but if you really need Something it’s great to just have it Really handy now this is they’re all and It has a mini flathead screwdriver at The end and it has an edge that comes All the way down and so that gives you Some cutting capability scraping but Also it does have that small little Flathead screwdriver And so that’s a nice little tool and Then we’re going to go to the last tool And it’s actually a Phillips head Screwdriver and it’s really in the Middle it’s just where I pulled these Out this has the Phillips head and it’s Number one and number two so it’ll fit Either one and then you have a bottle Opener or a bottle cap opener and so That way you’ve got your opener right There which every multi-tool has to have Some kind of bottle opener and I Understand why and so here again it’s Locked down it’s not going to close Until you push this up and one of the Things I like about this Locking System

Is it’s not something I’m going to Inadvertently push up I mean you’ve got To put some a little bit of force to it It’s not too much a little spring in There is pretty decent but it definitely Gives that a good lock up And so those are the eight tools that Come with the t2 Now with the T4 we have 12 different Tools and again you have your knife and It is one-handed opening Again the lock And then we have tools here and so I’m Going to start out this has a file it’s A very short file and typically files Like this are not really usable for you Know larger tasks but we have a small Tool you can you know take down your Thumbnails or whatever your fingernails Or you know if you have a little piece Of metal that’s on something or a piece Of wood you just need to finish it off You can do it with this but it’s not a Lot and it’s not Diamond coated which a Lot of their files are and so you know It’s just a a good just last minute I Need a little touch up that’s about what You’re going to get and we have a small Little mini screwdriver here at the end Which is a little bit of a chisel as Well And then we’re going to close that up we Have our opening on both sides our lock Okay now we’re going to take the second

Tool out And this is again the mini pry bar it Has that edge on it that you can do for Box opening and then we have a Medium-sized screwdriver and so that’s Very convenient that’s the same tool That we have on the other one we’re Going to close that down and then the Last tool on this side is this small Little pair of tweezers which I find Very useful especially if I have a Splinter or something and or I can get To something really small and so that Gives me a set of tweezers which a lot Of times comes on the Victorinox Swiss Army type knives and so that gives you Those tools on this side and then we Turn it over and then we have a whole Another set of tools now the first one I’m going to pull out it is the same as The t2 and it’s a number one or number Two Phillips head with a bottle opener You got to remember which side is locked Okay and then we’re going with the Middle tool And this is also an awl and it has the Small little micro screwdriver and it Has the edge that comes over here and Again it’s an awl so we’re going to Close that And then the last tool which I really Like I love having a pair of scissors Now you know you can cut most things With a knife

But uh it’s good to have a pair of Scissors for certain type work cutting Paper obviously but a lot of different Things strings and things like that if You just want to cut and snip something Off this makes it really nice to have a Good little pair of scissors and it’s Pretty strong it’s got a nice Spring Right here and again on that same side Is where your lock is so again you have Your lock here and you have a lock here To accentuate or to lock down each of The tools Now we also have a really nice pocket Clip and it’s pretty deep carry I like That it’s stainless steel it’s got a lot Of spring to it and so it’s going to fit In your pocket it’s not going to bend And again you can take this off you can Replace it if you need to and you can See the scales also have some small Screws that can be replaced if you need To now one of the things that both of These have are these polymer type Spacers and this one has just a back all The way through and so all the tools Nestle into that I think they probably Could have done something on the back Here but they wanted to keep this very Simple and I think they did that and That also keeps the price down without Redesigning all this if you want the Extra tools of course you can see here All the tools are set into the polymer

And it works really well some people Don’t like the polymer and I understand But uh you know it’s definitely a very Hard impact type material and it’s just Going to give a little bit more Stability to the tool overall and one Thing that the t2 has the T1 doesn’t not Is it has a lanyard hole so I can Actually put a lanyard through the t2 And there’s no place really to put a Lanyard but I do have my pocket clip so It’s just according to how you like to Carry now as far as pros and cons Between these two tools number one They’re both excellent little EDC tools If you need the extra tools you know That you have on the T4 a little bit More expensive but you know you have Those available and so you know that’s One thing to consider mainly the file And the pair of scissors and the small Little set of tweezers and it’s a little Bit larger a little bit heavier then When you go to the t2 I mean if these Are the tools that you typically use It’s a smaller package it does weigh a Little bit less and it makes it really Nice one big advantage of both is they Do have the Locking System and I think With the T4 it has the Locking System on Either side so that makes it a little Bit more complicated until you get used To it the t2 not having Eclipse Definitely a con I would like to have

Seen a clip on here but you know it Makes it it really streamlined in your Pocket if you just want to throw it down Into your pocket and if you’re like me I Have a flashlight a knife I have my pen I have my key bar so sometimes I might Just want to throw something like this Down in my pocket but I would like to See the option nice to have the lanyard Loop which we don’t have on the T4 but The T4 does have the pocket clip which Makes it a big deal I mean I really like That pocket clip tools on both sides so It utilizes the space a little bit Better I love the scissors and I love This little pair of tweezers the other Tools are great and can be useful the File is very limited but it is there if You just need to finish off something Really easy 420 HC steel which makes it Nice for you know fire starting to work On a fair serum Rod which which is nice I like knives that actually will you Know make a spark on a Ferro Rod the One-handed opening for both is really Nice I like that and it takes just a Little bit of getting used to but it’s Not a big deal deal in with like all Knives once you start messing with them Before long and you’re not in front of a Camera it makes it really easy they are Super sharp which makes it nice and they Are good for a number of different tasks But again these are not hard use EDC

Tools you know it’d be great if you had One in your pocket if you were a Tradesman but you know it’s not going to Substitute for some of the larger tools And it doesn’t have a pair of pliers but Then again it’s not huge and that makes It nice or it’s not so small that the Pliers are really just marginal and Again they have the P series which are a Little bit larger and they have a number Of different small little multi-tools That’ll fit whatever you’re looking for Now one of the nice things about both of These tools is they are made in the USA Which you know Leatherman has been Making tools for a number of years here And it’s really good to see and they Also have a 25 year warranty on them but Again the Leatherman free T4 is sixty Dollars the Leatherman T2 runs forty Dollars plus the kit is 10 dollars it’s The same kit that goes with your Standard T4 it’ll fit on your T4 it does Come with the screws it comes with a Tool and it also comes with a small Little lanyard clip if then you want to Take off your existing pocket clip and You want to attach this little lanyard You can do that if that’s the way you Prefer to carry so that is an addition That you can make to the T4 and again These run about 10 bucks all right I Went ahead and attached the pocket clip To the t2 and you know it’s the same

Pocket clip it’s really easy to install Just throw your screws in there they’re Already lock tided and so that really Brings this up quite a bit it does add a Little bit of width so if you’re going To just stick this in your pocket you Want to leave the clip off but if you Want to clip it to your pocket that Makes it really convenient so just a Couple of really cool tools so guys if You’re looking for a multi-tool but you Don’t want to carry around that big one Or you just want to purchase a small Multi-tool that you can pack away in a Pack I mean this makes a great option Especially for 80 see if you’re wanting The pliers there’s plenty of options out There but if you want something you can Just slip in your pocket I think that The free series is excellent and these Aren’t free I paid 15 for this one at The gun show and I think this was about Sixty dollars but they’re good high Quality tools and Leatherman’s been Making multi-tools for at least 35 years And again I purchased both of these I Have no affiliation with Leatherman but I’ve always been a big fan because they Do make good quality tools be strong be Of good courage God Bless America long Live the republic [Music] Thank you So we’re gonna check it out I mean I

Purchased both of them and we’re just Going to look and see if this is Something that would decay One place especially the pliers Fly be free fly be free We have the free T4 here at the top we Have the t2 at the bottom One of the things about these they have A number of different Came across this little Leatherman K2 I’m across Free K2 it’s not free but it’s the free K2 [Music]