A WEEK in the WILD! p3 Battling Extreme Wind, Epic Sunsets, Catching and Cooking Fresh Walleye

By | September 2, 2022

Oh that was interesting last night Yeah All right We’re off Starting off like a nice day Some sun some clouds par for the course We switched it up I’m gonna sit in the valve for a while Kyle’s gonna sit in the stern And try and run some rapids like that Today See how she goes We woke up this morning with the Full sun no clouds and the clouds moved In but it’s actually really nice it’s uh It’s a nice mix of sun and clouds Throughout the days I’ve been relatively dry so this is Perfect weather What’s up Buddy too bad it’s kind of nice we’re Going with the wind and with the current So that’s a nice change from normal Pick this big beast up I’m good you want some help Nice there you go Bro Thanks can you shut my camera off please Right Totally doable Totally doable Look at it It’s just it’s wave train boom boom boom Boom

You know how to go left and right yes Yeah okay Right and then left big draw There you are i can go right a lot Easier i can go left okay i’m gonna go Out and around this bullet Cut it back yep Just basically like you can just use it Like a rudder boom boom I’ll help you steer if you want me They keep us right here yeah They start veering right Sound good yeah this is fine Let’s go a bit right Yeah i see it My head back left let’s fly wait get the Wave train down oh wait there’s a huge Bride Yeah meant to do huh Well i pulled one out today so that’s Something There you go mr pike There you go good job joe hey there’s Fish in here after all It came unstuck and then the fish hit it I’ll take it You got another monster walleye or a Pike This looks like the same same pike Okay okay things are looking up i think They’re looking up Well we’ve been paddling for some time Lots of it into the headwinds and we’re Making progress uh no more portage in

Our rapids today uh but we’re going to Have a nice campsite so that’s cool Passing through a burn right now Looks different um a lot the burn was in 2015 so some of the trees have started To grow up you can see the exposed bear Rock Some pictographs It’s a a deer And i can’t tell what else You can tell they did that from a canoe Though Hey yeah Right over here Pretty crazy There’s a bunch more there’s a person There Pretty cool Well we’re out here Little paddling going We’re enjoying We uh tonight that there’s three Campsites and the one we’re going to is This beach which is good I would like a sandy beach with a nice Campsite right about now yeah that Sounds great Nice one bud there you go First walleye of the day we’re gonna Keep this guy hopefully add another one To it and uh get a little meal We got a double header It’s okay it’s okay we got a double Header

That’s mine Bike two Yeah not a big bike either double header Baby pikes At least we’re catching fish Well we’re at camp now i got everything Set up Uh it’s been very windy like extremely Windy so we’re just kind of uh hanging Out in our tents for a little bit we’re Both pretty exhausted from the day But lots of light left and we’re hoping That the wind clears out and Get some nice fishing tonight in but It’s just there’s no way we’re going to Be out in the canoe uh in this kind of Wind Or really even out doing anything this This campsite is uh elevated And it’s um Uh it’s very windy we’re beat Leave my arm can you see that swole Swell there from a bug bite Is it windy over there [Applause] Old blue is going for a ride [Laughter] A nice little nap We’re gonna go for a paddle now It’s finally calmed down Potentially how you lose a camera Oh nice walleye Oh wow This might be my biggest walleye i’ve

Caught here I don’t know just just a nice sized Wallet Bigger than the uh the one that got away The one that got away we don’t talk About that one We don’t talk about that one we finally Get one Nice walleye Nice fish You only want to be Right by a formation or something like That we haven’t like Yeah they’re not they’re not just Anywhere you know [Music] [Applause] An orange or brass spoon holy Oh there’s a beaver One o’clock beaver Showing Besides pike Nice You see these uh Flying insects they are all mayflies in The air this could be a reason Why Fishing’s not as hot as it potentially Could be It could be all full on these Mayflies They’re everywhere a lot they’re so They’re everywhere Mainly right above our boat

Good morning Got a Blueberry oatmeal Breakfast for this morning Already boiled up some water So This is what we’re doing we got a A nice day today Beautiful weather every morning we wake Up and it’s like oh it’s going to be hot Today And then uh things change within 10 Minutes so we’re not going to say that Today But uh Nice right now Another gorgeous morning on the water It’s just a bit before nine We’re gonna head east today so The likelihood of the wind being at our Back is high And that’s a good thing We got a couple rapids to run Probably a couple portages You know Change things up a bit This tree is like Five times bigger than any other tree You must not get touched with oh it’s on An island That must not get touched with the burn All right Buddy so keep it uh Touch to the

Right about there Touch to the right of the Middle there’s a rock Right about on our left Eleven Okay Keep it straight Back paddle Nice kyle Oh man Good one buddy Good job that was a nice one there’s a Little bit of a ledge on the right so Just go right down the tongue in the Middle Whoa Cool Nice Not four Times you said that like five times Today on your camera A bunch Yeah and not even realized it Yeah Yeah yeah yeah Interchangeable at this So point uh we’ve got uh A spot now which is kind of interesting It says there’s two streams and a Portage up the middle so we’ll see uh Let’s see how this looks yeah i see that In front of us Check out the map now for a bit Hold up hold up

Okay Wait Got it Oh Dude i’m gonna fall There we go there we go Holy smokes That was a great idea Great idea by old joe Let’s just let’s just go down the stream There’s no portage marked it doesn’t Matter It’s a decent one and then also Uh after that it was probably double That oh okay cool I’m glad there’s a rock karen right here Too Yeah Nice kyle I’m not hot anymore Hey look like kyle says the trails right There Came out right next to it i think this Was uh Just all part of the plan just all part Of the plan you know it’s just look it We’re right here bud Yeah we just took 20 feet off the porch Which is like a groomed Trail No Fish This is our take out Less than ideal i would say

I’m good yeah Go a bit it’s gonna push our at no no Kyle straighten it a bit yeah there Stop stop man stop I know but i need it for stability are You pulling it away from me all right Okay who’s getting in go ahead are you Sure no it’s going to take our ass and You get in Get your paddle ready bud Thank you Yeah That happened we just portaged around This waterfall and decided to take a Stop here and fish look at how nice this Is right And within a few casts Kyle and i both have really decent Looking fish We’ll have Mine and kyle’s for tonight Decent amount of meat Nice and white Two fillets each The cows over there make up the fire Right now Gonna have some good food it’s uh three O’clock this is a nice pre-supper supper Oops there she goes That one’s kyle’s Thanks man Runner in the dirt Dirt merchant All right

That’s one fish Do you have an accent there joe a little Coucher mo A little charcuterie plate hey joe i Think on my order i said hold the Pinecone Holding It’s nice and wet that’s what you want Wet fish You want your fish weird And salty Oh i have hot sauce I have hot sauce yeah it’s very good Nice and meaty It’s good Plenty deep Oh there’s a current Well there’s a current Oh oh What do i see I see a white man looking at me I think why is an understatement in my Opinion Translucent might be a more accurate Description of my Complexion complexion my Silky white school gold might be a Accurate description of This the water’s cold oh no it’s not no It’s so warm you told me it was warm It’s so warm Can we shut it off no you’re good [Applause] Well you just ready

Is it cold no Really it’s very cool That’s really cold it’s very cold It’s the coldest is it deep here Other way oh god that was so funny oh It’s so cold i need to hold on to you For help for stability I’m joking [Laughter] Try to drown my ass have a life jacket i Know you’re gonna dunk me Why is there a lemon in the water [Laughter] And i lost it Try again Made it Nope You don’t have your shoes idea This is where i live now Oys That’s refreshing Oh just been chilling out collecting Some firewood Found this nice piece of fat wood i Wanted to show you guys the paddle i’ve Been using this is such a nice paddle i Never got i got it a while ago never Been able to use it from hunter and Harris because i was always using my Pack boats with a double blade This has been a really lightweight Really nice Really nice paddle So thanks thanks guys check out hunter

And harris So we’ll go uh Well you can go fish Eat and then go fish Yes eat eggs and fish Once we finish the food let’s just go do Some fishing we catch the fish Yeah there’s a really nice spot uh back Where we cut those big ones and then we Can pedal down if we want What did i just feel a drop i just felt The drop It doesn’t look real droppy right now i Felt a drop You know i thought it was raining Earlier today and it was just the rain The water coming off my fishing line There’s no i’m not fishing right now That’s true My the pike i got down there which is Pretty good it was like it was good it Was a good sized one and I had uh The wrap on it he bit across it this way The the one tail hook wasn’t even in him It was only the one in the middle which Was kind of weird unusual usually they Get like the rear one and not the middle One right And he would not open his mouth At all it was another one all the pike Around here do not want to open their Mouth i i don’t I don’t get it

Those are silly I didn’t have my my fish glove too so i Couldn’t flip them right that’s probably The biggest problem Yeah i don’t have any walleye sores on My hands this time i do I haven’t been catching much but the one I caught today was probably one of the Bigger ones i’ve caught in wabakimi So i’m happy with that man are you sure You don’t feel Dude tell me you don’t feel drops right Now Dude i don’t feel dropped Embarrassed God damn it All right i got some real good when when I took uh i took the family to blue Mountain there was this smoke uh smoke There’s a hot sauce place And Hot sauce palace it was called and i Went there and i tested a bunch and the Guy was super nice And i ended up buying two This is a really good really good Campsite Really good day We don’t have much more rapids though i Don’t think So tomorrow but we got three or four Tomorrow The next day i don’t know you’ve been Through that little passageway before

Right Dude if i did i didn’t run them But yeah i think there is some through There too all right Some left Oh cheesy But this has been a good trip Really good uh Campsites I agree pretty fishing Run rapids i’m fun Going down creeks we shouldn’t be going Down that was wild i don’t know if i Talked about that but yeah that was all My bad there was a Portage and a couple creeks around i was As around the creek It looked like it was just bony and and Dry in the in in In the water but it’s high water now so Let’s just do it but no that was not the Right thing to do because there was Waterfalls in there But We walked across the water and found the Portage nice and easy So All well Thank goodness What do you got there Chili mac and cheese Have you had that before um Dessert Lots of black flies at this site

Well we’re back to camp We are back to camp we got no fish I don’t think i got any hits Nothing And then the biggest defeat came right At the end At the end i was paddling back and i Want to take my pole and just set it Behind me in the canoe and somehow in Doing that process i missed And what happened is i dropped it into The water And i could see it there for a slimmer Of a second it gave me just the The Smallest inkling of hope as the handle Sat and then just started going like This under the water until it slowly Disappeared into its watery grave That was a Egb lure 40 Pole The 250 dollar reel all gone into the Great abyss through the bikini fishing Gods Very very frustrating the most Frustrating thing is what we can’t Understand is we’re sitting here is why Don’t they make fishing poles float Like they have a handle it’s six to Seven inches long it’s full of foam and Plastic you think you could put an air Chamber in there and it could be able to

Float and you’d have like maybe even Just this much of the pole sticking out So you could grab it right But we have no such luck Now you know my pain i know your pain Joe i know your pain The good thing is i do have a backup Fishing rod but i’m still now i’m Paranoid to lose it too so The good thing is we’re not catching any Fish anyways it doesn’t matter right my Other small really stupid hope is that There’s a small current in this river And only lost it like 50 feet offshore It could Theoretically could just come in here Somewhere Hello darkness my old friends There’s like three stages to being a Friend right there’s there’s one is like You give a little bit of condolence Right For you you rub salt in the mood Immediately when you’re unpacking the Canoe and said hey kyle where’s your Pole oh wait never mind like you you did That you didn’t even try you they just Happened right Usually most people are nice to their Friend when they have a loss right okay No i’m sorry And then like a little bit of time goes By more than four minutes which is what Has happened here and then you start

Gaming them a hard time Maybe like 12. okay just three times Four minutes okay so the grieving cycle I’ve had enough time to create the last One there’s an arbitrary number four Minutes It’s arbitrary What’s up how you feeling Well Top tip for campers If the wind is blowing this way don’t Put the fire right there because as You’ll see from my pants and all of my Gear they’re completely covered in ash Or you could put the fire there and just Not sit there Well i don’t want to sit near you you’ve Had a lot of beans for dinner Move the fire I’m going to make some hot chocolate Give me some popcorn Yeah we could do that Got my hammock there Cows tuck way back in We can hear the waterfall from here It’s a beauty night Just chilling out Whoa Yeah man And film yeah you look like you’re Having fun i’m great i got some Chocolate i got a lot of ash covering me A little sailor with me i’m good to go I needed some sailor after all of my uh

Throwing Of the uh pole into the water right yeah All that a lot of that All this money Hot chocolate Oh yeah no that’s really not good at all It’s really dry Look the spice isn’t so bad Chickpeas sometimes i start gagging That’s great man [Applause] Car you see your fishing pole anywhere Man I’m looking for it I’m hoping the current you can see uh There’s a lot of current in the water Right now right oh my goodness a Significant amount of dude it’s Right there You did that you that’s not cool man That’s not that’s not cool that’s like I’m having some heartache and you that’s Not cool did you believe me For like one tenth of a second and then I saw your face and then no all my hope Vanished Oh if i come out here in the morning It’s washed up right here i’ll be very Happy yeah It won’t but it might It’s like I don’t know 50 meters off the shore It’s it’s right there Do you have any scuba gear with you but

You do actually Yeah Don’t you act like i knew who you were Doing what i wanted you to do say what To Me sit down for a second Can we sit down yeah just for a second What’s she spinning buddy Feels like we’re camping No the other thing was salty watermelon The chews the chews are good i’ll get More cliff blocks for next time Those are good I like those check salty watermelon And [Music] Kool-aid watermelon drops