Unigear Space Dome 2 Person Tent – Setup And First Look

By | August 31, 2022

What are you doing What are you doing what are you doing What are you doing Get a stick don’t get it no don’t get a Stick don’t get a stick don’t don’t get A stick well Wooly here turn on the camera bruno goes Mad just the way i like it guys This Is the uni gear space dome Two Tier i nearly said guys Two man tent It’s quite lightweight it’s quite A Small package i’m gonna say now I’m not into ultra light stuff or Anything like that so to me this is this Is a small package uh What i want to do is i want to get it Out of its packaging and i want to put It up and i want to have a look at it Stay tuned Okay Let’s get it out Comes in a handy little bag guys it’s Not very It’s a side opening bag i like that i Never really enjoyed stuffing tents in Through a hole here i found it was A bit of a pain in the ass to tell you The truth okay so let’s let’s let’s get This guys it’s quite windy so Bear with me

Nice yellow color for for those uh for Those stealth camp missions you know Where we put this bruno let us put this Here Yes that is going to blow away A little clip Pose pegs Outer Inner It’s it’s quite handy it’s quite Lightweight let me see maybe here i’ll Just put it up over here Now i haven’t read any instructions or Anything pure wally style out of the bag Let’s put it up Yeah I’m going to put a couple of pegs in the Case it’s not blown away This is neat Uh This is neat This is nice Guys look Double double entry enter each side i Like that in the tent i really like that In the tent So Uh It means that If if you’re like me And you’re up all night peeing and You’re in a tent with somebody else you Know instead of you know it just makes It easier it makes it easier those pegs

Are nice as well i tell you It’s going to get a test now in the next Couple of days we’ve got a lot of rain Coming so Aluminium poles guys as well so look It’s your standard polyester type tent Material I’ll put the full specifications below As in hydrostatic head and all that sort Of stuff uh it it You know but i just want to get it up i Just want to have a look at it guys I got a couple of short ones Oh i might have to read a manual Maybe not oh i have another short one i Don’t know where that goes bruno you see That Okay one long one right two long ones Right so i’m going to say the two long Ones are going across the way and then i Need to figure out where the short ones Are going but you’re listening this is Not where all the fun is isn’t it Like that So my two short ones i’ve put like this My two long ones are gonna go like that All right So i’m gonna clip them in this end And i’m hoping that this all becomes Self-explanatory when i start lifting it Up We’ll go top them Top middle or bottom bruno Okay okay so look

We just have little clips here That go on I clip this together like that Like that i’m going to say that this And this Just clips over the end like Does this make sense guys Clip this up here Guys This this is really cool this is really Cool I like it i like it a lot bro you still Go away with your stick go on away with Your stick bruno is dying to get in here With a stick Okay i need We need to have a wee look at this guys This is this is very cool i’m just going To get these popping these doors back Into it check this out There is so much space in this tent for A two-man tent that is unbelievable no No no bruno out Guys that is unreal Oh Steve bruno Guys this is really nice i need to open It up because bruno is going to break it No outgrown out Good dog Out out no you’re not loading Guys bruno has a habit of killing tents Let’s get the rainfly on So

There’s clips there’s clips on the end Here i’m going to assume that each Corner clips in here and we have a door And a door so once once i line them up It should be quite easy he says And the world laughs at wally yeah it’s Going to be easy No don’t do that That’s better Okay That actually was quite easy let me just Make sure i have everything in the right Position before i go any further These are these yellow lines are our Lightest lines you can see they’re my Doors okay so what i need to do guys is I need to Unclip this side and i’m going to peel It back look there’s our vents and Everything as well check that out Look And you can stand them up they have a Little bar Check that out Air vents open push that back Back we’re not closed How cool is that look open No it’s not it’s not clipped on properly Guys look What that does it ensures that air is Getting in through there that is cool Right i’m going to flip it off i’m going To make sure it doesn’t need to be Clipped the whole way over as these

Things have a tendency to need to be Done to them As i said guys so i’m putting this up in Around 30 mile an hour winds i think Right now This is cool okay i like this i like the Fact that i can take the take the slack I’m trying to record a video I can take us take the slack out of the Rain fly Right and then just take the slack out Of it Tighten up This Okay And there you have it guys okay For setup Now As you can see I did not Pick the perfect location Okay so This is sort of pegged out wrong as well No You can’t come into tents you know what You do to tents Guys this is cool this is cool i’ll take You down for a look I have to try not to let bruno win Because he racket Guys it is quite lightweight uh there is Amazing headroom amazing headroom the Floor itself is quite lightweight guys So i i think this might be one of these

Tents that you might need a separate Footprint for if that makes sense i’m Trying to keep bruno away with a stick No bruno Uh guys but it is incredibly cool i have To say So guys look Thanks for watching i i’ll be camping in This at the weekend and uh It is going to lash rain tomorrow so This is going to get a really good test Overnight and into tomorrow and i’ll Come back and i’ll revisit it again guys Okay Thanks for watching stay frosty