15 Advanced Prepping Challenges: Prepper School Vol. 36

By | August 30, 2022

What’s going on guys we have sendable Prepper live prepper cool volume 36 36 And we still have a lot of information To give to you guys today i really Appreciate robbie wheaton for being here And uh bringing in another perspective Uh and check out wheaton arms.com he Does a lot of glock aftermarket parts But he’s been a gunsmith for over 20 Years and he does some really incredible Custom gun work so if you’re looking for Something are more cuts or different Slide cuts different things like that Check out robbie and let’s not forget my Youtube channel which you know Personally i think rivals yours Yeah yeah but check out my youtube Channel as well robbie wheaton or Wheaton arms on youtube check that out I’ve got some really great content ton More coming and let’s have a look see What you think yeah and we’ve got a link Down below in the description uh also we Appreciate battlebox one of our new Sponsors uh i’ve done a ton of battle Box reviews it is excellent for Prepping i mean there is all kind of Different gear in there and you get it On a subscription service there’s all The way from like 30 a month all the way Up to their premium box And they have a lot of really good Quality gear

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There’s a link down below in the Description as well That keeps us rolling okay now let’s Talk about oh and also we appreciate Sarah max she will be Taking questions if you want to go ahead If you have some questions on your mind Already uh you can go ahead and get Those and she’ll have them ready when we Take a break for questions uh okay so Today we’re going to be talking about Something that’s a little bit different And yet there’s some things about it That you probably heard before but we’re Going to take it to another level and The this is about advanced prepping Challenges And guys you know a lot of people are Prepping a lot of people are starting to Prep a lot of people are packing up Their food they’re working they’re doing Their water they’re doing their medical You know they got their gardens going They’ve got they’ve got stuff going and They’re trying to get more and more Self-sufficient And so today we’re really going to be Talking about some mindset things some Things about where this ends up to We’re going to be looking at not just Necessarily a hurricane or a storm for a Couple of weeks where you’re out but Something that could last for years Something that people in sub-saharan

Africa live with every day right and we Have been very spoiled here in the west We have whatever we want i was on ebay Today already you know Which i use amazon some but for some Reason i just like ebay and so i’m like I bought a couple of things on ebay Which i’ll get to in a minute because There’s some there’s a couple of things I think that you’re going to find Interesting um but We want to just kind of get into Okay here you are what’s going to happen When this is gone what have you got left Where are you ready to go what is going To carry you through a long-term Shtf or you know grid down situation Uh and so one of the first things and to Me mindset is one of the biggest it’s One of the biggest things that you can Have And so the warrior mindset to me is Critical absolutely absolutely and when I say war your mindset each person Should have a warrior mindset and you May be well my kid isn’t going to have a Warrior mindset You know listen everyone is not called To be a navy seal Not everyone’s called to be a ranger not Everyone is called to be a u.s marine Combat marine These guys that get on the front go Toward the fight it takes a special

Grit it takes something inside that Makes you do that And so Not everybody has that that does not Exclude you from the warrior mindset Because the one thing about those navy Seals that are dropped off in the middle Of afghanistan a few years ago Is they had support Now they may not have had immediate Support and they were self-sufficient to Appoint but sooner or later they had to Have support and it takes a huge amount Of effort amount a lot of teamwork a lot Of things that go into getting those Guys where they need to be And so that is the warrior mindset first Off is a unified mission And it may be a unified mission for Self-defense for your family yep you Know it’s kind of ironic that we’re Talking about that today our bible study That we did this morning before the boys Went to school uh The the topic was don’t settle for Mediocrity And you know it just went on to talk About how You know always give everything in life That you do a hundred percent you know Put everything that you have into it Don’t just settle for this good enough This will do You know i can get by with this you know

Don’t settle for mediocrity give Everything a hundred percent that you do No matter what it is whether it’s sports Whether it’s your preps your survival it Doesn’t matter be all in be 100 with Everything that you do and give it your Best every day and that truly goes into The warrior mindset because that is a That is a decision a conscious decision That you make Every day how you’re going to live your Life am i going to live my life and just Be okay with getting by or am i going to Live my life to its fullest and drive Forward and focus on everything that i’m Working on and not get marred down with All the negativity that you see that’s Going on around you maintaining a Positive attitude and maintaining focus On what the mission is at hand right There’s an old saying whatever your hand Finds to do do it with all your might And to the lord it’s a That is one thing that guides my whole Existence because i feel like that if I’m going to take time to pick something Up i got to do it right And not always that always happens but You know that is my that should be our Goal that we strive for it is it is And so listen this is the thing if you Have a bump in the night You know who goes to the door i do I’m the man i go i run to gunfire i’ll

Do whatever i need to do My wife on the other hand i don’t want Her going to the door and me sitting Back That’s my mission that’s my goal that’s What i should be doing But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t Have a responsibility as well to defend Herself and our children and when i say Children we have adult children now but It doesn’t absolve her responsibility to Have the ability To be able to defend herself and to do Those things that’s right she’s more in A support role but can transition into a Primary role very quickly and easily Because she may need to You know we you may have someone that uh You know You’re not home she’s got to be able to Handle things And so you know the thing is with Warrior mindset You need to toughen your mind you need To set a resolve and really it’s the Will to survive Like the old uh Old song you know the eye of the tiger And your will to survive you need to Have that will to survive let me let me Give you an example just something to Think about As long as you’re alive you can make as Much of a difference as you can make

If you’re in a struggle if you’re in a Situation let’s say a home invasion and You stay alive as long as you can it Gives you more time to do whatever you Can do because once you’re gone your Input’s gone and so being there to fight For the for the survival of you and your Family just to fight for it and to be Ready to fight for it we have to have a Passion for it and so i think that Really we’re being Inundated with so much That we’re losing a lot of our passion We’re losing a lot of our strength and Our excellence and so that is number one Is a warrior mindset be ready to defend Be ready to stand be ready to make that Red line and say i’m not going past this I’m going to do what’s right And so that is the biggest thing All right now i want to touch on that We’re looking at doing more on the Warrior mindset In general because i think that we Really need to look back at that the Things that really made this country Great in the first place the mind is the Most effective tool that we have to use All right you know no matter what kind Of hand tools you have no matter what Kind of electronics where our society is Today your mind is still your most Effective tool and yes we’re really Going to dig into that over the next few

Weeks or months and and try and give you Guys some direction to sharpen your mind And to improve that tool that you have Between your ears I think which is the best that’s right Okay so first off we’re going to talk About water now we’ve talked about water A thousand times and you know this and That and everything okay but i’m going To give you something that really Exactly that really hit us between the Eyes just this past week And it wasn’t water You know we’ve been using the berkey Water filtration system i love it we use It every day we’ve been using it for for 12 years now on an everyday basis we Have tea we cook with it we do all those Things It’s great and it’ll each filter will Filter 3000 gallons of water so My wife she cleans it maintains it like You’re supposed to so she pulls the Filters out she’s cleaning them she’s Getting them ready she puts them back in It says put some red food dye in it to Test it and so She accidentally put green in it which You weren’t supposed to do and and Berkey’s the green isn’t a something It’s just the way it is when it comes Through it’ll come through your filter But red will not because red is more Closely identified as contaminants

And so She Stopped cleaned it all out again put the Red through it and it came out a little Pink And so she called berkey and she said Hey what do we do you know this is Happening and they said how long have You had the filters and she said about Three years and they said oh yeah about Three or four years you’re gonna have to Replace them anyway No matter how many gallons of water You’ve put through it yes no matter how Many gallons now let me say this it’s Not just berkey’s problem it’s any water Filtration system that you have i don’t Care how advanced it is you may have a Little longer here and there but those Are the things that will you know A filter is a consumable item And what happens when that runs out well They and they start degrading even in a New package yeah if you keep them in a New package and you just have them out There sooner or later they’ll start Degrading i have a buddy of mine to just Open one and it was starting to break Apart so We put our trust in things but have we Thought about the end of that so let’s Just say we’re using our water Filtration system it goes out okay now What

You know okay we’ve been planning on Running down to the creek and getting Water and running it through our system But let’s say that it’s too late it’s Been two years three years we’ve had Those filters for a while Uh what is our next plan so you go from Your primary to your alternative and our Alternative honestly is not really our Berkey we use it all the time but that’s Filling it with water that’s other than Tap water and then that’s what’s what’s The next thing well let’s go to the Bottom what is it if you have nothing How do you take care of water you know What you had bleach but your bleach is Gone you had water purification it’s Gone it’s been used up Now what do you do well you boil water You know and you you boil it and you Have to boil it for at least a minute With a rolling boil that’s right after The rolling bowl starts it has to boil For a continuous minute after that which I’m telling you is a lot harder than you Think If you’ve ever tried to boil water on an Open fire because you don’t have any Electricity you don’t have power in your House now you’ve got a fire going Outside and you’re trying to boil a pot Of water on a wood fire it is harder Than you think and it takes a lot longer Than you think to get that water up to

Temperature to where it will boil and Continue to maintain that rolling boil For a minute yeah having to feed that Fire making sure that it’s consistent So but here’s the thing if you don’t Have a pot large enough and that takes a Lot longer to boil it does you need kind Of a larger pot And so having a larger pot that’s one Thing i’m just going to tell you right Now you need a large pot and you can Make stews and different things in it Now some of you go oh i’ve got a big pot Good that’s what you need if you don’t Because a lot of times we just don’t use Pots like right uh you know well in our Consumable society today it’s not like We’re cooking a meal for a large family Or cooking a meal uh for several days at A time you know we we go to the Refrigerator we pull out whatever we’re Cooking for that particular meal and Then we’re done with it right so Everything’s got smaller our pans have Got smaller our pots have got smaller Our portions that we keep in the Refrigerator or the freezer for our Meals have got smaller So and another thing to consider is You’re boiling your your pot of water Well it takes about a gallon of water Per person per day For them to survive and you know Maintain their health and everything so

If you’ve got a family of four that’s Four gallons of water that you’re going To have to boil every day and if you’ve Only got a half gallon pot or even a Gallon sized pot that means you’ve got To fill that thing up and boil it four Times and let it cool for to have enough Water for each person each day that’s an Excellent point that’s an excellent Point and do you have firewood to be Able to or do you have access to wood Right to be able to boil that much water Every day not to mention cooking and Everything else that’s just boiling your Water to be able to maintain your water Supply i know in europe uh there was a Big shortage people were just burning Their furniture at some point i mean They burned everything and this was also To keep them warm so water think about It at the end think about it okay i’ve Got this this and this i’m good maybe Not you know think about that in Contingency and again this is for Advanced preppers if you’re just Prepping for storms and emergencies that Are local and and it’ll be over in a Month or less uh Then you know you don’t necessarily uh Your plans aren’t around this but i Would challenge you to consider some of These these emergency type situations Okay let’s go to food now you know food We’ve got us we’ve got a room upstairs

And my mother-in-law calls it the uh the Grocery store because it’s just packed Full of food Listen sooner or later that’s gonna run Out yep and it’s just funny because it’s Like look it’s gonna run out we have Long-term food for over a year also That’s separate from that that’s going To run out at some point in an advanced Situation So what do you do well of course Gardening oh yeah we’re going to garden But are you gardening with non-hybrid Seeds and i’m going to tell you this Gardening guys There are challenges to gardening both Of us can tell you there are a lot of Challenges to guard you’re thinking man I’m going to have this much i’m going to Have this and then all of a sudden Blight comes and takes your cucumbers or You know something horn worms come and Take your tomatoes and then so you know There is a lot to be done with that but Here’s the thing about the gardening and This is the point that i want to get to Um is that You might have bought a seed bank i Bought them i’ve got three or four of Them around here After two or three years they’re dead They’re no good they’re no good so if You’ve got one set back and you’ve had It for three or four years and you’re

Like oh man i’m good i got and you’ve Never even planted it never even tried It those seeds are going to be dead i Mean some last up to five years But Your yield’s going to be less so Think on out think on out okay now what Do i do well then you harvest your food And you do it with non-hybrid seeds and Then or heirloom seeds and then you Harvest those to replant the next right You dry those seeds so you have a Replenished supply of seeds for the Following year right and you know you Like with me with our seeds anything That we harvest we always try and double Up on our on our seeds twice as much as What we need for the next year Because we know that some of those seeds Are not going to be any good right And you know always try and plant a lot More than what we need that way the Stuff if we have plants that don’t come Up we have bad seeds that don’t come up I’ve still planted enough to wear when My garden does come up that we’ve got What we’re looking for right okay now We’re going to go to number four is Security uh in security of course we’ve Done a lot of stuff with security And security is very important to Preppers you got to protect not only Yourself and your family but also your Supplies and you know what you’re going

To need to survive But it let’s take it on a step further Now for us one of the things we do is Because obviously because of what i do For a living We have a lot of security a lot in fact I just bought three more cameras because We had a couple of blind spots and i Want to take care of it and that’s great Cameras are great i even got Solar-powered cameras you know where it Has a solar panel and i don’t have to Worry about the electricity being shut Down But what if i can’t access what if the Power’s out and My phones may be out and i can’t access Those cameras What are some other security measures For us we have a driveway alarm we have When you come in it sets it off in fact It just set off a minute ago we didn’t Know who was showing up But also we have a spotlights that are Solar that come right on at night so it Shines it shows what’s happening And that’s great and i highly recommend You doing that but what happens when Somebody comes and steals it or it Breaks or something happens yeah there’s A life span on all of that equipment Whether it’s solar powered Or the light the light bulbs in the in Your panel burn out there’s a life span

On all of us right and in a long-term Situation eventually all of that stuff Is going to burn out it’s all going to Go away and you’re not going to have it And then you have to look at other Alternatives to build layers into your Security and so one thing that we’re Doing which we’ve been talking about This for a while but we’re gonna we’re Getting ready to do this we’re putting a Gate up at the front of the driveway and We’ll leave it open during the day but At night we close it up and then on the Front of it it’s going to have you’re Under surveillance or no trespassing and All that i’ve already got the signs for It and so we can put it up and then During the day we can just leave it open And you know if we need to come in and Out or if we just want to secure the Place we can and have other points of uh You know because here’s the thing a Fence isn’t going to keep somebody out Of there but it will Make them think before they cross that Line And so that’s one of the things we need You know just putting some things ahead Of time thinking about security now the Other part of security is of course you Know your firearms and let me give you An example the other night i went out And there was uh my dad called me said Somebody was beating on his door three

In the morning so i jump up grab my Rifle actually because i don’t normally But because it’s three in the morning And just at my parents more is more Right and you know it’s funny because as I was walking around i’ve done so many Flashlight reviews around our property In so many night shootings that i know The property in the dark i know it very Well and so i knew the points that People could could possibly come around And so actually having the capability And the mindset and knowing your Property you know you have the home Field advantage and so that’s a big plus And so you know it’s these layers of Security also your house you know Bullets will go straight through Sheetrock i mean you you have you just Have concealment you don’t have cover in Your house what are some concrete Barriers you can put up what are some Things now you got to have property to Do that if you live in an apartment you Know you’re not going to be doing that But what are security security layers And of course gray man is also a big Plus knowing what’s happening we did This Just recently we talked about knowing if Somebody’s following you knowing if Somebody’s doing something having those Set aside and and having that in your Mind

Um and i’ll give you an example guys This is not even about advanced prepping This is about everyday life uh we’re we Take martial arts kempo and jiu jitsu And so we’ve been doing that for a good While now we’ve gotten started back and We’ve been doing it for a while And one of the uh Black belts there who runs the school he Said okay you need to have situational Awareness you know which was good and Then he said you need to have a threat Assessment So you have the awareness of what’s Going on but what if it starts to turn To an actual threat what is that and Then he gave me this example he has a Friend of his that’s a police officer Which he was also former police and he Said he was walking into a convenience Store and he was pulling out his change Because he was wanting to buy some Bubble gum and he walks up to the door And he’s not looking and he opens the Door and there’s a robber standing there With a shotgun right at his face Now he’s in uniform and the cops and the Guy says get on the ground and he was Gonna he he thought he was gonna die i Mean he really did and he said look i Just got a baby at home i’m just you Know i got a wife at home and please Don’t kill me i’ll just i won’t do Anything and he didn’t and the guy left

Let him live and of course he quit the Next day But here’s the thing having situation Awareness before you walk into a gas Station store Look around to make sure everything’s Kosher be aware and honestly it kind of Turned the light on for me because i’m Aware at the pump and i’m looking Because it’s a transitional space Because i’m walking up to the door a lot Of times i’m not really looking i just Open the door and so having Just in all areas of your life Okay i know i tell you talk about that Yeah i if i pull up to a convenience Store and you know you you see them Sometimes they’ve got all kind of Stickers and stuff all over the windows You can’t see inside yeah i won’t stop There ah i won’t stop there because i Can’t see what’s going on inside the Store once i get inside the store i Can’t see what’s going on outside the Store and it puts you in a vulnerable Position to where you could be ambushed On the way in you could be ambushed on The way out right and i won’t stop at Those stores i’ll go to another store That has a big glass front it’s wide Open it’s easy to see in it’s easy to See out then i can see what’s going on Inside the store when i go in i can see What’s going on outside in the parking

Lot when i go back out to my car right So you have this big ad right in front Of you that’s right there’s something Dude That’s that’s a good point good point Okay let’s go to some questions We’re gonna have to run through these a Little faster but uh if we have some Questions we’ll go ahead and take some Uh paul frank ask question when you get To barter what are your thoughts on Goldbacks I think that precious metals Are huge I think that is a huge Uh because here’s the thing it’s this is What uh uh in fact now um i came to his Name but anyway he said it’s god’s Currency Silver and gold have been around since The beginning since it was invented Found since it was found and discovered And it’s been used as a means of barter And trade it’s you know a lot of people Are like well i can’t eat silver well You can’t eat bullets either you know i Mean i agree you need to have some other Stuff to go along with it but honestly Silver and gold is a medium transfer That you can take and it allows for Transfer back and forth so i’m i’m big About silver and gold And lead and steel and all that too but Uh 10-point hunter asks what do you

Think about gasifier type stoves like Solo stoves Uh gasifiers are great uh i have some And uh just little rocket stoves and Different types Those things are awesome and they use Biomass so it uses small little pieces To burn so you can really just get that Going and burn it and feed it And then of course stick sticks in but a Big fan of that we do have a large fire Pit that has a big grate over it where We can cook on it But it takes a lot of fuel to do that That’s right so having those smaller Options is is good Uh mikko runkel asks do you have any Advice or tips on drying out meat over a Fire in the backyard for long term Without electricity Uh before i would dry out over a fire I’d build a small smoke house and and Smoke the meat versus versus trying to Dry it over a fire Drying over a fire you can do it but It’s very difficult because it it’s Unless you have a heat dispersion panel That you can put over the top to kind of Maintain the heat and just get radiant Heat Uh but meat over a direct flame is gonna Is gonna be really difficult because You’re trying to dry it out you’ve got a Hot spot here you’ve got a cold spot

Here so you’re gonna be very Inconsistent with your drying with it Yeah and really that is a good point With this advanced uh prepping because Meat harvesting may be a big part of What you’re doing If it doesn’t get blown out right that’s Right and you know smoke houses are Relatively easy to build they’re easy to Maintain And it’s a great great way to to be able To store your meat long term yeah Uh paintball god asked question can you Guys do a school on hygiene personal Laundry garbage human waste pest control Etc that sounds like a good one it’s not A good one yeah we’ll start working on That and see if we can add that to the List Absolutely prepper ask have you been Setting up your gardens for the coming Cooler winter crop season yes in fact We’ve already gotten started planning Out uh for the winter and uh and i’ll Tell you we’re in south carolina we’re Very blessed Because we can grow pretty much all year Round there’s about a month there that Um and we may be able to Do through that we just Last year we went all the way through And uh it you know because there are so Many winter crops that you can do and so Yes

We definitely are doing that and i Highly recommend it it’s not just a Summertime garden spring garden or fall Garden you can go all year especially With some of the cold weather crops Uh joey asked how can you change the Mindset of someone who is passive and Doesn’t believe in violence if needed That’s tough i mean it’s tough My niece is kind of like that she was Very passive she said i could never hurt Anyone you know and her dad was always Trying to say hey you need to have some Kind of self-defense she was like no i Just even if i had the gun i couldn’t Use it i’m not gonna do it Then she started taking martial arts And who knows why she just all of a Sudden decided she was going to take it And it has really made a difference with Her So it may be you know getting someone in A self-defense class if you can talk Them into getting into a self-defense Class and saying hey look just if Somebody’s attacking you you can at Least spend them off to get away I think that that is a great way to get People into self-defense and then They’ll start to grow in that that’s Right But you know taking someone out to the Range and letting them shoot some too And they start enjoying it and then

Before long they start like you know It’s almost like it grows into a warrior Mindset it’s a change of mindset Completely there’s a lot of people we Have taken down that have never shot at Our range and especially women and They’ve never shot and i’ll take them Down take a 22 and man by the time they Leave they got the biggest smile on Their face and they’re like we need to Do this again this is fun you know and Then they’ll go out and get their Concealed carry permits So you know i think that is probably one Of the best ways because fear You know is is a is something that’ll Entrap you but i think if you empower People again like going to a Self-defense class or taking them Shooting or you know that kind of thing Then it gives them a place to kind of Stand on and then they can go from there Um have a great day ask how do we use The water for purification tablets Uh you you put them in the water and Yeah i think it’s 30 minutes it has to Sit what’s the yeah they vary a little Bit from different from tablet to tablet But yes you you put it in the water and Let it absorb into the water stir it Into the water and then you know it Kills all the bacteria you’re able to Drink it at that point now the big Problem or my my

Angst toward that is that it doesn’t it Used to have sediment in the water and It doesn’t remove the taste But it definitely will get you through So having those is is definitely a good Option but another good short-term Solution for sure i would look at an Aquamira filter straw or something like That uh as far as something if you want Something small and uh those are really Good and then of course it steps on up From there Uh nika rumkal asks question is having a Distilling system a good alternative for Filters going out amazon sells Distillers for a reasonable price yeah Yeah that might be good and you probably Use like you can use wood heat right or Something like that so yeah that that May be something in fact thank you for Bringing that up because Uh we all know what distilleries are but Sometimes we don’t put that into most People just think of it as you know Distilling for whiskey or different Types of liquor and not pure water Purification that’s a great it’s a great It’s a great alternative that might be Something i have to look into so thank You for bringing that up okay we’re to Go back to our list because we have so Many things i don’t even know if we’re Going to be able to get through it um Maintenance repairs you know there are

Things that you need to be able to do go Ahead and get those repairs done now Because you may not be able to do the Repairs later uh you know but having Tools and that’s really something that That can last a long time uh and if you Really had to if your shovel handle Broke you could actually Fashion a shovel handle if you had to But having maybe some extras but sooner Or later some you know these things can Just go away but having you know your Sewing kits and things like that to be Able to do all kind of repairs But being able to think about it in the Long term And uh without tools and here’s the Thing about pace and what we’re talking About guys we’re in first world now You’re with having contingency plans and Alternatives and stuff like that laid in To the mix It keeps you from going to first world To stone age It keeps you going straight to stone age So the more that you have here is a Preparation the longer you’re going to Be able to function Easily with more luxury to where when You get back to stone age it’s hunter Gatherer and you’re doing just you’re You’re getting one meal a day and that’s What you’re doing so um you know you’re You’re just barely

You know living and so that’s the really The big point of all this uh okay so Medical alternatives medical medical Alternatives guys The medical system today is keeping Millions alive If you’re on insulin the only reason You’re you’re going to continue to be Alive for a while in a good while and You can live a good life is because of Medical technology Your heart you know a lot of people have Heart problems here’s the thing people In the 1800s 1700s and beyond live to be A hundred plus years old so It’s not necessarily that you’re going To die because you know there’s not Medical attention i think we’ve become Too dependent on medical but there are a Lot of medical alternatives out there Whether it’s homopathic remedies which They used all during that time or they You know or even herbal type remedies And it takes a lot of study and so it’s Really good to have some books from Credible resources and having those Books set aside that’s one thing and i Will talk about a library in a minute But having a medical library is Important Because you don’t want to just kind of Throw some things out there and just Kind of do a witch doctor deal and end Up getting sick well you know i think

It’s even more important in in today in Our society that we have today you know If any of you out there Have tried to schedule a doctor’s Appointment recently for like a physical Or you need to go in for a you know You’ve got a cold or something like that It can take days to get in just for a Cold you know it can take months i Scheduled a physical a few months ago And it was like six to seven months Before i could even get in to have a Physical done and you know just having Just having the ability to be able to Have an alternative alternative Medication alternative medicines to be Able to to provide for you to sustain You to if you get sick to get you well Knowing what to do Even in today’s society goes a long long Way yeah definitely okay next is fire Starting um And again You know we talked about exo tag you get Your fire steals But lighters matches they’re disposable They’re consumable you’ll use those Things up what do you do after that and Then two fire steels are great because They’re large and you can really 10 000 Strikes But sooner or later They go out that’s right i mean over Years of use especially if you’re having

To boil water every day you have to cook Your food every day and you’re putting Wood on the fire and one thing i want to Say here just a caveat is if you live in A city or you live in an apartment You may be able to survive for a while But sooner or later you’re gonna have to Get out you’ll just have to because You’ll die there you can’t continue There and so Have that in your mind okay and these Are hard things to consider but have That in your mind you know what i’ve got To get out of here and it’s a lot easier To plan that ahead of time than to be at A certain point and go okay i can’t stay Here any longer and you don’t even know What you’re going to do i don’t have Anything to take with me when i leave i Don’t have any food i don’t have any Water but and there’s none to be found In the city but i’ve got to get out of The city that’s like the worst case Scenario you know you always want to get Out to where you have Things to sustain you things to to Provide for you until you’re able to Start providing for yourself right That’s a good point uh but fire starting Uh you know again you go through your Fire starting tools and your fire Starting supplies What do you do well have you ever used a Flint and steel it’s not easy or do you

Even know what rocks to look for right To be able to to create a spark to start A fire what what what what does a rock Look like what kind of rock is it what Kind of steel do i need to use right There there’s different steels there’s Different steels there’s different rocks How do i start a fire with that you know Can i just pick up a rock off the ground And bang it against a piece of steel and Start a fire maybe maybe not Yeah that’s But you know you don’t want to have to Have a fire and have to go through a Thousand different rocks to try and find The right one to be able to start a fire Only to realize that you’ve got the Wrong piece of steel too and you then You have to start back over with that Rock pile yeah you know learn those Things ahead of time get those skills Ahead of time identify those those Materials ahead of time that you can use For a long-term situation fire is vastly Important in the survival world i mean It is it is critical to have the ability To create fire whether it’s warmth Whether it’s cooking your food whether It’s light i mean there’s a lot of Reasons why you really need to that’s One you really need to lock down on i Would say fire is number two only to Water yeah yeah because if you don’t Have fire you don’t have any way to

Purify your water you don’t have any way To cook your food you don’t have any way To provide heat you don’t have any way To provide light you know it’s fire to Me is number two on any survival list You just have to have it that’s right Okay so fire get your go out and find Your flint and you know what you can buy A bunch of flint but sooner or later It’s gonna end so you know really it’s The finding the flint now maybe in your Area you don’t have flammability because There may be some so you know but at Least okay go out and get a whole supply Of it that’ll keep you again from going To Third world that’s right or Worse drill method you know Yeah or even You can and that’s something else that You should have in your toolbox be able To to light a fire with bow drill and There’s a lot of great videos on youtube About how to do that okay comms now Comms is one of the toughest in comms Honestly electricity’s out you’re done You know if the cell service is out You’re done there’s no Nothing and there’s no landlines anymore Hardly i mean you might have a run Through your cable and some possibility But if the electricity’s down you can Forget it so comms is one of those that Go straight from awesome

To nothing now i say that there is in Between and that would be an emergency Radio you can get information from it You know it’s a hand crank solar blah Blah blah or you can set up a solar Panel for your ham radio But sooner or later parts break things Happen The towers are down For whatever reason so let’s go straight To 1800 communication Straight to it So today i’ve been thinking about this My grandparents had this bail they had a Big Like a big liberty bell with that big But you know they’d ring it for dinner So we’d be out down on the property Somewhere and they’d start ringing that Bell we knew to come to dinner So i bought a big bale it’s a big old Cast iron belt i got it on ebay for like 90 Shipping free shipping and uh it’s it Sits on a post If i’m here i’m out on the property Somewhere and my wife needs something or She’s like dinner okay and then let’s Say hey i need to see you there’s a Different ring or hey there’s a fire There’s an alert you know somebody’s Invading you know she can bang that bail We can you know we can figure all that Out and i actually got a smaller bale

That i put over at my shop so if i need Something and i’m not able to Communicate i could do that and it’s Just something that you know we’re not Necessarily going to use it a lot right Now but it’s something we have on hand I’ve got one of those that i keep on my Nightstand when i need water at night my Wife And let’s face it guys you can take a Hammer and a trash can land which people Don’t use the regular trash can they use The plastic you can make noise But it makes it nice to have a system And that is the one thing about that a Bell can kind of do so i thought i’d Throw that out to you if you haven’t Thought about that it’s great Short-range communication where Somebody’s far enough away that you’re Not going to be able to yell to where They can hear you or even if they can They don’t know what’s going on where With that bill they can hear the Distinct rings from it and know exactly What’s needed is it dinner you know is The house on fire yeah is there you know A bunch of people trying to raid our Property and steal everything that we Have or somebody just around yeah yeah So it’s a great way for communication For shortwave communication yeah so We’re gonna that you know long-range Communication i mean smoke signals yeah

You know i mean then you got to build Your fire and you got to plant your Plant [Music] And and you know smoke is great but it Can be used both ways and you can tell People what you’re looking for but You’re also showing people exactly where You are right right okay so travel Travel you know guys if you don’t have a Car what are you going to do of course Bicycle gas is going to run out Eventually but what if the rubber on Your tires runs out that’s right you Know popping tube horses Sarah mac has her horses so we can we You know we got that covered but you Know thinking through ultimate Situations okay you know what you go you Know what i don’t know i just know i can Do about that well okay I understand but you get to that certain Point and you know can you do something That will help you in that kind of Situation better quality of life yeah i Mean you know there may be a market a Farmer or a big you know community Market that gets together and they Barter and trade and sell things and You’ve got to walk for you know 12 hours To get to it instead you got a bicycle You get there in three hours or two Hours and so you know it there are Things like that but again the rubber on

The tires can run out your parts things Like that and so to me simple is Probably better when it comes to a Bicycle if you’re looking for one not a You know 5 000 mountain bike but look For something that’s just simple and it Will just last You know you probably want to find an Older bike yeah get you a chain and you Know that’s it extra chains extra tires Extra tubes keep them in a dry place Where they’re not going to dry rot and Uh from heat and moisture and you know Those those things can last you for a Long time you know bicycles you can ride A bicycle every day for a long time Before you wear out a tire or pop a tube And then you have to put wagon wheels on The and you can go with a wagon wheel Worst case you know it’s a lot of times It’s still better than walking yeah okay Reference library having all the Different references of things that you Haven’t thought about so important yeah I mean there there are so many different Uh resources out there you know that’s The thing right now this is our Reference library right most people pick This thing up if they want to know Something You put you pick this up and look at it When that’s gone it’s gone all right i Mean it’s like turn the light switch off Light bulb just blew out and we don’t

Have any last call for alcohol you’re Done go home Okay but yeah having some reference Medical of course we’ve already talked About that but having just some survival References you know the sas survival Guide which has been an old one for a Long time it’s thick it’s got a lot of Information About just surviving out in the wild and Having that could really put you in good Shape but again like robbie said that Thing is is temporary this thing it goes Out it’s out but having the ability to Be able to reference things can be Invaluable and so having those set back Okay let’s um let’s see where are we We’re at um Number 11. okay i’m just thinking let’s Go to some more questions and then we’ll Finish up Ceramics ready over there Uh eleven more asks if brass kills germs On a door handle would it kill germs and Water Brass i like copper they used to use um Silver they used to use silver And they During the old west they drop a silver Dime or a quarter into their canteen Well a lot of times that’s why your your Pipes in your house your water pipes in Your house are made out of copper Because copper is antimicrobial

It won’t allow things to grow inside the Pipe itself so you won’t get mold and Mildew and fungus and stuff that grows Inside your pipes but To be to use it as a actual filtration System i don’t believe that it would That it would filter or kill any kind of Microbes it just prevents anything from Growing on it or in it yeah i mean that That would take some research but i Haven’t ever heard of brass yeah i do i Knew about the handle so it probably has Some properties that can be used but That would take some research And we hadn’t done it Ernie andrews asked is there a Difference in cans between the pool tops And the regular cans Uh maybe maybe a little bit of ease in You know some kind of damage or Something or any kind of pull on it uh I mean just the nature of it That’s a good possibility for long-term Storage i would i would probably lean Away from the pool tops just because It’s another seal that can wear out and Degrade over time and you know possibly Contaminate your food so anytime that I’m buying cans i always get the fully Sealed cans just because for a long-term A really long-term solution i think the Sealed cans are better than the pool top Cans you know we did we did some videos On canned food and why we really like

Canned food for long-term survival um Now we have our dried goods and our you Know with the mormon can we got so much Food but we we really like those canned Food options they seal those in really High temperatures very sanitary Conditions they line the cans now and They last pretty much indefinitely there Is a best buy date but that’s the best Buy date dented cans cans that are Rusted things like that you want to stay Away from for long term right but uh Yeah foot cans are a great resource Uh david frost ask question do you Recommend the cellular cams that link to Phones Uh yeah i mean you know that would work Satellite Phones are great um I have one for my phone and uh yeah it Works great i i recommend it as far as You know in a first world kind of Scenario right but yet you have some Issues that you know you want to surpass Again it’s one of those things that gets You from maybe your primary to your Alternative right but it’s not going to Get you to the advanced stage of not Having anything but yeah i think that’s A that’s a smart idea because eventually The satellites are going to they’re Going to come out of orbit they’re going To fall to the earth they’re going to be Gone

And right right and then you won’t have The satellite anymore and that you know That that comes that common ability is Going to be gone now i want to say this Right here because what you said just Now and and i agree with that but you Know guys we’re not necessarily saying That we’re going back to the stone age We’re going back to some primitive you Know wherever you know but we’re saying That there are some things a lot of the Conveniences that keep us alive we need To know the skills to keep us going Uh james hall asked why do all these Prepping channels not talk about solar Ovens Oh well i’ve i’ve seen different things On solar ovens um they’re great i We use our solar power for different Things uh we have solar generators we Have solar battery backups we have solar A lot of solar stuff Uh but I haven’t really just gotten into it i Guess the solar ovens do work well um as Long as you’ve got good sunlight you Know A cloudy day that solar oven’s not gonna Help you out you’re still going to have To build a fire to cook with but for for A long-term situation long-term cooking Maybe not necessarily for boiling water But for long-term cooking solar ovens Would work well

J 9000 ask hey stitch a lot of my Co-workers say it’s crazy and a waste of Money to prep because shtf could never Happen do they have a point They got a pointed head i think they Looked at what’s going on in the world i Mean my gosh i think the people in Argentina would beg to differ yeah and They’re going through their third or Fourth shtf Uh listen we regardless of what’s going On we’re we are heading toward an Economic Problem Whether it’s total collapse You know honestly i don’t really feel Personally i mean just give you give you Something personal i don’t necessarily Feel that we’re going to go into this Massive Like On a on a worldwide scale but what i do Think is that they’re going to be areas That are going to suffer greatly and Then i think we’re going to have Something come up that’s going to take Charge and that to me is the scariest Thing Because that power that takes charge They’re going to demand their pound of Flesh And so you got to decide are you going To be self-sufficient and more able just To survive or are you going to depend on

Some Non-benevolent force that’s going to Come in and you know and honestly that’s That’s just the way i think now uh Looking at Joe biden’s you know Settling all the college debt and Putting a massive strain on us in an Already depressed economy which we’re Headed toward And then these big infrastructure things They’re doing and these big bailouts and Buyouts and giving thousands millions of Dollars to billions of dollars to Ukraine It has an effect it’s not just like oh We got endless money we can just blah Listen china’s getting ready to go into A massive economic I mean collapse Because of their real estate market if You haven’t followed it i mean it is Getting ready to collapse they’re having Protests over there which it means a Death sentence to the people that do it And they don’t i mean they’re they’re They’re desperate it’s coming it is Coming a some kind of economic collapse Of some sort look at this Look at the stock market every day it’s Down 300 points this day it’s down 500 Points the next day it’s down a thousand Points the next day i mean when’s the Last time you’ve actually seen the stock

Market upturned for more than a day i Mean it’s just steadily trending down And down and down that means that your Investments are worth less your Retirement is worth less your savings Are worth less And you’re seeing that filter down into The workplace Where you need less employees to do a Job Workplaces are closing jobs are closing Jobs are going away our dollar is worth Less i mean it’s there’s a lot of signs That that show that our country is in a Really bad and heading toward even worse Place right now yeah it’d be nice if we Could see some positive things to pull Us out of it but it’s just being Compounded so uh you know to me um i i Think that anybody that doesn’t look Ahead and go man there’s a lot going on Here it’s just got their head in the Sand so anyway um Yeah i’m sorry you have to work with People like that Uh tony f asked question what’s the best Pistol option for concealed carry at Home defense for a woman buying for the First time She’s shot everything from a 22 handgun To an ak but never owned anything Uh okay for For most women i recommend that the Shield easy

In nine millimeter would be a good one Uh but they do make it 380. it’s really Easy to rack it’s really easy to shoot It’s just made for people that have Lesser hand strength that’s right than a Man than a man but also the new walther Uh pdp f series designed for smaller Hands for woman’s a little easier to Pull the slide back get your finger on The trigger a little better that has a Higher round 15 round mag capacity i Would recommend that pistol that is an Excellent pistol if you and and two it Shoots like a full-size gun at the range But yet you could conceal carry it and If they want something really small the Sig p238 Really easy to rack the slide back it’s In 380 acp but they also make a nine Millimeter version so those are the Three pistols that i kind of look at as Is women friendly A lot of my wife carries a glock 40. For some reason she loves that 40. and She’s like You know and she’s a petite woman but She you know she can handle it and That’s the thing if you feel comfortable With it and you can manipulate the slide And all the controls very easily the Glock 19 is a great option as well small Enough to conceal but still has 15 plus One capacity yeah i would say that my Biggest thing is is how is her hand

Strapped if it’s good and solid she can Pull anything you’ve got out there then Glock 19 is a great gun because it’s so Simple all right We’re going to have to go to finish this Out and we’re not going to finish okay Winter winter comes And so do you have ways to heat and do You have long-term ways to heat the Natural natural gas can be turned off Propane can run out you know those Things what is your emergency plan And building a fire in the middle of Your living room is not really smart so You know what are you thinking about do You have a fireplace do you have some Kind of way to be able to heat and Really without modern conveniences or Kerosene it’s going to be very difficult So it’s something that you need to kind Of think about and consider fireplace to Me is a no-brainer but in this house When my brother-in-law built this house And we bought it from him we didn’t have A fireplace and it’s going to cost us 30 000 to put a fireplace in this house Because the roof pitch is so high well And then you know even with fireplaces You have to consider most fireplaces Nowadays are more decorative than they Are designed to heat a house Um you know Houses a hundred years ago had a Fireplace in every room in the house

That way you could maintain the heat in Each room in the house your houses today Are generally larger open floor plan Which makes them very difficult to heat So how are you going to close off an Area in your house to be able to heat it And provide heat for you through the Winter and if you check the chimney Because my parents we just took their Chimney out of their house because it Was unsafe so having these things put Aside and two if you have a wood stove It’s a great great way to do it and you Can put a wood stove and you can run a Flue out the side of your house Uh so you know but do you have have you Thought about it have you planned it out You may not want to go ahead and buy it But do you have something in mind okay We got to rush we got to get through This all right concealment and when i Say concealment i mean your preps the Different things that you have the Things that would people would see as a Target and say man that would be a good Find right there i’m going to steal from Them and so making yourself look less Desirable i’m not saying necessarily Just don’t maintain your property and Stuff like that because i think then it Looks abandoned and then people say hey I got a place to stay right so the good Thing you know the one thing is is to Kind of keep it at least from the road

When people drive by they see like Really nice cars sitting out in the Driveway and you got a motorcycle you Got all this stuff and you know i mean Whatever it is is making sure that you Have a low profile around your place if You live in a neighborhood the houses Look the same it’s not necessarily The same kind of thing but if you live Out anywhere it’s good to have just Don’t let yourself look so Vulnerable to being robbed and in fact i Just heard that in la they just put out Something with the law enforcement did Saying that don’t wear expensive jewelry When you’re out Because it makes you a target so i just Saw yesterday that uh ozzy osbourne was Actually moving back to the uk because Crime had got so bad in Uh la that he was afraid that him or his Family were going to be killed in la and That it was safer for him to move back To the uk Yeah i was talking to someone in china They said people in china always have Dreamed to come to america that’s what They love it they love the thing they Said they’ve stopped talking about it Yeah they want to stay they’re going to Stay they don’t want to come to america I’m telling you guys we’re not going in A good direction worldwide uh okay Barter barter now barter’s great but

Sooner or later barter items can run out You can need them so bartering your Skills Is really the cr the critical thing Because your skills you have you retain Your skills or you can work on your Skills or you can learn so developing Skills that lend itself To The 1800s and knowing how to prepare Things fix things uh do different things That for people and to barter those for Possibly eggs or milk or something in Your area so bartering skills okay we’re Going to keep going Upgrades are just looking around and Thinking you know what i’ve got this This and this but where do i need to Upgrade to something that can handle a Real bad situation just like we talked About with the berkey i mean great System awesome we love it we’ve been Using it for years but there are Vulnerabilities and we need to have some Contingencies for contingency and some Emergency plans in case that happens And then last is training training Guys we all go out and do our firearms Training or not all of but we should if You’re not training with your firearm at Least going to the range once a month And You know just getting your skill set Feeling the getting familiar with the

Firearm is huge just getting familiar With it but um and then you can advance That training as you will Physical training training your body Working out doing things getting Exercise you know continuing to train uh Getting medical training absolutely i Mean they’re they’re just go to the red Cross and just take a basic cpr class But get started in that training of Course youtube is a giant Resource for Information But information don’t confuse Information and we talked about this the Light week before last don’t confuse Information with skill You can watch and know exactly how to Start a fire in the rain but until you Do it and i can tell you from experience It is a whole different deal And so taking your knowledge and turning It into skill And it’s one of the things about Training it’s taking that and becoming Proficient And like robbie and i we’ve been Shooting forever in fact he and i’ve Been shooting together forever And you know we continue to learn we Continue to improve hopefully and uh and Get better and better but it never stops And so getting that in all right We’ve had a we got through the list but

We got through it was a whirlwind Experience i’m telling you yes and there Have been a lot of great questions i Really appreciate all the the good Comments and questions that gave us some Ideas actually i said thank you and That’s what this is all about it’s Working together is one and and because The better my neighbors prepared the Better i’m prepared and i consider uh Us as a nation or as a country or world Or whoever has this kind of mindset you Know one of the great things about this Video is just because the video ends Doesn’t mean the conversation has to the Video ends the conversation below begins And that’s where you with each other can Continue this conversation offering Advice and help to one another well you Know it’s funny we’ll have maybe Sometimes fifteen hundred sometimes four Thousand people are watching during the Live But afterwards it’s when the majority of The views are there so a lot of people Are leaving comments and there’s usually A lot of information down in those Comments so make sure you check that out And then if you have something to share It’s important because you may open your Eye the eyes up to someone else that Goes oh i hadn’t thought about it like That and so it’s very good to be Involved in this like robbie said in

This conversation Uh so again we really appreciate exotac For being one of our sponsors today you Get 20 20 off any order using such 20 With the link down below in the Description it is an affiliate link and Then also battle box and battle box is a Monthly subscription they have i mean it Is really great for preppers they have All kind of different prepping supplies And things that you get each month and i Mean it’s just quality and you go from a You know fairly low subscription rate For your basic and you can go on up to The more advanced box and so it’s it’s a Great resource i’ve done a number again Of different reviews on those and There’s always a lot of cool stuff in Those boxes and you get 15 off your First order by using the link down below In the description with code prepper In fact you don’t have to use the code In the description just go and say Prepper and you get 15 off And we really appreciate both exotec and Battlebox for offering that to our Viewers i think it’s really important to Give something back And we really thank sarah mack for being Here taking all the questions keeping us In line and of course robbie wheaton Check out robbie wheaton youtube channel Does a lot of gun reviews a perspective From someone that’s been in the gun

Uh gunsmithing business for over 20 Years and so i think you bring a really Unique perspective and also Wheatonarms.com which has the some of The best glock aftermarket parts on the Market in fact they’re flat-faced Trigger for the glock if you have a Glock you need a flat base trigger from Wheaton arms it is the best and i’ve Tried them all i’ve got a ton of them And you know They none compare doesn’t compare and I’m not just saying that because Robbie’s sitting here But he just really a great resource we Really appreciate you being good being Here i enjoy this So guys until next week Be strong be of good courage god bless America long live the republic