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By | August 28, 2022

Revelation chapter 18 roughly page 1212 In the scriptures The scriptures i s r However you use whatever translation you Prefer homeboy okay bear all right good Talk everybody And after this after what after Revelation 17 the vision that john is Having in revelation 17 go back and Watch that video from last week better Yet read it with your own eyeballs About babylon the great the mother of and the beast and the false Prophet And all this that’s going down Revelation 17 And the kings of the earth turning Against the and all that after all Of that And after this i saw i being john Yochanan Saw another messenger coming down from The heaven an angel having great Authority and the earth was lightened From his esteem from his glory And he cried with a mighty voice saying Babel the great is fallen is fallen Babylon Isaiah 21 9 reference there and has Become a dwelling place of demons A haunt for every unclean spirit and a Haunt for every unclean and hated bird Because all the nations have drunk of The wine of the wrath of her whoring

These unclean and hated birds Wherever you see these in scripture These are usually the implication of Dead bodies there’s like carry-on Feeders like um buzzards Right So that’s an indication there Because all the nations have drunk of The wine of the wrath of her whoring We talked last week about the wine being The Result of the fruit the false teachings Right And the kings of the earth have Committed whoring with her talked about That last week and the merchants of the Earth had become rich through the power Of riotous living have capitalized on All of her whoring And i heard another voice from the Heaven saying come out of her my people Lest you share in her sins unless you Receive of her plagues kuhemp Get out of there it’s about to go down Come out of her my people Lest you share in her sins unless you Receive of her plagues there’s a bit of A crawford cross reference here in Jeremiah 51. Ezekiel jeremiah 5145 i believe it is Come out of her midst my people and let Everyone deliver his soul his being from

The burning displeasure of yahuwah Right and lest your heart grow faint and You fear the report heard in the land For a report shall come One year and after that in another year Report shall come in violence in the Land ruler against ruler therefore see The days are coming that i yahuwah shall Bring punishment on the carved image of Babel and all her land shall be put to Shame and a whole and all her slain Fall in her midst and the heavens and The earth and all that is in them shall Shout for joy over babel for the Ravagers shall come to her from the North declares yahuwah So babel is going to get some It’s interesting as well and we’re going To see this in our portion today in Revelation 18. This will be a joyful moment For yaz people Might as well touch on that now How’s your heart condition Will you be rejoicing when babylon the Horror is destroyed Or are you just gonna be upset that the Internet doesn’t work anymore Or Oh my gosh have you seen the cost of Fuel lately Or did you know that they’re teaching Critical race theory in schools now like Yeah all of that

Are you going to lament the loss of the System Of babylon when y’all destroys it Are you going to rejoice That it’s been done away with so you can Focus your full energies on pleasing him That’s a gut check it’s a gut check for Me i’m talking you on an iphone right Now i’m going to upload this video in The middle of nowhere On a high speed fiber line Fasted to babylon Will you be rejoicing when the father Utterly destroys that Also look at joshua 6 18. Joshua 6 verse 18. And you by all means guard yourselves From that which is under the ban unless You come under the ban And you take which of that is under the Ban and make the camp of israel a curse And shall trouble it Be careful Guard yourselves from that which is Under the ban babylon’s fixing to get Some Because her sins have piled up to reach The heaven And elohim has remembered her Unrighteousness Rendered her as she did indeed render And repay her double according to her Works according to her what

Not her faith Not her beliefs Not her pontifications Her works In the cup which she has mixed mixed for Her double as much as she esteemed Herself and lived riotously so much more Torture and grief give to her because in Her heart she says i sit as a princess I’m not a widow what does widow mean Your husband is dead Who’s our husband the bridegroom Not as a widow and i do not see mourning At all We’ll read a little bit more of this and Then come back because of this her Plagues shall come in one day We’ve talked about one day this could Literally mean one day Right a day is like a thousand years Unto the lord or could literally Literally be a day Like we talked uh in the last video About one hour if you take a thousand Years in a day and divide it by 24 you Come up with 41.666 Years In an hour Because all this her plague shall come In one day Death and mourning and scarcity of food And she shall be burned up with fire Because yahuwah elohim who judges her is Mighty

And the kings of the earth who committed Whoring and lived riotously with her Shall weep and mourn over her when they See the smoke of her burning Standing at a distance for fear of her Torture Saying woe woe the great city babel the Mighty city because your judgment has Come in one hour Now Your judgment in one hour again this Could be 41.66 Years It could literally be One hour Now we’ve Not we you and i but Myself and the brethren in many cases Have discussed this We have to be careful backing into Applying our human understanding to What yah is doing here Because i think about how would you Destroy an entire city in one hour Fat man anyone Hiroshima nagasaki and the weapons that We possess today Are thousands in some cases thousands of Times stronger than what was dropped on Hiroshima and nagasaki Dan carlin hardcore history has an Excellent i think it’s only six hours Long

Presentation called the destroyer of Worlds On nuclear weapons through proliferation And development Eye-opening How would you take out a city in an hour Well our worldly thoughts Nukes bro Nukes Maybe it’s new chinese hypersonic Weapons Maybe But also maybe remember back to Jeremiah Which we just read Prior to shabbat Jeremiah 55 I’m sorry not jeremiah isaiah Yeshiya Guys i don’t plan these things so Sorry Jeremiah isaiah yes yahoo 55 for my Thoughts or not your thoughts neither Are your ways my th my ways declares Yahuwah for as the heavens are higher Than the earth so are my ways higher Than your ways and my thoughts than your Thoughts So is my word that goes forth from my Mouth it does not return to me empty but I shall do what i please and shall Certainly accomplish what i sent it for So yah’s going to do what yah wants to Do and if that’s smoke babel with

Warheads on foreheads so be it His ways are not our ways and he shall Certainly accomplish what he set forth To do So in our human understanding we think Nuclear weapons Doesn’t mean that that’s what yah’s Gonna use to do that also we don’t know The timeline here and i would caution All of us Who try to back into prophecy with their Human understanding Looking and we’re We’re told to be watchful and to wait Right we got to watch what’s going on Especially in the latter days Okay Are we in the latter days Or are we so spoiled from our whoring With babylon that two bad quarters in a Row The technical definition of recession Litera it literally like super duper Super really feels like the end of the World you know what i mean like Literally Or we that week Have become that Week that spoiled Through whoring with the system That six months Of negative gdp literally feels like the End of the world Because um

I can read this book And right here It tells us what we’re gonna have to Deal with Her plague shall come in one day death And mourning and scarcity of food We’re not there yet And who knows how long it’s going to Take For y’all to do what he’s going to do Yeshua himself said hey man no man knows The day or the hour We don’t know when this is coming and my Point to this is With our broken human minds we think It’s gotta be nukes y’all’s gonna nuke Babylon Maybe That’s entirely possible he can do Whatever he wants to do or maybe this is Another several hundred years to come And who knows what weapons we’re going To have when that comes around My point here is we have to be careful To impart our human understanding onto Yah’s ways because his ways are not our Ways his thoughts are way higher than Our Thoughts Verse 11 and the merchants of the earth Weep and mourn over her because no one Buys their merchandise anymore Merchandise of gold and silver and Precious stones and pearls and fine

Linen and purple and silk and scarlet And all citron wood and every object of Ivory and every object of the most Precious wooden bronze and iron and Marble and cinnamon and incense and Fragrant oil and frankincense and wine And oil and fine flour and wheat and Cattle and sheep and horse and carriage And the bodies of life and lives of men And the fruit That your soul longed for has gone from You and all your riches and splendor are Lost to you And you you shall find them no more at All Which again Begs the question When all this is happening when it’s all Going down bro and Especially let’s go the other side of The coin especially if you think we are In end times are you lamenting the loss Of the system Are you mourning for the world are you Praising yah for making his works be Done I’m of the merchant class I have four businesses and two Ministries Not including the time that i spend with Y’all right now doing this Losing the ability to do commerce is Something that’s biblically prophesied For me

And it’s not something i’m going to Enjoy when that happens And i’ll honestly probably fight against It No we gotta keep going we gotta feed These families Yeah but yah said You will not go without your daily bread And juxtaposing balancing those two Things Firmly believing in yah Knowing that he will provide his word Will not return to him void What he has set out he intends to do he Intends to finish to see it to the end Balanced by But yeah we got to run this business We’re going to take care of these Families we got to service these Customers That’s tough So again heart condition Where’s your your head and your heart Going to be as the world actually Collapses Are you serving the world or are you Serving ya And it’s a very cut and dry statement And i think we would be i would be Anyway i won’t speak for you i would be Inclined to turn that into Shades of gray Well mostly yeah but i got to do a Little bit with the world because we

Live in this sinful fallen world and I’ve gotta earn a living and support my Family it’s like yeah but that’s a facet Of babylon Does that mean like hang it up right now No more business no more commerce No not for me Because he hasn’t told me to do that yet The ability to do commerce hasn’t been Removed from me yet But what happens when that day comes I’ll tell you the appropriate response Should be i should be rejoicing Babel the greatest fallen has fallen Party Not holding on to the worldly things That my money has bought me because yah Has seen fit to bless The works that we do And that’s tough psychologically that’s Tough spiritually And the fruit that you’re being your Soul longed for has gone from you And all your riches and splendor are Lost to you And you shall find them no more Not at all The merchants of these Those who became rich by her shall stand At a distance for fear of her torture Weeping and mourning Saying whoa whoa the great city that was Dressed in fine linen and purple and Scarlet and adorned with gold and

Precious stones and pearls for in one Hour there’s that phrase again such Great riches was laid waste And every shipmaster and every passenger And sailors and as many as work at the Sea for their living stood at a distance And cried out when they saw the smoke of Her burning saying what is like this Great city Now there’s There’s a parallel here Happening in genesis 18 and 19. Yeah all the way at the other end of the Book from the last book To the first book So flip with me to genesis if you would Okay bear sounds good all right good Talk everybody no problem bro All right so in genesis 18 Avraham abraham There’s so much in genesis 18 Like it’s an incredible portion here Um Gosh i want to read like all of it But i already have Men’s group monday And i have a genesis 18 video here at This channel you should go watch it So yahuwah the lord our god appears to Abraham by the terabytes trees of Monterey and abraham’s like yo what’s up Homie you hungry and i’m paraphrasing Now new living bear translation And yeah i was like i am hungry and so

Abraham after being circumcised runs to Sarah says hurry make ready three Measures of fine flour need it and make Cakes of unleavened bread right because It’s hurried and then he slaughters a Calf and then just to put the lie to the Whole jewish tradition of no dairy and Meat together he serves yahuwah or Elohim with meat cheese curds and bread All at one sitting and yeah eats it So the whole like Meat and dairy together is not kosher It’s like well It was good enough for ya So it should be good enough for his Children right But why are they coming down what like What’s going on here Verse 20 1820 and yahuwah said because The outcry against sodom and gomorrah is Great and because their sin is very Heavy the outcry is great i’m going down Now to see whether they have done Altogether according to the outcry Against it that has come to me And if not i know The righteous men And women i would submit In sodom and gomorrah Are crying out to yah saying you gotta Smoke this place it’s terrible This place is terrible this is no place For a person of faith You have to like yeah you got to do

Something And those cries stacked up to the Heavens to the point that yah himself Was like well boys let’s go put eyes on This So they come down they ya’s literally There he’s doing a recon mission to go Check it out to see if a Sodom and gomorrah is unrighteous and b If his children who are crying out to Him are giving him a good report are They bearing false witness or not Imagine that And it turns out they are They’re giving a good report They’re not lying What does yah do He uh he brings the heat Genesis 19 verse 24. And yahuwah reigned sulfur and fire on Sodom and gomorrah from yahuwah out of The heavens so he overthrew those cities And all the plane and all the Inhabitants of the cities and what grew On the ground Destroyed That place It’s interesting because Yahoo stays With abraham But two witnesses two witnesses Actually go down to sodom and gomorrah Verse 19 or 19 verse 1 and the two Messengers which were either angels or

Some in the tradition of the jews Say that this is shem The son of noah and ever From evil you get the evites which Hebrews yeah Shem and ever Are the ones that were did the Destroying they went down these and they Were the two messengers of yahuwah The ones that the unrighteous people in Sodom and gomorrah are trying to rape That end up overnighting at lot’s house And lada’s like i will give you my Virgin daughters if you leave these men Alone But again there’s a parallel here with The two messengers who are coming to the City that’s about to be destroyed Yeah revelation the two messengers And so anyway these prayers these outcry Stack up to yah and then again in Revelation 19 or i’m sorry Genesis 19 24 Yah smokes the place And so if we go back to Revelation 18 verse For in one hour such great riches was Laid waste and every shipmaster and Every passenger and sailors and as many As work the sea for their living stood At a distance and cried out when they Saw the smoke of her Her burning saying what is like this Great city and they threw dust on their

Heads and cried out weeping and mourning And saying whoa whoa the great city in Which all who had ships on the sea Became rich by her wealth for in one Hour there it is again she was laid Waste Rejoice over her oh heaven rejoice Over her o heaven and you set apart Emissaries and prophets for elohim has Completely avenged you on her rejoice Throw a party cry out to yah praise yah He has destroyed that wicked place Again what’s your heart condition gonna Be what’s my heart condition gonna be You know because ultimately we can only Work out our own salvation with fear and Trembling right But it’s a good question to ask Where’s your head and your heart going To be at in the day that yah destroys Babylon from the earth And one mighty messenger picked up a Stone like a great millstone Matthew 18 verse 6 He who causes the least of these shall Stumble it would be better that a Millstone be tied around his neck and He’d be thrown into the ocean So this is indicative of some of what’s Going on here in babylon causing these Little ones to stumble Abusing the least of these Not raising them up in the way that they Should go so they do not depart from it

When they are older Let’s be frank curtin kids And one mighty messenger picked up a Stone like a great millstone and threw It into the sea Saying with such a rush the great city Babel shall be thrown down and shall not Be found anymore at all And the sound of harpists and musicians And flutists and trumpets trumpeters Shall not be heard in you anymore at all And no craftsman of any trade shall be Found in you anymore at all and the Sound of a millstone shall not be heard In you Anymore at all And the light of a lamp The light of a lamp Your torah is a light your commands are A lamp unto my feet proverbs the light Of a lamp shall not shine on you anymore All the righteous people are gone Why Come out of her my people lest you share In her sins unless you receive of her Plagues bug out flee to the wilderness Gtfo bro you don’t want to be there when This goes down Because this is not discretionary Anymore These are not surgical attacks that are Taking place upon babylon you’ve been Warned go well not jesus they’ll take Care of me

Maybe Maybe you’ll be a casualty of war Ever think about that what about lot How did lots jesus take care of him He sent him angels to get him the hell Out of there Because it was going down Now You proceed however you see fit Because i know there’s a lot i just Can’t bear i just can’t leave okay At some point you’re gonna have to My question for you is does that get Easier or harder as time elapses if These truly are end times which again Jury’s out for me If these truly are end times It’s going to get easier or harder For you to come out of her my people for You to flee to the wilderness what do You think is going to happen Just saying And the light of a lamp shall not shine In you anymore at all and the voice of The bridegroom And the bride shall not be heard in you Anymore at all who’s the bridegroom Yeshua hamashiach who’s the bride The church But not really the remnant of the church Because the big c church is a I can’t believe you said that well i did That happened And the voice of the bridegroom yeshua

And the bride the remnant shall not be Hurting you anymore at all For your merchants for the great ones of The earth for by your drug sorcery All that fiser anybody astrazeneca For by your drug sorcery all the nations Were led astray Did you know it’s like 53 Of all americans are on some kind of Mind altering drug Just throwing that out there And in her babylon Was found the blood of the prophets She killed the prophets and the set Apartments the saints And all And of all who were slain on the earth She was responsible for all Death and destruction On the earth and that is revelation 18 Will you rejoice on the day of judgment When yah brings the fire Will you be Collateral damage On the day of judgment when yah brings The fire Will you get out beforehand flee to the Wilderness come out of her my people Lest you partake of her sins and receive Of her plagues When y’all brings the fire Is y’all gonna have To go on a special mission just for you To extract you does your righteousness

Stack up to the righteousness of lot That he’s going to send messengers to Extract you From the hell hole that is babylon Because you didn’t listen Beforehand you didn’t get out Beforehand Will you weep and lament the loss of the System or will you rejoice at the mighty Outstretched hand of yah I don’t have great answers to any of This And even if i did my answers aren’t your Answers We should each work out our salvation With fear and trembling Bless y’all Shalom Hit the button i’m trying to hit the Button alright i’ll hit it for real this Time