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By | August 26, 2022

We don’t have a j.a dudley to say and We’re live Let you hate it when your beard hair Gets in your mouth when you’re trying to Talk to the internet I hate that How we doing over there We’re almost live oh we’re live live I’ve been live on rm oh yeah oh i had to Jump back now we’re good okay we’re good We’re good Cool what’s up everybody i’m bear with Bear independent dot com you better know That by now if you don’t go ahead and Subscribe ring the little bell icon that Way you will be uh better informed to Navigate this stupid freaking world that We live in which unfortunately i think Is fixing to get worse We’re gonna do the brief today uh and We’re gonna talk a little bit about that And what you can do about it so not just Fear porn doomer porn Not just that but like practical Applicability what can we do If you’re not new here you know what to Do share the show with people that you Love so we can help grow the bear nation We’re sitting close to 162 000 on Youtube It’d be awesome to hit 200k so if you Could help us do that that’d be Wonderful Bear independent brief 26

August 22. For several years the state of California has been expected to ban Sales of new gas powered vehicles by the Year 2035. Analysts predict other states will Follow suit impacting up to a third of The total u.s automotive market About 5 million which is peanuts in Taxpayer dollars about 5 million of the Inflation reduction act was set aside For states to adopt And implement Clean vehicle standards So there’s currently A very top-down push For immediate moves on the state level Conspiracy theories aside This isn’t just happening in the united States of course canada’s government set The same deadline by 2035 there will be No more buying of gas vehicles as the Country is aiming for emissions Neutrality by 2050. Oh so much to say let me finish this Paragraph and i’ll come back Great britain has already announced that It will ban gas-powered vehicles by 2030. Bank australia has announced that it Will be phasing out loans for Non-electric vehicles by 2025. Bank australia has announced that it Will be phasing out loans for

Non-electric vehicles by 2025. Of course the bank is not a political Authority but if enough banks followed Suit to appeal to environmental ideals That could seriously impact consumer Choices without much need for additional Legislation That’s literal fascism when private Industry and state are joined together At the hip The problem with electric vehicles boys And girls Is they’re not clean Nor is the power that is produced in Order to power them Clean 52 percent of electricity in the united States of america is produced by coal And coal has done a good job of Literally and figuratively cleaning up Its act over the last few decades but if You’re worried about carbon emissions You have to think about the power that Is produced in order to power the Vehicle The infrastructure that is required to Move that power which is copper aluminum Steel and concrete concrete is made out Of cement sand stone and water cement is The number one polluter in the world the Turning of limestone into cement the Smelting of copper for every ton of Copper you produce you produce 5.4 tons Of carbon as a byproduct the smelting of

Aluminum is 10.4 tons of carbon as Carbon as a by-product and what do you Think these cars are going to be made Out of to say nothing of the mining Activities that has to take place in Order to produce the batteries which we Don’t have sufficient battery technology Yet for the grid we might have it for The vehicles but Storage Batteries and capacitors for the grid Don’t exist and a big part of their plan A big part of the big day’s plan is to Use renewable energies to meet this Demand We don’t have a vast quantity of silica Sand here in the united states of America to make solar panels most of That stuff comes from china who we’re Not friends with right now will probably Be in a war with by 2025. not my opinion joint special Operations command their opinion now That may have changed since the last Time i spoke with them but suffice it to Say there are guys in jsoc who are Preparing for a hot war with china by 2025. you think they’re gonna send us Sand for our solar panels probably not Steel for turbines wind turbines yeah 60 Tons of steel per tower section four Tower sections per turbine what about All the fiberglass that’s used to make The blades for the rotors

Yeah On and on and on and on and on every Wind turbine you stand up that has a 20 Year service life Takes 38 years to break Break even for carbon neutrality so you Were 18 years in the hole Just on the carbon emissions to produce A wind turbine the day you put one up to Say nothing of all the diesel equipment That’s required to excavate to install To pour the concrete the cranes to lift The pieces the trucks that are on the Job site in order to put those things Together the torque all those bolts to 600 foot pounds with four foot long Torque wrenches 300 foot up in the air Ask me how i know the whole thing’s a Sham And the idea that we’re going to use Electric vehicles to offset our carbon Emissions is 100 Just so we’re all on the same page Back to the brief And I’m all for new technologies Not back to the brief not yet just yet I’m all for new technologies we’re not Rolling around in model t’s anymore cool That’s a new technology right like i Like my truck My truck can tow 12 model t’s Awesome

But it has to be viable economically Viable Yay capitalism and i don’t mean big Corporate greed collusion capitalism i Mean like american small business and Ingenuity capitalism It has to make dollars to make sense Green energy doesn’t make sense because It doesn’t make dollars And It literally doesn’t do What we want it to do it does not offset Carbon emissions to say nothing of the Fact that it was 67 degrees this morning In august in eastern oklahoma today Global warming My ass I think we need as much co2 in the Atmosphere as possible because i think We’re going into a solar minimum and we Need that lovely blanket of co2 to trap What heat we have left on the planet so That it doesn’t turn into a catastrophic Ice age But that’s an entirely different Conversation i recommend christian the Ice age farmer for that and david at Adapt 2030 and possibly diamond at Oppenheimer ranch project and maybe Yanasa tv Go check them out Even though things are currently rocky Across the globe shifts are already Steadily being made by the higher-ups

The big they without fully fleshed out Plans paving the way what else is new Without a significant and rapid increase In available nuclear power where will This soon to be necessary massive supply Of electricity come from John bozella the president of alliance For automotive innovation said quote Whether Or not these requirements are realistic Or achievable is directly linked to External factors like inflation Charging and fuel infrastructure supply Chains Labor critical mineral availability and Pricing and the ongoing semiconductor Shortage That’s another huge point end quote Electric cars will require more Computers in them Semiconductors is the thing that we’re Having an issue with right now likely to Continue to have an issue with right now China views taiwan as their property one China policy just like the united states Views texas as their property If texas decided it was going to leave The union you bet you’re asked whether Or not texas was going to put up a fight That the union is going to have Something to say about it I think well texas unfortunately is Turning purple and a lot of those well We’re from texas a lot of those people

Seem to be dying off and there’s been a Mass influx of people from blue states Moving into texas so texas and i don’t Mean to get on a diet tribe of texas Here but my point is while texas Produces 27 Of the nation’s gdp I don’t think it has the balls to jump I don’t think texas is as texas as it Thinks it is Taiwan at least Jumped They’re 100 miles away from china They don’t want to be part of china but China wants taiwan to be part of them And they’re not going to let them go Quietly into the night which gets back To supply chain issues Forget the global ramifications of hot War between china and china and taiwan That’s bad stuff Bad news that’s like sit by the radio Huddled in your wool blanket waiting for Updates as you fondle your ar-15 Kind of bad news right What about supply chains how are you Going to build all these things all These electric cars and these charging Stations And the power infrastructure required to Feed the charging stations which feed The electric cars all you’re doing is Centralizing the emissions rather than Decentralizing the emissions gasoline

Vehicles are decentralized emissions Electric vehicles are centralized Emissions Hmm Think about that That will probably have something to do With the big push to get everybody to Move into cities Remember uh Agenda 2030 remember that Get everybody to move into the cities Leave the rural areas alone The government will run those rural Areas which is probably where all the Power plants are going to be the smog Will be out there in the rural areas but It’ll be beautiful in that utopia that You signed up for in there in the uh in The city where the food comes on the Back of trucks rather than out of your Backyard Where security is somebody else with a Gun in their hand rather than you with a Gun in your hand where education is what They tell you it is rather than what you Decide that it is Dystopian yes but after the last three Years or so of tyrannical governance It’s not so conspiracy theory anymore is It The rush towards electric vehicles comes As one in six households in the u.s have Fallen behind on their energy bills Because of inflation

According to the national energy Assistance directors association In all that’s about 20 million people Owing a calculated average of 792 Dollars in unpaid utilities That 20 percent i’m sorry that one in Six households They’re at shutoff mode they have 30 Days to pay their bill or have their Electricity turned off Think about that Won’t be so bad in the fall it’s not too Hot it’s not too cold but when winter Hits Riots in the streets homies Riots in the streets Many many people in the u.s are not just Skipping the coffee chains and avocado Toast they’re skipping entire meals and Making choices between buying groceries Or paying their utilities Bloomberg quoted one expert is saying That there will be a quote a tsunami of Shutoffs Like electrical disconnections end quote One bear national wrote in this is the Month that we officially stopped Prepping We have roughly one year of shelf-stable Food cleaning supplies etc This was not our goal nor was it Intended to happen now But brandon’s inflation has increased Food and fuel prices to the point where

Our modest daily living expenses now Exceed our more modest income We will continue to have our daily bread Despite the coming inflation reduction From washington End quote There’s a tipping of the scales Here I was just talking with my wife Yesterday It’s like i don’t think we’re anywhere Near the bottom Of this economic situation that we’re in I think we’re just getting started it’s Like the roller coaster Has crested the hill and we’ve just Started going down but we haven’t even Really picked up momentum yet It’s my opinion i’m not a financial Expert I live on a homestead in oklahoma I don’t live in a high-rise in manhattan That’s by choice i’ve been to highrises In manhattan they’re great places to do Shenanigans right Had a lot of good parties in Downtown manhattan back in my heathen Days But uh That cost a living forget it My point is i’m no expert financially But i know this Everything i have i own The bank doesn’t own it i own it you

Cannot come take it from me People say well what about your property Taxes they’ll take your property Six days ye shall labor he who does not Work has denied the faith and is worse Than an infidel stack your freaking Money up and go pay your taxes render Under caesar’s what is caesar’s do i Like that no not even a little bit But i can go pay 10 years of property Taxes right now Mitigate the risk that’s what prepping Is Mitigate the risk Now If you’re on patreon not only are you a Fine human being and we appreciate your Support for this dumbass show But you have all the links to everything We just discussed I’m gonna get into the national intel Here in a minute but uh in every video And every live stream there’s a link to Patreon and it’s not just an i love me You should love me too page there’s Practical tactical stuff there this Morning Episode one of the monthly q a posted The way i do that is i answer questions Minimum three days a week on patreon In-depth questions like Hey Bear i need to know what’s the best zero For my rifle okay i’ll go through that

Or how much food is the right amount of Food for a family of fiber how do i put Food in buckets or whatever and so i Answer those in 15 to 20 minute videos Monday wednesday friday on patreon Um But the q a videos are like when Somebody has a question that doesn’t Warrant a full video response i stack All those up and answer all of those in A video or two well that’s up today did A course of fire for pistol and rifle Yesterday Um Tuesday We did an exclusive three-hour Three-hour patreon live stream The point is there’s real content over There there’s the better content is over There so you can check that out it’s Five bucks a month I know a lot of people are struggling Right now But i also know a lot of people aren’t a Lot of people are still whoring in Babylon And so if you are in the whoring in Babylon stage of preparedness you might Consider Do i blow five dollars a month on the Bear show on patreon the best five bucks You can spend on the internet or Do i buy another can of skull or another Pack of cigarettes or another caramel

Macchiato Or one more pint of beer at the bar Tonight because it’s friday Yeah So appreciate the patrons national intel Now bonus intel from y’all this comes From emails that are sent to intel at Bear independent dot com Uh news flash boys and gerbils if you Don’t send intel to intel bear Independent dot com we don’t have Anything to talk about so if you’d like To send your actual boots on the ground Reporting To intel bear independent dot com we Would love to have it so we can continue To do this segment what’s the email Again bear intel at bear independent dot Com or you can go to bear independent Dot com and you can use the contact us Page by the way if you can’t spell Independent you have self selected out From the ability to be able to give us Intel tracking tracking like a tank bear All right good talk everybody Uh let’s see 26 august 22 national level Intel medical i work in the plasma Collection industry and we all company Wide had to complete a small training on How to spot and combat monkey pox Step one don’t have gay sex We have die hard participants that we See twice a week and come to know by Name like acquaintances but since the

Beginning of the year we’ve seen an Influx of new donors and almost a Thousand a month Unlike with blood donations people can Earn money giving plasma this is an Economic indicator with a medical impact Okay Next i’m a bio Repair technician that works for a major Medical device manufacturer we have Hundreds of customer devices sitting on Racks waiting for repair parts as repair Parts do slowly trickle in it is never Enough quantity to address the entire Backlog these devices are mostly vital Sign monitors you know the thing the Computer they hook you up to when you Come into the er you know you get back In the er Right and it’ll you know like a pulse Oximeter And a little bit of an ekg checking for The waves on your heart That stuff There are ways to do that without that But a lot of you think about the um The institutional education at this Point uh medical professionals have been Taught how to use the machine They’re also taught how to use you know A stethoscope and a pressure cuff But that’s their fallback That’s their Alternate method their primary method is

Hook them up to the machine and whatever The machine says good to go also if Those machines are on the fritz are we Getting good readings off the machines Things to think about Food and agriculture last month i gave a Report to the local food bank running Out of food in an hour and a half yes You did and thank you please continue to Write in this month 355 families were Served in two hours this is the second Time in a row we have completely run out Of food before last month Only 25 families were turned away in the Time it took for us to clean up and shut The gates who knows how many drove past After the gates were secured we Intentionally went at a slower pace to Better spread out the food if we had not Done this we would have finished in Record time and served 80 to 100 fewer Families Usually the quantity of food we give Away will feed a family of four for Seven to ten days if it’s used at peak Efficiency this month about half Received enough for five to seven days And the other half were lucky to get Three days of food The last 55 families barely got enough For a single meal I had the opportunity to speak with the Driver from the distribution center He told me donations are down

Substantially and our location received The last of the meat from their driver In the freezer he said that quote if Donations don’t increase drastic Decisions will have to be made don’t Count on getting any meat next month and Half the produce will probably be rotten End quote I also spoke with the regional Coordinator historically july and august Are always the busiest months september And october tend to be lower turnout my Personal observations of the last five Years at one location backs this up with Reason however i’ve seen some busy fall Months my question is if they anticipate Lower numbers and donations are down Will the current economic situation Cause a break in the yearly trends 100 Speculation and i hope i’m wrong people Could be in for shock next month if they Only get enough for a few meals I agree One person writes in and says my local Costco has been starting to have more And more emergency preparedness food Kits on the shelves Another wrote in said our homestead Under attack the last two nights from Domestic pit bulls that the owners Stopped feeding they chewed through a Twisted hog wire and chicken wire double Fenced cattle panel cages to get to our Animals

Toes off caged animals five feet in the Air people are not feeding animals They will become a problem take Precautions You know to that point and i realize a Lot of y’all I’ll take just a moment here to Pontificate Society’s soft We have dogs They’re not pets We tell people when they come here don’t Pet that dog Especially kids don’t pet that dog It’s not that they’re bad dogs It’s that they’re tools in our tool kit They are working dogs i have a 120 pound Anatolian pyrenees mix whose job it is To kill Other things that’s his job And he’s good at it He’s killed more coyotes and feral dogs Than i can literally count As have i I have killed more coyotes and feral Dogs Other people’s dogs that they let loose In the country or that ran away that try And eat my animals i have shot dead More than i can count And i realized to some of you all That is an appalling thought you killed Somebody’s dog they tried to eat my Sheep

I eat my sheep nobody else eats my sheep Yes i killed it and i’d kill it again in A heartbeat Had a big aggressive probably 90 pound Pit bull on grandma’s porch grandma Weighs 90 pounds don’t know where it Came from Gave it an opportunity to run away Go home go home go home instead it Launched off of all fours as if it was Going to jump at me this is why we Practice up drills at the range 55 grain Ballistic tip through the right eye Done I bring this up Because everybody whether you live in The city the suburbs or the country you Need to harden up your mindset a little Bit Animals are tools Not toys They’re tools Not toys This is my emotional comfort fifi Whatever That’s gay as hell if you ask me but Whatever If you can’t afford to feed yourself how Are you going to feed fifi What does fifi bring to the table And lastly i’ll say this a breed does Not determine capability It is the beginning of the subset of Capability but you don’t have a guard

Dog or a livestock guardian dog or a Watchdog or a man stopper without Training So just like you can own a rifle and if You don’t know how to run it it doesn’t Matter or you can own a first aid kit And if you don’t know how to use it it Doesn’t matter if you have a dog that’s Not trained it doesn’t matter And if y’all they’re going to keep the Marauders out yeah um 22 caliber calibri Or A uh you know 22 With a can on the end Problem solved How about 45 subsonic suppressed problem Super solved So Understand here with animals yeah you’re Going to see more and more people Abandoning their animals and if there’s A pit bull that’s trying to eat one of My animals or attack one of my kids i Will shoot that thing in the face 10 out Of 10 times and won’t feel an ounce of Remorse I got to the point where i was killing So many dogs around here i quit burying Them i left them in a pile on the corner Of one of the hayfields and let the Buzzards and the coyotes do their job Harden up And i realize a lot of you probably

Don’t like hearing that harden Up we’re talking about potentially here Tia tawaki the end of the world as we Know it well the world as we know it is Changing Harden up I work for a company that repairs Utilities trucks and diggers Some of the parts we have we need have Weights from nine months to a year long Oh that’s good utility trucks and Excavation equipment Hey Liberty what do we need in order to Build all that electrical infrastructure That’s going to power these electric Cars Is is it utility trucks and excavation Equipment Yeah yeah you think so No biggie right just wait a year Sounds good I think a big part of that one of the Things that makes americans so american Is our freedom of movement And we’re going to continue to see a Degradation in our ability to have Freedom of movement because of these Stupid loss being put in place And I’m gonna shoot a video not today not Tomorrow because it’s shabbat you know Probably within the next week I don’t know what i’m going to call it

But something like the big picture Or the plan Because everybody keeps saying well what Are we going to do about it how are we Going to take america back how are we Going to make america great again bear What should we do Some of y’all have even taken calling me General bear i don’t know how i feel About that But i know what i’m doing in my life And based upon that i know what works in My life and i know what i can suggest For you in your life to do And it’s more than stacked food to the Rafters it’s more than build a network It’s more than provide your own security Although those are major facets of it Freedom of movement Is very american they’re going to take That away from you they’re going to try To take that away from you You have to resist You cannot resist without resilience I told you for two years during the age Of covid covet actual Exercise your no muscle say No Oh sir you have to wear that mask no i Don’t Kiss my ass oh you’re not allowed in Here well i’m in here You can physically remove me or i can Engage in capitalism and buy this box of

Cheerios and pay you for it Enough people say no They quit effing around We all have to get better at saying no All the time and being able to Articulate why No No i’m not doing that And you’re a disgrace to this country if You think you need to make me do that And Be able to back that up try me Try me let’s Go let’s do this thing you get enough People woken up you wake the sleeping Giant that is the american middle class And i don’t mean like oh a red wave in November for the midterm elections f All those a-holes Every one of them Oh you think desantis is going to make a Run in 24 don’t care You think elections matter after the 2020 elections You even awake anymore adjust your ooda Loop man What can you do not what can somebody do On your behalf what can you do what are You gonna do how are you gonna live your Life not maybe elect a better slave Master this time around I work at a floor and trust plant in North carolina recently within the last Month a large number of our undelivered

Orders of trusses had to be burned Because the construction projects were Canceled After the trusses were ordered had to be Burned come on man i would have bought Those things Our business has been going steady even With some of the supply chain issues at Least until this week we haven’t gotten Our recent order of lumber so now we Won’t be able to work friday this week This is the first time this has happened With lumber since i started working here Although for a while we were having Massive issues maintaining the supply of Steel plates used to hold the trusses Together also the company we get our Plates from is regularly discontinuing Various size plates to streamline Production and lower costs they also Began using a different type and grade Of steel than usual because of a lack of Steel this is because the steel is Chinese So yay globalization Next I have worked in the natural gas Industry for six years now and i’m a Utility locator and i spoke to a foreman About a natural gas main and service Replacement project that as of now is Put on hold because they cannot get gas Meters and more materials to build Risers they don’t know when they will

Have the supplies to finish the project Over the past few years they have Already been natural gas shortages in The new house builds because we have Expanded beyond our capacity to provide Gas to them Don’t worry it just heats your home and Allows you to cook Or Wood stove might think about that or Wood stove Bonus I have first-hand information regarding Teachers in st louis missouri They have multiple middle and high Schools middle being six through eight High school being nine through twelve But in some cases were short entire Grade levels of teachers for entire Subjects they offered to pay a nominal Amount to have a teacher teach during Their contractually required plan time That means all planning and grading an Additional grading for the added class Occurs after hours few took this offer So the district hired a consultant Company who is providing virtual Teachers for classrooms at a thirty Thousand dollar or more At thirty thousand dollars or more what They pay their in school teachers as a Premium Ninety thousand dollars a year for a Virtual teacher they put a substitute or

An aid in the room and the kids watch The video the virtual teacher has no Responsibility for behavior or classroom Order and all other things that a Teacher does Which costs us out of pocket three to Four thousand dollars a year we buy Pencils and paper by the case Covid proved via test scores and mental Illness with our kids that virtual Education does not work i agree Had the district paid their teachers an Extra thirty thousand dollars they would Have stayed or taken on another Classroom during their prep the Education system in bigger cities Continues to devolve End quote And that is our intel for today If uh You want to stick around and hear about How to support the show Give us uno momento por favor if you’re One of those people that jumps off when It’s time to talk about how to support The show Understand Beat feet skedaddle get out of here have A blessed day shalom i’m gonna go pee on That pine tree because i can and uh i’ll Be back in 30 or so seconds okay okay Bear all right good talk everybody Hips are sore from rocking this morning I think when uh fall gets here i’m gonna

Start doing the briefs back in the woods Again 1412 people what’s up bama blue eyes rob G talk about a live stream yeah that’s Right Hey man if you don’t live in a place Where you can piss on your own pine Trees you live in the wrong place P is nitrogen here’s fertilizing i still Want a yoder bear patch i fully support Your right to pee where you want that’s Right liberty off-road Are you actually free if you can’t pee On your own trees That’s a decent exposure first of all i Think it’s pretty decent Second of all i live here and you don’t Gtfo All right Uh what are we talking about we talked About patreon you guys know the drill search for bear independent I deeply appreciate the patrons i would Not do the youtube if it wasn’t for the Patreon let alone the juvenile Intelligence operatives over here right I barely remembered that you guys were Here today Taking away on your uh intel gathering Devices sending it back to the Motherland Um So patreon is thank you for Supporting us on patreon

Refuge medical Pretty much everything is in stock which Is incredible so good job team to Getting stuff in stock because um I don’t know if you noticed but that’s Like a feat of strength in today’s Economy to actually have stuff in stock Now what do i mean by stuff Bear fact 3.0 all colors in stock The sob kit small the back kit right Here In stock can you see me youtubes There you go how’s that Best production quality All right Sob kit small the back kit in stock all Colors including the beautiful Red with reflective but also multi-cam Coyote Tan od green Ranger green there’s even some orange Hunter orange sobs for that season so if You’ve got somebody who’s out there you Know hunting a mule deer with a Sharpened stick they’re probably gonna Want a first aid kit right Um You know multi-cam like all the cool guy Colors and these have a committee on t Triple c recommended soft t winless Tourniquet on the bottom Pop this open grab the red handle pull The kit out this beautiful little Suitcase which wranglerstar was just

Talking about in one of his videos as Well has this in a backpack kit and as You can see made in the usa And that’s not like uh like oh we’ll Throw that on there for kicks no this is Literally made under our roof made in The united states of america Guaranteed forever if you break it i’ll Replace it at no cost to you if you use The contents of this kit to save a life I’ll replace the contents at no cost to You you just email admin at refuge Medical and we’ll hook you up Pop this open you got everything you Need and nothing you don’t inside of This beautiful little pouch which weighs As much as one loaded ar-15 magazine you Got a pressure bandage in here you’ve Got nitrile gloves you’ve got Fold flat duct tape hyphen chest seals a Sharpie Combat gauze for wound packing Compressed gauze for wound packing So for dealing with the march algorithm Massive bleeding airway and respiratory Sob kit Is phenomenal for gun shots penetrating Wounds You know Makes a lot of sense as a hunter’s kit Or on your gun belt or your plate Carrier The arc advanced rip away kit i just Sent some of these to some of our

Buddies Um You know sometimes you have buddies you Can talk about and sometimes you have Buddies that you don’t right it was just Suffice it to say that these are people That exist but not really that don’t Have names and do things in places that Aren’t on maps that never happened And uh i just sent them some of these as A thank you for a thing that they did For us And they wrote back and they’re like Dude these things are effing legit i’m Like They’re like no honestly like these They’re freaking awesome so this is the Art kit was designed uh and refined by Our lead instructor twitch at refuge Training You pop this open It’s a rip away kit so you can and you We do i have one of these mounted on my Daughter’s headrest my teenage Daughter’s headrest It comes with the straps on the back you Can mount it to a headrest or you can Put this on a plate carrier a war belt a Chest rig Whatever you have i have mine on a Dangler on my chest rig So what’s cool about this Is you can pop this open Like so

And it’s got these two different pouches In here And you can leave it mounted to your kit And work out of it like that or It’s a rip away kit you can rip it off The headrest the war belt the plate Carrier Put it on the ground next to the Casualty that you’re working on and You’re good to go This also has a committee on triple c Recommended soft t windlass tourniquet Not some chinese tourniquet not Something it’s not a rat’s tourniquet Which is not a tourniquet anyway According to the committee on tactical Combat casualty care a real tourniquet Okay It’s got your shears in here and what’s Cool about the shears is they’re Retained by this little stretchy tab So they don’t come out But if you need them you can pull them Out if you just need your shears Pop this open you got your Sharpie and up top here We’ve got one set of high fins a mini Pressure bandage Quick clot rolled gauze ruined packing An s mark tourniquet or not tourniquet Pressure bandage rather which is a lot Like a swat t tourniquet and then down In the bottom here We’ve got another set of high fin chest

Seals a nasopharyngeal airway and two Packages Of compressed gauze for wound packing So It’s an awesome kit badass kit that’s The arc made in america guaranteed Forever 51 live save to date because our People decided to show up to work and You all decided to carry real first aid Kits not boo boo kits that are Made in china It’s a 256 piece first aid kit well a Hundred of that was band-aids and then You got a rape whistle and a little Piece of paracord and a glow stick Um Guess what i’ve never used never Rendering aid not one time A rape whistle Or paracord Or a glow stick Never not once not one time was i like Gosh if we don’t get a glow stick right Now this guy’s gonna die Never happened Never not one time So our stuff is made with real input From real end users and uh it’s Guaranteed forever if you can find a Better kit i’ll buy it from you because They don’t exist that’s how we started This american-made small business in That barn right there two and a half Years ago and now we’re on four

Continents with all branches electively Of the us armed forces we employ 20 Families 51 lives saved a date Living the american dream How Morals and ethics Working hard Having an excellent product having Excellent customer service having a good Mission statement To save lives while in service to the Father’s kingdom and experiencing the Abundance of his provision and blessing Okay That what do you all do that Unapologetically That and that’s why i will always call Out everybody else’s kits and i Will praise other people that come out With good kids and are doing good work Refuge training there’s a couple slots Left in dallas and in waco so if you Don’t know how to use the first aid kit You have or you want to come to class And learn and buy a kit there like Tactic tactilely Put your hands on a first aid kit Before you buy it you can do that at Refuge training Uh dates are at Responder 1 is the march algorithm and Stop the bleed massive bleeding airway Respiratory circulation head injury

Hypothermia and everything else Responder 2 adds to that cpr and aed Then responder 3 adds to that active Shooter training force on four space Scenarios buddy carries kazzavac medevac And a whole bunch of other stuff all Those course descriptions are at it is in person Training Because it’s not training if you’re not In person with an instructor it’s Information And of course if you need the Information there’s a trauma medicine Playlist on the bear independent channel On youtube go watch the trauma medicine Playlist it explains Whether you buy one of our kits or not It explains what you need to have in a Kit why you need to have it in a kit and How to use it it’s three hours of Content for free broken up into a series Based upon the march Algorithm and pause pain management Antibiotics wounds and splinting so all That’s on youtube Lastly but not leastly grindstone Ministries if you think it’s an Abomination that children are getting Raped right now Right now 83 000 children per month go Missing in the united states of america And you want to help us do something About that

And by do something about that i don’t Mean raising awareness I don’t mean funding my next jet I don’t mean going to a cocktail dinner In a fancy restaurant down in dallas to Socialize with all the peoples and talk About how bad it is that this is Happening i mean actually doing Something about it i mean Legitimate literal boots on the ground Going and rescuing people and then Putting them into safe houses to Rehabilitate them and restore them to Put them back together again that’s what We’re doing And we know of Many more people In bad situations right now That have already contacted us that are Asking us to take them out of those bad Situations I’m not currently in a position to do Something about it And i hate that So we need help I tell you all the time do not talk About it be about it I don’t even like talking about it with Y’all if i hit the powerball if i was Independently wealthy you would never Hear me mention grindstone ministries Again I’d fund it all run it all myself

But we need help We need help building our restoration Facility caleb house We need help funding rescue operations We need prayer We need the continued intercession for The father’s provision protection and Blessing because we fight not against Flesh and blood but against nations and Principalities and spiritual wickedness In high places I had somebody said to me recently like I didn’t realize how involved in this You were i thought y’all were just just Building a restoration facility we’re Not just building the restoration Facility We are building it we are staffing it we Are running it we are taking children For a lifetime program And putting them back together again Through a multi-faceted restoration Process I don’t want a year-long program because How do you tell a five-year-old hey Sweetie your year’s up best of luck Go do good stuff You don’t I won’t i won’t do it So this is a lifelong endeavor it’s also Why we support other ministries like Saving grace because when that person Turns 18 And they still need a place to go they

Need life skills that need trade skills Having other ministries like saving Grace that they can plug into helps our Mission as well So that’s what we’re about And we are Funded by two things My wallet And your donations And i greatly appreciate every one of You who has partnered with us to do this We literally would be unable to do this Without y’all And we’re just getting started We’re just getting started every time i Talk to the father about this Hey what do you need me to Do and the answer is be who i made you To be You mean a tenacious who can’t Stand bullies And will not suffer unrighteousness And cannot stand that this is happening Okay i’ll be that guy sounds good thank You for making me that way What else Lean into it Roger that What else You’re just getting started [Music] Okay I will do this With or without y’all

For as long as there is breath in my Hair and blood in my body I will put as many scum bags behind bars Or in the dirt as i can I will rescue as many kids As i can Forever in a day regardless of what the Cost is Forever And so Yeah we’re a little bit more involved Than building a building We’re rebuilding lives And to be clear i’m completely unafraid Of the enemy Not even a little bit Doesn’t mean you underestimate your Enemy that’s a critical mistake but i’m Not afraid Because we have work to do and the Father has ordained it So thank you To every one of you who has Partnered with us to do this it’s uh It’s a bfd man it’s a big freaking deal And we’re just getting started So with that You all have a blessed prep day and a Bless your bot we’re out of here shalom