To the Rock Pile, Fauci! Bear Brief 24AUG22

By | August 24, 2022

Bear nation And Looky lou’s y’all who are not members of The bear nation you said sad souls Uh i remember when i was but a child Welcome to the brief 24 august 22 i’m Bear with bear independent dot com If you’re new here go ahead and Subscribe ring the little bell icon that Way youtube can pretend to notify you When we go live and drop new content If you’re not new here you know what to Do Share the show give it a thumbs up Evangelize tell the whole world hey man There’s this guy in oklahoma that talks Trash at an iphone About everything that’s wrong with the World and And How to survive it Yeah Without all of the over produced youtube Third-party advertising bull Shizzle I’m gonna try and keep it pg today but You know we’ll go where the spirit leads 24 august 22 On monday which many of you all are Probably aware Dr anthony fauci Announced quote i will be happily led to The rock pile by members of the barren Nation

Where i will repent before receiving Multiple high-speed doses of lead No that’s not what he said sorry i was Imagining there for a moment he said Quote I will be stepping down from the Position of director of the national Institute of allergy and infectious Diseases Naiad And chief of the nyad laboratory of Immunoregulation As well as the position of chief medical Advisor to president joe biden I’ll tell you what when i think of Medical advice Man there’s not a person i can come up With more so Than dr anthony fauci i’m like you know Doc I got a bit of the sniffles what do you Think i should do You know feeling a little rough Low-grade fever Body aches he’s like how about some Experimental drugs that may or may not Be directly related to biowarfare that May or may not be directly related to Like illicit laboratories that we built All over the world by the way how do you Feel about china collusion do you like Bats are you good to go just stick this Thing twice into your arm then do this Other thing and by the way myocarditis

Likely uh highly likely um do you enjoy Living because too bad not gonna happen Also all of my friends think that global Depopulation is a really good idea and i Just happen to be in charge of trillions Of dollars of taxpayer money and i do Things that never happened in places That don’t exist but you can totally Trust me Like cool i was thinking about taking Some motrin and getting some rest and um No no no no Negative that’s that’s not going to cut It um the fever’s at 99 oh my gosh you Need to get to the hospital immediately Make sure you wear your mask while You’re there and stick this damn thing Into your arm because otherwise you are Literally a domestic terrorist because You’re super spreading uh this Horrendous deadly uh low-grade flu To the entire population by the way While you’re at it we’re just gonna shut Down the global economy for a couple Three years And literally label you as a domestic Terrorist because of your refusal to Comply with sound medical advice Now doc i’m gonna nap for a few days Um Get some fluids in me Probably trade off a little bit of Motrin here A little bit of aspirin there

Maybe some theraflu probably some Vitamins No no no no that’s against sound medical Advice Many major sources are celebrating Fauci’s career in public service Saving lives Such as president biden npr and cnn Notably december of this year will be Right after when he’s retiring will be Right after a potential transfer of Control of the house to the republican Party Which according to political commentator Mercedes schlapp Great last name schlapp Would bring immediate oversight to the Pandemic response and fauci’s gain of Function research at the wuhan lab It’s funny too like these are these are All buzzwords um Negative connotation buzzwords this Guarantee this video this live stream Will get demonetized if not pulled That’s Whatever and for those that are unaware The reason that demonetization matters Is not because i need the penance that Youtube pays for me showing up and Speaking to an iphone it’s because of The way the algorithm works the youtube Algorithm Works in seven day cycles and it takes 10 days to appeal a demonetization the

Algorithm also doesn’t touch content That’s demonetized meaning it’s not Suggested content it’s not up next it’s Not out there in the agro mythic Algorithmic world for other people to See it’s been demonetized Which means you can only see it if you Go looking for it Maybe and so it’s an incredibly Effective way to shadow bam people on This platform by demonetizing their Content it’s not about the dollars It’s about the lack of algorithmic Traction And like i said it takes 10 days to Appeal demonetization And the algorithm moves in seven day Cycles so By the time you appeal it The algorithm has moved on doesn’t Matter at this point you didn’t get your Word out because the big powerful scary They the council on foreign relations Sitting in their bunker inside of a Mountain in cheyenne wyoming right now Decided that nope nuke that video Demonetized or whatever In fact many conservatives are Suggesting that he fauci stepped down Because of the upcoming midterm Elections to avoid a potential Investigation should republicans gain Ground in the house Representatives jim banks and andy biggs

Tweeted respectively quote republicans Must remain committed to holding fouchy Accountable even after he steps down to Make sure no one in his position ever Abuses the public trust again And quote and Quote dr fauci is conveniently resigning From his position in december before House republicans have an opportunity to Hold him accountable for destroying our Country over these past three years end Quote Now i find this interesting for a couple Of reasons first of all i have about as Much faith In house republicans doing their job as I do in house democrats doing their job It creates an interesting out for them To say well we were going to investigate Him but he’s no longer the acting Director Therefore you know we campaigned on this But we can’t actually do it because Don’t you understand uh he’s not the guy Anymore so maybe we can go after the new Guy Well wait a minute Didn’t the fbi just aid mar-a-lago Because the former president Might have had Might have had and this is it’s gonna be Interesting to see Uh foia requests and what exactly did That warrant look like

Might have had Some Classified material at his private Residence and and don’t even worry about Former secretary of state hillary Clinton and her private email servers Right that’s good to go no problem there But yeah there might have been a couple Of file folders that might have had some Classified information in it which by The way the president not the secretary Of state but the president is a Classifying authority so he gets to Decide what’s classified and Unclassified or slash declassified That might have happened Maybe therefore we gotta swarm a couple Dozen fbi agents into mar-a-lago even Though he’s the former president of the United states of america that’s all good To go but we can’t prosecute fauci when He’s no longer director Uh at the uh the Laid naiad national institute of allergy And infectious disease You so you’re telling me that The day he leaves office he’s no longer Legally accountable for his actions While he was in office Boy do i disagree completely with that Because what’s the statute of Limitations on murder Say it with me there is nothing There is no statute of limitation on

Murder Thus Dr fauci to the rock pile because in the Mouths of two or three let a thing be Established right how many witnesses are There now That this thing this entire Scheme Was never on the up and up That Thousands tens of thousands potentially Hundreds of thousands of people have Died as a result of taking this Experimental Serum That in some cases Was against their will shot into their Arm If you can jam up Warren Jeff’s the fundamental lds air quote Profit As an accessory to rape Because he presided over marriages with Underage girls Because that’s what he was originally Arrested on before they uh Before his compound Yearning for zion compound In el dorado texas Was swarmed by texas rangers in the fbi What they got him on Was accomplice to rape he was an Accessory to rape

And that dude was doing 10 years before He got a bajillion years for his 73 Wives or whatever it is that he had Why is it that fauci can’t be an Accomplice to murder Oh i know right these are big words Those are strong allegations mr bear Um Well the redeemer of the world yeshua Hamashiach jesus the christ said you Shall know them by their fruits What did they do Not what did they say how did they act What did they think What did they do I think there’s plenty of fruit here and There’s plenty of witnesses here to say We should all just take a lovely stroll Down main street to the big rock pile With our good buddy dr anthony fauci Aside from politics there are also a few Practical updates relevant to the recent Bear independent reports the first Follows the report of fentanyl pouring Across the unsecured border as a note to Parents rainbow fentanyl has been found In the u.s it resembles colorful hard Candy and is often laced with meth and Animal tranquilizers we talked about This on Monday um That whole thing like don’t take candy From strangers It’s always been real but it’s super

Real right now like i would recommend Looking up what rainbow fentanyl looks Like and talk to your kids about it um Because it can and will That quick kill you I had that conversation with my kids Monday morning before they got on the School bus i intend to have it again Today when they get off the school bus Because Repetition Right i think it’s uh the average human Being has to hear something a minimum of Eight times before it sticks Yeah How many of you all have kids tell your Kid 12 times clean your room go look at Their room is it clean nah And a dirty room might piss you off but It’s not gonna kill them Rainbow fentanyl will kill them It’ll kill you too Don’t touch it it’s like literally that Bad don’t touch it Alarmingly one statement described the Pills tested in a lab as quote a batch That appeared to be children’s chewable Vitamins end quote Experts believe younger users are being Targeted reports indicate that some of The fentanyl pills seized at the border Have also resembled hard candy Health department officials in multnomah County oregon multnomah county oregon

That is not a word a white man came up With multnomah that sounds like uh Hell i don’t even know what you all call Yourselves now first peoples first Tribes american indians native americans I’m a quarter cherokee choctaw and creek And i can’t keep up with what the Nomenclature is okay so to all my red Brethren out there pick a name what what Are we labeled as now i don’t know Shoot me an email and let me know so i Can get it right But multnomah county certainly sounds Like a word that a red man came up with Not a white man Multnomah county oregon and i’m in Oklahoma i’m allowed to say that because Oklahoma literally in choctaw means land Of the red people Yes that’s what it means Multnomah oregon Warned it only takes two milligrams of Fentanyl about the weight of a few Grains of salt to cause a fatal overdose And quote The second update follows the report Concerning supply chain strikes across The globe as the school year begins Another relevant concern may be Inflation caused strikes And a general lack of staffing within The education system Teachers already suffer from about a 20 Pay gap compared to similarly educated

And experienced workers in other Industries If current inflation results in Extraordinary staffing issues and walk Outs it can impact parents abilities to Work due to a lack of child care just Like in 2020 Thus heavily impacting the bottom line For many Essentially If teachers can’t afford to come to work They’re not gonna If enough teachers don’t come to work There’s gonna be nobody to staff the School it’s not gonna be a school And we can argue we can debate the Merits of public school versus private School versus home school And i’m a big proponent of home school Uh the reason my kids aren’t currently Homeschooled is truth in advertising i’m Not that good at it It’s actually a lot more work than a lot Of people make it out to be and i’m not That good at it Coupled and this is important to Understand the reason we began Homeschooling our kids was because of The stupidity that was occurring during The age of kovid I was like we’re not gonna pretend that Abnormal is normal with my kids They’re not going to go to school Wearing masks they’re not going to deal

With you know plexiglas dividers they’re Not going to purell their hands 36 times In a day they’re not going to socially Distance how do you do that with a Kindergartener hey socially distance When all they want to do is like hug People and love on people and play on The you know the playground and you know Sit next to somebody and color and paint It’s like no that you’re breaking the Humanity in that child Not doing that And so we did homeschool And we made it through I’m not gonna say it was A a Huge success but we made it through Because it does take time it takes Diligence it takes intentionality Which we were struggling with because we Were also running multiple businesses And ministries during the global Pandemic as well So we muddled through and then when the School quit doing the dumb stuff it was Doing Because Our school is a good school filled with Good teachers without critical race Theory without marxist ideologies That praise before school and praised That you know basketball games football Games baseball games softball games Where the teachers

And the students Go out of their way to be good human Beings Cost-benefit analysis it was decided and Some of my children’s teachers watched This show how crazy is that right So shout out to y’all Uh we decided okay things have returned To normal-ish we’re okay cost benefit Analysis with you all going back to School But if we ever approach abnormal again You’re not going back we’re going to Pull you back out again because it’s not We’re not going to call abnormal normal We’re not going to allow the overton Window to shift Because at some point See what we tolerate they will embrace Because at some point i’m going to have Grandkids and my children are going to Be raising those grandkids and what they Have learned is normal If they learn that abnormal is normal They will perpetuate that on my Grandchildren And that’s no good That’s no good raise them up in the way That they should go so they do not Depart from it when they are older That’s torah Right proverbs a good man leaves an Inheritance to his children’s children Right so the effects that i have need to

Trickle down to my grandkids At a minimum So All that to say it’s possible that There’s a return to abnormalcy here Because of Teachers strikes And or the inability for teachers to Actually get to work And perform work because there was Already a 20 pay gap between teachers And everybody else who’s similarly Educated work similar hours Now you add in A labor shortage amongst Educators It’s possible that there’s a lack of People enough of a lack of people within The education system that they can’t Actually run the school And then what happens Parents who are probably already working Two jobs just trying to make ends meet Because they’re dealing with their own Inflationary issues now have these kids That they got to take care of as well And we again we can argue the merits of You should be taking care of your kids In the first place i don’t disagree with That Now square that with first timothy 5 8 He do who does not work has denied the Faith and is worse than an infidel So you also got to go to work

How does that work out right and so All of that introduces even more Uncertainty into the failing economic Model that we currently have Now i’m going to give you guys a few Seconds to think about that because i Have to go pee on one of these pine Trees so stand by Okay burger standing by all right good Talk everybody So I see you can suckatash your comment was Right here 1400 of y’all What’s up tubs doug bucher what’s up Doug buger it’s been a hot minute My kin kids are learning to work while They homeschool bare roots homestead All right i’m coming back stand by y’all Morning pls 5577 Bear did you wash your hands what’s up Rock lick no because i know where my Junk has been and you’re in a sterile Um All right Already teachers in the largest school District in ohio have just gone on Strike Only three weeks ago in panama Teachers panama Teachers ended a month sorry i couldn’t Help it ended a month-long strike that Set off a chain reaction in other Sectors blocking traffic and commerce in

The capital For panama the educator walkout blew up In what is now called the largest social Protest in years And that’s a brief You know we need to be careful Making Broad statements because there’s always Outliers right Like saying that like all democrats are Bad and all republicans are good like i Can find excellent people that i know That are democrats and i can find Legitimate scumbags that identify as Conservatives Well generally speaking yeah well Generally speaking public schools the Devil and everybody should be Homeschooled I can find lots of excellent public Schools and lots of terrible and i mean Legitimately terrible Homeschooling situations You have to be careful making those Broad statements it’s easy the reason That they’re they’re made is because They’re easy Because that allows us to come to some Some level of certainty on a subject and Then therefore write it off now i don’t Have to think about it anymore there’s i Don’t have to worry about the nuance of The individual within that That statement that i just made

Like we’re good parents we’re bad Homeschooling parents Me and my wife we know this Um my kids are brilliant they’re all Smart they’re all taking classes that Are you know higher level classes A year or two ahead than everybody else In their in their grade They’re smart they participate in Extracurricular activities They’re respectful They’re diligent they’re good kids They’re jewels in the crown that the Father yah has given me right They’re excellent young people That’s part of why like we take it so Seriously that they go to a good school And and that’s part of why i’m so happy That the school is not undoing the good Work that we’re doing here Raising them up in the other facets of Their life If the school was undoing the good work That we’re doing here our kids wouldn’t Be there So there’s there’s some uh there’s some Nuance to that conversation it’s just Something i want to point out and it’s Also really worth discussing Homeschooling not easy It is if you’ve been doing it for 20 Years And i’m not saying don’t homeschool just Understand what you’re getting into like

And it also homeschooling can look There’s a thousand different ways that It can look it really depends on you and Your child or children and what you want To learn and how you want them to learn Um Again part of the challenge for us is my Kids are smart Like they’re super smart they need to be Engaged if they’re not engaged they’re Kind of like puppies right like if you Don’t have them doing something they’re Gonna they’re gonna piss on the floor And chew on the couch Like they’re gonna get into trouble And so you you kind of end up Babysitting just as much as you do Teaching and that’s not a strong suit For me Um Not that there weren’t upsides as well Like you get to spend a lot more time With your kids you get to make sure you Know exactly what they’re being taught And how they’re being taught And if you’re a person of faith that’s Really important as well like to be able To point out the father’s hand at Different points in history or and with Different scientific methodologies it’s Super cool so My point is it’s a nuanced conversation And as much as it’s easy to make blanket Statements and many cases comfortable to

Make blatant statements It rules out the outliers Now if you’re on patreon you have the Links to uh the brief today all the Articles that we discussed if you’re not On patreon you don’t so i appreciate the Patrons thank you for supporting the Show we had an awesome almost three hour Long patreon only live stream last night Because i will be otherwise engaged Tomorrow So there will be no thirsty thursday Live stream tomorrow And so the decision was made yesterday You know should i talk to everybody or Talk to just the patrons and i was like You know it’s a patreon night patreon Only So that three hours of content is up on Patreon from yesterday This morning We had um What did i post this morning on patreon Let’s just go look Uh oh the dickens drill Posted this morning on patreon as well So you can check that out there’s a link In the description of every video every Live stream it’s five bucks a month That’s like less than a can of chewing Tobacco less than one cigar that’s like Less than one caramel macchiato from Starbucks or one pack of cigarettes or So

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Talk to local law enforcement We get a lot of people that email us and They’re like i know about this terrible Thing that’s happening can you do Something I’m not in your jurisdiction i’m not There have you contacted local law Enforcement no i haven’t Contact local law enforcement Start there So Anyway Thank you to everybody who supports Grindstone ministries there is a link Uh in the In the doobly-doo down below in the Description it’ll take you to There’s the opportunity to uh to give There if you’d like to there’s also the Opportunity to sign up for our Newsletter if you just want to stay Abreast of the goings on with grindstone Ministries and caleb house which is our Restoration facility sign up for the Newsletter That way you know what’s going on uh Next construction deployment or disaster Relief deployment we do you’ll get an Email The next update we send out on caleb House you’ll get an email and so that’s How to stay plugged in with all that and I gosh dang i love every one of you

Thank you thank you thank you thank you Because we We wouldn’t be able to do what we do Without you To do an extraction To go in and get people and bring them Out You could Buy a new pickup truck Or Do an extraction So money Doesn’t make the world go around But it certainly doesn’t hurt either And there’s uh i’m all end with this There’s a lot of people that have Demonized Wealth Money’s the root of all evil no that’s Horse the love of money is the root Of all evil How do you square that if money’s you Know money’s uh the root of all evil how Do you square that with the parable of The talents Oh well what what he was talking about Was you know the talents that god has Given you Yeah that’s applicable but a don’t put Words in god’s mouth b talents were Money In fact he literally says to the guy who Had one talent and buried it in the Ground you could have put it in the bank

And at least given me my money back with Interest so it’s 100 about money And the reason for that Is that if you have Wealth However you define wealth whether it’s An extra 100 bucks in your bank account This month or it’s an extra 100 000 in Your bank account this month Wealth becomes the tool That you use to do good works Because everything costs money It’s just a matter of how you choose to Spend that money Do i build another ar15 do i buy a yacht Do i buy a convertible i don’t need Or do i do an extraction And go into a really bad place And f up some really bad people And take some children out of the Situation Where they’re getting abused every day And put them back on the path of a new Life It’s like yeah so we should all get off Our friggin high horses about wealth and Money Because without wealth and money that Doesn’t happen It’s just a good idea fairy party Without the ability to actually execute And to execute takes money And so like yeah i’m an Unapologetic capitalist

But i’m an unapologetic capitalist to The point that it generates the revenue That allows me to do what i want to do And what i want to do is do the works And put a smile on the father’s face I can’t help other people if i’m not Strong Can’t do it Grindstone can’t help other people if We’re not strong Caleb house can’t help other people if We’re not strong And so it’s no it’s not all about money It’s about the good works but the good Works don’t happen without the money man And that’s just a fact And everybody who puts like Puts being poor up on a pedestal You’re doing yourself and the country a Disservice We shouldn’t worship money man cannot Serve elohim and mammon right mammon Being the false god of wealth I’m not trying to serve mammon but i Understand How this game is played called life Well let’s feed the poor and clothe the Needy okay how you gonna do that Money Somebody should go rescue those kids Money We need a place to take care of them Money I want to build wells in africa

Money It’s not money that’s the problem it’s The heart condition that allows people To take the money that they have and do Bad works with it that’s the problem It all comes back to heart condition Money’s just a tool in the toolkit That’s all it is it’s a means to an end And there’s a big And i don’t understand it quite other Than i think people just want They want the validation of the Situation that they’re in but there’s a Huge undertone in the preparedness space That you’re supposed to be poor And that it’s okay that you’re poor and I’m here to tell you it’s not Poor is a mindset You have accepted the fact that you’re Supposed to be poor That’s ridiculous You’re not supposed to be poor you’re Supposed to bust your ass Bust your ass And earn Six days ye shall labor First timothy 5 verse 8 he who does work Has denied the faith and is worse than An infidel There’s nothing righteous about being Poor Oops i said that out loud Because you’re diminishing the ability That you have to serve others

Because you can’t even serve yourself I grew up poor We had everything but money We were poor we knew we were poor It was very difficult For me to help Many people growing up even though we Did we cleaned out our pantry on several Occasions and gave the food that we Busted our ass to put up for the winter To other families who had nothing Because they were also poor I hated that honestly Until my mom squared me away Because she was like look at some point We’re gonna have nothing and we’re gonna Need somebody to help us If we don’t help them now they’re not Gonna help us later Oh Then it started to click got it It’s principle of Reciprocity it’s karma it’s the universe It’s a mitzvah It’s good work the father sees it and he Blesses it Then it started to click But i hated being poor I don’t ever want to be poor again and I’ve been poor in my adult life as well I don’t ever want to be poor again And it’s not because i want a shiny new Pickup truck or i want a yacht Hell i’ve been wanting to replace my

Fallen down piece of barn for four Years and i haven’t Because on my list of priorities it’s Been more important to do meaningful Things Like rebuilding somebody’s house after a Tornado Or rescuing children who are being Sexually abused Than it is to have a midlife crisis Buy a convertible grow a mullet And be you know driving down the back Roads of oklahoma listening to 80’s hair Metal But quit putting poor on a pedestal That’s horse And quit demonizing people who are out There actually trying to get some you Talk about you want to make america Great again how do you think you’re Going to do that American small business to manufacturing And yet you’re going to belittle the People that are trying to do that It takes money to do that That’s capitalism It’s a non-starter It’s uh It’s ideologically disingenuous Start rooting for the good guys That are doing good stuff with the money That they’re earning through honesty and Integrity Again back to that nuanced conversation

Right like i’m not disney i’m not Coca-cola I’m not amazon and i don’t want to be And if i was to sit down in a room with The board members for those companies Not everybody’s walking out of that room By the end of the meeting we’re not Going to get along and that’s okay But how many millions of small business Owners are there in the united states of America that are tired of hearing this That you’ve been demonized because You’re out there trying to make Something of yourself you know you Should be poor and humble Kiss my ass i should be i’ve been poor And humble i don’t want to do it again It sucks So to the extent that i want to earn I want to earn so that i can be a Blessing to other people Not for myself I have everything i need and most of What i want like I don’t get to complain Especially when it comes to stuff But i also Need to be able to buy safe houses I also need to be able to put fuel in Trucks I also need to be able to pay for Security Stuff takes money

I’ll get off my soapbox For all y’all that support us Thank you I appreciate you deeply I hope you all have a happy wednesday i Gotta go move some sheep bless y’all Shalom