Flint And Steel Fire Without Char – Testing Materials – 2 week old nettles – Will it Work This Time?

By | August 24, 2022

Wow Wooly here Wally and a big huge bunch of nails guys My quest continues My flint and steel fire without charred Materials guys i’m looking at naturals These nettles i harvested i’m going to Say last week it could have been the Week before so they’re not fresh and What i’m going to do is i’m going to Process these naturals down And to remove their fibrous material and Then i’m going to get cracking from There guys i’m going to try it with These and then i’m also going to harvest Some fresh naturals right now and i’m Going to do the same with them stay Tuned And bruno’s helping he’s not helping in Any way shape or form he is You’re a hindrance bruno aren’t you Oh that’s a stick you need a stick there Guys Knackles gloves No way now bruno that’s a natural don’t Eat nah Where don’t eat it don’t eat it take Your stick and go See and then i’m looking at the dry Leaves and i’m thinking to myself i Wonder what they work but no listen i’ll Focus on this for now So okay me get all this So this is what i’m left with guys and

This is what i’m going to try and break Down i’m hoping there’s no stingies left In this because i want to get i want to Use my hands Uh So I think i’ve probably removed everything So what i want to do is i want to crush It down and i want to remove any fibrous Material from it no i want to separate The fibrous material from it and it’s The fibrous material that i want to use To uh to to to try and satin fire I still know nothing So the nettle When you When you start processing it right we Have an inner stocky bit and then we Have a stringy outer layer Right now some of this is dry some of it Is not so dry okay but it is the stringy Outer layer that you’re looking for and That’s the bit that you can use to make Clothes and to make rope and to make uh Cordage and stuff like that guys uh i’m Not gonna sit here and going to make uh Make clothes with it okay so look you See the way it peels off it’s almost Like You’re peeling the the You’re peeling the little bits that kids Choke on at a salary If you have kids you’ll understand what I mean that’s the bet that you’re going

But look so And i’ve done this i haven’t actually Done it this way before on this sort of Semi-dry stuff but i have done it on Fresh nettles and i have to say From what i remember the fresh naturals Was easier than this So There’s a couple of different ways you Can do it So you can you can crush it or you can Just sort of snap it And separate it Like this look And go back the other way Bruno loves it because he thinks this is Like the greatest day ever because all I’m doing is throwing him stuff it’s Quite hard to get it it is it is Just got to snap it and peel it So What i decided to do right is that i’m Only after the outer right i don’t Really care about the inner so why not Just scrape it off with the flat of my Knife It’s coming off in these lovely Lovely lovely Almost like Almost like Feathers when you’re doing feather Sticks Now I’m going to fluff this up a wee bit i’m

Going to work it a wee bit in my hands Then i’m going to let it dry off a Little bit guys because it does feel a Little bit damp okay it does feel a Little bit damp so Okay so i’ve left the nettle drying And The the two week old now I’ve left the drying and this is this This is what i have now it has been Drying It has been drying overnight okay It is quite grassy in texture Almost here like And i’m hoping That this will work Uh i i probably didn’t need to leave it Overnight but i was leaving and so i Just left it out to come back He’s right here like throwing a stick at My feet I haven’t processed it that much more But Well that just lit It went out but it lit All right is the most successful so far Let’s try it the other way Oh It went it went Okay so this is what i think i need to Do I need to process this into the smallest Fibers that i can get And that’s what we’re going to do

Trying to just mash this down That tuck I’m going to mash it down and then i’m Going to try and maybe compress it a Little bit I don’t know if you can tell but i’m a Little bit frustrated There is no reason why that should not Work Right But it doesn’t work I have you know i put a ferro rod on it And it works okay It’s just once again i think it boils Down to consistency And the ability to get consistent sparks In the same location over and over and Over again so i did i was trying a Couple of different things Like for example i was holding this in Position and Going mad I don’t know guys I am saying two week now is inconclusive It is not working for me It’s not working for me okay If i get a feral rod It works i’m not gonna do it i’m gonna Save it actually so I know guys Back to the drawing board i have some Extra some fresh ones that i just Harvested today So like literally before i started to

Finish off this video but I might leave them and run out of time I might leave them tomorrow for tomorrow Anyway guys I am saying that two week old now Is inconclusive No it’s not working didn’t work for me But it’s very very close Anyhow thanks for watching guys the Search continues steve frosty good dog Bruno Guys i am back here again with my flint And steel hey cuda Uh this is this is my two week old Natals and this is this is my bushcraft Container okay guys and what i’ve been Doing is uh that means it was harvested For two weeks and it was let sit for two Weeks and what i’m doing guys Is i’m just going to give it a pop and See if it works okay No duck so far but maybe that extra day Or two of drying will have made a Difference Hey branham Come underway now i don’t set you on Fire Friends away Oh my finger My finger That doesn’t work for me [Laughter] Guys i’ve been at this for a few days Doing this in in in fits and starts and

I cannot get that to work okay now i Have sat down with a feral rod and i Have put a spark on this and it has Ignited but i am just finding again That it is my consistency with making Sparks i think is the issue here i do And I don’t know How to get past that i really don’t Because flint and steel is so Inconsistent compared to a furrow rod if That makes sense you know so i have Tried all different techniques that i Know of okay even that one where i Where i place The the steel in and i’m striking the Flint down on top of it guys because That Is putting consistent sparks In the same place okay So I don’t know guys i really don’t know uh I think what i’m going to do next is i’m Going to try fresh nails i think i’m Going to harvest them i’m going to dry Them and i’m going to do them straight Away guys look listen If you’re watching this guys okay if There’s anything that you’re going to Take away from this it’s that you need To try these things and see if they work Okay because you could stumble upon Something amazing okay uh And you know and if you’re not trying

You’re not learning so guys if you have Watched this video and you are thinking To yourself If he does does this it will work better Get in the comments and let me know Because i really want this to work i Really want to be able to find a way Okay Now i am Going to combine some of these things Together in in another video okay and See how that works put some flash tinder Or something like that something that i Can pick up off that just just from the Hedgerow and see if that works okay So look this is Inconclusive thanks for watching guys Steve frosty