Energy & Inflation – Bear Brief 22AUG22

By | August 22, 2022

We are live Good morning everybody i’m barry with we’re going to do The intel brief today talking about Energy and inflation If you’re new here consider subscribing And ringing the little bell icon that Helps us in our ongoing battle against The youtube algorithmic robots If you’re not new here you know what to Do share the show with people you love Fears of severe supply chain issues are Cropping up As the uk’s united kingdom’s most vital Port is undergoing a 2000 dock worker Strike for eight days The port moves between a third to half Of all the united kingdom’s containers Seer land containers conex boxes Intermodal containers so this strike is Expected to impact the country’s economy Quite heavily and affect about 800 Million dollars in trade Costs are already increasing as Companies are arranging re-routes for Their shipments but with such a massive Volume of containers Other ports Will ultimately only be able to handle Part of the necessary shipments The strike is of course concerning Worker compensation amid massive Inflation Workers rejected the average eight

Percent increase offer denying the Companies claim that the offer was fair The amount is lower than inflation which Is currently 10.1 percent in the uk and Product predicted to rise to 13 percent Ultimately it would still be a decrease In pay considering inflation There’s a lot of that going on right now Uh Competitive wages Are gonna necessarily have to go up While in an economic downturn Which means that companies will be Hiring fewer people at higher Compensation That’s going to exacerbate exacerbate Unemployment which is going to literally And figuratively tax the central Authorities the federal governments Uh Print You know print more money to get Ourselves out of the situation Exacerbates The potential for financial collapse as Well as civil unrest it’s a bad cycle Man It’s uh I’ve been saying for years where We’re on the verge of a let them eat Cake moment I think we’re getting there When people start killing each other for Bread

And i think unfortunately we have the Potential for that It’s gonna get real ugly real quick Currently people in britain are facing a Notable cost of living crisis which has So far resulted in planned or carried Out strikes from trains and subway Workers postal workers lawyers and even Garbage collectors Al jazeera reported that ironically this Could increase inflation overall quote So there are businesses and there are Consumers around the uk already Struggling an action like this of course Is going to make those supply chains Still more vulnerable vulnerable And could be a factor in increased Inflation going forward end quote it’s Kind of what i just said It’s interesting when you find yourself Agreeing with al jazeera right Reports reveal that unsurprisingly major Economies around the world are Struggling and global growth is Decelerating earlier this year the world Economic forum our favorite super Billion klaus schwab and his band of Marauders Don’t they need a cool name like uh like Some super villain villain conglomerate Name and good theme music and good theme Music yeah and uh Like costumes yeah like actual costumes We should bring back the black mask you

Know Like the ultimate villain yeah i like I think the The bald headed super villain meme is Played out you know with the cat on your Lap yeah i think we need to bring back The black mask across just the eyes Right as if That helps But okay Klaus schwab the world economic forum Reported earlier this year quote Australian wage growth in growth Increased at its fastest rate in almost Eight years in the last quarter However pay gains still lagged behind Inflation end quote This is a common story in many countries An indicator that unless something Changes fast more social unrest is Coming And that social unrest will lead to more Supply chain disruptions exacerbating Inflationary issues and on and on the Cycle goes It’s the self-looking ice cream cone as Uh saul likes to say Another piece of telling information From the world economic forum quote Over 65s in the uk are returning to work As a result of cost of living rises Official figures suggest The number of employed people older than 65 rose by nearly 175 000 in april june

Hitting 1.47 million end quote As inflation outpaces bonds earnings and Retirement portfolios shrink older People in the us are also delaying Retirement or coming out of retirement To make ends meet in these extraordinary Times Been seeing a lot of that have you seen Much of that mr dudley yes indeed Especially those people that Uh are were hired as part time Uh Forced to work full-time hours With part-time compensation then they Got used to all of that now they’re back To working part-time again and can’t Make ends meet Interesting I’ve got a it’s been a while since we’ve Kind of Taken a look at what news is out there i Was reading the news this morning which Is An interesting hobby I’ll just say that It’s all propaganda it’s just a matter Of who’s propaganda who’s bias are we Reading And there’s a handful of articles here i Wanted to look at um From Different propagandists Let’s see if this will even load anymore There we go from rt

Germany germany rules out nuclear to Save gas The economy minister says the plants Don’t have enough capacity to make a Significant difference in the power Supply Germany should not keep nuclear power Reading from rt germany should not keep Nuclear power plants running to ensure The power supply as their capacity is Insufficient to make up for natural gas Shortages economy minister robert Hayback said on sunday Quote it is the wrong decision given the Little we would save and quote hayback Said at a meeting with citizens at the Government’s open door open door day as Cited by reuters Berlin is deciding whether to extend the Lifespan of the country’s three Operating nuclear power plants to make Up for the rapidly dwindling natural gas Supplies from russia however according To haybeck keeping the plants running Would only save about 2 percent of gas Which is insufficient and unlikely to Help the situation especially as it Would require revisiting debates over Former chancellor angela merkel’s Legislation to halt the use of nuclear Power by the end of 2022 Hayback said one nuclear power plant in Bavaria could still be allowed to carry On but only if a stress test can show

That it is able to sufficiently help out With the power supply this winter Separately german chancellor olaf Schultz said the results of the test Will be available available by the end Of the month Or in early september when the final Decisions regarding the nuclear power Plants will be rema will be made I don’t know everything there is to know About power generation But i have done a good bit of it Building infrastructure I think we’re going to see more nuclear Power around the world necessarily There’s a big push right now kind of Underground push Amongst the leftists to talk about clean Nuclear energy and green nuclear energy Which is interesting when they were Completely against it oh yeah i know Fukushima right since fukushima it’s Just been a travesty and and what about Chernobyl and three mile island and blah Blah blah i’m not saying any of those Things were good But statistically nuclear energy is like Super duper safe Um It’s also interesting That you know from nuclear energy to Nuclear weapons isn’t that big of a hop Skip and a jump And i think that might be part of why

We’ve seen um Less Enthusiasm at getting nuclear plants up And operating around the globe But they’re really freaking efficient You really just need some uranium And indoor plutonium and a body of water And then a whole bunch of specialized Equipment no not even that i saw a Documentary a few years ago where they Design fully self-enclosed uh nuclear Power plants that use like a brine Solution where you don’t need cooling Towers or anything and they’re small and Compact they could run like a town or a County yeah And you just have some of those all over The place and the uh Nuclear Uh the nuclear fission that stuff cannot Be turned into uh it cannot be Weaponized Yeah so those little tiny nuclear Generators that’s another thing they’re Talking about doing as well that’s Actually an indication of Decentralization yes which is Expensive But good Because that builds resilience into the Grid it builds resilience into the Community if you have your own power Plant In your

Town That makes it a lot more difficult for The power to go out for you whether Because of natural reasons or unnatural Reasons but anyway i think we’re going To see more of a proliferation of Nuclear technologies in the next decade Or so And i think it’s stupid for germany to Turn off nuclear plants that they Already have even if it’s only producing Two percent of the power that they need That’s two percent that’s not nothing That’s it’s already there let the sucker Run So uh from al jazeera uk inflation could Hit 18 Next year Us bank city raises its uk like citibank Raises its uk consumer price forecast in Light of the latest jump in energy Prices british consumer price inflation Is set to peak at 18 percent in early 2023 nine times the bank of england’s Target according to an economist at u.s U.s bank citibank Raising its forecast once again in the Light of the latest jump in energy Prices Quote the question is now what policy May do to offset the impact on both Inflation and the real economy End quote benjamin at nabarro said in a Note to clients on monday i love how we

Are separating out inflation and the Real economy Because they are two different things The real economy uh Is way different than the actual Inflation that they’re talking about oh Inflation’s only 10 then why is Everything up 30 to 50 percent Speculation oh yeah definitely Speculation also cause us peasants don’t Understand the maths Cereal was three bucks last week it’s 4 50 this week that’s a 50 increase no no No no inflation is only 10 percent Okay whatever bro Consumer price inflation was last above 18 in 1976. In july uk inflation jumped to 10.1 Percent it’s highest since february 1982 According to the official figures the Frontrunner to become britain’s next Prime minister liz trust was likely to Come up with measures to support Households that would have a limited Offsetting impact on headline inflation Said navarro Blah blah blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah blah inflation going to Be high Next year 18 forecasted In the uk by 2023 Hmm should signs of more embedded Inflation emerge we think bake rate of Six to seven percent will be required to

Bring inflation dynamics under control For now though we continue to think Evidence for such effects are limited With increases in unemployment still More likely to allow the mpc to pause Around the turn of the year Okay roger that banker dude Um also from rt this was interesting European gas costs soar as nordstrom Shut down looms Spot prices exceeded 2 900 dollars per Thousand cubic meters for the first time Since 8 march Natural gas prices in europe jumped 10 Percent on monday following last week’s Announcement from russian energy giant Gazprom about an upcoming three-day Shutdown on the nordstream one pipeline For Maintenance The cost of september futures on the ttf Hub in the netherlands rose To 385 dollars per megawatt hour or Around 2905 dollars per thousand cubic meters According to londoners london’s International exchange it is the highest Price for natural gas on the european Spot market since 8 march the price Rally started late last week after gas Prom announced that only one operational Turbine on the nordstrom 1 pipeline will Be shut down for repairs starting on 31 August with gas transit through the

Pipeline completely suspended until 2nd Of september Quote once the work is completed and There are no tactical malfunctions of The unit gas flows will be restored to 33 million cubic meters per day gazprom Said an official statement on friday The prospect of the shutdown comes as Europe attempts to fill gas storage Facilities ahead of the heating season Storages in germany have to be have to Be filled to 95 percent of capacity by One november In late july germany’s gas storages were Only 66.8 percent filled So they have a lot of head room to make Up According to a blah blah blah agency That said at that time even if the flows Through nordstream continue at the Current levels of 20 maximum capacity a Storage level of 95 by november is quote Hardly achievable without additional Measures end quote It’s going to be a long cold winter It’s going to be a long cold winter I think Who was it Was it nikita khrushchev that said that To Jfk Or was it jfk that said it to khrushchev I don’t remember which one

And lastly i wanted to bring this up i Told my kids about this this morning I don’t know this is from the blaze I don’t know if you can see this on Camera can you see that yes okay see That right there oh a reef i got a Pop-ups oh from cbd oh Thanks that’s cool We don’t need that we can just go to the Corner store yeah cause oklahoma can you See that yes okay That’s rainbow fentanyl It looks like candy Looks like candy So i had a little rally with my kids at Six o’clock this morning and as they Were getting ready for school and i said Hey if you see any of that Literally don’t even touch it There’s some stuff going on uh around The country where people are tying Napkins with fentanyl on it onto your Car door and you just What is this crap you go to toss it away And then you’re down on the ground Yep i and people are getting kidnapped In Traffic just like that Two milligrams of fentanyl Two That’s the equivalent of two to three Grains of salt Is enough to overdose on for the average Human being

It’s incredibly deadly and that’s not Ingesting it that’s just touching that’s Touching it and so you have to be Incredibly careful Told my kids don’t even touch it it Looks like candy if you see it report it Immediately don’t go anywhere near it And so i just wanted to make the bear Nation aware of it as well rainbow Fentanyl Found in several states across the Country the drug resembles candy and Seems to be marketed specifically to a Younger age group On thursday dea officials warned parents That the department has been finding Rainbow fentanyl in washington dc for The last 18 months the dangerous pills Resemble colorful candy Dea’s field intelligence manager manager Blah blah blah said her biggest concern Is that the pills seem to be marketed Specifically to a younger age group And urged parents to talk to their Children about the dangers of consuming Pills that have not been prescribed and It goes on from there blah blah blah Blah all this crap’s coming from mexico Nogales port of the entry authorities Discovered 15 000 fentanyl pills On when wednesday Another guy had 70 000 pills strapped to His legs Um

Blah blah blah The point here is there’s fentanyl out There that looks like candy Uh beware that’s all i wanted to pass Along to y’all like On the one hand Probability Very low That you or your kids are gonna have to Deal with that on the other hand Possibility If it happens if you mess that up it’s Possible to od on it and die It’s bad bad bad stuff so i just wanted To bring that to y’all’s attention Uh that’s the brief for monday morning If you’re one of those people that jumps Off when it’s time to talk about how to Support the show thanks for being here Leave us a thumbs up on your way out the Door be feast that’ll get out of here Okay okay Copy that we’ll give you a couple of Seconds to clear the room The numbers going up 13 20 13 34. Wow Actual 400 likes All right So Super simple This is what this shirt says but there’s An illustrious beard in the way

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