Border Checkup & National Intel – Bear Brief 19AUG22

By | August 19, 2022

Good morning i’m bear with if you’re new here Don’t be a slug hit the subscribe button Ring the little bell icon that way Youtube will pretend to notify you when We go live If you’re not new here What the hell man why not you how come You’re not sharing the show i know i Know you are just giving you a hard time It’s friday everybody put a smile on Your face we’re going to talk about the Border And why that truck sounds terrible And uh do some national intel Sound good yeah sounds good bear let’s Do that all right cool A new record has been set so far there Have been more than two million Migrant encounters at the border this Year alone by the way it’s august Last year which was also a Record-setting year 1.2 million Encounters had been recorded by this Time so that’s just what a 60 increase Texas and arizona have both bust illegal Immigrants to dc and new york city Saying that quote if biden will not con Will not come to the border we’re Sending the border to biden and his Administration end quote I love that the dastardly deeds Spitefulness of that but it doesn’t Actually solve the problem does it and

It solves the texas problem it doesn’t Solve a national problem Which everybody say it with me friends What’s her favorite b word no not that One ah get your head out of gutter Balkanization Yeah Texas prioritizing texas above the union Interesting It’s an indicator i know i know it’s an Indicator simmer down that’s why i Brought it up Even a month ago the mayors of both Areas receiving immigrants complained of Overwhelm That they were experiencing new york City’s mayor said quote currently new York city is experiencing a market Increase in the number of asylum seekers Who are arriving from latin america and Other regions in some instances Families are arriving on buses sent by The texas and arizona governments while In other cases it appears that Individuals are being sent by the Federal government In order to both meet the legal mandate As a right to shelter city and provide High quality shelter and services for Those who enter our system new york city Needs additional federal resources Immediately end quote What you need is a hydrogen bomb And some strategic relocation

There’s this funny little story in uh Book genesis where sodom and gomorrah do A whole bunch of whoring and idolatry And then god comes down to take a look And he brings a couple of witnesses with Him because why does he bring witnesses Because in the mouths of two or three Let a thing be established and it Requires a minimum of two witnesses for A death sentence or stop and think about That no no you didn’t And they go yeah this place is all Jacked up send it father yawn he’s like Roger that warheads on foreheads Boom I think we’re we’re at that stage for New york city but but i digress That sounds like domestic terrorists Advocating for the destruction of modern Society and shut up tiffany go in The litter box All right Moving right along senator mark kelly of Arizona a democrat has been critical of Biden’s ending of title 42 Which has previously used been used to Turn migrants back across the border he Has worked to include a spending bill 100 million dollars for hiring border Agents and 1.2 billion for processing And management at the border he said Quote i think a lot of members of the United states senate realize that we Have this crisis and unfortunately some

Folks on the other side of the aisle Politicize it but then there’s the rest Of us that just want to find workable Solutions that address what the american People need Okay mark kelly of arizona a democrat Yeah Partisan politics those people on the Other side of the aisle are the problem Vote for me and i’ll fix the problem Vote for me again i didn’t get a chance To fix the problem because those people On the other side of the problem are Part of the problem and they wouldn’t Play ball i’m just here for the little Guy that’s you right by the way donate To my 400 million dollar political Advocacy group Okay Whatever Sounds good You go do that senator mark kelly we’re Gonna go continue to jam up people that Rape kids And uh we’ll decide which one’s a little Bit more important talking We’re doing stuff It’s not just a financially Unsubordiable amount of people flooding Through the porous border illicit drugs Are leeching into the country From just june to july fentanyl seizures Have more than doubled Mark morgan was head of the u.s customs

And border protection during the trump Administration and in his words quote It’s undisputed that the leading cause Of deaths among adults 18 to 45 is Fentanyl and There were more than hundred and seven Thousand drug-related overdose overdoses Last year in the u.s What you don’t hear from the body Administration is that 95 percent of the Fentanyl that’s killing americans Comes from the wide open southwest Border How many people How many more people have to die before We say enough is enough and secure our Borders End quote I don’t know I don’t know You gotta be gonna be careful with our Words right now because the thought Police and the internet gestapo show up And machine gun you into the ground With thumbs downs and dislikes and Algorithm anti-bumps But you know the war on drugs more drugs War on poverty more poverty The anti-inflation act what do you think That’s going to do probably more Inflation So we should have um Hmm we should have a war on freedom How’s that sound

Because that just get us more freedom Right Like whatever they say they’re gonna Have a war on just gets bigger and There’s more of it so we should have a War on small business We should have a war on personal Responsibility we should have a War on tax breaks We should have a war On Accountability and spending We should have a war on those who have Sinned unto death and need the rock pile We should have the war on bear getting Winning powerball tickets And war on coffee and punch signature Cigars First thing in the morning with however Many of my friends are here Let’s do the national intel all right There’s some of y’all that don’t like When i slurp coffee hold on standby Buttercup One more time How’s that on your earbuds you like that You’re welcome I’m gonna survive the end of the world As we know it in my nuclear fallout Shelter also i get very perturbed when You sip coffee on the internet Shut the hell up Weaklings Bear independent bonus intel medical

Minnesota nurses association has just Announced that they are going to strike At almost all the hospitals in northern Minnesota Hospitals fairview health partners Children’s aliana essential health and That’s 15 000 nurses you know they’re Doing this in regards to a staffing Shortage supply and resource shortages And security and physical safety end Quote At a town not far from me They’re closing their emergency rooms on Mondays and fridays due to shortages of Nursing staff and doctors this is Completely out of the norm out here in Canada By the way refuge medical dot com you Know that because you’re a cool guy or a Cool girl you already know that your Promo code is hashtag bear nation no Hashtags it’s just bear nation and you Already know that that gets you free Shipping now you see fedex now is like Yo we’re gonna take gun parts too do we Need to start a shipping company like What’s up Ups wants to act stupid now fedex wants To act stupid I don’t know i don’t know anymore boys And girls i do know that if you don’t Know How to save a life you need to go to Refuge training if you don’t have the

Freaking kit to save a life with you Need to go to Spend some of that hard-earned worthless Fiat currency on something that actually Matters like a freaking first aid kit Not another gun or another you know Whatever tactical flip-flops Uh made with 100 chinese nylon tactical Flip-flops uh spaceship door gunners Worldwide endorse these things they were The guy who killed bin laden was wearing These tactical flip-flops and it also It’ll drop your reload time by two Seconds Shut the up the gimmickry and the just The The advertising on all this crap it’s Terrible or you could get something that Matters like Like 51 people are actually still alive Because of you know Or tactical flip-flops you know whatever Maybe you got a dad bot at the beach But it’s august you probably already did That right time to move on We live in central iowa and my s my In-laws started and run a church Community garden they made a beautiful Yellow cart that sits next to the garden And says free produce They have run this garden for three Years now and never really had too much Interest well that has changed within The last few days people have come into

The garden and haphazardly attempted to Harvest some of the items a cabbage Plant was pulled Completely out of the ground rather than Cut whole dahlias were pulled out of the Ground and last night potato plants were Pulled but the potatoes not dug it’s Clear the person or people don’t know What they’re doing but it’s also obvious That they’re hungry our church also has A blessing box for food items and i do Not exaggerate one iota when i say the Box is cleared within 30 minutes of Being filled Our town has about 17 000 people and They are hungry we are happy people are Utilizing the garden but our heart goes Out to these people who are so hungry And obviously don’t have any gardening Experience or experience with these Vegetables we just hope they’re able to Cook and eat them you were so right when You said a few weeks ago people are Going to want what gardeners and Homesteaders have soon Yeah I appreciate you i don’t like being Right about any of this i want to hit The powerball buy a couple of yachts Build five six twelve caleb houses i Don’t know maybe buy a war horse get in You know get some of that armor and get Into that like full contact jody what do They call that

Matt probably knows you know when you’re Like fighting like nights now full Contact night That yeah i want to do some of that like That would be fun right that’d be a good Time Probably not going to happen because We’re fixing to have a global recession If not depression we probably have one So i don’t like being right about this Stuff i got plans too i like i want to Grow old with my wife bounce my Grandkids on my knee do some meaningful Stuff while i still have breath in my Air and blood in my body But uh breath in my lungs rather than Blood on my body but You know Klaus schwab and his homies decided nah Not gonna do that somebody call soros Let’s uh devalue this currency crash This nation Lock up the whole world hey china how You doing you need some flu here’s some Flu all right hey fauci you got any bats That you want to make deadly all right Let’s do this all right operation screw The world go And then a bunch of people like billions Of people were like yes sir please may i Have another absolutely you may bend me Over my entire life and just give it to Me in the rear end over and over and Over again i am happy to comply no i

Don’t want to go to work no i don’t want To go to church i want to do whatever You say that i am allowed to do by the Way america freedom gadson flag ar 15 Come and take it yeah kiss my ass on all Of that I don’t like being right Not a fan Of where we’re at but we’re also not Gonna get through where we’re at if we Just stand around and about it Which is why i tell you all the time Don’t talk about it be about it like be Part of the solution Not part of the problem i think it’s Awesome that that church has a community Garden i think it’s sad that people are Trying to rob the community garden and They don’t know don’t even know what They’re doing More garden more people Get more people involved bigger garden Security Classes on how to eat a cabbage how to Harvest the cabbage hey those are Flowers don’t eat that That kind of Stuff don’t like i said I don’t love where we’re at But you know what i love even less Uh concentration camps cattle cars Starvation Rape theft murder Yeah don’t love that stuff at all not

Even an iota wow bear you’re doing a lot Of pontificating this morning shut up And read the brief yeah i’ll do what i Want but you’re probably right stand by Security Many people have submitted intel Military related equipment on the move By roads rail and air over the last Months activity at bases have been noted As unusual by long time residents this Continues I live in the midwest near a large air Force base and they have been practiced Practicing daily with multiple nighttime Exercises about two to three months ago Most of the pilots were deployed to Germany so my assumption is they are Getting less experience and newbies Trained up Also last week my wife and i saw a train Loaded mostly with a1 abrams tanks Sandet let’s be friends park that thing Over there Right there next to the dump truck Artillery pieces and some logistics Equipment the train wasn’t one of the Shorter ones like when the national Guard and reserves are doing their Monthly trainings this one was over a Mile long That’s because they’re bringing it to my House i forgot to tell you guys i am Actually a ciat fbi agent you caught me And uh we’re militarizing the cia the

Fbi now we need a mile of m1 a1s M1a2s Delta right now yeah we need a mile of Abrams um and a bunch of ammo [Music] Yup some predator drones All the logistical stuff field kitchens You know water buffaloes Fuel tankers all that we’re just We’re going hard we’re going hard in Eastern oklahoma like we’re going to Take over everything um Yep i want all the single wide meth Trailers those are ours now All the piles of old tires we’re taking Those As well by force if necessary i’m coming For your piles of old tires Random dogs running down the road don’t Stand a chance 120 millimeter smooth Bore Yeah Sorry i pontificate I was driving on i-75 outside Chattanooga tennessee And i passed a convoy of about 12 to 15 Military transport semi trucks each of Them had intermodal containers on the Back normally this wouldn’t be a concern But the containers had multiple hazmat Placards It depends on what hazmat is get the D.o.t book and learn what the placards Are because there’s lots of stuff that’s

Considered hazmat that Ain’t hazmat Right Like diesel over 100 gallons has to have A i think it’s a 1993 placard hanging on It That’s technically hazmat it’s also Diesel that runs your truck so Like before And maybe you’re right maybe there’s Nuclear biological chemical maybe There’s aliens in the back there it’s Possible Possible that there are aliens in the Intermodal containers it’s also possible That you just go to the dot website and Look up what the placards are and then They’ll tell you like co2 in canisters Has to be placarded so Just saying Yeah with the same stuff that you expel Every time you breathe [Music] From what i could tell they had the Explosive symbols and colors throughout The convoy big orange diamonds among Others They’re also moving a bunch of hardware Via train as were multiple humvees and Other large equipment on flatbed cars The trucks were headed northbound on 75. I didn’t stay to count as i was driving Under a train bridge but from glance it Was a long set of rail cars with

Equipment I know y’all are aware of the uptick in Activity but this is the first time i’ve Seen convoys of explosives and hazmat Material being transported also just Because everyone seems to be reporting Lack of semi-traffic in the area there Is no lack of big semi trucks there Seems to be maybe one truck for every Five cars on the road Bt dubs if you want your intel on the Brief it’s intel at bear independent dot Com you send it to the dance monkeys the Dance monkeys chewed up spit it out send It to me i talk to you about it intel Bear Okay bear sounds good all right good Talk guys i live in a town of 75 000 People in southwest missouri gtfo 75 000 People That’s more people who live in my county In 2018 our town reduced the funding to The local police force foolishly Announcing in the newspapers and online That the police were being defunded Before that became a thing and letting Citizens including any criminals paying Attention know what crimes the police Would not be investigating due to the Reduced force Recently the city brought to a vote a Proposal to add more police and firemen To the city imagine that to be paid for By the citizens through a property tax

The average homes property tax would Increase by 400 a year The proposal did not pass by roughly a 56 to 44 vote property crime continues To be the main aggravating crime here Partly due to the increase in homeless People and drug use particularly meth Though violent crime is beginning to Increase as well Earlier this year three police officers Were shot in the line of duty with two Of them dying the first time this has Happened in almost 20 years We are trying to find property a good Distance from the city to purchase but The area is flooding with people moving Here from texas california and other Areas driving up the prices and making It harder to find and buy land I understand you should 100 Strategically relocate I’ve also been saying for the last year Or so the window of opportunity is Closing it’s not closed but it’s closing Because the devaluation of the dollar And the increase in cost of raw Commodities as well as land I’ve been saying for five years you Should relocate other people been saying For 10 or 15 years you should relocate And you didn’t a lot of people didn’t Because they just continued to in Babylon oh it’ll be okay i’ll get out Before it’s too late

Nope Like lot’s wife turning back and looking And turning into a pillar of salt I help give practical app courses at a Local range when i can a friend of mine And fellow instructor who works there More regularly reported that both usps And irs have begun sending their agents With their own instructors during the Middle of the week to do basic and Practical app courses as well This started around six to eight months Ago I believe that if you take the number of M number of rounds of ammo that the irs Has purchased and divided by the number Of agents that they have it’s less than The number of rounds i have in this Magazine So Now does that mean that every agent is Going gonna get armed with a sidearm Hell i don’t know I do know I have more ammo in this truck than most Of you all have in your stockpile So everything’s relative right And the federal government has more ammo In their stockpile than i could ever Dream of Trillions of rounds probably Again when you’re bringing the abrams And the intermodal Uh containers full of high explosives to

Bear camp swing by the depot pick us Some belt feds and i don’t know Four or five semi loads Of ammo be fine and tarps we gotta tarp It Um And some hq tents while we’re at it and A dozer d8 and a d6 One of each A track hoe wheel loader motor greater Um One of my most generators generators Would be good And a plasma and an xbox all right Huh some intel was submitted from a Global company that has operations in Shanghai the graphs cannot translate Here but the gist is the government There is enacting power restriction Measures to combat the massive energy Draws amid sweltering temperatures which Result in massive factory slowdowns That’s good Made in china not doing so great right Now Next i live near the rail tracks and Have been hearing fifty percent fewer Trains now versus six months before i Work at a trailer manufacturer plant And We’re having a harder and harder time Obtaining the materials to fulfill Orders hearing that stainless steel and Mild steel is more difficult to get than

Aluminum currently which the number of Orders has been decreasing steadily in The last six months normally 150 to 200 A month and now 40 to 100 is the average We currently have almost 400 trailers in Process just waiting on parts to be Completed sitting in the yard we’re also Running the plant with 40 percent less Employees than before the pandemic which Is a slightly a good thing Because it makes the parts and materials We do have last longer since it takes Longer to build the trailers an odd Thing i have seen in the short supply of My area is socks That is unacceptable No extra socks Is there even water in your canteen what Are we doing here Socks There’s a company i make no money by Telling you this but i like them there’s A company called covert threads they Have excellent socks i’m wearing a pair Of covert threads uniform socks Right now They rock and when i rock every morning I have covert threads socks inside of my Boots and i first became aware of them Because a marine buddy of mine said yo Dude put these socks on and i was like Ew i don’t want to wear your socks and He’s like fine then get your own And so i did and i bought a pair and

Another pair and a half a dozen more Repairs and then i sent him an email one Day and i was like yo Your socks are the cat’s pajamas I just wanted to let you know you know Xoxo bear from the internet and they’re Like yo bear from the internet thanks For liking our socks you want some more Socks and i was like hell yeah i can’t Say no to more socks and so they sent me Like another half a dozen pairs And so More than 50 percent of the covered Thread socks i have i paid for i would Happily pay for more of them They’re incredible so if you need a pair Of socks covered threads And more than half you’re going to go There you’re going to look at the price And be like oh my gosh i can’t pay that For a pair of socks while out of one Side of your mouth well in the other Side of my thing like we gotta make this Country make it great again we gotta Take it back we gotta we gotta stand up For what’s right you know freedom America Okay then buy american stuff I can’t it’s too expensive then shut the Hell up about everything else Wow barry you’re in the mood this Morning i’m i’m me today All right moving right along Yellow trucking formerly known as yrc

Freight owns yrc right away new pen and Holland trucking companies this Combination makes us the largest ltl Company in the u.s last week it was Announced that between the central Midwest and west coast we are closing 50 Plus terminals the info on the east Coast closures hasn’t been disclosed yet We have already been working on a Project to eliminate about 2 000 Tractors Count not model year when they told us About the 50 terminals and then on monday i Received a call to start parking some of Our line haul Or long run tractors due to the decrease In freight i manage about 21 terminals Total hopefully this will give you an Idea of the scale of what i’m talking About in my experience dramatic Slowdowns and trucking are generally Felt by the public at large within about Three to six months after we see it Usually this shows up as product Shortages and price increases to the Consumer understanding that there are Significant shortages already it’s hard To say how this is going to go going to Play out Get the stuff you want now Whether it’s a homestead or solar or Batteries or more ammo or a barefact or Socks or

Whatever you’re into Get it now Get it now Get it now And then again i’ll say it again Support american small businesses Maybe even start an american small Business I could never do that You could never start a business but you Got the balls to about everybody Else that has That’s interesting ever stop and thought About that So my wife goes to the pantry once a Month for her mom to help offset her Food costs she’s insurance poor most of Her retirement funds goes to insurance And other medical expenses every little Bit helps my wife was given a note by The pantry staff that states there’s a Reduction in food distributions because Of supply chain issues but that is now Possible to visit another distribution Location for second distribution now Allowed by harvesters sounds like more Folks are in need also a good reason for The rest Of to take care of our rest of us to Take care of our health so that they’re Not in the same position as we age I work for a machine and fabrication Business i have the privilege of dealing With many customers from food to

Automotive to cement We had the opportunity of manufacturing An elevator shaft for a large cement Company I delivered it to one of their terminals While i was able to talk with the Workers while there i was able to talk With the workers they are fairly so Certain that once the new intel plant Construction really kicks off and their Competitors They and their competitors will run out Of cement Of course this will be mostly short-term I would think all this to say if people In ohio or close areas of neighboring States are hesitating on a project Involving cement do it i’m not totally Certain how this will affect something Like quikrete in a store but i wouldn’t Want to wait around and find out Cement Samantha’s limestone that’s cooked in a Kiln ground up cooked into kiln comes Out And portland cement number one Polluter in the world when it comes to Carbon emissions By a long shot 80 percent of it’s manufactured in china And comes across In uh cargo ships the united states the Stuff that comes from china isn’t as Good as the stuff that comes to united

States and elsewhere but they had had The massive production capability to be Able to Flood the markets with cheap chinese Cement And frankly it’s not as good as The stuff we make here but it’s still Plenty good it still gets rock solid It’s freaking cement So you have a supply chain issue a Distribution issue and a demand issue All going on at the same time with Cement How do i know i used to put up wind Turbines and it takes approximately 660 Yards per turbine That’s approximately 66 concrete trucks And do one in the morning one in the Afternoon Yeah do the math on that it’s a lot of Concrete And by the way cement it’s not a cement Truck it’s a concrete truck a cement Truck brings uh dry cement That offloads into a silo A concrete truck carries concrete and There’s four ingredients minimum and Concrete sandstone cement the powder and Water okay now you know vernacular I purchased a wood burning stove from Supplier of stoves yesterday just in General conversation he said that i got The last one of the cheaper models he Had and that he only had three or four

Of his expensive models left because he Has been selling them like crazy i told Him that i had been building a place in The ozarks and that’s what i needed it For and he looked at me like he had seen A ghost And he said that’s Then he said that’s what everyone has Said to which i replied everyone is Getting ready for a civil war I should mention that this guy came to The u.s from albania in 2020. anyways His eyes welled up and he said i know I’ve seen this before this is so sad What these people in government is doing Then he said americans won’t fight Against what’s going on and we are so Stupid because if the united states Falls there’s nowhere else to go we Talked for a little while longer and to Me it was obvious he was in shock i Think he suddenly realized that he Needed to get a backup plan going or Something [Music] You see the Fed boys are trying to come for the Frt giggle switches now You know why Because You initiate an attacker raid with your Most casualty causing weapon And for civilians Yeah

Yeah Just saying Anyway that’s a damn brief we got stuff To do today i gotta go play on a track Hole you gotta do some water stuff and Some other stuff and blah blah blah blah Blah blah blah Um listen i appreciate y’all even though I’m a little extra spicy this morning Promo code is bear nation you get 10 off Everything in the store Everything qualifies for hsa and fsa Other than the bucket opener for the Wound care bucket and pastor joe’s book Other than that if it’s an actual Medical item which the vast majority of Our store is it is health savings Account and flexible spending account Eligible everything in the store Wouldn’t care bucket birthing bucket Postpartum bucket Stomp bag bear fact arc small the back Kit crash kit smash kit adventure kit Turn a kit whatever it is it’s all there We’re like mostly in stock right now Praise john good job team So If you want to not die Use Bear nation as your promo code refuge Training if you don’t know about when it comes to medical come to class we’ve

Got classes in dallas and waco right now Boise’s full Um praise y’all boise is full Uh you need to know how to do this stuff It’s not like it’s not intuitive you’re Not gonna just stumble upon it one day When you need it and then you’re gonna Take your cheap chinese tourniquet that You bought for 10 bucks off of amazon Which is gonna break when you put it on Wrong on your wife if she’s bleeding out From a laceration to her femoral artery In a car accident you thought you’d Never get in and then you’re gonna be Standing there wondering what the hell Where did i go wrong you bought cheap and you didn’t train with it that’s Where you went wrong Be the first responder that’s what we Teach That’s why it’s called responder one Responder to responder three okay okay Bear all right good talk lastly Grindstone ministries y’all are badass Thank you for supporting us in what we Do The building of caleb house restoration Facility for juvenile human trafficking Survivors Um ongoing right now additionally we’ve Still got like dozens of people in our Care Currently that have already been rescued

Are in the process of being Rehabilitated rehabilitated that’s an Expensive stressful um Involved endeavor in of itself and the Fact that the father has seen fit to Give us people before we built our Facility has been um you know we might Have got the horse before the cart on This one but we weren’t gonna say no We weren’t gonna say you know you just Stay right there and continue to get Seriously raped just give me a few Months until i build a building that i Can put you in it’ll be fun it’ll be fun You just you just continue to take it Every Day I know you’re just a little kid no big Deal i just hang in there sweetie i’m Waiting on the trackhoe to get here we Were like no f that s Yes we’re going And so Thank you to every one of you who prays Over that ministry for every one of you That donates to that ministry to every One of you has has plugged into that Ministry we need plumbing supplies right Now we need wire big wire for electrical And we need uh septic Design And material we have one of you all Already who stepped up uh for the Materials like the leachfield materials

Question on the tank but we may need a Pump as well so if you’re a septic guy And or you design septic systems admin At If you have plumbing supplies or Electrical supplies and i mean like four Out wire three and four inch schedule 80 Pipe sweeps and elbows Um You know Packs 1 inch pecks crimp connectors all That Um Dwv pipe all that If you have that stuff and you’d like to Donate it admin I love y’all Thank you for dealing with me even Though i know i’m an and i’m a Little extra today So I’m out we got to go to work i’m 15 Minutes behind which is not something i Enjoy being So you all have a blessed day shalom