Birds are CIA Spy Technology – TT 18AUG22

By | August 19, 2022

Good evening beard nation And bear nation affiliates Strategic partners of the bear nation Strategy yes indeed I have to go to youtube to find my own Live stream i wanted to let me find my Own live stream See how bad of an angle the camera is No to see the comments oh You know how it goes Well just look up on on the screen in Front of you The screen on front of me is pointed That way So that people don’t whine in the Comments bear your audio sucks i can’t They’re gonna whine anyway about Something because you’re in your studio Oh i’m sorry Oh hey i can hear myself see There we go The earbud fell out of higher What’s up franklin farmstead Wilde Jmb connor d-land8869 D mcjo nice background thanks Best click bait title ever thank you Little grey dent wagon we’re actually Talking about it I mean you were talking about it You also don’t believe in gravity so All right so here’s how this works for People that are new here And or have the attention span of a

Goldfish Put your questions and all caps in the Comment down below If i see your question And i want to answer it i will answer it If i don’t see your question i won’t Answer it if i see it and i don’t want To answer it i won’t answer it if Somebody with the blue wrench answers Your question in the comments your Question has been answered Because They know the answers that i’m going to Give because we’ve done thirsty thursday Over 150 times And if you ask me what kind of striker Fired polymer frame 9 millimeter pistol You should buy i’m not gonna care Because we have more important stuff Going on You should buy the gun that fits your Hands then you should spend the money That you would spend on all the goo guys That you would attach to it to go get Some training to learn how to use it Also Observe the prime directives rabbi rabbi What is the greatest command in all the Torah you mean matthew 22 verse 36 you Shall love the lord your god yahuwah Your elohim with all your heart with all Your soul with all your might Deuteronomy 6 5. and you shall love your Neighbor in the comments section as

Yourself leviticus 19 verse 18 new Living bear translation Okay Okay Okay bear I have an eye fact but i’m interested in The arc what’s the difference in a Nutshell So the bare fact works the entirety of The march algorithm for one casualty It’s super comprehensive The arc will work one to two casualties For massive bleeding airway and Respiratory And it’s also a rip away arc stands for Advanced rip away kit Also it’s in stock currently and if you Use promo code bear nation you get free Shipping good question What kind of cia birds should i buy i’m Thinking big because if you can mount a Couple of j dams or hellfires under his Wings You got a logo or a saddle put a saddle On the back of it dude it’ll be sick Right yeah Like in lord of the rings Yeah like uh like a california condor or Something y’all are talking about that All this time since we’ve been back here I’ve been Watching videos on pack goats Like looking at loadouts and stuff that We can do

And me training them then i I i got into a deep rabbit hole Best live stream ever Go ahead tell me more about because that Gets them to follow you better so That look look at look at those packs Look at how much stuff we can carry you On a ruck still a goat i know it’s just Still a goat wait till you see pickup Trucks The idea that The idea that that goat is going to do What you want it to do is ludicrous I reject your from from the foundation Of your argument i reject it Uh somebody said what uh carbine class Would you recommend in the arkla Texahomas area i would go take Anything by tactical rifleman and or Emery at prime combatives they work a Lot together And then of course if you ever get an Opportunity to work with rex or saws Go go subscribe and good point go Subscribe especially to saws is really Good contact survival applications Weapons systems saws link incoming and He needs uh the critical number of Subscribers and watch hours to be able To unlock the next feature set In youtube so go subscribe but i i would Recommend Uh tactical rifleman carl erickson and Emery morgan stern emory also his outfit

Is called prime combatives And i would go To any class that they have they’re Excellent people excellent instruction They have excellent backgrounds How much parmesan do i need to smoke to Believe in gravity bob What’s the answer bob If i say it on this live stream i will Get clinton Okay that information Two three two three ounces of parmesan And a tinfoil Hookah and or an apple In an apple should be a good thing so That’s you’re basically like that’s Italian at this point you know Oh my gosh How long do you think it will be before The the irs comes knocking I pay your taxes and you don’t have to Find out But it it It depends Do you owe them money now are your Quarterly taxes subpar now Probably pretty quick And you guys know me i’m no fan of the Internal revenue service I also have read the bible eight times Now and it says render unto caesar’s What is caesar’s i don’t like giving Them their money but i give them their Money because i don’t like prison even

More so What is the best security camera for Home and woods stuart stewart one um I would put some Like uh either white phosphorus nods Or a thermal On your pterodactyl or your california Condor that’s going to carry your pack For you with the hellfires Um i i don’t know i can’t answer that Question and i’m not sounding facetious But i honestly i have people that do That for me And they say hey boss we should get this One and i’m like that sounds good does It do camera stuff and like it does all The camera stuff i’m like cool put it Over here So i don’t know the answer to that I got one acre land small cabin no Permanent building suggestions Yeah biblical build your barn first then Build your house Um And i would lay it out on paper before You start building it we did that this Morning Um Get an idea of what you’re gonna build Before you start building it and then Prioritize the list of things you need To do to build it so that you can Execute on those things and beware the Scope creep fairy

Because once you start it’s like hey Maybe we should do this let’s add this What about this Let’s do a thing over here and be Patient with yourself Um we’ve been We have a good group of guys that’s been On site at Not only caleb house but a different Ministry saving grace this week doing Work A lot of people think they buy a piece Of land and in just a short period of Time they’re gonna have a home set up And running we have hundreds of Man-hours hundreds of man-hours On caleb house this week and we’ve cut Down some trees it like to those that Don’t know it sounds like nothing we’ve Cut down some trees we’ve done road work We’ve done drainage work And we’ve prepped the leech field for Where the Septic system is going to go And when i say prepped I’m running a track hoe that has a 32 000 pound lift capacity and i’m pulling Rocks Rocks out of the ground That i cannot pick up with the track hoe Those weren’t rocks that was Little fractures of the earth yeah they Were pieces of the mountain yeah But um

I mean Legitimately pick up truck size rocks Dozens Dozens if not bigger so it takes time Do you keep maps couples and compass and Whistles in your edc Yes yes and soon I have a whistle that needs to go on my Chest rig it’s just not on my chest rig Which was reinforced Which was reinforced when we were Getting battered by artillery fire in North dakota by saw So Yeah i got a pack of rape whistles i Gotta hand out to everyone I see boise is sold out Will you guys be coming back to do more Classes ideally yes i’ll tell you this Um that area of the world Is incredibly difficult to get somebody To call you back to rent a room out so You can go do training That’s like we were supposed to have an Organ class we tried a dozen different Venues in oregon nobody would return our Phone calls supposed to have a Washington class Same issue a dozen different venues Nobody would return our phone calls Was on and i mean not just like Not just like the marriott conference Room i’m talking gun ranges Um you know training centers all that

Nobody would return our phone calls so If we don’t have a place to host the Class there’s no class So hopefully yes we’ll be back in boise Again Um But and if you have a facility And i mean a facility where you want to Host training in the pacific northwest Ish Admin at email admin what’s up chad Refuge classes in florida Uh 2023. We did one Last year Well no we did one last year in Tallahassee we did one earlier this year No last year as well in orlando And i think we’ve been to florida one More time i bet you the next thing They’re going to say no South florida exactly yeah Miami three blocks from my house yeah no You come to my house No don’t stop the harper no Don’t don’t go to his house I mean unless you want to be ventilated In which case Come on come on bye Bear See you in dallas in november sounds Good do it

Hey neighbor here what’s up silent do Good hey bear got my sk6 and my two Bleeding control kits today awesome Thank you awesome thank you dropping the link free Shipping promo code bear nation Sunday sunday sunday monster trucks Grave digger you know that guy that guy Is the best what’s What’s up there’s been a a lacking of Knife handing going on Recently I’ve noticed this There’s a camera that close to you You had all that aggression promoting And no knife hands i was playing i only Knife hand when i’m serious And a lot of people are like man why are You seeing you seem like tired and Ornery lately because i’ve been doing a Lot of knife handing on the other side Of the camera lately You guys are lucky i’m even here at this Point being dead honest with you But let your usb yes and your no be no On thursday and honestly it’s very Cathartic therapeutic for me to talk With you all sometimes as long as we Have a good group of people which seems Like you guys are What do you think about the new irs Agents sus yeah i think you should watch The brief from yesterday morning Bigfoot was the best monster truck i

Agree Finally putting food in mylar how Important is diatomaceous earth very i Highly recommend it it’s not a deal Breaker if you have if you put it in Without it but it’s highly recommended It buys you so much more wiggle room and Your ability to store that in ambient Temperature and store it for Considerably longer Got our soft tee today thanks so much Sense of security going up awesome Thank you tinfoil hat free shipping is An awesome deal and blessing given the Ever rising shipping costs take Advantage of it while the deal lasts Y’all I agree with that thank you We spend an exorbitant amount of money In shipping Yeah but you know what praise y’all we Have orders to fill and thank you all For buying from us yes you know Everybody’s like we gotta we’re gonna Take this country back again also i’m Gonna go buy a bunch of [ __ ] from china Like okay whatever Whatever floats your boat homie Email who about space for training Probably elon musk he seems to be taking Over space right now But if you mean like refuge training Admin at What’s up mothers brothers

How do you get the de out of food you Don’t there’s nothing wrong with it you Buy food grade diatomaceous earth What’s up snow bird That’s my bro from another mo right There Yep i agree i know Just want to like just do stuff with Snowbird Like like whatever if he was like hey Man you want to jump out of this plane I’m like send it just like you want to Ride this little bird you know door Gunner like i’m in let’s do it he’s like You want to kick this door let’s do it It’s like you want to eat a pizza like Sounds good let’s do it like whatever You know Let’s roll it’s going to have to be a Cheat day but let’s do it Oh Silent dagwood Is in the chat somebody i met uh This week Oh yes Yep i i met him on the side of a hill He owned half of that hill that’s the Guy simon who what yep silent Dagwood silent do good good silent do Good oh yeah Come on dudley That’s that new jersey public school System [Laughter]

Oh No that’s the truth yeah what if i Answer your question go for it How much would a woodchuck chuck of a Woodchuck could chuck wood Square root of pie go Seven 13 wood all of it akanaste is correct Let’s see The side of the hill is the best place To meet someone miss amy what are you Doing meeting up with people on the side Of the hill See 10 cords i need more wood chucks Can you imagine yeah dude Back up the dump trailer pull the lever All right chuck get to work Is that for a year Per day No it doesn’t shut up A rick is not a unit of measurement Look it up it’s not a clearly defined Unit of measurement and i Refuse to engage in the redneckery of Even attempting backwoods I don’t even know that Am i from uh the urban new jersey or on My redneck what’s going on here You’ve turned more redneck in the last Couple of years of course i was a Redneck uh back in new jersey that’s why No one could get along with me does Using de violate torah No it’s a shell it’s not the meat of the

Animal And it’s a fossil Somebody said a jag of wood pay debt or Buy preps get that question a lot the Answer is paid debt Be a responsible citizen get out of debt Proverbs 22 7 22 6 The rich rule over the poor and a debtor Is a slave to their debt i’m telling you Like let’s say okay i’m bank of america Right like Bank of bear okay and i’m like all right I got all these people that owe me money They could Default on their loans because the Economy If it’s secured debt well at least i get Something back but if it’s unsecured Debt what do i get Hmm Well i’m a bank which means i have Friends that are politicians which means I have some influence and authority Which means We spin up debtors prisons again and Guess what you are now literally a slave To your debt you’re gonna go work off of Your debt Or not whatever you know whatever floats Your boat that’s just my opinion The other thing that people miss like so Much is when you’re in debt a Significant portion of your revenue goes To service that debt load you pay your

Debt off now all your money is yours Other than what you have to give to the 87 000 new irs agents But a lot more money is yours now and Now all of a sudden you can like save Money or put more money towards preps or Strategic relocation or whatever like Here’s the deal the world looks like it Could end It also could not end Getting out of debt either way is good For you In either of those scenarios Buying preps honestly Not that great for you if the world Doesn’t end Says the guy who’s got more preps Probably than all you all put together At this point like It’s just a fact right preparedness is Insurance In case the world gets truly sideways And we also have to remember that it’s Entirely possible that what everybody is Claiming is the legitimate end of the World is two bad quarters in a row and We’ve been so spoiled by an Unprecedented amount of prosperity and Wealth in this country that it just Feels like the end of the freaking world And we’re all just wanting little [ __ ] That’s also possible So i would pay your debt

You’ll eat bugs and be happy no i’ll eat Sheep and won’t be on my iphone that’s What i’ll do Where’s our poor attacker torah What are your thoughts for cert on Training and networking almost like i Shot a youtube video about that years Ago Uh yeah you should do it i think it’s a Good opportunity Depending on which team you get on some Of them can be very um What’s the word i’m looking for here Bureaucratic But Yeah Good training good networking and it’ll Allow you to look under the hood for Your local governance so Hey phil h Kiss my ass None of that But he’s from new jersey Well yeah taylor pork roll that’s Obvious eastern earth They have taylor pork roll in ohio No they’ve never made it across the Appalachians Dragon shield i agree with that Get him six string city [Music] Truck driver here things are going to Get bad soon Yup i agree

Hey what’s up sauce promoting your Channel shalom brother we’re just Telling everybody to you know get off Their lazy ass and go subscribe to your Channel Hopefully they’re smart enough to do That We should um we should also tell people If you subscribe to saul on patreon at His highest level he might show his ear It’s possible Live stream llamas what’s up mark chase I don’t know is it llamas or all pacos That are like a-holes or is it both Alpacas are Confirmed yeah Well they spit at you Llamas fit too that’s true That’s why we have to have pack goats Some somebody said what cigar you Smoking tonight and this is the nub of a Punch signature Somebody else said Where are you at um i head by head butt In a fight if there’s going to be head Butts i’m the one giving them not the One receiving them and Top of the face bridge of the nose is a Good spot for that yes indeed or the Side of the jaw or the side of the jaw Says our professional heavyweight Fighter over here You might know I’m googleable you’re googleable

Somebody had a good question How to answer to christians and they say Jesus is their sabbath so they don’t Need to keep it They’re idiots and they should read Their bible Yeah how’s that for an answer Never says he is the sabbath he says He’s the master yeah How about go read matthew 5 17 the first Gospel truly truly i say to you until Heaven and earth pass away not one yod Not one tittle shall fall from the torah Till all be done every one Or matthew 19 verse 17 if you wish to Enter into life guard the commands or John 12 52 i know that his commands are Everlasting life or matthew 7 21 Verily verily i say unto the master Master have we not prophesied in your Name cast out demons in your name done Many mighty works in your name and i Truly i shall say to them depart from me You who work lawlessness i never knew You or second thessalonians chapter 2 by The hand of shaol that the antichrist is The man of lawlessness and that Lawlessness is the working of satan or First john 3 verse 4 sin is lawlessness And all who do sin do lawlessness or i Could do this all night And those are just new testament So that’s what i would say

I would tell people if they remember Those bumper stickers or wristbands and All that stuff that said what would Jesus do Follow the torah That’s that answer in a nutshell Yup agreed Tactical llamas are a thing okay Somebody doesn’t like that we’re Blocking speech they also don’t realize We don’t like the f word in our chat so The rule for that is just that again Prime directive love one another if it’s Not a word i say you shouldn’t say it in The chat either Now i have i think twice on camera said That f word So Tonight’s not one of those nights unless You make it one of those nights He had multiple chances Oh well then he can kiss my ass he was Even timed out for a little bit oh he Got a little excited Oh vic How do you answer fulfilling the law go To matthew 18 the transfiguration on the Mount When you have the torah the prophets and The resurrection all in one place Yeshua moshe and eli yahoo elijah all in One place The Rendering of the word fulfill in english

And i’m not going to make a bad Translation argument here it’s just that That word doesn’t have the same gravity That it does in the in the aramaic Or in the greek the greek word is play Rahu and it means to embody So if you insert the word embody into That I come not to destroy the torah or the Prophets but to embody it That’s a whole different ball game So Again do your homework and then look at All the other context in the word right Like be not just here is the word but Doers also read the book of hebrews Surely there remains a keeping of Sabbath for the people of messiah right Read revelation it’s full of temple Imagery Like Read hebrews full of temple imagery The renewed covenant that’s so new that It comes from the book jeremiah So what’s up america silver patriot What’s up robin thank you Yeah thankful heart yes yeshua came to Show us how to walk out the torah and Live it first peter 2 21 for this you Were called the messiah having suffered For your sins that you might walk in his Steps Do it that In him there is no sin

And no deceit was found in his mouth who Being reviled did not revile and return But committed himself to him who judges Righteously who hung upon the timber for Your sins your lawlessness For you were dead in your sins and you Were like sheep who had gone astray but Have now returned to the shepherd and Overseer of your soul You were called to messiah to walk as he Walks It’s not a destination faith it’s a Lifelong walk and that’s one of the The major failings of big c christendom As we’ve turned it into destination Faith You’re saved now brother just just live A good life and don’t sin what’s sin you Know it’s when you make god angry well How you make god angry you know when you You’re doing stuff you shouldn’t do well How do i know what that is well that’s Sin brother well that’s a circular Argument that doesn’t work Maybe i shouldn’t say this but it sounds Like cousin eddie is sitting next to you Bear cousin eddie here Who’s cousin i don’t know No Isn’t that national lamp Kelp hmm Dragon shield says if you let me do as i Did how about if you love me keep my Commands how about i am the father am

One How about malachi 3 verse 6 on the lord Yahuwah sabayath i change Not how about in uh hebrews yeshua Hamashiach the same yesterday today and Forever In whom there is no change or shadow of Turning It’s just a non-starter if you actually Read the bible the whole idea that it Was done away with because it’s not It doesn’t say that anywhere you can go To colossians 2 14 Where everybody every pastor whoever Brings it up says the law was nailed to The cross side It’s not what it says it says the Doctrines and dogmas of men were nailed To a cross Yah wrote the law with the finger of his Hand it was made from the stone of the Throne of god Men didn’t write it men wrote [ __ ] Laws adjacent to it and that’s what Yeshua was railing against the pharisees And the sadducees for Oh david dbd Jude is amazingly amazingly relevant to The world we live in today i would agree With that if you’re able to pick up a Tractor in california if somebody Donates one let me know hawk out I don’t you’re saying you’re Volunteering to

Uh stop saying what’s happening there Now back to work oh stop and assist oh What’s up following yeshua gotcha Prepper survival skills volunteering to Move a tractor From california i don’t understand If somebody can pick it up oh Awesome hey email us admin at Groundstone ministries Thank you stuart stewart There’s so much comfort to know he never Changes amen to that Champ du soleil shalom sister thank you Road called to wheeling west virginia What’s up dark knight diesel Dark knight diesel that was his phrase We uh trained him in Cleveland I think it was cleveland No maybe with cincinnati Somewhere up there Uh he goes yeah i’m like batman on a Budget [ __ ] all over his belt pouches and Everything i was like he he output out Poached Out pouched dudley That’s difficult yeah Dude Batman on a budget When will be the next trip to Indianapolis i don’t know Guys decentralized command i have Somebody stalwart peacekeeper who runs

The division And his job is to say hey boss we made Money or hey boss we lost money or hey Boss i think if we do this we can make Money and i’m like that’s cool or to say Hey boss we need more blue guns or hey Boss the training van took a [ __ ] again We got to fix it or That’s his job he handles the tactical Stuff i handle the strategic stuff Strategic initiative there is to train As many people as we can so that y’all Don’t die when you’re out there living Your lives because It we we are in a strange world where The world hasn’t ended yet and it’s Probably not probably not statistically Going to end catastrophically the World’s going to go out with a whimper Not a bang but we’re still in rule of Law ish Because they will act against you if you Violate their law so you have all the Downsides of rule of law without many of The benefits of rule of law right now Which like Call an ambulance just wait see what Happens see how long it takes to get one 35 40 45 minutes Guess what you’re dead 10 times over 20 times over maybe depending on what The injury is and so that’s the whole Point of refuge training is to go teach Good people how to do the things and

Then there’s there’s ancillary points to That if you’re wise enough to pick up on Them If you’re within driving distance of a Refuge training class and you go guess What Everybody else who’s there is within Driving distance of a refuge training Class as well I think i can’t meet anybody in the Proper world it’s really hard to meet People or you could go to a class our Class or anybody else’s class And now you’re instantly around people In your area who have event vested Interest in training That sounds like a prime opportunity Right there But what do i know i’m just some guy With a beard on the internet Jim toby the shema oh yeah What is written on here is Shema israel yahuwah eloheinu yahuwah And you shall love the lord your god With all your heart with all your soul With all your might with all your Strength everything you got deuteronomy 6 4 and 5. That’s the holiest prayer in all the Bible that’s why in matthew 22 when the Pharisees and the sadducees are trying To jam up yeshua and they ask him what’s The greatest command in all the torah he Answers with deuteronomy 6 verse 4

And five Shema israel yahuwah Or you could get on the bear independent Patreon and get on the bear dependent Discord to find others near issue that’s True badger that’s a good point Instead started my first saturday friday Night and saturday it was wonderful Saying no to a lot of things saturday Yeah i feel you bro good job Where do we get that hat oh yeah you Know i should probably do a better job Of that i apologize From sanctified supply co Dot com [Music] Right there that’s where the hat comes From They’re also if you’ve ever gotten a Bear shirt Like the unafraid shirt or uh the Ungovernable shirt Or the Not out yet but will be soon resistances Fertile shirt Those all come from sanctified supply co Dropping the lane we broke them with the Ungovernable shirts they were like oh my Ah that’s a lot of shirts I was like hey i asked if you guys are Up to it they’re like we’re up to it i Was like okay send it So they did our company shirts they they Do a lot of stuff

Wyatt coughlin thank you for all that You do i have a stud kit and a barefact 3.0 that i added an epipen dude in my Daughter’s newly discovered b allergy Thank you very much appreciate that Chuck norris has a bear rug oh he’s not Dead he’s just too afraid to move Okay Um Thank you constance jackson i appreciate That Oh nice responded one class in philly But i’m still trying to get Transportation from long island you can Do it where there’s a will there’s a way Yeah philly’s uh A good place for us to train How good are your shears bear That good Um How fresh is your cigar bear that fresh Uh Philly is a good place to train because We don’t go any farther North or east than philly For reasons So If you’re In pennsylvania new jersey connecticut New york Mass prepa from massachusetts drove down To the virginia class So like we had people in dallas In the same class

In dallas texas we had a guy from alaska And a couple from new hampshire I was like you guys flew in right Because the international airports here They’re like no we drove Like What Okay That’s badass man Shalom dani o’keefe Any chance you’ll do refuge medical Training in florida yeah probably 2023. What brand cigar is that this is an aj Fernandez ruination Man of war The arctic wolf 78 bear as always thanks For all you do You and yours do for us loving it all Keep up the good work thank you Any training coming to south dakota we Were just in north dakota and there’s Like nobody up there there’s like four People in the county where we went to And so that would have been the class to Go to all at the training they were yeah The whole county was at that training When we were in north dakota um i Imagine we’ll get back out that way Sometime in 2023 but probably not this Year Any thoughts on miniature cows I think i have seven of them I think i’m pretty sure it’s seven Because i had six and then one of them

Had a baby so that’d be seven right That’s the thought yeah There Was my neighbor calls them they’re Pocket cows And i like that Yeah hunter seeker Calls them pocket cows and i like that Because um They’re Big enough that there’s a good amount of Meat on them but they’re small enough That if you had to process them without Any special equipment you can And that’s why we got that’s why we got Into pocket cows versus regular cattle They’re just easier to handle on a on a Homestead Rather as compared to a farmer or a Ranch And uh i had cows growing up we had Brangus And a few i don’t know mutts i don’t Know what the hell they were they were Cows and we ate them But um They’re big And the bulls are ornery and Like Dangerous dude we had one bull that we Separated uh A yearling bull Separated from his mom and we put him in A holding pen or just a pen like one

Acre pen by himself had a running shed That had four power poles drilled into The ground and it was You know boxed in on three sides a metal Roof over the top so getting out of the Rain you know that although cows love The rain i don’t know they’re dumb but Anyway Had a loafing shed in it Put them out in the pen go and do other Stuff come back Every sheet of plywood And two by four on that thing was off And there was parts of sheets of plywood Hanging on his horns The only thing was left was the four Telephone poles that were all beat up And the roof because he couldn’t get to The roof with his horns And he was pissed because we moved him Away from his mama Okay dude so we opened the gate and let Him run back to their cows and he went Out there and Just not messing with it today he Destroyed that shed It’s like 1800 pounds of pissed off and I’m like yeah i don’t really want to Mess with that you know Versus i think my pocket cow bulls like 600 And it’s 600 is not nothing but it’s not 1800 And if i had to i could shoot him in the

Forehead with a 9 mil With my pocket knife out and go to work You know My dad always used to 357 on the cows Growing up Almost You get used to it on a farm you know But he had jiggle a little bit of grain In the bucket and they come over to the Fence and he just pop Drop them right there then take the Digger truck for setting power poles Throw a chain around their ankles hook It to the winch line and just hang them With a digger truck Yeah Good old days Let’s see Nice rain cat Taking a responder one class and philly Next week awesome What is a barn according to a bible A place to store your grain and for your Animals to sleep in if there’s inclement Weather And guess what you can sleep in it too People used to Until maybe a hundred years ago I’ve done a lot of sleeping in barns Growing up Some of it was more like a drunken coma Than asleep but I was in there and i wasn’t awake so i Guess it counts

What’s up carlos vulture Hi pickle Wesley 51-50 says hey bear you enjoy the Cigar i like to enjoy the pipe are we Wrong for per day partaking in tobacco Biblically speaking So usually when people make that Argument they bring up the whole your Body is a temple thing And that’s not a bad argument honestly I’ll tell you this it’s a game of Degrees Because Five years ago I drank Way too much And dipped tobacco 10 years ago I drank way too much including whiskey And dipped tobacco and smoked 15-20 years ago i drank handles of Whiskey every day Sometimes in the case of budweiser and Blue lines of cocaine from the time i Got out of bed to the time i got back Into it While dipping and smoking So Now I smoke cigars Is that ideal No probably not Probably not i also don’t stand barefoot In my front yard and eat the sun every

Morning when it comes up either But It’s a game of degrees right work out Your own Salvation with fear and trembling we’re Talking about this this morning It’s a game of degrees and the man i am Today is better than the man i was Yesterday that’s the goal right the man I’ll be tomorrow is better than the man I am today So You know shovel of tarsus the apostle Paul talks about sin is sin is sin right Every all have sinned and fallen short Of the glory of yah Yup the apostle john talks about there Is a sin unto death Some sins are unto death Some sins are you can confess to your Brothers while we walk you to the rock Pile because you’re about to get some Some sin Is sin now the punishment for the Transgression of the law is death In many cases In many cases it’s not is go to the Priest make atonement pay your fine go On about your life So how do you define sins in his Transgression of the law right well if Your body is the temple If we are currently the temple then Anything you do

To defile the temple Could be considered a sin How deeply are we going to take that Argument when was the last time you had A cheeseburger or coke And For me I like smoking cigars i also on occasion Just stop Because sooner or later because of my my Personality i go from liking them to Needing them And i’ll just stop Just like when people get on here They’re like you call yourself a man of God call yourself a christian and you Smoke and drink it’s like i haven’t had A drink in 46 days Because of 75 hard I tell you what when i get done with 75 Hard there’s a bottle of makers mark Sitting on my porch waiting for me So All things in moderation including Moderation right What i will say is if the spirit is Convicting you that you have an Unhealthy relationship with anything Whether it’s smoking or cheeseburgers or Drinking or diet coke or pornography or Obsessing over the valuation of bitcoin Today Or fast cars or loose women or whatever If the spirit’s convicting you that you

Need to do something about it then you Need to be obedient to that conviction And do something about it That’s my my thoughts on that it’s a Good word Thanks man You’re a blessed man amen to that Glad that i was always able to curb Anything i saw that was becoming an Addiction Yep whether it was video games Uh Whether it was porn whether it was Driving fast that was my biggest Addiction driving fast 130 down the road That that was an everyday thing and i Felt Off Trying to do 25 miles an hour i felt Like i was just shaking and jittering Because i was driving so slow Now got that under control Only thing next Is coffee Somebody said 75 hard please elaborate Just google 75 hard honestly just just Check it out Um What do the scriptures say about the use Of cannabis i prefer the benefits of Edibles over smoke get that question all The time Be sober minded don’t abuse it don’t Make an idol out of it

Are you Self-medicating because you’re covering Up issues that you need to deal with and Haven’t Or are you a cancer patient that can’t Eat because of chemo unless you take a Couple of edibles The torah is all about the preservation Of life So if we if we look at that if we Understand the torah is a love letter From the creator of the universe And that the remainder of the books of The bible are practical application and Lessons about walking in the torah or Not walking in the torah until the Father had to become flesh and come back Down to earth and teach it to his people Again because they’d forgotten it and Made made horde amount of it Right if you look at it as that Is it preserving life or is it taking Life Towards about preservation of life So if you’re Taking something away from your life by Doing that then no you shouldn’t do that If you’re actually Helping life and i don’t mean like in Some like [ __ ] way where you’re Shirking your responsibility and i just Gotta chill out with my anxiety man i Mean like i can’t eat Unless i take this

Maybe Now let’s bring it back around to the Cigar preservation of life We’re all broken human beings right for All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of yah should i get so stressed Out by my day that i might just go beat The ever-loving tar out of somebody and End up in a pair of silver bracelets or Sit down and smoke a cigar Oh well that comes back around to the Weed comment bear you’re altering your Mind state Maybe It’s both sides of the same coin i don’t Have it all figured out either y’all Just because i’m a guy with an iphone And a youtube channel doesn’t mean i Know the answers to everything And that’s an unreasonable expectation To have You know The splinter may point out and others Ignoring all the awesome fruit from Grindstone Yet you all set quite the standard when It counts saving lives and saving Retaining kids is awesome fruit bless You brother thank you Thank you We you know we do what we can i hear all The time from people when they’re like Um You know somebody should do something

About that And then they get kind of annoyed when i Point out hey you’re somebody We’re all somebody Do something And that’s that’s the critical Disconnect between most problems and Those solutions is the doing Do it Yeah You can research Workout plans and diets all day if you Don’t do it it doesn’t matter right Yeah You have to do it and the heavyweights Is your eagle And laziness Thank you stx preparedness Don’t say a thing do a thing exactly but Don’t talk about it be about it right Just go do it and that’s And what people miss Is the blessing of the doing I’ve talked about it before but it bears Repeating the first deployment we ever Did to florida We had three days to go and feed three Thousand people and a three thousand Mile round trip with three thousand Dollars in our bank account to do it And when i got there There were 32 other people so 33 Volunteers We worked for three days we fed 3 000

People i drove home again And we still Literally miraculously had three Thousand dollars in the bank account And i to this day don’t know how that Happened It’s the parable of the loaves and the Fishes We got five 000 men to feed and we got Five loaves and two fishes and there is No possible way it’s gonna work out And y’all’s like yeah dumbass without me There’s no possible way it’s gonna work Out and what does yeshua do It tells everybody hey sit down Calm down Take a deep breath Crisscross applesauce put your ass on The ground change your perspective And we’re gonna pray over this food That’s not enough and we’re going to Give thanks And he tells the apostles You’ll have more left over than what you Started with That’s what people miss and they pick up 12 baskets of leftovers After they feed all these people The lesson is If you just simply look at the purview That the father has put in front of you And you look at the resources he has Given you to perform this task Whether or not it’s all the resources

That you need to have to do it You give thanks and you do it and you Will have more left over when you get Done than what you started with he who Can be trusted with little can be Trusted with much now how does that Dovetail into the saying who amongst you Endeavors to build a tower without first Counting the cost That’s fine You’re absolutely correct you should Know what it’s going to take to get the Project done before you start it but if You let perfect be the enemy of good Enough and you never start It doesn’t matter how much money you Have If you need a million dollars to do a Thing and you’ve got 997 thousand eight Hundred seventy two seventy two dollars And you’re still sitting on your ass Waiting to go You’ve missed the whole point All that money belongs to ya anyway all The people you’re gonna help belong to Ya anyway your truck your house your Kids your wife all belong to ya anyway You belong to yah anyway you are part of His resources All you know are the resources that he Has allowed you to see at this point But it’s all his And he’s a good and loving father he’s Not going to put you in a situation that

He’s not going to get you out of Is it faith if you need a million Dollars and then you jump when you have A million dollars or is it faith when You need a million dollars and you jump When you have 12 bucks See faith’s not logical Faith doesn’t fit into an excel Spreadsheet there’s no there’s no Quantifiable factor for x in an equation For faith you do it or you don’t do it And yeshua explicitly says you shall Know them by their works are they doing It or they talking about it Sorry got into a rabbit hole No that wasn’t a rabbit hole that was A stand for people to actually hear and See what they needed Praise y’all somebody asked the Difference between yeshua and jesus oh Simple there’s no jay in Hebrew it’s What most people call jesus And listen i’ve cast out demons in the Name of jesus so it works okay But there’s no jay in hebrew and we know From matthew chapter one the the Genealogy of messiah He was a jewish man of the tribe of Judah And in the line of king david He was a hebrew there’s no jay in hebrew So then that’s just the fact look up the Hebrew alphabet there’s no j in it also

His name means salvation which is Yahushua or yeshua it’s the same name as Yahushua son of noon Moshe’s moses’s right hand man Got his own book sixth book of the bible Called joshua It literally means salvation So It’s just it’s his name and and even Then right like we have to be careful Not to draw a hard line in the sand and Say yeshua is his name not yahushua or Yahushua or yahushua was his name not Yeshua We don’t know that Explicitly we do know explicitly there’s No jay in hebrew And so there’s As much as i hate it because i’m a black And white guy there’s shades of grey to Everything If you’re walking to the best of your Ability in obedience to him He will tell you when you see him again Hey what’s up yeah my name is yahushua i Know you you’ve been calling me yeshua That’s cool my name is yahushua roger That bro it’s great to finally meet you I have so many questions as i don’t say Anything Yeah i’m i’m falling yeah Digging my own hole into the ground While crying yeah Yeah crying out yeah

So And so we need to be careful with that As well like we we have a little saying Around here like don’t be a torah Terrorist And i’m not always great at that Honestly But it’s because i want to spare people The same struggle strife and heartache That i went through In my You know decades-long process of you Know Conservative baptist upbringing and then You know drumming in satanic metal bands And then apostasy and then researching Every religion on the face of the earth And then non-denominal evangelicalism And then when that church fell apart Looked into the mormon church and blah Blah blah blah blah And then i just started reading the Bible and it’s like i don’t need a label To put on somebody who reads the bible And does what it says I don’t care what denomination you want To call it Just follow messiah serve yah that’s it Like Ecclesiastes 4 to verse 12 let us hear The conclusion of the matter serve god And keep his commands That’s it like what should we do Boom exclamation point at the end let us

Hear the conclusion of the matter 12 Chapters in that book sums it up in one Verse Let us hear the conclusion of the matter Serve god and keep his commands Roger that like i don’t need to be Smarter than that guy I don’t i don’t need more information Than that i might want more information Than that We’re talking about this this morning Deuteronomy 29 29 the secret matters belong to Elohim but what has been revealed to us So that we might Remember and do all the words of this Torah for us and our children Forever can you understand it all No if you could understand it all who’s God in that relationship Now you just fall back into self-worship Faith We’re talking about that this morning Faith isn’t logical Because because if you wanted to make The logical argument The atheists are correct I worship a magical sky daddy who does Nice things for me when i behave Okay Yup you’re right Yeah say it how you want to say it Logically Yeah you got me

But it’s way more than that so It’s not logical at all it’s not Quantifiable and if you can figure out a Box that you can put the creator of unit Of the universe in he’s not big enough To you or you’re not being real with Yourself you’ve deceived yourself Or maybe the world has deceived you And that’s why i like I i don’t know how many times i have to Cite just like read your bible and do What it says It’s not a it’s not a tongue-in-cheek Phrase we mean that like love your Neighbor as yourself roger that i’m Gonna do that even when it’s really Really hard Don’t Engage in idolatry okay i’m gonna do That Even when it’s really really hard Crucify your flesh daily I’m gonna do that even when it’s really Really hard this is the training ground Yeah And you’re gonna fall short That’s why you need messiah the whole Point is to fall short How do you identify weaknesses in Yourself without falling short How are you supposed to fix stuff if you Don’t know it’s broken Can’t get strong It’s exactly

What’s resistance training Lift heavy [ __ ] and the more heavy [ __ ] You lift the better you get it lifting Heavy [ __ ] and the better understanding You get Just like with with everything that we Do whether it’s hammering a nail Over time you understand the proper Technique With jiu-jitsu you understand how to Make it easier and simpler just twisting Your hips or turning your head a certain Way and reading the word and living it Daily Makes your life so much easier so no Temptation can Lead you astray you can stay on that Straight and narrow path and nothing can Affect you no matter how bad that it Seems you will know and trust in the Father that he has you Never mind I want to give a special shout out to The people in the chat that haven’t Realized That i make up [ __ ] click bait Titles for these videos and that we’re Not going to talk about birds being cia Spyware technology That’s not on the menu it was spoken About at the beginning so at the end Start this video over Make sure you hit the like and then You’ll get to hear about those birds and

What they have under their wings sober Party i didn’t say crucify your skin Crucify your flesh die to your fleshly Body Your worldly lusts your your thoughts Your feelings your emotes And serve the father What’s up palmetto Arnett no you don’t get sp you can have Spy birds we’re just not going to talk About them here If i had spy birds i wouldn’t talk about Them that’d be like legit opsec Like this is the new hummingbird 3000. Yeah we definitely don’t No i don’t what are spy birds Bob put the spy birds away I know they’re all watching all of our Spy birds They’re up there on the power line some Are friendly some are not they’re from The local fbi field office They’re watching over us yeah there are Six men with beards in a parking lot We’re gonna need all the swat teams If the camera gets knocked over and you Hear ah You know what happened [Music] All right what other questions we got in The chat You like that comfortably numb somebody Had asked about shamina here Oh again yeah

I answered that on patreon recently The long and short of shimmy year is I’m gonna try and do this in like 30 Seconds okay Yes you should do it No nobody knows when it is including the Jews because they stopped counting when They were in exile twice Some jews believe most jews believe you Only have to do it in oretsi israel Which means the land over there in the Middle east but not here so you should Pick a time based upon like when did you Come into your land and do you have Other people on your land with you how Does that work pick a year and observe The media year and then the jubilee year And just do it because it’s better to do It wrong than to not do it at all or to Do it at the wrong time and your proof Text for that is in numbers i believe It’s chapter 30 when there was a whole Group of men that were unable to do the Passover because they were unclean and So moshe talks to yahn yah says do Another passover it’s better that you do The passover a month late than not do it Same thing with the shimida year it’s Better you do shimida year than not do It like it could technically be the Wrong year but i’m telling you i’ve done Mountains of research on this and my Takeaway is the jews are freaking Clueless

On when the shemitah year is they don’t Know They think they know and depending on Which faction and which rabbi you ask They and they say different years as Well based upon counting from this exile In the first temple period and well they Don’t know And i don’t know either And so beca and we don’t know we’ve all Researched it because we all decided we Had to do it We don’t know nobody i’m talking like Dozens of men nobody could come up with Definitively like boom this is it this Is the shmeda year so what we did was we Decided all right we’re gonna do it and Also proof text for this read joshua it Took five years for the tribes to take The promised land by force which means That and we know That east manasseh Gad and um Reuben Got their land before anybody else Because they decided on the east side of The jordan yeah we want this land over Here and moshe says you can’t have this Land unless you go across the river with Your brothers and they say we’ll go and We’ll make sure everybody else gets Their land before we come home we’re Going to leave our animals our kids and Our old people and our wives here were

Going to go to war and it was a Five-year period before everybody had Their land which means at some point Somebody had to say yo dude remember When moshe said douche meet a year when Is that Was it when east manasseh got their land Or when naftali got their land and what Does get your land mean because caleb Goes up onto hebron kills three giants The sons of the anakim and he takes Hebron while he got his land is it Caleb’s land even though he’s part of Judah or is it when judah got his land They had to come to a consensus So come to a consensus if you’re Fellowshipping with other people and Then just do it that was not 30 seconds But that’s about the best i got Really quick send it bob and speak up There is like a biblical reason Like practical As to why you do the shimita As to Sorry like practical like with your Hands right Like a very tactile reason Letting the letting the rant land rest For a period Not letting it get the crap beat out of It by your livestock not planting Letting all of your crops go to seed All of these things allow for a more Fruitful harvest and it allows your your

The basis of your land to be a lot more Healthy um which provides in abundance To you so you can continue to serve the Father and bless others with your Provision right with obedience comes Blessing Right and so if you’re continuously for You know Year after year after year after year After year beating the crap out of your Land and you’re never giving it a period To rest if any of you guys have Livestock when you if you’re doing Rotational grazing when you move your Your sheep or whatever your cows off of A off of a you know a paddock right when You come back around to that paddock After a period of time how fruitful does That look right All of the manure is there you know You’ve gotten fresh water it’s uh look At my sheet pen in my front yard right Now yeah that’s three months right and The whole idea is that and then take That paddock and compare it to where Your sheep or your livestock are right Now right it’s trampled down it’s beaten To crap everything’s stripped of all of Its leaves right the grass is chewed Down All of this to say you’re doing an Extensive like rotation at that point Right And so look into it you should do it

It’s practical tactical really good for Your land well well think about all of The um all the farmers that only grow One crop over and over and over again Then the soil is dead so they have to Get a whole bunch of fertilizer in and Then that’s not working so they have to Put in more chemicals trying to grow the Same thing over and over and over again Not letting the land rest not letting it Heal not letting animals on the land So that it can naturally uh naturally Get fertilizer and Then you’re wondering why you got to use All these pesticides then people are Getting sick now people have to get Medication it’s a whole big cycle also Really quick If you think about it On the seventh day we shall rest Right and on the seventh year your land Shall rest right it’s a biblical sabbath For your land hey in the seventh Millennium the whole world rests yeah Yep seven is a pretty important number Yeah and it means y’all spiritual Perfection across the entire earth yeah By the way don’t deprive your land of That sabbath of that peace Right just as important as shabbat is to You like if you really are earning your Shabbat when sunday you’re like watching The sun go down on friday you’re like oh My gosh

You’re blowing your shofar you’re pumped Right That your land needs that too because it Works it’s butt off for you right if You’re being a good steward and so final Thought on that well i i thought tj said You got to see three stars in the sky Right I said that’s what the jews said I didn’t say that that’s what you have To do Sounds like a whole lot of doctrine oh So rl just said so when is our seventh Year we don’t know we’ve done that’s the Whole point of the last 10 minutes we Pick one and go with it Whenever you move go seven years after That if you missed it do it this year i Don’t know pretty much I’m not your dad Stuart asbury bless you bear camp Building a family group is like herding Cats it is and i’m not really a cat Person but I’m not even really a people person but I’m a my people person And uh Bear as a beginner should i invest in a Ballistic helmet or a bump helmet Oh prepping the boot Bro What are you gonna do with it Because if your answer is hang nods off Of it nods are really expensive and the

Cost difference between a ballistic Helmet and a bump helmet is negligible Once you start playing the nods game Yes it’s a few hundred dollars but even If you go a single tube pvs 14 and a Laser module and an illuminator and a Riser for your optic and maybe another Optic depending on what you have on There you’re still talking a minimum of Five thousand dollars Right there Plus training So the 300 difference between a bump Helmet and a ballistic helmet’s Negligible Maybe they want it for rugby they might Want it for rugby that’s possible What the nomination are you i’m the Denomination that follows messiah reads The book and does what it says to Nomination Holy crap He just just came walking out out of Nowhere What other questions we got How do you store so much information in Your head from doing stuff Um i am book smart Not like formally trained but i read a Lot of books and the father gave me a Sponge for brain which is super cool But it doesn’t really stick until i do It so I do a lot of stuff therefore i know a

Lot of things Elaborate on your thoughts on the second Exodus i I’ve been elaborating on my thoughts on The second exodus while reading the Entire revelation series i’d recommend Going back and Watching that because it’s too much to Unpack here other than it’s going to Happen we’re going to go through it But read revelation And there you go and if you want to read Revelation with me we’ve got a whole Revelation playlist here On youtube Yes they survived congratulations Stay survived what happened with stay Survived His first grandson was nice Congratulations stay survived listening To the bear live that’s all what a way To come into the world that poor kid Why did we get the memory wipe prior to This human existence Because y’all said so How do you strike a balance between Building survival skills and prepping It depends on where you’re prepping and What you’re prepping for Because survival skills could be the Ability to timber frame with a hatchet And a handsaw Uh and a sawdust pump a bryson bit Define survival

Do you mean survival like what all the Youtubers say it is or do you mean the Fact that you’re not starving to death Because now survival is putting food in Buckets which is prepping So like Again like somebody asked what the Nomination are you who gives a [ __ ] How do you define survival and prepping Who gives a [ __ ] like Do the stuff that works and if your Context you think you’re going to run Out into the woods and you’re going to Survive in the woods for an extended Period of time while society collapses Around you you’re going to need a little Bit more of those bushcrafty skills and You’re probably not going to make it They pay people a half a million dollars To make it on a show called alone and i Happen to know some of the guys who have Been on that show and it’s not easy And that’s like everybody’s plan not Everybody’s playing but a lot of people That’s their plan they’re gonna run to The wilderness when the world ends to go Be alone and it’s like it doesn’t work Out Half those people are going within the First 72 hours 2 million people are Going to hunt the 30 000 deer in the County yeah Exactly So like define survival survival to me

Means not dying so survival for me is Homesteading with a group of people that I love Also birds aren’t real as somebody said Any possibilities of gruntstone heading To eastern kentucky yes it is possible We actually have a guy who was on our Most recent deployment in kentucky who’s There now who’s put together an op board We’re working on some stuff If we are going to be involved there it Won’t be as an official grindstone Deployment but we will help facilitate For him to make stuff happen in kentucky Because we’ve got our hands full on a Couple of other projects right now as Well and there’s Exodus 21 makes it clear If you take another wife you can’t Diminish the one you already got well i Got I don’t have multiple actual wives i Have one wife and i love her very much Because i’m not i just don’t do that Comma I’m committed on a lot of different Projects and i can’t diminish the Projects i already have to go do another One My dad had a sign that used to hang in His office that said if you can’t find The time to do it right when are you Going to find the time to do it over And there’s no point in us like

Deploying to eastern kentucky to go Half-ass some stuff while leaving stuff Back here half-assed because We split our forces But if i can help coordinate for people Who are already there or want to go There to go do good works i will do that We’re in the process of figuring that Out now Tell them if they want to keep in the Loop Go to that grindstone link And sign up for the email list yeah There you go Or go to Your cme preps same preps as everything Else Homestead Solar Handsaws Splitting wedges Bourbon cigars Bobbles Let me know i’m in kentucky angela we Will let you know we will put a live Stream together just for you Like hey angela we’re going here’s where Here’s where we’re going to be Um Angela i would also suggest go to Grindstone ministries and sign up for The newsletter because that’s where We’re actually going to let people know I do i appreciate you sister i’m just

Being a facetious [ __ ] i apologize A little punchy tonight Not a lot punchy but a little punchy Tonight You got nothing going on though so you Have no reason yeah nothing going on on This side of the phone nope I love the idea of gasification but i’ve Never done it america’s silver patriot i Love the idea Never done it i think it’d be super cool Though to get a gas of fire on a one-ton Truck when you live on a piece of land Surrounded by trees like all right where Are we going wherever we want just fill The bed with firewood and let’s roll you Know i love the idea of it i just Been a little busy with other stuff Like this is no [ __ ] You’re wondering like all right i’m all Prepped up what should i do Tires air compressors tire repair kits Spare tires oil filters radiators fuel Fuel filters Yep radiators Coolant Yeah like Pmcs like maintain your stuff And i’m being dead serious And our shit’s not not maintained i know It’s just when you work it yeah We preach we were pre-checking trucks Every morning Like oh you you know the biggest prep

What’s that people People yeah yep i would agree with that I like meeting new people And then If they could do great things let’s work Together and be friends Chef pazney says i can build you a Gasifier i was a mechanic in the army Chef if you build it i will install it And shoot a video about it and give all The credit to you You can email us and get our shipping Address I’m dead serious That might be hard to ship What’s up triple j homestead Thoughts on the feeling of time speeding Up any divine meeting We were just talking about preps and Silent uh do good just just hit me hard Oh like fuel in a truck Ouch i told you to put put your fuel in The truck i i was i looked at it i was Like oh i’m good uh in the morning i’ll Go fuel up Start going up that hill get get good Oh no and then Luckily i had one of my other preps with Me my inreach satellite communicator Because the area that i was in there was No cell phone service for miles So reached up to the sky Message got to them they came running And it still took some time and some uh

One brother had to rip off his belt use That to get the fuel filter off so we Could prime it then we got chugging up The hill All of that even that it’s just a handy Yaw oh yeah because there’s no cell Service None on at caleb house there’s no cell Service there and so i’m i’m sitting in The track hoe listening to a downloaded Podcast and my phone buzzes i’m like That’s peculiar and i’ll look and it’s Some number i’ve never seen before and It’s basically deadly like i’m out of Fuel need help I’m like okay i’m never gonna give him [ __ ] for that little garment again That’s pretty cool i wasn’t out of fuel Just going up a mountain all the fuel in The dump truck went to the back of the Tank I will give you that yeah because i saw It I will give you that yep but at the same Time i also know that i gave you money The more that morning I was sitting right up there You can’t put the money in the tank That’s not how that works you have to Put [Laughter] Just so we’re all clear it’s really hard To get a mack truck primed when it’s Loaded on the side of a mountain

Yep Holy [ __ ] But yeah the the best prep is people That was a good word oh yeah we had a Bunch of people that like flew down There yeah Was it the same mountain we’ve had Issues with before it is that mountain Is a truck killer and the other side of It blew the radiator in the chevy Oh you’re not even aware of that Oh yeah i told you about that yeah i Didn’t know what happened to it that’s What happened to it Yeah back to people though Diesel mechanic in the middle of nowhere Yes yeah that i found uh For another truck Yep it was in the middle uh in the Middle of nowhere no service at least i Was able to get a cell phone signal Holding my phone up in the sky And then everybody was like oh yeah We’ll get you in In about four or five weeks like that’s Not gonna work then finally Got this guy he said yeah come on down What type of truck is it let me see if i Get one i’ll have the radiator tomorrow No i got i’ll have the radiator in 45 Minutes can you get here yes i can then I’m driving there i was like Oh I don’t think i’m coming back because

Talking about being in the middle of Nowhere Dirt roads Mountains And like this a diesel mechanic can’t be At the top of a mountain on a dirt road That if you’re driving it goes like this How are you getting vehicles towed up There he gets vehicles towed up there And he does amazing work Quick turnaround oh yeah y’all hear Mine’s down too yeah yeah We need to get yours over to our guy Well steam engines make a comeback i i Would love it if they did i think that’s Awesome yeah like a 40 kilowatt or like A A big steam engine hooked to a 40 Kilowatt uh generator Bro And then you build the steam for the Steam engine From your uh Oh gosh incinerator where you burn all Your trash That also has a turbine connected to it So you’re producing your energy you run That into a battery backup and then you You know trickle off the batteries yeah There’s always trash that see like That’s Everybody wants prepping to be sexy like Look at this new fixed blade bushcraft Knife that i got like i like knives

They’re cool i got more of them than i Need Oh i got a new whatever noveski rifle Daniel defense you know you know poff Whatever okay cool that’s cool Um where you gonna [ __ ] Have you thought about that because i Guarantee you you’re gonna [ __ ] you may Never shoot that rifle You might hurt yourself with that damn Knife if you don’t know how to use it You got a first aid kit you know how to Use that like What what water are you gonna drink See that’s not sexy even food storage is Starting to become sexy there’s like a Lot of like prepper pantry like videos And stuff like the best long-term sht Food storage you know especially with Like all the You know whatever food companies that Are out there You know patriot supply and all that Which they sent me some stuff i ate it It was pretty good Cool whatever Um so that’s starting to catch on but It’s like Logistics wins wars I was just like one of the podcasts i Was listening to earlier today dan Carlin’s hardcore history talking about The celtic holocaust and he was Comparing the gauls

To The roman empire The army under caesar And Caesar’s army was about thirty thousand Men the gauls were about a hundred Thousand men And the romans Utterly destroyed them In battle time and time again because The romans Every time they’d camp somewhere Overnight the next morning there’d be a Picket fence up around it and then the Next morning after that there’d be guard Towers on the picket fence then the next Morning there’d be a moat dug around the Picket fence then the next thing you Know there’s ramparts then a few Mornings later there’s trebuchets being Built like constantly improve your Fighting position That’s what they were doing whereas the Gauls Were just like sleeping in the field Under the stars And then they you know they wake up a Week later and they’re like we gotta go Fight those guys they have artillery now You know where did they get artillery From this like they built it while you Were sleeping out in the field right And but the what the romans had was the Logistics to feed 30 000 men in the

Field the wagon trains and their Soldiers were a half soldier Half engineer slash construction guy And so they roman roads built by Soldiers aqueducts built by soldiers They were constantly building Infrastructure and they had the supply Chain and logistics to support the army In the field whereas the people they Were fighting didn’t at one point in in One of these battles Julius caesar has like a hundred Thousand guys the bad guy he’s fighting This germanic king is three hundred Thousand guys and caesar’s battle plan Because winter is approaching is just to Make camp And he makes camp And his guys live all throughout he Doesn’t lose a man during winter and They lost the bad guys lost 200 000 men Oh now it’s one to one odds springtime Rolls around and they’re all sick and They haven’t eaten oh it’s a beautiful Spring day you guys well fed well rested Hey let’s go kill those [ __ ] and They do they slaughter them So like it’s not sexy but logistics Matter where’s the latrine Right is there diesel in the truck do You have tire plugs basics do you have a 12-volt compressor and a tire gauge in Your vehicle like do you understand Combo on many different levels yeah do

You know where you are right now If i didn’t have I if i didn’t have my in reach that Would have been a few miles walk up a Mountain and then down to where i needed To get to To then turn around and come back Uh who was protecting everything in the Truck uh it was out there in the middle Of nothing nobody there to watch it Oh my wife’s here Shalom wife she said that you’re uh you Have a great green screen tonight i do The green screen guys are killing it Speaking of that you were talking about Hardcore history how Long is this hardcore history the one I’m listening to currently yes i think It’s five hours and 46 minutes it’s just Short that’s a short one it’s a short One dan carlin yeah usually they’re four To six hours long multiple episodes in One Yeah and he doesn’t take a breath No he kills it man He’s awesome go look him up time it Takes to write that up that guy deserves Everything he gets like all the fame all The fortune all of it he’s diligent he’s Excellent does it do Dan carlin’s Hardcore history Correct Uh we’re gonna do a few more questions

Just a few more what other questions we Got hi bob i know she gave me a fist Bump yay Gangster i’m fist bumping back um Air fist air fest [Laughter] Radius Just received a couple of booboo 2.0’s And added a quick cloth and a swat tea To each of them training kit too love You brother love you back man thank you Appreciate that your promo code is Bear nation Free shipping on everything in the store And Hey most of our stuff’s in stock right Now yes bear factor in stock arcs are in Stock small the back kits bare mins Public access kits adventure kits what About bcks Leading control kits are in Um double triple check bcks because Those fly yep i know we got a bunch of Soft tees standalone tourniquets in the Components page and then the big kits Like the mac and the stomp and the crash And the smash adventure kits we still Have some adventure kits i think So like it’s pretty rare when basically Everything’s in stock at one time and Like that’s because i have a badass team Like they have been working literal over Time to make that happen and in today’s

Logistical supply chain [ __ ] world The fact that almost everything in our Store is in stock right now is insane So if you’ve been like on the fence hey I might want to get a it’s probably a Good time to get a cause Who knows what next week holds Pck’s are in stock bck’s bleeding Control kits are in stock and those are What 56.99 56.99 tourniquet pressure bandage wound Packing gauze two pairs of gloves a set Of shears Uh and uh yeah i said pressure bandage Yeah and we have stomp kids back in Stock stomps are back Sealed seal team operational medical Pack a hospital on your back So I was late any updates on caleb house What’s up tommy salter yes the update is We’ve been working on it since tuesday Morning we’ve taken down several trees We met with the engineer from the power Company to determine where we’re going To bring the power lines in we’ve placed A couple of culverts we dropped literal Tons and tons and tons of rock On the ground i did some more digging on One of the ponds We’ve pulled literal hundreds of tons of Not rocks but boulders Um imagine the car that you drive made Out of rock and double it in size

It might be thousands that’s true Probably pretty close i’ve moved Probably Probably 3 000 cubic yards of dirt at a Big link belt track oh Uh to prep the area where the leech Field is going to go And uh we met the neighbors talked to The neighbors about expanding the road To get in there so we could bring trucks Full of supplies in Um Did some grading What else did we do Cleared the path for the power line yep I dropped a lot of rocks oh found uh Found the who need to talk about the Water Meter excuse me And we located Uh internet near-ish to there so it’s Been very fruitful in the last few days With I needed tires on my truck unexpectedly Had a flat Uh and we blew a radiator and your truck Needed oil and another truck the water Pump is questionable and then dudley’s Dump truck ran out of fuel Um and then the track hole they brought The first Two 322 hours on this link belt brand New beautiful machine Running like piled dog [ __ ] because it’s

Got two fuel filters on it and the Service guy only replaced one of them And then hung a ready for rent tag on it And they sent it to us and oh by the way Global supply chain can’t get the other Filter so Just run it the way it is Um I’m on my plan Yeah you’re on truck d Yeah Yeah this let’s talk about pace planning Primary alternate contingency emergency What should you prep [ __ ] trucks yeah All of the trucks for different types Different towing capacities All that That’s exactly right ed b we were Talking about that yesterday almost like Someone doesn’t want you all to do what Y’all are doing Yeah which is why we rebuked the enemy And yeshua’s name constantly And we laugh at our trucks yeah like It was one day on site everything was Just like compiling going wrong yeah i Remember i walked up to you i was just Like hey dude are we like doing work for Ya or something like what’s going on Over here complete [ __ ] and we rebuked It and then the next day it was just Monster progress yeah wednesday was just Murdering the to-do list Yesterday i

And that was even with your truck Running low on fuel i was like i guess I’ll get another couple hours on the Track though cool whatever it is bro bob Once bob got there he started playing i Mean praying Uh uh saying hassetan I i rebuked you and i said bob easy This is just another test from the Father Introducing us to people that we need to Know So that we can have better planning in The future hey man i knew that we were There for a purpose i just wanted to Make sure that air brakes stayed engaged Oh yeah Once once the air brakes lock yeah You’re not yeah that’s that’s how that’s How air brakes work yeah when they have No pressure they’re locked yup copy not The other way around yeah i’m not a Truck driver Yeah so all i know is i kept hearing Nuts And i was like that don’t sound good That was the cab just dropping down oh Yeah that’s the air bags on the cab Oh no oh yes best adult dating site Again oh nice oh and this one’s in new Jersey beautiful new jersey i don’t know Love chat won xyz we did have that guy Looking for a wife at 60 though i think He was in iowa

Let’s go let’s roll him up speaking About human trafficking What no uh-oh hey grindstone go Subscribe to the newsletter yes Thank you i am jp Where you buy seeds Me buy seeds from store seed store Me put seeds in soil Seed grow fruit Fruit grow bear bear grow seed circle Life [Laughter] Bear why do you frown upon the nine Millimeter 1911 because if you’re going To have a 38 ounce steel gun it better Shoot a 45 Because otherwise carry a glock it Weighs literally half as much and Literally holds more than twice as much Ammunition That’s why Because i’m super practical Like i don’t I’m trying to think about like what do i Have that’s cool just for the sake of Being cool Uh I mean like any inanimate object in my Life like my drums are cool that might Be the one thing no but that serves a Purpose for you That’s uh that’s how i define Cool [ __ ] is if it’s practical Real though

I mean you got a panda just to have a Panda i do yeah that’s true i did i got That patch of bamboo in the front yard I’m like Somebody get on the dark web and find me A panda bear Oh I’m a deerfield tech john deere field Tech by two of all spare parts we’ve Been getting multiple bad new parts Lately Wow appreciate the intel Drums like bongo drums or a drum set oh That’s a funny question He pleased the bungalows You take you take two of any other Person’s drum sets and smash them Together it might approach my drum set That’s not being facetious Is a fact hey if we get another thousand Subscribers to patreon uh he’ll play the Drums for you oh he will huh I don’t know if he will do that Oh i know he won’t What was it like shooting your first Ever youtube video terrible i was Terrible Really bad And i was nervous and i was over Compensating in fact my wife she i shot A few of them she’s like hey um I gotta talk to you i’m like alright What’s up she goes yeah i’ve watched Some of your videos i’m like yeah how

Was it she goes You’re terrible i was like son of a [ __ ] she’s like look what i introduce Her but But her uh Her advice was great she said look You’re trying too hard Stop trying so hard and just be you And people if they love you they love You and you if they don’t eff them and I’m like you’re exactly right because That’s generally how i feel about things In life anyway she’s like just freaking Be you i’m like i will that’s good Counsel thank you wise help me And Here i am so you can thank her for this Because there’s no filters here but my First videos were terrible they were Really bad um I don’t have a background in public Speaking when i when i was public Speaking was yelling that guy’s on a job Site hey i’m gonna need you to do this And i need you to do that and you take Not trucking right Like i don’t think that account like it Is speaking in public but it’s different Than like trying to hold an audience’s Attention you know Barking orders and having a conversation With an iphone Two different things So

Once i’m gone i’ve got a bling gun in my Will for you yeah bless you brother How long do seeds keep for and how do You store them We keep ours vacuum sealed in the last At least a couple years that way i know My buddy squid in texas keeps his in the Freezer and he said he’s had decent Germination after five years of being in The freezer Yep You were just as essential as an eye Factor thank you thomas prescott Brother gas if i had time for a hundred Pound hell we’d be doing it right now I love the idea of it i just I got too many other things to do homie And that’s the challenge like i talked To my wife about this often like what do You do When everything you do is important like Where do you cut time from Yeah well but even sleep is important Right like you can’t go very long Without What it’s like so what are we gonna do Like all right we’re not Okay i’m getting a little overwhelmed Shut down the rescue and rehabilitation Of juvenile human trafficking survivors Nope not doing that Getting a little overwhelmed all right Don’t hang out with my wife and kids no Not doing that getting a little

Overwhelmed well there’s a camp meeting Tonight i’m gonna skip it nope can’t do That Uh what about the businesses should we Not do the business anymore nope we’re Not gonna do that Okay like It’s just I talked a lot about this in the recent Patreon video But When you find yourself in that position At least for me when i find myself in That position My best counsel to myself is stop Everything that’s non-essential and Non-essential in the micro like what do I need to do right now Do that and create a little bit of space Because you need space to maneuver Right And so create a little bit of space And then usually what i do with that Space Is i buy myself lunch And i pay the waitress i tell her There’s a 20 with your name on it if you Will leave me alone for the next hour i Don’t need more water my steak tastes Fine i don’t need more napkins and i’m Not trying to be a jerk i just need to Leave me alone i will give you 20 to Leave me alone I don’t need anything she’s like okay

Great take a sheet of paper i Immediately started inventory everything That’s annoying me everything that’s Overwhelming me everything i’m pissed About anything i’m feeling any kind of Feels about i start writing it down one Line For each thing And that’s It all out on the paper now i can see it Anything that’s just [ __ ] Like it’s really not a thing just take a Pen and just cross it out Then i flip to a new page and i write a Paragraph three to five sentences each For each of the remaining line items That i have and that paragraph is what Am i gonna do about it Not how am i gonna [ __ ] about it what Am i gonna do about it and there’s a Matrix here we were talking about this The other day It’s the urgent important matrix Right if it’s urgent and important you Do it now If it’s urgent but not important you Delegate that to somebody else to do If it’s Urgent I’m sorry if it’s important but not Urgent you schedule it you find another Time to do it you don’t need to do it Right now and if it’s not important and Not urgent get it out of your damn

Purview why is it there in the first Place Not urgent not important that’s the Definition of [ __ ] just get rid of That So i go through that process three to Five sentences of what i’m going to do For each of the things that bother me And then i prioritize what do i got to Do like today like when i leave here When i leave this lunch date that i just Have with myself what do i need to Handle right now That and i’ll literally put a one next To that paragraph then two next to the Next one three next to the next one now I have prioritized so that i can execute And i’ll start banging those things out And i’ll make notes dele give this to Bob give this to katie lin Talk to dudley about this Cross this thing off it’s not important Set this in my calendar now i have a Battle plan Now all because overwhelm comes from not From having too much to do it comes from The perception of i can’t do all of this Stuff and then the pressure that comes With that if i don’t do all this we Won’t be able to make payroll and There’s going to be people that we don’t Get to rescue and uh my my people are Going to be mad at me and i’ve got i’ve Got all these pressures on me my wife’s

Going to be mad that i didn’t spend time With her Like we suffer more in our own minds Than in reality right that whole Cacophony of inner voices starts Screaming at you the next thing you know You think you’re a piece of [ __ ] and You’re beating yourself up over it and Like now you definitely can’t maneuver And so create space Prioritize and execute do a self checkup And then go to work and then just start Maneuvering again So That’s my Some cool story Thanks Speech not too long ago it works i do it I do it every 90 days Like For real even if i’m like i’m doing Pretty good i’m in a good spot it’s like Good job let’s make sure we stay in a Good spot it’s check up time Go to lunch yep go make a list And and what’s cool is I use the same notebook for every list And so i’ll go back and flip through and Look at what was bothering me three Months ago six months ago nine months Ago i was like that was nothing And that’s great for perspective because You look at how like what did i Prioritize is my number one issue on

This day and then you look at it’s like Nothing that’s a joke dude right But in the moment it’s ah You know what am i gonna do and it’s Like drastic pain or relatives yeah That’s exactly right and so it’s like Not it’s not a thing but in the moment It seems like a thing no i was just Going to chime in saying that i make Lists Daily make sure i check them off weekly At the end of the week before the Shabbat see how efficient i did on all Of my list And then re-prioritize everything that i Didn’t accomplish for that week for the Following week That is true And then you text me on sunday yep It’s a tj hey but i gotta make sure it’s The perfect time it can’t be out i can’t Send it to him while he’s rocking and it Can’t be before a live stream or a Business meeting it has to be right in That perfect window boom here’s Everything not Five different messages not 17 different Messages just one long message and then Maybe by the afternoon i’ll get a Response with him responding to every Point the exact same way That’s right because i gotta have time To work out for you What i’m gonna task you out on how

That’s coming and yeah we do that every Week yep something that you told me that Really helped was You know coming into subordinate Leadership was you don’t prioritize your Schedule you schedule your priorities Right If you’re prioritizing your schedule Everything’s already on the schedule It’s a [ __ ] show And now you’re trying to sort sort Through it as it’s already on the Schedule if you’re only scheduling your Priorities Then the things that are on your Schedule are important And so then at that point you can do Exactly what he just talked about you Can take it and you can you know Delegate it or you can work through it Yourself in in terms of importance and It’ll give you a much better ability at Conquering all those tasks but something I was super guilty of was i constantly Was prioritizing my schedule and i was Like reacting to contact in my life I’m like oh [ __ ] the baby has had a Dirty diaper for 35 minutes like that’s Important i should do that now and it’s Like oh crap i just burned the chicken Because like i’m trying to prioritize my Schedule as i’m going you know and That’s just one example whereas you know If i would have just scheduled my

Priorities i would already had a plan For dinner the baby would have already Been taken care of you know and it’s Just kind of a You’re adjusting your mindset and how You’re handling things well one thing For accountability that i do which i Know you’ve noticed your knife is behind You um If i have something important i use my Digital calendar to keep myself Accountable plus i will tag other people In it that need to either be a part of It or need to check up on me to make Sure that i’m taking care of those tasks Like you get those emails yep all the Time where i have something that might Involve you I will Add you to add you to it so you could Check and hey did you get that done yes It did i everything’s all said the same Thing with my wife same thing with Everyone else well and my wife she runs My calendar for the most part so that’s Like a second accountability factor Because i’ll i’ll get like super into a Task right and then she’ll be like hey Remember you have to be with dudley in 12 minutes Like oh [ __ ] i do good thing it’s only Six minutes away Drive 110 miles per hour there hey you Can do it roads are good enough there

So charity said uh she said you all need Microphones And charity i don’t disagree with you The issue Is and i’m not How shall i say this If i had to set up Microphones right now in order for us to Be able to do this I wouldn’t do it I just i just wouldn’t i’d be hanging With my homies right now we’d just be Talking we’d be having the same Conversation we’re having right now Just without the camera And then i’m going to call my wife and Go to bed plus we blew the budget on the Green plus we blew up yeah we spent a Trillion doll hairs on the green screen And Yeah a little over a trillion dollars um The irs is going to be pissed when they See that tax return this expense yeah Yeah it’s a business expense yeah You know They’re like jurassic park four or bear Independent and bear independent give Him Yeah but uh Honestly like I wouldn’t do it I don’t i don’t have the The threshold of my interest level We’re at it

That is so true we’re at it yeah you Know Because media is what you do within our Organization yeah it gets so bad Sometimes like hi i’m j.a dudley i film His stuff but there are some times where It’s too difficult when i’m sitting here To film stuff not for the live stream or Anything he’ll say I’m just gonna grab a tripod and go Record i don’t need you holding the Phone but i have the phone here it’s on Ready i’ll just use a tripod that’s Easier and like Okay That’s what i’m hired for now it’s good Fax nope Yeah So like i know my production quality is Not great I’m aware of it I don’t want to be The next 800 000 subscriber prepper channel I don’t care about that I want Our teammates at refuge medical to have Their paychecks covered I want grindstone to be funded to do the Hood rat [ __ ] that we do and to restore People’s lives I want my bills to be paid and this Doesn’t pay my bills This cost me money and that’s a fact

Other than that I don’t care like i honestly don’t care Their truth be told There are days and sometimes months Where i don’t want to do this I don’t want i just want to hang at the F up and just walk away from it Because it’s oftentimes stressful to be On this side of the camera i don’t ever Want to feel like i have to be the Dancing bear I have to go put on my bare face and go Talk to the people that’s completely Disingenuous and i’m not wired that way I’m the world’s worst liar like i can’t Do it my my ability to be fake is like Non-existent And so You know to thine own self be true first Know thine self i know me And me is not gonna dick around with Microphones So for every microphone he doesn’t buy He donates to grindstone Yeah Kids microphones You weigh it let me know Get back to me send me an email bob at Refuge [Laughter] I won’t read it All right well that’s going to do it for This live stream we’ve been on for a Couple hours um

And we’re going to hang out a little bit Out here and i’ve got to do the brief in The morning and then we got to go back To work tomorrow Go do more caleb Banging gears Digging dirt Cutting trees Thank you all for hanging out with us Thank you for supporting the show thank You to everybody who prays over Grindstone ministries Thank you for everybody who’s been Donating not just for the construction Of caleb house which is clearly ongoing That we’re in the process of building But everybody who’s been donating to Help us take care of All the people that the father seemed Fit to put in our hands without us even Having a freaking facility yet which I’ve added gray hairs to my repertoire In the last few weeks But uh I just [Laughter] I’ll tell you this the the reason i do Keep coming back and this is I’m also i’m a bad liar and i’m Incapable of cheesy [ __ ] It’s because I really do appreciate y’all Like yes it’s all the hand of ya right But it’s the hand of yah working through

Y’all that enables us to be able to do What we do And i really do appreciate that like You guys might be a pain in the ass Sometimes but you’re worth it and you’re My pain in the ass And uh That’s why i’m here like this is a Partnership Between us on this side of the phone and Y’all on that side of the phone we Couldn’t do what we do on this side Without y’all doing what you do on that Side and i honestly am thankful for that Because we’d be screwed without you So with that you all have a blessed Evening i’ll see you tomorrow morning For the brief shalom [Laughter]