What Survival/Apocalyptic Movies Get Wrong – EP 163

By | August 18, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never pleasant Welcome to the casual preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertainment this will be your source Of survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts cam and kobe here we are Here we are I think we heard you cough i know that It’s all my fault i apologize What’s going on cameron nothing nothing Nothing’s going on nothing just looking At necks just looking at notes licking The ears figure out how to read oh yeah That’s a that’s hard dude this is hard It’s not good i got i’m pretty excited About today i am too this one’s kind of Fun yeah but we figured we’re in the Movies people watch movies i love them And so watch them all the time why not Be a critic about the movies we figured Let’s talk about what survival or Apocalyptic movies get wrong what do They get wrong a whole bunch what do They get right i don’t know hot chicks Hot guys hot chicks are guys yeah and Usually nice vehicles And yeah guns Always guns there’s always a good gun There’s always a good gun Yeah so we’re going to talk about what

Are the things they get wrong survival Apocalyptic it’s going to be a good time Yeah i think so too i’m sorry before we Get to that i got to tell you about Battle boxing that’s a good time if they Put this in more movies Oh yeah Yeah Every every scenario would be solved oh Yeah keanu reeves opens up a battle box And it just goes down Yeah [Music] Matrix five or whatever yeah Battle box it is the monthly Subscription box for men women children Everybody full of solid gear for Adventure seekers survivalists outdoor Enthusiasts and casual preppers each Month battlebox sends you the coolest Selection of hand-picked outdoor Survival in everyday carry gear all Valued at far more than what you Normally pay you never know what’s in The next box but here is a sampling of What users received this month the pure Bag with png water filter packets Get water is a huge deal a little water And this will help this will help you Get some good clean water awesome audio Yeah summit knifeco mount olympus folder Oh my gosh that thing is this is a sexy Blade it’s fun all this badassness Starts at just 34.99 per month they’ve

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I don’t know if it’s as good Probably probably sounds great Just go on down to asda that sounds kind Of australian Goodbye mate let’s go to ours Allstar that’s probably all stuff Yes You need some more teeth when you smoke A lot of tea Perhaps they’ll go down to asda today They’re still proper yeah very proper Yeah Cam yeah you want me to go first on this You go ahead so i i read this thing and It was scary i didn’t like it so i’m Gonna read to all you so you guys gonna Be scared Scientists reveal the best places to Survive a nuclear apocalypse amid fears Five billion would die That’s a lot as i It more than five billion people would Die following a nuclear war between the U.s and russia in a battle for food a Study claims scientists believe the Fallout from a mega new Apocalypse would have a disastrous Impact on food production wiping out Whole populations from sure starvation Boffins at rutgers university i love Boston delicious From [Laughter] Keebler boffins oh yeah the fudge ones

They’re the best man i eat those all day Fudge buffing In a glass of milk Spot of tea with it are you out of your Bathrooms today are you out of your damn Boffins Sounds like a british That guy’s out of his temple he lost his Puffins he’s off his boffins get him out Of here He’s blocking the door to asda i just Wanted to get some tea Hello billboard boffins bibble buffins Oh anyways he’s not buffing the whole Neighborhood Youtubing out baffin you’ve been buffing In the backseat Face and buffing ass sucking face that’s The best Freaking sucking face It sounds super hot yeah And nothing better than sucking face So boffins at rutgers university i don’t Even know what that sentence means But have completed Have completed details details analysis Of the impact of a nuclear winter and The results Are chilling Cameron They are chilling they believe the Catastrophic repercussion of a nuke Battle would see more than 5 billion People starved to death globally in the

Years after On top of the vast numbers killed in the War god it’s crazy so countries Including the uk us germany france and China would see sheer devastation with Almost everyone dead by the second year According to the study on the flip side Countries such as argentina and Australia would thrive in comparison With zero deaths despite the assumption All livestock would be dead where and There would be no trade with other Nations argentina and australia okay Itchy so because they start with a’s Yeah first on the alphabet big plus For survival yeah anyways That’s just a thing i thought was kind Of interesting The argentinians the australians good to Go everybody else effin dead wow f Insane dead Ball Puffins puffins bufferings ace big Boyfriends buffinges Buffinges My father Ate the ball friends [Laughter] Loved offenses My father used to make the boyfriends Easy Anyway Um on another note yeah Uh in newsweek

Putin ally promotes Nuclear strike on nato to counter Military superiority what yeah i think It’s vladimir solo is your voice Okay a russian state television host and Ally of russian vladimir putin And putin Promoted a social media message saying That russia could use a preventative Nuclear strike to protect itself from Superior forces and weapons of nato Countries preventative so they’re Basically like We don’t want you guys to come in and Crush us because you’re what 30 strong 40 strong Um so Figure we’ll just push you back with Some nukes that’s a good idea it’s a Super good idea wow so yeah they’re Basically like you know We knew that we have done something Shady here And so Screw you we’ll just push you back with Nukes dude i just finished reading this Book it’s called the wave it’s about This crazy like wave that happens Because this these uh dams broke oh yeah Everyone sent me a picture of the cover But the way that the way that they Stopped sound was the best ever they Used a nuke to stop the waves i’m like This is the best book everybody

I think if we’re nuking they’re going to Stop so they basically had to bring this They had to blow a big hole in the earth So that the wave could fall into it And stop It was great now we have no food nuclear Winter fall out but hey we’re not under Water we what yeah we got that so Anyways it’s obviously concerning that Russia just yeah always has their Fallback’s always a nuke oh yeah for Sure if they want to attack us we’ll Nuke them if nato wants to get involved We’ll nuke them i mean yeah there’s a Wave we’ll nuke it when it comes down to Who’s used nukes i know only us yeah So that’s true We’re like [ __ ] You idiots don’t When i was younger yeah i made a mistake Killed a lot of people do as i say not As i did exactly exactly so anyway Nukes are good they’re in the news right Now they are Talking about that’s why i don’t watch The news i know seriously hate the news Creepy creepy stuff so cam What do survival in apoc apocalyptic Movies get wrong that’s what we want to Talk about today we kind of just broke Down a few things that we’ve seen um a Few things we’ve seen around the Internet that people have said oh hey Wait this is not right yeah like this

They don’t show sometimes you don’t Expect yeah you don’t even like think About it until yeah after the movie or Like this when i went back i’m like oh Yeah like Obviously there’s more skill there than I think would be In an interview and i think not thinking About it is the best way to watch Anything that’s exactly right you kind Of have to suspend your disbelief Especially in like survival movie stuff Just yeah stop worrying about it so much Just enjoy i don’t know can you do that Yes i can i don’t know about it i keep Toby doing that he’s very bad writing i Can’t If it’s horrible writing i don’t want to Watch it yeah but i can i can get over Muscle through cheesy like yes effects And things like that i can muscle Through those but if it’s bad writing i Ain’t watching it if it’s boring i ain’t Watching this i need to be entertained Yeah right true yeah so entertainment And good writing yeah so let’s talk About some of those things that you Think that they get wrong in those Movies and this is survival movies this Is apocalyptic movies this is like end Of the world zombie movies movies and And then mostly Disney princesses Yeah i think like the first one i always

And we’ve talked about this many times On other uh episodes it’s just the fact Of like as soon as there’s a crisis or An emergency or anything goes to help People immediately go crazy yeah like Day one minute one yeah it’s like within A week there’s bandits and rapists and Murderers yeah that are the only ones Survived besides that group yeah that’s What’s something i always wonder about Too is like how are they surviving so Well because they’ve got time to find People to rape and murder that’s the Thing like they’re they’re practicing Way higher risk things yeah and they’re They’re the ones shooting at other People like they i just don’t see the Groups going that far to that extreme Especially not right away right right Right maybe in a long-term scenario After things have calmed down but like But it’s like right away they’re like The they’re the superiority yeah it’s Like they rule the world How does it happen i know it’s crazy so I just don’t i don’t as much or as Little confidence as i have in our Society i just don’t see that happening That quick yeah and so Um and again like i said like with all The risky things that they’re doing and The guns and and i’m you know they’re They’re typically the idiots I don’t see them lasting that long that

Strong that fast and stuff yeah Um if they’ve turned to a you know most Of those people like you said long term Some skilled professionals that are like Screw it i don’t care about the world Anymore that’s different yeah for sure But it’s always super quick the people That turn that quick are usually were Probably already criminals anyways Exactly you would think and those people Are not very smart no no if you’re Criminal you’re not a very smart person No right from the get-go they’ve got Some brutal skill and fighting and That’s about it maybe maybe that’s true That’s true i doubt it they probably Have never shot a gun they just like to Pummel people yeah yeah Or if they did we’re gonna talk about Drive-by later too yeah um and the other Thing is like i think there’ll be a bit More unity of normal people yeah which Is I think still the majority Well normal-ish yeah yeah normal-ish Like coming together protecting each Other um So i i just don’t see The the immediate craze that you see in The movies of just Dealing with these groups that are Attacking like well the walking dead got Old that way to me it was just like Constantly running into a new group that

Was just Worse and worse and i think that’s why i Got i lost interest in it because it was Like over and over i was just like come On like i loved the zombie threat like The first two or three seasons when They’re dealing with zombies and they’re Dealing with like some people losing Their minds but not like a whole group And then it started being like There’s like negan’s group yeah and Whatever came after that it just like Got more and more of the same i’m just Like come on there’s like there’s not Going to be that many groups i really Don’t think yeah out there like Torturing and killing and brutally Murdering people and eating them just i Don’t see that happening so anyways That’s to me One of the biggest things with those Survival movies is there’s a ton of bad People yeah yeah and i i just don’t i Don’t think that’ll be there’s Definitely going to be some but yeah It’s not going to be like the majority Like that’s all you’re worried about Right yep so um another aspect um That people don’t talk about in movies Enough is nutrition and famine They kind of go hand in hand right and Maybe it’s not necessarily famine but Kind of like long-term scenarios in Survival and apocalyptic not having the

Nutrition that you need because we all Kind of know that trope in movies you’re Running around some apocalyptic Landscape you’re looking for the last Twinkies you’re looking for your canned Food right and Th that obviously that’s fun to watch in Movies yeah it’s fun to do it’s fun like In video games It is the best right stuff in your Backpack full of things yes but we all Know eventually that stuff goes away Like it doesn’t last forever because There’s only so much of it right they’re Not making new stuff right Long-term shelf-life food is going to Run out the next variety is like zero Yeah like it ends up being just yeah Canned Broccoli yeah and even and even at that Point once that’s gone Usually what it shows in these movies is They start hunting Right they’re they’re eating um you know They They eat deer or elk or uh rabbits And so Ask cam how hard it is to kill an animal Big game man it’s freaking hard it’s not Easy right no and so in this long term Scenario you’re probably going to have To be hunting with a bow or something And i’m not completely inexperienced With like a firearm yes yes it’s still

Freaking way hard yeah you can’t just Pull the trigger and firearms too your Bullets run out yeah it’s not something That’s you know an endless supply of Bullets for you to go hunting with Um And then you know another thing to think About too when we’re talking about Nutrition and famine is in all these Movies everybody looks like They’re freaking buff like Like they’ve been none of them look like They came out of a you know Concentration camp yeah or none of them Look like what it would be for months They’ve only been eating a thousand Calories a day or something which would Probably be the case that’s true it Looks like they just got off the sizzler Before they’re all plump yeah like Ripped banged out some push-ups you’re Good to go you know what i mean yeah There’s no energy conservation like They’re not just doing they’re just Doing their thing before that’s just not How it’s going to be in a long term like Apocalyptic or a survival scenario right A lot of people are going to be Malnutritioned they’re going to be Emaciated because in skinny i mean i’m Already skinny but can you imagine if i Only eat a thousand calories a day for You know a month straight No one knows what that feels like no

Well you’re like extreme yeah and so Extreme weight loss or something and Then if you know anything about Nutrition when you when you start to Lack certain nutrients Things start to happen with your body That’s not good right like what if you Don’t get enough vitamin c that’s true Say hello to mr scurvy yeah you know What i mean Like That’s there’s all kinds of weird Efficiency Side effects like symptoms yeah you need All those micronutrients like anemia Skin like you start getting weird rashes I was reading up on this like without Like this oh there’s some crazy rashes It’s hard to yeah like In clinic i’m always like worried i’m Going to overlook like a deficiency Because it’s not the first thing that Comes to mind it’s like oh you got into Something or yeah you’ve been you know You have this disorder but maybe it’s Just a deficiency yeah maybe you’re only Eating mac and cheese and that’s going To be hugely right the issue yeah And then like good luck at fighting Infection if you’re just eating rabbits Every day or something like that it just Doesn’t make it easy um so you’re likely Going to have to figure out how to Forage or grow food to get that nutrient

Diversity to stay healthy in any of Those Scenarios and usually in all these Movies your protagonist kills deer Eats some jerky calls it a night running Around all damn day you know Lifting the freaking Vw bugs off of people and like fending Off a group of yeah hoarders and bandits Yeah like i’d really love to see a movie Where it’s like they’re they’re dying And they need to find some citrus fruit To diversify their diet or something you Know what i mean it’s just not very sexy Yeah but that’s a big aspect of survival In like especially a long-term thing That people they just don’t ever show in Movies which they don’t to me they don’t You know even if you look at movies like Castaway did a pretty good job because He’s all You know he does get super easy Yeah but again all he was eating was Fish and coconuts i know Like maybe he’s got enough there but I just can’t imagine him being Super healthy though right yeah but they Did show that a little bit ben’s all Transparent by the time you find him What’s going on he looks blue or Something you know And if you think about like the martian Basically ate potatoes yeah that too the Whole time that’s right but they do

Actually say that potatoes They’re almost a complete they almost Like they said if you had potatoes and Butter you can almost just stay alive Forever beans and rice are really close Beans rice is probably close too because You get protein and stuff but but again You look at those movies um but they Look fine they look fine they’re rescued And they’re all like yeah all good to go 100 energy just running around you know Doing their thing that’s so true i think The only ones that would look like a Long-term event on like mainlander the Like at-sea Survival ones yeah sure because they Turn into like Like what what is it in the heart of the Sea which is terribly depicted in the Movie but Like just their their skin and their Rash and they’re super like skinny Because they’re like a little chapter We’re gonna look just in normal yeah Every day This great this creeps me out more than Anything it’s like that long-term Malnutrition type thing just like the Famine and not being able to get quality Food and what we’re used to having and Not having it and think about that That’s a scary deal you know being like A dad and having to deal with watch your Kids

Seriously i don’t know what i would do That seems like the worst thing ever and You just like you said you just kind of Mope around you don’t want to use any Energy you don’t have the energy you Have so you’re all just kind of sitting Around yeah slowly dying yeah it’s not Good if you look at the road i haven’t Seen that in a really really long time But that’s a Dad and his son surviving in this bleak Kind of apocalyptic landscape ooh not Good but i can’t remember what the food Situation was there i’d have to go back And watch it it’s been a long time so Yeah but anyways yeah nutrition food That’s a scary one they don’t talk about It a lot i mean they always talk about i Don’t have food right but they’re always Just like Running around like they’re fine right Right It’s funny yeah funny um Another thing that Another thing in movies that i think That they kind of get wrong or they just They don’t show you the the difficulty And the long-term effect of Gasoline yeah Yeah everybody’s always like we’re gonna Go to a safe spot that’s like 200 miles Away and they never stop for gas yeah And they’re just driving crews along it Doesn’t show all the nightmare that

They’re going to go through of getting That gas or there’s like a car chase or Something yeah and they’re just like or Like all these vehicles are heading in The same direction i’m like yeah there’s Some that break down but i’m like where Are they all going and how Depending on the event are they getting Gas yeah and we know most don’t right Drive around Over half a tank so it’s like exactly Yeah and then and then you look it’ll Jump like 20 years and sometimes you Know some of the movies will show them On horseback or not no longer using but There’s a lot that still show like They’re still driving this whole pickup To go scavenge i’m like that gasoline Gonna last that long no like who’s Refining it’s probably not gonna run That well if it even runs at all and Then yeah there’s no new gas being Produced and gas doesn’t store that long So it’s just like gasoline is often Um Just left out of the whole story line It’s like we’re not going to talk about Have they ever done like a a bio diesel Type thing in a movie you know where Like they’re making their fuel i think So I don’t even think they do that in mad Max right are they refining it in mad Men i have to go back and look and see

How they’re doing that i can’t remember Either i haven’t seen it since we went Like they are in that movie that’s Movies all around fuel so that’s right Yeah but um Yeah filling up at the gas station That’s going to be a nightmare for one Getting containers to do so using Electric powered pumps and then dealing With other people like panicking and Wiping it has that been depicted much in Movies not really at all trying to think Yeah not even greenland i don’t know Yeah greenland was one that comes to Mind where they’re just like traveling Forever to go yeah and evacuate and like They never stop for gas They’re driving this big old truck did You see it then greenland yeah okay you Did see it okay yeah i’m trying to Remember i don’t remember them stopping For fuel or anything like that yeah and You don’t see it much you don’t you Don’t because they want to leave that Out but gosh that would be i mean it Might be a boring scene but at the same Time it’s a realistic scene that they Should put in there for sure because Everybody’s gonna be like oh and they Can’t pay they can’t they don’t have Money people it’s gonna be a hot spot That’s i’m sure there has been movies People are going to be messaging us hey You didn’t see this movie or this movie

That’s true we’re talking about the Think of one popular come to mind but a Lot of times they just don’t even show That yeah like even in um Oh what’s the one That came out at the same time of Armageddon The asteroids like coming deep impact Yeah they’re like traveling a lot riding The motorcycle yeah 2012 like getting in Planes and they’re yeah that’s another Thing planes too yeah it’s like Uh you gotta have high octane you know You’re not gonna stick 83 octane Unleaded unleaded alcohol mix yeah into Ethanol aircrafts But it’s just one thing that i think’s Left out is the ease of getting gasoline They never run out of gas and it never Shows them like at the pump and the Stations that are going to be a Nightmare yeah so I honestly think it would be a great Scene i do too like i think it’d be Awesome because that is going to be one Of the worst places to go grocery stores And gas stations are going to be Terrible like i think we should make a Film where it’s just that stuff just Gets like this day it happens yeah and To me like and you’re looking like on Yeah almost e you’re like To me that is what i love i love like

The day of the immediate happening like You starts out everything’s good like That’s why i really liked greenland i Think because it showed a lot of that Stuff it showed the day of the day Before you know Like immediately after an event yes yeah I like that too but i would love to see A film where it’s just that trying to Get fuel trying to get cash trying to Get food and just surviving through that Day you know what i mean but i think my Favorite part in world war z is when he Goes to that grocery store oh yeah and You remember and that guy’s firing shots And he fires back and then the cops like Running in and he’s like and he’s going To get back and the cops just getting Baby food yeah like that is such a cool Scene those are the kinds of scenes that I love in these in these types of movies That kind of stuff because that i mean And you just don’t see the gas station In the heart of that very often because Everybody’s topped off Everybody’s got a full tank which is not True yeah 100 not true so another one um And we’re going to kind of go back to Diseases here Um Diseases are going to be more abundant In in long-term scenarios as well as sex Oh whatever you call it that way sorry Going back um

Uh what’s the one with tom cruise in the Alien oh or the world where the world To take his kids to Their Wife they go forever and they never stop For gas yeah that doesn’t make any sense So the pumps wouldn’t work these from New york clear up to what new jersey or Something yeah i can’t Remember but you’re never true Yeah so let’s talk about diseases in Movies and um So obviously we love a pandemic movie oh My gosh oh yeah right it’s one of my Favorite tropes for movies like outbreak And contagion in pretty much every Zombie movie there is there’s there’s a Disease outbreak right and they Definitely don’t get that wrong it is Possible obviously except for zombies And probably at some point In the human lifestyle life cycle we’re Going to have a crazy pandemic right if You think about it the black plague back In the day killed 50 percent of europe That’s half the people yeah that’s 50 of All the people that’s pretty crazy but In these movies it never shows these Secondary diseases which are actually Usually the most deadly in these Scenarios which Basically a pandemic coming after a Pandemic a pandemic or Yeah there’s been an asteroid strike and

Another like there’s this weird virus Outbreak yep and so they never do show That they don’t and and especially in Urban areas that’s going to be a really Crazy tough thing I was looking at some stats in the American civil war only one out of every Three deaths were caused by getting shot Or blown apart by a cannon the rest were Disease that was so crazy Two-thirds were diseased Isn’t that nuts yeah and we overlooked That a lot today 85 of american military Medical evacuations from the middle east Are the result of non-battle injuries And disease It’s pretty crazy so like in other words The moment you remove someone from Everyday healthcare and hygiene You find out that sickness and Infections are really the thing that’s Going to kill humans have always a lot Of people fight against yeah live on the Planet and it’s just like it’s almost Never shown in these movies You know term ones never it’s usually Like they got cut and they have to deal With an infection yeah but it’s not but Even even in movies like Um Contagion or whatever they’re always Worried about that disease but when you Think about it You can’t go to the hospital no there’s

No way to go to the hospital because They’re so overrun with that crazy Disease and so you’re not going to be Dying from that you’re going to be dying From pneumonia pneumonia or your thyroid Medicine is gone or your hypertension That’s uncontrolled yeah like those Things are going to kill a lot of people And then if you think about something Like outbreak or contagion like the dead Bodies are just going to start piling up There’s just going to be more disease Piles of dead bodies what is that Disease what happens there your water Starts to become contaminated because Everybody at the water treatment plant Is dying yeah people are falling in the Water dead i mean Their sewers start to back up because Nobody’s working because of this Pandemic and so if somebody’s Done a movie and like included all the Realistic things that they’ll have like These diseases you’d be like that’s the Worst movie i’ve ever seen yeah what a Horrible freaking movie yeah it’s like That’s a real movie but it’s so real Yeah yeah so like really infections Waterborne illness that’s gonna be a Gigantic killer and then just not being Treated for Your everyday stuff I always think about i watch i go by the Urgent care or i work the urgent care

And i’m just like man people come in for Everything And some of them are legit and some Aren’t but i’m like when that gets shut Off there’s no urgent care ers are Overwhelmed it’s gonna be amazing we’re Gonna lose their minds yeah i mean if You even just think about somebody Breaking an arm or yeah you know things Like need like a legit like a health Care professional you can’t you can’t Get them It’s going to be a mess and so they just Don’t they don’t show that enough they Don’t you know um You think about how often i mean And I know there’s people with the vaccine Thing but like vaccines every day You mean your kids seventh grade they Need all these updates yeah and they’re Getting all these smaller doses cut that Off like stop immunizations for like a Year and watch what happens in the in The communities like all summer all These things Pop up yeah we’re going to start you’re Gonna see all these Measles come back yeah Horrible diseases too yeah it’s like Rarely show that no they don’t they Don’t ever show that it’s interesting Um Another thing in movies is you see you

Know a plane crash and then the group Hurry and builds some like shelter and It ends up being like pretty sweet like Sturdy shelter that withstands snow this Is our living room yeah this or they Find a nice cave or they find an Abandoned cabin that’s all like pretty Much decked out all maybe has a broken Window yeah i’m like Don’t plan on finding and building Like in reality yeah especially in the World some kind of shelter like that Yeah it takes a lot of skill to build Anything that’s sturdy enough to like Counter any of your uh um really bad Storms and wind and rain and keep all The elements out it’s freaking hard well Then also think about Doing it in a survival scenario where You’re freaked out you’re full of Somebody don’t have any tools you’re Stressed out you’re just like oh crap i Gotta get something or i’m gonna die Like you’re you’re gonna be going twice As fast as you need to you’re probably Not gonna be full of food and like Yeah you know what i mean tanked and You’re gonna be dragging logs to build You’re just gonna be like oh let’s put This over here and i’ll go to bed It’s so warm when i sleep yeah there’s So many of those that they’re like Build this little shelter and they’re All peacefully sleeping not worrying

About the wilderness and the bears and I’m like exactly you can’t do that like You go out in the middle of the Wilderness in a tent and you’re like oh We’re not a cougar you have quality gear And protection and you’re terrified yeah And like on top of that oh i guess You’re gonna go into that next but like Um you’re not comfortable You’re not going to be comfortable and Be like i’m going to hit up that lake And fish all day yeah like You you’re not going to you’re not going To find it go for a swim but it’s funny Like all these survival movies they come Across like a quaint little Cabin that they can just be their Forward base and then they Come across a cave that doesn’t happen To have all these diseases and creatures And bats and bears in it and they’re Like Oh my oh my um And then uh like Say you don’t find any of that like we Were just saying like building that Stuff is so hard without the proper Skill for one and tools like knowledge Stripping a piece of bark to make rope Like it’s just not easy like we’ve Talked about doing it In the winter like building a snow thing In both of us well at least me i’m like That’s too hard yeah it’s not it’s not

Gonna be easy it’s so much work yeah and They seem to whip these out in no time In movies and that’s like that’s just a Part of like they built a shelter now Let’s move on to the rest of the movie It’s like that’s the part that’s Probably gonna they’re gonna die from Not finding proper shelter that’s the Number one thing a plane crash in alaska Yeah Exactly so anyways um shelter skill Shelter building and finding like Quality stuff is kind of either shown Briefly in a movie or they don’t even Like give you any details on how they Built this like super duper how does it Do [ __ ] away oh he finds a he finds a Nice cage Nice little perfect cage just i mean I mean i know it’s possible sure is paul That’s why he’s alive but yeah Tommy made it don’t plan on that like There needs to be a lot of skill and a Lot of tools involved in building Something for it’s good quality And gives you Rest Speaking of rest um poor sleep Is almost never factored into A survival movie or an apocalyptic type Movie i mean it just isn’t i mean when Was the last time like you went and Slept on the ground yeah okay not out You’re not even outside just on the

Floor in your house Oh sleep for a nap maybe yeah you wake Up and you feel like sleeping the whole Night you feel like maybe death like And you know You’re just not gonna get good sleep Especially in some sort of a survival Scenario you’re not gonna wake up Refreshed ready for the day running out I’m gonna seize the day everything’s Gonna be great you know what i mean That’s just not how it’s gonna like in a Month in the comfort of your own home on Your mattress how many nights not great Would you say or like a grade b a Quality sleep it’s maybe 20 that’s what I’d say i’d say like 15 20 or like yeah Like man i slept so good last year i go In cycles i’ll have like three days Nicely perfectly air controlled couldn’t Ask for better Couldn’t ask for better and i still Don’t get great sleeps yeah you think About it in a survival scenario boy That’s going to be a freaking pain and Then you see it in like i love in these Movies where like i got to get some Sleep i’m going to catch a nap you watch Out for an hour and then wake up an hour Later and it’s like okay Let’s go i’m like are you kidding me They get woken Or car crash and they’re like i’m Feeling good yeah everything’s good and

Like uh that’s not really how adrenaline Isn’t gonna keep going yeah And it’s funny um Lack of sleep does some crazy things to You i was actually thinking about Moonfall when they remember They took a nap like right in the middle Of those like explosions and flooding Happening in the lobby of the hotel no Longer quickness but i guess you know What we we do We say that that’s like stupid but you Have to sleep at some point i mean right That’s the better thing to really do Like get a good night’s sleep and then Try and survive i just don’t know if i Can go to bed in the middle of a city That’s being ravaged by people remember How much there was like the whole first Floor was water And they’re just like i grabbed the robe We’re taking a nap yeah and they’re and They’re undressing in like a night like Like yeah it’s like so it’s like who’s Gonna just jump into bed in their Regular clothes yeah in that event i Would i gotta even have this robe off And take a shower and You know what i mean yeah it’s uh you Should do that do they have a hair dryer In here You know i stink a little Bit so anyways And so i actually looked up some some

Stats on lack of sleep too so in in a Scenario like this it’s not going to be Good so here’s what it’s like when you Have some lack of sleep When you’ve gone 24 hours without even Now this one blows my mind without even A nap you’re not going to be able to Think clearly in fact your brain will Work the same as someone with a blood Alcohol content level of 0.10 that is The above the legal limit for all 50 States That’s a bad that’s 24 hours yeah how Many times do they go like three days on These movies without sleeping and They’re still like sharpened Yeah You’re like beating people up yeah um Outsmarting aliens oh and stuff like That too yeah like no no man you’re Gonna be freaking no so a consent a Consecutive stint of 36 waking hours Will start to negatively affect your Physical health you may experience Complete memory lapses and not remember What happened during these hours that’s 36 hours Two straight days of deprivation results In something called micro sleeps These are miniature blackouts that can Last anywhere from a half a second to 30 Seconds and you won’t even be aware that It’s happening I wish i could kind of do that sometimes

Micro sleeps sounds good i’m gonna go Get a micro sleeping You know what i mean get you a nice bed Yeah michael sleep um if you go three Days without dozing you’re liable to Start experiencing hallucinations your Brain is struggling to keep it together Concentrating staying motivated even Having a simple conversation is Basically impossible so don’t they do This to navy seals i think how long i Think they keep them up and And there’s videos of it yeah you can See they’re like irrational and they’re Like they start going crazy yep so they Never show this they never show up There’s no part of a sleep problem no Shown i think there’s been wasn’t there Like a movie called insomnia maybe That’s why all the people go crazy in The movies don’t tell you they just Don’t tell you there’s not sleeping so Anyways sleep is such a crucial Part of any sort of survival maybe i Take that back all the a-holes are Coming from sleep deprivation yeah i’m On a hole if i don’t get sleep me too i Hate myself man I hate everybody around me mm-hmm so Anyways sleep is a big no that one’s That one’s huge yeah you know what else Is a big deal Cyber crime oh cyber crime yeah freaking Huge deal it is and it’s out there and

It’s going to get you some point Yeah i mean it’s going to get it’s like Everybody i have it’s inevitable i Remember seeing all these target charges One day and i’m like what i’m sharp i Was dreaming that was your wife that’s True this didn’t tell you but i you know Somebody hacked in and used my card from Probably stealing it online from some Website somebody bought some ray bans With mine one time really yeah At least they bought something good i Know yeah um But you can protect yourself by using Surf shark it’s a vpn that protects your Ip Your address online basically you just Go full gray man you’re stealthy And slippery no one can trace it back to You because you’re connected to a server Like a greased pig yeah Good luck catching you because you may Be connected to a server in australia Yeah i could have browsing in your in The comfort of your own home yeah that’s Pretty crazy to think that they can do That i know and it is not complicated The app sounds like magic all you do you Just turn on the app and then you can Pick from your servers click done Connected and if you disconnect and you Don’t realize it it’ll just shut the Internet off internet off for you that’s Pretty cool failsafe fails

They call it a fail safe anyways um The vpn is this is the best one you can Get and it’s the most affordable for all The features you get and it and it’s the One that we chose and they support us Yeah okay yeah it really is like we Lucked out big time we did Um you can get with our code casual Preppers 83 off 24 months plus you get Three additional months that’s less than Two dollars and 25 cents a month that’s Crazy it’s exactly 2.21 cents a month And you can get those 27 months for less Than 60 bucks dang Fully refundable after 30 days if you Don’t feel like you use it enough if you Don’t feel like you understand it and You just go to surfshark.deals casual Preppers save yourself a lot of Heartache get surf shark i like it Anyway okay um Living off the land oh so you kind of Hit on this a little bit about the Nutrition thing yes So many people i know are just like yeah I’ve got hunting skills i’m just gonna Go and you know we’re gonna i’ll save my Family by going out and hunting Especially here and i’m not saying That’s not a bad idea because hunting Skills are hugely important and being Able to live in the wilderness and like All that stuff that i learned doing it Is amazing but

Everybody else is going to think they Can do the same thing especially out Here like everybody hunts anyways you Can’t go hiking during hunting season no Because there’s so many hunters oh There’s so many you can’t hold two Minutes without running into an orange Vest yeah exactly so Assume that that’s happening during an Event where they’re starving yeah and You kill A deer you happen to get lucky They’re gonna be on your butt oh yeah They’re gonna steal it from me before You even get there so you’re gonna be Dealing with Not only trying to find an animal when Everybody that doesn’t have skills Scaring them all the way up the mountain And you get an animal and you’re trying To bring it down to a vehicle safely Good luck there’s just too much money You gotta have fuel to drive that you Gotta have on endless gas i hope you had A good night’s rest the night before Because you ain’t gonna be hunting very Hold your freaking rifle steady you Haven’t slept for 36 hours yeah there’s Just I and to me and i mean this is a strong Word but i think it’s nearly impossible Yeah to live off the line i’m trying to Think of a movie where they do this Where they like live

I mean Castaway castaway is one for sure And and How do you know that you’re not gonna Get sick or what if you’re allergic to The crab meat that that’s all your Option is or i’d be pissed Yeah you pissed yeah Um But you know movies always show people Like fishing hunting they come back like Six fish on their line they’re like i’m Gonna feed the family yeah and um that’s Just not gonna happen and most of the Time it’s by somebody that was like a Ceo in a plane crash i know that like I’m like yeah luckily they had some History where they grew up on a farm oh I took them out once in a while no You’re not gonna have that skill anymore Yeah and so it’s just they don’t they Don’t go into the details and the Difficulty and the likelihood of even Finding dude even me i grew up with Fishing and hunting i did not trust Myself In a survival scenario to live off the Land well that’s great because i had you To top my list for hunting you’re Screwing food you’re screwed like i Think like i could do it but it’s not Like i would be like yeah like all the Factors work in your favor like no like You could do it but with everything else

Going on and all the other people Screwing it all up no no no no no no not Gonna happen yeah and it’s just like i Just i know i’ve seen the movies i’m Trying to think of which ones i’ve seen Or they’re just like the edge is one the Edge yeah i guess they sort of he’s Pretty smart but like For them to Like don’t they decide they’re going to Get a bear to eat i can’t remember if They’re trying to kill it or if they’re Actually just like well we could Probably use it yeah um What’s another one where they’re like Hunting Some of these Like big man i should have like i guess I am a legend he kind of does he’s on Hunting in the city that’s true but There’s nobody else to really contend With but those things would be eating Them up in the night yeah So um but like Not only hunting would be difficult but I would never Ever trust myself to forge Like berries and Pull up roots and eat it yeah even even With like proper manuals and cards i Still look at it i’m like is that really Yeah like you see a raspberry i still Get someone i don’t recognize poison oak On my own if i see a raspberry in

Someone’s garden i’m questioning myself Like that’s saying eat this Am i eating poison It’s true and it’s like all through Scouts like red means dead i’m like okay Raspberries are red and strawberries are Red yeah so yeah i don’t know and There’s a ton of berries that grow up in The wilderness but I would never eat any of them even if it Looked Like it’s been You know it’s in a a Fenced area and it’s probably somebody’s Like the little thing on the ground that Says raspberries you know what i mean I’ll be like That’s so true maybe it turned bad over The years They didn’t prune it correctly you don’t Spray it it gets poison and i think That’s the thing about raspberries you Can’t delicious one season kill you the Next season yeah yeah go careful with That jam Be careful what you eat takes one berry Kill 50 people Gotta watch out yeah but i’m like it’s Very scary there’s always like they’re Always like kind of foraging and they’re They’re like here Some of them will like mash up a leaf And they’re like this will help your Stomach i’m like you don’t no one knows

That stuff no one yeah so um it’s just Funny to me Hunting and foraging and all that stuff Like even a skilled person it’s there’s Some risk in that and it’s you’re not Gonna be able to it’s even uh living off The land it’s the last thing jonathan Hollerman who is a seer instructor he’s Done this forever he’s like i did this i Had to live off the land for like Several weeks he’s like i lost like 12 Pounds yeah that’s the thing um what’s The is it a loan the series what’s the One where they go up and just drop them Off yeah alone um they lose like 30 to 40 pounds by the end because they There’s just not enough food yeah and Can you imagine if you were doing that Plus People were um trying to get the same Resources you were exactly because They’re out there by themselves right in The middle of like a flourishing forest Or something yeah and so i just the Movies do not show like thinking down Here You got dropped here and tried to forage Out you’re now yeah i don’t even watch This for you i’ll eat it yeah can you Eat the sagebrush Berries and dirt yeah dirt soup scary It’s just scary Another thing that oh man this is a Trope in movies that that they love it’s

The lone wolf All the time Right even if they’re in a group and They’re like i’m gonna go find help and It’s like three nights by themselves out Doing things on their own if you think About uh like i am legend that’s a great Like lone wolf one i mean he’s obviously Smart as a whip but like Good luck surviving in a zombie Apocalypse By yourself yeah in the middle of new York or wherever i can’t remember where He was at um i think he wasn’t here was He yeah and then cast away obviously That’s one the martian drivers he’s the Only person on the whole planet right That’s one of those and i put him home Alone too he survived by himself Um so just like we did a lone wolf Episode a while ago it just isn’t it’s Not a realistic survival scenario it Just really it is not Um surviving any amount of time is so Much easier with a group or a community Or at least two of you yeah because you Cannot do everything alone it’s Nearly you all have eyes in the back you Hit i don’t One day i hope to get them Um but you just and we’re just like Humans are they’re social people like it Doesn’t work There’s a massive amount of like

Psychological well-being there yes like If it’s gone you start just Losing your mind oh for sure man a Hundred percent i’m talking to Volleyball and stuff if i’m home alone After one day i’m like i feel like i Just swear to a lot of volleyball Like I know i start talking to my books you Know what i mean like reading like yeah That was good i just said that too hey Google hey girl Tell me tell me something that’s Happened to you please talk to me Uh but if you think about the things you Need during survival there’s food There’s medicine and there’s uh first Aid and health and all that stuff There’s security those are those types Of things you have to spread them out Amongst a group because yeah it’s just Doing it yourself doesn’t really work And the mental health aspect like cam Mentioned Is Not gonna be good yeah if you’re alone Like the castaway i think it was they Depicted that one pretty good because he Went a little loony boo by the end of That thing right he did Um he was but even even like non-social Things they they found in studies The The need for physical touch no yes like

Just touching somebody’s skin holding The hand or anything like that makes a Big difference This is kind of off topic but not but That’s one of the reasons for sale Sorry you’re gonna talk about it yeah i Don’t want to talk about right now we’ll Talk about it after we turn off the Camera no but it’s one of the things That like um I’m i preach this too much but with jiu Jitsu like they say it’s great for Mental health for some guys because they Never touch people that’s true i can see Even though you’re trying to choke that Person like you have like you have a Physical touch like you’re touching People and it’s it helps your life and I’m taking it This is my life now but uh no it’s it’s Something that it really helps people’s Mental health because they’re touching People yeah all the time touch you touch They never show that in movies so if you Need to get out there and touch some People you’re just brushing your hands If you’re feeling depressed go and touch People just touch You head to the mall sorry i’m feeling Sad today you need to touch some people Just put your hands out and walk through A crowd of people It’s like flapping over people’s faces I feel better like at the clothing store

And you’re running down there yeah do That to people just touch them Everywhere Thank you yeah i needed that and then Think about like They show this all the time like one man And we’re gonna talk about this more but One man versus any amount of people Like fighting all the time even if they Come out on like you’re freaking with The bruised yeah swollen eye you can be Conor mcgregor and that’s not gonna work No two guys is gonna be too much yeah It’s not it just All those guys would be like krav maga Guys they’re like oh you gotta know this For throat grab them all yeah for Multiple attackers you’ve got no problem With guards i’m just you don’t work you Know what none of them work for multiple Attackers i guarantee you cam trying to Take you on we’re gonna beat the [ __ ] Out of you like it’s just how it works Right um so you have to have more people Especially in those types of situations You have limitations on what you can Carry um If you have to be moving or anything Like that you get sick you’re dead bro Like you can’t nurse yourself back to Health you can’t run out and get more Food yeah it’s an iv You can’t text you can’t what was the Movie um uh uh book of eli did you ever

See that i never did but then washington But yeah that’s another one where he’s Kind of a lone wolf guy you know out Just Yeah man it’s been too long i need to See it again because i can’t remember Remember but anyways it is not realistic To take on any sort of survival scenario Alone It isn’t it’s not realistic yeah and They don’t show it very often no nobody Can be rambo no I would love not even rambo not even Ramble yeah Um another thing you see a lot is like They make like these makeshift weapons Or tools yeah um or they are they set up Traps even like simple deadfall trap or Something like that to catch a small Animal or They they make a snare that stuff is Have you freaking never tried to set up A deadfall trap like we even have yeah We had even the aluminum pre-made Pre-made one deadfall stuff and like not Easy you couldn’t get and couldn’t get It to work yeah um and i know i know There’s some 0.1 percent of the Population Nobody’s a french trapper on the green River anymore no They’re not no and like that skill is Just kind of gone there’s there’s very Few people that trap anymore and you see

In in this show that they’re starving And they like they Make this little makeshift deadfall trap And catch a squirrel and they’re like Celebrating i’m like that’s just Super rare to probably catch yourself in That thing trying to set it up And um the other thing is like we’re Gonna go to battle against the zombies And they make all these makeshift Weapons yeah like yeah man to do To do stuff Like Forged in fire like watching that show I’m just like You have to have so much skill and Knowledge of like how to do that stuff Most of the time it’s like Motorized weapons for a lot of it like This they have like that compressor one That like hammers for them Stuff like that like i just see in the Movies they they often show a group like Building makeshift makeshift [ __ ] you Make [ __ ] they make a lot of that yeah And then um Usually there’s a group like survival Like alive and stuff making traps and Stuff it just doesn’t i guess it doesn’t Make any sense it You have to have so much knowledge in That stuff to actually set up anything To protect yourself and let alone catch Food it’s just crazy stuff and not hurt

Yourself in the process that’s the other Big thing you know what i mean because Yeah i’m like i think it is in the edge He’s like cutting that spear And he just freaking slices his legs his Leg opens super deep yeah that’s much More likely to happen yeah like if you Ever built a spear that you feel like Kill something with You’re like it’s pointy on the end yeah And the stick’s like curved And you like try to use it to walk with And it snaps in half yeah It takes a lot to build these you’re not Going to build excalibur in your garage To take on these zombies yeah it’s Probably not going to happen so anyways I just think it’s kind of funny that They show like yeah in these Movies building traps and building Weapons it’s not going to happen it’s Interesting though and that’s why they Do it it’s fun you could probably do Some stuff but you’re not going to do it To a level of like Efficiency all right this one i i i Briefly touched on but self-defense and Fighting skills Vastly overestimated yeah and and i Think this is probably most people Vastly overestimate their skills in this As well i think a lot of people anybody Who doesn’t train probably thinks that i You don’t know me bro when i get on the

Streets i see red i’m just gonna kill That’d be true That too yeah a lot of people hear that It’s just like it’s gonna be very Different when you can bite throats oh Yeah and poke eyes somewhere yeah no I mean maybe somebody that’s killed Probably but if they’re in like movies Like red dawn As much as i love it they’re taking on Soldiers soldiers that are trained Within probably the most vicious yeah Freaking Military in the world not Very Likely Not bloody likely huh um and like even Movies like greenland he gets in a fight With a couple of guys you know at one Point and that one was kind of close Because it actually showed i’m trying to Remember he got pretty beat up got Pretty beat up but It happens all the time and they’re just Like they seem to be like trained golden Glove boxers and kung fu masks in Multiple martial arts It’s just so unrealistic any normal Everyday person who goes up against Anyone who has Even one day of training even if they’re Military or their law enforcement um It’s a huge mismatch humongous mismatch So

They just don’t it’s never depicted that Way And it’s like they they can all fight Multiple attackers at once yeah always Yeah yeah it’s just like yeah i mean That’s not gonna happen unless you’re High on bath salts and nothing hurts you Do you know what i mean like it’s just It’s impossible and they can all shoot Like the dickens like they’re dead eye Dicks they are all one of them head Shots every time and it’s not That’s not if you’re unless you’re Trained and you’re practicing police Officers that shoot every week Miss most the time yeah they only hit When it matters Not the ones yeah Um and so and it just seems like Everyone else in the movies are freaking Like stormtroopers that can’t hit Anything right it’s like always that way Um that’s so true and like and there’s These shootouts constantly in these Movies and like you get one bullet it Doesn’t matter where it hits you it’s Probably death yeah you’re going to get Infected and you’re going to die so it’s Just not a good idea to be shooting at People no um so anyways self-defense Fighting shooting that is not depicted In a way that makes never i mean never It’s not exciting i know if they showed A weakling in a movie yeah like even in

Um [Music] Wow it’s uh The rock uh-huh he’s like the nerd Scientist and he gets in a little tussle With some of those soldiers and somehow Remember yeah this one’s cage comes out On top yeah of course so but yeah it’s Just kind of funny that shows that a lot Um the other thing And some movies do this good as showing That the communication system works And doesn’t work like sometimes they Don’t they can’t get on their cell phone And you have to do that dramatic moment Where they can’t call somebody but a lot Of times they’re still doing that yeah Like they’re still able in the early Events they’re still able to like call And get through And they’re relying on their cell phone Like nobody has You rarely see him or they do pick up a Walkie-talkie and somehow get through to Somebody they’re trying i know like how Do you i can’t even feel like you’re 30 Feet away and you can’t get something to Talk about two-way radio yeah and Multiple people using those is just Going to be chaos yeah so i think the Communications And like the planning for Communicating with people is just kind Of overlooked in most of the movies

One they’re using their cell phone way Too often even texting and then second They seem to just kind of coordinate a Plan to meet up and and communicate like And it all works that’s a huge Like Broken part of most of these movies yeah That we’ve talked about this one of the Hardest things is like setting up a Communication plan with family and Friends and everything like that that’s You have to assume that’s all just going To be shut off so you have a backup plan That’s non It isn’t your cell phone and it isn’t a Phone line you just gotta and no nobody Would have done that in most of these Scenarios so yeah i just thought it Would be good to mention the cell phone Thing is is not to be relied upon one Thing another one that really gets me is Hygiene in these movies this is the last One we’re going to talk about i think You know what i mean and especially like To me in the zombie movies it’s always They kill a thousand zombies and they’re Covered in zombie guts move on to the Next they don’t even like Like slather themselves in rotting Bodies to get through and they’re fine And then and they don’t like Take a bath Or anything they could take a nap on the Ground have a place to take a bath yeah

They’ll take a nap on the ground and They head to their next zombie Fight get together yeah i was like um Wait this is true yeah you know what i Mean this is really doesn’t um Hygiene is just so important in any Survival situation it’s as important as Food and water and it almost never gets Shown without a place to wash up without A place to poop that is sanitary without A way to clean up after pooping without A nice clean place to cook you’re gonna Get sick yeah you know lady sanitation That’s a big one they never show yeah Right That’s Lady sanitation isn’t a person i’m Saying She’s like it’s like smoking the bear And like ladies Like lady liberty She’s walking around i gotta get a Ladies [Laughter] And she has like the lady liberty hat on And everything or whatever you know Why not why not they go far enough with Those commercials that’d be great i Would really like that but you know They’re usually like cooking some meat On a disgusting old like hubcap [ __ ] all Over their hands and they’re just like Wow You know what i mean and just all over

Their face and then that’s another huge Thing in history that’s killed tons and Tons of people it’s just poop in the High in the middle of the streets and They all just died from all these Diseases yeah and it just they just they Never showed anything jumped 25 years And it’s almost more organized than Modern day and everything got better It’s like oh wow they have a good system It’s better than they’ve they never skip Ahead six months and show like the sewer Backed up into somebody’s bathroom and There’s like [ __ ] all over the floor Like they never show that yeah you know It’s like wait so true That’s like in the walking dead you’re Scavenging a house it’s probably going To look like like a truck Truck drop truck A truck stop restroom you know where It’s like turned to the very top of the Brim somebody never flushed in toilet Paper everywhere somebody just kept Pooping in the tub you know what i mean Like because at that point what else do You do right like the houses are going To be like that towns that have gone so Far and then they left it’s because all Their freaking sewage and stuff is Backed up oh my gosh but those houses Are always like no one’s ever even been In there yeah there’s still food in the Cupboards like i don’t know man like

There’s not gonna be food in those Cupboards anymore people are going to Get those oh they missed a can of spam Like how did they miss a camera spam In the cupboard there’s four cupboards How did they miss that so true you know The scavenging lookout yeah or a whole Tub of chocolate pudding yeah exactly Like wait that that’s probably nang and They’re gonna take that with it yeah so Anyways that’s uh nobody ever cleans Their clothes hardly ever that’s true You know they’re always That’s With the hygiene thing everybody just Looks like they got up and you know the Women always look like they’ve like Curled their hair and they have mascara It’s all fluffy what’s your call it’s Really bad that way um watching we’ll Call it the movie Fear the walking dead oh yeah she always Looks like super nice her hair’s like Never had a visit from lady sanitation I’ll tell you that no You know maybe she did maybe she did That’s right she did so anyways that’s What the movies got wrong they did they Got quite a few things wrong yeah it’s Good good though because we know because We know exactly what they got uh guys Today’s podcast is brought to you by Tack pack the only monthly tactical Subscription box with useful

Professional grade stuff inside use our Code casual preppers you’re gonna get a Free separate bag of edc gear along with Your first month’s tech pack head Attackback.com use our code casual Preppers a free bag of gear I’d like that go home dear go home free Bag of gear go home dear it’s time for The quick and dirty medical tip all Right so just another note that’s one Thing in movies is like everybody has Just a bit more medical knowledge oh Yeah like almost a general surgeon yeah It’s like you guys aren’t blown off rips The sleeve off ties a tourniquet Cauterizes it you’re like how do they Know how to do all this yeah there’s Always somebody that has way too much Medical knowledge and that’s that’s not To be That’s not to be That is not to me quick and dirty Medical tip Um This one disgusts me and i thought i’d Mention it because it’s something you Would want to prepare ahead of time Ahead [Music] So imagine you have to go Quarantine somewhere you’re living an Area with hurricane and you’re all in The superdome or something like that It’s not good all of you side by side

Somebody’s probably going to pop up with Headlights rubbing heads together oh man I got to touch people yeah I need my people are you bringing Survivors into like your house or Community You never know they use your pillow and You don’t know what people’s hygiene is Most likely not good no most me knowing People go to walmart and you’ll realize Yeah most people in your town stink they Don’t know where their shower is so Crazy even even coming to the clinic i’m Like why did you You’re coming to a medical health clinic And you smell like garbage people’s Brains don’t work very good they don’t I’ve come to know this um i used to be a Home appraiser Let me tell you this And so you and you would think if you Have some professionals coming to your Home too oh i bet the worth of your House you would clean said house yeah no You would not uh literally probably 75 Percent of people didn’t think twice About it that’s correct and it is Disgusting i’ve even seen people post Pictures of a house for sale yeah and It’s like the dishes are stacked up They’re standing naked in the Like in the background of the mirror That one time accidentally Yeah i’ll tell you about it after yeah

In her underwear yeah So You’re all yes Anyways honey don’t post that somebody Caught it early and said you i can see You In that photo It was a mirror no it wasn’t a mirror it Was something that reflected something You wouldn’t expect yeah yeah oh nice Um your uh wife’s just taking pictures In her panties huh yeah i don’t know What happened but that’s funny it was Funny she’s getting mad at you oh she’s So she’s mad at me for sure love you Dear so anyway um like head lice and Some of those diseases are super Disgusting that happen a lot when There’s a lot of people it happens in Schools still today a lot of the time It’s gross and if you don’t have stuff Ahead of time And it’s like you’re not able to go and Shop like you’ve got to have this stuff Available in your group so Um there’s a lot to treat this that’s Available over the counter number one is And we talk about this with everything Is have a bunch of garbage bags because A lot of time you’re going to put your Clothes in them you’re going to seal Them off and let them sit for two weeks Or you throw them out black bags and let The sun cook them inside you know

So garbage bags are huge To be able to clean and Sanitize all of your clothing and Bedding and stuff like that And then some of the medications you can Get um you can order them from amazon You can get some of them walmart there’s Permethrin lotion one percent And the brand name is nyx you’ve Probably seen that one yeah there’s so There’s a lot of those like Non-pesticide and non like if you’re Gonna store something for an emergency That you want to work don’t piss around With the natural natural you know Lavender oil Cream yeah Oatmeal wash Oat would be great yeah but it’s like All that stuff like don’t take don’t Risk storing that and planning on it Working goats milk lotion for life stuff Like that yeah just get the freaking Toxic medication that’s what you want Yeah but permethrin has been approved by Fda that doesn’t mean anything but it’s Safe um Approved for use on children two months Of age so that’s covering everybody That’s a baby yeah And um basically You’re gonna wash your hair with it and Then most of these kits come with a lice Or a

A knit comb Because you’re gonna kill the live lice With the medication but then the little Knits the little white eggs they’re Gonna hatch later and you’re gonna have Problems again it’s disgusting It’s one of the grossest things in the World um so You’re gonna you’re gonna do the wash And then you’re gonna give it a day or Two and then you’re gonna use the little Knit comb and try and pull out any lice And little knits yeah yeah super Disgusting shave their head the other One seriously it’s worth it it’s gonna Look like a concentration camp in my House during the epoch everybody Nobody’s getting freaking lice no um Pyrethrins combined with I don’t know this pepper and all Pepper and Brand name brand name a200 pronto rnc Rid triple x Xxx yeah Sounds like something you clean like a Toilet and have a skeleton on the back And putting it on your head boys on your Head but um But this one Is a good one you can get over the Counter too i’d honestly just get like a Kit of nyx because it comes with one That you can apply to your hair and your Body and then it has like a spray for

Bedding and stuff too nice just set it Aside you may not ever have to use it But Like in the event that you you’re gonna Go nuts if you don’t have something to Kill bugs like that the other thing is Like When you do have them remove your Clothing put them in the black bag I always use the black garbage bags Because i gotta walk around outside yeah You do You’re gonna you want to shave the tough Downstairs to shave the tuft is that What you said Um okay they can get down there too yeah Um After each uh treatment checking the Hair and combing it with the knit comb Like i was saying Every two to three days until you’re Like Pretty sure that there’s nothing left Um if you use A certain product In two to three days Um well you used it two or three times Obviously don’t keep using it you want To switch brands you’re gonna have to Find something else When you rinse after you wash your head Try to rinse it rinse in a sink because If it’s going to be in the shower and Those chemicals come down your body you

Can have a really bad reaction oh that’s Fun yeah so Um And yeah that was a change medication if You don’t have a response to it so These are available you don’t need a Prescription um They happen very often in like close Quarters in schools and things like that In the in the event of apocalypse and People are close together if you have a Big group like you’re going to want Stuff like this to prevent any nasty Freaking lice or something like that so Anyways get your products today like i Said go to like amazon has a nyx kit That has the comb it has the spray and It has the shampoo and all that so Not a bad idea so it’s only like 30 Bucks too I think you can get no i think you can Get just a bottle for like a shampoo for 16 bucks so oh nice not a bad one to Have on hand that’s not Thank you cameron that’s it thank you All for listening um i’m sure you’re all Gonna uh message us with which movies we Missed in which movies which which Covered certain things yeah yeah and i’m Sure they did but uh some do something In Thanks guys appreciate you please Subscribe on all the places that we are And stay survived