Solo Summer Night in a Hot Tent

By | August 17, 2022

Hello guys welcome back Well as you can see i’m in a spot that I’ve used a couple of times in the past But i’ve not been here in God ages now nearly a year i think Um so i’ve just been using it to store Some wood and stuff like that uh it’s a Shaded spot which is what i need today I’ve come out quite late because it is Hot as most of you will know i think Pretty much worldwide it is the hot Summer But uh What a nice airy tent the one tiger’s Rock fortress reason i’ve done that is Because it’s now got an idea available Uh for it which i’ve got and they sent It over to me actually i did ask them if I could Uh use it It’s a tent a lot of people have wanted And wanted to use in the summer as well As the winter Because it is one of my favorite tents And now with the bug net it’s you know Adequate for the summer as well with the Insects around So first things first to get that set up Have a fiddle around and Get it all straight Now i must admit i have used this off of Camera The weekend just gone actually And so i’ve not put it away as neatly as

Could be But It should all be there If you’re familiar with tp style tents You’ll know they’re quick to get up very Easy but then you have to fettle your Pegging out points a bit Um with this one in particular the tie Outs the guys Really help you gain a lot of room Inside they really pull it out And Yeah they open it up a lot So Wow Right that’s all the outer of the tp put Up Got the inner here As you can see it’s not too big it’s Like a two-man tent in itself i guess But uh this is a big old tent And uh We’re just gonna put this on The inner itself comes with its own pegs Which is of course very handy and the Tie outs it’s like a bathtub At the bottom Let’s get that out of the And Yeah It’s a little bit longer it seems i Suppose you could shorten it and attach It to these pegs if you wanted to I’m just going to do it this way

Okay i’ll switch sides with the inner Here and then i realized i didn’t need To the inner actually comes to the Center of the The doors on either side um and that’s What confused me for a minute but uh Yeah it’s nice for this bathtub you can Adjust the straps and use the same pegs I’ve used the pegs that come with it Just for ease It’s got two doorways And there’s plenty of room in there for Two people maybe two and a child if You’re a couple with a child But uh yeah it’s on a bungee strap as Well at the top i’ve had problems with Actual Straps before snapping or the stitching Going but a bungee cord is going to help With that when you’re kneeling on this Etc Yeah pretty happy with it it’s quite Nice Right i’ve got my mat up the usual Firmer wrist And Because it’s quite hot at the moment I’ve just been using A quilt rather than a sleeping bag this Is one tigress Down quilt Doesn’t say any seasons or whatever it’s Easy just to lift off yourself Half put on you and all of that

And i think i’m gonna be taking this to Norway as well Just uh this is a bit easier in the um Amok hammock got my stuff sack pillow And a mini pillow as well It’s probably quite hard to convey the Size in here but you could fit two Mats easy This mat is actually extra wide it’s a Really big one But uh yeah Tons of room And we got a nice hanging point inside The inner for your Light as well Quite high to reach up there Check out all the room for activities Obviously you’d have the stove over here In the winter but table Uh Chair Whatever you want in here really But this is basically how i had it set Up without the unit so the inner doesn’t Really detract from anything i nearly Brought the bed to go in the inner as Well but um I didn’t on this trip because sometimes Then feet can really dig in so i need to Put something on the bottoms of them But the bottom of this does seem really Thick actually i don’t have the numbers On me but it’s a really thick Bathtub

Get the chair and the lantern set up And then it’s just a little wood prep Not having a ground fire Uh avoiding them at the moment At least till the end of the month until We get some rain hopefully And uh I’ve just got my bigger pico stove So that’s my pico stove i forget it’s Got a number 256 or something But it’s uh pretty big For a little wood stove So i thought i’d bring it and i could Have a small fire in it i’ve used this a Lot but uh if i have a small fire in it It’ll be a good test of it as well Ah Nice to sit down and rest Son maybe hour and a half two hours left It’s got plenty of time to collect up Some tweaks on that Pretty chopped down Some smaller bits of log as well i’ll go Collect some From the wood store um Did just go down to the stream to grab a Bucket of water for watering the Roof to the adirondack shelter which is I don’t know a couple hundred yards that Way And uh yeah This uh dry weather’s been kicking its Ass After i first put it on it was really

Wet And um it really bedded in well but Yeah i’m having to really keep on top of It at the moment Uh Ah [Laughter] [Laughter] I’ll put his time for a bit of a brew Found a rock for the Stove to sit on too Ah good to have a brew Sun’s gone down below the uh canopy now So It’s starting to cool down a little bit Which is nice The only thing i’ve really got to do is Chop down Some logs into little bits some short Logs And i’m all ready for cooking And chilling Lots of bits of oak ready for the fire Gonna treat this like a campfire And put a bed of Oak in there Just to get it going Get some nice coals I’ll put a Fire lighter in there And get some tweaks On top And a couple of bigger sticks as well Some good coals there now so i’m gonna

Stick the pan on Put a bit of oil in there I’ve got some nice whoa Pork belly With chinese seasoning [Applause] I’ve got some stir fry vegetables A little bit of Chinese style sauce This looks good A bit different for me for a camp Best prep as well Let’s try out some of this pork [Music] It’s good clearly had a good long Marinade Let’s try some of this stir fry way up Not bad Delicious It’s time for a beer and i’ve got a new England ipa 5.2 percent Oh That’s quite nice i like that Punchy citrus notes I like this one Just says new england ipa Oh garden brewery I need this So [Music] Uh [Music] So

[Music] That’s me done for the evening Gonna turn in now it’s pretty peaceful Night I’ll get some rest for tomorrow so i’ll See you in the morning Hmm Oh Good morning Beautiful morning It’s about eight at the moment Uh Quite tired actually I slept well i just went to bed like Actually i watched a movie in the tent And then went to sleep But yeah so much room in there so much Room Lovely All went well peaceful night um Yeah Get this little stove going i might have To prep a little more wood And Get some breakfast going You [Music] A couple of sausages Crusty roll So [Applause] So My hot water was on for my cup of tea Very nice

All through the night and today Hearing i think acorns dropping it’s not Too early is it Don’t have to have looked but yeah i Think it’s acorns dropping Um occasionally helping a dead branch on Its way just because everything’s so dry Had the fox walk past the tent or kind Of circle it last night as well I think i must have smelt the food i was Cooking last night Made me jump for a minute But they’ve got that Pita patter you kind of recognize Wow I’ve had a couple of these pegs breaking Their fin point this ground is hard so It’s probably from me banging them in And then yanking them out but uh Yeah just as a note probably buy a whole New set for this Um All right guys that’s me all done just As an aeroplane is coming over thanks For watching i’ll see you next time Goodbye You