Bushcraft on a Budget – The BEST Bushcraft Boots in the World 2022 ?

By | August 17, 2022

Well Wally here And these Are the best Bushcraft boots on the Market at the minute Stay tuned They’re monkey Guys these boots I will link the full Review of these boots my first Impressions review I’ll link it up here Guys These Boots Are the Mendel German Army Special Forces boots okay and these Are what I believe to be the best Bushcraft boots in the world at the Minute okay Guys And here’s why okay So I’ve I’ve been wearing these for About four months Could be four months it’s it’s right It’s it’s four to five months okay and I Have worn these I bought these second hand on eBay right Cost Factor comes into it for me when I’m choosing the best of something uh These were 70 pound Okay 70 pound If I was to buy a civilian pair of Mandel boots that are equivalent to this They would cost me 270 pound Okay so These are a very very very high quality High-end boot from Mandel okay as Anybody who wears Mandel boots will know That they make incredibly good quality

Footwear guys they’re really really Really really good you you can’t fault Them okay guys these are a full grain Leather upper gortex lined okay they Have bellowed tongs to stop water and Debris and stuff from getting in which Means technically you could go that deep In water okay Guys they have uh they have a pump air System in them that drives out the warm Air and sucks in cold air while you’re Walking guys uh they have the very Excellent Mendel soul on them as well Which you can’t actually see because They are full of mud uh guys and they Have the high rubber band that also runs The whole way around The shoe okay at the bottom of the shoe Guys Internally here in the In in the the padding on the around your Ankle and stuff like that it is memory Foam okay and what you do is that you Tighten these really tight for a couple Of minutes and then you let them off a Bit a little bit and that um that molds It to your foot Guys these are an Incredibly comfortable pair of boots They are just you put them on and they Just feel They just fit you know to just they’re Reassuring their their the support you In all the right places guys and very Very good for all those Bushcraft

Activities that you’re going to be doing Through for your walk and in the camp For your general camp where guys for me What are you doing Sorry distracted by that guys for me What what when I’m teaching Bushcraft And stuff when I’m kneeling down guys This this this High round protects the Toe you know they are they’re just guys I can’t rate them enough I can’t read Them enough I’ve put a lot of miles into These I have done I’ve carried heavy Packs of you know of deer parks and you Name it up and down mountains climbing Up rocks you know just Meandering Through the forest taking the dogs walks I have warned them Nearly every day And I can’t fault them guys I can’t Fault them at all At the moment I feel that these are the Best craft Bush the best Bushcraft boots In the world case you know the Functionality the price the quality Everything you get all combines to make A really really good package guys and These are on sale everywhere guys and I’ll put a link down below to the Go Army site uh the Go Army website that is Selling these at the minute case and of Course there’s a discount code for for People who are subscribers but uh listen If if you are in the market case you Know I’ve I’ve worn them through Sammy

Called and in the snow and stuff like That as well and and they’ve been quite Good uh but like if you are in the Market for a new pair of boots guys at The moment at this moment right now I Think that these are your best Bushcraft Boats out there Yes I said Controversially thanks for watching Steve Frosty hey Bruno What do you think Do you like them here Bruno loves them he loves them because They’re mine and he wants to eat Everything I own