Abacus Commando Squad – Bear Brief 17AUG22

By | August 17, 2022

Good morning and welcome to the bear Show it’s a little earlier than usual Because we have some construction stuff To do today At caleb house our restoration facility For juvenile human trafficking survivors So If you think it’s a bad idea for kids to Be sexually abused for the entirety of Their lives and or sold as slaves On the sex trade you should visit Groundstoneministries.com and unlike a Lot of other ministries we actually do [ __ ] about it we just don’t talk about It If you’re new here ring a little bell Icon don’t be a schlub if you’re not new Here you know what to do share the show Quote i know that those that have been Blaming president biden for the Inflation going up Are now giving president biden all the Credit for inflation going down so we’re Moving things in the right direction Already end quote Democratic representative jamie raskin Told fox news while discussing the Inflation reduction act Ira terrorism I agree When democrats were asked when the Inflation reduction act would actually Begin to cut inflation They all indicated it would be some time

Later or pointed out how gas prices are Already coming down Even though gas prices have been Deflating for weeks before the Act was passed Uh midterms are coming up and Unsurprisingly approval ratings for Biden are in the tank people don’t want Him to run again But most americans approve of certain Measures within the inflation reduction Act As long as the inflation reduction act Contained a clause that said washington Dc must self-immolate All of it I’d be on board That sounds like something a radical Extremist would say we’re all radical Extremists at this point i’m pretty sure Everybody’s on a lift is on a list and At this point it’s just discretionary Prosecution It’s just when they need you to knock Your piece off the chessboard they go Hey we’re going to file on this bear guy From the internet 1272 Pages oh my geez okay yup uh send this Lagoon squad We’re all on a list People don’t want biden to run again Shocker people don’t want biden to run Again but most americans approve of Certain measures within the inflation

Reduction act so ads are being run for The sake of pr To angle for more influence and power Ahead of the elections Republicans who voted against the bill Are being sneered smeared as Pro-polluter and upcoming and kiss my Hairy white ass I I’ve put up literally more winter rounds Than i can count at this point Pro polluter The green energy Is pollution We’re 18 years in the hole for every Wind turbine we stand up you know what The tower sections are made out of steel You know with the the cables made out of Copper and aluminum you know what th hhn Insulation is it’s plastic you know how Much the number one polluter in the World cement portland cement which is Basically baked limestone in the kiln 80 Percent of which comes from china that Has to be shipped across the pacific Ocean to the united states 660 cubic yards 66 truckloads on average Sometimes as many as 75 or 80 truckloads On an exceptional day per foundation on A wind turbine The over the road trucking to move all The pieces parts it’s horse [ __ ] It’s a 38-year break even on one wind Turbine and they have a service life of

20 years Pro polluter Yeah see it’s all it’s Propaganda i almost picked some like Super clickbaity title um For this video because I just don’t care Um Yeah So ads were being run for the sake of pr To angle for more influence and power Ahead of the elections republicans who Voted against the bill are being smeared As pro-polluter in upcoming ads and the Climate action campaign and league of Conversation voters are funding and Creating ads thanking those who voted For the bill Representative ashley hinson of iowa is One of the republicans targeted by the Pro-polluter ad campaigns her campaign Manager said quote the only thing that Will give iowa families relief from Democratic induced runaway inflation tax Increases and back-breaking increases on Gas and groceries is a republican Majority in congress It’s all politics politics politics i’ma Sip my coffee now for a moment so if You’re one of those effeminate beta Males that’s trying to survive the end Of the world but also is afraid of Sounds you might want to mute for a hot Minute

Yeah i see you in the comments whining Like a fancy little [ __ ] what is wrong With you Here i got one special for you You’re welcome The gop still asserts that the bill was About democrats enacting partisan Priorities Not helping the economy Senate majority leader mitch mcconnell Said quote yet this guy bastion of Conservatism Mitch mcconnell said quote democrats Response to the recession they caused Is giant job-killing tax hikes as if the Republicans Didn’t support shutting down the entire Country For Two two and a half years due to cobid as If they were just out there championing For everybody’s rights to protect Provide for and bless their families as If the republicans don’t have backdoor Deals with companies in ukraine and Taiwan as if the republicans their hands Are completely clean on all of this Horse [ __ ] Politics politics politics back to this Uh dude’s quote i’m really trying to It’s not pg and we’re on right on the Edge of pg-13 right now i’m trying to Keep it from being r-rated

Democrats response to the recession has Caused To the recession they caused is giant Job killing tax hikes and doubling the Irs Democrats which is where i got the Abacus commando squad from because so Many people so many of y’all are afraid Of the irs Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to stir up the ire of the Irs against me We’re not friends me and the irs But These aren’t you the same people they’re Like we got to take this country back Again we got to make america great again I got my rifle my plate curry and i Ain’t afraid of nothing Sounds like you’re afraid of 87 000 irs Agents oh and they’re armed agents Okay I thought you were a cool guy cool guy What’s going on here All of a sudden your militia is no Longer a viable option because they Issued bean counters glocks What’s going on Yeah just saying abacus commando squad Democrats response to the recession they Caused is giant job-killing tax hikes And doubling the irs democrats response To the energy crisis they’ve exacerbated Is a war on american fossil fuels to

Fund the green new deal giveaways for Their rich friends Democrats have proven over and over they Simply do not care about middle class Families priorities they spend 18 months Proving that they just spent hundreds of Billions of dollars to prove it again And republicans have proved for a decade Upon decade as well that they are Equally full of [ __ ] and the system Itself has proved what does yeshua say You shall know them by their fruits that They are all fruitless and untrustworthy And so do not fall into the trap of the Us versus them dichotomy democrats Versus republicans It’s a divide and conquer strategy you Know they argue with each other on the Senate floor all day and they just get Up in each other’s grill all day And then This is a fact this is not me Pontificating and then when the c-span Cameras are turned off they all go to The same bars and hang out in the same Places and talk trash you know like Joyfully Build rapport with one another They are on the same team it’s team them It’s not team us It’s not the democrat team or the Republican team it’s team Them Why do you think there’s such a big push

For bipartisanship It already exists It’s a dog and pony show As mentioned before many are concerned That democratic interest fueled the fbi To act as a one-sided gestapo for the Left after the unprecedented mar-a-lago Raid but now some are expressing concern That the inflation reduction reduction Act funding Funding may spur the irs to also act Along party lines Texas tea party patriots pac co-founder Suzanne guggenheim said quote knowing How weaponized the irs interest has been And still is it’s easy to imagine what It’s going to become once they double The number of agents It’s roughly right now one agent per 22 American citizens i think is what i Heard At American taxpayers Yeah Yeah screw it all said i think if you Don’t pay taxes you don’t get to vote Taxes shouldn’t be more than ten percent That’s what we’re commanded to tithe and If it’s good enough for the creator of The universe it ought to be good enough For uh Our worldly rulers and if it’s not they Suck at their job not we suck at our job And have to give them more money

But if you don’t pay taxes If you’re one of those people that gets Money back Out of the system you don’t pay money Into the system i don’t think you get to Decide how we spend everybody else’s Money So that you can continue to extrapolate Your revenue out of the system I’m just saying Don’t care if i pissed you off or not Essentially it’s possible the irs may Use the inflation reduction act funding Specifically to target conservative Groups As a reminder the ir irs has already Been caught disproportionately targeting Conservative organizations seeking Tax-exempt status in 2013. Applications that contained terms like Patriot or tea party were automatically Selected for increased scrutiny much Less the much like the infamous random Tsa searches and airports In the aftermath of the 2013 scandal Several high-level persons in the irs Were forced to resign If the irs does disproportionately Target groups on one side of the Political aisle history has demonstrated That that will financially weigh down Progress and stifle donor support thus Dampening the success of the right in The political arena

Furthermore considering that analysts Believe that the little guy us will be Increasingly targeted by a beefed up irs It is possible that individual or small Business owning conservatives patriots Trump supporters may be unfairly Targeted as well One ranching couple from texas detailed Their experience being audited due to a Tractor repair for their farm saying Quote they want to get you if they’re Coming after you for an audit they don’t Want to see your receipt they want to Nitpick your life apart end quote i’ve Been audited before And that’s a fact And that’s why it doesn’t matter whether You like it or not and i don’t i hate it Save your receipts print your bank Statements pay the people who take care Of your money a lot of money I hate saving receipts I despise it But i got audited one time and it turned Out they owned they owed me money Hmm Yeah because i had at that time my Filing system was a georgia logging boot Box where all the receipts went I’ve uh I’ve Iterated since then Point being like As a business owner you can save

Yourself a lot of headaches by just Doing things right the first time Anyway that if you do get audited You see and the whole point here is They’re auditing me to make my life Miserable Because i’m a conservative could happen Right Dude that’s a two-way street Make their life miserable Extreme ownership right Save every receipt square your Quickbooks away have a conversation with Your accountant expect to get audited And know what your goals are if you do Yeah turns out that we overpaid our Quarterly federal taxes by 23 000 Now if we apply compounding interest to That you owe us x amount mr irs agent Let’s party I don’t understand why everybody gets Wrapped around the axes on fear It works Don’t get me wrong it works but Fear is a poor motivator You know Uh I did i honestly didn’t know what to Name this brief this morning other than The abacus commando squad So i was just looking at i’m not kidding I was looking at some canadian prepper Videos and i was like I need a clickbait title here’s where i

Could go very bad things are about to Happen This is the worst case scenario The worst crisis in our lifetime The red line has been crossed Has it has it really it’s been crossed I don’t know i got hot coffee cold ac Got a gun on my hip surrounded by people The red line has been crossed okay 90 Aren’t ready for this shut up up Square your [ __ ] away Bear nation Operate from positions of strength oh no The irs is going to audit me now don’t Get me wrong I’d rather have a colonoscopy than get Audited by the irs But Okay All right That is part of The game we have all agreed to play Render under caesar’s what is caesar’s Do i like it no not even a little bit But Roger that Come on mr tax man let’s sit down let’s Have a conversation because by the time We get done here Between the cost of my time the cost of My attorney’s time the cost of my cpa’s Time you’re gonna owe me money Let’s fm party homeboy

By the way uncoincidentally the shirt I’m wearing today unafraid remember this During the age of covered Don’t let the world get you down bear Nation be unafraid Operate from positions of strength Now If you don’t like it when we talk about How to support this little shindig we Call the bear show this is your Opportunity To uh beat feet skedaddle get out of Here have a blessed day Shalom You will Exit the Vehicle now For everybody else that has a modicum of Uh Understanding And appreciation for what we do thank You very much You guys know the drill patreon best Five bucks a month that you can spend on The internet there’s a link in the Description of every video and every Live stream I’m not as awake as i normally am even Though i’ve done 10.65 miles on the bike This morning Uh let’s see this morning’s patreon Video was what is leadership On Yesterday morning we had coffee time

With bear those are exclusive patreon Live streams And then monday evening we had men’s Group monday Monday morning was edc medical gear how To do that And let’s see Friday we had a report on life number 51 As well as aid rendered oh yeah refuge Is up to 51 lives by the way Friday work life balance Thursday a slow-mo of a sasquatch back At the range you know my point here is It’s not an uh i love me you should love Me too there’s way more content in Picture than there is on youtube okay Okay bear all right good talk everybody No problem bear all right cool Um if you want to continue to seeing the Intel reports that we’re doing on Fridays now that are coming from the Bear nation that will will require intel Reports From the bear nation so Major kudos to dave at southern prepper One for what he’s doing with his boots On the ground series If y’all want to continue sending your Intel over there rather than to us That’s fine But if you want me to tell you what’s Going on out there in the bear nation I need the intel from you which means You need to apparently be reminded

Encouraged strongly encouraged To send your intel to intel at Bearingdependent.com Okay bear we’re after that we tracking Guys yeah we’re tracking like a tank Bear all right roger that cool intel at Bearingdependent.com Um and again i’m taking nothing away From dave he’s doing a hell of a job But uh i’ve noticed some of the stuff That’s getting sent to us is also Getting sent over there so there’s some I wouldn’t even consider two witnesses Because it’s the same source But intel brandedpennant.com At refuge medical pretty much Everything’s in stock right now which is An incredible testimony Of the Awesome people That work with us at refugemedical.com Like The fact that they’ve been able to get Stuff in stock Right now Like during the end of the world They’re doing an awesome job and so Bear fax in stock bare minimums in stock Sob kits in stock the arcs the advanced Rip away kit In stock adventure kits in stock all the Buckets the wound care bucket the Birthing bucket postpartum bucket In stock

The bigger kits like the stomp bags and The mac eights and the mac fours and the Crash kits and the smash kits In stock So If you’ve wanted a kit And it wasn’t there You went to the site you’re like ah It’s there today who knows what tomorrow Holds Your promo code is bear nation for free Shipping and in a world of five dollar Diesel that’s not nothing okay so Bear nation get your free shipping on Everything in the store refuge medical Dot com and also Please remember especially as we enter Into another school year That all of our first aid kits All of our first aid kits and components Not the bucket lid opener not pastor Joe’s book But all of our first aid kits and Components Our hsa health savings account and fsa Flexible savings account flexible Spending account Uh eligible all of it If it can be used to save a life you can Use your hsa and fsa to pay for it no Questions asked to check out at refuge Medical so Check that out we appreciate y’all thank You for supporting our american made

Small businesses 51 lives save to date By the way 5-1 and also Shout out to one of our teammates Who was at a softball game last night When a girl got a ball smacked right Into her eyebrows split her head wide Open And he had his kit on him Only person there All out of the hundreds of people only Person there who had his first aid kit On him And he ran out onto the field and Rendered aiden it was it critical no but Did it matter hell yeah it mattered i Was able to apply gauze apply pressure Get the kids stabilized help walk her Off the field Uh full blown young man hero mode That’s the kind of people who work at Refuge medical And He had his kit on him You see how that works Refuge training has classes in dallas And waco texas right now so um I had somebody recently like hey man uh You need to let us know when there’s a Dallas class i’m like only every monday Wednesday friday friday homie also Refugetraining.com Like That’s a really good way to find out is There a class in dallas you could go to

Refugetraining.com and it turns out There’s a class in dallas so go to it Uh and then lastly grindstone ministries Hey um No leshon hurrah no slander just facts I have a lot of different witnesses from Several different Ministries Several different ministries That i talk to work with whatever Be careful in ava missouri If you are a torah observant person Be careful in abel missouri I cannot confirm But in the mouths of two or three let a Thing be established And i’ve got dozens of miles at this Point Just be careful in ava missouri There’s some bad stuff going on down There Now Grindstone ministries um If you think it’s a bad idea that adults Rape children Over and over and over again and you’d Like to actually do something about that You can visit grindstoneministries.com We’re out here this week working on Caleb house which is our restoration Facility where we take people and put Them back together again And uh We’ve got volunteers here

Coming out to help Yeah it’s pretty cool and so if you want To plug in get on the newsletter for When it’s time to volunteer Grindstoneministries.com If you’d like to help support the Mission grindstoneministries.com If you want to get the newsletter that Goes out once a month so you know what Our needs are and how to pray for us Grindstoneministries.com um and i’ll Tell you we had a hell of a day Yesterday and not Not like an awesome day it was awesome Because y’all was there but like had a Blown radiator blown tires needed tires On another truck the track co that got Delivered brand new machine was running Like absolute dog crap one of our other Guys tires went out on his vehicle and Then a fuel pump went out on another Grindstone truck and then one of the Volunteers the water pump on their truck Went down then another volunteer his Trucks leaking oil And uh Grandma’s well at the property the water Line fell off of grandma’s water pump And i i don’t even remember what else And that’s like Just part of it And it was amazing we were talking Yesterday eating dinner Me and our guys

It’s like i’m not even mad It’s like how worse could it have been If y’all wasn’t there through all of That like Nobody got killed nobody got injured oh We had to take a brother to the hospital Because he apparently got severely Dehydrated Uh showed up on the job site brought us Lunch and he was not looking so hot and He got a High-speed ride to the hospital And so yesterday was just fully under Attack yesterday and it’s like Eh This sucks praise y’all no biggie Everybody’s fine The half of the vehicles are already Repaired the other half are going to be Repaired today Got a new track hoe coming today And nothing but a thing And so It’s just super thankful that the father Was There in those moments with us because Like how much worse could it have been If he wasn’t How much worse could it have been if Y’all weren’t lifting us up in prayer So thank you for doing that i got to go To work y’all thanks for listening to me Freaking pontificate Y’all have a blessed day shalom