Stop Watching Survival Videos! : Prepper School Vol. 35

By | August 16, 2022
Stop Watching Survival Videos! : Prepper School Vol. 35

All right What’s going on guys it is sensible Prepper live and this is volume 35 of Prepper school yes sir can you believe It 35. By the end of the year we’ll have almost A year of these Can you believe that that we have we Have done prepper school For the better half of a year already That’s awesome that’s great it’s great i Hope you guys are enjoying it looks like You are and uh we really appreciate Robbie wheaton for being here gunsmith For over 20 years uh he’s been a Competitive shooter three gun guy i mean You name it and uh he has they do custom gun work And if you need some rmr cuts or Plus glock aftermarket parts he has some Of the best parts on the market and i’m Gonna tell you the flat face trigger For that he produces the competition Trigger is by far the best trigger out There period and i’m not saying that Just because robbie is sitting here And i’m telling you guys it is awesome i Tell you they’re they’re like doritos You know we’ll get customers always have Most customers have more than one glock And they’ll call the order one they’ll Get it Two or three days later they call back And they order one for their other block

You can’t help it because it spoils you It does totally absolutely ruin you so Um anyway we really appreciate robbie For being here and he’s also part of our Prepper group and also sarah mack is Over on the computer she is monitoring All the comments and questions and if You have questions we’ll take a couple Of breaks and we’ll try to get to some Questions um if you have some Uh today and i know that some of you Guys are going this is click bait i mean You’re watching a youtube video right Now but uh there are some definite Things that i want to really address In this and we want to kind of uh we Both feel the same way about this i mean You and i’m not telling you not to watch Youtube videos survival videos or or Read good survival books or do all those Things we’re not we’re not talking about That Um but if you are only doing Watching those videos just You know immersed in that stuff Then you’re not And you’re not going out and getting Skill and learning those things You know you’re doing yourself a huge Disfavor A disservice i mean you really need to Be focused now before i get too far Along we really appreciate sportsman’s Guide for being our sponsor today and

They offer a 20 off every 100 or more Purchase using such no zero zero And the big thing that i love about Sportsman’s guide is their military Surplus from around the world but they Have all kind of stuff especially toward The prepping community yes sir and make Sure you check out their buyers club as Well their buyers club will get you Additional savings as well as free Shipping on any order over forty nine Dollars and they they’re just great to Deal with they are great products great Magazine If you don’t have their magazine even if You don’t buy anything else from them You know call and set up an account with Them and get one of their magazines best Magazine out there awesome stuff yeah it Is it’s great i’ve been having i’ve been And they’ve been around for ever 50 Years at least because i remember when i Was i was young coming along they they Had those Okay so One of the big things that’s the is the Problem and it’s social media uh you Know all across the board it is a great Tool but it is also a great time waster And so one of the big things about Knowledge you can get all this knowledge You can soak it up i mean you can know All the You know the theory of fire starting you

Can know the theory of shooting a Firearm you can know the theory of Playing basketball And if you’re just And i want you to consider this if You’re watching basketball videos or Golf videos And you’re watching them you’re watching Them and then you go out to the but you Never go out and try it and then one Time you go out you have a buddy of Yours he’s like hey let’s go play some Golf you’re like you know i hadn’t done That in a long time i’ve been watching All these videos Your performance is not going to match What you’re watching on video it’s just Not going to do it you’ve got to get out And get the skill applied practice yes Applied practice You have got to develop some skills if You want to be effective now let me just Say this though this is a caveat you’re Watching fire starting videos you know You’re watching them and you’re getting The tools and that’s the other thing You’re going to we did a video a while Back about stop buying survival gear but It’s kind of the same premise guys you Need to get out there and test your gear And and all the other aspects of Prepping and i’m gonna give you this Really good example that happened last Uh it was two nights ago

We have a um you know well we have alarm Systems everywhere but my dad called at 3 30 in the morning they live next door He’s 82 years older he’ll be 82 this Month He calls at 3 30 and he said somebody Just was beating on the door on their Back door And so I’m up and clothes on and you know i’m Grabbing stuff you know you know and That’s one thing you know is it it Really ran through my mind that you know Some a couple of things like a rifle Sling like i did pick up a rifle because We do live on property uh i wouldn’t Necessarily advise that if you’re living In a subdivision but you know i didn’t Know what was going on and at first i Grabbed my pistol i said you know what I’m grabbing my rifle So i walk out i’m thinking man i don’t Have my dumb sling you know and i’m Walking around with that thing and i’ve Got my flashlight and and so i’m kind Of testing it i’m not like shining a Light everywhere you know because i Don’t want to be surprised so i’m kind Of coming up i’m using like where i need To And then i get around to the door and I’ve kind of looked around and my dad’s Standing there with the door wide open In his underwear

And i was like dad close the door and go Inside you know and he did you know i Just closed the door and go inside he Did and so i was walking around the Property i was looking in different Areas Now i know many of you have seen my Flashlight videos And you’ve seen me walking around the Yard with my blight you know and that’s Dramatic music and all this stuff But that really prepared me to know all The little hide spots and all the places And you know we know our property and Everything but if you’ve ever gone out In the middle of the night and gone Around your house with a flashlight and And looked to see different areas i’m Telling you it is an eye-opener and it Was really cool because i thought i need To share this with you guys and this is Just part of what we’re going to be Talking about i just want to know what Song was playing in your head one day It was this dramatic music And so you know i’m walking around you Know and i’m thinking this is i felt a Lot more confident because i knew those Areas And so you know and you can have Security lights you can have all that Stuff out and you know your property but In the middle of the night do you know It

Do you know where the shadows are do you Know where you’ve got some stuff stocked Up we have these wine barrels And uh and i’ve got them covered and It’s a big air you know and it takes up Some room somebody could easily get Behind there and hide you know And then looking for those areas and Thinking in my head you know what i need To move that i need to change that i Need to do that If i’m just theoretically watching some Video on you know home security And some things you need to do and i Never go out and actually put it into Action There’s a lot that’s lost right there There is nothing that substitute Hands-on So that was one of the reasons why i Wanted to bring this video in the first Place but there are a lot of categories And down in the description there’s Going to be a list Of the things we’re going to go through And guys i’m just encouraging you to Make sure because we learn by action And actually we learn even better by Teaching that’s right So taking your kids out and starting Fires now you’re big about that i am i Am and have been for a long time you Know i really wanted my boys at a young Age

To to learn how to build a fire to learn How to start a fire You know in less than optimal conditions Right now so that that’s something that That we practice have practiced a lot in The past and still practice a lot now is Fire building skills you know how to how To stack you would how to set everything Up how to put your kindling in where to Light it how much fire you need to be Able to light it how much spark you need To be able to light it tender All those little things that And now i’m to the point that i can Stand back they can build everything Themselves and teach me Exactly what they’re doing because They’re proficient enough in it to be a A teacher instead of a student that’s Still learning right that’s that’s That’s excellent and we had our prepper Group one time We took them out we had a place set up We had all these little fire pits set up And i said okay bring your fire kits and Everybody brought their fire kits well Most of them hadn’t even opened their Fire kits they didn’t know what to do i Mean you know they had the stuff So guys listen you can have the stuff You can have all this this knowledge Floating around in your head but until You put that piece of uh wood up and you Take your knife and you baton it

Actually And you see how the knife cuts when You’re doing feathering and you’re going Well this isn’t really working that well Listen you need to test your gear and They most of them were lost i mean they Were like And so it was great because i sit down And two like you said You’re learning things and so it helped Me to really know my stuff so when i get Them out there and then to become not Just proficient but actually build a Skill and an expertise that’s right and The one of the big things that i’m a Huge proponent of is your level of Confidence you know when when we go to Build a fire you know it’s it’s not Okay is this gonna work this time is are We gonna actually be able to get a fire Going you know we have a level of Confidence when we go to build a fire That it’s not if we’re gonna start a Fire it’s okay let’s just sit down and We do all of our things and then we’ve Got a fire you know it we don’t even Think about Or worry about being able to start it we Know that we’re going to be able to Start it having that level of confidence When you go into something just gives You a sense of peace about what you’re Doing because you know That you’ve done it in the past and you

Know how to do it and you can do it very Proficiently right that’s right And and this applies to all the things We’re going to be talking about but what I want to do is get you thinking about Some areas that you may not really think About uh now security and obviously We’ve just talked about security But Testing your security you know we have The ring system we have a standard Camera system with our um We have two we have layers we have Multiple layers of security driveway Alarm lights at the end of the driveway You know there’s a lot of different Things that we that we have and and There’s good reason we have more of a Reason than a lot of people but you know We really want to make sure that those Things are working correctly one thing i Do is when my driveway alarm goes off it Doesn’t matter When it is And the deer love to come by about three In the morning you know and so i get up And i’ll check And i’ll look and we not only have and Here’s the thing the driving alarm goes Off and i was having trouble seeing you Know out there and so i installed a Spotlight it’s a motion detector Spotlight has solar power so it’s all Out at the end of the driveway

Anybody that walks through there not Only is it going to set off the alarm But it’s going to put this light out Well then two i need to test to see okay What are my blind spots what do i need To check for what’s going on here and so Testing out you know seeing if you do Have security cameras are they picking Up areas do you have blind spots that’s Right and so you know you want to find Out those things and you can do that by Getting out i know robbie has the Security cameras he has lighting around And and so you know and you know one of The big things that i did is i have Cameras mounted along with my security Lights so If the light comes on the camera comes On and then you know i’m not sitting There peeking out the window trying to Look and see what’s going on out there i Can pull the camera up and see what’s Going on without anyone ever knowing That i’m there that i’m that i’m looking Out there and seeing them so i see Everything that’s happening on the Camera and then if it’s something that i Need to address I know Where the people are and where i need to Go to be able to address that situation You know i just something just hit me And i really appreciate it i’m gonna set A ring out there in my driveway alarm so

When that thing goes off i don’t have to Get out of bed Oh it’s a stupid deer okay exactly so You know two o’clock anyways just and You know a perfect example of that two O’clock this morning Lights go off camera goes off Phone goes off wakes me up i pick it up I open it up and there’s a deer eating My flowers in the front yard So i snoozed it for 30 minutes and went Back to sleep good very good but you Know it it picked up that motion it did Everything that it was supposed to do it Notified me it alerted me it allowed me To view it see what was happening see What was going on you know i recognize That it wasn’t any kind of threat and You know it was just a deer out there Destroying my wife’s flowers which was a Threat in itself but not to me So I was able to peacefully go back to Sleep and not worry about it until this Morning so you know getting out and Testing your security knowing what you Have knowing what you need to add but You know getting involved in it now Security is a little bit different as Far as the skill but it’s definitely one Of those things that you need to make Sure and you test one of the things we Had an older driveway alarm system and Sometimes it would just go off

And so i got to where i was kind of you Know i’d look and it wouldn’t be Anything out there and then it would go Off and i think well it may or may not Be so you want to have a good Quality system as well so you don’t get Lackadaisical and you don’t check Because it’s important to be for warned Is to be forearmed and that’s a perfect Example okay let’s talk about water and You know recently i saw there was a State in uh i think it was ohio or Somewhere where they actually had a bull Order from water and it was on a large Scale And so you know one of the things that’s Very important in the rule of threes and That means the time you can live during That period of time is air is three Minutes water is three days you only Have three days to live without water Now we depend on our municipal water Systems and all that having a filter System you know if you have let’s say a Lot of people say well we got this lake Down here and we can filter the water Have you taken buckets down there and Filled them up and got them back to your House now sometimes you can do it with a Vehicle yeah but you may not have a Vehicle you may not have access what are Your access points what are the places You need to go to you need to scout that Out just like we do at the beginning of

Deer season we go we scout out our pro You know the property we hunt on and we Make sure we have it and so taking it And going ahead and scouting out making Sure you can get that water is it secure Is it in a busy place do you live in a City and there’s this big canal and it’s Kind of in a rough area and you’re down There trying to get water and you know You’re putting yourself in danger so Making sure that you go through the Different steps go down we have a creek Down below the house we have a spring we Have a pool so we have some different Prep options Try them out go down there take your Five gallon bucket and you’ll need two To balance you out and get some water And bring it up pre-filter it and then Run it through your filter system see What it does See how it works and you know one thing A lot of people don’t think about when It comes to water is most houses have a Bathtub and bathtubs hold a lot of water Now if if you see that there’s something Going on that you’re concerned about Your water supply go ahead and fill your Bathtub up beforehand and that’s going To give you about 80 to 100 gallons of Water that you have right there on tap You can saran wrap it put some saran Wrap over the top of it to help minimize Evaporation and keep things from getting

Into your water and then you’ve got you Know 80 gallons of clean water to carry You out for a few days until you’re able To replenish that supply yeah and there Are even bobs that you can put in the Tub which we have and if we fill it up And we lived in north carolina we lived In the mountains and our well system was Hooked into our electricity so if the Electric power went out our water went Out and so that was one of the things we Would do if the storm was coming up we Would fill up the bathtub and we’d get Them all filled up and that way we had Water even to flush the toilet i was Just gonna say One of the things that you know when When you start having a water crisis and Water shortage that a lot of people Don’t think about is being able to flush Your toilet you know you’ve got one tank Full of water you know you’ve got one Shot at that thing Yeah so having that extra water that you Can save and use that to flush your Toilets um you know it’s it’s very Important you’ve got to be able to get Rid of that waste you know waste breeds Bacteria breeds disease and you know That was one of the big problems in you Know the dark ages That when people started really coming Together and living in cities in in Large large groups

They had a big problem with waste Disposal they had a big problem with Disease and that’s where a lot of people Died So being able to get rid of that waste Is is critical to be it’s as almost to Me it’s as important Or more important than water to be able To get rid of that waste you got to have The water to stay alive but you got to Get rid of that waste to be able to stay Healthy that’s right that’s a good point And you know figuring out what if i need To build a latrine and actually doing it You know but if your hoa may not like That Okay let’s talk about food prep now Definitely you know you you stock your Food back is it food number one that you Eat you know a lot of times just gather Food But is it food that you’re going to eat Secondly if you’re buying emergency Supplies you need to test that food out And that’s one thing that we sometimes Are slow about and we’ve done that with Our prepper group we’ve prepared a bunch Of different type foods and let Everybody kind of test them and Sometimes when you’re buying the cheaper Food they’re really full of sodium i Mean they have a lot of sodium So you know you want to check to see is This any good

Is this something i’m going to eat a few Years ago Southern prepper one who’s a buddy of Mine he lives not too far from me and he Decided he was going to take all the Food that he had a year supply and more And he was going to just eat that And after about three days he stopped Eating he said i just couldn’t i Couldn’t do it and he said i needed to Work and i needed to do stuff he goes i Just couldn’t make myself eat it and so You want to make sure that it’s foods You normally eat to a point and then Test the foods out that you have then Get your grill out or get build your Little rocket stove or even your fire Pit or whatever and cook those foods To see and figure out what you need There is nothing worse than getting in The middle of a situation like that and Going you know what i don’t have a ladle And i need a ladle you know or i need This or i need that and so you can go Ahead and have that set up i mean when You’re building a fire even camping You’re building a fire you know there’s Certain ways you can cook you can wrap It up in tinfoil and throw it in the Fire and things like that but having Just a grill to be able to set on top of Your fire just a metal grill or grate And be able to cook on that and so there Are little things like that that you

Think you’ve got everything covered and Then when you’re in the situation you’re Like oh i needed that and i need it back And you know the the grill thing is is One that’s one area where a lot of People are like well you know i’ve got I’ve got a big fire pit i don’t have Enough you know nobody makes a grill That will fit on my fire pit or anything Go to your local hardware store and get You a grate of expanded metal You know it’s just like little diamonds But you can put expanded metal down and Use that for your grate your grill and Cook on it it works it works Tremendously well you can you can oil it You can season it and then you have a Grate that you can cut to any size that You want that will fit your grill fit Your your uh your fire pit area and be Able to allow you to have cooking access Right in fact sometimes on old grills That i was going to throw out and i took The grates out and used those so you Know there’s some things like that that You can do Um but yeah test your food test it out Okay we’re gonna do one more and then We’re gonna go to some questions if you Have them sarah max following up with Them right now now we’ve already talked About fire starting but one of the big Things that i like to do is have a fire Kit and one of the big things that a lot

Of people miss is they’ll have a lighter And they’ll be like okay i can start a Fire i got some newspaper gasoline Gasoline Don’t do that Um diesel you know i mean you can do all Kinds of stuff but you know being Proficient at making fire but having the Right tools Now when in my fire kit i usually have a Bic lighter but i’m just going to tell You bic lighters will go out at the Worst possible time and if you’ve got it Stuck in your fire kit that little Um Wheel on there gets Locked in sometimes it corrodes and it Gets locked in and i’ve had that happen Even on video i’ve laughed about it Because i pulled it out when i was Checking it i was like see it don’t work So you know having alternate ways and There’s a lot of different ones one of My favorites though is fire steels Fair cerium rods are great they have 10 000 strikes a lot of times uh exotec is To me one of the best now there’s a lot Of cheap ones out there and they’re Great and they’ll work But exotec i like and you get a 20 off There’s a link down below i just thought About it there’s a link down below Exotec offers a 20 discount to suit Viewers and you can find the link down

In the description but they have tinder In the back of their fire tin or their Fire steels and you can pull those Tender tabs out it’ll start fire having Fire tender now i’m a big fan of Vaseline and cotton balls yep and you Like dryer lamps i like dryer lint and Dryer it’s a really easy that’s Something we’re just continually making That’s right that’s right you know every If you’ve got kids in your house you Know how much you wash clothes right so That dryer event it’s a perpetual Endless supply of lint to be able to Make to make uh fire stuff expensive Clothes there it comes But you know getting that and saying Okay i got fire lamp i mean a dryer land So you got all this dryer land we’ll Take it out and test it take it out and Get it started mix it with some vaseline And it’ll really accelerate because Vaseline is flammable but i love to do That with cotton balls taking time to go Ahead have your cotton balls have your Vaseline and make up some vaseline Cotton balls and then go out pull them Apart take your fire steel strike it Learn how to use your fire steel now There’s different ways to do it in fact I’ve got a video coming up i just hadn’t Put it together yet but it’s you know There’s a lot of people that they want To take the knife and push it down and

That sometimes will knock your tender And then you can the proper way According to a lot of people is to pull It out pull your fire steel out and let The spark go forward One way though and i learned this in Field craft survival school i went to a Survival school and um they took and Took the uh firesteel and they Just rub it real fast back and forth and It creates a bunch of sparks and so it Makes it really easy so but get out There and find out what in the heck you Know you’ve got going on well and the Big thing too with fire kits fire kits Are just like your security you build it In layers you start with the easiest I’ve got my lighter and then you go to Your phariseem rod and then you’ve got Your you know even going as far back as Just flint and steel but there’s layers Built into your fire kit so if if one Goes down my big lighter well Won’t work anymore so now i go to my Ferrous sem rod ferrocym rod you wear it Out you know it’s okay my pharisee i’m Rod’s gone now i’ll go to my flint and Steel and build fire with that but you Always build layers into everything that Way there’s redundancy into everything That you do yeah and your bow drill Method that’s a real fun one [Laughter] But it’s a great skill to know uh just

Like the fl the flint and steel is not An easy way and you’re just getting an Ember and you’re When you’re doing all this stuff so Learning how to do it not just you can Watch a video on how to do it you can Watch a video on how to build a bow Drill i’ll tell you what you do if You’ve never tried to start a fire with A bow drill you you honestly owe it to Yourself one time To try and start a fire with a bow drill That is probably one of the most Difficult ways i have ever tried to Build a fire is with a bow drill it will Absolutely wear you out you’ll go out And buy a lot of fair serum yes you will A lifetime supply of vicks but the Tinder’s important i have a video about How to start a fire in the rain and the Rain had been going for four days man And it was a challenge but you know i Got it done and i did a lot of research Now the one thing is guys is doing your Research is going to save you time in The field that’s right but it’s not a Substitute for the time in the field so Just make sure that you’re you’re Putting those two together the knowledge As well as the applied practice right Sure right i mean you can take that Knowledge and you can learn a lot i mean It definitely helps so i’m not really Saying don’t watch youtube videos i’m

Just saying Add to it add to it don’t just watch it Yep okay if we have some questions we’ll We’ll kind of go to those uh mayor Chamber ask question upcoming solar cme What do we do Well you know it there’s a lot of Theories about it but they’ve really and They’ve had a few limited experiences With um with solar or with nuclear you Know with an emp Uh you know one of the things anything That has an electronics computer board Can they can fry it it can be fried uh It’s just according to uh how close it Is and a lot of things like that but There is a potential Uh and then of course with this rumbling Right now with china that’s a little Scary as well And then iran and everybody else so There are threats out there that can Cause that not Not only a you know a solar type flare But um you know protecting certain Things and the problem is is how am i Going to protect my cell phone because i Carry it all the time you have your Faraday bags you have your faraday cages What i would recommend for those is to Have a faraday cage and have some Two-way radios or an emergency radio Just handy have certain items maybe a a Small ipad of course we may not have

Internet service you may not have cell Service So taking some Valuable things and putting those away That you could use they’re not like the Optimum they mean ham radios you just Buy a couple of extras and have those Set aside just for that So um that to me is the best way to to Cover yourself i mean there’s a lot of Theories about putting stuff in Galvanized trash cans And ammo boxes and stuff like that but a Lot of that’s A lot of that’s a little sketchy So the faraday bags are a real great way Or a faraday cage but uh faraday bags Are pretty fair reasonably reasonable uh Even for like your generator taking a Cover that’s a faraday netting and it Just goes over your generator so it’ll Keep it keep it running if you have Computer boards on there um and there Are some protections with vehicles i’ve I’ve seen it and i’ve read it but i Haven’t tested it so again like we’re Talking about i’m seeing it but i’m not Applying it so really it’s no good Unless i can apply it Uh gary hernandez self-defense and urban Survival asks hi guys do you know of any Good weekend survival courses in florida Uh not necessarily but i would check With chris weatherman from the going

Home series who wrote the going home Series i know he does some things down There and he’s out in gainesville near The gainesville area Uh chris is phenomenal phenomenal uh and Check out um Survival dispatch i think they’re still Doing some stuff uh which They have some guys down there and you Can connect with them in that florida Area personally i don’t know field craft Survival they do classes all over that’s Right and uh those guys are top-notch I’ve done uh one of their classes i Would like to do another one and they Actually were here locally here in south Carolina So um You know they’ve got groups that travel All over the country Teaching different courses whether it’s It’s medicine tactical medicine it’s Firearms it’s survival um even even all The way down to food processing you know They they have some classes around here Where they they’ll teach you how to Completely process like a wild boar or Uh or white-tailed deer and teach you How to process and package and preserve All of that meat So they’ve got there’s a lot of classes That field craft survival offers Nationwide So i would i would check their website

And see what they have to offer as well Yeah and i know uh out in camden Tennessee um They do uh the guys at soe gear john Does a lot of stuff out there he even Has a conference But There are a lot of resources out there i Don’t know them all so you have to just Do your research to find them but They’re out there Harbor prepper asks guys what are your Thoughts on aftermarket parts Invalidating factory warranties Well you know one of the things um I don’t typically have problems with Most guns in most things i think what i Would do is i would have my spare parts That i took out of especially if you’re Done with a firearm or anything for that Matter but let’s just say a firearm um Just reinstall the the regular parts That were in there because those parts Are not typically what caused the Especially catastrophic problem So uh i i don’t i i don’t worry about it I don’t either no i the exact same way And for me It doesn’t matter if it’s if it’s a Firearm if it’s a vehicle whatever if if There’s something aftermarket that i Want to put on that that vehicle or on That firearm i buy it and put it on There because it’s it’s something that i

Won’t and i don’t let a something like a Warranty which nine times out of ten Is Not generally worth the paper that it’s Written on anyway So i put on what i want to put on and if Something fails with it either because Of the parts that i put on or something Else you know that was just mechanically Wrong with it Just from the oem from the manufacturer Then i just replace it yeah if it’s Something that voids the warranty you Can typically just reinstall something Else and then you know you can cover Yourself that way Okay let’s go we’ll keep going on some Questions and we’ll move on paintball God says my question are you going to do Any more improvised to survive videos i Look at trash on the street different Now because of you Well you know that is one of the the Elements that we’re going to talk about In a minute is improvising and um Yeah i haven’t it’s funny because i i Need to kind of do get some things Together i do have a couple of things Lined up Uh paint tools which are funny paint Scrapers and they make some now that are 14 in one i mean they’ve got tools and Drivers and stuff all over it and it’s One of those things that you know you

Can take a regular paint tool and you Can adapt it but um yeah there’s there’s There’s still some things out there and It’s important to be able to improvise You know one of the things the market Drives is specialization This piece is for this and so we want to Look for something we look for that and So but sometimes you can kind of rig Things a little bit differently and you Can fix things and you need to have that Skill and that’s one of the reasons why I did those videos for so long is just Taking like a paper clip and these are The things you can do you know with it It really helps to open your mind to The possibilities that you have with Products that that you look at the Product and it almost pigeon holes you Into one thing you know like i said a Paper clip you know what do you do with It well put paper together that’s what It’s designed for but there are so many Things that you can do with that paper Clip from pulling it apart wiring things Together tying things together making Little nooses with it i mean there’s Just a infinite possibilities for things You can do with just a paper clip If you allow your mind to look at it as Something other than what it actually is Yeah that’s right and there are there Are so many different things and you Know and when you’re in the field

Especially items that take care of a Multitude of things paper clips are one Of them especially the larger ones you Can you can put them out to a piece of Wire about that long that’s right you Can use that wire for a lot of things so Hopefully we’ll get some more going Pretty soon uh david frost asked Question hey guys i’m looking at the Dfndr Qrc 2.0 plate carrier opinion on it do You have any other characters you reckon Carriers you recommend What are the preferred levels of plates I know there are different types Well that’s a big one yeah i’m not i’m Not familiar with that one specifically You know what what i tend to look at When it comes to plates Is what level it is and you know it’s Either either three or four i want Something that’s going to be rifle rated Um for 308 at a minimum um so i look at That what what the plates are rated for And then the second thing that i look at Is the weight of the plate how much does The plate weigh because if you’re Putting you know a front plate a back Plate you got side plates you know You’re you’re adding 20 pounds really Quickly Which doesn’t seem like a lot until you Put 20 pounds on you plus a vest which Is gonna add another five pounds you’re

25 30 pounds and you go out and you Start walking around with it all day or All week or all month in your pack Plus your rifle that’s right It it’s it ounces or pounds when it Comes to carrying stuff and it though That weight adds up really really Quickly so you look at a set of plates That are Four and a half pounds apiece And they’re Just just for a round number four and a Half pound set of plates or a thousand Dollars Or i can get a six pound set of plates That are 500 I’m probably gonna go with the thousand Dollar set of plates even though they’re Much more expensive And even though i have to to save my Money longer to be able to get those Plates Just because of that weight reduction You know same performance same Everything but that weight reduction When you’re carrying those and wearing Those every single day makes a huge Difference yeah and there are a lot of Different polymer type plates they’re Coming out with now that are really Lightweight and yet very effective so You know there’s so much you really hear Lately that’s come out one thing that I’ve always kind of done though and

Is on the prepper side is thinking i Need because if you have a regular Standard ceramic plate it gets hit it’s Compromised i mean it’s pretty much one And done it is you know you get hit a Couple of times you gotta toss that Thing it’s one of the reasons why i kind Of favored ar 500 steel but it’s heavy But it’ll last forever i mean you we’ve Shot multiple multiple rounds into Plates like that and that they hold up So you know there is a balance i agree With robbie the weight it’s better if You can get the same performance if you Have some ceramic plates and you have These polymer plates and they’re half The weight but they’re twice as Expensive yeah i would go with those Because of those things but on the Prepper side of it are these going to Last long term i mean is this a one day And you’re exactly right with that you Know your the ar 500 steel is gonna it’s Gonna be Multi-hit multi-use you can be you can Shoot it you know thousands of times and It’s still going to work like it’s Supposed to The downside that you run into with the Ar 500 steel versus uh versus a ceramic Plate is spalling and spalling is Basically where the projectile hits the Plate and it explodes in all directions So you get

Lead and copper jacket fragments that go Up you get lead and copper jacket Fragments that go down Both of which are No bueno so all right And they can cut several arteries and Things like that yeah and that’s where a Lot of these companies now have started Putting uh Like rhino lining and different things Like that on the surface of the plate Which helps to absorb a lot of that Spalling and cut down on it but if the Plate gets shot several times that that Lining is going to be gone and you’re Going to have to recover that plate to Protect yourself against spalling so There’s benefits and drawbacks to both Of them you know the benefit with the Steel you get long life it lasts you Know pretty much indefinitely the Downside to it is after it’s hit a Couple of times you get spalling where Were the ceramics you know one or two Rounds three rounds whatever The plates compromised you know even After one round it’s compromised but you Could still use it if it’s all that you Had for for several more times before it Was completely compromised and and Failed on you But You know just like you said it’s a Short-term use it it lasts until it

Doesn’t until it’s hit and then you have To replace it so those are things you Have to weigh out with plates Okay we’re gonna come back to questions Uh let’s go ahead and move on because we Got a we got a large list here um fire Uh knife testing Taking your knife out testing the hot Spots in the handle if you’re using a Knife a lot you’re going to find out That this knife gets uncomfortable quick It’s probably not the knife for you so You want to make sure that you have a Knife that you can use has a really good Solid grip full tank make sure that the Cut and there’s a lot of different Grinds there’s a lot of different blade Shapes there’s a lot of different Thicknesses i’m a fan of more knives It’s a thin blade it’s but it’s great in The field for small task but yet if i Want something heavy duty you know i Might want to go to my sc4 something Heavy something i can baton with Something i can do and maybe i want to Carry both but you know getting those Knives out and testing them and learning To sharpen your knives and having the Right stuff to be able to sharpen them Because a dull knife takes a lot more Work Than a sharp knife sharp knife cuts like A lot more people have been cut with a Dual knife trying to force something

Than they ever have with a sharp knife That just slides right through the Material that you’re using you know A dull knife can be dangerous And i’m i’m a i’m a huge fan of like Almost razor blade sharp knives right And it starts getting my knife starts Getting just a little bit dull and it Goes back on the sharpener and i sharpen It right and uh you know it’s even Something that if i use my knife a few Times during the week even though that i Haven’t lost the edge or anything with It it’s still great you know i’ll still Touch it on a home And you know sit down watching tv in the Evenings i’ll home the blade just a Little bit and just make sure that Everything is touched up like it’s Supposed to be you know maximizing my Time that i have and being able to still Get tasks done that need to be done but You know whether it’s feathering and Certain knobs are better for slicing Some are better for chopping some are Better for slicing some are an All-around but you need to know how to Use it and so getting your knife out You’ve got this survival knife go out And try it out and test it and see how It does you know even and one thing too Is as far as for self-defense you know And we’ll get into this in a minute but Taking classes there are classes that

Teach knife fighting right and um you Know it’s just one of those things to Have a skill uh a well-rounded skill Because your knife is one of your most Important tools uh you know man’s been Using knives since the beginning and You know one of the big things that a Lot of people don’t take into Consideration when they’re when they’re Buying a knife you know they Walk in the store you look at a bunch of Knives on the shelf you’re like oh that One’s cool i’ll take that one And a lot of people don’t take the Handle the handle shape and the handle Design into consideration when they’re Buying a knife you know you’ve got tons Of different Knife knife handle shapes are just like Handgun handle shapes they come in all Different shapes and sizes um Some fit your hands some don’t fit your Hand You’ve got rounded handles you’ve got Squared off edges you’ve got squared off Edges that are that are beveled it’s Finding that knife that fits your hand Really really well that’s important the Blade shape itself Obviously you’re going to have certain Blade shapes for certain tasks like thin Blade works really well for feathering a Thick blade works really well for Batoning and it’s just a good all-around

Uh blade shape but the handle itself You’ve got to find a handle that really Fits you and fits you well because if The handle doesn’t fit you and you’re Wearing blisters on your hand every time You try and use this knife it’s going to Be just like that handgun that recoils Really heavy that’s uncomfortable to you It’s probably going to stay in the safe And not get used a whole lot And so with knives obviously then it Comes to gear and checking out your Backpack you know putting your pack on And walking with it i had my my get home Bag We had had a car worked on and so i took My get home bag out and i set it In our bedroom and my wife said that Thing weighs 100 pounds get that thing Out of here and it doesn’t weigh 100 Pounds but it’s heavy and so i need to Put it on Put that see how the straps work across My body see how it wears walk around With it you know i hike with it but get It out there and test it because those Straps you’re gonna get to a certain Point you’re gonna go oh man these Things are killing me And so making sure that you have the Right pack there are expensive packs out There but a lot of them are expensive Because there’s been a lot of design Work that goes in behind it and so

Finding the right pack for your get home Bag you may have to walk 10 miles with That thing and you know and then of Course in a bug out situation it could Be a lot a lot more than that so testing Out your bags making sure that the Straps making sure that everything works You know if you’re not careful you get Out there you go what’s this for and you Don’t even know what strap cause Sometimes they can have a lot of Different straps oh yes and get in your Bag and get familiar with what’s in your Bag And that’s you know to go along with the Straps on them you know there’s like Depending on what i’m doing what i’ve Got in my pack there’s some straps that I use there’s some straps that i don’t Right you know if i’m if i’m just out For you know just out for afternoon hike Or whatever i probably don’t have my Chest strap on i probably don’t have my Waist strap on pulling everything in and Snugging it up because my pack only Weighs 20 pounds and i don’t need all of That extra support with my pack Where if you know if i’ve got to walk a Long distance and now i’ve got 60 pounds In my pack i’m utilizing all of those Straps to help support that load and Spread that load out on my on my chest And my back and take a little bit of That load off of my shoulders and

Knowing how to use those straps and how To set everything up kind of based off Of the weight that you have in your pack You know it’s very important and how It’s packed absolutely sometimes you Know you could have something that’s Jabbing into your bag you’re like good Gosh this is ridiculous but testing out Your different gear your flashlights Testing your flashlights going out and Checking them out throw them up and see How they do see if they work knock them On the ground you know we do a lot of Flashlight testing and you know and i’ll Tell you and I’m a big fan of the olight you guys Know it but i’m going to tell you this i Take out an olight to test I have full confidence that it’s going To pass because i have tested so many And i’ve tested other lights that have Not passed And so you know having a light that Really works in fact i’m doing a review Right now where the light failed the Light failed on me and so i’ve gotta Wait and to get another one in and i’m Gonna talk about the failure points Because it’s happened to two different Ones and so it’s important for you guys To know that but how are you gonna know It if you’re not taking it out and Testing it out you don’t want to for it To fail when you have to have it

And so testing your flashlights testing Your All your different gear i mean there’s So much with your firearms which you Know is part of security Testing you’re going out and shooting And getting better and more proficient You can watch me shoot all you want and That’s fine and i want you to watch you Know but Take that and inspire you shooting weak Hand it’s a big thing that we try to do At the range every time we go to the Range here we can yep if you know if you Watch me beforehand when i’m when i’m on Camera when i’m shooting on camera when I’m not shooting on camera i always i’ll Shoot you know what we call freestyle Like this i shoot left handed which is My dominant hand but then i also shoot Right handed and i’m i’m to the point Now with with my training and with Everything that i do that i try and Shoot as much or more right-handed which Is my support hand than i do with my Dominant hand because i feel like that Is still Even as much as i shoot it’s still The weaker point of all three of my my Shooting styles of of the three you know With freestyle strong handle or weekend So i try and focus more on my weekend Shooting than i do in anything else Because i know that my

My skill level with freestyle my free my Skill level with strong hand is i’m very Proficient with those right so i try and Focus my attention at the range on the On the skill that i’m not as proficient With which is my weekend shooting which Will improve your other shooting ability Yep absolutely if you do that so you Know and getting out and testing your Trigger pull you know testing it out and When you’re shooting at targets you know Check that trigger pull see that you’re Not sticking your finger in too much Making sure you’re doing the follow Through making sure you’re shooting at Reset i mean there’s a whole lot of Things that go with that and it just Takes time and thank god ammunition is Coming down And available and available so I heard the other day there was i saw Some nine millimeter this weekend at the Gun show for 17.50 i think it was A guy told me last night on patreon live He said he found it for 13. 75 or Something so you know we’re getting back Down there with that being said By ammo right now by ammo because if Something happens which it will If something happens and this assault Weapons ban is already kind of floating Around i would i would be buying my Ammunition right now before i told you Guys hold off just by you know

Increments of what you need but right Now is the time to stock up you know i Went to one of our big box stores this Past weekend and uh pick up a couple of Things and they actually had 22 long Rifle on the shelf on sale And like not just one not just one brand And one type they had like four or five Different brands on the shelf then they Had the big the big remington golden Golden bullet that comes in the buckets They had a bunch of those so it was it’s Really nice to see Ammunition becoming more available and The pricing starting to come down on That and that should help you with your Training that’s right okay um Now martial arts and uh you know that There’s a that’s a wide gamut martial Arts or a wild gamut um we have started Back uh Sarah mack i and grant my youngest son Uh taking uh kempo karate and um also Jiu jitsu and We’ve been doing some kung fu fighting And uh you know i’ve been doing that for 40 years been doing karate you know in Different forms and it’s been off and on But we’re really back into it because You know whether you have a firearm or Not you need to have that alternate but Here’s the thing guys you’re like well i Don’t have time to do that at least go To a self-defense class try to go to

Some classes to be able to hone your Street fighting because honestly excuse Me in a grid-down situation You could be in a physical confrontation And so it’s good to at least have those Skills that’s not what you want to do And the best the best way to win a fight Is to avoid a fight period but and that Applies to all your self-defense that’s Right but honestly you need to have Those skills and you need to get Yourself in good shape and so one thing About You know Gorging on video all the time and not Getting out and being active but it’s Not just enough to be active i can go to The Gym and i can work out i can run i can Do all that stuff it’s not really Improving my fighting skill so i just Highly recommend especially you guys That have firearm restrictions or you Can’t carry a firearm i would definitely Be honed into martial arts Uh but i just heard recently there was This jiu jitsu brazilian jiu-jitsu guy That had won a lot of tournaments and he Was down in Rio de janeiro he got a fight at a bar He whipped that guy i mean he just took Care of him and then the guy pulled a Gun out and shot him so you know all the Skill in the world isn’t necessarily

Going to help you need to be smart about It but uh also firearms are the ultimate In self-defense when it comes to and Then pepper spray and two Listen you i’m a big proponent now of Pepper spray i haven’t always been Excuse me but one of the things about Pepper spray is knowing What it’s going to do so if you’re Buying pepper spray buy you a couple of Pepper sprays and test them and i highly Recommend the stream over the mist Because the stream you’re wanting to go For the eyes and plus if it’s windy or There’s something going on it could blow It back in your face so a stream really Works well Uh but Testing it a lot of times i see people All the time with pepper spray on you Know they’re holding some they’ve never Even tried it you know make sure it Works you know test it out and so those Are some things you know you’re just Testing stuff out okay uh shelter Building a shelter knowing how to build A shelter getting a tarp and then Figuring out how can i make this into a Tent or how can i make this into a Windshield so you know getting out in The field making sure you have paracord Making sure you have those things that You need some stakes now you can make Wooden stakes you know in the field but

If you have a good knife but we we carry Stakes in our packs so we can not rib Eyes but you know just uh to make sure That we can build a shelter take two Trees the problem is you’re not always In an area that has trees and so you Know you’ve got to figure out the best Way um to be able to have shelter well You know one of the one of the big Things when it comes to building shelter That a lot of people overlook you know They they look at the wind they look at The rain they they build their shelter All right so you’ve got your your A-frame type shelter You’re protected you’ve got all of the Wind is off of you all of the rain is Off of you you’re laying there you’re All nice and comfortable The wind and the rain Runs under your tent on the ground so if You’re on the ground you’re gonna get Wet there’s also a ton of insects on the Ground You really need to have a second tarp For a ground layer to help separate you From the ground that goes down on the Ground it curves up on all the edges is Propped up around the edges to protect You while you’re on the ground from from All your creepy crawlies and and wind And rain and everything like that and That’s i think that’s one area that a Lot of people tend to overlook when

They’re building a shelter is getting up You know giving giving them a ground Layer to protect them or something that Gets them up off the ground to help keep Things off of them right now an easy way To fix that is to get a small Lightweight tent And that really helps you can set that Up anywhere Okay we are to i’m going to pick out a Couple things because we’re going to run Out of time otherwise uh comms Your phone could go out phone can go out Gps i’ve had it happen to me before Where my gps went out i didn’t know what I was doing uh you know having two-way Radios you’ve got them are you testing Them are you getting out and saying okay Let’s see how far these will work Because 2a radios have a limited real Limited range and so getting that out if You have ham radio get your license or You know and you’ve got to really know a Lot to get into ham radio You know these standard little radios Like this test it check it out check out The weather channel check out the Shortwave channels see how it works You know just getting involved in the Different gear that you have the Different comms that you could could Come up with uh but to me a good two-way Radio For security for just small things

Around your property if you have friends You you know i may be over on the other Side my wife can call me if the phone’s Not working so but actually testing it Talking about what channels you want to Use and then kind of you know going into Some different things with that and That’s a huge subject medical get some Training that’s all i can say you know Get your stuff get your you got your Trauma kit but you’re not you don’t know What to do with it Like what the crap is this you know so There’s a lot of great classes out there Stop the bleeding a lot of other things Um and um let me see let me see what We’ve got we’re not going to be able to Get to it all because i want to get back To some questions uh but Two things that i’m going to hit there At the end is improvise and we talked a Little bit about that in the question Section Being able to improvise things having Knowledge thinking it through you know We’ve used rubber bands i’ve used wd-40 Um you know heavy meal trash bags Safety pins i mean there there are so Many different things that you just use And you have a specific use but you can Improvise those things to do a lot of Stuff And again we live in this disposable World so if something breaks we just

Toss it learn how to repair it Learn how to sew Have your sewing kit and learn because Your bag the strap could break And the seams could come loose and You’re gonna need to be able to sew that Thing back up and so having a small Little kit to be able to sew your stuff Up Okay let’s uh the list will be down Below now the last thing and i’ll hit This i’ll hit the last thing when we Close out so let’s go and take a few Questions while we’ve got a few minutes Okay Um Demean Reaper asks for those of us that don’t Have an actual bug out location in the Event that things go wrong where would You recommend people with small children In the midwest try to get to stay the Safest Man that’s a that’s a tough one because One of the things if you don’t have a Destination you are a glorified refugee And that’s the one thing about bugging Out in general having a destination is Important but i do understand that a lot Of times families have spread out across The country and you know you may not Have someone But being a good friend And teaming up with other people that’s

A big plus And um You know but Yeah if you don’t have a location Yeah that’s that’s really a tough one if You don’t if you don’t have a place to Go or you know some a friend or family Member that you can go and stay with Until things move past You know it’s it’s just you’re like like You said you’re going to be a glorified Refugee yeah and you know i mean of Course obviously like red cross Typically comes in and they help and They do things Um so you know you just have to go with What you have to do but i know let’s Just take uh the ukraine right now and Especially early on when mass parts of The population were moving into poland And into different countries You know they just had to go and uh they Didn’t necessarily have anybody because All their family was right around them So they’re all evacuating and sometimes That’s the best thing to do sometimes The best thing is you know you may not Have a destination but it anywhere is Better and safer than where you are and You just have to get in your car and you Just have to go And being able to recognize Something that being able to recognize When things are happening are going to

Happen before they happen and like we Always talk about get out ahead of the Curve Ahead of all of the rush ahead of all of The people that are trying to escape get Out in front of that even even if you Don’t know exactly where you’re going But to just get out and go ahead of Everyone else and it’s according to if If it’s a vulnerable area if it’s a high Target area maybe for some kind of Attack or something or it’s in an urban Situation you need to get out Um you know and two one thing that i Always tell people if they’re having Riots or something in your name or they Have had or they’re gonna you think they May have them get out of town that Weekend just take the weekend go out of Town spend some time and then you know And you typically may be able to even Come back to that area after the threats Passed but um yeah that’s a tough one i Would really work on finding some a Location to be able to go to in some Form that’s right even if you’re just Mapping out campgrounds that you can you Can stop at a state park or a state Campground that’s going to give you a Place you can set up shelter you’re Going to have you know maybe some basic Amenities you know Possibly running water showers things Like that maybe electricity that will

Allow you to get out of that area that You’re in but still have a place that You can go right that’s a tough one Bernhard asks what if it’s forbidden to Make a fire because of drought Well you know um But i mean that’s just a possibility and One of the things about an shtf Situation is is there’s you know the law I mean they’re not necessarily going to Be going out and enforcing that when They’ve got the cities burning down Right next to them uh but One thing that for foul said in in Argentina when he was writing about Their total economic collapse which are Getting ready to have another one Is he said that the police won’t be There to protect you but they’ll be There to arrest you and it’s one of the Things to think about with laws even Current laws sometimes they can come Back and get you uh but yeah you know You just gotta you gotta mark that out How you can of course sometimes you know Taking rocket stoves and little uh ways To to cook and heat without having to Build a fire Is a great thing i mean those little Ultra light stoves that you can get and You can get the fuel for them That’s especially if you’re in drought Stricken areas but that is a great Resource it’s easier than building a

Giant fire Uh you know and having to do all the Work around that so that’s one way to Just pop it up there you can cook Something on it and then you can put it Away put it in your pack and you know Your your kind of side you know away From it so yeah that’s that’s pretty Much it Uh grinning al asks can distilling water Remove salt from salt water sources Uh well there the distillery and that Kind of technology and everything is Pretty expensive And uh you know they they do that and It’s it’s a pretty major deal i’m not Saying you can’t there may be some ways To do it But uh yeah i’m not i’m not super up to Speed on desalinization uh and the Processes around it you know and what’s What i was involved so but from all i Understand you know it is a pretty Extensive process and You know and if you live on the coast Obviously you can go inland to get away From that salt water if you need to but Yeah i don’t think that’s a very viable Uh something you want to count on yeah Uh brenda jackson ask any Recommendations for a left-handed knife Or does it matter Uh Well you’re left-handed

I’ll take this one yeah you take this so Some some of the big things that i look For being a lefty with a knife is is the Pocket clip on the knife reversible can I move it from one side to the other Where is the liner lock on it is the Liner lock pushing right to left or left Or right um it doesn’t seem like a big Thing but when you’re when you’re Folding the knife if the liner lock is From right to left then you’re moving Your thumb across the blade and you’re Folding the blade across your thumb when You close it so you want to try and find A liner lock that pushes From left over to the right hand side That way your your thumb’s not under the Blade when you’re closing the handle If it’s a assisted opening knife uh or Automatic what side is the release zone Is the The release on the right side or is it On the left side you know Ideally you want the release on the left Side so you can release it with your Thumb open the knife with your thumb Otherwise you’re trying to open the Knife with your index finger which is It’s more difficult it’s hard to find it As hard to get on the on the button and Then you don’t have as much control over The the knife handle itself while you’re Trying to open it but what about fixed Blade knives it’s not really a

Difference Fixed blade knives no not not much of a Difference at all with fixed blade they Work really well as an ambidextrous Knife You want you want to make sure it’s got A good guard on it to keep your hand From sliding forward under the blade With a fixed blade um But really other than that it’s just Finding the correct handle shape that uh That fits your hand well on a fixed Blade all right guys it is one o’clock Man it’s blown through we didn’t quite Get through our list but we had some Great questions and again this list will Be down you can work this out on your Own as far as looking at the list if you Have some questions and guys i would Recommend too in the comment section a Lot of times guys we’ll get in there and Start to talk and expand on some things And i think that is a great resource as Well a lot of times videos get people to Thinking there are some guys out there That are really knowledgeable and so It’s a good resource that’s it Absolutely just because the video is Ended doesn’t mean that the conversation Has to you know there’s tons of you guys Out there that that watch the video that Are going to watch the video later and You know jump in the comments section Read through there be active in the

Comments and uh encourage one another as Well even once the video ends there’s Still a lot of knowledge that that we Can share with one another yeah i learn A lot actually when i when i can go Through the comments and look So again we really appreciate robbie Wheaton for being here and uh really Adding a lot to what we’ve been talking About today and also sarah mack for Taking care of the questions but check Out and again Great i mean gunsmith for over 20 years And i mean rmr cuts you do want slide Work you know you want whatever i mean You get in touch with him and uh and he Can hook you up and the glock Aftermarket parts are phenomenal uh and Then also uh we really appreciate Sportsman’s guide uh for being today’s Sponsor and they do offer a 20 off every 100 or more purchase using such no zero Zero yep and check out their buyers club As well their buyers club you get Additional savings as well as free Shipping on any order over forty nine Dollars and they’re military surplus Guys i’m just telling you i’m working on Some stuff right now it’s just it’s from All over the world it’s just awesome and It’s inexpensive compared to the value You’re getting and it’s time is field Tested so we really appreciate you guys Being here and uh hope that we’ve helped

In some way But guys again Not saying to stop watching youtube or Whatever videos i’m not telling you to Stop reading reading great books But take that and use it to perfect your Skill and get proficient and become you Know an expert in survival if this is What you’re wanting to do Don’t just get into just buying new Stuff and sticking it in your bag and Never even pulling it out because that’s What a lot of people do So be strong be of good courage god Bless america long live the republic