Don’t Freak Out, It’s Just Global Famine… Bear Brief 15AUG22

By | August 15, 2022

Look at that wall that’s a nice wall Love that wall Good morning i’m bear with bear Independent dot com today on the early Edition of the bear news If uh you’re awake and you’re new here Go ahead and subscribe ring the little Bell icon that way youtube will pretend To notify you when we go live and drop New content If you’re not new here say it all with Me bear nation what do we do we share The show with people we love so that They don’t become a statistic in shtf Which by the way hey bear wednesday’s Htf um we’re here we’re here It’s no big deal it’s just global famine Don’t Don’t sweat it don’t worry about it no Big deal You got your mountain house you got your Tasters choice hazelnut instant coffee You’re good to go but maybe like a quail Or something Some reptiles you’ll figure it out Previous satellite data provided some Hard numbers for the expected wheat Harvest across the northern hemis Hemisphere the pathways tremendous According to the data The eu european union is expecting about 4.7 fewer tons of wheat 4.7 million fewer tons of wheat this Year the u.s is expecting a 7.2 percent

Reduction The countries that are expected to do This year do well this year are russia And china In fact russia just reported harvesting 78 million tons of grain so far quote Securing their own food security end Quote So eu is down 4.7 million fewer tons of Wheat the us is down A 7.2 reduction in wheat Russia just produced their own 78 Million tons of grain That to me i’m not gonna lie That sounds sexy 78 million tons of Wheat Maybe i just like have too many warlord Ambitions Maybe it’s just the whole idea of Starving to death doesn’t sound fun to Me 78 million tons of wheat it’s like that Like good job good job way to pay Attention to what’s going on out there In the world Still analysts believe russia Russia Speak words bear all right sorry bear Bear will speak words Still analysts believe russia will have A hard time selling its grain as many Companies don’t want to risk their Reputation By doing business with the country

The editor-in-chief of russia today Putin i mean a state-controlled news Network said quote it means that a Famine is about to start And they will come to their senses and Lift sanctions and generally make Friends with us because they realize That it’s impossible not to be friends With us Basically they’re saying hey um there’s Not enough food out there in the world And People who want to not starve to death Are gonna have to be friends with russia Interesting it’s almost as if for the Last five years or so I’ve been talking about the fact that Food will be weaponized against people And You should be stockpiling food And also have the ability to produce Food so that you personally you and your Family Don’t have to get on the bus and go to The re-education center Or don’t have to stay inside the fence So that you get your daily rations Nah nah man I’m a freedom loving independent American cool well there’s no resistance Without resilience first What are you gonna eat while you’re Waging war against the redcoats there Tommy boy

Yeah Just saying This isn’t just about food becoming even More expensive for the average western Shopper this could have impacts on Global politics it will And tensions continue to heat up Millions of lives and global conflict Plays out as tensions continue to heat Up i need more coffee pray for me bear Nation A quick recap china’s recent military Drills in response to pelosi’s taiwan Appearance have the world on edge She is the most senior u.s politician to Visit in a quarter Taiwan has warned that china has been Rehearsing for a real invasion of the Island maybe My personal opinion May be Possible Maybe They don’t have the sea lift capability And they don’t necessarily want to Destroy Taiwan they want to incorporate taiwan Into Their economy they need the Manufacturing they need the people that Need the tax base So they can’t go too hard on the guns And tanks and bombs and planes portion Of the show

They need to more or less occupy it And The war in ukraine isn’t exactly an Overwhelming success for russia and i Think that China is paying attention to that going Hmm It not go so good Maybe we not go to taiwan Taiwan has warned that china has been Rehearsing for a real invasion of the Island and japanese defense minister Nobu kishi has voiced concerns that the Missiles that the missiles quote Threatened japan’s national security Missiles that were launched by china Over and near taiwan Threatened japan’s national security and The lives of the japanese people end Quote in fact in the military drills Have not actually ceased though they Have reduced somewhat Still early on sunday that would be Yesterday Taiwan reported that china had 22 Aircraft and six ships in and around the Taiwan strait and 11 aircraft entered Its defense zone So just ongoing chinese shenanigans in The area of taiwan Now a group of five u.s lawmakers have Just made an unannounced visit to taiwan To meet with the country’s lawmakers on Sunday 12 days after pelosi

Combined this makes it the second high Level appearance on the island in a Single month despite china’s Unprecedented escalations The five lawmakers are reportedly there To discuss quote issues including Regional security trade and investment End quote There will be meeting with taiwan’s President today Considering the tensions are in no way Abating what could this mean if war Actually did break out in the pacific Western pacific Made in china Is ubiquitous and the waters around China and taiwan are some of the busiest Areas for sea transport globally To put it in perspective the us has lost About 40 billion in direct trade because Of the invasion of ukraine The us By comparison Trades 656 billion with china and 114 billion With taiwan Every year or roughly a 20 to 1 ratio of China taiwan versus ukraine And that’s vital train that contains Absolutely crucial goods like Semiconductors by the way I love you all bear nation Some of the information that i had on Semiconductors produced in taiwan was

Wrong And many of y’all took me to task you Bent me over your knee and you beat my Stupid ass until i got it right and i Appreciate y’all so thank you because This is actually a two-way exchange Right i’m not just here to pontificate At y’all like we learn from each other I’ve been i’ve done a lot of stuff in my Life Semiconductors Not one of them So i was apparently operating with bad Intelligence Uh my understanding of semiconductors Coming from taiwan Was incomplete and so thank you to those Of y’all who had the nerve the balls of Steel to call out the bear man i Appreciate you And i have fixed myself and i repent of My stupidity Let’s see absolutely crucial goods like Semiconductors and it’s not just the United states advanced economies Globally are all in the same boat and Experts say that a global depression Would be all but guaranteed amid the Disastrous economic fallout The rand research organization has Estimated that if such a war broke out While china would be hit about five Times as hard as united states it would Still be the biggest hit to the u.s

Economy since the great depression By the way We’re fixing to have another one of Those anyway without any Global shenanigans Without The us becoming directly involved in the Ukraine war By the way have you noticed the branding On that it’s not called the russia war Ukraine didn’t start Ukraine just became the chessboard that Russia and america are going to play Their most recent proxy war on and yet We call it the ukraine wars if somehow It’s their fault Now i’m not saying zielinski’s a great Guy But i am saying It’s funny you know Like somebody at procter and gamble in Their marketing department was like i Know what we’ll do just stamp the Ukraine war on that thing and now all of A sudden that’s victim shaming yeah That’s pretty much what we have like the The purple hairs are actually right About that Uh we should call it the russia america In ukraine doing shenanigan reward but That’s too long so we just shortened it To ukraine Ward but we’re already going into a Depression

Very likely not recession Depression without a hot war in ukraine Without a hot war in taiwan slash china Without the housing bubble bursting or Without the um Student loan Bubble bursting without failed crop Harvests without drought with that Without any of these other things we’re Already going into a depression So Buckle up buttercup you know like Get some of that russian wheat and throw Them buckets while you still can it’s Just global famine It’s no big deal you know i read this Book one time it’s blue it was written By god um it’s pretty good It says in here 87 Times 8 7 87 different times 87 times That there will be famine in the land It’s almost as if the creator of the Universe was like hmm I love those kids but they’re not great Listeners Hey angels you think how many times Should we tell them like three times Four times and like Now boss up 20 times up

40 times Up 80 times to keep going boss keep going 87 times like Maybe Some of them will get it if you put it In there 87 times some of them will get It it’s like you remember when you told Us to clean our room It’s like how many times did that take And he’s up there like yeah that was a Lot of times it was like 14 times before I’d whip your ass they’re like yeah see Like all right 87 we’ll go with 87 we’ll See how that works out Well some of us It caught on And now here we are on this side of the Iphone telling some of y’all on that Side of the iphone 87 times Famine Is brought up in the bible It’s kind of a big deal Empires fail because of famine There is The potential for worldwide regime Change Because of the loss of legitimacy that Results from Famine so it’s not just there’s no food There’s no bread at walmart which is a Problem in of itself that is an acute Micro level problem for you to navigate

In your ao But it’s more like that everything else Is collapsing around you as well because People be behaving badly because there’s No food on the bread on the shelf at Walmart It’s a problem So All of that to say Just resolved to do better bear nation Like start taking more and more and more Personal responsibility My bread is going to come out of 5 Gallon buckets of wheat that i’ve been Putting up for years That we grind with a grinder and we add A little bit of sugar and a little bit Of yeast and a little bit of salt and You let the dough rise and boom Pop it in an oven Bread And it’s good bread It rocks A lot of the people that i know dare i Say at least half of the people that i Fellowship with regularly Like make their own bread And a lot of them are off grid So it’s totally doable Like i know It’s hard to drive the saab turbo on the Dirt road through the woods to your Off-grid cabin So that you can be independent of the

Broken fragile system but at some point Like maybe you need to cut ties Like the ship she’s going down son do You want a lifeboat or you’re gonna play A violin on the deck as this sucker Sinks it’s up to you It’s up to you but don’t about the Water in your nostrils as you’re playing The violin on the boat that’s sinking Like we tried to throw you into a Lifeboat we tried to give you a life Preserver we tried to tell you 87 Times and you’re like nah man nah it’s Good don’t don’t worry about it no big Deal that could never happen Look at me pontificating over here Let’s see the rand research organization Has estimated that if such a war with Jaina broke out while china would be hit About five times as hard as the us it Would still be the biggest hit to the U.s economy since the great depression It’s hard to imagine that anyone would Be willing to engage in such damage but President xi has been repeatedly clear That taiwan’s reunification with china Cannot be passed the next generation of Leaders in beijing In other words he’s going to handle it And in the words of chinese foreign Minister wang yi Taiwan is expected to quote eventually Return to embrace

To the embrace of the motherland end Quote So poetic those chinese people Eventually returned to the embrace of The motherland Okay is it like an embrace or is it Actually just like a rear naked choke Like what is it That’s a weird hug you know When one person falls asleep and falls On the ground That’s not really an embrace that’s not Really a hug like that’s that’s assault Somebody should tell them that Now if you’re on patreon you want to Support this stupidity that we call the Bear brief every day Um You can find us on patreon There’s a link in every video and live Stream it’s five bucks a month and it’s Not five bucks because i love me and you Should love me too it’s five bucks Because that’s where all the real Content is in fact this morning uh we Were talking about edc medical gear how To this morning on patreon Let’s see we got uh We got as of today the bear brief edc Medical gear 75 heart update a story About raid under Aid rendered life number 51 with refuge Medical posted Work life balance a slo-mo of the

Sasquatch at the range i’m not even Kidding about that Bucket promo women’s group wednesday Like yeah that’s this is all the stuff That you’re not seeing on youtube Because the real stuff lives on patreon Okay So thanks to the patrons now last What was it friday We talked about the save one more Challenge so do we even have a freaking Live stream i haven’t checked yet Yeah we do 1164 y’all Guten morgen We’ll tell you about the save one more Challenge And my and this is not like a I challenge you to a duel And smack you with a leather glove This is not that I want you to be mindful in your life About three different ways That you can Literally save somebody’s life We’re going to keep talking about this And if you’ve done any of this send it To intel Intel bear independent dot com by the Way that’s also where your boots on the Ground intelligence goes to intel at Also You could like take a picture or shoot a Video about what you’ve been doing

With the save one more challenge put it On instagram and tag me in it and i’ll See it And maybe i’ll tag you back Become like internet friends or Something who knows I feel like i just looked like mario Sukalokolos the aliens guy from the History channel Could it be possible that aliens put Their sperm in ice 5 billion years ago And then with a global catastrophic sun Ice melt impregnated frogs which turned Into the nephilim of genesis 6. It is possible and then that guy aliens Yeah that guy Anyway Say one more First of all go out there and evangelize And talk to people about the father Talk to people about the son talk to Them about the fact that he loves them Enough To have laid down his life for them So that they could come back into the Family so that they could come home Again So that all of their pain and suffering Could be Lifted from their shoulders that they no Longer have to bear the guilt of their Sin so they could be made whole again And then explain the mission to them why So that they can get their poop in a

Group so that they can become the hands And feet of the most high so that we can Become an army of hands and feet for the Most high that by the way is what i’m Doing in a hotel room today So we can go forth and do good works put A smile on the father’s face and Redeem even more people evangelize to Even more people bring even more people Into the family right Uh next go talk to somebody about Preparedness Hey man Russia is bragging that they just put up 78 million tons of wheat And the u.s wheat harvest is down You might want to get a little extra Food So that uh you could not starve to death Right And then the last is like Have some medical gear and know how to Use It i’d prefer it if you bought it from Us but as long as you’re buying from a Reputable dealer i’d say at this point It’s get it straight from the Manufacturer north american rescue Attack med Um have Real medical equipment and know how to Use it So That’s the save one more challenge and

We’re going to keep talking about that Like i said There’s a a pretty cool thing with Refuge Medical Naksu cow said bear thanks for being my Wingman and for the awesome med supplies I carry one of the packs everywhere i go And i was able to help out an at an Accident that had just happened minutes Before i arrived little elderly lady and Her daughter were involved in a wreck And the elderly lady had a big gash on Her hand while the driver of the other Car was complaining of bad pain in her Wrist which looked broken I was able to use the quick clot combat Gauze And the dressing for the elderly lady And rolled splint for the other driver Sounds like the kit that he had was an Adventure kit which we’re going to talk About in a minute I used to only carry simply first aid Simple first aid like band-aids and Gauze but after watching your Briefs i stepped it up and bought a Couple of your eye facts The daughter Of the elderly lady Who i have a date with tomorrow night Was so excited when i pulled out your Pack from my truck and exclaimed oh hell Yes you got the good stuff i love me

Some bear independent Thanks again brother hey noxu cow Best of luck man mazel tov look at that You know you’ve heard of Refuge medical and refuge training but Have you heard of No Refuge dating is not a thing Um And then we had life 51 saved uh Recently this past friday Hi all just wanted to let you know that While i was measuring some work at a job Site some unskilled undocumented workers Without the correct safety gear and Clothing were removing the old windows From their openings You see where this is going one Individual tried to pull a four foot Sash without removing the balancer which In turn let him know by failing under Tension over his radial artery I carry the ifak among other gear in my Work pack so it was easy for me to Spring into action with the tourniquet And dress the laceration according to What i learned from refuge training and I know this guy this guy uh We’ve actually had a lot of Communication back and forth he was a Client of mine consulting client for a While and went to training in Philadelphia

So I know that he’s been a refuge training I tried to use the accident to teach Everyone about what to do and what to Have on site And on their person it took 35 minutes For help to arrive 35 minutes Versus a severed artery who do you think Is going to win that battle probably the Severed artery meaning you gonna die Homie So uh you guys know the deal your promo code is Bear nation that’s your promo code for The bear nation it gets you free Shipping on everything in the store Which is not nothing especially with Fuel prices these days and um Yeah man bunch of stuff in stock meaning If it’s under our roof we call it in Stock like when i say it’s in stock it’s There it’s gonna ship fast you’re gonna Get it fast our average fulfillment time Does not exceed two days right now like You order today it will ship by tomorrow So because we actually have it under our Roof It’s like bear facts bear men’s uh sobs Arcs there’s there are still some arcs Out there the adventure kit right now if You buy an adventure kit And you add a bucket To the adventure kit whether it’s a

Wound care bucket birthing bucket Postpartum bucket you buy the adventure Kit put it in the cart and add a bucket To the cart it will automatically take Fifty percent of the cost of the bucket Off if you want three adventure kits and Three buckets it’ll do that like got a Little promo running right now so a bogo Buy an adventure kit get a wound care Bucket half off So pretty cool let’s check that out Refuge training is in waco going to go There to tiger valley and waco and kick A metric ton of ass That’s an awesome facility i strongly Recommend if you’re in central or Southern texas and you haven’t been to Class yet you don’t know how to actually Save somebody’s life you just think you Do you need to go to that waco class man That’s that tiger valley is an awesome Facility and not because it has all the Bells and whistles it’s an awesome Facility because it doesn’t have all the Bells and whistles all the fancy ass Places that we try and go train i mean Multi-million dollar facilities that They don’t want to use them they’re it’s Like having a race car and being afraid To drive it because you’re going to Scuff the paint Like it’s really obnoxious honestly like Really super duper obnoxious like why Build this beautiful thing and not use

It It’s the same reason i hate your damn Race guns that are in your safe right Now because they’re ranged queens They’re useless you don’t use them right So anyway tiger valley in waco texas is Not that you should go to tiger valley If you’re anywhere near there take your Ass to trad to training go to class Refuge training dot com And today We are on site at uh well not yet but we Will be at a grindstone ministries Project we’re gonna Help a another Ministry that Teaches life skills To 18 and a day year old people So that they can It’s part of the recovery process after They’ve Been rescued and been rehabilitated Restored They a lot of times don’t have any life Skills like they just because there’s Been gaps in their education a lot of These kids that have been trafficked They have um They have addiction issues they have Legal issues there’s Just a lot of stuff to address And so What they’re not getting you know is

That eight hours a day of school book Indoctrination you know they don’t know How to balance a checkbook they don’t Know what the hell checkbook is They lack self-confidence they don’t Know how to talk to other people how to Socialize and it’s not that they’re Like that they’re not functioning as Human beings because they are but There’s still skills that need to be Learned there and so we’re going today To a place called saving grace and what Saving grace does is They teach those life skills To Young women that are technically adults But don’t yet have adulting capability And we By the hand of god were kind of married Into these people like we we enmeshed Right we met them and it was like wow This is awesome Um Because we are going to need those Skills For our kids that we have a caleb house And Saving grace is doing good works And they need some work done so they can Continue to do good works and it just so Happens grindstone ministries is a Construction ministry and it’s like Oh hell yeah let’s go party let’s go Help them do good works

And so that’s what we’re doing today We’re gonna go help them do some good Works i’ll try and shoot some video While i’m on site there but uh hey keep Us in prayer pray that no weapon formed Against us shall prosper that the father Will be mighty in all of his deeds and Works and that he will provide Everything that we need and that if There’s anything that’s not of him that It would be rebuked in the name of Yeshua hamashiach and that we would Continue to walk in righteousness And be blessed by his mercy You all have an incredible day i’m gonna Finish this cup of mediocre coffee i Could see my guys already down at the Work trucks got to go to work bless you All shalom