Prepper School Vol. 34 : America Divided Q&A

By | August 9, 2022

All right guys live on sensible prepper Prepper school Volume 34. we are volume 34. and we’ve Been to the beach They’ve been to one part of the beach We’ve been to another part and um He had to have a break but uh Glad to be back glad to be back and uh Hope you guys are doing well Today we’re going to be taking some Questions and answers there’s a lot Going on all over the place and i just Decided you know we do this every once In a while we’ll just take questions uh One thing i will say you go ahead and Put start asking questions in the Comments sarah mack is watching and she Will be Getting those down and answering and Throwing them out to us and we’ll try to Answer them i really appreciate robbie Wheaton for being here uh he on sweeten Arms a great resource for Armor cuts if you want to do slide cuts You want to do whatever i mean this guy Has been a gunsmith for over 20 years And does some incredible work one thing I do want to talk about Is the glock ported barrel yes uh we Took he took one of my glock 43 it was a 48 and he put some ports in it And that thing does not the slide it Actually fires a little That way and so it allows you to see

Your target really great but man it has Zero recoil no no and it doesn’t move at All yeah the first time we the first Time we did one we were prototyping it And took it and shot it it literally i Thought the gun jammed the first time i Played it It never felt like the slide moved it Felt like everything just locked up And i stopped and i wrapped the slide And the live round came out and i was Like i didn’t see the brass come out of The gun i didn’t see anything So i shot it again and i’m actually Watching for the brass coming out of the Gun this time and i see it flick out to The right and i was like Wow yeah it’s that flat it’s like Shooting at 22. i mean there’s just no Muzzle lift or anything it’s just dead Flat yeah it is something else so um If you’re interested Got a great resource that’ll be Something that we’re going to be Offering we’ll have it up on the website In the next few days well i had guys on Patreon live were asking me last night About it yep so it’ll be up on the Website in the next few days where guys Can go on and and order that as a uh As a package and be able to send their Sliding barrel in and report it and Everything refinish it and send it back To them in a couple of weeks yeah it’s

It’s great but also uh robbie has a Great youtube channel check out robbie Wheaton uh or you can put wheaton arms In there and you can find his youtube Channel uh we should have a link down Below but i think i forgot No i think i did it’s in there so there Should be a link down below in the Description uh if not you can go to Wheaton arms or robbie wheat or rocky But we really appreciate him being here Okay and also the big thing is we do Appreciate sportsman’s guide for Sponsoring today’s episode and they give A 20 off every 100 or more purchase Using such And if you’re getting a hundred dollars That’s 20 off so that’s a fantastic Price a great deal and check out their Buyers club as well their buyers club You get additional savings as well as Free shipping on any order over 49 Yeah and their military surplus they get Military surplus from around the world It is phenomenal i’ve been in fact i’ve Got things i’ve been doing lately They’re just it’s just great gear for a Reasonable price So uh check out sportsman’s guide all Right so we’re going to go ahead and Sarah mcco let us know when when Questions start coming in there’s just a Lot of different things going on around The world and so it’s really important

Guys to Do some preparations uh one thing that i Read recently was 7 out of ten americans Are storing food they’re stocking up Food uh there is some threats with Famine uh with famine but uh with uh Droughts And some of the real excessive heat it’s Caused a lot of crop failures um and you Know there’s a lot of things going on With cattle fertilizer i mean you know And and Uh it’s funny i’ll say you know i’m i Don’t we don’t want to do a doom and Gloom we just want you to be prepared And Never in our our time have we seen Something like this happen to where you Know we’ve always we’ve been preppers For a long time i mean we have been and We want to be prepared for things but uh You know it’s there’s just a lot of Things going on right now and guys Here’s the bottom line Stock up some food and if you don’t you Don’t need it well then you can eat it That’s right and you can it’ll save you On your grocery bill but uh it’s really Important to put together some things Secure those basic necessities That it’s vital well you know and in the Rule of threes you have three minutes Without air you have three hours that You can live in harsh conditions you

Have three days without water Three weeks without food and medical and Self-defense flow in between and so We plan all of our preps around that Premise and it allows us to kind of Focus and organize And you know when you see that really Shiny fixed blade knife that’s about two Hundred dollars and you go and you don’t Really have food put some food back I can’t afford it but i just bought this Gun you know so uh you know make sure You get your priorities in order because Your family could depend on it So um all right how we going with the Questions sarah mack Sarah mac’s putting it together Yes okay um david frost ask questions Guys can you please give some insight on The ruger 9 carbine As a proper rifle Uh i i think it’s an excellent option Uses glock mags if you want it or you Can use the ruger mags Uh it’s very versatile there’s a lot of Things you can do to it uh whether you Get the charger pistol yep uh or you get The the rifle and it’s been it’s been Very accurate it’s been very reliable And i’ve had nothing but high praises For it it really kind of reminds me of a Of an oversized ruger 10 22 and a little Bit of mini 14 thrown in there Just the reliability of the mini 14 the

Accuracy and the reliability of the 1022 It’s got a great trigger right out of The box i mean there’s just not any Negatives that i have to it you’ve got Companies like midwest industries that Are already offering a lot of Aftermarket accessories for it as far as Like different handguards and rail Mounts and stuff so it’s it’s a great Great option especially if you’re Looking to do a Single caliber pistol rifle combo where You can use the same ammunition in both Firearms right and same mags that’s Right whether you have glock or ruger Yep so yeah it’s just a great option we Really like the and two it’s not the Black rifle even though it has a polymer Stock it’s not considered you know the Assault type rifle so you know it’s a Little bit low threat and they’re Reasonably priced Uh coney billings ask what resources are Available available for medical Emergency treatments not where can i buy Supplies but where can i learn more About secondary or follow-up medical Care there are a number of different Classes out there i know medical gear Outfitters that skinny medic In fact he’s local to us he does classes In different places there’s i think Camden tennessee at yaeger’s place at Tactical response they have medical type

Trauma classes uh you just need to look Around but there are a ton and you know And just get started with your local red Cross They offer a number of different you Know basic medical courses But you know it’s not in black magic It’s one of the things that i learned Because i’ve gone to a number of those Classes And it’s if you just know some simple Things and have the right stuff you know You can really do Uh yeah buying a trauma kit and sticking It away and not knowing how to use it is You know you’re really you know almost Wasting your money yeah because i mean You might be able to figure it out but The best thing to do is to get good Training and there are a ton of Different classes out there Um a lot of the channels a lot of the The uh especially guys that are emts and Things like that or paramedics they Offer different classes and i highly Recommend checking that out but check Out medical gear outfitters skinny medic Does a great job i’ve taken that class Three times yeah and you can look for Like stop the bleed classes in your area And that will get you started with uh With what’s being offered in your area Just by searching for stop the bleed Yeah but highly recommended

Uh paul frank asked question have you Done a cbrn session yet A cbrn That would be chemical biological Nuclear we did that was episode 20 20 21-22 yeah we did we did a and this Is just nuclear but we did one on Nuclear fallout and how to survive um And that was yeah it’s in the playlist And this will be on a playlist by the Way uh the prepper school but uh yeah in Fact robbie when he was in the marine Corps took a lot of uh training in that Area Uh but we did talk about that uh and yes It’s it’s very important we we’ve Actually i’ve got some gear and stuff That i’ve really been planning to do Kind of a Video about it with geiger counters Things like that but honestly Unless you’re in the blast zone chances Of survival are very high if you know if You do a few things right especially on The nuclear side chemical the chemical Side you know it’s really being aware of Wind patterns how it’s dispersed yeah There’s a lot that goes into it with uh With chemical weapons So just being aware of a lot of the Symptoms being able to identify and Recognize symptoms and being able to get Out of that area immediately Are some really important things to do

Yeah when it comes to biological we’ve Kind of gone through a training with That with covid But uh you know Again you know seeing what’s going on With people’s you know isolating Yourself if necessary but the big thing For me though is is where it takes a lot More action is more in a nuclear threat But yes and we have and we plan to do More because that’s becoming more and More real I prepared trucker asks how can i become A gunsmith Uh there’s a number of different schools That do that and um i know um What’s the one that hitcock always talks About um And it’s funny because i have talked to A couple of guys that are doing this Yeah there’s sonoran does the northern Desert institute Uh there’s another one too that a buddy Of mine has and and i cannot remember The name of it but sonoran desert Institute is one to check out it’s an Online accreditation and uh it’s really Highly recommended by a lot of people so Uh and i’ve i’ve actually talked to Those guys a number of times because i Think gunsmithing is very important of Course and i agree Yeah and you know what i always tell Guys is learn how to be a machinist

Learn how to be a welder learn how to Use all of your All of your hand tools your your dial Indicators your calipers to be able to Measure things learn how to do all of That stuff first and then focus on the Gunsmithing side of it It’s really easy to teach a machinist How to be a gunsmith it takes a lot Longer to teach A gunsmith how to be a machinist so Learn those machining skills early and Up front and those are going to really Be able to take you a lot further with Your gunsmithing skills than just Learning how to repair firearms yeah Because that’s really how you got your Start you got this machining yep Uh cap guns ask um do you think we’re Going to be in a civil war in the next Two to four years No you know i i don’t know i i don’t Know um I know that the country is very divided Uh on some lines that are not Compromisable yeah it’s probably more Divided than it has been since the civil War yeah as divided as it has been since The civil war the one thing that i’ve Done i think though is do we have the Will yeah i mean do people have the will And it seems like you know People on the left seem to have more of The will than the people that are more

Traditional Um but you know that we don’t know I mean i have my fears And my concerns about it for sure and a Lot of people do i think i saw a poll While back who said 78 percent of the Population believes that we are headed For civil war Which is pretty scary Uh petrus simonis asks if someone cannot Get guns what else can they get Um well this is what i recommend first Off is some kind of martial arts Uh i think in fact whether you’re into Guns or not martial arts are a extremely Important thing because even with a gun You may find yourself hands on Um we just started back about two months Ago i’ve been taking martial arts for 20 Years and we took a break and so we got Back involved in it and for that not for That very reason i really enjoyed Martial arts but that was one of the Motivations uh but to me being fit Getting yourself in shape And really being able to handle yourself But even if you’re in shape because the Guy that’s the bodybuilder is not a Fighter So you know you need to make sure that You’re doing some kind of martial arts Training it’s good for you it’s good for The brains good for your body and it’ll Give you an advantage pepper spray is

Also something to me that hasn’t always Been but a lot of times in a a mob Situation pepper spray is beautiful Especially uh in a uh road rage kind of Situation yeah pepper spray is a great One because it creates separation Between you and your attacker so Anything that you can do to create Separation is going to give you an Opportunity to be able to Escape and get out of that situation you Know leave leave the ego behind and uh You know don’t don’t get agitated and Riled and feel like you have to Be confrontational with someone you know Your best bet is to avoid and get out of That situation and leave leave the Violence as a last resort and two a good Flashlight if you have a good solid Flashlight it can be used as a defensive Tool and you can carry it about anywhere So flashlights are really excellent and You know knives and things like that i Mean and of course obviously if you Can’t carry a gun typically not there’s A lot of knife restrictions as well But knives are also something uh but you Need to know you need to have some skill In dealing with that and understand that If you’re in a knife fight you’re going To get cut i mean that’s yeah rule Number one of a knife fight everybody’s Gonna bleed yeah so so i know and i hate It because you know um self-defense is a

Basic human right Uh the second amendment just Speaks of it just now just says it is This is what it is a basic human right But um Unfortunately there’s a lot of countries In areas that disagree with that Uh andy l asked question my food prep Storage don’t have climate control and The temps are getting close to over 75 Degrees how high can food go above 75 And how long before they are compromised Well it’s according to what you have Right if you have dried goods they’ll They’ll do okay i mean they’ll lose some Nutritional value they’ll lose some Freshness quality but they’re still Edible i had a i saw a video years ago Where this one guy it was a big prepping Channel at the time i don’t think They’re here anymore but they they lived In idaho and they kept their food preps Out in this outside storage build which Got extreme heat and extreme cold we’re Talking about 100 degree weather down to Extreme freezing temperatures and after 10 years he opened them up And i don’t even think they’re in mylar Bags i think he just dumped them in Those tails And it was a little discolored but They’ve cooked it they ate it it was Fine so A lot of canned goods you know you you

Definitely will get a longer shelf life If you keep it somewhat controlled for 70s in the 70s that’s not really that Bad yeah i mean that that’s acceptable It’s really when you get super hot you Know if you’re keeping them in a storage Building outside that that can get Really hot it’s uninsulated right well Over 100 degrees and then you get a huge Temperature swing where you go from 100 Degrees down to 60 degrees at night and Then back to 100 and high humidity low Humidity Which can cause your cans to start Rusting and compromise the structural Integrity of the cans that’s when you Really start having to worry about Your canned goods starting to go bad but Yeah i mean you know the thing is the Foods that are more susceptible to that You need to keep them in a you know if You have a room keep them in another Area and then maybe like your dried Goods keep those because let’s face it People that were in the old west they Traveled across the country the pioneers With just that kind of dried goods in The back of a wagon for months in a Burlap site yeah so It is doable Uh liberty off-road ask best affordable Green mill for grinding wheat corn etc Bonus if it’s electric with manual Option for when the power goes out well

You know we have a really nice grain Meal and i don’t know what the brand is My wife does that But i would highly recommend getting a Good quality piece and i know this is Not answering your question to a sense But Make sure that you have a really good Quality grain meal because those things Can break and they can get messed up i Wish i had i wish i knew which one we Had because we did a lot of research on It my wife actually picked it But and we baked breads and things like That but it is electric but um You know i’m sorry i just cannot Remember the name of it Uh elizabeth wilkes asks which ar15 Drop-in triggers or the atf saying is a Felony machine gun part yeah that’s the Uh the forced reset triggers The um rft I’m trying to remember the name of it um It is uh yeah there is one in particular There are other triggers that haven’t Been you know that are reset triggers That haven’t been targeted but these are Particularly Been targeted by the atf one thing i do Want to say though too on that note is i Know jared at guns and gadgets which is A great resource for knowing currently What’s going on With the second amendment but um

That was a state i think it was in Massachusetts where that was that guy Was charged and they are super strict Already So the charge was brought but he also Had illegal suppressors which he wasn’t Supposed to have and some other things Uh but i think that um they had other Than that and that was state now the atf Came in i’m sure and you know just kind Of wrapped it all up into one yeah and That’s the uh the rare breed tree breed Is the one that don’t trigger That they’re that they’re saying is Illegal or issued a cease and desist and There’s some litigation going on against It right now Uh scotty asked if you could only buy One nine millimeter for home defense and Or concealed carry what would it be We both agree with this one glock 19 Glock 19 And let me just say this the reason why Robbie and i but number one it’s simple It’s a very simple gun you can replace The parts you can i can do it easy to Work on easy to take apart easy to clean Very cost effective to buy Extra surplus parts replacement parts And store those extra parts It’s accurate it’s reliable It’s comfortable enough to carry and Comfortable enough to shoot it’s it’s Big enough that you can shoot it all day

It’s small enough that you can carry it Concealed i mean there’s just The only It’s affordable i mean there’s just not Really many downsides to that pistol Well and you know the thing is it’s not As ergonomic as a lot of other pistols i Mean you take the vp9 by hk that is a i Love it the the wall there pdp i mean There’s a number of different guns out There czp 10c yeah super ergonomic But the big coup is the ease of Replacing parts absolutely and that is We did this in fact a few years ago Robbie and i we did a video on why the Glock is the ultimate prepper gun or Survival gun As far as handgun because again like Robbie said i can carry it concealed but If i need to shoot it it shoots like a Full-size gun yep so i’m it’s not that I’m just a glock guy I’ve got a ton of other guns other than Gloves we’ve got a ton of other guns i Like a lot of other guns i think there Are other guns that are actually better Maybe more ergonomic as far as in Shootability but when it comes to Something that i’m concerned about and i Need this gun to last and if i could Only pick one glock 19 hands down Or any glock for that matter i mean the Glock especially the full size i mean The full frame glocks

Um david frost asked question i know This is a hard one i have been around Firearms my entire life i am wondering What your opinion is on when to expose Children to firearm safety and shooting Well i’m going to start and i think Robbie’s going to robbie can take this i I think the big thing is is to see their Maturity level i think that is number One Uh i started we started our kids off Like at six seven They’ve been around guns all their life Already and we started them out that way Some kids aren’t ready for that Some kids are a little bit more you know They have a little more energy and They’re a little bit more you know Whatever and and i think you need to Watch that Yeah we we started all of our boys off At three years old And you know not that’s awesome not Taking them to the range and and Shooting firearms but exposing them to Them talking about firearms safety Talking about firearm rules never Pointing a firearm at someone and Starting to teach them about firearm Safety when they were when they were Very young uh four years old all of my Boys were already shooting bb guns by The time they were four years old under Supervision and you know once again

Reiterating the importance of firearm Safety and you know that’s the big thing Is just continue continuing and Continuing and continuing to reinforce Safety muzzle awareness trigger control All your all your safety talks that you Want to have with them from a very young Age all the way up through adulthood you Know just because they’re they’ve been Around firearms since they’re three Years old And they’re teenagers now or and young Adults doesn’t mean that i stop having Those conversations with them those Conversations are ongoing and will Always be ongoing because of the Importance of safety and If you’ve been around firearms your Entire life Work on firearms like i do every day It’s easy to get complacent yeah and It’s easy to forget about some of the Basic rules of safety and People that are around firearms all day Every day have to be even more Conscious and more aware of the firearms Safety than i think someone that’s not Exposed to them and not around them a Lot and all day every day just because Of it is easy to get complacent with Something that you handle and touch Every day you know it’s like the guy That that milks venomous snakes you know He’s every day he goes into his little

Lab and he pulls out the venomous snakes And he he milks them and everything and You know he gets uh forms a relationship And a bond with all of these snakes and Then the next thing you know he gets Complacent snake bites him he dies Because he had a lapse of Of safety with that snake And you know it’s the firearms are the Same way if you’re not Safe with them if you’re not continually Being safe with them you can absolutely Get bit by one yeah and two one thing That and we’ll move on but one thing That i think that we did was i set up a Watermelon instead of a soda bottle and When i shot it to see the effect that That had on that it my kids were like Holy cow you know so they understand the Power right and so they’re not so Flippant Um i’m all right ask when everything With everything going on i am carrying More gear supplies in my everyday bag Versus leaving it in my car Can you help with what to carry versus Leave in the vehicle i drive 10 miles to Work every day thank you Well i always keep a go bag in my car uh And it’s it’s kind of a Scaled down bug out bag but i have my Necessities in there and i keep it and i Keep it in my vehicle i’ve used it a Number of times to get out of situations

Uh on the road but as far as what i Carry every day you know i carry my Knife my flashlight Some people a lot of people carry Multi-tools i don’t find that i need Multi-tools on a that i can’t just go Get one right this handy around But you know those are the items that i Kind of of course my phone and those Things um and of course my concealed Carry and an extra magazine But um the multi-tool would probably be One thing that you would use a lot uh But as long as your car is accessible You know i don’t see carrying your water Filter system or you know maybe some Extra food or whatever into a building If you have it accessible to your car i Don’t know exactly your situation so it May be More difficult and you know one thing That i do with mine is i put my go bag In a cooler in the car and put a cold Pack in there so my my food some of my Little chocolate bars that i have Because i like chocolate you know Big kid problems but i put a cold pack In there in my cooler and close the lid On it and that cold pack keeps Everything from melting during the day It keeps it you know kind of temperature Controlled and all and it also hides it Inside the cooler Not an expensive cooler you know not a

400 yeti yeah like a 30 or 40 dollar Cheap cooler from walmart or academy or Something like that one of your big box Stores and put that in your car and then It hides your stuff so it’s not visible If somebody walks by and they’re looking In the windows they just see a cheap Cooler in the back and they keep walking So you know it’s that whole gray man Thing you know you’re hiding stuff in Plain sight but people don’t see it and Your stuff is staying cool during the Day well you know you can carry a small Backpack with the necessities in it you Know like food maybe you want to have Some water in there i mean if especially If you’re in an office building where It’s like difficult to get down or you Might get trapped in there or get Trapped on an elevator so uh you know i Guess there’s different scenarios and a Lot of that would be very situationally Specific as far as what i would carry in What i’d have in my bag based on where You are and how how far it is how Difficult it is to get back to your Vehicle or if it would even be possible To get back to your vehicle right but Just those those basics for survival Just the basics you want something light But uh the more heavy duty stuff you can Have in your bag which should again be Abbreviated for survival yep Uh florida man ask question what’s a

Good place to buy local toppo max Uh well Topo maps typically i buy those I get online and uh they’re in fact i Think it’s the u.s geological survey They have those maps you can get on There and you can order maps Specifically right around your area it Doesn’t a lot of times you can find typo Maps that are like state parks and Things like that i tell you a good place That i’ve found for topo maps is your Department of natural resources they’ll Have and a lot of times they’re free you Can get free topo maps from them that Cover all of the Game management land within the state so It may not be the entire state but it’s Going to be your areas that don’t have Human populations in them it’s going to Be your areas that are reserved for Hunting Your state parks your national parks a Lot of times you can get typo maps of All of those for free from your Department of natural resources but for Even for like our where we live i have Maps that are specific for that and then I have them gridded out uh to a certain Area and those maps are they’re fairly They’re not I don’t even remember how much they are To be honest with you but uh because It’s very important to have maps and if

You’re looking for road maps the best Thing to do is go to a truck stop or go To a welcome center in a state you know A lot of times they’ll have maps but Maps are very important part of your Preps uh especially if you’re traveling Because uh gps can go down and you could Be in the middle of nowhere and not know How to get home Um see uh kacb outdoors asks how much Stock do you put into combat with blades Well blades can be very uh effective Especially at close ranges uh it’s very Difficult to set up a defense against Someone that’s within like 20 feet of You if he has a knife pulled Uh even if you have a firearm And um The um Is it the toppler effect which what’s The what’s the name of the there’s There’s where it says a guy standing There with a knife he can reach you Before you will even pull the trigger And so having a knife can be very Effective in close quarters more than Even a gun i’ve trained with knives for Over 30 years and yes i absolutely think That it is a it’s a viable tool that’s Something that you do need to train with And you do need to understand how to use It and use it effectively Somebody with a knife in their hand that Doesn’t know what they’re doing is most

Likely going to get their self hurt Versus someone that has a lot of Training and knows how to use that Weapon effectively yeah but knives are Definitely an important tool it’s one of The number one tools in survival but Having a good knife that you can use is Self-defense is also Really Invaluable don’s locks Vk one dawn asks what types of radio Comms do you have Ham radios which are to me the top of The food chain as far as being able to Really communicate and you have Repeaters so you can get those out Uh also Two-way radios just standard two-way Radios now there a lot of times it’ll Say five miles or what it’s usually not It’s usually really limited uh to one or Two miles and it’s usually line of sight Right the main thing i like my two-way Radios or Is for let’s say security and if i have Three or four guys that are watching Security we can talk back and forth on Those two-way radios you can get mics You can get the whole setup and um Earbuds microphones you know so that to Me is one of the best security things As far as communications and then also You know just your regular emergency Radio this gives you a lot of

Information you have weather you have Shortwave These are crank they’re solar they’re Rechargeable battery i mean there’s a Lot of things this is also an important Communication skill to start out with But of course if you get your ham radio You’ve got to have a license unless it’s A emergency situation but even then you Won’t know how to use it you need to get The training and get your your license Uh but a lot of guys uh we have a in our Prepper group a lot of guys have ham Radios they’ve got the licenses and that Way we can communicate if we need to and I really like some of the new two-way Radios from motorola they’ve actually Got a text feature on the two-way radios So your your short range two and a half Five mile ten mile whatever they are Depending on the terrain you’re in but They’ve actually got a text feature that You can use with that if you don’t want To talk into it or you can’t talk into It you can text on the two-way and Satellite radios satellite radio is Something actually that i’ve been doing A lot of research on they’re not cheap But it is a good way to be able to Communicate if you need to and Communication is vital communication is Vital Okay Um tetris simonius asks what prepper

Schools do you know of in australia There’s got to be some there uh but i I’m not aware of any I mean we don’t it’s we don’t go down There a lot But i know that there are there are a Lot of guys that watch the channel that Are from australia and so uh and to me There’s a lot of people all across Europe as well and a lot of places that Are looking into prepping A lot of people from eastern europe it’s Really funny they are very into prepping I get messages a lot from guys that are Over you know and saying hey we can’t Really have guns what can we do what is This Um but i’m sorry i don’t i don’t really Know of a prepping school there And you know it’s just getting into the Prepping community and finding out and There will be preppers that have videos In australia that typically can lead you To that Uh especially like bushcraft and things Like that and then you can move on into It Uh gary hernandez self-defense and urban Survival ask Hello guys love the channel question i Am in florida what would your take on Prepping for hurricane season and how Much different than regular prepping in Your state thanks

I i think you know to me if you’re pre If you’re prepared for a hurricane uh You know how to be prepared for You know any kind of disaster uh because Hurricanes are pretty you know it’s it’s A big wide area it takes out a lot of Utilities you get the looters i mean It’s kind of like a a small game i think The big thing is is to make sure your Food stocks And some of your longer uh you know Because in a prepping situation a true True situation of without rule of law It’s not just going to be for a couple Of weeks you know it could be years And so Putting yourself in a position to get by Yourself some time is what you’re doing You can’t you can’t prep for a situation That is just going to be a giant grid Down for long time extended periods of Time but it does buy you time To find out other options and and Typically there’ll be some new normal That’ll happen But um that’s to me if you’re in Hurricane season or areas You’re already a step ahead of a lot of People for prepping you are absolutely One of the one of the big things that i See for prepping for hurricanes is The possibility of losing everything That you have because of the storm you You lose your house you lose all your

Food stores you lose your self-defense You lose everything and being able to if You see that there’s going to be a big Hurricane that’s going to hit your area Being able to pack up All of your long-term stuff and have a Way to transport that when you evacuate That’s one of the biggest things that i See For being able to protect all of your Your long-term stores that you have is Being able to move it out of that area If you’re going to get hit by a big Hurricane yeah that’s that’s a tough one Because you’re right you can lose Everything Uh paul frank asked question do you have Any experience or opinions on pepper Gas grenades for home defense [Laughter] They they work they work it very well uh The downside to them are they are Non-discriminatory So you you pop a pepper grenade or you Know a gas grenade inside your house And everyone and everything inside your House is going to be affected by that Gas grenade positively or negatively Depending on if you’re you know you’ve Got the right equipment on and stuff so They do work yeah i know people that That set them up in their homes on their Doors and stuff when they leave You know to to basically protect their

Homes from burglary so you know if a Door gets kicked in or whatever it’ll It’ll pop that grenade and fog the Entire house The the downside to them are you know You forget about it you open the door And next thing you know you’re not able To go in your house for a few days But uh they are effective they’re just Non-discriminatory so you know kind of One of those that if you want to use it You want to make sure that you’re Prepared uh for the aftermath and the Cleanup uh with all of the dust and Everything from it after you use it you Know i i was talking to a guy the other Day that uh has a business and they have A lot of valuables in there and he had He showed me he pulled it out it was This box And you fit it up and it’ll trip it if Somebody’s breaking in like a motion Sensor or whatever and it’ll spray out This pepper spray yeah and i mean it’s a Very concentrated very similar to a Grenade right and he was talking about It you know and i i was very interested In it i mean it you know it seemed like An interesting thing but the one thing i Said was We’re already bad enough about setting Our own home alarm off and my luck i’d Set that thing off you know so um you Know it is it’s non-discriminatory so

Uh setting it up and leaving it you want To make sure that when you come back you Remember it but if you’re human so You know Uh stephen doe asks thank you such um You got me into prepping what kind of Emergency scanner do you recommend Well i mean you know we i we have police Scanners and um That way it kind of gives you some idea Of what’s going on But that’s really the only thing that i Have as far as scanners go and um You know and one of the things too is Because they use different codes and It’s more cryptic a lot of times and a Lot of the encryption you know you can’t Access anyway but it does give you some Ideas i tell you one of the better ones That i found is uh is an app that i Downloaded on my android phone For a local scanner and it picks up Pretty much everything um There’s some of the stuff that’s still That’s still uh Encrypted that it that it won’t break But a lot of the mildly encrypted stuff It will uh it will it will unencrypt it For you and you can hear what’s going on Yeah and that’s gonna that’s been a Really good one it’s a lot better than My my old tabletop scanner that i’ve got That just picks up on all the different Frequencies and gives you the radio

Comes off of that the um the app for the Phone seems to work really well i’ve got That app yeah That’s a good app It’ll give you you know and two speaking Of that one thing to uh to also watch For like we have the ring system and one Of the things that it does is neighbors Will pipe in on different things that Are going on we had a stabbing about Three miles from here we had a shooting 4.7 miles from here we had somebody Breaking into cars the other day was all This happened in one week and you Wouldn’t even you don’t know it because They don’t report this stuff in the news And so it gives you an idea of what’s Going on go to your community watch you Know whether it’s uh You know these different community watch Type things you know and you can go to Their websites and you can see different Incidences that have happened in your Area it’s a real wake-up call a real Wake-up call yeah i like you i really Like the notifications that you get with The ring that that shows you what’s Going on in your area yeah that’s a Great tool yeah And the ring itself is great if you want A really inexpensive but yet very Effective security system that’s right Putting the ring on your front door i Mean it gives us notifications when it

Comes it has a picture i can talk to Them i can sit there and listen to them Don’t want to they don’t even know it uh And i couldn’t tell you how many times i Use mine when when the fedex guy or the Ups guy shows up at the house And he walks up to the front door with a Package and i’m like hey if you wouldn’t Mind put it beside the garage Okay he turns around and heads around And puts it inside the garage but you Know it’s a handy tool it’s a really Handy tool yeah Uh james price asked question i’m big on Having local groups that you can be Involved with what’s y’all’s opinion on This no that we we have a large prepper Group We’re very about prepping uh together uh The one thing is a lot of people one you Know they they have a hard time finding People uh and one of the things i always Say is you go fishing you just go man Look you see what’s going on with the Famines out midwest and let them talk And if they go i’m telling you man we’ve Really been putting some food back well Then there there’s a potential But you want to make sure that it’s People that um that you can Mesh with you have common goal goals Common beliefs uh common mindset like Commander yeah like-minded That’s the word i’m looking for

But you know i could tell you were Fishing yeah yeah i was fishing uh i was Waiting for you to catch but you know Yes and be careful with those that have Really big egos you don’t want to get Involved in a group where there’s a guy Running it um our prepper group came Together because of what i do and my Friends and the people i know But they were hand-picked and i’m not Necessarily the leader we we have a Council and we join together and we talk About things and we don’t do anything Unless we can have a consensus and so That’s that’s one of the big things but Right now if You know if people are oblivious to Being part of a prepping group Then you know they’re they’ve got their Head in the sand because there’s so much Going on Don’t waste your time don’t try to push A rope don’t try to talk someone into Prepping Put it out there see how they respond And then move on uh and you know there’s A lot of places that churches are a Great place yeah because people get to Talk in and you can kind of just say hey And before long you know you’re in a Conversation and there’s always safety In numbers numbers are number one people Are your number one asset now they can Also be a number one threat but they’re

Your number one asset so you need to Make sure you’re you’re picking and two Don’t just trust someone just because They’re a prepper oh oh yeah yeah i’ve Been stocking up some food And then they end up being someone that Would take your food so be careful with That we did a whole thing on wolf Preppers And a lot of times they disguise Themselves as preppers because they have Been in the past and finally said screw It i’ll just take stuff so watch for That uh we’re one thing i do want to Mention i’ll take a couple of minutes For a break but i want to say we really Appreciate sportsman’s guide uh for Sponsoring today’s episode and you get 20 off every 100 or more purchase using Suitch so and we really just appreciate Sportsman’s guide for doing that and There’s a lot of prepping stuff you can Get on there um okay Back to our regular schedule program There we go texas gold will last Question top concealed carry pistol i’m Looking at a p365xl Cr920 shield plus pc and hellcat pro uh That I just I i was gonna say i would be It would be a flip of a coin for me Between the hellcat pro and the 365 xl Uh both of those are they’re very

Comparable pistols as far as accuracy Reliability uh just the overall feel of The pistol in your hand Personally i would probably lean a Little bit more toward the 365 Just because of the ergonomics of it but You know that’s not taking anything away From the uh the hellcat pro either both Of those are great great choices yeah They are those those are my two picks uh My wife carries the shield plus or yeah It’s the shield plus and uh she did Carry the shield for years for me the Shield has just a higher bore axis so i Didn’t i personally am not a huge fan of The shield i love the gun and my wife Loves it but uh she moved up to the Shield plus so it’s also a matter of Preference i like the sig because it’s Got such a low borax on the p365 and P365xl uh but the one thing about the The springfield armory uh is that the Pro is that it’ll hold a full 15 round Magazine but it is a little bit larger So um but you know it’s just up to your Body size and in whatever but personal Preference what really fits you the best You know i would definitely go And try and handle all of those see Which ones you like that feels the best In your hand shoot all of them if you Get the if you have the opportunity put Some rounds through each one and see Which one shoots the best for you you

Know a lot of times what what works Really well for me because you know i’m A big guy i’ve got big hands what works Really well for me may not work well for Someone else but i think You know taking all body sizes and body Types into account the 365 xl and the Hellcat pro Would still be my two choices out of Those that you gave us now if you want a Budget option for those who are watching That are just like you know those are Expensive uh the taurus That g4x It’s the gx4 it’s one of the others the Gx4 That is a really excellent uh Manufacturing firearm and it has a Chassis in it there’s a lot of features That come with that taurus that are Surprising So uh if you’re on a budget i would Really if you’re not on the budget but If you The taurus uh gx4 is just an Exceptionally good option absolutely Uh bittersweet asks i heard there’s a Website where i can order the basic Antibiotics all in one organized pack do You know of it or of any other typically Uh things like that you’re buying them Out of canada or overseas Um you know so um Because you know most antibiotics are

Regulated regulated But there’s also you know a lot of People will use fish antibiotics because It’s actually made on the same line Uh but you know you’re treating yourself I’m not a medical doctor i would highly Recommend doing a lot of research i Don’t know about the company in Particular you’re talking about and to Be honest with you i really Can’t give you advice on that but check Out um skinnymedic and he talks about Fish antibiotics and different type Antibiotics like that and he is really Into that so you might find something on On his youtube channel that might Address that but Um my wife was an rn labor delivery Nurse for 20 years and other parts of The hospital and she is really into a Lot of that and one thing that we do is Colloidal silver that’s just what we do And uh On top of other things but Uh you know that’s one of the problems With uh infections and then knowing what Antibiotics to which one do you use so i Really can’t give you a lot of advice on It i wish i could Uh chosen to preach ask for bug out bag Is it good to have a taser i bought a Taser for my bug out bag Um Me personally i would prefer

Pepper spray or a bear spray over a Taser a taser is kind of a one and done Unit you know you you fire it you engage One person with it with the prongs and You’re able to to subdue that person as Long as you’re continuing to to Discharge that taser or until the Batteries run dead on it um but for a You know if you’re if you’re in a Situation to where you’re attacked by More than one person the taser is really Going to be ineffective because you’re Only going to be able to use it on one Person and not have a way to follow up With a with a follow-up shot with it to Continue to use it And if it’s a true taser that’s great if It’s one of those um You know a shock type gun gun gun stun You know They really just pissed me off they Don’t really stop me or anything so i Think that um just be careful with what You have make sure it’s good quality And That’s the main thing and i want to say That because i don’t want you to get Into a situation and you’re expecting One thing i know at gun shows a lot of Times they have the stun guns And you know and we’ve had friends and I’ve been shocked with them before and All it does is just really piss me off So i don’t know that it stops me from

Doing what i do no they they don’t at All you know it’s more like You know you Those things have been so over hyped Over the years the stun guns you know Where they touch somebody with it you See it in the movies the person just Falls down they pass out totally Unrealistic totally unrealistic if you Get shocked with a stun gun it your Muscles are going to tighten up it burns A little bit in the area where you’re Getting shocked it feels more like Somebody pokes you with something hot Than it does actually Um subdue you and you know like you were Saying you’re like Stop that hurts quit you know but on the Other hand If i’m messing with somebody and they Pull that thing out i might go okay you Know you know some people might just Back off so you know you But i would really die for something a Little bit more effective i think They’re more a novelty than anything Like the little little hand buzzers You know The little thing that go in your hand You shake somebody’s hand and he shocked Them it’s kind of the same thing as that It’s kind of the same Along the same lines and we’ll get one Of those

Eugene spit uh What’s something that’s missing in the Prepper industry Well you know it’s funny because there’s A lot there’s a lot out there that i Don’t even know about i mean there’s so Much and there’s so many new products Coming out and i think if not if we’re Not careful we get into the novelties Speaking of which right we get into the Novelty uh that may or may not work you Know it’s oh that’s a great idea but um Really you know just being able to say This is something we’re missing Um There’s so many different philosophies About the way things are are done i Think one thing that’s Is prepper groups joining with other People Which is not something you can buy but i Think that is one of the biggest things That and a lot of people do see the Value and and want the value but a lot Of people just think i’m going to go it Alone i’ve got my food my stuff my guns My this and i’m going to stand off Whoever but you got to sleep at some Point but and i’d have to agree with you 100 I think that a lack of an organizational Body for for preppers and like-minded People like that Is probably the one of the biggest

Things that’s missing from from the Prepper community where we just don’t Have a A large organizing body that that pulls People together and gives people advice And gives people A direction for what they can do for Different instances i think that’s the Biggest thing we’re missing in the Proper community yeah but as far as a Something we’re really missing like a Tangible asset yeah i mean there’s Medical a lot of people forget about Medical but that’s one thing that’s out There and there’s water people forget About water so um but i think that there And there’s more and more being produced Daily so i wish i could give you a Little bit more of a Thought but i feel like that there’s There’s more out there than i can even Put my arms around Wasteland dan asks should mylar bags With o2 absorbers appear completely Deprived of air Some of mine seem like all the air has Been absorbed others still seem like They have air in them well the ones that Seem to have air in them typically are Not They’re not free of oxygen right You know once you you they suck up like That and over time a lot of times They’ll start to lose it there’ll be a

Pinhole leak I would honestly go back and just redo Those if you can because it and yet on The other hand again it’s not that You’re gonna i mean the oxygen absorbers Help and it helps to preserve some of The nutrition it’s gonna give you some Value but I would still eat what is not You know what is what even if the bag Starts A little bit i would i wouldn’t be you Know especially dry goods especially dry Goods if it’s wet you know or your Vacuum vacuum sealing and it doesn’t Hold it’s not holding and so um you Definitely need to have that because That oxygen absorber unless it’s old Unless the oxygen absorber itself is not Effective uh it should suck that in Uh petroc62 asks do you have any Thoughts on carrying and using a burn a Pepper ball launcher in areas where guns Are tough to get Yeah i mean they’re effective We’ve got a video on that they work Trust me yeah they uh yeah they’ll light You up And there’s a couple of things you know Of course definitely uh the impact needs To make sure you know that that it needs To break Uh some people are not that susceptible To pepper spray

Yeah I think that was one of the biggest one Of the biggest takeaways that we had With it when we were when we were doing Some testing is if you you shoot Somebody in the in the chest with it the Ball the ball is going to break but a Lot of times it breaks and actually Shoots back away from the person’s face And they don’t get they don’t get the Gas in their face we found it to be a Lot more effective to actually shoot a Wall around the person to where the Balls would explode and put more pepper Spray in the air than it was to actually Shoot the person with it i’ll tell you This those things When they hit they hurt i mean they’ll Put welts on you it’s it’s a i think It’s a good if i didn’t have a gun i Would i would definitely have one of Those available um you know if i wasn’t Able to have a firearm and two that’s a Non-lethal option So uh i think there’s a lot of merit There are with the verna uh and Especially in areas that you can’t have A firearm one of the big things i would Suggest if you decide to go that route Is get some extra magazines because they Only hold like five or six pepper balls Get a few extra magazines so you can do A mag change and have more pepper balls Available yeah yeah but but i think it’s

A great tool yep but i think it’s Limited but it’s a great tool Hannibal st fox asked beekeeping for Food prepping question marks like Gardening question mark beekeeping would Definitely would be a huge here’s the Thing about it number one it gives you Honey which honey lasts forever honey’s One of those forever foods But the other thing is it gives you Barter capability uh you’re not going to Eat all the honey that you produce and So you can take that honey i mean people Do it all the time now But you can take that honey you can Trade for beans and rice you can trade For different eggs you can high value Yes it gives you a lot of benefits and It’s very health healthy even though it Does have natural sugars in it Beekeeping to me is one thing i’ve Looked at i don’t like getting stung so You know it’s kind of kept me back but We have a guy that lives just right up The road from us that has has bees and We’ve gotten Well and it keeps bees and we’ve gotten Honey from them and it’s wonderful So um yeah i think that is a great prep [Music] Um Ss express asked the argentina crashed 20 years ago was any of that political And how close is it to us now oh it’s

Like a freaking mirror Image uh and if you read the book you Know the in the book that he’s referring To is the the modern survival guide for The coming economic collapse By for fowl fdr fal and you can in fact You just put for foul in a in google and You’ll find the book Uh but it was about the actual events That happened in argentina that led up To the total economic collapse it was Definitely um Econo it was definitely political and What happened was a lot of countries Were investing into argentina they were Getting all these these these uh loans From the world bank and then they just Defaulted on them and they wouldn’t pay Them and so then their economy just and There were a lot of other things that Went on around that but it just killed Their peso and um And one thing that for foul talks about Is guys it’s not like this is shtf this Day he goes it is a progression and one Of the things he said was is a telltale Is as things start to supply start to go Away prices go up crime goes up We’re seeing a direct parallel it is Direct and the one thing about argentina It was a first world country when this Happened it wasn’t like some south American you know banana republic this Was a

Argentina is a very cultural country and They’re a lot like americans So Definitely that is a great book to read And i and i think that you’ll find that There are a lot of parallels a lot of Parallels and one thing that he said That’s very important is that groups Were what saved people People living in cities in buenos aires They would take a whole block and they Would have blocked defense and their People would work together and that’s What got him through a lot of that stuff People that bugged out went up to these Little cabins up in the mountains the Raiders followed them and took their Stuff and killed and raped them and did Whatever so it’s one of the things again About lone wolf mentality it’s it’s you Know in an actual event but with actual Events it actually changed the way i Look at prepping and the way i look at What we’re getting ready to face yeah Because possibly you’re not just going To wake up one morning and you know life As you know it is going to stop it’s Going to be a gradual progression Down until you know things are things Are really really bad and just like Donald saying you’re going to see that Just just like now With inflation with food shortages with Crime you know on a rampant rise and as

Long as you’re seeing those things You’re you’re drawing parallels between What happened in argentina and what’s Happening in our country right now Uh jared dale asked hey Um prepper what are your thoughts on Using military surplus gear I think it’s some of the best you can Buy for the money Uh Sportsman’s guide which we talk about it They have military surplus from around The world And so In fact i just did a bug out back it was A three-day pack a salt pack three-day Assault pack us army i think it was like 50 bucks Um The if you went to buy that it’d be 120 So or more yeah yeah yeah or when you Start looking at some of your your your Big brands that produce you know really High-end three-day assault packs and You’re looking at three four five Hundred dollars for for a high-end Assault pack from one of these big Branded companies versus buying a Surplus assault pack which gives you all The same features everything that you’re Going to get in that 500 pack for 50 i Mean their surplus stuff is a great Great deal well and it’s proven you know It’s tested in the field they’ve used it

So i am huge on military surplus i think That is a really great way to go now i Have new packs and i like different new Packs because these packs are used and Sometimes they may have a buckle missing Or may have something you know so that Is something but definitely i am huge Especially because there’s so many Things that we have to look toward you Know with our medical our food our water You know then you’re having to spend This huge amount of money on gear it’s Kind of nice to have that option uh you Know like self-inflating pads Sleeping bags Pouches packs you know you name it and And because it was designed to serve in A military situation it’s not gonna be Any different so i think it’s a great Option Uh anthony riegel asked question i live In an apartment how do i dispose of all My trash without alerting people that i Have supplies Oh That’s a good one take it to work with You Yeah Yeah seriously take it to work with you And throw it away take it to a gas Station and throw it in a gas station Dumpster um some place that’s away from Where you live yeah that way that way It’s not people aren’t able to uh

To go through your trash in your Dumpster right beside your apartment and See who you are where you live what you Have and things like that Um you know we tend we try not to throw Away like if we buy something That we don’t want people to know what It is then i burn it Being in an apartment you you really Don’t have that option but shredding is A great option for you as well you know If you all your bills anything that has Your personal information on it shred All of that stuff and then throw it away In a dumpster away from where you live Yeah you can take a backpack and you can Put a plastic trash bag in it and put Your trash in when you get it filled and Make sure you keep it down there yeah You could you could go like he said i Mean there’s thousands of even uh fast Food restaurants that have trash cans Out there you can just take and dump it Stations yeah that’s a great you pull up To a pump to get your gas you’ve got the You’ve got the garbage can right there You can just take that and dump it right In that can right you know that’s Something and two that’s not just Apartment i mean really and i know You’re saying that but the thing is is If you have food storage like we have a Lot of we do a lot of cans because we Like cans

But um Those cans people start finding those Cans So there may be some things you need to Consider with disposal that is a good Point thank you for bringing that up Thank you for answering it that way We may be seeing a video coming up about That Because that’s a good one What time is it i saw you oh it is it’s Time good grief we just Sarah mack throws up a sign tells us What time it is keep us on track and we Lose it guys thanks so much for being Here today uh we really appreciate it we Hope that some questions were answered i Know a lot of you guys are just watching Not asking questions but a lot of times These will help you as well we’re hoping I mean that’s that’s the reason we do This We really want you to be prepared Because the better my neighbor’s Prepared the better i’m prepared and That’s really part of why we do what we Do And um I really appreciate robbie wheaton for Being here uh always great to have him Here and his insight and you know even Though robbie and i think a lot of the Way same ways and he’s part of our Prepper group you know that we have

Differences we have different ways to Look at things and that’s part of the Reason why it’s good to have a community And this is even though it’s a virtual Community it is a community And it lets us have the confidence that There are a lot of people out there that Feel the same way we do and i think That’s one of the biggest things that Youtube has done Uh even on the gun side And um that’s right it’s given our Community a voice right where we can Communicate with one another we can Share ideas and that’s just a great Opportunity for for us to be able to Reach you with some of our thoughts and Answer some of your questions and for You to be able to reach us with your Questions and for us to be able to Answer them yeah because it gets things Rolling in my mind sometimes the Questions you answer and we did do a Video on Apartment prepping and about space and Stuff it is in one of the prepper school Videos so uh you know if you live in an Apartment which a lot of people do It may hopefully give you some ideas and A lot of times in the comments people Leave really great comments about actual Things that they do so you know that’s a Great thing once even once this video Ends the comments will continue people

Will be asking questions other people Will be answering questions so there’s Still an ongoing continuing dialogue Even after the video is over and this Will be on the playlist for um for Prepper school we have all the different Ones and again this is 34 so there’s a Lot of information in there we really Appreciate sarah mack for being here and Following up with the questions and Getting those to us and also robbie Wheaton at Also The robbie wheaton youtube channel does A lot of great gun reviews very unique Perspective because he has been in Gunsmith for over 20 years and so it’s Really it’s really good to hear his Perspective uh and we really appreciate Him being here um and also we appreciate Sportsman’s guide Your military surplus is one of the best Places out there to pick up all from all Over the world but they have everything And there’s a lot of stuff that applies Directly to the prepping community and You get twenty dollars off every one Hundred dollar or more purchase using Such no zero zero yep and check out Their buyers club you’ll get uh Additional savings as well as free Shipping on any order over forty nine Dollars Be strong be of good courage

God bless america long live the republic