Builders Tarp Bushcraft Tent

By | August 7, 2022

Well Woolly here Bushcraft with a builders tarp eh Stay tuned Yes guys This is the builder’s tarp that i bought On amazon for about 10 pound i think i Can’t remember guys i did a video Already about making shelters with it And stuff like that i’ll link that up There or there i don’t know what side it Goes guys But what i want to do it’s a tree by Tree type okay so that means For me Is that there’s certain instead of just Hanging it up in an airframe or a bigger Tent style there’s a couple of different Things we should be able to do with it And i just want to see how it functions Okay Let’s see if we can do A tent tp with it and a tarp no what is The other one A tarp tent and a tarp tp let’s try them We’ll start with the tarp tent see how We get on Okay I got a lot of rope I actually put this up In the forest Uh And i used it as like a group shelter And it was up

I would say it was up for maybe A month a month and a half With absolutely no issues whatsoever Guys wind rain spring weather stuff like That not a problem not a problem at all Let’s lay it out let’s take it down Let’s see if we can make something So It’s all laid out What i’m gonna do i’m gonna take my Outside edge and i’m going to come in And i’m going to come in two Right i’m going to put in a peg Normally you would come in one but this Is just a little bit of guesstimation Okay I’m going to put in one here take this One out I’m going to step in two And do the same Okay I’m going to do the same on this corner Here and here Okay taking a bit of ship taking a bit Of ship we’re going to do next right Is i’m going to move this corner in To here i’m not going to go to two Because Maybe i will actually i’m going to bring It pull it tight Bring this in oh it’s very tight So look if i brought it into two it’s Gonna go to about here Maybe that’s what i’ll do

Right there It’s just it’s not as easy To uh to flick at a boat that was one And a half wasn’t it But yes i don’t remember You know you you can bend the other tarp No problem Here Okay Now i got to get the poland Leave my center point here Not exactly What i mean So Let me see if i can fix her Maybe It does need to be the outside one Slight change of plan I have put it out On the ones closest to the corners same As i did before with the dd tarp okay I’m going to see if that makes it any Easier bruno hello you’re soaking wet You’re in the river Going away with you Go away no i don’t have anything for you So i’m going to do the same again guys I’m going to move it in i’m going to do This the same as i did the last time Away I’m going to move it in one Pull it tight Let’s see what happens when i put put The pool up on

That is not a bad space Okay So This bit And you see So this is where we get stuck right And not there’s no There’s no center There’s no center eyelet okay so even if We were to pull this out we wouldn’t be Able to push it back okay So maybe Maybe if i move it more forward That is much better Much better Still quite a bit of wasted space at the Back but that is better Let’s move it more forward I think there’s a limit onto where you Can move it whereas the dd tarp Definitely has a little bit of stretch In it especially with the With the with the material tires and Stuff like that there’s a little bit of Give and take okay so It sort of works as the tent tarp let’s Let’s try the 10 tp which is A wee bit more straightforward So For the tent tp all we are going to do Is we are going to make a triangle and Then prop it up in the middle okay so i Have the back two corners pegged out Already and all i’m going to do is i’m

Going to take my two front corners until They meet together In the middle of the tarp Now I just got to get inside i just got to Get this pool in What is really laughing yeah because I’ve done this before and it was with a Dd type and it wasn’t that simple okay So i gotta get in i gotta get this pole Up in the middle So Ah [Music] Have you ever seen that see that scene In es ventura Oh Guys that is definitely A usable space okay so what you do is You would just tuck this in And pull this over across you when You’re finished like that Absolutely works Check that out Bushcraft with a builder’s tarp gate Tarp tents edition whatever you want to Call it It’s not perfect but it is definitely Doable definitely doable for that more Enclosed space uh i did find that this One this this uh this teepee style Pyramid whatever you want to call it was Definitely easier to do very very Straightforward okay and i think it’s

Because there is no give and take with This you know it is That’s the size of it you can’t stretch It out a wee bit here and there uh guys So That definitely works definitely Definitely works You know you’re talking about Really bad weather that is going to be a Very A very good structure okay Cool Guys Cool Thanks for watching stay frosty