Viking Bugout Camp Overnighter

By | August 6, 2022

[Music] [Music] [Music] Yeah hello welcome to kimber bushcraft Today i’m in my kimber camp My viking Bug out camp And together with cornelius we’re going To make an overnighter here Want to sit with me yeah We want to make an overnighter here And it’s actually the first time Cornelius is Making an overnighter Together with me Of course we were in sweden and norway And we slept in tint But This is the first time out in the forest So I think he’s excited too I’m excited We are preparing some delicious meal And Breakfast two so I’m looking very much forward to this Yeah I got a lot of stuff i would like to Show you today some new stuff i got Made myself and so on And yeah it’s been a while since i Uploaded the video And it’s because i have had some Holidays together with my family and

Yeah it’s been a wonderful Summer this year Hot today is not so good it’s a little Windy and The sun is shining a little bit but That’s okay too We had a wonderful trip to Norway and sweden first we were into Sweden And then we went to norway and i made a Video from the Little viking village Storeholmen i think it’s called in Sweden and i can see It has many views so I think you like that too But now uh a new season is beginning and I’m going to make some More viking stuff out in the forest Perhaps together with martin In a week or two Yeah i’m looking forward to that too But first I have a little idea for a little Carving project and I got some a little thing i would like To show you a new thing that i Uh Partly made Yeah so Just lay out here so you can see just a Moment Yeah And this is my little carving pouch

I made Some years ago And in here i might come to a little Pencil Such one That i got from a subscriber in japan And of course my hook knife From moa Carving And Then this Yeah A little axe I bought the exit on a viking market Here in Linham royal in old brock And i made this for it I put a handle on And today i’m going to use it when i’m Making my little carving project And you see why I think this is a good little tool Another little carving knife [Applause] And then for this one Yeah I got me a little Saw and i want to tell you a little bit More about this all [Applause] Sometimes i get comments that the the Viking didn’t use saw And yeah there’s not many findings Of

Source in from the viking age But you can see on this picture It’s a finding in sweden and kotlin The mr muir chest it was a chest that Was found And in that chest there was a lot of Tools among them Among them A little saw And yeah This little saw is A replica of that And i I was on a viking market last weekend in Oahu’s Moscow viking market A really nice little thing but i haven’t Filmed anything for that because It looks very much like the white market I was on in linhon hoy but There i met a friendly guy uh blacksmith And his name is lashmark and he has A little business where he makes things Uh knives and axe heads and so on and Also Some saw And Yeah But this is a special one Because this is a Pull saw Like the silky saw you have to Saw like this You have to pull it

Normally it’s a push you push a saw And i think the one that was found in in Sweden gotland Was a push saw but he would try to make Uh something a little bit different and I got this blade from him uh to a Special price to see if it’s okay for Sawing small Items i must admit i had taken a little Bit of the saw blade off Because it was very long and it’s very Thin So i thought The shorter the blade is The less risk is that it will Break or wobble So and now it’s very sturdy And i just put this handle on It’s actually a Pine With a little um Rope on And um Yeah I think it’s cool and I promise to Give him fake bet on How it works So Now i’m going to use this for the first Time in my little carving project That i planned to do here on this Overnighter Yeah a couple of months ago i came

Across a company That makes these Salts The common is called northur Nordurg i think It’s icelandic And yeah they’re producing Salt In the old fashioned way Um since i think it’s 750 About there They Started to produce assault In this way and it’s the sea water they Cover up in some Big Pans And then they Boil them or warm it up Over the Hot springs that is on iceland yeah so This is a co2 no neutral They don’t use any electricity or Fuel to make this product As you can see in this picture they have Six different kind of Salts the company nordua that produces These salts as a ordinary sea salt Blueberry sea salt lava sea salt smoked Sea salt licorice sea salt And seaweed sea salt Today i have brought blueberry and lava And smoked

And These two i’ll Try on my Me my meat these two i’ll try on my meat And this on the vegetable i’m going to Prepare Together with my meat I tasted it and it’s very delicious Very special But today i’ll tell you how it tastes on On foods i only tried it from the Package you can see here [Applause] It is red or blue From the blueberries And This is black Lemon sea salt And the smoked sea salt Yeah it’s just a little bit brown So Yeah i’m looking forward to that I’m very grateful for Hello cornelius What are you interested in this too Yeah I’m grateful uh that nauto send me these Samples so i can test them out And they had some great stories about This sea salt and I’ll put a link to their website so you Can find the stories about behind these Products It is english and you can understand if

You can understand english So go in and check them out and i think They are selling these products Worldwide [Music] Yeah i hope so because Uh If you’re interested in Different tastes of Salt you should try these Now i’m going to Make my fire and go ahead with my meal So So [Applause] So So [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] So [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Yeah so this is my meal Beans uh carrots Onion And a steak And i think i’ll cut it out In pieces And the last one Yeah

So delicious Oh And then the salt I’ll take this blueberry salt And put it on my Vegetables Do it like this Yeah And The Smoke salt I’ll put on half of the Half of the meat This portion Yep And then Lava Flavour cells salt [Applause] Yep On the wrist It sure does look like lamb or this Salt [Applause] And Well Let’s take a bite Special taste I like it Hmm Hmm No onions you cannot use A little Piece of this

Is it tasty That’s cool [Applause] Um [Applause] Ah This is nice The smokes Salt is very nice but The lemon [Applause] It’s difficult to explain how it tastes But It’s very Burnt Tastes like fire Not strong but Like charcoal something like that And the vegetables Have a little sweetness because of the Blueberry salt Water [Music] [Music] [Music] Yeah As you maybe have noticed I took the armrest off And it’s because when i have my pouch on And my cx i can’t sit here Comfortably When this Is here so i cut them off And yeah

It’s gonna It’s still nice to sit in and Now the fur will Fill out the chair Nicely So i think it’s okay [Music] School everyone Hope you have had a nice Summer here it’s the last summer month We are going In now August [Applause] Yeah [Applause] I told you before i went on the journey To Sweden that we are going to Visit gotland and beercat And unfortunately we didn’t do that and The reason is Well uh Rotla Is actually far away from sweden so we Had to sail there And uh it was too expensive The cost was more than we had to pay From denmark to sweden So Yeah Perhaps another time uh But this year uh we said no and we went To norway instead

And also pierre We tried to reach beercat we drove down To the lakes where the little island is Located And So I was looking for a ferry And we asked some people There was ferry to this little island Where beaker is but They said that it must be in stockholm You have to arrive there early in the Morning and take a special ferry to the Little island And back again in the afternoon And again it was very expensive and Yeah we had to [Music] We had to arrive early in stockholm that Was a problem because the campsite was Far away from stockholm so We decided not to do that and I’ve seen pictures and videos from here And Yeah it’s not something special Not The island there’s a lot of findings From That are Displayed in the National museum in stockholm We didn’t visit that because of Cornelius we have him with us so Yeah but we visit strawhorman

Nice little viking village I made a video about that and i’m going To make a video about Our journey to norway and sweden later This year i have some footage from that But Uh perhaps yeah another time and uh Yeah But nevertheless it was a nice Vacation and we enjoyed it very much Yeah It’s getting dark now a little bit I will light up my lanterns And Put some water over my coffee Let’s do that So And some Nordu flex salt in [Applause] So Oh yeah [Music] Have you noticed that cornelius is I have Caught his hair Yeah [Music] It was too warm for him here this summer So together with my daughter We trimmed him With a scissor and a machine And it looks very nice now So

[Music] So [Music] [Music] So [Music] Look like this So [Music] [Music] So [Music] So So [Music] [Music] Yeah It’s time to go to bed now I think it’s about half past 10. It’s getting really dark now I’m just going to lay on the The sheep fur and my Reindeer fur and with a wool blanket I’m sure there will be enough Uh could be cold During the night but i don’t think it’s Going to be That cold So Hope you enjoyed this video until now And then i’ll see you again In the morning Good night Oh

[Music] Oh So Um Good morning everyone It’s been a quiet night Denise was Sleeping most of the time We were up around three o’clock He had to Do the thing And i Did the same Now we are going to To make some breakfast I’ll do it inside here because they say There will come Rain here this morning I’m not sure i can see the sky is blue A little bit blue but I felt a Couple of drips before so I think it’s most Convenient to make it inside the shelter And then I’m sure Veneers will like this mean too Now we’ll light up the fire there Do [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

[Applause] Oh Oh yeah So [Music] Yeah Looking delicious i think Cornelius Stop doing that Uh again As soon as you hear a [Music] Sound of something he Doesn’t recognize then he begins to bark But luckily it didn’t park during the Night But now cornelius come here Can i speech A little treat perhaps Yeah let’s go That was nice Then hopefully we can be quiet A little moment And i can Start eating this [Applause] There you go Um Hmm Come here So And then i don’t Come whiskey in my coffee in the morning [Music]

Ah [Music] Oh [Music] So [Music] Now the sun is shining [Music] [Music] Yeah It turned out to be a wonderful morning Here At kimber camp no wind And the sun is shining now so I stay here for a couple of hours And i’ve packed my gear Our gear and then we are heading home So i can edit this video and Hopefully launch it sometime Before the weekends or saturday [Music] I hope you enjoy your little stay Together with carnitas and me here And And find my little project interesting Yeah Then i hope to see you again the next One bye bye Take care Foreign Oh [Music] You