Threats of War & National Intel – Bear Brief 5AUG22

By | August 5, 2022

Everybody i’m bear with Today we’re going to do the brief and We’re going to do some national Intelligence from y’all We’re here on youtube this morning As well as Tick tock Because you know we have to be fair and Inclusive all of the asian juvenile Informants Out there we have to make sure that they Are adequately informed for their Counterintelligence operations If you’re new here Go ahead and subscribe ring the little Bell icon you’re going to need this Information To navigate what comes in the days ahead If you’re not new here Share this video share this live stream With somebody you think needs to see it And hit the little thumbs up icon that Helps us with our ongoing battle against The youtube algorithmic robots And the chinese spies All right bear independent brief 5 august 22 In taipei which for those who are Geographically challenged as in taiwan In taipei a 30-minute long air raid Drill was conducted last week on 25 july All civilians were required under the Threat of a fine to evacuate and take

Shelter It’s not simply routine either the mayor Of taipei specifically stated quote it Is necessary to make preparations in the Event of war Chinese military planes have frequently Harassed taiwan in recent years and There was an invasion of ukraine in February this is continuing the quote I i would hope we’re all aware of the Fact that there was an invasion of Ukraine in february These incidents remind us that we need To be vigilant in peacetime end quote The air defense drills have been Conducted not just in central taiwan but In the south and east of the country as Well Not long after these drills president xi Of china and biden of america asterisk Had a phone call in which xi stated Quote those who play with fire will Perish by it it is hoped that the u.s Will be clear-eyed about this end quote Failed threat I have my thoughts Yes china has hypersonic missiles we Have a lot of other stuff like You know we we tend to forget sometimes We get so overly concerned about the Warheads on foreheads thing it’s like We’re also pretty good at that I think we got a pretty good track Record when it comes to warheads on

Foreheads Uh one day after the phone call a Chinese army group posted to the social Network weibo the trent Maybe these people over here on this Phone know about weibo i’ve heard of it I’ve never used it it’s basically Spyware to my understanding But So is this limewire back in the day like Limewire back in the day what was that One napster or are you too young for Napster i remember it but i never used It yeah i used limelight you’re you’re Little that’s why you’re still little Then one day You’ll grow up one day sorry Napster yeah i think it was metallica Got all pissy at napster because their Songs ended up on there it’s like a huge Thing Yeah anyway And what’s funny is like the albums that Were up there were like their worst Albums who cares Yeah still there Give me fuel give me fire shut up Play master of puppets All right A chinese army group posted to the Social network weibo that translates to Quote preparing for war exclamation Point end quote The state-run media outlet global times

Said it may refer to the upcoming Anniversary of the people’s liberation Army but then maybe not Previously china has said that there Would be quote unbearable consequences End quote i love chinese propaganda Unbearable consequences by the way i Don’t even remember what we did that got Us banned from live streaming on tick Tock what was it Talking about gun parts that that’s cool We’re good now though oh okay Barrel receiver barrel extension bolt Carrier group Did you talk about lights Was it weapons lights yeah it was Weapons lights that’s what it was can’t Talk about weapons lights Or can i We shall see G-a-y why Are you gay So Unbearable consequences should the u.s Go forward with pelosi’s visit to taiwan Now pelosi’s By the way she has done this now Pelosi’s provocational visit to taiwan Has exacerbated the situation in Preparation for the visit china Increased its military exercises around Taiwan and minutes after she landed China announced live fire drills would Be conducted in six zones surrounding

Taiwan now a lot of people probably like Old news bear who cares they said they Were going to shoot her plane down and They didn’t Yeah The chinese are proud people although They’re also filled with hubris and ego The window of opportunity to do Something dumb has not closed for china I’ll just say that that’s maybe the most Polite way that i can put it In other words we’re not out of the Woods yet Live fire drills were conducted in the Taiwan strait and in what has been Called quote a highly Provocative show of force end quote the Country sorted 21 warplanes towards the Island country of taiwan China wasn’t the only one making moves In preparation for the anticipated Increase in tensions the uss ronald Reagan reagan and her strike group Returned to the south china sea with Commander haley sims saying that it is Quote continuing normal scheduled Operations as part of her routine patrol In support of a free and open Indo-pacific end quote In other words we’re going to do what we Want to do we have 11 aircraft carriers And we have more aircraft carriers and The rest of the world combined and There’s 4 500 to 7 000 people on this

Ship including a bunch of marines and Fafo homeboy That’s that’s how you read between the Lines on statements like that aside from Just military posturing trade related Patterns also reveal a story of their Own oh it’s also important to point out That U.s aircraft carriers Four and a half acres of flight deck They are considered sovereign u.s Territory You attack an aircraft carrier it’s like Attacking the soil of the united states Of america So there’s some cost-benefit analysis There for the egotistical chinese to say Oh yeah we’re going to put a hypersonic Missile On your aircraft carrier is it possible Yes is it probable I think it depends on what kind of mood G is in because g Depending on who you ask for example Peter zyhan zion or whatever the hell His name is is very fond of saying that G is basically a ruler of one that like He’s killed all of his advisors at this Point and he basically does what he Wants to do So is it possible yes Probable um Low probability at this point i would Say because it would literally be the

Start of an indo-pacific war between China and the united states That fast you don’t just attack a an Aircraft carrier and get away with it Plus carriers have strike groups Plus we have a lot of carriers and People love to make a big deal about China’s thousand vessel navy and it Turns out most of those vessels are like Tiny And they’re merchant vessels that have Been Upgraded to have some type of weapons on Them And they’re really Littoral ships they don’t have much Range In combat maneuvers they have a range of Approximately 400 miles nautical miles Versus a nuclear-powered aircraft Carrier that can run in the open oceans For however the hell It however the hell long it feels like You know you throw in some f-35s You know An a-wax or two and All of a sudden the the numbers don’t Really add up for Cost benefit analysis of taking out an Aircraft carrier Aside from just military posturing trade Related patterns also reveal a story of Their own Taiwan exports and electronics

Taiwan exports electronics and Agricultural products to china but now More than 100 categories of food Products have been suspended from import By china So china’s trying to hurt taiwan’s Pocketbook Among the electronics taiwan exports is Of course the ever important Semiconductors Recently the united states and japan Have launched a joint international Research hub for advanced semiconductors Specifically to reduce reliance on Taiwan Yes this is because of an issue in the Wake of massive supply chain disruption But in light of the current tensions the Move is also foreboding Meaning that the Cost-benefit analysis of being able to Produce more semiconductors In that thought process it was decided That maybe we’re better off doing this In japan rather than taiwan because China wants taiwan so they can onboard Their manufacturing their agriculture And their tax base if you will they need Them for the economy Taiwan of course It’s funny because china thinks that Taiwan is part of china And taiwan thinks china’s part of taiwan And it’s kind of like rhode island

Deciding that texas is part of rhode Island And texas deciding that rhode island is Part of texas like they’re Massively different In size and capability So but both of them are just a little Bit delusional china has the military Horsepower to take taiwan if they wanted To which is why the us is involved in The first place That’s why On the On the surface that’s why we are there So that china doesn’t just steamroll Through taiwan Semiconductors they’re important These are low quality semiconductors Though they’re not The type of semiconductors you need for They’re not moderate and advanced Semiconductors like for Computing and military industrial Hardware and stuff like that they’re Like for your smart blender Right the internet of things stuff like That and so they’re still relatively low Quality semiconductors the really good Ones come out of places like the united States japan germany etc and so There is some strategic consideration For a lack of semiconductors coming out Of taiwan but it’s not It’s not like um

We need to build International you know intercontinental Ballistic missiles But there’s no semiconductors no that’s Not what these are for this is for like A toaster that’ll talk to you or like The singing bass on the wall that what You know that thing remember you know You may be too young for that as well For like Exactly for like a a short period of Time like every redneck that was over The age of 60 had one of those mounted To their wall I don’t remember i never had one i Wasn’t over 60 so i never hopped on the Bandwagon If you’re on patreon you have the Relevant links if you’re not on patreon You don’t there’s a link in the Description of every video and live Stream uh for patreon Billy bass there you go that’s exactly Right billy bass um patreon’s five bucks A month and there’s like over two Thousand exclusive pieces of content There so it’s not an i love me you Should love me too channel Don’t worry Now I think it sang many different songs but That one’s possible I I don’t know we’ll have to get one

And find out By monday if bezos can get us a billy Bass we’ll know what it sings So thank you for the Thank you to the patrons for supporting The show We’re going to do some bonus intel now Medical Redacted location and employee Fuel is becoming an issue for us we have An agreement with the local school District to get fuel at their Transportation facility we were told Over a week ago their system was down And we could not get fuel there the System was supposed to be down a day or Two yesterday on my day to work my way To work i stopped at three local fuel Stations and could not buy fuel One cashier said their computer system Went down unexpectedly In the middle of the night and they Can’t get it back up another cashier Said their system was hacked stopping All sales Additionally we are seeing considerable Shortages of ems supplies Some items are minor such as four by Fours and alcohol preps other items are Critical such as ativan fentanyl and iv Fluids I’m not going to sham wow you guys but i Will tell you that uh if stuff at refuge Medical says it’s in stock that means

It’s under our roof And we have You know liberty like it’s kind of your Job to like order stuff and inventory it We have a considerable inventory You know why Because i don’t just tell you guys stuff We do stuff And Prepping for your household is one thing And you should do that prepping for your Business is another we don’t operate With debt and we took some of our cash Reserves and we bought literal pallet Upon pallet upon pallet upon pallet Of gauze tape gloves disinfectant Tourniquets shears decompression needles Chest seals Wound packing gauze quick clot Sam splints You name it like so we have that stuff In stock praise the most high so if You’re looking for a good first aid kit your promo code is Bearnation for free shipping And if you’re not if you’re totally okay With dying as the system collapses Because you didn’t have a good first aid Kit you could buy one from somebody else That’s fine save a couple bucks and as Your wife is bleeding out on the ground And you’re trying to use your cheap ass Chinese tourniquet to fix her you’re Like well at least i saved ten dollars

On this cool and maybe that ten dollars You saved you can use for your first Date with your new wife because your old One’s now dead Next my daughter is special needs and as Such we are in and out of the healthcare Establishments several times per week Basics like tylenol suppositories Coban wrap Cavallon and gauze wrap are hard to get Other than the suppositories we have all That at refuge My grandpa was life flighted last week Due to an abscess and perforated Intestine It was over 12 hours before the chopper Was available and then he sat in the Second facility’s Er for another eight hours before they Could find a bed for him this was the Fourth hospital they called the other Three were totally full and on diversion I’m telling you System the system be getting weird y’all And the point of reading all this intel To you is not to get you all spun up and Breathless It’s it’s not to uh trigger your Fight-or-flight reaction it’s to give You actionable intel so you can prepare Accordingly Medical is becoming effed In this country and so how do you deal With that personal responsibility you

Get medical equipment you get medical Training And then the most important bit of Medical that you can have in your preps Is an ounce of prevention because an Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure don’t do dumb stuff don’t take Unnecessary risks we talk about this all The time with these guys who i got my Plate carrier my ar-15 cool story bro me Too If your shtf plan is to get into Gunfights and win as many gunfights as Possible news flash bro there’s this Thing called the rate of attrition what Are you going to do if you get shot up Where are you going to go Who’s going to take care of that person And it’s the dumbest thing ever because You’re going to risk the one life that You have for somebody’s moldy graham Crackers That’s what you’re gonna go get Come on bro dumb Dumb have a first aid kit know how to Use it Security i live in orange county California move sorry did i say that out Loud i often have to drive north into la County specifically the city of long Beach you don’t have to do nothing you Chose to i drive along the pacific coast Highway and have noticed cargo ships Starting to stack up in the harbor area

With this few With a few as far south as hunting at Huntington beach about 15 miles Also activity at seal beach naval Weapons station has been busy as they Appear to be adding a new dock under Construction apparently to be able to Service additional ships with their Weapons needs it appears that when this Project is completed they will be able To service two to three ships instead of Just one Military buildup is happening all around The globe but especially in the estados Unidos the united states of america There’s a lot of that going on Our strategic bombers I know this first hand Usually They’ll fly one or two practice flights A day They’re flying up to for an hour Right now That’s an indicator people Roam burning in supply chains I work at the myrtle beach international Airport and flights are constantly being Delayed due to planes breaking down While sitting at gates and pilot Shortages you couldn’t pay me to get on A commercial flight right now like i’m I’m over it man i never liked commercial Flying anyway But

Dude right now Negative the last plane i was on There had to be no live 50 patches in The wing And i was sitting window seat right over The wing on the left side And we were flying into newark landing In newark and the pilot gets on the Radio was like yeah we’re gonna be Experiencing some significant turbulence Everybody go ahead buckle up and hang on And i’m watching the wing that’s no Longer a single piece of wing it’s got Like it’s like if you had a gunshot Wound and put 50 band-aids on it right Like that that should hold And the wing is doing this And i’m looking at it and i’m looking at The ground and i’m looking at everybody Else and i’m like We’re gonna die this is bad And we came in and the back uh the rear Right wheel hit and then the front wheel And then the back Left wheel and we just Down the runway it’s like get me uh end And I was in new jersey after that i’m like This entire experience sucks Sucks i don’t want to do this ever again And that’s when they had sheet metal and Rivets to put the wings back together Yeah well that’s when they had mechanics On staff to repair the engines check the

Tire pressure Fuel to put in the planes all right man You couldn’t talk me onto a commercial Flight right now Unless i had a parachute Right and like a go bag Maybe and i need to be sitting right Next to the door because other than that I’m not interested Also within the last month or so tourism Has decreased dramatically due to Inflation Flights are only half full if lucky Spirit seems to be doing okay for now But their planes are breaking down the Most that’s good news thankfully they Get them going pretty quick Also i’m an armed patrol captain for a Major security company here and we are Losing contracts due to the shortage and Tourism at the hotels and other Locations i went to the local food lion The other day to pick up a few things And was asked to leave because i was Taking pictures of half empty shelves The manager asked me what i was doing Taking pictures and i told him i was Gathering intel to inform others of what Was going on this Going on in this area Shortages have been an issue haven’t Been an issue until the last few weeks Next i do over lot construction work is Experiencing a shortage of heavy

Equipment cutting edges and other things Like scarifiers and routers Without those things we shut we shut Those heavy machines down Which means we will not be able to run Once the edges are in the machine and I’ve heard that this is nationwide Once they are gone they are gone nothing Will be further built and you will be Laid off Fun times I wrote previously about management at The nuclear plan i work at being Unusually tight-lipped yes i remember That about an impending unscheduled Shutdown and not telling the workers why We now know the reason and it implicates A major manufacturer of industry-wide Components the reactor coolant pumps Have replaceable seals and they’re known Wear items with a planned lifetime of 4.5 years they are designed to have a Small amount of controlled leakage which Aids in both maintaining the seal and Keeping moving parts cool Condition of the seal is evaluated by Tracking the amount of leakage One that we installed in the spring is Already leaking and At an amount normally seen at 3.5 years Age so the seals aren’t as good as they Should be We reached out to other plants that use The same seals and several have

Responded that the recently installed Seals have been prematurely degrading While we have not shut down yet we are Actively monitoring the situation and May be forced to And may be forced to perform an Unscheduled maintenance shutdown if it Continues to degrade While we while we are a significant Producer in our state our grid is still Primarily coal the other plants that we Reached out to though are major Producers in their states some of them Will be replacing seals during their Fall planned outages but many will be Trying to ride out the seal through the Winter thus placing an even greater Concern on baseload power generation During peak winter demand Fun Fun times I’m You know only half joking Seriously considering just becoming Amish at this point just getting a Couple horses getting wagging Having nothing but a mustache on my face Getting some snazzy suspenders One of those cool straw hats And just like you know screw it Change my name to yoder Plant some potatoes What else is there you know like Okay because there’s the potential

Potential not probability not high Probability with the potential we all Get a little bit more amish in the Coming days weeks months years ahead Anyway And You know i am kind of joking but it Illustrates the point that Those people have a lot going on they’re Not dependent upon the system very much They produce a lot of their own food They have a very strong network and Community they provide their own Security health if an amish barn catch Is on fire The amish get there all the other Brothers and sisters in the community Get there to put the fire up before the Fire department does I’ve got a brother in ohio who’s a Firefighter who tells me about fires in The amish country all the time and he’s Like These guys are so good that they’re Hooking up hoses to the pump trucks They’re running hoses they’re like They’re they are their own fire Department like it’s amazing That’s commendable I’m not saying I’m not saying you need some special Underwear And like uh you know A cool fur hat

But i am saying that there’s some Lessons in that for all of us because They they have set themselves apart from The system And if the system fails they’re going to Be way farther ahead on the power curve Than most people Because they’re not overly dependent Upon it that’s the whole point of this Channel bear independent I’m not an independent person in fact if We’re dealing with people i could easily Be called bear co-dependent because i’m Surrounded by dozens of awesome people I’m talking about being independent of The broken fragile system and it’s not Going to get any less broker any less Fragile at least for the next five years In my mind Different rabbit hole for a different Time Next It’s been roughly two weeks since i last Wrote about a shortage i’ve witnessed With the supply chain of animal feed in My previous email i wrote about how Purina had either cut production or Production was volunt involuntarily cut Due to supply and demand Well the situation has worsened as of Tuesday to august 22 the amount of Stored trailers at purina has dropped Once again Now these trailers are used to load

Finished product and then we take the Said product to two different tractor Supply store distribution centers it’s Been a while since i last saw the dc In south central kentucky however i did Take a load there today there was four Total loads going out there today i took One of four upon my arrival to this dc i Was shocked to find that the loaded Trailer was half empty That’s about the loaded trailer lot was Half to half empty that’s about 200 Trailers that are not on the lot that Usually are there loaded and waiting to Be unloaded and shipped to the stores i Have never seen it like this now this Tells me three things purina one of many Suppliers to tractor supply co has Slowed way down and secondly the other Suppliers have slowed down Third tractor supply has slowed orders Down as well All are indicators of a slowing economy And the dreaded r word recession Which is interesting have you been Tracking on this liberty Have you seen we’ve redefined the the Term recession now as well yeah just Like we redefined what a woman is Which i’m i guess i am and you’re not at This point okay i’m not entirely sure Um Yeah yeah lots of things we’ve read this We’ve defined all these different terms

Including recession So according to the white house right Now we don’t have a recession even Though statistically historically we’ve Had two bad quarters in a row that’s a Recession mathematically but not According to the white house because We’re experiencing unprecedented growth In certain sectors unprecedented growth Because you shut the country down for Three years Wait and when you turn it back on it’s Like there’s an unprecedented amount of Water coming out of the end of this Garden hose it’s like because you turn The water off And then you turn it back on again that Doesn’t count We have to compare the amount of water Coming out of the hose to how much water Was coming out of the hose before you Turned it off Not when you turned it off just dumb Just absolutely stupid and it It makes me wonder how many people Actually Buy The How many people are on board like oh Yeah economy is great there’s no Research look around Like Indicators are Are just in everywhere

Yeah i agree They um well a lot of those people that Are in denial are into party politics my Guy said there’s no recession there must Be no recession can’t trust those other People They’re all they all play for the same Team and you’re not on it they there’s The illusion of two different uniforms Two different teams on the field And The cover for action is to get you to Think that there’s two different teams On the field and they’re playing against One another The game that They’re playing Is not Playing against one another on the field That’s the cover for action the game That they’re playing is extrapolating as Much power and resources out of you that They can While creating the illusion that they’re Playing against each other on the field Party politics is stupid Let’s see back to this guy’s intel All indicators are of a slung economy And a recession i’ll also say this Because typically in trucking it doesn’t Matter about the quantity of load as Much as the qua the quality The quantity of load as much as the Quantity of each load i have noticed the

Tonnage of each load either going to the Dc’s or the stores has dropped Significantly as well Most loads usually push about 44 000 Pounds and the last several loads i’ve Hauled out of either purina or dc have Been in the low 30 thousand pound range That’s a 13 000 pound per load average Drop in the freight tonnage Smaller shipments and fewer shipments Are all indicators of a recession as Well As someone who was trucking through the 2008 market crisis and economic crash i Can tell you this is very reminiscent of Those days Long days are ahead of us and if our Elected leaders don’t get a handle on This soon recession is going to be what They pray for we’re heading straight for A depression How does one go broke slow and steady at First and then suddenly in the flash at The end we will wake up one day to Realize this is far worse than any of us Had thought it to be Yes and no I’ve known this for years I’ve been asking y’all for years to take It seriously And it’s only now recently that many People are beginning to take it Seriously So if you’re new to preparedness welcome

Some of us aren’t and this this is not An ego and hubris thing this is not me Trying to prepare flex on you it’s just It’s Grading on my soul sometimes you’ve been Saying this stuff for five years other People have been saying it for 10 or 15 Years or 25 years Hey if we don’t correct our course of Action If we don’t change our azimuth we’re Going to get jammed up I know we’re fine don’t worry about it What happens when the real estate market Market bubble pops again What happens with student loan Forgiveness or universal basic income What happens then Yeah a denarius for a measure of wheat You know what that means in today’s Terms A denarius an ounce of silver measure Wheat enough to make a loaf of bread That’s a 30 loaf of bread That’s what happens Hmm Now now i’m gonna take some wheat out of A bucket and make some bread I’m gonna eat one of those cows over There in the field Take a swim in my swimming pool ride the Four wheeler Shoot bad guys in the face you know Basic prepper stuff

So All the indicators are there the reason We do this is to illustrate What’s actually going on out there in The world so that you guys can then act Accordingly the whole point of this the Whole point of the channel is to spur You to appropriate action so that you Don’t become a casualty of the collapse Of the system don’t want that to happen Now if you’re one of those people that Jumps off when it’s time to talk about How to support the show this is your cue Beat feet skedaddle get out of here have A blessed day shalom Be gone with you And while you’re leaving i’m gonna go Pee on this stump over here and then We’re gonna talk about refuge medical Okay Okay bear all right good talk guys Sounds like one of our neighbors is Doing some killing The dulcet tones of the country All right A couple things you need to know The kids that are running the show at Refuge medical now yes i’m founder and Ceo But our day-to-day operations people are Bad ass and they’re like yo boss we Should do a back to school sale and i Was like that sounds cool set it up And so they did

Because you know decentralized command Love it Do it Great idea you’re in charge of that So they set up a back to school sale The booboo 2.0 The booboo kit 2.0 which will fit in a Purse a glove box a backpack Uh and has increased capability which is Why it’s a 2.0 For everything from like band-aids and Wound closure to pressure bandages and If you add some quick clot to it you can Now deal with gunshot wounds like Significant kit Under a hundred dollars And you can get 20 bucks off if you use The promo code school 2 school 2-0 School 20 get you 20 bucks off the Boo-boo kit Great like throw it in your backpack for Your going to the soccer game kit Great you know stick it in susie’s Backpack on her first day kindergarten Kit Great uh got one in the glove box in my Minivan kit you know keep one in the Junk drawer and the kitchen kit it’s a It’s a it’s a booboo kit but the 2.0 has Increased capability it’s not a Purpose-built trauma kit which is the The bulk of what we do at refuge medical But we’ve had so many people say hey man Can we get a kit with band-aids in it it

Was like okay yeah i guess yes we will Make band-aids So Because my mind i’m guys i’m old school I’m like oh you need a band-aid how About electrical tape That works great you know But um Anyway booboo 2.0 school 2-0 school 20 Is the code you can use for 20 off the Booboo kit And then the pack the public access Casualty kit Which is Basically a barefact on steroids that Lives in an acrylic clear box that hangs On the wall School 50 5-0 gets you 50 bucks off the Pack and those are specifically designed To public access Casualty kit It’ll treat two to four casualties Adequately not like Not like those cheap ass osha First aid kits are like it’s good for 50 People it’s like there’s nothing in this Metal box on the wall yeah here’s 50 Band-aids and two tylenol good for 50 People like no you can deal with two to Four people that have life-threatening Injuries with the pack Designed to hang on a wall Excellent for classrooms Hallways and schools

At least one in the nurse nurse’s office At least one in the nurse’s office Banks Small businesses churches huge Application for churches especially as We see the days approaching Um Sports fields you know anywhere where There’s people At what what i like to tell people when I’m i’m consulting with them on where Should these kits go is anywhere you Have a fire extinguisher hung on the Wall there should be a pack next to it And so If you have a small business or a church Or a school or An organization a bridge club Pack you need a pack on the wall and you Can use school 50 for 50 bucks off the Pack which is a significant savings on That kit And Fairfax in all colors i have been told By my intrepid staff at refuge medical In all colors The bear fact 3.0 is in stock right now This is mine it’s dirty because i use my Stuff that’s how we know that it works Because we didn’t just like good idea Ferry this kit into existence Uh this is the bare fact 3.0 Molly compatible on the back for all Your pals weapon it has some extra bar

Tack molly on the sides i’ve got a soft T rubber banded on to the side on this One i don’t know if they could see me Over here on the tubes but i think the Tubes like know what i’m talking about Right The way this works is you pull this open You grab the red handle The outer kit provides your portability And durability right the outer pouch You rip out the inner pouch The inner pouch has your capability and It’s designed That it can be accessed with one hand if Needed because of the 50 lives that have Been saved with refuge medical products That we know of so far Several of them have only had one hand So watch this You reach down here you grab this red Tab You shake the kit pops open And it’s prioritized per care per the March algorithm which is triple c Tactical combat casualty care the march Algorithm so massive bleeding airway and Respiratory circulation head injury Hypothermia everything else so i got a Six inch pressure bandage here i got a Gen seven cat tourniquet i’ve also got The made in america tag right here Because it’s made in america and Guaranteed forever if you break it i’ll Replace it at no cost to you got a

Sharpie so you can draw a mustache or a Phallus on your buddy’s face as he’s Laying on the ground bleeding out In the back Back here what we call the stack I’ve got my shears Got a nasopharyngeal airway I’ve got two five by nine gauze pads Because if i need Big gauze i need it now Right i don’t wanna mess around with Little guys i’ve got two five by nine Pads i’ve got a burn tech dressing for Burns And i’ve got not one but two Not compact but full size hyphen chest Seals As well for my airway and respiratory Module Right there plus Burn injuries Got my tape surgical tape I like this on the dangler right here so It’s here so when you open the kit it Doesn’t run away from you but it’s Retained with this little strip of Velcro here so you can just pop it out If you need it If i’m shamwowing too hard let me know Because i mean like it does everything You know you you can fry an egg on this Thing with no added fat Um it’ll make your whites whiter and Your brights brighter

In the bottom of the bear fact in this Pouch down here you’ve got genuine quick Clot rolled gauze right here for wound Packing then you’ve got what we call a Trauma pack And here i’ve got compressed gauze Ruined packing i’ve got a survival Blanket for hypothermia triangle bandage For everything from improvised field Tourniquets to slings to Um Immobilization of joints to whatever I’ve got kerlex roll gauze right here Which is one of those things we read Earlier in the brief people can’t get we Have pallets of this rolled gauze then I’ve got in the back here two by twos Four by fours and five by nine gauze Pads i’ve got an eye shield and an ipad For eye injuries and then i’ve also got Fold flat duct tape right here because Duct tape sticks to everything including Blood sweat and tears and this kit was Purpose built to work the march Algorithm this is not a booboo kit per Se it’ll certainly work for boo-boos but That’s not the ideology behind this kit This kit is for traumatic bleeding which By the way the number one cause of Preventable death preventable death in The united states of america In the 90th percentile meaning 9 out of 10 people who died that we could have Saved them was from uncontrolled

Bleeding That’s what that kid’s designed to Address first uncontrolled bleeding First Nine out of ten people who died but Didn’t need to in the united states of America uncontrolled bleeding by the way In the 90th percentile most dangerous Thing you’re gonna do today is drive What does this that tell us Statistically kids everybody say it with Me Have a first aid kit a real one in your Vehicle You’re also statistically going to be Involved in a motor vehicle accident Once every five years Do the math And then if you save five dollars on a Cheap chinese tourniquet off of amazon And it breaks when you need it who cares So fair fact made in america guaranteed Forever on four continents with all Branches of the u.s armed forces 50 lives saved to date Designed and refined with input from United states army special forces air Force pararescuemen Navy seals Combat marines It’s awesome law enforcement officers Everywhere There are many like it but this one this One right here

Is mine this is my bear pack And then the sob is also in stock you See it’s a little dirty because again we Use our stuff Got a tourniquet on the bottom Cat gen 7 tourniquet here i believe These are right now shipping with the Soft t tourniquet Which is also a committee on triple c Recommended winless tourniquet make sure You’re getting a committee on t triple c Recommended windlass tourniquet the two Leaders in that are the cat gen 7 Tourniquet which is what this is and the Soft t tourniquet which is what this is And they’re The exact same concept slightly Different construction the exact same Concept So this thing designed to run on your War belt your plate carrier your chest Rig the back of your headrest whatever It weighs as much as one loaded ar Magazine It’s this big Okay it’s that big Pop this thing open same concept grab The red handle pull the kit off of your War belt your plate carry your chest rig So you can get it out where you need it Pop the inner pouch open and of course Made in america And then in here you got your sharpie You’ve got a compression bandage you’ve

Got Combat gauze right here Well i threw it on the ground but Ideally it stays in your kit you got Your compressed gauze for wound packing You’ve got Gloves nasal pharyngeal airway fold flat Duct tape Compact hyphen chest seals For massive bleeding airway respiratory Circulation of the march algorithm In this kit good to go and a very tiny Compact platform Super high quality nylon again if you Break it i’ll replace it no questions Asked although i i like to know how you Broke it so we can make sure it doesn’t Break again the next time which is why We have iterated over and over again That’s why we have a barefact 3.0 Because the one the 1.5 the two the 2.5 They were all great kits but we made Them better and better and better with Each iteration so Those are in stock shipping fast wound Care buckets are in stock birthing Buckets are in stock the crash the smash Adventure bags i saw adventure bags in The office yesterday Yeah as soon as slumps came in they were Going in stock so i think they came in Today or monday cool so hopefully the Next couple days we’ll have some Adventure kits in

But you can find all that stuff at your promo code is Bear nation I would encourage you Uh today’s friday it’s payday i would Encourage you that if you’ve been Thinking about getting a first aid kit Go ahead and get one today because the Way supply chains are the way Inventorying is I don’t know if i’ll have it on monday And that’s just a fact That’s that’s not hyperbole no we’re a Lot of stocks yeah we go out of stock so Excited to have it fast you’re like whoo Yeah So i i don’t know if it’ll be there Monday so i would recommend if you need A kit or you need another kit hey Today’s the day it’s friday it’s payday Go ahead and get one And you’re supporting an american small Business that feeds 20 families when you Do that so we appreciate you very much Refuge training we’ve got classes in Waco dallas and boise idaho Right now boise is about to sell out so If you’re anywhere near boise idaho Today’s the day sign up if you need to Learn the fine art of how to not die in-person classes We have had now four steely-eyed green Berets Myriad combat veterans myriad law

Enforcement officers myriad Medical professionals emt aemt paramedic Flight medics Myriad people certified combat lifesaver You know 18 deltas Quad zeros We’ve had a lot of knowledgeable people Come to class and say this is the best Civilian first aid class i’m aware of Many people who are in the military have Said this is better than any training i Ever got in the military and that’s just Responder 1. That’s just a four or four and a half Hour block of instruction on stop the Bleed and triple c Had guys who combat life combat Lifesaver qualified twice say this is Better than what they taught me in the Army Oh tay Copy that So It’s in person training Highly recommend especially as the System continues to collapse that you Take advantage of the opportunity of Getting trained Because who knows When that opportunity will arise again Um let’s see what else Medical information trauma medicine Information there’s a free playlist here

On youtube the trauma medicine series You can go watch that for information on How to put a kit together and what the March algorithm is and Application of tourniquets and wound Packing and chest seals and Decompression and tension pneumothorax And nasopharyngeal airways and the Hypothermia and the lethal triad and Coagulopathy and acidosis and kazevac And medevac and all that it’s free it’s On youtube the trauma medicine series go Watch it it’s about three hours of Content broken out across eight videos So You have no excuses now You have zero excuses now That’s why i did it So many people were like bear why don’t You have online training it’s not Training if i can’t see you because when You do it wrong and you reinforce bad Habits that’s not training Training is in person kinesthetic right Visual audio repetition kinesthetic Thank you saw for vark This antenna has been bothering me it Needs to go back in its home And lastly but certainly not leastly If you think it’s a bad deal when kids Get seriously raped and sold as product By scumbags and you’d like to help us Put an end to that please consider

Supporting That is our job that is what we do we Rescue and rehabilitate children who Have been abused Significantly Abused sex trafficking in the united States of america is a 150 billion Dollar per year Industry And there’s only 420 beds in the entire Country sanctioned by dhs which is the Department or the agency with oversight On human trafficking 420 beds in the Entire country To deal with that problem that’s why We’re building caleb house Our goal is to add another 60 beds at Caleb house For the children who have been rescued So that they can be rehabilitated so That they can be restored And then after we build caleb house one We’ll build two and three and 17 and 62 And 183 until we’ve worked ourselves out Of a job And it is my commitment to the creator Of the universe to do that And i will do that and make that a Priority Before this Before This Before Everything else

He has put in front of me If that’s what it takes because that is What he has told me to do And i can’t tell him no And i’m not gonna tell him no and i Don’t want to tell him no I refuse to sit by while these Abominations are being perpetrated Yeshua Himself jesus the christ Matthew 18 verse 6. it would be better If a millstone was hung around your neck And you were thrown into the ocean than You harm the least of these Yeah Yup It’s an abomination And everybody always says somebody Should do something about that well You’re somebody I’m somebody And we are we are doing something about It and we will continue to do something About it as long as there’s breath in my Lungs So if you’d like to partner with us on That you can visit Everything helps You can also sign up for monthly Recurring Five bucks a month helps Anything helps And uh

We greatly need and appreciate your Support and to every one of you who is Out there covering this ministry in Prayer i can’t thank you enough You have no idea how much that means to Us Because we need it It’s a battle ephesians 6 we fight not Against flesh and blood but against Nations and principalities and spiritual Wickedness in high places That is real And we live it And it is overwhelming and exhausting And taxing But it is also good and righteous and Fulfilling And so thank you for covering us in Prayer We’d be dead in the water without you So that’s the brief for today thanks for Sticking around this long I pray you all have a blessed sabbath Get some rest Talk to the creator of the universe seek His face give him praise and thanks For the fact that you have Breath in your lungs and blood in your Body that you were fearfully and Wonderfully made specifically for this Time and this place on the map And that he has a plan that you are part Of it Y’all have a blessed day shalom