Learn How to use a New Freeze Dryer! Useful for Camping, Preparedness and Practicality. Moist Bread.

By | August 4, 2022

That filters the oil So when you clean out your oil from in Your pump and you filter it through here And then you can use it again this is The pump each vacuum pump Trays These are the tubes that go into it to Drain the water and plug it in oxygen Absorbers to go inside the mylar bags Back sealer yeah yeah What’s in here I got It i didn’t expect it to be that up A black one those are sweet yogurt Yum So you don’t ever want to tip it you Want to keep it flat once it’s filled With oil so that the oil doesn’t come up Into this okay What It could break it Hey folks a little different video today We’re going to be playing around with a Freeze dryer or a brand new freeze dryer The folks at harvestright were nice Enough to send me one to use for camping And preparedness in general Freeze dry stuff So here we are will’s done a lot of Research on it we’re going to set it up And run our first Batch So we can freeze dry yogurt too yes we Can make yogurt drops they’re amazing i

Want to try that Me too we are going to fill the vacuum Pump here with oil now so you’re you’re Going to fill it just past halfway Don’t spill it What is that that’s the oil yeah Those are just like one or two lines Above the half hold on well it’s still Filling isn’t it Oh it looks a little half to me That’s about half so we’ll touch more So now we’re attaching the hose to the Freeze dryer And then this end will go to The pump We need to move the uh What are you doing bro Which one did it say to tighten Both but you want them both so it keeps That vacuum sealed because it’s going to Vacuum seal inside the thing Sorry Inside this thing So this is the drain tube so after it Does it cycles it’s going to drain out The water and the frost into this bucket So you want the drain tube to be in the Bucket but you don’t want it to actually Ever touch the water it’s draining why Because it will suck it back into the Machine oh smokes all right Cool and this is in the closed position Here yes and you have to have this Closed before you start well yes while

It’s running and then once it’s all done Then you open it and let it There’s a defrost okay Turn it on we are turning it on So back here we have The freeze dryer plugged in down there And this is where the pump plugs into The freezer All right so let’s grab the box we know What to push So So this You’re gonna push this leaf in the Corner it says So it’s gonna do a test on it So this is going to test the freeze jar To make sure it’s all working properly So we’re going to take this freeze thing And turn it On And now we got to give it 20 to 30 Minutes it’ll give a little beep when It’s done and then we’ll push done and It’ll reset and we’ll have to follow the Next steps That’s the freeze turning on [Music] I’m glad you’re here So it said to let it freeze For 30 minutes or more so we’re at 40 Minutes it says then toggle the vacuum To on by pressing the on off so we’re Gonna Turn that

Okay now it says within 20 to 30 minutes The pressure reading will start to Decrease to below 500 m right now it’s At 55 000 And then we’re done We’re done we’re done with the testing We’re done with the testing then we can Go to setting up the machine and then Put in our moist bread to take out the New car smell Now that it is below 500 we are going to Push done Okay how about Look at my apple Oh my spready Okay all monkey Let’s start with the show so Now that we push done it goes back to The main screen And we come over here To release the pressure inside the Machine you have to release the valve So we turn the valve And that’s going to release the pressure Give that a minute to release all the Pressure and then we can open our door [Applause] Mom open your door I counted to 60. okay so one turn And then your second turn opens your Door Don’t touch it yeah step back a little Bit is it hot oh it’s cold Yeah of course it’s cold

Okay And now it’s ready to do the first batch No we have to do the bread yeah so we’re Going to close our board back up So for your very first batch it has kind Of like A new smell in it so you want to use a Moist bread to absorb All the new smell out of it so that your Next batch is good food that’s going to Taste good okay and then we have to pick For the first time what kind of pump Setup we have because they have three Different pumps three different pump Systems So we have a standard oil pump So Click that And then Save Then we’re gonna push continue Okay and now it’s got 15 minutes where It’s gonna pre-cool while you get your Food ready so i’m gonna go get the moist Bread ready and then once that 15 Minutes is ready it says you’ve got to Put it in right away you don’t want to Wait past the 15 minutes All right go moisten that bread I think mom wants cotton candy bread dad Cotton candy yeah i can’t eat Cotton candy bread Bread has been moistened Does it matter what like no

No and if you have different foods on Different things it circulates the air According to what’s in there Did you And freezing So how long was it in there before it Switched to drying Uh about an hour So Been on for almost four hours And it’s been dry totally on for almost Four hours drying for two and a half and It’s almost done You can see Which is almost done red’s looking good Not looking too moist anymore People don’t like our voice All right the process is complete it’s Complete overnight but it keeps it good For you until you have time to shut off It’s beefing at me so it says Open drain valve to vent So we’re going to Open the drain valve [Music] All right It’s been like 15 20 minutes Let’s see what the deal is here Oh trees are cold Oh buddy I’d say that worked Smells like bread They’re cold [Applause]

[Music] I would say that that’s a success next Up Berries What do you have What do you have there strawberries Raspberries and Pasta berries why are they frozen Because i picked them and i didn’t want Them to go bad before we did this Picked them fresh doesn’t freezing Before has something to do with Something too no it just saves a little Bit of freezing time on the machine all Right We got four trays we’re gonna make some Dehydrated housekeep cap berries You might need some muscle here too Can you break that up a little bit Like that no No i didn’t want those broken like that It’s good [Applause] Like that Yeah so you want the leg thin [Applause] And not over the edges Not taller than the edges it says not Higher than the lip yeah Smells so good I know i’m trying to break them more So we picked all these berries right i Picked all these berries these girls me And the girls not me

Um you came and picked the raspberries With us I picked just oh you did pick the second Batch of strawberries with that oh yeah Oh yeah so you’re not doing anything That you brew No none of these are the ones that i Grew mine are just about to become right All right You did yeah me too good job girls They picked 15 pounds of strawberries in 20 minutes Pretty impressive if anybody needs Workers Hask cap h-a-s-k-a-p [Laughter] Strawberries and Raspberries no blueberries this time not Yet blueberries aren’t in season here Yet Who’s there No they’re not actually they are Naturally not at the farms so we’re Gonna push start It says cooling chamber so we got 15 Minutes and when that 15 minutes is up We stick the berries in This kitkat really wants the berries Out there bro [Music] Mommy wants your [Music] Okay Nice

You say thank you Thank you You say you’re welcome We’re gonna push continue And we’re off you shut the thing i shut The thing Nice how long do you think Uh since it’s already part frozen it Would just be a few hours of freezing And then however long it takes to dry Okay That’s so weird It’s gonna be really cold Nope nope it warms the trees up for us It’s gonna be oh yeah Oh they’re dude they’re so light Oh they’re so good Yeah mm-hmm Yeah try one babe I have one yep come and eat one It’s crunchy Yum Eat it it makes it like a candy That is flavorful right Wow so much more flavorful than Dehydrating need to come try one try one Man they’re good no normal temperature Bro put it in your mouth put the whole Thing in your mouth come on She’s such a weirdo You don’t like it [Music] Raspberries Oh my god oh my god are they sour no

Well a little bit They’re strawberry very flavorful Why are they all warm Because it just finished so it warms the Trays up for you so you’re not filling Them up cold Whatever Was it sour i don’t like it What do you think autumn Like what sour All right better try the hash cap Berries How’s cups Uh-oh Pretend this is a house cup and i eat This this is all caramel Wow what it’s so flavorful I don’t like it You don’t have to right now but you like It better now Wow So flavorful Okay I am ready oh wait wait wait wait wait Wait i’m ready okay These are the oxygen absorbers so you Want to open this we’ll stick one in Each really quick these are the mylar Bags that they sent with us we have A bunch of them here i’m sure obviously You have to order some Extras after you’re done or after you’re All full of them but uh they send you Quite a bit yeah so we’re to put one of

These in each of these bags and then Seal this up pretty quickly because you Don’t want these to absorb too much Oxygen One each one in each [Applause] And we’re going to try to do this fruit As fast as we can Yeah the bread started absorbing Moisture and stuff after a few hours of Being on the table This is set to five which is for the Bag and we just There you go Careful talk You’re gonna squeeze the arrow i tried To no I tried to i couldn’t put my hand in There You know what so now we’re going to fill This with the raspberries Maybe we should uh Uh want like something to scoop it Like what Oh Avocados They smell so good They’re super light too so as opposed to What The flat one yes thank you On top of It Retaining all the nutrients and Staying good for a long time

It also makes it lighter in weight So for camping Perfect Yeah do all this [Applause] Yeah maybe they won’t all fit on one of Them you can eat the extras yeah so what When we need any out of here you can Take what you need out and seal it again Seal it again i guess i’ll just leave What i need out for camping right yeah i Might as well leave the restaurant Notches right here you want to seal it Right below these yeah right below this Yes well i was saying you need to seal It right below these notches the Terrapin notches so actually this is uh Oh what sorry we for the mylar bags we Gotta set this to seven And this all came with this kit All right It sets the heat on this next to the Thickness of the bags All right so it doesn’t matter if i go Farther down Right there go right there okay Let’s say what okay it’s okay a little Bit above it but then you’ll have to cut It yeah Okay and it says some people like to do A second seal just to make sure it seals Oh yeah above it or no on the same spot Right over the same spot So got there yep

So we’re good That’s pretty slick man Then you can write on it obviously Oh yeah i gotta say what it says on There right So it’ll be Or say what’s inside it sorry so we Could put raspberries and we put the Date On it do you wanna stick the extra You’re gonna take that’s pretty cool Yeah Yeah yummy yummy yummy yeah yeah should Have probably written on it before you Put that in now it’s gonna be hard The word is Wrote Nope Yes it would have been easier to write On at first but it’s okay the Sharpie will work you have to get a Sharpie anyways i think they don’t have A normal one unless you know where one Is a normal one yes a normal one not a Thin one not a thin one i know All right Okay so next up Oh thank you Grasp Their ease you know Did you know that Rasp berries they’re not They don’t sound like you say Raspberries but it’s spelled rasp

Berries and the snozzberries They taste like smells berries Now we’ll do the Cups I’m gonna keep this shot i don’t know if It’s absolutely necessary but keep these In here keep it shut until we’re ready To work with them just so that they’re Not absorbing any extreme or moisture H A [Applause] I’m just guessing at this part ap House cup bro How’s cat brodies What’s that autumn [Music] Can i have some yogurt yeah Yes A normal strawberry [Music] [Applause] No it’s not going to shut right That’s it yeah So we got strawberries raspberries past Cat berries and how much Weight do you think this would have been Dr uh wet Uh that was about three pounds at least For strawberries that we did up just Strawberries just strawberries and about I want to say Two ish pounds of past caps so at least Five and that’s not killing the

Raspberries yeah so at very least five Pounds and this all together I don’t think it weighs a pound no oh Gosh no that’s so good And then we also have this And this full and this is a there’s a Lot of strawberries actually like That’s a lot of strawberries you can Share with that i’m sure I’m going to put some in my camping Bag To have your food Have with my food it’s your breakfast That’s enough for me So what else are we going to do with This thing I’ve got candy so we’re going to Research how to do candy Um we’re going to do some stew next what Do you say Gummy bears Some beef stew we’re gonna do some beef Stew i’m gonna try doing some of my Chicken noodle soup that you love so you Can take it with you on your trips Um Possibilities are endless possibilities All right guys thanks for watching this Is something new uh we’ll be doing Playing around with this making a couple Of them a couple of other videos check Out harvest right if you’re interested In getting yourself one Thanks to those guys for sending me this