Store Bought Fatwood Vs Natural Fatwood

By | August 3, 2022

You need to come closer That’s better well wally here guys This Is fartwood This is also firewood That is bruno who’s really excited Because i’ve got sticks in my hand You’re not getting this Stay Tuned you’re not getting this you’re not Getting this this these are mine you Have a forest full of sticks he’s a Forest full of sticks he’s not getting It Guys This is fatwood this has come this is a One of the same pieces from from the Last video that i’ve about fatwood guys It just has been cut short to fit into Different things okay so this is fatwood Right Naturally harvested fat wood This Is store-bought fat wood this is fatwood That has come from the bushcraft store And this is if i remember correctly this Is called a maya stick okay now what i Would like to do is i would you’re not Getting this sit down What i would like to do is i would like To test this versus this And see which one performs better okay First test always has to be the smell Test

Stop it no stop it no stop no you’re not Getting it no If you’ve ever used fatwood or if you’ve Ever come across fatwood or if you’ve Bought fatwood guys you will know that It has a very Very very very Uh distinctive smell it has an amazing Smell it’s just amazing okay now when i Look at these two pieces of fat wood I can see you know it’s a big spider That The store-bought one does not have the Same [Music] Fat wood cells i’m going to say Let’s see if we can see this okay So You see we have these lines of fat wood Going down here okay so it doesn’t quite Have the same thing But we’ll see okay So i’m just going to give it a scrape With the back of my knife You know It does have that smell This is the maya the bushcraft store Bought stuff okay And this Is the naturally sourced stuff Which would be better if it was longer Actually can you see him I have to say they’re both quite similar They’re both quite similar

I just want to get a wee bit more of This Let’s test and see if it takes a spark Store-bought Naturally sourced I’m just gonna try and fire a spark on It guys okay i’m not going to be too That went up so quick Burned out very quick bro This is the natural stuff that’s still Burning guys I would say that i could possibly light That on fire again There you go don’t even have to Daphne takes a spark easy definitely Definitely takes a spark easy Guys No you’re not having it No guys That is Pretty close i have to say i i i sort of Was expecting the natural stuff to be a Lot better or sorry i was expecting one Of them to be a lot better than the Other i wasn’t expecting to be so close Uh definitely Doesn’t have the same smell Or sorry does have the same smash jesus Bruno she should So That’s that’s not bad like they are Fairly cheap this is the thing like a Little pack of this is fairly cheap i Think it’s about two quid something like

That so if you guys are out there and You’re looking for stop it bruno sit sit You guys are no you’re not getting it If you guys are out there and you’re on And you’re honest here here there you go Good dog and you are you are trying to Find fat wood and you’re struggling to Find fatwood guys this this stuff from The tbs or from the bushcraft store uh Is is pretty good i have to see it no Get down I am uh No I’m impressed i am going to say it Better than expected Let me just see now break off a couple Of pieces So the way the way it seems to go is That the fat wood is that you either can You have loads of it and you can find it All the time or you you just can’t find It anywhere this is what Sort of uh Is the feedback that is coming back from My last video on fatwood That burns away a lot of smoke coming Off it guys if you’re looking at black Smoke it’s a really good indicator okay It means that it’s full of resin or it’s Full of oils of some description Cool Burning stuff Bruno dog

Look what’s wrong with this one this is The one that oh i know what’s wrong with It it’s not mine that’s what’s wrong With he wants my one go okay okay so Listen if you are in the uk and you are Uh you know Maybe not fighting as much fatwood as You would like that stuff from the tbs Uh from the bushcraft store it Definitely works and it’s probably worth A couple of quid you know Thanks for watching stay frosty