BattlBox Mission 89 Pro Plus Review

By | August 2, 2022

Battle box is a subscription service That focuses around the tactical Community or even more of your field Craft survival It just has a wide range of different Items but especially for the prepper i Mean to me this is a great box to get We’ve done a number of reviews on the Battle box it’s been a while But battlebots got in touch with me and They said hey you know we’d like for you To do some more reviews for us and so i Said let’s do it about once a quarter And so we’re going to bring a battle box Review to you about once every three Months and just check out all the Different gear but guys To me the battle box is one of the best Subscription services for tactical edc Survival that’s out on the market They’re down in georgia so they’re close Enough and we really appreciate battle Box for sponsoring this video to bring To you guys and we’re going to show you A lot of cool stuff all right we got the Battle box we’re going to go ahead and Open it up Inside we have a lot of cool gear This is really a big upgrade mission Brief 89. go ahead and take a look well I don’t want to get into all the details But this has a lot of information And so we’re going to take a look and See i mean this gives you all the

Descriptions in this little pamphlet This is really well done even here on The back you’ve got a qr code where you Can scan this to be eligible for monthly Giveaways on all right We’re going to break all this out we’re Going to take a look at it and we’re Going to test it out all right here’s All the gear pulled out looks like some Really interesting stuff Headlamps couple of knives Plugs we’re going to go through each one We’re going to check them out and then We’re going to test them now we’re going To start out with the battle bandage And this is from rescue essentials And guys honestly if you’re in the Outdoors For that matter in your vehicle or Anywhere else you know you have a good Chance of having to treat yourself for Medical or those you love and so we’re Going to take a look at the battle Bandage and right here there’s a really Quick easy tab to open which is Important so we’re just going to open it Up Now this is a two-piece system so we’re Going to open this it has an adhesive Right here and then that protects it it Seals it and this is medical grade and Then of course that’s pretty cool They’ve got a a little roller here for Your tape to be able to get that even in

Larger areas and big letters remove and You have an arrow so you just pull this And open it up And that’s your soft bandage and so That’s going to help you Not to get that really strong adhesive On your skin And it has this little white area so you Can pull this off if it gets stuck And then here it opens up and so this is Going to be great for you know Protecting especially if you have blood Loss you can pack this in it’s going to Help and then you can put some pressure On it by putting this tape and you can Wrap it around the wound now while we Don’t have a convenient injury best Thing to do is identify where the wound Is I’m going to bring this around Get this other side started first And then you can apply pressure and That’s one of the big things about wound Care is getting that pressure Not too tight because you don’t want to Cut off blood circulation but you can Wrap this up and I mean there’s quite a bit of tape here To be able to wrap that up and then if You want you can just go ahead and cut This off what you’re going to do And you’ve actually got more tape And then we can just seal this up And that way whatever wound it is you’ve

Got it protected and then you’ve got it Sealed you’ve got some pressure on it so It’s going to help to stop the bleeding It’s a pretty cool system one thing too I like about it is when you pull this Off the adhesive just sticks to it It doesn’t make it super sticky So you’re able to Pull this off Without making a big mess and even with The hair on my arms it didn’t rip the Hair off and the battle bandage retails For 1858 next is the pocket shot this Says the evolution of the slingshot so We’re going to check this out and get it Open now we have a rubberized material Here and this is what you stretch Inside we have a compartment we’re going To open that up and then There are ball bearings in here already Supplied so we’re going to have a little Fun with this You just drop your ball bearing down Here you grab hold of it pull back and Then you let it go and we’re going to Test this out and see how it works one Thing they do say is to keep this in a Cool dry place because this rubberized Material can dry out When you’re finished drop your ball Bearings back into the sleeve and then Just close it up and so it’s a contained Area one thing i like is this collar it Allows you to get your fingers around it

Without slipping so when you pull it You’re going to be able to fire those Ball bearings This is going to take some skill over Time but i think it’s going to be fun Now take your ball bearing just drop it In and you can feel it in the bottom and So then you just pull it and then it Just comes out this large end almost Like a blunderbuss We’ll see how it does Gives it quite a wallet too i think if You really got really a proficient with This Uh having to shoot A lot of ball bearings i think you’d get Really good at it and some of the even Larger ball bearings would be good But i’ll tell you See how far it’ll go This thing goes for miles not literally But it goes for a long way Let’s try one more time see if we can Miss a tree I’ll be honest that goes about 75 yards Just pulling it here and i didn’t pull It as far back as i could Could be i mean the big thing is with This is you just need to practice with It but uh It’s pretty cool actually i love the Fact too that you just take the ball Bearings drop them in you got a cap for It so you’ve got your ammunition and

Everything just right here and it packs Down pretty nice In fact i could pack it down like this Slip it in my pack Very small little footprint now this is The size of ball bearing i’m sure you Can go larger you don’t want to go like With bbs they can actually tear because They’re so small so you want to go with Something at least about this size I’d say that’s about six to seven Millimeters that’s cool that ring it Really helps you to hold on to it you Can stretch this back a good bit i’ll Tell you that i’ve seen these around but That’s pretty impressive and the pocket Shot is made right here in the usa and It runs 24.95 next is the decibels Custom molded Earplugs and these you heat and you Shape and it has a noise reduction Rating of 31 decibels now this is great For firearms of course you know loud Machinery Even if you have friends that snore and They’re spending the night And i have actually used earplugs for That very reason these are moldable but They are re-moldable and it comes in Four different colors you can get black Orange green or blue what’s funny is i Just purchased some decibels to check Them out and these are made in the usa And so we’re going to shape them and see

How they work and what you get in the Box open it up You get some small plugs You get some little bit larger plugs And you get the moldable material And you get a small little case that Goes with it with full instructions so It says heat and shape now we filled These up We have these filled up with water it Says three to four inches And we want to bring this water to a Bowl do not put your ear plugs in here First you want to do that after this Comes to a boil And yes you want to do two separate mugs Now the plugs are hard i mean it’s like Hard plastic and so it’s going to take That really hot water to be able to Soften these up then of course they’re Just open you don’t want to put your Little earpiece in there until you’re Ready for the little foam they give you A number of different plug types to be Able to go in there this is on the Outside but you have one in a separate Package then you have these flange type I like that the best And different sizes for different ear Canals now before you put it in the Water you want to go ahead and put this Plug in this side and this is the Identification this is on the outside And then one of the silicone

Plugs here not the foam plugs so once we Get that in place then we’re going to Drop this in the water Just drop them in there They’re going to sit for five minutes Now you want to take a metal spoon to Pull these out with plastic may stick Now you want to dry them off a little Bit make sure they’re facing the right Direction And then just put them in your ear and Then begin just to press down And mold it if you’re not very malleable Then you’re going to want to heat it Some more And the good thing is you can reheat These Take the other one put it in You just start pressing it down you can Feel it Pressing into your ear to make sure it’s Kind of a smooth With your finger And it just molds to your ear Now once you get this molded in you want To leave it in for about five minutes And then every 30 seconds or so just Take and push Shape it And it will mold specifically to your Ear So we’ll find out we’re going to do a Little test i have the psa rock 5.7 this Is five seven by 28 it’s known to be

Pretty loud So we’re just going to shoot off about Five rounds and just see how it does Very comfortable in the ear definitely Uh keeps that sound down I like them i like plugs myself i mean I’m a big fan of earplugs Especially when shooting rifle i don’t Have to do that in the hot summer time You don’t have all those big earmuffs on So Working good i really like these now Here’s after i’ve molded them tested Them And they fit just really nice And of course if this shape isn’t right Of course it’s a little bit different You know you can just reheat these and Shape them again so that’s a pretty cool System and you can change out your Different plugs here For the different ones so i really like This i mean these things are they’re Lightweight And they really do protect your ears Well and the decibels custom molded ear Plugs 25 99 made in the usa Right there on the box now this is what You get in the basic box it runs 34.99 And the value is 69.44 now we have the dead fish winged Alpine foldable chef’s knife Wow that’s pretty large And this is going to be great for

Preparing food Maybe even at home but definitely in the Outdoors Put this in your go bag and you can Prepare food go camping if you’re out Hiking Or if you’re just outside in your garden And you want to go ahead and eat Something really fast Man that’s a nice little cleaver has This little hole here to be able to pull This up Liner lock and we have wood scales Stainless steel en4116 Steel open design in the back so it’s Going to be easy to clean And you have your dead fish logo on here Man that thing is really a beautiful Knife A little more the standard tradition or Bushcraft but this is going to be Excellent for food prep decent sized Spine as well it’s four and a quarter Inch blade overall it’s ten and a Quarter inches foldable Pack that down just put this with your Kit And you’re ready to go i like that choil Right there too because you can really Get detail if you need to especially With smaller stuff all right we’re going To try this lemon out I mean that’s really a really nice large Knife

And it cuts very well Of course i’ve got my lemons and my Don’t tread on me mug Man that’s gonna be good stuff Oh yeah i’m ready to put that on my Sandwich Now add this to the initial three items And you have your advanced box so this Is 59.99 so combined total of the four Items is 129.47 And the advanced monthly subscription Fee is 64.99 So that’s a pretty decent savings and You get this really cool knife that’s Just a little bit over the price of just This knife next is the nikron H35 this is a headlamp They say twin engines it’s rechargeable 1600 lumens has an 18650 rechargeable Battery Inside so we’re going to check this out All right so here we have the headlamp We have the headband we have Instructions this is the warning that There is a small little blocker to keep The battery and the light from coming on And you have your charging cable let’s Go ahead and open it up Yeah there’s your little blocker just Make sure you remove that There’s your 18650 battery 2600 milliamp 3.6 volt It has a 180 degree radius And you can feel the little gears as you

Turn it so it’s going to lock it into Wherever you stop And we’re going to go ahead and apply The headband here we have these little Slots so you’re able just to put this on Without any kind of Removing anything buckles removing Different things that make it a pain and This really nice neuroprene Little headband this is going to be very Comfortable to wear Now we also have an upper piece that Will fit over the top of your head and You’ll need just to put that through When you do And then it clips right down in here now We have spotlight here and we have flood Here and you can run either one or you Can run both And so here is your control panel And what you do is hold and press And then it has the light on and then You just click Click And it goes through the different modes And you can see that 1600 lumens is just Incredibly bright And then press and hold and it’ll shut Off On the other side Press and hold Now you have your floodlight And then again you can go through the Modes man that’s just freaking bright

And then we go through all the modes Press and hold to shut it off Now if you have it in the off position And you hit the button right here Just hit it now you have red light you Hit it again it goes to blinking And then Of course it’ll just cut off now if i Just click it’ll go into a flashing Light And so that’s just a signaling light And so i can just go to it And that’s just a good feature Especially for rescue And then just press and hold and it’ll Shut off if you want both lights on Press and hold Press and hold And then you have both of your lights on At the same time now that’s going to run Your battery life down And so you know that’s just up to you in Case you need that light For recharging right here we have our Charging port at the bottom and again You have your cable plug this in And then just put this into any usb I like that better than hooking it into The battery i don’t have to pull the Battery in and out And this cover is going to keep it Somewhat watertight in fact it’s ip68 And so it’s really not necessarily Submersible but if you get a lot of

Water on it and rain it will be fine and It is drop resistant up to one meter It’ll go two hours on the high setting And 30 hours on the lowest setting Here we are with the lowest setting on The spotlight And now we’re going with the highest Setting And then it just drops down And then press and hold It’s a much more intense beam you have More of a hot spot with the spotlight Flood Much broader beam And we’re going higher Lower lower and then down to the lowest And then with red I mean a decent amount of red light And then you press it again and it goes Into its blinking light Here is the spotlight Along with the flood And it just gives it both it gives you The broad beam and then it gives you That hot spot as well And then if you just click on the white It’ll be a blinking light Three blinks So here we’ve got it where we can just Turn this up and down Really nice hands-free option i can set It at the angle i need if i need Something in front of my hands Now the price on the nikron h35 is 69.99

This completes the pro level Of the last four items that we’ve shown And so the total value is 199.46 The pro box subscription is 119.99 Now this is the m3 tactical m3 force Recon And it is a fixed blade knife made right Here in the usa There’s a nice kydex sheath and this is Attachable with those grommets to your Gear Through paracord pull it out Man that is one more knife even has a Small little Ring to be able to get a hold of it and Hold on to it This is designed as a fighting knife by Hunter thornhill Who is a renowned knife fighter and this Is just a beautiful knife Full tang All the way through jimping on the top G10 scales Cpm d2 steel which is excellent tool Steel It’s going to keep a very sharp edge Nice point but yet it’s not weak look at That spine how thick it is then it comes Down to a nice point Drop point blade Beautiful finish on it The g10 scales very nice You have texturing that goes all around The ring

You can also use that as a defensive Tool as well But this is absolutely a beautiful knife It’s 7.875 Inches in length and the blade length is 3.375 inches now this is a battle box Exclusive and that means they’re getting These first so these have just come out And m3 tactical makes some really high Quality gear so we’re going to take this And we’re going to test it out We’re not going to be doing any knife Fighting Because i can promise you this you’ll Get cut but that’ll make it an excellent Tool for your tactical gear locks in Really solid in that sheath with a pinky It’s going to give you a lot of Stability you’re not going to lose the Knife If you happen to lose your grip but also You can take it And go overhand like this It allows you to get that ring right There on it So the karambit’s nice but it’s curved In and i think this may be a little bit Useful for more multiple uses But um you know just have to see how That works but it seems to be a very Good piercer And as far as sharpness I mean super freaking sharp right out of The box

And that d2 steel is going to retain its Sharpness Yeah very handy very movable i mean it Just feels like an extension of your Hand And again you can just switch that Around go to different places yeah That’s that is a pretty cool knife System and the price of the m3 tactical M3 force recon is 189.99 And this completes the pro plus box Along with all the other items that We’ve shown so guys battle box mission 89 uh man this was a very impressive box A lot of cool stuff in this The total price for all this stuff Separately is 389.32 Considering this is the pro plus with All this stuff it’s 199.46 that’s almost half price and You’re getting some really high quality Stuff and again you’ve got just the Basic you’ve got the advanced then You’ve got the pro and then the pro plus So you can go with whatever you want to Go with and still save money also they Do have a store on the website where a Lot of these items where they have Overruns they put them on there for sale At discount prices that’s a great place To check out And one thing that really surprised me Is the number of subscribers that they Have i mean it is thousands upon

Thousands of people and i found out what Their subscriber base was it was really Astounding there’s a lot of people that Love these boxes and i understand why Now this video is sponsored by battlebox And battlebox is one of those Subscription services that to me is the Best for survival and tactical items Starts out at 34.99 a month with their Basic box and then they have the Advanced the pro and the pro plus which Really brings out some great quality Gear and the value is always much higher Than the price of the box And you can switch out your levels each Month if you want but we have really Enjoyed battle box and all the reviews That we’ve done it’s just always Surprising to see What kind of gear you’re going to get Sometimes it’s really high quality gear That you go oh i’ve been wanting that And sometimes it’s like what is that That is really cool So check out battle box again if you’re Looking for a subscription service and You want to up your survival tactical Game battle box is a great way to do it And you can find this at And again we really appreciate battlebox For sending this month’s subscription be Strong be of good courage god bless America long live the republic [Music]

Looked over Once you put your ball bearing in here Though you grist you grab it okay you Grab it you grip it and now i’ve got a Mustache