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Spanish river in ontario was like Ontarians milestone ontario canoeists Milestone It’s an easier Beginner whitewater trip Down the spanish river in algoma Myself and tosh And ron and graham Are going to complete this river josh Has done this a couple times the rest of Us have not I’m paddling my first Ever Normal canoe solo so all my other canoes Are pack boats Or solo canoes And this is a normal tandem 15-foot Prospector from swift it’s made out of Expedition kevlar which is one of their Tougher materials if not their toughest And it still comes in under 40 pounds It’s not as tough as abs or anything Like that but it’s not meant to be There’s gonna be a decent crossover boat For me and if i do decide that something Like this is for me I can always get one in a tougher Material hey folks how are you joe here I want to give a huge shout out to Raycon for sponsoring this video Raycon’s earbuds look feel and sound Better than ever they’ve got optimized Gel tips for the perfect in-ear fit These earbuds are so comfortable and

They will not budge trust me you get Eight hours of play time and a 32-hour Battery life they’re priced just right You get quality audio at half the price Of the other premium brands so i’ve had These for about a year i like to use Them on camping trips when i’m with People so that i can listen to podcasts At night or music or even watch a movie On my phone wherever the case may be so I don’t disturb the people i’m with i Also use them around at home a lot i use Them when i’m doing yard work weed Whacking lawn mowing all that stuff A couple other cool features Raycon earbuds are siri and alexa Compatible and something i really like They have this wireless charging they Also have noise isolation or awareness Mode there’s three sound profiles to Customize your listening experience You got pure sound balanced sound And bass So you can click the link in the Description box or go to buy raycon dot Com slash tripper to get 15 off well Thanks raycon for sponsoring this video I really like your product i have for a Long time thanks you guys for watching Onto the video Here Come here What a bad dog you have Now looks like we may be stopping here

For a minute And i am not complaining about that at All Well we stopped for lunch And it’s still pretty warm cooper’s Going swimming so i thought i should too Oh there’s the cold there’s the cold There’s the cold cool Hey buddy Pretty refreshing Oh nothing like superior you know Not painful It’s not painful Hey buddy hey good boy Yes we’re going to come up to our first Little tiny rapid here it’s bony though They said the water is pretty low those Guys went in front of me i’m pretty slow In this thing uh it’s the biggest canoe I’ve ever paddled by myself and i’m Just getting used to it but anyway Pretty bony in here they say So we shall pick our way along and see Hopefully Not too shabby i do have a single blade I’ll be using for the more Technical Rapids Now it’s a quarter to five We put in around Just past 11 or so So we’ve been going you know however Long that is six hours We’ve done

These lakes are numbered 10th 9th 8th i Think we’re in like third Right now And we’re going to get down as far as we Can go it’s mostly flat water-ish today Small current And tomorrow i think we’ll be getting Into some Rapids Waters are low Levels are low Not ideal Looks like the boys found the campsite For tonight I’m pooped I’m ready to eat i’ve got a steak i’m Gonna stick for the first night shoot Joe fashion all right camp now I’m glad i brought my hammock because Four tenths Three tenths of a for you guys Check it out and joe has joe i would say Uh joe’s got a hand yeah i’ll hammock if There’s no room for a tent There’s lots of room back here Okay cool Yep i’m good to go [Applause] Please I couldn’t even throw mine probably well I think we could right campus set up We got four Shelters Sun’s not that even but they do

Right about my hammock to be honest We got Graham here We’re on there Flush there We’ve already got the fire going Just chilling out getting away from the Mosquitoes and the black flowers That’s a cool tent Um What stove is that wrong Um This one is a What’s it called Little Little bug little bug that’s right yeah Yeah it’s like a sheep little bug junior Okay you got going on ground Slow water filter action water duty A little platypus If you can’t thirsty yes Josh i put the bachelorette base sticker On my water bottle Talk to you any water [Laughter] Meat That’s labs Cootery Oh Don’t mind if i do oh a gelatino In one of these I’m gonna have one of these Just put my fingers all over all of them Thank you

So these are the peppers where you want To keep the teepee in the fridge See how wrong Dude this is all over the place i’m Looking Well last night was awesome we got here And Had a bunch of good food hung out had Some drinks Um went and paddled down to look at the Next set of rapids so tosh has been here Before And he’s actually had to in low water Walk his canoe over the quote unquote Rapids um For the past like two or three days of This trip And he vowed that if it was like that Again he wouldn’t do it again and we had No way of knowing the water levels we He called the outfitter the place where We left our cars and asked and no outfit Is ever going to tell you yeah i know It’s not good conditions don’t come Right like ah come on bring your friends It’s all good So anyways from what he saw yesterday in That bony little quote unquote rapid That we that we went over um He says it looks the same as when he had To haul it over rocks for three days and We’re here to experience the river and Paddle it not to take our canoes for Walks

So what we’re going to do is Fight off mosquitoes for another night We’re gonna paddle back To a big campsite and we’re gonna set up Like a base camp and then we have enough Room for all of us and fish and swim and Cook some more good food and hang out And i think that’ll be it after two Nights instead of doing the four nights Down the river Which i really do want to do but uh We’ll have to do that in the spring when We can actually Do it properly So On the water now just taking some Medicine in the morning And We can leisurely paddle back i think yes We say we pedaled 25 yeah 25 27. see That’s in a half a day basically so we Have uh A lot of time to take Our time back leisurely and uh that’s What we’re gonna do Did i mention there was mosquitoes Holy cow On the fly Nice glass Sorry Oh yeah decent pass buddy yeah [Applause] They’re not ready yet Oh

It’s a chunker There’s no fish in this river Yeah i think so yeah Come on Wow Good size A nice fish we’re gonna eat this thing Yeah Yeah let’s have a short lunch We might as well what else we going to Do today sure that’s a nice-sized Smallie Fought like a tank Nice man that is a nice size yeah [Laughter] [Applause] Looks alright All right There we go Some shade that’s the best of everything So three of us are fishing we got three Fish don’t mind my minty Seasonings but look at the size of tosh Is it’s losing its color so we gotta eat Them we’re gonna stop Sorry we’re gonna stop for a short lunch Besides the tash is You know some some of us did better than Others Look at mine I got a little [ __ ] guy he only kept Him because he uh swallowed the hook so Anyway we got three fish to eat and Between that and some like

Cheeses and pepperonis and All of the plethora of good food we have Because we have extra food for the extra Days we’re not gonna be here we’re gonna Have a nice shore lunch we’re gonna do These up in some fish crisp i believe And here comes mr tosh Stuck No fish for you then I’ll bring your canuber eats out to your Boat You sure you don’t want a little tug Check out our humble abode for lunch That’s not that’s not how you say that Check out our next lunch spot we got Satoshi on the Grill here [Applause] I filleted up these Nice chunks of meats the wood grill So we got the two but two pike sorry two Bass And some of the pike he was pretty small So Should be good Anybody got a Utensil yeah So we’re done our lunch and we’re coming Through this narrow spot and tasha says In in decent water this is all Underwater and you can see Right the the moss goes almost or the Algae whatever goes almost all the way The top so two three feet extra and that

Would have changed the game on this trip Okay It’s about 1 30 and we’ve arrived at Camp and we’re all extremely happy about How this place looks Let’s see how extremely happy we are Big open spot this is more of an Algonquin-esque campsite Look at this Red pine island Open space Lots of room for tents and activities Ron already got on the wood duty Hot day Oh boy Here [Laughter] Goofball The boys are home Where are you going graham wherever man Put the two in there and then you put Your foot in Oh my god Nice well done skills Just like that wow I learned as a child The only skin You’re wanting a new one or something Little nice Hammock action here Yeah Got a couple set up here Oh boy you’re really enjoying it there Joe was just out here

It’s kind of sunny it might switch sides Oh This window look over and get the camera So we’re going to Jump off some rocks Let’s go Here goes joe speederman The man the myth The underwear All right Gosh is that it boxes up I smacked my arm pretty good on that one On the water Thank you Here you see a tosh in his natural Element Excelling This is my thumbnail this is Scaling the Look over your left shoulder Too much is showing through right now Keep those legs together man Oh [ __ ] Oh nice recovery Uh wherever the cleared off thing yeah Right where you’re there’s good yeah I went right where your knee is behind See that little cleared off yeah it’s Just super thin Yeah exactly Oh I was hoping he would stay under for Dramatic effect Stay under for dramatic effect

[Music] Yeah i think so we’re going to attempt To climb this with one hand Is just squeeze your cheeks off the Camera Talk about a pucker moment All right [ __ ] God Got it Tons of bees and fly Buzzing around me I don’t know if i should take that as an Insult [Music] Because you know on the counter i stink All right we’re gonna get up here Some shaky ass footage [Music] What What tucking duck Yeah this should be okay if you get a Little past me Which should be fine but right not Definitely not here This is like [Laughter] I’ve been You got this oh yeah Golden Yeah Yeah i don’t need anything here can Somebody fill me from the bottom so you Got to go out you’ve been a little

Shallow joe Yeah you got to go over [Music] Well i say we leave it on a high note Graham just out here slaying them from Shore Nice man Best pike of the trip yeah Nice fish Beauty wow Did you put the spoon on yeah i did it With the spoon nice All right well graham grams is a little Bigger but Double header here we go Whoa there he goes well this is pike Number three just Sitting here messing around right in Front of camp i got this black fury this Map black fury with pink on it that my Daughter Autumn made me buy like made me buy And uh it’s turning out to be a pretty Good lure Try and troll a little bit deeper maybe For a walleye or a bigger pike over here Those guys are still at camp Good group of guys Fun time even though the plans changed Everybody was cool with it And uh understood the deal it was nice Never met ron or graham before I like this boat it’s bigger than i’m Used to

Um It’ll be good for Me and a dog Me and the kid Me and some a bunch of gear I can’t go too fast in it but i guess That’s not really the point And it’s not the point And i really felt like it was slow Because the other those other two guys In the canoe gram and and uh ron Together and they were just they had to Wait for me all the time but if i’m by Myself that doesn’t really matter I like the versatility of it i wish i Was going to be able to take it down Some rapids it’s not a rapid boat it’s Not a white water boat it’s very soft Compared to their boats But we’ll see The abs boats are super super heavy Royale x all that stuff is so heavy but We’ll see It’s a river trip and i don’t have to do Much portaging It’s not a big deal but It is the way i want to go It’s rivery watery stuff Got a fish i don’t know How Big it is Doesn’t seem to be that big it’s not Fighting at least Not fighting hard at least

Let’s see It’s a little snot rocket again This lake is loaded with when this River’s loaded with them Switched up lures see if i can get a Different fish And lo and behold it’s not rocket Just a little guy Bugs are starting to come up I’m gonna go back to camp that way Everybody’s just kind of getting Everybody’s just kind of getting Everything squared away It’s uh 9 30. not ready for bed yet just Getting ready for dark Cooper’s had enough Tasha’s tent is a one tigress Do you know the name of the model I think they just called it the baker The baker Modeled after the baker tent Pretty slick I want to camp in the tent tonight i Think instead of The hammock last night Wow Nice night got some popcorn Chilled out Ah Set by the fire telling lies for a few Hours so It’s about 10 30. i’m gonna go to bed I’m gonna leisurely get up tomorrow and

Do kind of the same thing as today until About Uh two o’clock when our Ride will be at the lake So See in the morning It’s morning time No thank you Is it coffee Do you have a french vanilla by chance Caramel and those are mocha do you have A french vanilla Oh feel it Well it’s a uh it’s a seriously Engineered piece of equipment Yeah it feels solid for sure Yeah yeah pop that pop the Top beans go in there And like listen to this It just Clicks oh yeah and Yeah you can tell it’s quality eh There’s 50 different adjustments for This size Of 50. yeah and this is where the Grounds come out It’s a very satisfying process It’s about 30 seconds no peasant life Out here Nice and spacious Had a lot of fun here Time to go though Right cooper Hey bud

Beautiful spot Nice view That’s not your A canoe pike He didn’t fight it all coming in Now he is he’s seen the boat The bass uh it’s a pike Man this this i think it’s the same fish Just jumped out and hit by a boat got Him then graham tossed his lure and got Him right away Oh nice man of many talents over here Nice job bud hey thanks for the tip Told me right where it was Good Yep Nice Head shaking a lot Just a little snot rocket too All right well He hasn’t caught enough yet so one in Another oh And uh What a whopper Well folks that’s all she wrote It’s just before two it’s about five Minutes to two And uh so we timed this perfectly i Thought we were gonna be here quite a Bit earlier but anyways Good trip a good group of guys if you Want to see the other guys channels or Versions of the trip you can check out Tasha’s at tosh self propelled on

Instagram and youtube Graham is great outdoors g-r-a-i-t Outdoor outdoors and Ron is swifty paddler On instagram So thanks for you guys thanks to you Guys for watching Thanks all these guys for letting me tag Along It was a good time not was expected but We made the most of it and tash and i Already have plans to come back this October and to run the water After the fall rains All is well I have a trip coming up with kyle pretty Soon we’re going to run a river in Wabakim So it’ll be interesting to see him and Do that type of trip in a tandem boat Together for the first time in a while So Hopefully we can work together as a team And not butt heads too much like we tend To do But it’ll be good times regardless good Fishing good weather good buddies Stay tuned for that I’ll see you guys then Hope you’re having a good summer