Relaxing Summer Campout By The River With The Dogs – Overnight Storm

By | July 27, 2022

[Music] Can you hear him can you hear can can You hear that big dope on the back he’s Uh He’s excited we’re out Not out out while we’re out we’re out Out myself and the dogs we’ve gotta We’ve got a night It’s the summer the weather’s lovely It’s sunny It’s a quick overnighter And it’s well needed Holding on to the steering wheel helps When you’re driving Decisions decisions boys and girls Decisions decisions Will i go for The fishing camp Or in the forest Guys i think it has to be the fishing Camp tonight It’s just so such a nice evening it’s Going to be very calm My troll high tarp up and drag and and And grab a swag and sleep in a swag That’ll be perfect that’s what i’ll do Stay tuned A slight change of plan guys a quick Check of the weather has told me that we Are going to have rain overnight so i’m Going to set up a tarp i have some tarp Here that happens That i haven’t used before and this is This is this was a donation

This is a donation from a friend of mine To to red branch bushcraft uh thank you Very much mickey i’m going to use one of Your your your tarps tonight guys these Are Dd Four by four tarps Big yolks big yolks so i’m gonna get Them up between two trees i’m gonna set Them up in the baker tent style That i like i’ve got everything ready to Go so i’m gonna do it [Music] Like a bird on a tree I’m just sitting here [Music] I got some prospects already made up Here with these little spinners on them Which are handy these little things They’re very cheap very handy and uh They are good for They’re strong they’re strong okay So I’m gonna i’m gonna put them on my line Okay i’m gonna use them to stretch out My tarp [Music] This thing is huge Huge sometimes I have never actually uh I’ve never actually used a 4×4 tarp Before just that that’s why i’m chatting It up [Music]

That’s an old palette i think It’s an old old palette I think i mentioned this was big yeah I [Music] Think you and me Meant to be In the great outdoors Forever free [Music] It’s so big [Music] I don’t think you understand it is Absolutely massive it is massive Look Massive Right I need another peg There you have it Bed for the night Check this out this thing is massive oh Bruno what do you think what do you Think right Time To get some grub on Guys Tonight’s culinary delight is sponsored By the u.s armed services case it is an Mre Elbow macaroni and tomato sauce War fighter recommended war fighter Tested war fighter approved guys I have not eaten one of these in a long Time

[Music] So Peelable seal it has been such a long Time since i’ve had an mre i’m i’m gonna Do everything i’m going to Here I’m going i’m i’m going to use the Cooker i’m going to do all that jazz i’m Going gonna see how it works okay let’s See if it works There’s a knife i’ve been using hard Today You can tell Ring shift protein puffs eh They’re pretty decent actually I love i love what it says Put the heater underneath the mre hold The sleeve until heater feels warm or Until One minute elapse slow A rock or something I need to get some water That’s awesome So it’s going to be Elbow macaroni and tomato sauce followed By Peach and apple sauce on some biscuits And that is dinner i’m regretting not Bringing steak Bruno at your dinner No way now go eat your dinner No just do not overfill First thing i did was overfill it Back off now

Now we fold it over We want gonna put it into this That just got like really hot Whoa that is hot I’m gonna put this in this We’re going to give that 10 minutes Which is just enough time for me to Finish my food Finish my crisps On it and get my bed sorted That’s bed sorted Let’s get this food Let’s do this I’m excited i’m excited i’m excited for Elbow macaroni It’s hot It’s hot it’s it’s it’s been 10 minutes Bruno Does not feel hot it feels hot uh maybe Halfway out but bring them back off now You have your own food you have your own Food look What here listen We give it a shot You do get good spoons with the american Mres i have to say i’ve always thought That so this is Turdus lengthwise Yes that’s hard to tear Into a bowl i like that that’s a good Idea Oh That does not look appetizing Check that out

I don’t even know what that looks like But hey listen The uh the proof is in the eating Disorder That’s definitely not the warmest It’s hot at the bottom not hot at the Top Not cold I could Yeah that’s right that’s probably one of The worst mres i’ve ever tasted Sorry That’s probably one of the worst Military rations i’ve ever tasted Protein puffs are good rest of it was Wrong That was try Wheat snack bread It doesn’t doesn’t fill you Fill you with the most old jesus christ Of almighty what the hell is this We’ll get some jam on this boy and see If he goes on With the jam it’s possible Well tomorrow we’ll see if it’s possible All right bruno Um So Cracking Love this for this sort of thing this is Unreal i need to get something else down There I need my concrete pad So

Foreign It is Quarter past seven It has been raining non-stop since Before Check this out look No problem for the tarp or anything like That it’s just very wet Look at my beasts A nice name very calm Very chilled Now i’m going to decamp I’m not going to bother getting the Camera guys i’m just going to finish it Off on my phone here I’m going to get up i’m going to get my Shoes on I want to Put all this decap in around which is Class right That’s the choices He knows Guys look thank you very much everybody Uh thanks for the people who watched the Live stream that was part of this video Uh and i will see you guys in the next One Stay frosty