New Tinder EDC Pouch Review Plus Lots of EDC Gear

By | July 27, 2022
New Tinder EDC Pouch Review Plus Lots of EDC Gear

The roaring fire tender edc pouch let’s Check it out Do So [Applause] Guys when it comes to being prepared It’s natural to stock up on things and Unfortunately you have less room you’ve Got stuff piled up i mean you need to Get organized and there’s a lot of Different areas but one of the things That i do to organize especially like my Edc kits my fire kits water kits medical Kits is i use small pouches and they’re Very versatile there’s so many things You can do and it puts all those type Items in one place so if you need to Build a fire you’ve got all the tools Right here you’re not digging through a Bag you’re not looking through Containers And so this is the ember pouch by Roaring fire gear and this is one of the Highest quality little pouches of this Type out there i mean it’s just a solid Pouch in fact i just purchased four more Because i’m using them in so many Different areas but roaring fire has Just introduced their tender and this is Also an edc pouch it has a small pouch

In the front and then a larger Compartment in the back but it also has A shoulder strap and you can carry this Over your shoulder or across body so it Gives you some ways to be able to carry Plus this is removable and it’s molly Attachable i mean you’ve got all the Molle on it but it’s that solid quality That the ember has And so we’re going to take a look at the Tinder guys you need to get your stuff Organized and know where things are Because in a state of emergency you know You’re going to be hyped up you’re going To be in somewhat of a panic and it’s Good to know where things are placed and We really appreciate roaring fire gear For sending the tender edc pouch for This review it comes in two different Colors you have your black you have your Fde with the od green webbing and Accents i really like this styling It has your molle attachments here and On the back and of course you have a Shoulder strap these are swivels And of course d-rings and this is Removable Of course neuroprene handle right here Grip We have a velcro field right here For your favorite patch And so you know whatever patch you like And then of course the zippers Themselves are ykk

And they have paracord pulls and they Have heat shrink tubing And then you can just open these up Small compartment large compartment and They’re the same with the black now i Have a lot of gear in these two Different setups for edc gear Just you know to show you guys it makes It more interesting and it’s a lot of Fun and so even if you’re not interested In the pouch you’re going to get to see A lot of cool gear All right we got a lot of gear in here So let’s go ahead and open it up and get Started i love the contrasting color it Just really allows for things to show up Well and it seems like a lot of edc Items are dark color So it makes it really great to contrast It Also we have this fde color webbing or Desert color and so this there’s three Slots or three loops here three loops Here There’s also a small pouch in the back i Have some batteries back there And there’s a small pouch right here or A little sleeve Now the different items we’re just going To kind of go through them real quick This is a core Ar15 tool i mean this thing is great and I really like their stuff they’re making Good quality stuff i need to do a review

On this And then we have one of the gerber pry Bars with a razor and this is an x-acto Knife and it has again the pry bar and a Bottle opener Then we have one of the olight s1 batons With the american flag and i’m big on Light guys and fire starting tools Then we have a crkt And this is a small knife I really like to have a small folding Knife packed away and of course i keep One in my pocket And then here we have the exotec spark And this is a great little minimalist Fire starting tool Uh one thing i love about it is is that It’s just easy and handy and small and Exotech also offers a 20 off discount Using suits 20. i have a link down below In the description and it’s just great For exotic to offer that Then we have a small gerber dime and i Like to have multi-tools there’s so many Different uses and they’re small and the Dime is tiny and you can pack that away And then i have just a small little Cable but here you can see the loops And then we have of course the the Webbing that’s reinforced here and it Even gives you a little space so there’s A lot of things you can put just in this Front pouch now we have the main Compartment

And it doesn’t really clamshell all the Way out But it does get it open enough where you Can get to your items that way things Aren’t just falling out With this side of course we have mesh Netting i really like that this one in Particular has a little velcro keeper And so you can put items that won’t fit In the loop here we have just super glue And then also we have a olight Battery charge adapter And then that just kind of sits in there Here in this back sleeve it’s pretty Tall so i’ve got a right in the rain pad And a pen And so i can keep this just tucked away Here on the other side exotac match cap This is the xl Keep my lifeboat matches in there and it Has a striker on the bottom these things I’ll tell you exotec does a great job And there’s a ton of different type fire Starters they have and this is a very Unique item this is a usb adapter and Compacts down and you have an adapter Here and then you also have an iphone Adapter here so i really like this Little setup it’s minimal and i’m not Going around with a bunch of cables and Everything else here we have just a Razor and it’s a retractable razor Just really handy and then i have a fire Starter now this is pretty cool i found

This at a gun show it’s wrapped in Paracord Uh the end i believe the strikers on one End yeah there’s the striker And then On the other end We have a fair cerium rod and so this Way i have fire starting i’m big about Fire starting guys um i have a fire kit But sometimes i’ll throw fire starting Stuff in different packs and it has a Compass on the end I’d like to find out where these came From but um i haven’t seen it but i’m Sure you can find them and then we have One of the i3t plus Oh light flashlights and this is a just A brilliant light i’m big about light as Well And then we have one of the q3 Sog multi-tools This is a really cool design because It’s a large multi-tool and yet it Compacts down Really small and of course you have all Your knives and Screwdrivers different things here on The side then we have a small pair of Pliers And these are the nippicks and they are Really good quality uh pliers and uh They’re made in germany these are solid And here without everything inside you Can see the mesh netting i mean it’s

Really well done uh it has a little bit Of an elastic right here so you can get Down into it and then also you’ve got Your elastic keepers it’s a large area In the back and then two small loops and Then here again mesh netting and then Again the sleeve so just a really Organizable pack to get your gear Squared away guys this is all the stuff That was in that pack and yet think About where all this could be it could Be anywhere in the pack and that way It’s all in one place all right now we Have the black pouch And again open it up same thing with the Same colors but you have black webbing Instead of the fde And of course we have a lot of different Stuff in here i mean i’m big about Multi-tools and so i like to have Something in here and this is a driver So it’s really versatile And then we have this knife now this is Something that actually i’ve just gotten Recently and it’s the wesson This is a really good quality knife And i think i got it out of a going gear Edc club box but just good quality Then we have just an ar-15 Multi-tool and guys as much as i like Ars there’s no doubt i’ve got these in a Lot of places And then we have a small little i3t eos And this is the standard version

Great little light This is the blast match which i really Like this uh it is for fire starting you Just press down and it pops out the fair Cerium rod and then you actually take it And with one hand you can actually put This down and i don’t want to burn my Mat but I mean it just will strike Just using one hand and the air force Uses these so it’s a really good tool And here i have just some toenail Clippers i like to have those around Seems like i can never find them when i Need them and then we have some Band-aids Reviewing knives and multi-tools and Things Always needing band-aids but here again You can see the inside of the pouch With the sleeves in the back And just a lot of organizational Possibilities then for the main Compartment This one’s done a little differently i Have filled notes a little pad in the Back with a pen And then we also have just as a drink Mix and it’s the Cold brew instant coffee got to have my Coffee One thing that i do like and this is in This little mesh net is this is a tango Yankee coin and this is really cool to

Give to people when they’ve done Something really nice and it says what You do in this life matters and it’s Just a really a poker chip but i i’ve Bought a bunch of these and i’ve given Them out to really good friends when They’ve done something that’s really Nice And you know really selfless here we Have some lubrication oil a great for Knives great for guns i mean it’s you Name it i mean this is good to have and Then being a video guy i do have my Camera cleaner And this thing is just great especially When we’re out at the range and the lens Is dirty here for fire i have one of the Eagle This is one of those Torch type lighters These things are excellent and this one Is refillable Have another nippex little small Pair of pliers These are just cool and then i have a Bandana in the back i’m big about Bandanas and there’s a thousand uses for Them so i highly recommend having a Bandana with you And then just in the back have some Trail butter and this is dark chocolate And coffee almond butter blend That’ll keep you going Again black netting black on the elastic

Webbing and then again black on the Accents all the way through it so again Has that contrasting color so Everything’s easy to see again these Straps are removable you got d-rings you Can just pull them off And uh they do swivel which i really Like but that way you can just use the Pack as is and of course it’s got all The molle attachments but you can also Just slip this down in your pouch or Your pack and then we have this neoprene Grab handle very comfortable soft And it’s stitched and reinforced and Then of course you can use the d-rings For other things but i really like this Neuroprime finish on here and it makes This pack very versatile now they use Ykk zippers and then they have the Paracord pulls i love this heat shrink Tubing it’s still soft but yet it gives It some strength right here to be able To grab this with gross motor skills and So just open it up and it is dual so That way it doesn’t matter which side or If you just want to put them both on Just one side but again the large pouch Also has that same Ykk zippers and it just makes it really Nice ykk are the best zippers out there On the market so it just really makes This just a lot of quality to it now the Price on the tinder edc pouch is 36.99 You get free shipping with orders over

49 And it has a lifetime warranty You do get a 10 discount using such 10 I’ll have a link down below in the Description or i think you can just put Such 10 In the coupon code when you check out at It’s not an affiliate link They sent me these pouches and so i’m Doing the review i really like these Pouches and it’s just a great way again Guys to get organized be strong be of Good courage god bless america long live The republic Medical pouch fire kit i mean there’s a Number of different that number of Department things So guys there’s a lot of choices out There So guys there’s a lot of choices out There to get yourself it You