World Gone Crazy? Top 10 things to do Now! Prepper School Vol. 33

By | July 26, 2022

What’s going on guys this is sensible Prepper live prepper school volume 33. I i can’t believe that we’ve gone this Far but there just continues to be so Much and so many aspects To prepping and you know it’s just Survival it’s it’s life and so we’re Going to talk today About a world gone mad good world gone Crazy And top 10 things to do about it and Before i get started i want to say that I’ve done a lot of research On places around the world that have Faced these kind of things typically During war Or even during You know famine Or just political upheaval Or economic upheavals what i should say This is where these are things that People just tend to grab for and tend to Do or need and we’re going to talk about The top 10 Items really that you should be really Concentrating on right now this isn’t Just a giant this is what you need to do To prep we’ve got a lot of different Things about that and a lot of different Episodes this will be in a playlist and We have a whole prepper school playlist Again we have 33 different segments now Robbie wheaton is typically here he’s on Vacation this week and uh down at the

Beach and i’m hoping he’s having a great Time so i’m going to go this one alone And Believe me we’ve got a lot to talk about And also we really appreciate sarah mack For being over at the computer and she’s Monitoring the comments and if you have Questions Go ahead whenever you have those Questions you can list them she’s taking Note and then we’ll take a couple of Breaks And we’ll go into some questions because I feel like it’s very important That you guys have some uh concerns or Some questions that maybe we can can Help you with because that’s the big Thing guys Now and guys one thing too is this is Not fear-mongering and some people think It is but um we are just it’s just Really a warning it’s a warning to you Know some of the things some of the Indicators that we’re seeing that we Really need to take note of and guys I’ve been doing this for a long time and It’s funny i was talking to my wife About this the other day you know we had Y2k we had you know uh 9 11. we had all These different events and people get All ratched up ratcheted up Uh you know and of course if you’re Christian which i am you know there’s Always that you know armageddon

Tribulation kind of scenario at the end Of time and nobody knows when that’s Going to happen and and one of the Things is guys a lot of times you’re You’re preparing for something that Could possibly happen i think in the Today the day we’re living in right now Guys Uh it may not be the end of the world But there is a lot of stuff that’s Happening that’s never happened in Modern history here in the us and Honestly around the world And so we’re going to talk about that Now we really appreciate sportsman’s Guide and they are sponsoring our live Events and you get a 20 off every 100 or More purchase using such and that’s just So tch no zero zero And also if you remember their buyers Club you get free shipping you get a Better price And man i’ll tell you and i’ve said this Over and over one of the biggest things That i love about sportsman’s guide is Their military surplus from around the World and guys if you’re prepping and You’re buying quality items Buying military surplus it might be used But you can i mean it’s tested combat Field tested battle proven and so i Really like military surplus where i can Use it in my preps Uh and two guys a lot of times stuff

Comes out and it goes i just did a Review about map cases check map cases And it was an incredible i mean just a Really cool system And they sold out and i saw that in the Comments because you know sometimes Things just get gone but there’s new Things always happening and appearing So we really appreciate sportsman’s Guide but the main reason we’re here is Guys a warning And there’s a lot of a lot of indicators Uh and we’ll just we’re gonna talk about Just a few of the things that i want to Preface this because i want you to Understand where we’re coming from you Know first off is inflation i mean we Are seeing record inflation Uh like never before i mean nine percent Is getting to that close and that’s one Of the highest rates in the past 50 Years and so you know Inflation just means that you have less Money to spend and you’ll notice it when You go to the grocery store you know you Go to the grocery you could buy a can of Beans for a dollar Last year now it’s three dollars and Then it’s wood and it’s raw materials And it’s tools and it’s all the things That you buy it just means you have less Buying power And so inflation eats your dollar and We’re just seeing it i mean it’s just

Happening uh also and i’ve got a little List over here so you might see me Diverting a little bit to make sure i Stay on task it’s supply chain issues And we know that we’ve had those for a While and one of the big problems is Labor i mean we’ve had a labor shortage You go to your favorite restaurant and They’re hustling the ones that are there That are working i’m not really sure Where all these people are You know i go to the mall and there’s People everywhere but Buying and selling and are trading and Well buying and selling and trading but They’re trading their dollars for goods And of course the prices are even higher And so also we have uh oh the drought That’s hitting the north the west our Farmlands are under a severe drought but We’re having it all over the united States And guys there’s just lack of water Especially in california which is the Fruit basket of the us In more ways than one but you know there Are a lot of us problems with food Production And yes you can go to the grocery you See the food but what they’re doing is And i’ve seen this quite a bit and a lot Of it directly from farmers One thing i do want to recommend guys is Don’t always watch just the news

Watch some other indicators that are out There real world and a lot of times on Even youtube videos You know they were talking about in Texas there’s a major drought and a lot Of the farmers and the cattlemen are Taking their cattle and their vegetables And they’re taking them to market So it’ll be saved from the drought and So we’ve got plenty of food now but this Fall we could really see some shortages And definitely some prices rising you Know really the big problem is third World countries that don’t have the the Means to be able to buy those are the Ones that are going to suffer the most But we could also have some really tough Times here with food And then of course crime we’ve seen the Rising crime And what’s really funny is it’s just and It’s not funny but Some of the stuff that the temper Tantrums that i’m seeing out there are Absolutely mind-boggling And you know people just doing things With no even thought of their future and Just doing crazy stuff And and that’s just that’s just some of The end but we also have a lot of people Out there that are just committing crime And stealing and we’ve got a drug Epidemic so you’ve got people out there Crime is at an all-time high right now

Uh also just political upheaval nobody Really knows what’s going on the Country’s becoming more split And so there’s a lot there’s a totally Different dynamic of philosophies it Used to be even when you had you know The republicans and democrats you know They Fought about a lot of things but they Were kind of pretty much in this lane Now we’re seeing that a lot of these Groups are getting way on the outside And it’s becoming more and more Difficult for them to reach across the Aisle and so you know it’s it’s really Just kind of crazy to watch More of a banana republic going on up in Washington uh than a first world country And then of course cyber attacks they’re Always possible and then war not only in Russia because that’s been going on for A while But there are a lot of problems that are Coming from that But now we’re looking at china really Ranching ratcheting it up toward taiwan And so you know that is also a Possibility so you know there are a lot Of things that are out there now one Thing that i will say Is guys you always have to just say okay You know what i can’t let all this get Me down What can i do about it and that’s why

You’re here and that’s what we’re going To talk about this is not negative this Is just saying you know what this is What’s happening what can we do about it What are some things right now that we Can take care of to ensure our survival And our families Uh survival okay so number one and a lot Of this has to do with what’s going on Out in the midwest but food is Definitely should be at the top of your List Uh you know Grocery going to the grocery Right now seven out of ten americans This was a poll recently taken Are stocking up on food Seven out of ten americans are stocking Up on food And we talked last week about these Prepper wolves but guys these people are Going to come they’re going to want to Eat and so we got to you need to go Ahead and secure some food sources for Yourself and your family And of course costco and going to the Grocery and and buying those necessary Items beans and rice of course and then All the other things that you can store And Excuse me what i’m what i’m really Talking about is long not necessarily You know uh 10 uh number 10 cans of Dehydrated food which is great and and

That’s definitely some an option But just buying canned food That you can keep that’ll last for a Long time and and canned food will last Indefinitely Uh and then of course and and with that Being said guys stock up on foods that You eat and make sure that you’re Balancing it you know one thing about Rice and beans it makes a total protein And so that’s a good start but after a While you’re going to get tired of that So you need to have other things to be Able to put in your diet and things that Are going to keep you healthy And your family guys it’s it’s really Important to have that that balance and Make sure that your calories you know it Can be a lot of work but at this point Right now i would just suggest that you Make sure that you’re getting canned Vegetables getting dried beans and rice Getting you know and then you can go Into the more exotic things like Mountain house and mres and and all that But at this time right now i just want To say you need to go And kind of stock up your pantry if you Have another place if you have storage For it you need to be putting food back It is vital and you need to make sure That it is in somewhat of a temperature Controlled at least dark area And that will help your food to last

Longer the nutrition to last longer but Canned food and we’ve talked about this On an earlier video It’ll last a hundred years i mean with The current processes that they are Putting into Uh sealing the cans and the the linings Of the cans and the sanitary conditions That it will last a long time botulism Is a problem with some of the older type Food But now with all the processes they have You know it’s really safe but then you Have gardens and like for us we have our Garden is coming in right now we’re Getting a lot of vegetables out of it And so gardening is definitely you know One of those things that’s it’s a big Plus and something you should do but Also if you don’t garden you don’t have A room for gardening Go to your local farmer’s market or go To a market and pick up vegetables and a Lot of times you can get big bushels of Beans and different things and then Bring them back and can them And then of course you want to make sure You have the skill to can but also the The cans and you know your pressure pot And all the things you need to be able To can And so those are things about food and Especially if you have a garden you want To also be able to can so cans seem to

Be the big theme when it comes to Putting food back whether it’s your You know your metal cans or you know Canning in glass jars and lids are some Of the most important because you can Reuse the rings you can reuse the glass Jar but you can’t Typically reuse the rings and there are Some options out there but rings are Important and right now they are Available so it’s time to go out and get Them Um So food food is number one And guys i can’t stress that enough uh With the droughts that are coming uh or That are happening and with the heat Wave that’s just decimating our plant Life We really need to stock up this is Temporary guys it’s gonna pass but for Right now and for this fall That is a number one priority now water Is very important but You know water to me as far as the Things that are going on you have a lot Of municipal water and you should watch Your water but that’s not necessarily on The top 10 list but it’s definitely a Top 10 for survival So there’s a and we have some videos About water Uh now communications and this is a very Important part as well um communications

You need to know what’s going on and and One of the things that i’m kind of Taking here again is events that have Happened around the world And food of course was number one uh you Know a lot of places just food went away So communications and one of the things That happens in any kind of situation uh Whether there’s civil unrest or a Governmental type you know intrusion or Something’s happening One of the first things that they’ll do Is shut off communication And so your cell phone’s going to be Pretty much dead if It turns into that one of the things That i highly recommend in fact i’ve got One sitting here It’s just an emergency radio This is simple it’s battery powered but It also has solar it has a hand crank i Mean i can get this thing charging to Where i can at least listen to the radio And be able to get public information be Able to get see what’s going on around It also has shortwave with a lot of them And i think that’s a important part Because a lot of people use shortwave Especially in a crisis situation and Then you know and then you can keep up With things and then nothing else you Can listen to music on it but a radio And this is one thing we seem to be Missing now because of because of our

Phones why do we need a radio but this Is the reason you need some kind of way In a transistor radio with a small Antenna which this one has In fact this is a what is this one Because i’m going to tell you it’s a Midland This is a great little radio i would Recommend not getting the ones with the Rubber coating because that rubber Starts to get sticky after a while and It’s it’s a it just really is a mess you Can still use it but i like this just Plastic on there it’s not quite as soft And comfortable but i really like these And these little midlands are great i Got this on sportsman’s guide in fact i Bought three of them and we did a review On this one particular and we’ve done Other reviews but Weather radios and emergency radios are Vital they’re vital Uh now with that said i can’t transmit With this i can only receive So you know ham radio is the optimum i Mean that is the optimum now there is a Lot of that goes behind ham and you’re Gonna have to do a lot of research But Ham is to me the shtf form of Communication and uh it’s really Something that if you’ve been thinking About it you need to really consider Getting into some ham radio because you

Can also go and there’s relays where you Can you can talk to people all over the World i have a friend of mine we were Sitting in his hamshack one night and he Was actually talking to someone that was In sweden and we’re in south carolina And he just went with the relays it was A fisherman he was on a fishing boat and He was talking to us thank goodness he Spoke english because we don’t speak Swedish but it was a really interesting But there is it’s there’s a lot with ham So you need to really take some classes There the red cross a lot of times Offers those classes and you can get Your license In a Emergency situation you can use ham but You’re not supposed to use ham uh Without a license unless there is a National emergency or a local emergency But also two-way radios now that’s They’re limited they’re limited to sight A lot of people can hear what you’re Saying but they are a great form of Communication they have multiple Channels and one of the things i love About a small little radio like that is Well let’s say my phone service is out And i’m somewhere else on the property My wife can actually say hey you know Dinner’s ready or whatever she can Communicate with me i can communicate With my family and we can get on one

Channel and we can communicate back and Forth and so communications are Extremely important And just knowing what is going on you’re Going to really want to know what’s Going on in the outside world because Right now all you can see is what’s Around you so communication is vital and There are some other options satellite Radio or satellite phone that’s another One that uses satellites to be able to Transmit and so you can use that Those typically are more expensive but i Mean you know they’re they’re very well Worth it i mean they can’t be more Expensive than your phone right Especially your monthly payments Okay um Number three Is defense now one of the things about Defense and and i do want to kind of Expand on this a little bit because you Know if you’re a prepper you’re already Kind of thinking a little bit Self-defense and we need to secure our Property we need to protect the things We have That that’s a basic but one of the Things i really want you to consider In a Without rule of law if things really Kind of go sideways and what’s happened In other countries that have had Conflicts

Is that gangs form really quickly Um you know there’s a lot of people out There they become desperate they want Food or they want to do whatever or They’re just nefarious and they just Want to cause trouble You know your Your possibility of facing multiple Attackers increases in civil unrest or In an shtf situation So you know one of the things about that Is is you want to make sure that you Have your family taken care of you want To make sure that you have friends that Watch your back you’re watching theirs You know if you’re just by yourself for Me if i was a one of those wolf preppers Or if i was involved with gang uh Violence and i’m going into areas and Taking stuff You know i’m looking for those people That are easy targets and to me i would Much rather take Someone out that would be Definitely you know by themselves or With a small family unit instead of a Larger group That can defend and it’s going to be Much harder To to take over and to destroy and so You know you want to make sure that you Have some people around you and that you Have the means for self-defense uh one Of the big things of course is

Ammunition and You know right now ammunition is coming Back the prices are coming down we’re Seeing more and more of it on the Shelves I just want to highly recommend guys That you stock up on ammo now Uh you know there is an assault weapons Ban right now that’s pending in in the In the house i don’t really think it’s Going to go anywhere but what happens When this stuff starts people start Going out buying ammunition This is always the thing guys that i try To go by and i and this is a warning is As people are asleep it kind of is this Everybody’s kind of there’s things going On it’s kind of humming along but Everybody’s asleep when things hit this Level Just like when covered with the toilet Paper when things hit this You’re behind the curve Get your supplies and the things we’re Talking about before the public panics Once they panic Store shelves are going to be just empty I mean that’s just the way it it works And so Now is the time to make sure that you Pick up your ammunition But one thing too is about It’s not of course some of you guys may Live in a different country you may live

In a place that’s not friendly to Self-defense So you need to think of ways that you Can defend yourself however Unfortunately gun laws typically take The guns out of the hands of the Law-abiding citizen and the criminals Are lawless so they’re not paying Attention to it anyway and so typically You may be facing someone even if you Live in a gun-free zone that you’re Going to have to deal with that has a Firearm and so Thinking about ways Of course obviously evacuations won but Then you’re going to leave everything You have and it may be a death sentence In itself And so make sure that you have things Set up now one thing i do want to Mention about defense you know a lot of Times we have our security systems we Have cameras you know we have bars on The windows we have all the stuff we Need to protect our our dwelling And actually i heard this from magic Prepper i thought this was a good one as He said you know the problem is is when People see a fortress They know that you’re protecting Something of value And so you know there is there’s a There’s a two-way street to go here one Is is a show of force

And it makes it more difficult to deal With so they’re gonna hit other places But one of the things that i’ve always Said when i wanted when i used to do a Lot of yard sales i used to go to yard Sales because you never know yeah i mean You never knew what you were gonna find And i wouldn’t go down to the trailer Park When i went to yard sales i went to the Nicest areas In town And so those are the areas that Criminals also see as good targets And so that is one thing about you know Having too much of a having nice things Out you know you have your mercedes in Your driveway you know And you have your registered you know Full poodle out there or whatever you Know your standard poodle and you you Know a lot of money or your french Bulldog you know and you’ve got you Showing that you have money Uh it’s gonna make it a really hard a Really easy target for criminals to pick Your place And so you want to think about those Things and again last week we talked About this a little bit but hide your Preps Conceal it where you can if somebody Drives by they don’t look and they go oh There’s a prepper i bet they’ve got a

Lot of food i bet they’ve got this this And this and then that just makes you a Target so make sure that you stay a Little bit under the radar And uh you know that is important just To not be have this big bull’s eye on Your house But having security systems and things Like that are are important as well Um okay stock up on items now we’re Going to go to questions after this one So if you have some questions go ahead And start listing them or and sarah mack Again she’s taking all those What are some items that get gone In these type situations First off Ammunition definitely is one of them Um you know matches candles think about When you are You’re facing a power outage or your Power’s just gone out what are the Things that you’re scrambling to find Lighters and matches candles lanterns You know your uh Fuel you know maybe your propane fuel You know different things that you need To produce some kind of power something That will you know help you to see Things that um you know of course You know bottled water going ahead and Having it set aside I highly recommend having a berkey water Filter system because you know you can

Use that we we’ve used it for 12 years And we use it every day But having some way to filter water Those kind of things are going to dry up Immediately and so going out getting Tarps Tarps are something that we buy and Store and we use them even today we use Them constantly and so you know bungee Cords you know different things that You’re going to need right now is cheap Duct tape You know things that batteries batteries Are a big one and one thing about Batteries is you know if you get the Cr123s the lithium batteries they’ll Last for 10 years Or plus some 12 years if you get your Standard double a batteries you know They don’t last as long and one thing i Will mention if you leave those standard Batteries in like a flashlight or Something and you leave it over time They can corrode and they can destroy Your items so you want to keep those Kind of batteries out and use them when You can but i really like rechargeable Cr123s or 18650s Because they won’t corrode like that Because they don’t have that acid in Them and then They they last a long time and typically They’re rechargeable which solar panels That’s another thing that they’re going

To dry up because people are going to be Looking for ways to make and create Power And so think about the little items that You use screws You know little screws that you might Use for repairs so you know stock up on Some of those things because again those Are the items that are going to get gone Toilet paper obviously And uh so Those are things now let’s go ahead and We’re going to go to a few questions and Then we’re going to jump back into the List well paintballgod33 asks hey such i Noticed sportsman’s guide delivers to Canada any ideas What shipping prices are and can Canadians join the buyers club you know I don’t i don’t know i don’t know that And i guess that would be something nice To know because i know a lot of a lot of Canadians do watch what we do here and Um but um no i don’t know to me if They’re willing to ship to canada i’m Sure that they’ll they they have an Option for the buyer’s club I’m going to tell you guys i use that Buyer’s club like crazy and again you Can i even use my personal suit discount You know when i’m buying stuff Uh and sportsman’s guide does send me Things on occasion if they have Something they want to you know show or

Whatever and so you know i do that at Times but i don’t ask for things all the Time i you know it’s just something they Want to do but me you know i’m concerned On building my prep so um i don’t know You know probably on the website it’ll Say it or you can get in touch with them But yeah i just don’t have an answer for That directly but i would assume that They do Uh evan cave asks such what do you say To prepper doubters Um Well i mean you know i just watch the News you know i mean watch what is going On and i think the problem is is we’ve We’re so inundated by this information And things just keep being okay I mean let’s be let’s be real I said this a while back i was i was Coming back it was trump was in office The economy was booming I mean it was things were really good And i remember i was walking i know Exact spot and i just thought am i doing The right thing am i doing the right am I telling people this stuff and just Getting them freaked out over nothing And uh i just had this massive Pr i don’t know it just it just came i Had this peace and it was like you know What keep doing what you’re doing and Then within about four weeks coveted hit And i went okay okay

Uh there’s something coming guys i’m Just gonna tell you and i’m not some Kind of divine whatever guru or whatever But i’m gonna tell you there is there’s Something coming i’ve never felt this Before ever uh it was funny i was in a Grocery store this morning i had to go Buy my cat some food he was out so i run By the the place and while i’m going Through the cat uh this one guy was Trying to gets and he was taking up the Whole aisle he had his buggy here and He’s looking here and i had to kind of Squeeze by him you know and real nice Guy got but then again he did the same Thing and i had to get through And then he just said man this cat Food’s going up And i said yeah i said yeah food’s going Up and he goes that crazy guy in the White house and he just started talking To me And you know a lot of people want to Know how to form prepper groups Just saying yeah you know it is going up This is crazy People start to go oh what about this What about that Now one of the problems is a lot of Times people talk a lot but they don’t Take action this is what this channel’s About it’s not about talking about Inflation and and the civil unrest and Crimes going up it’s talking about

Solutions and this is what you need to Do is to focus on solutions but the Doubters just point them to what’s going On and say hey You know this is what’s going on i just Recommend that you at least do something And you know not overwhelm them with you Know you need to have a year supply food You need to have your drinking water you Know just say look you need to go out And buy a little bit of food extra food And you need to buy some water and you Know maybe a box of ammunition and let Them kind of find it on their own Because and they’re always going to be Doubters so you can’t push a rope And so you you’re wasting your energy if You do put your time into people that Can get behind what you’re doing Uh Dlnbs ask question with meat rabbits Would you think it’s smart to have more Cages to grow your herd or keep what you Have and try not to grow Rabbits can be bartered as well as the Pelts I think rabbits are a wonderful uh food Source And they’re definitely i mean in Fertilizer and there’s just a lot of Good things about plus it’ll help your Blood pressure to come down with dealing With animals But i you know it’s one thing that we

Are planning to do is to put in rabbits Uh you know chickens we love chickens And and that’s that’s an important part Of it as well because eggs meat all that But Chickens create noise Especially if you have roosters and so That is one thing that can be a telltale So to me rabbits actually trump chickens In that sense but yes i highly recommend It we have a friend of ours lives right Up the street here that they have Chicken they raise not chicken well they Do they raise chickens but they also Raise rabbits and they You know it’s a food source they trade Them they sell them and yes it would be An excellent barter excellent barter Item when food starts to get scarce Uh and good thing is they breed like Rabbits Uh chuckles ask what’s the best fuel to Step stock up on propane Propane uh it’s it’s stable it’s safe It lasts in those canisters they’re Pressurized and they last for years in Fact i just found a Can of propane it would look rough And i picked it up and it Works it still has fuel in it so propane To me is the most stable gasoline is the Most unstable you know beside maybe air Airplane fuel but yeah propane is great And you know if you can get big propane

Tanks put in your at your place if you Have a room but even the small little One pound canisters and there’s a lot of Different things that run on propane So definitely propane One more one more and then we’re going To back to the list Okay And then we’ll come back to questions um This is more of a comment but son of Cath says i’ve seen it during an Evacuation here i saw a vehicle get Pushed into a ditch by a larger truck And that person hopped out with a gun Pulled out onto the truck that pushed Him into the ditch yeah yeah Well you know one thing is and at least Here in south carolina in this area in Different areas is uh that’s assault With a deadly weapon when you Ram somebody So really if somebody was to ram me in a Truck and try to run me off the road or Do whatever Unfortunately for the truck driver he’s Just had you know a deadly assault and i Can retaliate if the situation warrants It obviously i’m not going to do that if I can help it But that is definitely but people have Gone crazy just like that woman that Went to the airport and went to the Bathroom came out started shooting at The ceiling i mean who knows who knows

So uh guys you need to be on your you Need to be on point you need to be on Point okay we’re going to come back to Questions but let’s go ahead and go Through some things okay Money Right now and for a short period of time We’ll have some value but money can with Inflation already just with inflation We’re seeing that the money values loot We’re losing money value also uh there’s A this great reset horse crap they’re Talking about you know that is something That can make the if you have that money Stored back you know you’re kind of Keeping it on the side It can become worthless or you’ll have To go and trade it in and it could even Be less worth less than even current Market value if they decide to do that So money’s great to have and i highly Recommend you have some cash put back Because atms can go out power outages You don’t have any atms i’ve seen it a Thousand times where you go to a store They’re like we don’t have our atm Working in fact i was at a restaurant The other day and they said when i Walked in they said hey the atm’s know Where it was a wendy’s i mean it was Just a normal restaurant but they were Having problems with their atm machine Or their their card readers and so i Said okay great i’ve got cash so i was

Able to use it um and just because i Keep cash on me it’s it’s almost Inconvenient In a sense but guys cash but over a long Period of time that cash is going to be Worthless possibly So i highly recommend putting back gold And silver precious metals But not only gold and silver because a Lot of times silver you can trade gold And silver for different items you can You can use it we’ve had when our Downturn in 2008 there were actually Shops that started taking silver As legal tender so don’t discount silver And right now it’s actually very Reasonable it’s been manipulated i’m Telling you it has been manipulated i Was talking to my silver guy the other Day or the guy about precious metals From And uh he told me he goes they’re They’re manipulating the market And it’ll change it’ll change right now It’s about 19 an ounce which is really Reasonable for silver because it got up To 30 an ounce this a few months ago But Ammunition is also a precious metal and So i highly recommend stocking up on it And it can also be trader traded and Bartered with And it’s a very useful item in an shdf Situation

So Yeah precious metals also one thing is Guys is barter items barter items in General we’ve done some videos on that Liquor is a big barter item you may not Even drink but if you’ve got liquor People are going to be looking for Things tobacco tobacco is a big one Man if you have a any kind of nicotine Addiction You know man cigarettes or and there’s a Ton of different things out there That you know can give you a fix and a Lot of people are going to be looking For it and then you can trade for things That you need yeah you broke your shovel Okay now i’ve got something to be able To trade with so having some type of of Medium of exchange and to me one of the Cool things about gold and silver is People know That oh this has value and they can take It and then they can trade something you Know i may have a bag of rice and They may have some Rabbits and so i go with this bag of Rice and the guy that has rabbits says Oh i’ve got a ton of rice i don’t need That what else have you got and i may Not have anything to make that trade With if i come in with silver i may be Able to use that it’s been a In fact i love um the saying it’s it’s Gold and silver are god’s currency it’s

Been around since the beginning of time Since they’ve discovered it and it’s Been used as tender But during the roman times salt Was tender so you know maybe you need to Stock up on some salt as well and you’ve Got to have salt to live Okay precious metals that’s a big one uh Okay now this is something that’s this Unusual and i heard this recently in Hungary i believe it was hungary They have stopped importing firewood They have they have a big huge part of Their economy is producing firewood and Exporting it and they’ve stopped that Because of the fuel crisis going on in Europe they’re keeping the wood there That’s a sign that you know if fuel runs Out guys people are going to be looking For Some kind of fuel and whatever kind of Fuel and what is fuel So what my thing is of course on our Property we have a lot of a lot of wood A lot of a lot a lot of forest We have a nice area and i’m not as Concerned that but if you live in Certain areas you know what’s going to Happen is you’re going to start burning Wood You’ll burn pallets you’ll burn your Furniture you’ll do whatever to stay Warm now right now obviously it’s a Little bit uh too hot for that but you

Can cook your food i mean people are Trying fire is a very important part Of survival And it may not be the raw you know i’m Building a fire it may be you know a gas Stove it may be whatever but Fire is important it cool it cooks your Food it boils the water to make sure It’s purified uh gives you light gives You warmth And it’ll keep predators at bay Especially in a wilderness situation But fire is important so Having wood as that fuel Is important now with that being said do You have any kind of tools to process The wood You know some saws Not necessarily chainsaw which is going To be limited to the gasoline but even Chainsaws but but Wood saws you know hatchets axes Different things to be able to produce And and to process wood guys these are Things that you can just put back You may live in an apartment go what in The world But if you come across a pallet it’s a Lot better to cut that up into pieces And use smaller pieces for your fire Than to burn the whole pallet because It’s hanging off the edge and yeah you Can break it you can kick it in and all That stuff but you know you’re expending

A lot of energy And if you’re on a limited diet of food Because you don’t have enough food These tools are going to be even more Important during that time Because you are expending calories and If you Are low on calories this is going to Give you the ability to process the Firewood So firewood and again and we got this in The question but propane is one thing That i’m really big about we have we we Store up propane And so i think and having portable Propane not if you just have a big huge Container of propane out back that’s Great and all But you don’t have that portable propane So have a mix of the different ones if You have a large tank uh those propane Canisters that you use for your grill Having some extra propane canisters so You can cook more and you can cook it on Your grill and so to me propane is a big One uh and charcoal if you want to use Charcoal i mean we have a a gas stove or Whatever i’m trying to think of Where we cook What am i trying to think what is it we Cook on um but you know when you take Your propane you hook it up and you can You know cook there and then we have Another section of it that actually will

Take charcoal and we could even put Firewood in there if we wanted to and it Gives us a place to burn it okay so Let’s move on uh now number seven and This is a big one and this is a little Bit relates to the fir the last one but Tools for repair Um You know the the less means you have the Less money you have or the scarcity of Items the more you’re going to need to Have to think about repairing things We were cleaning out one of our storage Buildings Uh last week and it was a job And one of the things we didn’t notice Because we had so much stuff stored up In there Uh there was a leak in the roof we Didn’t know it until we got back in There and there was some damage and we Looked up sure enough a limb had fallen And damaged the shingles and there was Actually a small place for it to leak So tarps i had tarps i had some roofing Nails i got up there we put the tarp Down it sealed that area until we can Get it re-shingled which we’re planning To do But in an shtf situation you may not Have anybody coming out and re-roofing Your place so having tarps again guys And having the means to attach that tarp To the roof and having a ladder to get

Up on the roof So you need to think these things Through Hole how do i fix it oh i put a tarp on It but how do i keep the tarp on it well I can use roofing nails or i can use big Rocks but how do i get up on my roof So making sure that you have those Things listen these tools it’s not like You’ve got to go out and spend a whole Lot of money to get these things But and right now they’re fairly Inexpensive But in a grid down situation those Things are going to be priceless they’re Going to be worth whatever i mean Because you think about how are you Going to fix a hole in your roof if you Don’t have tarps and then you go try to Find one and somebody’s like no this is My tarp i use this for you know so you Know going ahead and getting some of Those things now is just smart now being Able to repair your clothes you know you Have a tear in your clothes well sewing Kits are very important uh here lately You know you have a rip in your shirt You just take it throw it away and go Buy another one and you know we have a Very disposable type society but what Happens when things get scarce we got to Repair them uh your shoes how do you Repair your shoes do you have the tools To repair your shoes you may not even

Have the know-how to do it but having The the tools is going to be a good Start and you can kind of figure it out If you have to uh but again buildings You know damage can happen thanks to Storms can happen uh you can have a Regular s you can be in the middle of Shtf and a hurricane come through or a Tornado and so having repair items one Thing that we do and we’ve been doing This for a while now is people throw Away pallets i mean pallets we we go by This one place actually close to our House and they’ll just put the pallets And they stick them out toward the road And they just whoever wants to get them Can grab them And so we do we grab pallets they’re Free we have a source of wood especially With lumber the prices that it is right Now it’s out of out of sight and so we Go and pick up free pallets another Thing you can do is to go to Construction sites and go to the Dumpsters because that’s where they’re Throwing away but really good wood a lot Of times it’s two by fours and they Didn’t need it but so much so they cut It off and they throw the other piece Into the dumpster and you can you know You want to ask them i mean that’d be The right thing to do And don’t take the stuff that’s on the Property on the premises only what’s in

The dumpster because you don’t want to Be the taker you want to do the right Thing but typically those they’re going To have to haul it off anyway and pay For disposal so you’re actually doing Them a favor by going by and picking up Things as you can a friend of mine lives In a neighborhood that they’re building And there’s dumpsters all around and he Just went and went in there and pulled Out some of the good things big pieces Of plywood that have been like instead Of eight feet they’re six feet or They’re in half and man that’s a nice Piece of plywood So Again you have to have a place to store That kind of stuff But finding things like that you know It’s just a that’s a free way to go and Get things Uh but those are things that you could Use to repair uh different things that Are going on and learning to repair Things uh you know learn what you have And how to repair it how to fix it And uh that’s part of the process Okay um we’re gonna go to some questions If we have some okay and then i’ve got Three more points so we’ll take a break Here I hate to put ceramic on the spot but She’s good Uh gbo nine minute ask i’m trying to

Keep from buying a new carry gun to get More rounds i have a smith and wesson Shield nine millimeter and one is your Opinion of the mag guts two round Extension kit I’ve had some good success with my guts And i’ve had a couple that i’ve had some Issues with i think you know the one Thing is is you want to get it in your Farm and install it properly and then Test it You know testing it is important you Know once you put 100 rounds or so Through that magazine And you have some confidence in it then Great But yeah guns Can be expensive and really with a Shield yes you’re limited to seven eight Rounds if you get the extension And you know if you want if you really Like the shield though and you want some More round capacity Sell the shield and get you a shield Plus And the shield plus has a 10 round mag Capacity or 12 round capacity with very Little difference in the grip i know That’s an expenditure and it may be Something you can’t do But mag guts i like um There are some different plus twos a Pierce grips make some really good plus Twos

And they add a little bit to the the Extension but typically they have a Little bit of a finger groove and it Makes it nice and i’ve done that on a Number of guns and i’ve had real good Success with pierce grips i have had Success with mag guts but i have had a Couple of issues Mary quiet asked should i get a chest Freezer yes in fact we’re in the process Right now of buying a new Another freezer And um one of the things guys too and Yes i think that that’s a great idea you Know i mean obviously we could have Power outages Uh one thing they’re doing now though And this is something that we’re getting When we’re we’re actually we’re just Getting ready to go do it we just Haven’t had time to go pick it up and We’ve had to make some room for it A lot of the new freezers they have have This seal that actually seals up and it Will last for days without power it will Keep your goods completely That locked in For days After a power outage to where you’re not Losing that power and and so you know You may want to look into that they’re a Little more expensive but to me that Would that’s a it’s worth it Uh so but yes like right now we’re also

In fact we it’s coming in august we have We’ve had a cow butchered and we’re Splitting it with a couple of people and So we’re going to get Beef that way and it’s healthier it’s Better for you and it’s actually cheaper Than going to the store and they’ll Package it for you and everything so Yes i think that having a freezer is Definitely something you know it’s just Like with covered guys you know with With cobit everybody’s you know prepping And prepping and prepping and then when Things hit we still had internet we Still had power you know we still had Gas we had all that stuff we could do Stuff we just had to kind of stay Isolated and uh that that shtf situation Will not happen the way you think And that’s why it’s really smart to Improvise to survive i’ve said that a Bunch of times on my channel but it’s You know you can’t get locked into this Is going to happen and i’m preparing for This you’re preparing to live is what You’re preparing for And so You got to be versatile So yes i think that’s a great idea I’m just glad they’re coming back in Supply because for a long time there we Couldn’t get them Uh quest conquest asks why do we do more To prepare to endure the shtf instead of

Coming up together With um to help prevent it from Happening I agree i totally agree we’ve talked We’ve actually talked about this Quite a bit Uh one thing about Preparedness and one thing about what’s Going on in the world is sometimes it’s Situations that are out of our control I mean when you have a government that And i’m not speaking ill of government i Think the government is super important But i think the government’s important When they’re looking after the people That they’re governing and i think we’ve Kind of lost that with what’s going on But government is vital and yes we need To turn things around for sure i think One of the best ways is to vote for People that are they care about america First and and then the world you know Because we’re big givers i mean we’ve Always been that way but america needs To be taken care of first before we give To all these other places when we have Everything going on here and i think a Lot of the political decisions It’s something you just can’t do Anything about i mean we’ve already seen It you can rise up and you can protest You can do whatever but it doesn’t seem To be changing a lot Uh but i think our voice needs to be

Heard and i think we need to make sure That we’re voting in the right people in Our district and going to primaries are A big part of it And you know taking a stand i mean That’s what i do every week is i’m Saying hey guys You know this is what we need to do we Need we need to change things but on the Other hand there’s certain things you Just can’t help but i think you need to Keep it a positive kind of mindset of You know and not give up hope one thing Is is let’s say we get through an shtf Situation what does it look like after That And and how can we make it a better World and how can we do better So but when situations are out of your Control that are devastating our economy And two with the weather and things like That that i mean there’s not a lot you Can do about it uh don swan asks what Types of first aid or medical items Should the average healthy person stock Up on Uh well you know like imodium your advil Your tylenol aspirin Things like that that you band-aids Things that you just use or you know Like you have a headache so you want Something for it A lot of those things are important to Put back uh now for me i feel like a

Trauma kit is Very important because medical attention You may not have professional medical Help and going out and getting classes Going to uh the red cross and taking Basic first aid or taking cpr and Learning and getting some skills one of The things about medical that really Astounded me when especially when i Started taking classes with trauma Classes stop the bleed Uh cpr Is that it’s not black magic it’s just Kind of having a know-how and thinking Okay let’s see if we can do this So having that ability But if you don’t have tourniquets and You have somebody bleeding out and you Have no hope to get them you know You’re just out of luck uh you know Obviously you can take a belt but They’re not that effective having some Good cat tourniquets but having basic Medical what is in your medical cabinet You know we have a bag a medic bag and We keep all this different stuff in it And we take it on trips so you know if Somebody has a stomach ache well we’ve Got it or somebody you know they have Something in their eye you know we’ve Got something to treat it and we can Take care of it so those are the kind of Things that you know that you you’re Buying on a regular basis uh eye

Solution though a lot of times people You know they don’t think about it but Having some kind of eye wash Very important to have tweezers You know you get a big huge uh Splinter in your finger tweezers and Then being able to put something on it Antiseptics Antibiotic ointment that stuff is great And has multiple uses uh so things like That uh just what you’re gonna need now And just double up on it Okay let’s uh let’s go and then we’ll Come back to questions if we have time We don’t want to run out now and Speaking of which is hygiene that’s Number eight listen if you don’t stay Clean you can get germs you can get all Kind of sickness going on it’s important To make sure that you have hygiene items Keep your teeth brushed have soap have Some detergent to wash your clothes you Know even if you have to put them in a Big tub and You know scrub them if you don’t have Power but keep your clean your clothes Clean keep your body clean Uh you know keep yourself in good Hygiene condition you want to protect Your teeth so brushing your teeth you Know baking soda works for brushing Teeth And that helps so Bleach cleaning areas you don’t want for

Areas to go unclean and then you’re Preparing food on it and then germs get In that food you get food poisoning you Get sick then where are you so make sure That you have the hygiene items you need And because really in a grid down Situation and some of these situations That have happened around the world That is one of the things that have Killed a lot of people it’s just poor Hygiene and they get sick and then they Just die and so make sure that you have Your personal hygiene items put back and They make sure you know how to use and Use them in in that just like you do Every day because hygiene is important Keeping your feet taken care of You know making sure your hands you have Lotions to put on your hands you’re Going to be working hard in an shtf Situation a lot of manual labor so it’s Important to have a group because you Can you can split the work but you know There’s a lot of things that have to be Done i mean we live in a very uh Automated society and things are done For us Uh you know we live in an age of Convenience And it allows us to step outside of just The basic human needs and to expand into Cooler things Like our computers and like reading Books and making music and doing all

Those things that make life worthwhile But We’re going to have to really think About more of a physical i’ve got to do This i’ve got to go out here and chop Firewood so i can bring it and i got to Find it and i’ve got to haul it up here So we can just cook to eat And so you know you’re going to be Putting a lot of physical energy so keep Your hands washed keep your hands clean Keep your body clean Number nine markets now markets Typically will spring up they’ve done That all across the world Uh the one problem with markets uh is That because especially if you have Roving gangs and things that are going On uh they have to have a lot of Security uh the problem is is getting to Market and this is something else i Actually learned from from magic prepper I want to give him a plus we did a live Event a while back and he’s really a Great guy if you haven’t checked out his Channel but he was talking about it’s Something i’ve never thought before is Getting to market So you know the thing is is you have a Market where you have people waiting on The outside or it’s very dangerous to Get to market so you may not be able to Get to market or people won’t come to Market because they’re they’re concerned

So but having markets they will spring Up and uh having and this is this is the Solution and it’s not really a solution Altogether but make sure you go in a Large group make sure that you have maps To take alternate routes if you need to Maps are important maps you may not have Gps you may need to have alternate ways To do things Or routes to go on and learn areas right Now you could get in your car and you Could just say hey i haven’t been done This way i’m going to check this out and Then you can have ideas about where You’re the way you live because we’re so Used to staying and doing the same thing Over and over and for me i always try to Find the fastest way there what’s the Quickest way there and then that’s the Way i go But maybe doing a little bit of Exploring around different ways to get To that same point So Markets could spring up but you need to Be able to get to them and so um you Know that that is one thing that’s it’s Really vital to do and again maps having Radios knowing what’s going on around You Communications being able to find out Where these danger spots are as well That is another use for communications All right number ten

This is probably something that Especially americans need as much as Anything because of our overeating But is being physically fit In a grid down situation you’re gonna Need to be physically fit uh there’s Less medical attention out there Typically uh because you know the the uh The services are gonna be overwhelmed And so you need to get yourself in Fitness now uh whether that’s just Walking uh or you know regular exercise Or getting back into the gym uh one Thing that we’ve done lately is we’ve Gotten back into martial arts and so we We go up twice a week and we train Martial arts i’ve done that all my life I did take a nice break for a while Which is not a nice break i really enjoy Martial arts but we’ve had a really Great school and so we’re going and We’re really working and getting Ourselves in good shape not just to get Another belt But You know we’re working on getting Ourselves proficient in fighting because You can have guns if you want but if You’ll notice in a lot of situations uh Where there’s like surveillance cameras And actual footage of shootings a lot of Times it’s not just guns they all have Guns and then it turns into a physical Confrontation

So you need to be able to defend Yourself And you can go to mixed martial arts Training you can go to uh self-defense Training and then also getting training For uh you know proficiency with Firearms and learning how to shoot Learning how to to defend yourself and You know the different pitfalls that go There because it’s it’s really a a sport But then when you take it into Self-defense it’s a skill and so Learning to be skillful in those things Years ago i heard this statement and it Was Be hard to kill Make yourself hard to kill don’t make Yourself easy know what’s going on Around you Having situational awareness Staying out of confrontations if you can But if you have to do it you fight like Your life depends on it because Typically it does if you’re being Attacked Uh i saw a thing this morning and it was A guy that was the guy was trying to rob Him in a garage a parking garage and he Pulled a gun on him the guy fled And the guy just chased him down and Shot him and killed him like a hundred Yards away from where the incident first Happened And he easily overtook the guy and then

He robbed him But Being physically fit being able to if You have an opportunity to be able to Capitalize on that opportunity And so physical fitness is vital martial Arts or some kind of self-defense Training is even better You know you can sit there and lift Weights all you want yeah it’s going to Help you to be stronger but is it going To help you in a fight Not necessarily so being physically fit And again just to do daily tasks okay We we have a few more questions we’ve Got about two or three minutes and we’ll Try to get to those Uh tomboy indy asks is ammo a good Choice for an item to barter yes it is One of the top items now one thing i Will there is a caveat here uh in Argentina when they had their collapse Uh that was one thing that a lot of People did was store up ammo and then They passed a law That said that you can’t sell ammunition Without a license and they did enforce That law So you’ve got to be thinking about that As well But yes i think ammunition and here in The u.s it’s going to be a little more Difficult to do that but Ammunition is one of the best things

That you can use for a barter item in a Real grid down situation uh lost Pathfinder tb asked would having a Motorcycle be more prudent for having a Bona fide for For more than having a bonafide four Wheeled bug out vehicle the one yeah i Love motorcycles they’re quick they’re Fast uh you can get in and out of of Cars that have stalled on the freeway i Mean there’s a lot of benefits the the Only the biggest downside is number one You’re very vulnerable You know if some a car can take out a Motorcycle you know it happens all the Time uh accidentally most of the time But um you know you’re a little bit more Vulnerable uh the other downside to a Motorcycle in a bug out situation is You’ve got to pack everything you have That you’re going to carry with you on That motorcycle and you might have you Know saddlebags or or compartments and a Backpack And you can do it you can do it but i Think you’re going to be you’re really Going to need to head to a a bug out Location uh first but see gas prices on The motor i mean gas usage is a lot less Than it is on a car so there are a lot Of benefits to both A lot of benefits to both but i feel Like that really in a bug out situation A car with a lot of cargo space is going

To come in handy Smoky mountain prepper ask how do you Find a balance between enjoying life and Staying informed and prepared i’m Finding it hard to concentrate on Anything but prepping lately yeah i know And you’ve got to have balance you’ve Got to have balance in your life and it Is it is a struggle one thing that’s Funny though is is it prepping and let’s Just face it it’s actually becomes a Hobby It actually becomes something you’re Interested in you enjoy doing you enjoy Learning you enjoy you know strategizing And so there’s a lot of benefits to Prepping i mean let’s face it we’re just Trying to survive and man’s always been A prepper in some form Whether he’s buying insurance for his Car to make sure when he has a wreck or Home and you know homeowners insurance Or You know he’s living back in 1500 and He’s just making daily pro you know Preparations just to survive for him and His family so prepping is not Necessarily the end of the world and i Think the thing which is funny but i Think that you know one thing we’ve lost Is we have this really This convenience mentality in this you Know we live in this golden age uh you Know we do we live in a golden age right

Now and we have all the things at our Fingertips we can sit there on our Computer and we can order whatever we Want to Uh or we we have our kids in sports you Know we go to the ball games we go to Concerts But all of that is just It’s wonderful and it’s something that We should be able to do but it shouldn’t Be the meaning of our life But i i understand so what i’m really Trying to get to is is don’t take Prepping as in You know this is a laborer and i just Have to do this and i’ve gotta you know Part of it is very enjoyable and find The enjoyment out of it uh one thing That i find very enjoyable is reading Good books on prepping like going home And in some of those books i love to Read so it’s really nice to read but Yeah it helps me to learn But also taking time to take your family Out to dinner to go and enjoy a walk in The park and to do those things Guys you do need to have balance But again it’s not all lost when you’re Prepping if you make it into you know Hey this is my hobby this is what i’m Wanting to do And i you know it’s just part of who i Am uh so you know it’s it you know it Kind of you’ve got to look it’s all

About perspective i think too it’s all About perspective But if you get too wrapped up in Prepping to where all you think about is The end of the world and you stay on the News and watch all that it’s going to Make you crazy i don’t do it i i’ll look At the news a little bit here and there But i try to stay out of it as much as i Can because it does bring you down To me this is what brings me down is Seeing all these problems and not doing Something about it So Don’t just see it and we’re gonna we’re Gonna sign off here in just a second but You know the other day i was well it’s Been like last year we were going Somewhere my father-in-law and Brother-in-law and we were going down to Pick up some groceries we were on Vacation and As we were going they were just talking About all the problems happening in the World this is happening that’s happening And this is happening that’s happening And i just sat back there and i was Listening and finally i just said what Are you doing about it And they looked at me like a deer in Headlights i said what are you doing you Know this stuff is happening what are You doing and they’re like and they’re Not doing anything because i know

And i’m sitting here thinking you know What it gives me peace of mind to know That i’ve done something and i’m pr i’m Helping to prepare my family myself But the ultimate the ultimate is is it’s Up to god anyway and so you can’t give Up hope you just gotta you know prepare For the the worst but you know expect The best and so you just have to to Balance it okay We’re out of time bug thanks so much for The questions a lot of great questions Uh and i’m sure there’s a lot we didn’t Quite get to and i apologize we just Don’t have time but um hope you take This list and just start thinking about Some of the real important points to get Involved with them And we really appreciate sarah mack for Collecting everything watching the Comments and bringing the questions to Us Also we really appreciate sportsman’s Guide and again you get a 20 off every 100 or more purchase using such that’s a Twenty percent off up at a hundred Dollars so that’s a great deal and uh The buyers club gets better ship better Uh prices and free shipping so uh check Out sports from scott we really Appreciate them By the way uh well no i’m not gonna say That Yeah

Uh be strong be of good courage god Bless america long live the republic