Military Surplus Map Pouch : Having Maps for loss of GPS or SHTF

By | July 24, 2022

That’s when it comes to finding our way There’s no better way than a phone with Gps i mean it’s really transformed our Lives we can just enter the information In the address And it’ll take us right to it and there Are always alternate routes i mean There’s a lot of cool things about gps But what if you don’t have sell signal I have been in that situation a few Times where just didn’t have cell Service And then no gps Especially when you get way out Somewhere So one of the things that i always try To do is to keep a good map around And i’ve been doing this for a number of Years having maps Which this is old school guys and They’re getting more and more hard to Find Typically you know you can find atlases But a lot of times just your standard Road maps you can go to truck stops That’s a good place you can get online And find maps of your local area And what i try to do is find maps that Are in our area but also in areas that We travel into or could possibly be a Bug out location that i need to get to Because let’s face it guys if something Really traumatic happens The highways are going to get clogged

And bogged down so the way that you Typically go somewhere you may have to Go alternate routes the big problem with Maps is that they’re vulnerable they’re Vulnerable to getting dirty they’re Vulnerable to getting torn or wet and That’s probably what you’ll face and Then the map’s going to be useless So recently i was on sportsman’s guide And they carry a lot of military surplus And i came across this czech republic Military surplus map case it’s something That i’ve been looking for anyway and i Just happened to run across it they Carry a lot of military surplus This is a really nice i mean these are Actually in pretty new condition they’re Molly adaptable and there’s a lot of Cool things we’ll take a good look at it But what i really like about this case Is not only will it protect your map but It comes with two transparent sleeves Where you can put your map in here it’s Going to protect it from water from dust From dirt and it’s going to keep it from Getting torn up And these are just really Nice very clear And we’re going to take a look at that As well we put these two together and You have a way to protect your maps and Here’s the thing guys when it comes to Prepping you can’t do it all and you Need to make sure you get your basic

Needs taken care of your food your water Your medical self-defense those kind of Things But when you step out especially if you Have to bug out Maps could be extremely important to get You where you need to go And it’s better to have maps than to try To make your way which you know 19th Century travel and trying to figure Things out why not go ahead and have Yourself prepared and have maps Available To take you where you need to go now Sportsman’s guide does offer a 20 off Every 100 or more purchase using such in The coupon code no zero zero And it’s a great way to get a lot of Military surplus and a lot of other Things that they do But one thing about military surplus is It’s combat tested it’s tough and it’s Well constructed and typically you can Get it for a better price now i think It’s really important to have your maps For us we live in south carolina and so We have a number of maps South carolina this is a laminated map It’s a little bit more expensive but These are excellent it really saves you From you know getting it damaged water Resistant and you know it’s just a way To protect it But you know typically what you’re

Finding are just maps like this these Paper maps And again they are vulnerable but having Different states that you travel to a Lot so north carolina georgia Then we have a southeastern united States map And then it gets a lot less detailed When you get to the bigger maps and of Course you know your road atlases and Road atlases are great because sometimes You’re traveling and you may not have a Map for that area but i would recommend If you’re going to an area is to pick up A good map and then here we have just a South carolina and this is a Topographical map And of course it has a lot of detail in Here but this thing is huge And we keep this in the vehicle but you Know for being able to be very mobile i Like to have something that i can get to And i can access it now this is my get Home bag and it has a translucent sleeve In the front and this is perfect for a Map and i have a compass in here as well I can get right to it pull it out And so you know it just makes it really Nice and two i can see through here if i Need just to be able to reference Certain points without having to take it Out and it does protect the map but this Is just in my get home bag but i highly Recommend also having a compass now this

Is a us military compass it’s a kamanga And it’s got a little tritium bead in Here so you’re able to see even in the Dark and then we have one of the centos These are great Compasses Highly recommended but there’s a lot of Different type compasses out there and Then we have some ranger beads a little Case for the u.s military compass so This just helps you to navigate and it’s Good to have a compass uh i’ll tell you I recommend one channel though that Would be really great is corporal’s Corner he does a great video on land nav Using a compass and i’ll have it Annotated above but guys map cases again Are just as important because you need To be able to protect your maps get to Them This is the czech republic military Surplus dust has molly attachments on The back It’s really nice ballistic kedura You have your Front little strap this little area Right here just locks down and then you Have a little tab that fits in and it Keeps it secure and you have a little Pull point you can just open it up now This does have a velcro sleeve at the Top so you can actually bring this And lock it down and that’s going to Keep this from coming open if this comes

Loose We break it open now one of the things i Love about this is it has these little Translucent sleeves and in here we’ve Got one Packed in here we’re gonna pull it out I mean this rolls up into a nice Little bundle then you can roll it out And i mean it gives you A lot of capability What i love about these sleeves and it Does come with two of these sleeves and You can fit your maps you can fold Certain areas get to the important parts And then if you need to pull this out And see other areas that go off the map You know you can do that as well But here is the second sleeve now i can Only get one sleeve in here so i could Have a separate a map packed in here Maybe it’s a travel map and then i could Keep that and then have my local map Ready to go And these are really heavy duty i mean Even opening these up when i first got Them i mean these things are tip just Practically brand new i mean it’s really A nice fit but once you open this up You can place the map down in it but You’ll need to get it really open and Get this from sticking together It sticks together but it’s not like Stuck together if you get what i mean so We have a nice area right here to place

Your map really heavy ykk zippers And it just folds up and again it rolls Up and that’s really the big thing about This kind of system i mean all the areas Have been reinforced all the way around So guys really it’s going to keep this Map secure and this is meant for combat Or field conditions and so that’s one of The big pluses for this as well now i’ll Just tell you there’s a lot of different Options out there There’s a number of especially in the Hiking camping You can get some different sleeves very Similar to this but i haven’t seen Anything this heavy duty And one of the things too is is because This is military surplus the price is Right and i’m going to go ahead and tell You the price because that’s one of the Big things about this system that i Really like i mean it runs 1749 on the sportsman’s guide website And if you remember their buyers club it Runs 1574. That is including the case and two of These translucent sleeves now i would Recommend having some kind of wax marker Or even a dry erase marker where you Could mark this out Wax is going to hold up a little bit Better and then you can mark out your Destinations on the cover and then you Can wipe it off and you don’t have to

Put it directly onto the map now for me Where i live is very important and so i Want to have this all marked out and Here we are in greenville so i’ll have The different alternate routes coming Around From the main highway because i want to Have those alternate routes marked out But i can do that directly on the map if I want or i can do it on this little Plastic sleeve and so this way it’s just Very versatile you can see the beefy Zippers which are typical for military Surplus and man they are smooth And one thing about ykk which is one of The best type zippers you can get They’re self-lubricating so over time They’ll even make it easier and smoother To open but the stitching is done very Well all the way across I mean all the way through I’m just very impressed with this piece Here on the pack Again you have reinforcements that go All the way around and it gives it its Shape and then when you fill this up A lot of volume in here There’s some keepers right here if you Want to put pins and different things But there’s not really any place to put A compass And so you know i would really like to See something on the side where i could Attach a compass

But if i didn’t want to actually attach This to my pack i could attach the Compass to the back but having the Compass in there to me is really Important But This rolls up and once it packs in here There’s not a lot of room for anything Else now the size of the map itself You know you’re really going to have to Fold this there’s a natural fold right Here about halfway so just bring that Down And then Just roll this up and the tighter you Roll it up The easier it’s going to be to get into The pouch And it doesn’t damage the map when you Roll it up it’s more like a scroll we Can just drop it in here now looking at This let’s just try to put a compass in There and see if it’ll work Well we’re not going to quite get a Compass in there let’s see we might be Able to pull that down It’s going to be really tight you could Get a smaller compass but it works We’ve got it in there so that’s the First time i’ve actually tested it now The one thing about the us military Compasses is they’re pretty thick so you Can even fit it in here so i have my Compass i can put my markers or whatever

I want to inside Even a sharpie if you wanted to have Something more permanent you could do it That way the suunto is not going to work Because it’s just a little bit large Unless i could fit it down into the map Case We’re just going to do some Experimenting right here Yeah it’ll go right in there Could even throw in my ranger beads if i Want That actually fits better than the Military compass and again guys we can Velcro that top there we go so compass And map in one Open this up Pull it open Get to everything i need so guys a great System under twenty dollars i mean you Can get this whole set up And you can be able to organize your Maps now knowing land navigation is Important and i would highly recommend Taking some classes watching youtube Videos getting yourself educated a lot Of the compasses come with instructions For just basic land navigation and so i Highly recommend that but even without That with all the road maps listed on Here and typically the roads are Identified so you can find your way Just having the map is this first step Being able to protect it is the second

Step land nav comes last but i really Like this system again it’s military Surplus it’s very reasonable and man This stuff is just like new i mean it’s In very great condition and then you can Pack your maps away and keep protected And if you ever need them you can roll Them out and also sportsman’s guide does Offer a 20 off every 100 or more Purchase using such and so that’s also a Great way to save some money and get Yourself outfitted they do have a number Of compasses and other things they even Have some different styles on map cases But this one to me was the most modern And the one that i definitely would Choose so guys down in the comments if You have some ideas or a plan that works For you to protect your maps a different Map case a way that you’ve been doing it For a number of years even compasses or Possible certain maps that you really Like just leave it down in the comments It’s a great place and a resource for People to go and to check out uh and Just compliment the video so guys again Make sure you have your maps but Remember that they are very vulnerable To the elements and so having a way to Protect it i mean is just smart And to me this is a great way to do it You can keep this protected of course You have your translucent sleeves which Protect the maps and the case protects

The maps And so it gets you just ahead of the Game and again we appreciate sportsman’s Guide for sending the czech republic Military surplus map case And you do get a 20 off every 100 or More purchase using such and we really Appreciate sportsman’s guide for sending This and for sponsoring this video be Strong be of good courage god bless America long live the republic and the Czech republic [Music] [Music] Making decisions on how to make your Maps your map set up the battery You can put your map in which will Protect it which will protect it hey sis Come on over [Music] I’m trying to get you a video done [Music] No [Music] That’s all right so recently i was I’m gonna show you how baby we’re gonna Show you how to rope this up We’re gonna roll up a fat one