Summer Campout Live From Red Branch Bushcraft

By | July 23, 2022

Check this out i don’t know what i’m Doing it is a new Phone I’m using the camera the wrong way Around the fire is lit we are live I wonder if i can zoom out what does That do ah don’t touch that okay we are Live we are live from red ranch Bushcraft guys it is a beautiful Summer’s evening Uh the firebox stove is The freestyle in the background here Uh they could And all i’m doing is is i’m just Chilling out Guys just chilling out uh and i’ve just Come up with an absolute banger now Because i’ve just realized that i can’t Read any of the comments bruno stop Taking my sticks bruno wants the sticks Right he just wants all the sticks watch This I’ll give you this one okay you ready He wants see the river’s there guys he Wants me to throw it into the river so i Do want to throw it in the river Maybe i should Guys i don’t know where the comments are I don’t know where the comments are Uh well pat how’s it going guys uh you Are very welcome everybody uh i’m sort Of i sort of didn’t think too much about The reading of the comments Unfortunately uh i sort of thought that

Uh I actually never even considered that at All so guys get your questions in this Is red branch this is sleeve gullion Are our Our our mythical heart here in in uh in South armor look at that egypt look at That egypt Well mark how’s it going These eggs And there is bed for the night guys Check that out a 4×4 dd tarp it is Bloody massive Absolutely massive Doosan hello greetings from ireland Dusan is in slovakia bruno not that You’re you can understand that look There you go You got your stick he’s soaking wet guys No i’m not showing it again i’m not Showing it again guys i’m gonna come Over i’m gonna i’m gonna spin this Around and i’m gonna bring us a little Bit closer Oh good or you’re a good dog you’re a Good dog Hi So this is it This is this is my plan for the evening Guys Oh I accidentally emptied all my water out It’s okay i’ve got plenty this is my Plan for the evening

I got a wee stack of firewood here and All i’m going to do Is i’m going to sit here like this The sun’s going down over here behind us Over here behind the mountain guys i’m Just going to sit here like this And i’m going to slowly feed The firebox okay guys this is the Firebox freestyler This is the No no no no no no no no no no no no This is the the firebox freestyle this Is the one uh yes exactly tom exactly This this is the one that uh That steve sent me to test uh and i have To see it For this sort of thing It is amazing it well when you put the Two of them together for this sort of Thing it is amazing Are you ready again listen [Laughter] You see here’s the thing that that big Age is going to get into the bed with me Tonight and he’s soaking wet you’re okay You’re okay So guys i i went all out tonight and I i splurged no i didn’t splurge i found An in the back of the cupboard I found an mre Elbow macaroni in tomato sauce mre and It was Absolutely disgusting it was like Why did i bother me ass why did i bother

I should have uh I should have got steak i was going to Get steak and then i went no no i’ll do An mre video it’s been a long time since I since i Since i went camping and had an mre and You know what i’m a regretting it just Was not nice it was not nice at all And all right No nothing andrew never ever get Crayfish or anything like that here uh i Don’t know maybe if they’re just not an Irish thing Crayfish is something i have never seen Here Ever so Uh the the Lobsters and stuff like that that we get In the sea that’s that’s pretty much it No crayfish ever so what what’s Everybody at tonight Anybody else out Anybody else camping It has been a while since i camped It’s been a month been a month yeah Bruno Bruno do you do you want to watch me True to stick into the water for him Six mile water Where’s that tom I’m going to turn the camera hang on i’m Going to take this over watch this look You ready bruno No get up here get up here come on

Three two one go Ah tough job brian tough job Good dog There’s the sun just setting in the Distance there guys We’re looking at It’s not even nine o’clock yet you know That it’s it’s two minutes to nine Uh i went i went early just just because I thought that i was going to lose the Sunshine so this this is my wii setup This is just in the green part of red Branch bushcraft for you guys that Haven’t seen out here before So this is a these are the cows Uh no just me and the dogs tonight these Are the cows that are making all the Noise as you can see This is my river And this is my mountain It’s my mountain i’m i’m claiming it That is sleeve guardian guys and this is Red branch this is red branch from the Outside So that’s my pond pat You remember my pond The pond that i dug by hand It never has any water in it until the Winter So i need to come up with a plan for That Uh and this is my Should i give you the tour boys I give you the tour

But this is my entrance This is a track here This is a track i made with the wheels Of the pickup a couple of years ago so What i did was i just planted it all up With willow instead just there And Instead of just filling it all in and I’ll show you the reason for it now So i’ll just go up here and i’ll turn Planted a willow of alder we’ve got some Ash we’ve got some oak So look this is it [Music] Just walking in uh yeah just walking in Very dusty guys very dry So when you come around the corner are You ready for this Reverse Come in around the corner So we we have two cows i don’t know if We told you i have phone call and i have Bear cow so phone call sounds like my Phone and vibrate and berkow sounds like He has eaten the grizzly bear i think That’s bear cow there making all the Noise but check this out Check out that view Yep [Music] And this is my wild flowers And that’s red branch in there guys That’s it This is a view you probably don’t get to

See a lot From around here And i have spent i have just finished my Third week of summer camp Solo Any summer summer cameras on tonight I’m expecting a crowd of summer campers On guys god help us all Good dog critter So on me and this i’ll show you this I’ll show you this i made this I didn’t make it I Exposed it i should say uh suggs if You’re watching buddy i Took your advice and this is the lumo 3×3 tarp and this has now been up in the Woods for a month which isn’t here fell Over for a month like that A month in Sunshine There we go guys check this out That’s my 10 tp like no sorry my bison Lavoo Six meter There’s the baker tent Way over there in the distance guys you Can see my bushcraft shelter you just Want to see that Now if you guys are interested in well i Tell you what most of you guys are Probably wooly’s world subscribers Anyway so this is this is my bushcraft Shelter i was going to sleep in this

Tonight But the wilder’s just too nice to be in There Check that out hey bruno Check that out So this is going to be the space another Another log wall going across here this Is going to be built up on this side as Well and a fire pit right in the middle There as well That’s cool isn’t it Right let’s go Do you think my tent is big enough Just a little riverwalk i made Oh What happened I’m missing these chats guys they don’t Stay on the screen very long Where did they go Where did they go can you swipe up to Get them or where did it go Oh don’t know somebody comment again i Can’t see what’s going on i’ve lost the Comments so check this out Doug doug must have come into the house How do i get these comments to stay on I don’t understand i don’t understand How to use youtube it’s not like i Haven’t been like using it for like Eight years or something Oh This is it This is it wally’s lost woolly has been Lost for a long time but

A long long time so this one this was Dan’s suggestion Flip my screen to see oh i see well i Have my screen flipped Uh i’m looking at my screen this is this Is my front camera Which which is quite good i have to say Thanks pat Take it easy enjoy work Guys this this is my front camera so i Have a new phone So Oh Yeah That’s it now isn’t it Ice cream holy oh peppy my man how’s it Going How’s it going guys let me get these all Organized and How’s that How’s that everyone do we do we need to See the fire do we need to fire in this I think we need to fire in this don’t we Now how is that no i think we’re okay at This i think I can potentially read people’s messages And Uh oh that’s it dog i am telling you but I am telling you it is it is needed it Is needed So Because there is a fire here guys You There’s probably going to be a lot of

Silence There’s probably going to be a lot of Moments of me just sitting here Staring at the fire Good air come on Bruno has a stick just right behind his Guys and what he’s trying to do is he’s Trying to get my attention he’s trying To get my attention so that i will uh I’ll come here today No no so so i i will throw the stick Human how’s it going buddy Uh today is the letter h well you know What We have uh we are leaving the letter h Until next week uh when we go back to Wooly’s world this is red branch let’s Talk about camping let’s talk about Knives let’s talk about i’m going to Stay away from max hey hey curtsy Yeah This is kuder Uh it is Yeah it’s it’s nice it is nice it is It can be very busy Yeah Movie’s gone he’s retired man now check This out Check that i said it is nearly time for A haircut like for a proper haircut so I’m thinking I’m thinking i might do like a what Haircut should wooly get And then you guys can vote on what her

Haircut i should get and then my wife Will say no and i’ll get whatever Haircut she wants [Laughter] What do you think of the hat guys what Do you think of the hat it really is Growing on me i have i have been I have been molding it it’s sort of it’s It’s quite square for me it’s quite a Square hat Uh so Well you see doug that’s what i was Thinking that’s what i was thinking But i i i think she’s looking for a i Think she’s looking for a normal haircut But a mohawk would be oh no simon no all Right you know what the last time i had A mullet glenn hoddle had a mullet you Know and i think that’s where the mullet Needs to stay every young lad in the Village up here has got a mullet it’s It’s insane it’s like It’s like You know uh cheers sean cheers Rooster rooster dad50 thank you very Much guys I thought that was an ambulance uh Normal does suck i know I know I know You know i’ve got like a month left of The summer you know i suppose i could do A mohawk for the summer and then just go Back and uh and have like a a normal

Style haircut for uh for or september When i have to go in and start working On schools and stuff But then i do wear hats all the time so There’s that as well isn’t there cuter Cuter Peter this is cuda would spend her whole Life sitting on your knee she really Really would wouldn’t you could see Oh what have you got If we lump on you God knows bruno is probably fighting her Ah those these messages disappear too Quick these comments disagree Oh tom It’s crazy human it’s crazy all the Young lads have mullets it’s like like And i i’m talking some of these mullets Are Are amazing like Amazing like the craziest mullets you’ve Ever seen in your life I don’t know why why are they back in Fashion somebody tell me enlighten me Why are mullets in fashion Night bruno It’s like we’ve gone straight to the 80s And missed the 60s Whoa That is hot We had we had we had we had we had big Heat waves here but it never got to us Uh i think it was 40 degrees Uh papi

Pappy’s lost his mind guys it was 40 Degrees in in the uk 41 i think it was The highest And And we had maybe like 22 i’m going to say a 20. it was it Definitely was not what everybody was Expecting Uh which is a little bit of a pain in The ass you know 40 41 but geez well Done how’s it going Four that is that is insane like when i When i was an outdoor instructor Uh i worked over in in in the alps in The italian alps one year and i think it Was 45 degrees for about two three weeks And it was Mental absolutely mental it was just Well i was okay because i was doing a Lot of water sports so uh You know so i was always on the water But the guys that were running the rock Climbing sessions and stuff like that They were just In bits like they were in bits their Faces were so bad it was like It was like they had these hard It’s like the skin had cracked and gone Hard and then cracked and gone hard and You know it just won the boys the skin On his face looked like the skin on your Feet Yeah Oh that’s tough but that’s tough

Like that’s a [Laughter] I know and you know last year it was 30 Degrees you know it was it was 30 odd Degrees here for a good while Uh well humidity is not something we get Here doug this is the thing it’s it’s It’s not an issue i have been in some Very very humid uh Humid countries Yes this is it you see we’re just not Used to this hot water and then you Would think that Because we’re not used to the hot water You think we’d be used to the cold Weather but when it gets cold we’re Bloody wars aren’t we everything stops If we get severe cold Is busy busy behind this just Absolutely destroying a stick Look i let my water like very low on Water uh but it’s okay i have a big like 25 liter thing over and over in the camp What uh Ah that’s that’s just the way it is Isn’t the butcher listen if we didn’t Know whether we’d have nothing to talk About [Laughter] Let’s look at that mountain for a bit Check that out guys Uh well i sure look it just depends on How cold it is doesn’t it hey dan have You ever have you ever uh have you ever

Used a 4×4 tarp check this thing out Look at the size of that tarp It’s insane Oh oh king alfred’s what see that again Oh i can zoom I did not know that What was that what was that comment About king alfred’s And you know what they are so [Music] I find them so hard to get that i don’t Waste them Do you know that i i end up only using Them Five by five jesus christ well rory How’s it going Uh I don’t i don’t i don’t like wasting Them uh The thing the thing about red branches Is that we never get Midges Oh hi ifa Guys here comes the summer campers Yes i have seen and i’ve seen boys do it With morse as well [Laughter] Good man simon it’s like well rose well Harry how’s it going Guys these are my summer campers the Kids that were in during the week now so Everybody say hello to them they uh they They kept me very entertained for the Whole week and uh the someone some of

These guys have been coming for Um Some of these guys been coming for four Years Yes So It I don’t get midges here not a lot i Think it’s it’s it’s to do i’m in the Bottom of a valley so when i look up Here it’s not cold When i look up here that’s where the Wind funnels down and vice versa so it Funnels down just straight behind me Straight behind where the tarp is there It’s actually coming from the tarp at The minute and i tell you what happens Is that we just never get them at red Branch yes other places yes i have been Destroyed with them but i have seen a Good one with cramp balls and sphagnum Moss Which is uh which is the same as what You’re talking about so you you get the Cramp ball going and you wrap it and Spagna moss and you put it in a trident Uh i think maybe it was Maybe one of ta outdoors videos a long Time ago or if it wasn’t here outdoors It was Uh i want to say mcq bushcraft is the Name Yeah exactly tom Guys i’m not singing for you i’m not

Singing for you so i’m not gonna do it I’m sorry i’m sorry you know so uh I’m hoping you’re saying hot tub there Guys it is like Uh Where’s where’s my train of thought gone Now I don’t remember yes so it’s one of Those things like i have maybe I did a video there recently where i was Up up on goat camp up here and i was Looking i was just sort of hooking about Now for a walk with the dogs and i found A cramp ball and that is the first cramp All that i have found here in this whole Area and all the walking about i do and All the hook and i do Uh Your granddad was a smart man No i did well i tell you that i tell you That’s one thing we have a lot of we Have a lot of flies flies big Hairy This time of year it’s like they’re just Everywhere i don’t [Music] No i didn’t dan i didn’t see it tell did You get your aldi video out yet Uh guys i would say my live stream might Go on until 10 o’clock Or until my truth gets sore from talking But we’ll probably get up and walk about And look at stuff So

Yeah i’m sure it does i’m sure it does Ah Maybe we look at the fire for a bit will We Oh hitches for horse flies He hit the horse Guys here here’s the thing right Flying biting insects I am a favorite of those things right i Am an absolute favorite they love me They love me we were in the amazon Uh myself and my wife were in the amazon And we were doing We were doing uh We were doing like a Jungle track thing i think we were in The jungle for seven days not a jungle Track because a lot of it was on boats And dugout canoes and stuff and went Alligator hunting and and uh Did a lot of fishing and caught piranha And at them and at the alligator and Stuff like that and uh and had had a Fair whack of cerveza and uh Was asleep in the hammock one night Uh And what happened is is that i got I don’t know sit i got destroyed By Mosquitoes Uh You see and this is what happened guys i Mean i got destroyed they came up and They bit me through the bottom of the

Hammock i had taken my t-shirt off and i Had gone to sleep in the hammock listen Listen to this though no stays there Stay stay Three two one go I had taken my t-shirt off and gone to Sleep and they had actually bitten me Through the bottom of the hammock right The next day i couldn’t move it looked Like somebody had poured Uh acid on my back my whole back and um My wife counted them and i had 380 mosquito bites in one night They had spent The whole night Eating me and i was just out for the Count Out for the count he just just jumped Into the river and it was just it looked It looked like my whole back was bubbled It was just like i didn’t sleep for Three days but it was just insane i was In bed bits and bits but i’m one of Those people if i get bit by midges i Like swallowing up and everything so Yeah the dog that’s bruno Bruno the wonder dog I give give us another wee look at him He got a new collar today he’s dead Proud of himself Oh bruno are you happy sit sit Dog Where’s the stick where’s the stick i’m Going to move my hand towards the stick

Get Get get i can’t reach it bruno i can’t Even reach the stick Oh [Music] The dogs are holding out for the good Stuff Ah yeah yeah yeah fall riven smile raven Uh i cannot afford fall raven Probably ever in my life unless i pick Up a good deal but i have been looking At uh Trousers because i’m looking for Trousers to To review you know so i have reviewed You know i’ve i’ve reviewed that the the The barcelona trousers like they are Reviewed to death like so there was that Was the first lock six month review one Year review and they are still going Strong but they’re close So i probably need another pair of Trousers to review And the thing about it is is when i look Like well you see this is it human i go Looking at um I go looking at the fall rave ravens Stuff because it is supposed to be the Best revolution race really See i have mascot the company have you Guys ever heard of mascot they make work Gear and they have a line of trousers Similar to revolution race now they have Approached me now this is this is this

Is a bit of insight or knowledge now Guys because i haven’t Announced this on anything so they have Approached me Uh for me to wear their work gear on on Uh The word of work gear on On wally’s world so uh so when i got Looking at the stuff i realized that They have a little bit of an outdoor Gear as well so i haven’t finalized that Yet but hopefully i will have that some Of that stuff uh We do talk about bruno we talk about Bruno all the time i will see this is The thing human It is Everybody says it is the best stuff But it’s super expensive like i i that’s That’s a serious you know A serious purchase for me you know And i know i know i know i know i know It’s something that you will have for 10 Years and that makes sense but is that a Original It’s it’s just spent in that money you Know 120 quid 140 quid for a pair of Trousers it’s a big bloody blow to the Bank balance You know bruno what is it Are they made in china Well the first the laker stuff was made In china as well Uh i wouldn’t

It’s not being made in china it doesn’t Uh i have three dogs this is this is Cooter and that’s bruno and my other dog Pockets she’s at home because she’s too Old she’s she’s 15. 16 maybe at this Stage and she’s blind and she is deaf so Uh Really ken You see i have looked at reverely see What happens to me is that I flirt with a company right so I’m not people say to me oh how come you Get all this gear to review and stuff Like that well i go out and i hammer at These these uh frances francis is a good Name for dog i go out and i talk to These companies and i’ll say i’ll wear Your stuff let me test it blah blah blah Some people tell me Uh A lot of people don’t reply some people Reply but it is something that i find That if a company is a little bit Standoffish or a little bit rude or Something like that then i’m like no i’m I’m i’m never going to look at your gear Then you know even if i have 50 000 Subscribers or something like that and And and these companies now coming to me Looking for me to wear their gear i’d be Like no well when i had 5 000 Subscribers you wouldn’t you weren’t Interested so why You know why should i be interested when

I have 50 000. uh I might try there’s a father even shop Up the road Uh leonard how’s it going do you like it Hang on let me let me let me show the Stick for the dog one more time and then I’ll show you the fire three two one We’re gonna go [Laughter] Filson’s Filson’s really oh man i’d love a filson I look i’m see i’ll be looking at filson Cruisers all the time i’m i’m sort of or What what’s the other one a mackinaw is It a mackinaw is that what you call them But that’s wally’s world stuff guys That’s that’s that’s work we are where You know what i mean so uh I know he’s an aegis hey he’s an agent And it’s like it’s half name and I’m gonna have to stop doing it because I need him dry because he’s he’s Sleeping in in the baby beside me Tonight Drop it Drop Drop it I got i got him a climbing rope uh Collar made by no you now you’re Too wet to be over here on top of me I’ll have to do a wee video on that guys I spent a long time looking for a good Collar it’s hard to get a good collar With this there’s no there’s no buckles

Or anything in this Yeah i know this is the thing if i could Get one at the right price do you know There was one went on ebay It was a size small It was a forest service a us forest Service Filton jacket and i was like Uh i know listen i can’t he never stops By he never stops he’s sitting here like Shaking in anticipation behind the Camera because he’s dropped the stick at My feet i’m not drawing it Exactly done you see this is the thing I don’t know like your your channel is Obviously much bigger than mine and i’m Sure you are getting So many requests but it just it just Seems to be that because because i i had Made so many mistakes on wally’s world That i haven’t made on on this channel On red branch bushcraft it’s like I’m i must be ticking boxes somewhere in Some algorithm because i am getting Constant Emails looking me to do stuff you know At the start there was that coffee Machine and stuff and once i did the Coffee machine like i was like yeah You know yeah people are looking me to Review stuff And uh I was i was very excited but i had these Guys contact me and they were like uh

Where’s your family how’s it going guys These are more of my summer campers Coming in and what they’re doing guys This i’m sorry don’t leave me this is a Song that they sang Every time i took a breath they sang They started to sing this song and i Don’t even know what this song is It was very funny and uh Guys These these guys like It’s like it’s like their block email And Hundreds of people hundreds of youtubers And it’s like Uh So the latest one was these guys wanted Me to test an ultrasonic cleaner and i Was like do you even know what i do on This channel An ultrasonic cleaner like come on Really What am i going to do with an ultrasonic Cleaner except ultrasonically clean Stuff So it is uh it’s it’s just i’m sure your Head’s wrecked on i’m sure it is wrecked Absolutely wrecked You know so At the start what i was doing was i was Looking at these jesus fire come on i Was looking at these companies and i was Looking at the stuff that That i thought was sort of trending a

Little bit Ah that’s a good idea That’s a good idea simon So I was looking at these things No hang on Of law i’m lost now I was looking at these trends and i Look and what people were doing and all Of it you’d suddenly You’d suddenly start to see lots of Companies or lots of youtubers start Doing One video so you’d see your product come Out and you’ll be like rose how’s it Going guys Uh And what you’ll see is that it will be Like You know somebody will release a video On something A microwave a bloody microwave Well one company wanted me to review a Battery-operated rotary to like like a Dremel and i was actually thinking about It and then i was like no i don’t want To actually do a review of it Uh Maybe if they sent me it and i took it With me and i sharpened the chain with It or something do you know what i mean So Something like that but No

But then you’re always holding out for The big stuff you know You know like like what do you do do you Hold that for a channel sponsor somebody To give you yeah Contracts and taxes [Laughter] No bruno i’m not throwing it anymore I’m not showing it anymore no you need To stop I’m gonna i’m gonna have to give him a Fire some some love yeah kid Right Summer campers why is my fire smoking a Lot tell me Share your knowledge with everybody That’s the the 11 people that’s on here Live Why is that fire smoking and how do i Fix it Tell me tell me tell me Well you see this is it done i’m i’m i’m Not i’m not going to do anything Yeah well you see there’s no flies so What i need is is is heat what i need is Flames And this is this is a Uh i would say it low wood It’s not it’s not damp here’s what Happens with the firebox freestyle guys Look It needs It has a grate in the bottom like a Grill a very very open mesh grill and it

Burns out at the bottom very very Quickly so Watch out clear And also i didn’t cut any sticks to fit I just grabbed from the forest what i Already had generally if a fire is like That and it’s not doing too well it Needs fuel or it needs oxygen so It needed oxygen Uh because underneath where these logs Are there’s nothing so there’s nothing Burning in there so uh I’m not singing the song i’m not singing The song i don’t even know the song Or do i No bruno no no no no no no no no no So this is what happened i went away and I touched a different piece of wood and Now he wants that piece of wood but this Is the good thing about it is that if You have Empty spaces you can just poke stuff in Through the holes in the side But i think some sort of uh Like in the normal firebox those guys The the grill that’s on the bottom is Much bigger sorry there’s less air gets Into it and i think that’s what the Issue is i think it burns out very fast And i think it’s because of air i think There’s too much air getting in from the Bottom guys and you know yourselves when When you’re born in wood It likes it likes to rest on coals

Maybe i should have filled the thing Full of ash first It’s a steel panther song No i’m not saying it Yes i can yes i can Uh i already ate guys and i i mistakenly Decided i was going to have Uh An mre tonight a meal ready to eat Because i hadn’t had one in a long time So This is the remnants of it here I had you get the way you you have your Own dinner i had my elbow macaroni and It was Rotten I used the flameless heater and did all That stuff What do i have left I do not have a lot left that was dinner Today guys i’m i recorded a video as Well like so I think all i have left is some peanut Butter and some hot sauce and some hot Chocolate there is not a lot of food in These For for what they cost Uh I know yeah Edward and scarlet Too much swearing Yes Guys these For the price you pay for the american

Mres and what you get in them i think They’re a bit of a rip off when when you Think about I don’t like the hot chocolate case it’s Still here look [Applause] When when you think about Where’s my camera Chocolate protein powder drink Yeah i don’t know I don’t know guys uh Like compared to a british army ration Pack Which isn’t that much more expensive You get a hell of a lot more in it A hell of a lot more dessert is nice You know it’s a decent enough meal i Have to say that i have never had a nice Mre Um No down me neither but i tell you one Thing I i’ve been glad of them uh i i was I was doing a charity walk one time when I was up on the top of a mountain Uh Really I might do that later on I was i was up a mountain and there was In parts of this mountain there was Sauce there was uh There was snow up your waste so i was Walking down this mountain it was really Steep

In their stu right Uh i was walking down this Uh Uh I was walking in this really steep Section And i heard a bump on a cry behind me And i turned around there was this guy Cartwheeling down the mountain but jesus Head feet head feet like that And uh i was i was in my mountain rescue Jacket with a high vis vest on Like rucksack and everything i was i i Was mutton rescue mountain rescue man Basically And uh he just slid to a stop on his Face like and nearly You know Nearly slid to a top stop right at my Ankles and i went Well i’m not really hiding from this one Nice And uh and so i ended up about six hours On the mountain that day with this guy Getting them ready and various different Things and getting them stretched off And waiting for stretcher parties and Stuff And i had I had all i had a camelbak motherlode That’s what i carried at the time i used Every piece of equipment that i had and I have in the bottom of my bag i had an Emergency ration and it was one of these

Was one of these and we ate every single Bit of it and there was a lot of people There involved in that like there was Paramedics it was a charity walk Paramedics turned up and paramedics you Were on the walk turned up and And and the doctor turned up and we were Trying to get helicopters and stuff was All very complicated but uh But i i had chicken Chicken fajitas or something might know What it was but jesus was i glad of it And The flameless ration pack heater and all That there and It was a little bit warm i used that Tonight and it was it was terrible it Was i was eating i had a cold dinner Where’s your family i am Delighted to say i’m not delighted guys Uh but i have taken down all shelters i Did have to come down here today and Take down all the shelters Sorry the guys worked their asses off All week building shelters for the Shelter challenge and uh i have to take Them down because there’s another group Coming in on monday Sorry I’m sorry Bruno It’s like this So it’s like If

You guys were in the mid tree shelters They made three shelters last week and Three shelters the week before and three Shelters the week before that so Uh A shout out is in the lower left of the Screen So it is uh you imagine how many Shelters that there would be in my in The forest if i didn’t take them down That is That is the way it goes Uh So so the guys the guys that are Commenting with the sorry leonard i Explained this earlier on the guys that Are commenting with the song lyrics and Stuff and the questions about the Shadowers they are the young kids that Were in This week uh at my summer camp so They are trying to get me to sing a song Oh look at the ducks look at the ducks Bruno does your duck There’s your duck though Now we messed up Bruno bruno saw uh Guys i i i’m sorry [Laughter] So they They told me that they were going to Come onto my live stream and i came onto My live stream on woolly’s world last Year as well

And uh they told me they were going to Come on and they’re going to try and get Me to sing that song Did you find out who is that song Uh That knives today Knives today knives today let’s get the Knives let’s talk about Equipment let’s talk about gear Apologies for the crotch shot okay Folding knife Dan take it easy buddy dan i will Remember to pm you about the trip Uh i meant to do it last week i know i Said i’ll do it last week but i just Completely forgot all about it so Look i am not doing a gaming stream i Don’t do gaming guys look That is uh the cursor oh so sweet that Is my absolutely favorite edc Folder i love this knife it is just A it needs a clean Um It really really needs to clean bruno Leave that alone oh jesus he’s a way to Kill him off like i mean like he’s going To end up in the fire Oh we got it so See Thanks That is nice for for me i i’ve had a lot Of uh I’ve had a lot of A lot of folders right a lot of

Different photos knives and stuff like That but i like a really small Pocketknife it’s not look i i don’t have Big hands i would say small glove i Think i’m like a size 7 or something so I like this the pocket clip i might Remove if i can find hey could are you Okay If i can find uh if i can find my little Well little star sat to remove it uh and What i have on my belt no bruno you’re Back back back good dog cuda what are You doing oh jesus bruno don’t lick me I’m not throwing the stick for you no no We’re not going in the water anymore Give me here give me in here No no here here Bruno You got the wrong way you silly egypt Good dog critter Good job critter Run gonna run run Run here he comes [Laughter] Ah look look there he goes zumi zumi Zumi See me I’m called doing zoomies oh here No bruno So if bruno is not getting enough joy For me if i am not fulfilling his stick Throwing desires Uh what he’ll do is he will go up stream And he will drop the stick in the water

And then he will go back down here and He will wait for it to float down and Then he will jump into the river after It he’s a smart dog Guys on my belt i am carrying And i’ve been wearing this all week and This is the bk 62 Or the cap heart knife from kia bar And it is It is it is it is a Lovely lovely lovely lovely knife Backer knife until the back hard to call It Well you know what hopefully bruno does Come over and and sniff at the handle The odd time and you can see you can see His train of thought you can see what He’s thinking uh he’s thinking to Himself Well it is made of wood sort of Uh yeah rooster tata i i’m really I’m really really really really Impressed with this knife this is Something That i Well i i think all dogs do zoomies Like our or jack ross let’s do zoomies As well bruno just does them really Funny because it’s like Oh Do you hear that What are you at bruno Oh we have to go see what he’s at Very different to the bush lore very

Very different It is It’s it’s i think it’s like 22 Centimeters long it’s a big knife it’s a Long knife it’s it’s only three mil Thick Uh and it is a full flat ground okay and It is This is based on i actually just did a Video on this as well it hasn’t come out Yet This is this is a this is based on the Original cap heart knife okay so and it Is Uh what they actually What backer actually discovered right is That The people that were making cap art Names nowadays they weren’t actually They weren’t actually true Copies of the cap art because they were Based on cap arts that had been used Right so used and when they were used They were used a lot so basically Uh Basically what happened is that they got Their hands on one that had never Never ever been used and this is a Direct copy of it and guys this knife is Is Like i’m scandy three mil thick three And a half mil thick you know that’s the Sort of knife that i was raised on doing Bushcraft you know obviously i had my

Mowers and stuff like that as well but Uh I like this i like it a lot uh steve Mcdermott give me that knife Well i don’t know if i’ll shave my beard You know i don’t know if i’ll shave it Again i like my beard too unless i do it For charity again guys Something something like that i’m really Not paying a lot of attention to my fire Bruno We don’t stuff the butter No no no We don’t squawk about No So It is a nice knife it is a very nice Knife and it was steve’s sort of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious yes Of course i can can you spell it You see so Steve steve sort of sort of What Steve sort of forced that knife on me Uh In that Uh some of you guys might remember steve From knife talk i used to do a sort of Series of videos on molly’s world called Knife talk And yeah it probably is actually a Decent pig knife leonard probably is Uh And i tell you what happened is that

We’re going for a walk What happened is that steve was like oh Try this knife you love it and i was Like no Never i’m not i’m not doing anything Different different stuff is bad so And what happened then is that he sent It to me and he sent it to me along with The assy Guys i’m gonna have to put you down There for a minute okay Uh leonard lives lives in new zealand Guys you are everybody you are talking To here uh my summer campers everybody User talking to here is from a different Part of the world guys give a shout out There give a shout out to everybody Where you’re from please Well i put my coat on Ah Check this out Check this out Guys that’s the dd 4×4 tarp that thing Is an absolute monster A monster it is so big it is so big Paula you’re very Welcome good man rooster dad where’s the Dad what video brought you tell me this This is my river okay we’ll give one More troll for bruno you’re ready bro Three two one go Dog’s going to freeze [Laughter] Dog is going to freeze

Guys he’s going to freeze it just got Chilly there hey hey hey go on run run Run run be free so And we of course the guys are from from Crosby glen Good dog come on girl come on cuda i’m Not drawing any sticks for you bruno That’s enough now no more in the river He is in egypt look at him he’s soaked By soaked I’m trying to show you his new collar Bruno Bruno Stop it You got to see this Come on bro Bring it over Go [Laughter] Here here is the Crack oh Oh yeah cat part yeah i’ve already Always is that the one that uh Yes That’s the video i did that video during The week there Uh on Maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe let’s say Six months with the cat part do i like It well i’ve already spoiled that one Now because i obviously do Uh so steve give me a couple of knife uh I’ll probably go back to wally’s world Next week guys and continue on the ear

To side of firewood i think Uh what happened is that Uh steve give me two knives he gives my It give me happy birthday he gave me the Se4 He gave me this And uh He gave me something else And i didn’t i give him the i hear the Diazy chippy chippy Chippy doesn’t say a word doesn’t say Anything just bangs in the super chat i Don’t even know if that was a super chat What was that Uh So What what What was that Thank you very much jeffy That’s crazy so It is like The assy the acid the acid the acid Nice Good man good man chippy Uh what happened is Is i was using the assy for a couple of Videos i was using for a couple of days I did a video And i hated that knife yes he gave me Twenty dollars it’s a it’s a super chat Guys it’s a super chat it’s a way that People can support the channel by uh Donating to the channel when i do live Streams and stuff like this uh so

It is yeah we’re obviously live We’re camping chippy so well i’m camping With the dogs no bruno i’m not throwing The stick in the river for you anymore So i’m camping with the dogs there’s Steam rising off him here this is just It’s just changing the weather is Changing No it’s not the weather is changing I checked out it There’s another apron No i need Shush you just No i don’t know I don’t know if we can talk about false Idols you know it might be might be Bringing uh I might bring down the wrath of god upon Myself upon my soul So Uh this is this oh jesus dogs we’ll just Go easy Go easy dogs So I made an announcement on my channels There stop with you this is not for you I made an announcement on my channel That i was going to summer uh somewhere But No I was going through my summer schedule Of videos well you know what I i I did it for two weeks we were back to

Normal for next month i was like nah i Don’t like this i don’t like this one Video a week crack it’s just it’s new There’s no engagement there’s no Interaction it’s it’s like uh Chippy thank you very much as always Thanks for your support buddy uh What in my own my next live in my next Live generally what happens guys if i’m In in the house doing my live stream uh Well you know what My brother’s in new zealand so i’ll Probably be there soon enough leonard uh So What i would say is guys what cuter Cuter cuter Stop barking There you go look you can park for Everybody on youtube now You bark that kid go on good dog Hey Come here that’s enough come here come On not you you’re choking wet i don’t Want you Oh dogs hey where would you be without Them listen to that joyous joyous Stop it bruno See i’ve wind them up now bruno brother Thanks guys If i could use one day for it right That’s enough That’s enough that’s enough now you’ve Had your say you uh no you’ve had your Say

Come here No not you you’re soaking come here come Here critter come on come on come on Come on come on come on guys the the cat Bart is a fantastic knife but i i tell You what the spider called bushcraft uk Is a very hard knife to top oh my god it Is ah Now you’re going to end up knocking the Fire over it is such such a good knife It really really is and the cap heart is Nice very nice very close second at the Minute and i have a lot of knives But I really think if i was forced to choose One i would i would i would choose I would choose the spyderco bushcraft uk Really Handstand And it is 45 is a good number It is uh It is it is You should see the way i talk to my kids Sit sit sit sorry bruno i was pretending To talk to the children Uh here i treat everybody i treat Everybody the same listen all right guys Summer campers that’s the way i talk to You guys as well isn’t it Uh sir no but i think if If somebody said we’re taking all your Knights you have one To play with to look at to use them to Review them to

To [Music] You know it’s like having lots of lego Oh i can’t tell you that that’s how you Get the passwords off people So What i would be doing is uh no daphne Spyderco bushcraft uk Cap art is nice but it’s just like There’s just a solidness about yeah do You enjoy them of course it’s there’s Like a solidness about the bushcraft uk There’s a there’s a There’s a Reassuring solidness you know it’s a It’s a Boat or fault hang knives It’s just i said well i don’t know It’s hard to describe you just have a Favorite you have a favorite and it’s It’s just your favorite and that’s it so That is that is what i do or that The sheet that comes with it i well i Doubt i’m famous now [Laughter] The sheet that comes with the spyderco Is is is terrible don’t let people tell You that it’s not it is absolutely Shocking i cannot believe That some knife companies Make They make such good knives and their Sheets are terrible terrible terrible Terrible when you look at the quality of

Conduit sheets which you know which are A budget knife company Uh i have tried the british army Survival knife and i wasn’t the fan to Tell you the truth But i think i’m i’m not in the big Knives so Yes i had i had i had dogs we had dogs Growing up and cats And a gerbil And a hamster no gerbil actually a Hamster Goldfish maybe i definitely had goldfish When i was really young because i killed Them by feeding them peas i think Yeah and and My family reminds me of that I’m 44. you know i get reminded that i Killed the goldfish when i was one or Two or something uh You’re going to make me a lego take a Picture of it Uh sheath definitely everyday carry Folding sheath for uh The sheath for for bushcraft and stuff Like that yes uh on this channel i think I have two maybe nearly 3 000 Subscribers uh The jerry poco is a class knife jesus it Is a class name uh i battered that for a Video one time [Laughter] Uh we see this is the thing uh Guiman i’m not into big knaves if i was

Going to bring a big knife with me i Would bring my chris kane survival Companion which is uh which is like a Mini parang do you know what i mean so i Like that style of knife Uh on wally’s world guys i think i have Maybe Six and a half thousand maybe Six ish I’m going to say ish it’s not a It’s not a definite number Whatever And claiming all was climbing all was Climbing now unlike woolies unlike red Branch bushcraft woolly’s world needs Two video at least two videos a week nah I’m not Uh i’m not famous Not compared to some of the guys on here That dan who was on there dan’s got Maybe 60 000 subscribers So He does a lot of cool camping videos There’s an alright brittle up oh no no no [Music] It’s nice guys it’s nice it’s so nice Just sitting here Just taking it all in Just want to see bruno demolish the Stick [Laughter] Am i in front of a green screen yeah Pretty much no mad pretty much

What you think good uh Oh one mindless dogs No No I’m not throwing it for you Not showing for you I missed that last comment it Disappeared before i read it somebody Would type in a pull stop or something And hit send This this phone i don’t know how to keep Keep the comments on the screen You just sort of disappear Oh good see Class thanks ken Yeah It’s a it can be hard sometimes and this This is where this thing about This is this is where this thing about Company sent new stuff comes in you know Where I always You always have to be honest right No i don’t do it on my phone uh frazier Family thank you very much guys thanks Very much for a brilliant week and i’ll See you guys next year okay Uh The old hickory hunter well rooster’s Dad did you watch my video on the old Hickory I think i had the fish and game i think Was mine If that’s what it was called

Is that one no no don’t drop that in the River he’s a way to throw the stick in The river himself so we can jump in After Uh and i i A very thin thin blade it’s it’s it’s a Kitchen knife basically that’s what i That’s what i found Uh Very very very very thin so I couldn’t find a purpose for it Uh Now i ordered at the same time see this I did a big whole cap artboard as you See so i got the condor cap heart and That was the start of it I got the condor cap hard i got the The old hickory i got the se4 and i got This the the the kia bar now i like Kabar knives you know and i always Wanted the decent kbar bushcraft knife You know i had the kbar usmc knife and Stuff like that and yeah it is an iconic Knife but it is Uh it is basically No good for bushcraft right for survival I don’t know it’s it’s it’s that rat Tang construction the live guys i don’t Know how much longer i’m going to go on I’m getting a bit of a sore throat but Uh we’re sort of on a bit of a roll so I don’t know this is it i do not know So i’m sure you guys need to be going to Bed soon so

What What i would say is you know Kia bar is just you when you grow up Like i did watching war movies and stuff Like that you know uh kill a bear that’s It that’s exactly where it came from Uh yeah i’m going to sleep out tonight I’m going to sleep right here actually I’m sleeping in what we call the fishing Camp Go go go See That’s my bed for tonight And this is my view You see i don’t know a lot about them This is it i don’t know a lot like uh Like The boys would all swear on these Backers and stuff like that and i’ve Never used them never never used them so Uh that’s why i was going oh i need to Start you know looking at kia bar as a Brand and stuff and the problem being is That when i got the spyderco bushcraft Uk knife i literally just didn’t use any Uh I i didn’t use any other names i’m gonna Have to go get some water saying that’s What i’m gonna have to do Don’t you eat bruno look at the goldman He’s eating things uh He’s eating cooter’s food gooder Could’ve eaten grass Bk7 is a brilliant knife

Are they not very big this is this is my Concern i am not into big knives do you Know what i mean so So i like The do i have the internet no i’m i’m Using i’m using my phone Yeah i’m sorry i’m using my phone now For this but normally i don’t record my Videos using my phone And i’m using my front facing camera as Well and it really looks like the Quality is going downhill And but if i turn it around i can’t read The comments Ah jay’s a smoke what are you doing Why do you think bruno I should have brought a towel for you no You’re not going in the river again Look he just never stops Never stops the granberg is something I’ve never used uh What is the one i have The cam saw is that what it’s called Uh that Bruno He has just literally come over taking The stick and throwing it at me look at What he’s done to that stick No No Don’t drop it no oh Hey hey Don’t drop it in the river He’s a way to drop a stick in the river

Cam’s all yeah uh i’m i that’s that’s a Solid knife i have to say i was Impressed with that uh coming from when See this is the thing I did i did my bushcraft course when i Did my level 3 bushcraft John john ryder was teaching me And you know You know everybody’s there with their Fancy names and stuff and john’s there With a ten pound more [Laughter] Fire has decided that i am it Live every friday night guys Nine o’clock I’m gonna have to move The smoke has decided that i am this Next victim Yeah i’ve seen them it’s it’s the full Tang isn’t that What you do this this this is my thought On morris right moores are good knives Uh But they can be a little bit overpriced I think And Yeah it’ll be on woolly’s woolly’s world Guys not wally’s world so it is uh It’s just it’s the wind switch direction Or something it’s like the breezes the Breeze is instead of coming this way It’s now coming this way No it’s going back to the way it was Yeah that’s them yeah yeah yeah that’s

That’s the one uh and it’s thicker isn’t It So i i do feel like hultifurs make as a Good a good An as good knife that’s cheaper you know So But it’s just maybe more it’s just got Better market and maybe that’s what it Is so What can you do bruno what do you think I need to dry you you are soaking wet Yeah exactly tom exactly This is this is i have two two two two This is my new one that i’ve been Wearing all week i only got it the week Last week so i wore it all week Especially for you guys Oh is it really how much This is what i wondered is it a four mil Knife it’s hardly four mil four mils Thick for a more isn’t it But you know but it’s the price you see You know i’d be looking at a more on and You know especially those ones and They’re more expensive and everything And well you can get it you can get Something that’s nicer for for the same Price you know it’s the handle Uh well you know Four mil okay You know You know it’s it does a plastic Rubberized handle you know they’ve got a Crappy sheath and stuff like that so

This is what i’d be looking at you see i Like this You know no burnout away I like this i like this is aesthetically Pleasing to me whereas amor is not yes It is functional and stuff like that uh Nice Moonraker knives joker knives is Something that i wanted to Have a look at as well i like the joker The look of the joker names uh but This is the thing you go you go through These phases and you’re looking at Getting the new something Really The condor i’m really in about there i Have Who Robert evans maybe Why is it so bright over here probably Because uh probably because the camera Is picking up the light and that’s Probably why it’s It it’s it’s a little bit grainy as well Okay so let me let me see if the The proper camera can pick it up and see How It’s dark enough it’s dark enough guys What does this do Oh Hang on a second I can change stuff Check this out Oh no

I can change stuff i did not know i Could do that No it’s it’s grand Really i i heard i heard that the The tr pterosaur the pterosaur there was Issues with I’m going sorry i’m gonna put that back To normal that’s doing my head There was issues with uh With the grind you know the way a condor Can be just a little bit sometimes it’s Like stuff is it’s like just sort of Half arsed of the wee bit and shook them Out of the factory um Not that i’ve ever had have had any uh You know i will definitely not be Partying i’ve been in bed and half an Hour so it will as soon as it gets dark But i just go to sleep so look i’m all Set up Press the button molly My lantern set up and everything guys This is a new phone i got a I want to say it’s a oneplus phone i’m Not really sure I don’t know what model it is i don’t Know anything about that i just needed a New phone And i was looking at getting the samsung Phone Uh because i had it i had a chinese Spybot phone before that one of the Hawaii’s Hawaii’s however you pronounce them and

Basically uh So you can’t use them anymore because They’re falling out with google so i can See your breath that’s how cool it is So Uh i went to get a samsung phone and it Was going to cost me 600 pounds 600 Pound for a phone i was like you can you Can keep that phone so this one cost me 70 pounds maybe Mental like i’m for a bill phone as well It’s not like i’m on you know i’m on Contract and i’ve been on the contract For Uh I’ve been on the same contract for like 10 years Yeah the cows can be a little bit of a Pain sometimes especially in the summer Uh and if you move away from the cows Over to towards where the toilets are Guys then you have the road noise which Which can be a little bit of a pain so The road actually runs right along Behind me wow that’s a good bit behind Me but Yeah Keep the guys out of your tent Yeah i know i went off apple a long time Ago really just Couldn’t have them i had an ipod and an Iphone and i had an iphone since the Iphone 3 probably to the iphone 7 and i Just got

Bruno maguno You You are soaking wet you are soaking wet Are you proud of yourself are you Are you proud of your accomplishments Don’t you give me that paw he’s gonna Give me the paw now he thinks this is Great crack bruno I’m not throwing the stick for you come On You’re all right you’re all right he is So excited he is so excited Stop Stop it bro I need to drive ah no No why would you do that to me why would You do that I need to go and deal with my dog he’s Soaking wet and all he wants to do is Jump on that river he is soaking wet and Here the first thing he’s gonna do is he Is going to get into my sleeping bag uh Yes well this is what i do with my Phones well i tell you what actually Happened to my however Uh oh good man polar Uh bruno is two And cooter is nine and my other dog is 15. i actually broke my other phone i Smashed the screen of it and i had never Spent all the years i i got a mobile Phone when the first came out So I’ve probably been carrying a mobile

Phone For over 20 years maybe Ifa Ifa that’s how you pronounce it Uh and Why i would That was the first phone i’ve ever Broken Shotgun Shotgun bruno sheridan Guys listen thank you very much guys my Summer campers thank you very much guys It was a fun week uh Where’s another duck Oh Bruno sees those ducks but he spots them Every time and that was that was way up See we come down here earlier on there Was a duck in the river when we got down Here about two weeks ago and there was There was a duck and a ten ducklings in The river and so he was trying to catch The dog he was trying to catch the duck But every time he got close to the Doctor duck would go underneath the Water and pop up somewhere else and then He’d swim after it guys yeah i’m gonna Go now i’m gonna go uh So I need i need to dry him off he’s Soaking dee how’s it going he he is Absolutely soaking from being in the River and he is going to jump into the Bed with me

Uh Lion steel b41 ken i don’t know what That is Uh guys thank you very much everybody it Was a brilliant live stream i love doing These live streams oh there’s the bats Out as well i love doing these live Streams from red branch they’re just Something special aren’t they they Really really are and i tell you what I’m going to do I’m going to move the camera back I’m not going to reply to any comments For a while And i’m just going to let you guys enjoy The fire and and and the view No Guys Good night still frosty Sit Sit Sit Sit Now Sit Sit Sit I’m not sure Wow Sit No Don’t get up my knee Don’t do it Nope i’m not doing it i’m not drawing it

Oh you can’t even see him He’s here he’s right here that’s him Though All he wants to do All he wants to do Is he wants me to throw the stick i’m Gonna have to run him for a bit guys Listen Stay frosty thanks for watching again Now i have to figure out how to end the Live stream