Isaiah 45 & 46 – The Prophets Bible Study

By | July 22, 2022

Shalom We are in isaiah 45 today roughly page 450 in the scriptures Isaiah 45 Thus said yahuwah the lord your god to His anointed To quresh Whose right hand i have strengthened to Subdue nations before him and ungered The loins of kings to open before him The double doors so that the gates are Not shut I go before you and make the crooked Places straight i shatter the gates of Bronze and cut down the bars of iron and I shall give you the treasures of Darkness and hoarded wealth of secret Places so that you know that i yahuwah Who are calling you by your name and the Elohim of Israel for the sake of jacob my servant And israel my chosen that’s why you want To be israel genesis 32 I also call you by your name quresh i Give you a title though you have not Known me I am yahuwah and there is none else There is no elohim there is no god Besides me I gird you though you have not known me So that they know from the rising of the Sun to its setting that there is none But me i am yahuwah and there is none

Else forming light and creating darkness Making peace and creating evil i yahuwah Do all these Rain down o heavens from above and let Clouds pour down righteousness let the Earth open let them bring forth Deliverance and let righteousness spring Up together I yahuwah have created it Woe to him who strives with his maker a Potsherd with the potsherds of the earth Does clay say to him who forms it what Are you making or your handiwork say he Has no hands Woe to him who says to his father what Are you bringing forth or to the woman What are you laboring over Thus said yahuwah the set of part one of Israel and his maker Do you ask me about my sons what is to Come and about the work of my hands do You command me I have made the earth and created man on It i my hands have stretched out the Heavens and all their hosts i have Commanded i have stirred up in Righteousness all my ways i make Straight He builds my city and lets my exiles go Koresh which we’ll touch on in a moment And lets my exiles go not for price nor Reward declares yahuwah of hosts Now Yah takes a breather here

I didn’t want to interrupt him too bad While he was speaking But he takes a breather here at verse 14 Between 13 and 14. so what we’re paused Momentarily here between 13 and 14 let’s Talk about who koresh is And we should probably address david Koresh in waco [Music] Um that guy Thought that he was a prophet of yah And that’s about all i’m gonna say on That but this is where he got that name From Koresh In the jewish tradition This is cyrus the great The king of persia And quresh is revered in the jewish Tradition which i am not i’m a believer In messiah But i believe the whole bible is still In play the jews Revere the old testament the christians Revere the new testament i think it’s All good to go i’m so christian the Christians don’t like me Right and the jews don’t like me because I believe in mashiach and messiah And i don’t care because i’ve read the Book and i’m doing my best to do what it Says So who’s quresh cyrus the great the king Of persia why is he called the anointed

Thus said yahuwah to his anointed to Quresh Well the anointed one is mashiach it’s Messiah And so there’s an archetype of messiah Yeshua of nazareth here What is that archetype What is koresh doing He is destroying Babylon And bringing The yahudim and the hebrews who went Into the babylonian diaspora the Babylonian captivity Bringing them out Of babylon so that they can do what Rebuild the temple Huge archetype here Between cyrus the great a king A mighty king Who takes the father’s chosen people Israel Out of babylon And brings them back to jerusalem so They can rebuild the temple huge Parallel here between cyrus the great Quresh And yeshua hamashiach jesus the christ In end times That’s why this is important Isaiah the prophecy that isaiah speaks Is the most quoted book That messiah speaks in the new testament He quotes from the book of isaiah more

Than any other book Because yeshiyahu Isaiah In many cases was speaking about messiah Yeshua And here we are Potentially to live that out and to see That and what could be the last days And i say could be anecdotally because We don’t know It’s entirely possible That we’ve experienced so much Prosperity and large yes That an economic downturn seems like the End of the world to us Yeshua admonishes admonishes us in Matthew chapter 24 Be not afraid and be not deceived for Many shall come in my name there’ll be Wars and rumors of wars and famines and Plagues and diseases and earthquakes and Diverse places and they will deliver you Up and kill you thinking that they are Pleasing elohim by doing so See that you are not deceived So no man knows the day or the hour of His return yeshua doesn’t know that Timing’s up to the father So are we in the last days i don’t know Is this passage relevant to mashiach and The last days absolutely because cyrus The great quresh the king of persia Brings the hebrews out of israel the Father’s chosen people out of babylonian

Captivity and returns them to the Promised land where they rebuild the Temple That’s the takeaway here So back to verse 14. Thus said yahuwah The labor of mitzrayim of egypt and the Merchandise of cush and of the sebiites Men of size come over to you and they Are yours they walk behind you they come Over in chains and they bow down to you They make supplication to you to quresh Saying indeed elohim is in you and there Is none else no mighty one truly you are L who hide yourself o elohim of israel Savior They shall be put to shame and even be Humiliated all of them the makers of Idols shall go away together in Humiliation Israel shall be saved by yahuwah with an Everlasting deliverance yeshua messiah And you are not to be ashamed nor hurt Forever and ever For thus said yahuwah creator of the Heavens and the earth he is elohim Former of the earth and its maker he Established it he did not create it to Be empty he formed it to be inhabited i Am yahuwah and there is none else I have not spoken in secret and a dark Place of the earth i have not said to The seed of jacob seek me in vain seat Of jacob being israel seek me in vain i

Am yahuwah speaking righteousness Declaring matters that are straight Gather yourselves and come Draw near together you who have escaped From the nations No knowledge have they who are lifting Up the wood of their carved image and Pray to a mighty one that does not save Declare and bring near let them even Take counsel together who has announced This from old who has declared it from That time is it not i yahuwah and there Is no mighty one besides me a righteous El and a savior there is none besides me Turn to me and be saved All you ends of the earth for i am Elohim and there is none else you seen a Pattern here I have sworn by myself a word has gone Out from my mouth in righteousness and Shall not return so that to me every Knee shall bow and every tongue swear Every knee shall bow and every tongue Shall confess One shall say only in yahuwah do i have Righteousness and strength He comes to him to yahuwah and all those Displeased with him yahuwah shall be put To shame In yahuwah all the seed of israel shall Be declared right and boast and by the Way seed of israel the tree of life is Israel Romans 11 16 that’s what you’re grafted

Into the tree of life You are israel if you are a believer in Messiah that’s why you’re supposed to Behave a certain way Yeshua says over and over again if you Love me keep my commands right if you Wish to enter into life guard the Commands and i know that his command is Everlasting life John 12 50 matthew 19 verse 17 Matthew 5 verse 17 Matthew 19 17 as if you wish to enter in The lifeguard to commands 5 17 Is truly truly i say unto you until Heaven and earth pass away not one jot Not one tittle shall pass from the torah Till all be done while all ain’t be done Yet In other words we’re supposed to keep The commands as followers of messiah We’ll do chapter 46 as well it’s a short One Bell has bowed down Nevo is stooping their idols were on the Beasts and on the cattle that which is Carried is burdemsome a burden to the Weary they have stooped they have bowed Down together they were unable to Deliver the burden but they themselves Went into captivity Listen to me o house of jacob and all The remnant of the house of israel who Are born from the belly who were carried From the womb even to your old age i am

He and even the gray hairs i carry i Have made and i bear and i carry and i Rescue To whom do you liken me and compare me And make me similar that we should be Alike They pour gold out of the bag and weigh Silver on the scale they hire a Goldsmith and he makes a mighty one a False god They fall down they also bow themselves They bear it on the shoulder they carry It and set it in its place and it stands From its place it does not move Though one cries out to it it does not Answer nor save him from his distress Remember this and show yourselves men Turn it back your transgressions Remember the former events of old for i Am elohim and there is none else elohim And there is none like me declaring the End from the beginning and from the old That which has not yet been done Till all be done yeshua said from The beginning and from the old that Which has not been done saying my Counsel does stand and all my delight i Do Calling a bird of prey from the east the Man who executes my council from a Distant land indeed i have spoken it i Also bring it to pass i have planned it I also do it Malachi 3 verse 6 i’m the lord yahuwah

Sabaeth i change Not Listen to me you stubborn hearted who Are far from righteousness luke 1 verse 6 blamelessly walking in the commands That’s righteousness I shall bring my righteousness near it Is not far off and my deliverance it is Not delayed and i shall give deliverance In zion And my esteem my glory to israel [Music] Bless you all Shabbat shalom