50 Foods That Last Indefinitely – EP 161

By | July 21, 2022

[Applause] The threat of disaster is never Pleasant Welcome to the Casual Preppers podcast These safety measures are essential the Only place for prepping survival and Entertainment this will be your source Of survival instructions and information Every member of the family must be Coached in the business of survival here Are your hosts Cam and Kobe Man at least got slammed with an EMP we Did man this is a little Deja Vu isn’t It it’s super weird this is the first Time this has happened in years we Actually had a power surge in the studio About 10 minutes into the podcast it Just like yeah gone but we had lights Yeah Dang it we’re back though the best jokes I probably had in the whole history of Our podcast and we lost them all that’s Such a bummer you guys we’re gonna try It again though yeah jokes are Never As Good the second time through they are it Is what it is Cam We got to tell the people they need to Get out their notepads I think they Already have them out yeah they probably Saw the title they got to bring in the Fam yeah so you sit down We got some listening to do today right They’ve been waiting they’ve been Waiting for this list and I mean we Didn’t even fully complete it no no we

Didn’t even make it to the full 50 but No that’s why we said all we’re just Gonna say we have 50 Foods 50 yeah the Last indefinitely sure and I mean you Might be the laziest prepper and you Just don’t want to be rotating food all Day long for sure I want to put it away And I want it to last in eternity yeah And that’s what our list is gonna maybe Come closer some of them aren’t even Come close to that but yeah we’re gonna Tell you right how to store it and What’s good to store so there you go but I got to tell you about battle box first Camera yeah you do it is the monthly Subscription box for Men full of solid Gear for adventure Seekers survivalists Outdoor enthusiasts and the Casual Preppers each month battlebox sends you The coolest selection of hand-picked Outdoor survival and everyday carry gear All valued at far more than what you’d Normally pay you never know what’s in The next box but here’s a sampling of What users received this month The Dead Fish Co wenge Alpine foldable chef knife This thing is a beautiful beautiful Creation it really is right now we love It we yeah I think I’m just gonna use it As my EDC we got 50 Foods right now you Could use it on probably Salt oh my God Cubes Sugar Sugar Um exactly and then if you’re trying to

Cut them up at night we have the nikron H-35 1000 Lumen headlight you know Cooking there’s nothing like cooking Clubhouse it feels like you’re going to A rave or something yeah pull out your Chef knife that’s great yeah I got it Yeah don’t worry don’t worry all this Badass and it starts at just 34.99 a Month they’ve shipped almost 16 trillion Boxes cam that’s an updated number I Just got from the battle Box Headquarters To run it this is ticking up yeah yeah It is it’s like constantly as we’re Speaking there’s another order another Order another order another order it’s Crazy they won best men’s subscription Box of 2017. our listeners get a free Knife when you sign up at Trybattlebox.com casual Preppers get Your first battle box plus a free Knife Let’s at battlebox.com do it listener Reviews Starts Now Yes LOL laughing out loud yep five stars Five stars yeah Megan I said equals D Before but we we learned and realized It’s just a smile it’s a smiley face We’re like Meg equals D thank you what’s Up mag D let us make smiley face yep I’ve laughed out loud with every episode I’ve listened to love it great Information with even better delivery we Do have some good delivery yeah which is Really great yeah thank you yeah thank

You Meg equals D Um if you guys want to be a part of this Portion of the podcast go to iTunes Go To Facebook and leave us a five star Review make it awesome That’s the hard part of my job dude There’s two yeah you got two nose holes As well yeah yeah finish off can’t just Say hey we’re done yeah hey cam yeah our Our leader the leader of the Free World He’s got the kovid yeah that’s mad that Is the poor old frail man I don’t know If he can make it through this I hope he Does I think so I’m sure that the Party’s like is this is a perfect Opportunity for us but the funny thing Is is in the Articles it’s like he’s in Isolation for the next little bit and I’m like you know what they’re probably It’s probably like well when is the Election how long can we have him have Covid there’s a thing called long covet I’ve been hearing about maybe that’s What he’s got like for like three or Four more years he doesn’t have to be in On camera he doesn’t have to give Speeches Or they can blame it all on Kobe yeah Our poor president’s speech yeah he’s All messed up broken Oh man we’re gonna get in trouble for This because there’s gonna be some People who might vote of old people Coven

Two things I hate hearing people make Fun of there’s nothing worse Yeah that’s a bad deal it is a bad deal So um get well soon yeah Prez get Everybody write him a card yeah Um So this is crazy yeah mad The Hunt is on For an aggressive monkey which is Attacked 18 people including a baby in The past 10 days jeez yeah the police in Japan are stepping up their search for The wild animal after broke into homes And schools across Yamaguchi City Yamaguchi that’s how you’d pronounce it Yeah I’m a Gucci I grew up that’s Perfect Japanese I grew up on the outskirts of Yamaguchi And a farm out there we were racing Monkeys Gucci Gucci Not pretty sure that’s how it went yeah It’s explicit Um the Japanese macaque uh attacked and Scratched a four-year-old toddler on the First this is tough girl you know what Though first floor flat after sliding Open this ice cream yeah there’s a Monkey outside scratch take that stupid Japanese baby at least it’s picked on Like humans its own size yeah right yeah Apparently it’s like 40 to 50 Centimeters tall which is well it could Be anything to me that sounds like an

Ant but I don’t know my centimeter super Well that could be Godzilla or it could Be like two inches we don’t know yeah so This monkey is just and for some reason It hates like four-year-olds because There’s another uh part in here that Said The monkey also invaded a local Kindergarten classroom and scratched Four-year-old girl why why are Kindergarten classrooms like they’re Like a target for maybe it’s all the Crazy people’s guns and monkeys maybe The monkeys like the snacks in there Yeah or something Um officers are said to be on high alert And have set traps to catch the animal Everybody looking for the monkey in the Yamaguchi all right residents have been Warned not to leave their windows open And flyers have been handed out telling People to be on the lookout it’s just Got like a monkey on there If you’ve seen this monkey watch out for The monkey it doesn’t like babies PlayStation for sale call this number Yeah so you want to buy Bitcoin call This number also look out for the monkey This is the start of a monkey Uprising Yeah monkey pox spreading sons of bees Yeah I know so anyways that’s a Madman That’s no good man no yeah nobody wants To get scratched by a monkey I don’t Like that monkey 40 centimeter monkey

He’s about 40 centimeters tall came in He had real sharp nails got a long nose Got some weird teeth yeah look like a Guy very short furry I don’t know give Or take could have been a little Irishman it could have been a monkey Hell we don’t know scratched my kid and Ran off y’all swear it’s a monkey I Didn’t scratch that little bastard it Was a monkey I keep that screen door Shut that’s why I installed a screen Door last year because my wife was Complaining all the monkeys coming in we Didn’t know they were smart enough They’re all scratched up as they’re Talking Oh yeah I’m about ready to move out of Yamaguchi if you ask me I don’t know I Can’t take this and yeah I hate this Place going down I’m heading to Tokyo Um so yeah let’s talk about this list Here okay Um we got 50 foods that last Indefinitely yeah so long number seven Will blow your mind I can’t wait I can’t Wait craziest yeah Um I don’t know what number seven is It’s kind of like it’s like those Articles they’re the worst and then you Have to click yeah and then it goes to a New page Some fruit you’ve never seen you know Yeah yeah I didn’t know I haven’t been Storing that it’s like it’s not even in

The list yeah it’s like peaches and it’s Still somebody holding it and it’s like Tom Cruise in the back you’re like what Tom Cruise is eating it Top Gun I gotta Eat it foreign Celebrity twins that look identical and You start going through that none of Them are on there yeah Um what fruit are you find out here my Wife does those all the time what Stranger things character are you What prepper food are you we should do One of those on our website we should do That it’s a stupid questionnaire what Prepper food would you be at the end It’s always nutrient survival Everything is always always yeah that’s The same answer well before we talk About uh the foods themselves obviously There’s proper storage of food to keep It lasting in a long time sure yeah keep It away from Air keep away from water Keep away from your kids monkeys monkeys Um those are all important things to Keep it good and when we talk about food Spoiling it’s usually like going rancid Like obviously You don’t want uh bacteria and a lot of These foods are kind of resistant Against that so the bacteria is not What’s happening it’s it’s turning Rancid and disgusting and that’s why I Pick good food you know don’t grow Bacteria yeah milk is not great for

Anything no I got two cans of it in the basement Keep it nice and warm yeah yeah yeah Um it’s all expanded bananas last Indefinitely oh they do they sure do but Some of the things that you can use to Store them in probably the best ones Mylar bags yeah And uh the only trick with mylar bags is You gotta you gotta have some skill and Understand how to store in them most Time you just buy food that’s already in Mylar bags yeah you can do that nutrient Survivals aren’t those mylar bags or They just I don’t know they’re great Bags they’re great best bags on the Market probably best place to get your Food Um but mylar bags are probably the best Way to kind of control the moisture and Keep them safe and keep sunlight out uh Jars are also really good but and I’m Not saying these can can never be used But they’re better more for like if You’re going to get into them because You’re rotating yeah maybe you filled a Little peanut butter because I don’t Twist the lid off it’s just like when You get in the store it’s amazing that Was great yeah but um they’re not great For long-term storage because things can Work their way through uh through the Little grooves in the in the threads of The lids and stuff like that I don’t

Like that and also I don’t know if you Know glass jars break yeah you get a Tornado cane or her Quaker cane anything Like that they’re going to fall off and Break so you got to secure those a lot Better so a little harder to make a nice Storage room for the all your jars Food grade plastic is good they’re a Little harder to keep air tight But a great option for smaller organized Rotating of food buckets are really good Because bulk storage they store better They stack but the seal is not airtight And it can be hard to to be for sure That whatever you put in them is you Know been sealed off from moisture and All that But they can be really good if you Combine it with like putting your mylar Bags or individually like packaged Things into those buckets and then sell Them and then throw in an oxygen Absorber that’ll last barium and cement For the end of time yeah yeah you know It’s a great one vacuum sealing is great But it doesn’t last forever like air Isn’t fully removed plus they can start Leaking over time with the negative Pressure in there positive pressure goes In osmosis and I don’t know math Chrome Mass injection I don’t want to get math Yeah get it um and then you want to buy A bunch of oxygen absorbers you want to Be sure there’s no Oxygen in there just

Throw one of those in there it absorbs The oxygen I’m not going to go into the Science of it yeah but you won’t have Oxygen yeah and if you’re real concerned About like the types of plastic you know Get a food safe plastic and there’s Different types there’s like high Density polyethylene which is my best I Love those top of the top of the charts I’ve been collecting them polypropylene Low density poles are all right yeah but If you if you want to know like more Specific details on storing food like I Really like the site Primal survivor.net Primal survivor.net check it out but Yeah get into these Foods I’m eager man I cannot wait and we’re starting off With a bang boy you know what I mean Like we are hitting it hard right from The get-go a bullion cubes Yeah we we went right for the goods so Bullion cubes I don’t know what they are But I just found out basically they’re Cubes of fat and Bones they just cook Down cooking cook cook cook they leave It on the stove overnight I don’t know How they do it but and then there’s just Like fat and Bone and stuff but Apparently if you keep them dry and you Keep error like they just last for a Really really long time but and the Great thing about bullion cubes is they Make stuff taste great they do and You’re in an apocalypse for extended

Amount of time you want great food you Tastes great and these are a great way To make like rice or cubes Yeah that’s a great jelly Boolean but I Think these are honestly one of the few Things that are like fat oil based that Kind of store along that’s why I Expected them not to see yeah to store Get all rancid but I’m like hell yeah go Get me some yeah yeah Um the next one corn starch yeah corn Starch use all kinds of things yeah if You’re growing dry yeah Um huh and also added to a lot of foods To make them thicker yeah well you could You know great these in the morning for Your crotch and then take the excess off Use it to make gravy Right I’ve been rolling this dough all Day oh gosh I’ve been making this Roux All day long we’re gonna make some Freaking gravy tonight Try it out it’s good come on I’m gonna Invite the pear and silver we’re gonna Have mashed potatoes and gravy I’m not Gonna tell them where it is great it’s Just crunchy stuff on the chicken you Don’t want to know what’s his curly hair In my chicken Is it weird you say curly fries yeah no Yeah corn starch uh yeah it’s great Um you can store it for several years You want to keep it in a like a vacuum Type pack mylar bag preferably you can

Put it in jars you don’t want to leave It in the Box you buy it in because all Kinds of stuff right there yeah yeah Um uh it can last indefinitely so maybe Get you a big old batch of it put it in Some bags store it in a bucket yeah you Don’t have to worry about it anymore That’s so it’s like cornstarch Expiration never Yeah Second Coming Second Coming Yeah I’m Millennium um that’s great but Yeah cornstarch is a good one and it’s Used in a ton of different foods I like That and on your body that’s perfect Noises in a way you know what this next One’s probably my second favorite salt Yeah unflavored bouillon dude salt is The best it is everything tastes good it Preserves a coach did I yeah it was the Best Who else can wear this much green and Look this dope no Um it’s all she can react oh don’t say Moist and then be like that cake is so Bad Salt it preserves meat it’s like your Body needs salt Okay it does it like it really needs it We Salt’s got a bad rap over the years But we’re starting to learn that salt’s Actually pretty damn good for you you Need it if you got some blood pressure Issues yeah but even they are hard Questions heart failure maybe so but

They are questioning the blood pressure Thing too I read several articles this Year where they’re like I don’t know if Salt’s doing it I don’t know I’m not a Doctor is this Reader’s Digest no no I Was it was in a comic book but it Sounded apparent real cyclops in it yeah I don’t know he doesn’t use it Batman Said I honestly so they have a list of Like blood pressure effects and salt is On there as Um it’s like a four I think it’s five to Six point Dr uh if so if you eliminate Salt down to you know avoid it in your Diet it’s like a four to five point drop That’s going from 140 blood pressure to Once yes like like uh I’m not saying That it’s it can’t help so if I’m at 170. I just got to cut out salt I’ll be Good yeah yeah one six so it’s six yeah So anyways it’s not a huge effect and I’m this isn’t medical advice here no I’m just saying like I love salt yeah And it’s a great one to store it really Is and here’s the thing you know they Have iodized salt and then they have Like the natural salt so iodized salt Won’t last as long oh because of the Chemicals in it it’s got chemicals and So they said that’s like a five-year Shelf life and I’m sure it’s beyond that But that’s like the official like FDA Says five years Um but if you’re going with the eye down

Bad in this wow this iodine’s going bad And the chicken’s good but the eye done Really weird tasting how old is this Salt Seriously but if it’s the natural like Salt like we usually have like the pink Himalayan salt that’s the best that [ __ ] Lasts forever it tastes so good no it’s The best like you wouldn’t think Different salt but yeah but what I love Is they actually have expiration dates On it have you seen those memes where It’s like natural Salt’s been there for Thousands of years just expired I just missed it yeah it’s hilarious but Those last forever you got to use your Judgment with these Foods it’s like are You gonna get sick from eating expired Salt nah guaranteed guaranteed you’re Getting monkey pox yeah I just want to Buy one of those like mylar like I just Want a big old stone that’s just salt Brick it man and I don’t need you to Store it looks beautiful I had one of Those little salt rocks when I was a kid I did too I would just lick lick it once A day pretty much I had it by my bed We went so when my dad would go and get Feed from like IFA or something I’d go Over to the rabbit get a hard block or Whatever yeah and it had the little Circle like the donut ones or the blocks I’m like yeah one of the things I need This and he’s like sure

And it like I think I bought a brown one One day there’s like minerals in it yeah Like this one tastes different he’s like That’s all they got do you want it or Not shut up lick your salt so anyways Yeah that’s the way I am I did I had I’ve been licking bunny salt for I had One next to my bed it was probably so Full of bacteria and stuff from licking It every day it’s so weird how you like Kind of crave yeah so like we get that Morton salt to like make ice cream and You know and like I feel like a big old Granule falls on the table I’m like oh Man this is so good yeah or like when You have like a steak and you got them Real big chunks of salt in there yeah That’s like the Brazilian yeah that’s Like pure orange juice my favorite I Don’t even knock it off like you just Don’t get it off yeah I know the salt on There I’m leaving it on yeah for sure That’s good stuff so salt Get It Anyways 20 minute talk on Starbucks let’s move On uh white rice no let’s do sugar yeah Um rice is one of those let’s do sugar Oh yeah I skipped you yeah oh dang I’m The blue Sugar’s so important Um similar to salt sugar is a great way To preserve Foods sure and add flavors And make all sorts of sweet yeah it’s so Sweet so sweet Um it can be uh preserved for a long Time if kept properly yeah so it’s nice

It’s easy you’re gonna need it for Everything well not everything it’s Almost more important than mine but but Yeah baking cooking you’ll make bread Don’t mix enough salt when you’re when You’re baking yeah I’ve done that yeah Um but yeah keeping it dry is probably The most important thing to storing it And then it can absorb flavors too so You want to avoid sticking it on top of Like your uh silage pit yeah for sure if You don’t want it there don’t store it Along with your pile yeah I like to keep All my deodorants dry yeah I’ll stuff Them in the sugar button for sure yeah So anyway sugar it’s great one yeah how About white rice He was getting here number seven no I Don’t know I don’t know but look that’s Number five white rice this is not brown Rice seems backwards it does but but White rice brown rice has a lot of oil Apparently so like in a couple of months You don’t want to eat that stuff but White rice Bro this stuff just looks you would say I know that’s just how I am it is Versatile food man like every culture Eats rice pretty much it has a really Long shelf life obviously Vacuum Pack These in smaller meal sized bundles Because if you have like a 150 pound Thing of rice you open it you gotta yeah You gotta eat it pretty soon right

That’s a good idea so vacuum pack it Into smaller things so this is a really Good way this is a good way to prevent Exposing all of your rice to Fresh Air When it’s just not needed so white rice Not brown rice yeah okay and it’s great Man I’m just gonna build a negative Pressure like vacutainer so I’m gonna go In yeah like like they did for moon Landings and you’re going there all my Food’s gonna be stored in there that’s a Great way to do it Um pasta oh gosh pasta yeah so it um Obviously it’s going to be probably one Of the most popular things for people to Eat when they’re depressed and when you Know it’s a comfort food it’s an easy Food to like make and it tastes good you Can add all kinds of different sauces I’m not a huge pasta fan like I just Never have been but it’s good yeah I Don’t eat a lot of pasta either yeah we Don’t we skiddies once in a while we eat Skitties last night did you oh man was It good it was good awesome but um pasta Can be stored for to last a long like 25 Plus years it’s a long time yeah Um it does unfortunately it’s really dry So it can absorb Food flavors around it So don’t store your cat food and your Dog food around the pasta because it’s Going to absorb it yeah be eating Chicken bits yeah flavored pasta fish Um

You got to be careful too When selecting Your pasta like some of them the Egg-based ones and things like that they Do have oils and fats I love the Egg-based ones I do too the egg noodles Oh they’re so good yes that’s like Old-fashioned Um chicken noodle soup yeah that’s what Grandma makes yeah so good Um many foods like uh that you make are Gonna revolve around putting some pasta In it so you’re going to want a good Amount of storage of this again kind of Like what you’re seeing with the rice It’s best to keep it not in one big bulk That you’re gonna open and expose Tortellini or whatever five gallon Barrels not just yeah spaghetti but it Stores really well so um it it gets a Little bit like kind of like a musty Flavor over time yeah and but but for The most part if you keep it away from Food and moisture and away from other Things it can absorb flavor from Um you gotta you got a good easy storage Of pasta nice I like that how about Dried beans cam it’s like The Versatile It really is essential food for yeah High in protein really nutritious almost All amino acids and yeah it’s really Great and it and you can have it with Everything you could have pasta and Beans if you wanted yeah put a little Sugar on there you can do whatever yeah

You can do whatever you want you know Corn starch yeah but again you’ve got to Keep them which one some cornstarch on Here yeah we’ll spice this up a little Bit yeah but keep them in airtight Containers and they’re going to last Indefinitely plus they are The Musical Fruit so yeah that’s great they’re a Little hard shell protects them for Eternity it does yeah dried beans that’s A great one that is a good one oats Versatile grain oh my gosh How’s that to start over again yeah Um but it’s a great breakfast food it’s Um it’s a good like filler oats are Really good at keeping you feeling full For a long time so and they’re a great One to store they’re dried up you can Put them store them in bags and they Last for a long time too so their health Is super exciting about oats but they’re A good storage they’ll get the job done They do what I mean here’s another one How about chia seeds this is something Yeah I know like um you don’t use them a Lot well some people probably don’t but Great high in fiber and whatnot wrote The chia seeds I’m guessing I never Thought about putting those in a storage Thing like you can you can put them like In Ziploc bags but you know obviously Better in vacuum packed bags they’re Going to last forever high amount of Antioxidants they will last four to five

Years even without Refrigeration so These are these will last a long time Chia seeds yeah and you can have a Chia Pit for fun oh yeah those are those are So much fun Um coffee yeah it’s a good one it’s a Good uh Vise that you can use to barter So it’s great for that too yep but when Stored properly coffee can last 20 years Or longer that’s a long time that’s an Easy deal most varieties of instant Coffee are freeze-dried and they can Store for a while even in their original Packaging however storing in mylar and Oxygen absorb with oxygen absorbers can Extend this greatly so it can last quite A long time for sure there’s a sneaky One that one’s not that might push us to 50. that might yeah powdered Jello Actually lasts for freaking ever but It’s good yeah and there’s a lot of Things that I have shown like for some Like a little boost of energy if you’re Bugging out having like a Jello pack That you can pour like in the winter or Something then you just got yeah you got Like a little energy drink right there That’s a great one yeah so powdered gel Is easy to store plus you can have fun With it how about powdered milk Yeah see I’m not big on powdered milk But cam does this he uses I do because I Just know it’s going to be needed for Sure yeah no absolutely none of it

Tastes great no but it’s it’s one of Those survival Foods It’s Gonna Last for Decades and it’s gonna be useful all the Time they said in good good conditions It can last up to 20 years I mean that’s That’s a freaking long milk that’s crazy Milk it’s nuts most manufacturers are Going to recommend that you use it Within 18 months but that’s like the Manufacturer like Best Buy Date yeah so Don’t worry about that but according to Like the actual USDA website it can be Stored indefinitely yeah that’s crazy so That is powdered milk you gotta have That because I have some cans that say On there they’re expired and I’m like What should I do with them and looking That up I saw that too I’m like yeah Freaking just keep them die I would just Keep them for sure so powdered milk yeah So Top Ramen so Ramen uh it’s already Dried pasta basically yeah and it has a Little packet in there that you could Put on anything you don’t even have to Put it on the ramen you can eat it dry Yeah and it can last several years too Like it’s a good that’s the nice thing About Ramen is like I buy it in that Like crate thing and then stick it up And you don’t even have to mess with it They’re so cheap and it’s so easy for Like it’s a quick easy meal for kids That’s yeah actually actually tastes Good so yeah it does taste good horrible

For your body but it is horrible but but If you want a lot of carbs and because You’re dying the starvation rum is great Well it’s gonna hit the spot and so um It’s pretty easy to store and and it I Think it can go up to 10 years but again Yeah it’s a dried pasta you want to keep It away from anything because it can Start to take on those flavors of other Things And so let’s go to spices so this is Just kind of spices in general there’s a Lot of different who controls the spice Controls the universe universe most say As a general rule whole spices they’re Going to stay fresh for about four years Ground spices two to three years and Dried herbs one to three you’re breaking Them up is not as good but really they Last indefinitely if they’re properly Stored they’re not gonna poison you no It’s not they’re probably gonna lose Some potency like it’s not gonna spice Like your post-apocalyptic restaurant Probably won’t be wanting to use no Probably not but again you can still use Your seasoned salt or your whatever Other spices you’ve got you know what I Mean Um they’re going to be fine to consume After that time frame but if you storm Well they’re gonna last for a really Really long time yeah so you gotta have Spices too you do you’ve got to I love

Like the Montreal steak seasoning from McCormick but it has a lot of fat in it Oh yeah so it doesn’t store so it might Cause a long time you gotta be careful With that for sure more for the rancidy Taste not that’s going to poison yeah Um hardtack have you ever made hard tech Kind of been curious it sounds good kind Of like chewing on bread like crust yeah Really yeah so it’s a mixture of flour And water to form hard cracker that Keeps for decades crackers can store Well but a lot of them have fats and and Stuff in them that are gonna and that’s Gonna cause them to go bad and rancid And soft So we’ll be making hard tack it’s just Flat out like flour and water And it’s dehydrated and lasts forever Yeah soldiers carried it with him in the Civil War it’s hard and it doesn’t taste Great but it can be added to a lot of Things you can dip it in and whatever You want you know dip it in your salt Yeah and your sugar just like Lick It Go But yeah it’s just basically flour That’s been mixed and hardened and you Just got it in sheets or whatever you Want to do with it yep That sounds that sounds super yummy how About freeze-dried meals this is Obviously a staple for preppers you Can’t have a discussion with with foods That last indefinitely without talking

About it you know meal meals produced by Companies like nutrient survival they Can store like up to 30 years sometimes Even longer the biggest drawback to These obviously is they’re expensive Because they’re pre-made and they Actually taste pretty good most of them Uh obviously we suggest nutrient Survival because it it’s like a whole Meal like you don’t have to have 20 Different things and bring it together To have a meal and to have all the Nutrients you need that’s the hardest It’s not just like a filler yes it’s not Just a filling vitamins minerals So um don’t waste your time yeah so They’re probably not going to make up Everything in your food storage because We’re talking about all these other Things but they’re so nice to have for a Really easy meal in the apocalypse and They freaking they last forever Ryan That’s the nice thing already like you Said yeah mixed into a meal exactly like Only flour yeah let me make my meal yep So there you go free shredded meals Another thing I’ve never made but I’ve Been interested in tasting but pemmican It’s kind of on that line of like hard Tech it’s like you’re taking all this Stuff uh pemmicanism is a is a mixture Of fat and berries and like a wild game Usually deer elk or something like that And they would it’s like a packed brick

Of this that’s kind of been dried out That you just kind of eat for looks like One of those gross protein bars it looks Super gross it looks like The stuff that they put down before Carpet yeah it looks like that padding Yeah but Um but you can see how that would have Like tons of protein for sure and Nutrients in it and it’s it lasts a lot Longer just to how you prepare it so Maybe you can make a bunch of pemmican Oh yeah how about tea yeah tea yeah our Uh UK brothers and sisters they love This stuff they drink it all the time All day they’re drinking it as they’re Listening yeah they’re listening right Now but it’s a great alternative to Coffee you know because it has that Caffeine in it that you need that you Want that you just crave freaking Caffeine you know um so if you’re Prepping it might be easiest to kind of Stock up on those pre-bagged teas and It’s a great survival food it’s Basically Gonna Last you indefinitely if It’s stored properly so tea man look It’s a good one get it it’s a good tea Time that’s the time some of them are Good some of them taste like black Disgusting water uh but some of them are Good they do like pan water that sat in The sink yeah yeah like soak in your Steak pan overnight you know then you

Just put it heat it up and put it in a Cup It’s exactly what it kind of reminds me Of Delicious it’s good tastes a little like Meatloaf let’s move on to liquids and Sauce oh this gets scary because you’re Like man nothing that’s liquidy is going To stay for very long you’re wrong You’re totally wrong number one this is Like an eternal food Um yeah John the Baptist oh loved this Stuff oh yeah I guarantee he was sucking On this all day long Get that honey out your mouth boy we Gotta do some baptisms He’s got it in his fingernails I got baptized my hands are all sticky Yeah can you just baptize me one more Time Of course all right that was we’ll stay Out of the religious jokes money is the Greatest yeah and weirdest substance it Really is like it’s great freaking Little flies little insects I’m just saying in general In general little black and yellow Insects the fly those flying spidery Things I don’t know a little Stinger Beans yeah anyways uh it’s just a really Weird thing that’s made by a insect it’s Like almost a perfect food it really is It’s crazy yeah it’s super expensive to Buy a good amount of it oh it’s so

Delicious but obviously it could be Added to many things it can be stored For freaking ever dude I put honey on so Much weird stuff that people are like What are you doing You don’t have to share I know I and I’m Talking about food not body parts They got the honey Knuckles A little dry on my lower lip I’ll suck On it during the day my little crust Right there in my nose I could smell it All damn day Dip my beard in it and suck on it during The day anyways it’s it’s amazing food Obviously yeah it stores forever you Don’t have to do much to store it yeah And um it can be used for medicinal uses For sure and it like kids love it it’s Good for coughs I mean it’s great so you Can seal that stuff up and you’ll be Great glad you’re glad you did you Graduate with it yeah but the other Thing I guess you can um you can dry Honey out there’s ways to do that too so You have like a honey powder sounds Great I’ll put that on stuff too I put It in some water Gosh man I would mix it up and make Honey out of it dude you’d have honey All the time you wanted honey Yeah anyways bro honey is probably one Of the best things I love it y’all knew That yeah how about pure vanilla extract Um I’m not big on the vanilla I’m just

Not But it’s still favorite ice cream is Just vanilla is it that’s my favorite You and my dad you weirdos yeah I love Your dad We’ll go to freaking like cold stuff too Can I have some vanilla Oh do you have a Sarsaparilla can I say With that vanilla what’s it taste like Vanilla bean that sounds extreme Gym that’s weird but I mean vanilla Vanilla beans have caused countries to Go to war People love the vanilla yeah it’s Extremely valuable but you can like make This stuff last a long time but you Should secure the pure vanilla extract That’s what you need you can freeze it And it’s gonna last free if you want Anything to last forever just freeze it Get it below zero yeah and you’re safe I Know I won’t I don’t want my kids to die So I’ll put them freezing in for a bit It’s a good idea yeah a good idea just Make sure apparently you don’t want to Just sip pure vanilla extract I didn’t Know that I always thought like have you Like when you make something I’m like I Got a little on my finger and it’s like Like it says your mouth strawberry Glands clinch the smell of vanilla I Don’t like the taste of it really yeah Like I’ll eat vanilla ice cream but like I just don’t like you know like

Everybody’s like oh it’s vanilla it Smells so good that’s how they sound Yeah Um I just don’t like it we got we got Pistachio we got dreamsicles Yeah I don’t like it it’s good stuff Though it can be added for whatever you Want yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah maple Syrup similar to Honey come from Canada They couldn’t figure the honey thing out No they started pulling it from trees Look at Honey able we got this tree sap You guys want to try yeah so weird in Itself as well but flavors a lot of Things like the pure kind can um last a Long time so like honey uh these syrups Like maple syrup they can separate and You just get kind of the Crusty part of The like the sugar kind of separates out All the liquids and stuff like that you Just mix it back together get it get it Sounds like a lot of work yeah man so Don’t worry about it okay turns into Crystallized crap you can still use it So anyways um Maple syrup’s a good one To store to add to things my my one Daughter that she lives off of maple Syrup really it’s like 80 of her diet Yeah is maple syrup she always smells Like syrup oh it’s okay it smells good Yeah it smells like breakfast no that’s Emmy All right distilled liquor oh yeah oh Yeah

Um so when we talk about distilled Liquor we’re referring to Rum whiskey or Scotch Apparently okay I don’t know that much About liquor I don’t really drink it Um I don’t really know I don’t really Drink it I don’t drink it Um but these types of alcohol they’re Desirable World there I don’t more when They get older like the older they get The better they are so opposite of Humans opposite of humans well yeah not Always I think men get better is the age I’m gonna get in trouble for that Yeah you know what I mean Kobe comments Have gotten me in trouble because I’ve Got inside I’ll add on to them and I get In trouble Not just my comments come on don’t don’t Don’t blame me for everything Distilled liquor that’s a great one to Uh get and keep forever yeah great Bartering on it yeah distilled white Vinegar if you don’t want to drink the Liquor yeah Um it’s sometimes obviously it’s used to Preserve other foods and so I had a beer Slip in here it’s kind of in a weird Spot see that no oh you got beer too oh Man we definitely got fish we got 50. we Got 50. yeah Um but vinegar can store uh for a long Long time yeah you can take some bottles Of white wine and store them

Um improperly allowing them to turn into Vinegar as they age I didn’t know that No I didn’t either Um and so and like I said using it to to Like pickle and store other things it’s A good preservative it’s like salt pick Up the other things and it has some Medicinal uses yeah it’s good for uh Blood sugars and kidney stuff oh nice Beer oh it’s complicated stuff uh Substance to have good bartering item But certain types of beers can store for A while if you’re a Beer Drinker you can Look into this more yeah The higher alcohol content your beer has The longer it can be stored so here in Utah it lasts about a week yeah the International Brands usually being able To be stored for a year or more but it’s This isn’t going to be longer than that Yeah and beer can be used to cook and Flavor other things yeah has some uses There but bigger battered anything Tastes delicious I’m not throwing any Beer but I’m just saying if you’re a Beer Drinker look into the certain types And you can freeze it too yeah so are You gonna store some soy sauce heck yeah Because this one if it’s never opened Basically it can last forever I believe It and it’s because I think all this Soy’s already been made back in like the Early yeah basically the reason why is Because it’s straight salt it’s like all

This sodium why does it taste 10 times Saltier than Salt I don’t know that’s Weird maybe this mixed with the soy Maybe I don’t know but you know after The first few years the quality isn’t Going to be as good but it’s just going To last forever but you got to have some Soy sauce I’m not big on soy sauce but People love it people are all about it Yeah for sure I’m not big on it but it Is what it is get your soy sauce get Your soy sauce Um a lot of condiments can be stored for A long period freezing them obviously Stops microbes and degradation and Things like that so freezing your Condiments is probably one of the better Things to do Um because that that’s going to be rough You know not having your ketchup and Your mustard and all that stuff Mayonnaise Um the little packets I actually looked It up on those packets that like how Long they last because you’ll find them In a drawer and you’re like I wanted it Okay yeah Um they I mean you’re really very Unlikely to get sick on them Mayo’s the Only scary one to me dang it that’s my Favorite though yeah I love see I don’t Like Mayo I don’t love it putting on Anything Um but that one’s that one’s a little

Higher risk but like ketchup is probably The next one to expire sooner but like If you’re using relish Um if you’re using mustard stuff like That those can be stored if you freeze Them they’re gonna last even longer Interesting you can have like relish Popsicles you know You all got any otter popsicles A little mustard sickle yeah my kids Would eat it that way yeah well Bennett No but how about apple cider vinegar That’s that’s a great one the thing About it is it cures every disease known To man great you didn’t know that My wife uses it on all kinds of stuff Yeah I think if you soak your hair in it For a week it’ll keep all the color or Something like that yeah I don’t know I Smell it all the time I’m like that’s so Gross what’d you use it for oh clean This have you ever used it I’m a shot of That stuff oh yeah I like it you do yeah Oh gosh it seems opposite to help like Reflux and stuff like that but it’s Actually good it’s great great for a lot Of things but if you keep it sealed that Stuff’s lasting a long time so if you Eat some apple cider vinegar yeah that’s A good one yeah Um oils like coconut oil specifically Um also called virgin coconut oil this Type of coconut oil has the most Nutritional benefits shelf life has been

Documented anywhere in two to five years I know that didn’t sound like a lot if You’re being super lazy but for an oil And the fat and something to add to Cooking like that’s a lot longer it does Make everything taste a little coconutty Though a little bit I’ve used it quite a Bit yeah all of it’s up in our closet For my wife to put in her hair or Something yeah another thing some weird I know I’m always going into the Bathroom and there’s like weird Concoctions being built it’s like when I Was a science lab in my bathroom I Remember doing that as a little kid like Making potions I don’t know how I didn’t Kill myself but I’d make I’d make some Weird oh gosh there would be like Something on the the driveway making Potions oh gosh there’d be something on The driveway I’m like I’m gonna clean This off I’m gonna get it right like on The cement so I go in and I’d mix every Cleaner we had and I’m like how did I Not die I know you know there’s a couple I remember mixing and I coughed for like A week it’s like burned my lungs I know So but I always go in the bathroom with Some weird like concoction there’s like Sugar and some other like oil and There’s some other thing and she’s like Mixed it all together and I’m like what Is this it’s just for my hair no I’m Like what how’d your hair not just like

Dissolve and fall off any sense yeah Um but so coconut oil good cooking oil That can be stored for a long period and Speaking of oils hydrogenated oils like Crisco five years peanut oil three to Four years well that’s Olive gotta have Peanut oil three years or more Nick These can store a little longer it’s Just their flavor and their taste Becomes a little funky palm oil I don’t Know that can last forever yeah uh Safflower sunflower canola and soybean Corn those all kind of drop dramatically Yeah this is coconut oil in here but It’s not down about a virgin coconut oil So lard and Tallow not seven ain’t Lasting very long no like nine months Maybe so anyway when you’re storing oil Go for those like hydrogenated types Crisco you know who cares about getting Fat when you’re storing for the Apocalypse you got to get what you gotta Get them how about we get to some meat Heck yeah let’s get to the meat of this Thing how about dried Meats yeah dried Salted Meats some of those important Foods you will have in your arsenal of Prepping if done properly even meat that Is kept on the Shelf will last almost Forever I just didn’t know that so if You want your dried Meats to last Forever vacuum packing keeping them in The fridge or the freezer They’re Gonna Last a really really long time so yeah

It’s even on the like USDA or FDA or Whatever they say like if it’s frozen It’s indefinite it’s just the flavor and The frozen-ness like it gets kind of Gross but you can still eat it for sure And that brings me to frozen meat yeah It does so you can dry you can freeze Dried meats or you can just fry or Freeze your right steaks yeah so Um that’s why the freezer is so Important yeah like get your system set Up so that you have a backup generator And then eat obviously your freezer Foods first if you’re if you lose power Yeah Um if you can keep it below freezing Close closed nine percent of the time Which impossible for my kids don’t put Popsicles in there yeah don’t do it Um but you can store meat chicken cow Wildlife Um for years and and it says Indefinitely Um without it turning bad it’s just it You know the meat doesn’t stay high Quality like Ruth Chris Steakhouse but You can still eat it yeah and that kind Of freaks me out but you could do it in The apocalypse I’m eating it I I left That elk steak down in there forever Because I’ve never got to it and it was A year and I’m like I’m not gonna throw It out yeah there’s gonna be some yeah Anyway how about frozen fish this is

Obviously meat as well but fish they’re Tricky because it feels like as soon as They come out of the water they start to Stink and go bad right like they just Really do but either if you’re catching It or you’re you’re buying frozen fish Just remember that keeping them Frozen Well below the freezing point that’s Going to keep them pretty much edible Forever yeah so you got to get them well Below that freezing point though you Know what I mean and they said like in More extreme time times it might be Worth looking into some more processed Fish is they’re going to have Preservatives added to them probably Going to make them last longer than Normal fish so but you got to get those Like Omega-3s and all those things you Can get from fish so that’s a great one To put on your list for sure uh canned Meats probably like the best way to Preserve food yeah spam Um they can last five years or so Um it’s been thought that a can of Pickled sardines was could be edible for A thousand years wow I saw this like Article where they had like they found a Can from like Um like Napoleon’s Army wow did they Opened and fed a cat and the cat didn’t Get sick wow which is crazy it’s crazy Yeah so you know what else is crazy what Cyber crime oh my gosh I know scary it

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Taters I freaking love taters man they Grow pretty much everywhere and you can Even grow them on Mars that’s true you Know what I mean so that’s the thing did You see that thing on Mars they like saw Like a almost like a weed like spaghetti Thing tumbling around I didn’t see that Big deal oh boy that sounds crazy yeah So having a probably just bailing twine Fell off of the spaceship yeah having a Few like potatoes vacuum packed or Frozen in your freezer it’s you you Gotta have it they’re gonna last for a Really really long time that way and Along with potatoes are those potato Flakes like the instant potato type Stuff that stuff is awesome dude I love It because you can use them for so many Different things you can make biscuits You can do a whole bunch of different Things with them but you put them in Those mylar bags 20 years or more that Stuff’s gonna be good I actually really Like the potato flake stuff I love it Like yeah instant potatoes I do too I Like the flavor yeah I love it it’s kind Of like a different flavor it does like An almost artificial but yeah it’s good Canned beans beans we talked about Before dried whole beans they’re good But canned beans will last forever as Well yeah so if they’re they’re kept in Proper storage controlled temperature And things like that don’t worry about

It crack into those beans add them to Stuff and they’re great easy yeah Um just warm them up or you can eat them Because lots of protein too so yeah You’re getting uh your protein feels Better yeah it’s great stuff how’s it Going then you move on to like canned Soups and like other types of canned Stuff like canned soups and veggies and Stuff like that man the so many Nutrients and things and they’re going To last forever according to the USDA Those canned goods are basically they’ll Last indefinitely if they’re kept in Good condition so don’t just Chuck them Yes they’re going to be fine as long as They’re not like Dan and cans that’s What I like about the cans it’s like Yeah bulged it’s like don’t crack into That if it’s yeah if it’s bulge you know You got to throw it away but otherwise It’s good stuff so Kansas one of the few Instances where bulged is bad usually It’s good yeah yeah frozen veggies yeah Um either vacuum packed or in their own Container and you store them in the Freezer they can last indefinitely as Well so it’s a nice way Um if you have like an abundance of Zucchini like we always do it’s like Chop it up or just leave it and store it In your freezer and they’re so cheap to Buy like frozen vegetables at the store So preparing your own is probably the

Best way to do that yeah sure into a Good strong like mylar type bag or Thicker freezer bag and then you’re good For like eternity as long as your views Are still working yeah and then Frozen Fruits you know how long do they last It’s kind of hard to tell because There’s a lot of different things like With the storage conditions and all that Thing just make sure it’s properly Stored Frozen mixed fruit will maintain Best quality for about 12 months in the Freezer although it’s it’s gonna remain Safe to eat after that but you gotta Keep it below zero degrees it says and They’re going to stay good indefinitely Well safe indefinitely so so Um as long as the package isn’t damaged That we’re in so but man you’re going to Be so happy you had some fruit I need to Freeze more fruits I don’t even have any In there yeah Um nuts it’s nuts that you can store Nuts for I don’t know right yeah because They got a high fat they are peanuts are Probably like the least Best storing ones but as long as they’re Kept away from uh the air and moisture Because molds is typically the first Thing to kind of ah yeah Rock them you Know Um so yeah vacuum packed and preserved And then if you can freeze them I mean You’re gonna have peanuts for the rest

You gotta have a big freezer yeah I wish I had nuts in there I got a I got a Smaller one but mine’s a little chest Freezer but yeah it’s mine too throwing Some of that in there Um yeah if you’re concerned about Whether or not you have a good location To store it like maybe you don’t have a Basement or like an area that’s kept Under good you know I can’t store it real well throw it in The freezer yeah Ginger oh yeah uh People like it I don’t much like it but People like it if you dry it out it can Be kept on a shelf for several years Without problems but Um if it’s frozen again it’s Gonna Last Almost forever so this freezer is very Very important Um so it is get a freezer I know all Right that’s what’s so crazy like most Of these things most everything can be Frozen it can be good forever yeah Exactly maybe you should just invest in A bunch of freezers Um canned vegetables they’re really not Any different than any others obviously They can swan beat up then you shouldn’t Eat it but other than that it’s Gonna Last pretty much forever so in a Controlled climate controlled area so And then we go to dried fruits Um so even if they’re just like stored In your pantry in the original packaging

These things are good for like like two Years probably but if you put them in Your refrigerator they’re going to be Last even longer and then freezing them In an airtight container again let me Last forever forever yeah indefinitely So dried fruit man I love dried fruits Good stuff whatever you’re like I gotta Have this yeah just just freeze it yeah Um onions underrated oh yeah you know There’s a lot of good uses for them They’re healthy uh they destroy the Taste of everything else around you Sometimes yeah but um if you have some Onions in your fridge sealed up so they Don’t smell the whole place but they can Be frozen they can be stored really well Just like most other vegetables so I Don’t know why this one made on on its Own I don’t know either but it is what It’s like potatoes and onions made it on Their own yeah anyway that’s all right Apparently you got two in a row so oh Yeah I do that’s me lentils yeah so Lentils basically I just lump these into Beans yeah it’s like they kind of thing It’s just a hard yeah they’re a legume Yeah right legumes so they already are Basically built against nature so you Can store these for a long time you Don’t have to always freeze these so They’re just one that you can seal up Keep away from the air yeah you got a Lot of fiber and you got a lot of

Proteins beautiful it’s a great one to Store I don’t have any lentils but it is A good one how about popcorn oh yeah man It makes everybody happy we eat a lot of Popcorn at our house yeah microwave Popcorn is gonna go bad so follow the Extra fat and greasy in there follow the Expiration dates on those but if it’s Unpopped properly stored kernels they Can stay good indefinitely I wondered About that so um and then you know you Think about it salt lasts forever so you Can salt your popcorn at least we’ve got To see popcorn the rest of your life Gotta figure out the butter because I Have to have butter on my popcorn There’s no doubt right better yeah Survival nutrients yeah I think you can Get that I need to get I wonder how long That like fake butter stuff lasts that They use like at the movie theater that Stuff’s got to be like nuclear Holocaust Stuff well it causes nuclear Hall Costume like yeah for sure but that Means it probably last and I caused a Nuclear Holocaust in their bathroom it’s A trade-off yeah so yeah I give it right Back yeah you must have some filtering System pull the oils out of the yeah Yeah Um peanut butter peanut butter is like One of the staple foods for Preppers Like gotta have some peanut butter yeah Protein put on everything tastes great

Tastes good um it doesn’t always store The best yeah it’s because it’s got a Lot of fat content in there but can be Stored properly or for a longer period If you keep it away from Um the air and so buying those big huge Things of it you might want to consider Like smaller ones or resealing it in uh Smaller uh Mason jars and things like That Um one thing I thought was pretty cool Is like storing your peanut butter Upside down because if you store it up Right and it separates into the oils Then you have to like get into that and Mix it up and it’s just not as easy if You let it all settle to the bottom yeah You got your peanut butter right that Idea but the lower fat peanut butters Are better and natural peanut butter is Probably the worst because it’s the most High fat content and so you’re kind of Getting Um it’s going to Rancid faster you want To get like the process yeah you’re Skippy or something it’s kind of crappy Like that’s why it’s so important to Look into like survival nutrient because Like all these um all these like Natural Foods store better the ones that are Highly processed and have preservatives In them you’re not going to get the Natural stuff no so cool I like that Peanut butter we talked about butter but

How about ghee I don’t really know much About this stuff basically it’s a kind Of butter and gee I don’t know it’s Boiled down until all the moisture is Gone I’ve never seen this stuff so That’s why it never goes bad so as long As you seal it up keep it in a cool dry Location it can last hundreds of years That’s crazy so I I need to look at the Look probably don’t you wear one you Usually when I go to jiu jitsu it’s made Of butter yeah that’s why you can’t get That’s why I’m so damn smooth out there Like Um but that’s the basics I I’m gonna Mention the real I mean everybody wants To know about Twinkies yep Twinkies so Hostess contends that the little cakes Shelf life is closer to 25 days but a Science teacher from Maine once told the Associated Press that he harbored a Twink in his classroom for 30 years and Despite a little stale it’s probably Still good enough to eat so that might Be your Eternal snack let’s get a Twinkie get a Twinkie so I don’t think They make him anymore do they I don’t Know I don’t I don’t ever buy Twinkies I Don’t either but I don’t I’ve never I Haven’t seen them that’s true have you Snowballs I’ve seen snowballs yeah that Ain’t a Twinkie though I know it Basically is isn’t it no it’s pink you Have a coconut on it Twinkies are yellow

I know but I’m like it’s the same Um foam in the inside no because Snowballs are like chocolate type Marshmallows that’s true huh yeah I Haven’t had a snowball in a long time Those I love snowballs but man what’s The world coming to Twinkies disappeared Ding Dongs are they gone through con I Used to love ding yeah back in the day Yeah then you got like ketchup Mayonnaise yeah that was one more Condiment things yeah mustard taco sauce Parmesan cheese all that kind of stuff Yeah Tabasco sauce three to four years Honey salt sugar indefinite so that’s What you want to get yeah so anyways That’s like 50 foods that last Indefinitely Heck yeah but uh as we move on I want to Tell you about Tac pack guys they are The only monthly tactical subscription Box with useful professional grade stuff Inside use our code casual Preppers You’re gonna get a free separate bag set Of EDC gear along with your first Month’s Tac pack so go to tackpack.com Use our code casual Preppers you’re Gonna get free gear and we have one Today yeah we do yeah let’s look at it Real quick Kim while we’re at it Okay looking at it yeah so the first Item in the latest Tac pack is the Gerber pack Hatchet How do they do this for 150 but I don’t

Get it but that’s pretty rad then we Have a tactical pen Those are always fun to have You know oh yep right there and then we Have the hollow point coffee bag Coffee that’s gonna last forever and Then we have Liberty lubricants this is For your guns not for your genitals just Remember you know where I use like all These freaking creaky doors like almost All my gun oh my stupid door works Really well though then we have the Arma Spec braided buffer spring if you’re Looking for a buffer spring you will Look no longer look at that buffer and Then we have a Green Ogre sticker I didn’t see that in there nice it’s a Shrek basically that’s awesome that’s it Use our code catch your peppers Quick and dirty medical tips it’s gonna Be fast okay I’m ready so obviously with Food storing and improper storing of Food you’re going to worry about food Poisoning so that’s a scary one most the Time the foodborne illnesses are like Self-limited they’re only going to last A few days the most important thing is Having ways to combat the diarrhea and The fluid loss I don’t like it so Imodium is probably the first one as Long as so when it comes down to like Really bad diarrhea if it’s watery you Can slow it down with pills if it’s Bloody and it looks like pus or mucus

That’s bad and that’s usually infection And you probably should try and find Somebody to help you out get some Antibiotics yeah usually it’s infection Um but if it’s like straight water Usually what you get with uh food Poisoning your nauseated and or throwing Up with it rehydration salts make sure That you’re set up to combat that Especially with kids they’re the ones That dehydrate the fastest yeah and um Most of the time it’s like limited four To five days of food poisoning don’t Know what it is you never do and Um you’re fine you don’t normally need Intense uh medical care but if it’s Infectious you have fever really bad Abdominal pain obviously you need to Find some medical professional Maybe consider starting some antibiotics Again not MediCal medical advice no so Never other things like food poisoning Uh plant ingestion maybe you decided I’m Gonna eat these dandelions geez makes You sick this came from uh the prepper’s Medical handbook beautiful which is Awesome But the uh like if you do happen to try Something that you think is safe and it Gets you sick a plant you’re going to Want to get rid of that from your Stomach if you have activated charcoal That’s the best but if you don’t you Want to put the finger down your throat

Or spoon what does activated charcoal do Does it it absorbs oh it just absorbs it Absorbs all the toxins and craps so that You don’t continue to make sense a lot Of people do this and I’ve done this Um accidentally you know you’re Siphoning gas yeah and it go and you Swallow a bunch of it people freak out You know and I did Um but the truth is like you can swallow Quite a bit and it’s not gonna your body Will digest it and it won’t make you Sick you’ll taste burp up gas forever But it’s fine do not induce vomiting if It gets into your lung a little bit your Test yeah so keep it out of your lung so And then along with all this stuff Prevention when you when you’re Preparing these Foods let’s say you’re Into the Apocalypse you’re going to want To cook your Meats real well obviously Rare tastes great well rare medium well Done just be safe about it cook it well Make sure you don’t cross contaminate Foods don’t prepare some you know Sketchy meat not that you should be Preparing that but something that you’ve Had and you’re just like unsure don’t do That and then cut up your vegetables and Then all that so cross food Contamination is always a bad thing and Um you know wash your hands you’re going To want to take steps to prevent food Poisoning more so in those scenarios

Yeah then you are like you probably Don’t take that much precaution nowadays Because you you have the means but You’re not going to have the water that You all the water that you have now You’re not going to have the medicines You’re not going to have access to Medical Care so in it when it comes to Preparing food you want to be as safe as Possible cook it well yeah and I highly Suggest you get like a steak temperature Gauge like if you don’t have one eat Thermometer meat thermometer so anyways Those are just some Basics on food Poisoning so like that that’s it thank You guys appreciate it make sure you’re Subscribed make sure you’re following us On all the socials and stay survived